NCIS s15e14 Episode Script

Keep Your Friends Close

1 Help, please, please.
Everyone who looks at me (screams) they think I did that to him.
Did you murder Lieutenant O'Connell? No.
This injury, it's the result of a left-handed swing.
ABBY: Whoever murdered Lieutenant O'Connell was a serial killer.
Starting over can be its own special kind of hell.
Listen, we just broke for lunch recess.
There's a sushi place around the corner.
To whom did Mary Smith give her statement 11 years ago? GIBBS: If I tell the truth, Fornell loses everything.
JUDGE: Agent Gibbs, answer the question.
FBI Agent Tobias Fornell.
HICKS: Agent Gibbs, thank you.
SLOANE: He knows we're here.
Switch hitter.
He played us.
Game's not over.
(rock music playing) (engine starts) (siren wailing) No, no, no, no, no.
JONES: Turn off the ignition and exit the vehicle with your hands up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right.
Keep your hands up and slowly walk backwards toward my voice.
All right.
Yo, look, I don't know what you think I did.
(laughing): But I didn't do it.
Put your hands behind your head, interlace your fingers.
Hey, hey.
Whoa, man.
Yo, I went to the police academy, too, okay? I know my rights.
SANCHEZ: Sir, the vehicle you were driving was reported stolen.
What? No, I didn't steal anything.
This is my van.
SANCHEZ: So you got the registration? It's in the mail.
SANCHEZ: You want to think some more about that, sir? The system says otherwise.
OZZIE: Yo, listen to me, man.
Yo, listen to me.
I didn't steal this van.
Oh, my God.
We got a 10-82.
What? (stammers) You think I don't know what that means? I went to the academy.
Yeah, calm down, sir.
All right, all right (stammers) Yes.
I stole the van.
Okay, I never saw it before today.
Van's not mine, okay? But wh-whatever's going on inside that barrel, I-I didn't do it.
NCIS 15x14 Keep Your Friends Close (speaks indistinctly) - Hey, Bishop.
- Hmm? - Did you hear what just happened? - Oh, yes, Nick.
They-they just made an announcement in the elevator.
Okay, see, when you're sarcastic, you're supposed to be funny.
What happened? Okay.
McGee cracked the Thomas Brown case for the San Diego office.
What? How? He came in 20 minutes early, did some ninja stuff on the computer, and all of a sudden, boom! Another win for the NCIS team, baby.
There he is.
Look at that heavy hitter, huh? - Were you doing a victory lap or something? - No.
I was downstairs checking out our new car floor mats.
- We got new mats? - Yeah.
Well, I noticed the ones in our sedans were losing grips at the bottom.
Didn't want anyone to slip and get hurt, so I put in a request and made it happen.
Ever since you had these two babies, you've been on fuego.
Oh, that reminds me.
I'm compiling a video story anthology for the twins, so if you two could contribute, it would be great.
Seriously, McGee, it's like you're super dad with superhuman agent powers.
Superhuman powers means you can lift a car off of a kid.
Okay? Which I I've done once.
Dead body, boss? Eyes in the back of your head, McGee.
Navy commander in Alexandria.
Come on.
Let's go.
You sensed the dead body.
See? Superhuman agent powers.
Uh, victim is Navy Commander James Willis.
38 years old.
Reported missing a week ago today.
That's about when I'd put the time of death based on the decomposition.
Gunshot wound to the head.
Likely the cause of death, but I want to get him back to autopsy, properly unpack him before I make any assumptions.
You know what they say.
"When you assume" I don't.
Well, right.
I mean, you-you don't.
You don't because you have a gut, which is way different.
Uh, there are a bunch of rags in there.
Killer's DNA could be on them.
I'll bring them up to Abby as soon as I unpack him.
Hey, boss.
Guy's name is Ozzie Duncan.
First he said he didn't steal the van, then he says he did.
GIBBS: Which one is it? McGEE: Second story checks out.
He hot-wired the van in a grocery store parking lot.
He had no idea what was in the back or that the van he was lifting was even stolen.
The van was originally stolen from outside the owner's house ten days ago.
That's just before the commander went missing.
Well, there's a good chance the original thief was involved with the murder.
Next of kin? Reeves is, uh, talking to the commander's wife now.
WOMAN: Last time I saw James was the day he disappeared.
A week ago today.
He went to work.
And after that, he stopped to visit with his mother.
The hospice nurse said that he was there between 7:00 and 8:00, but he never made it home after that.
And what about his mother? Did she remember anything unusual? No.
No, she was in hospice.
She was she was almost incoherent.
She died two days later.
I'm sorry.
Do you ever just feel like like it's all too much? I don't know how to live without him.
Willis the CACO can connect you with a grief counselor.
No, I don't want a therapist.
I think it might be helpful for you to sit down with Everything that I told you, I told them all already when James went missing.
I told the police, the Navy Absentee person, the private investigator.
None of them did their job.
What P.
? You said you spoke to a private investigator.
Who was it? I-I don't know.
I think I (sniffles) Uh, I have his card in here.
Um he came to the house looking for James.
I thought he was working with NCIS.
He wasn't? REEVES: Gibbs.
Yeah, there's a P.
working on this case.
I think you're gonna want to talk to him.
MAN (over intercom): In the garage.
What the hell is going on? What's going on? You got me fired, remember? You're parking your car in the driveway now.
You would've known that had you bothered to answer any of my calls.
Tobias C.
Fornell, licensed private investigator.
Ain't life grand? He is right behind me, and you got to say no.
Say no to what? (door opens) Director.
It is good to see you.
To what do I owe this pleasure? The Commander Willis case.
It was my understanding Yeah.
Yeah, I was canned from the Bureau thanks to his testimony in court.
It happens.
I told him.
We don't normally work with P.
Are you mad at me for some reason? No.
You're into P.
work now? I am, and I got to say, it's been good for the soul.
Anyway, your victim, Commander Willis, took out Mm-hmm.
multiple high-interest loans from a place called Cash-Line Direct.
He was late in paying them back.
The company's collection calls went unanswered for weeks.
And they hired you to track him down.
When I showed up at the door, wife told me that he was missing.
And that was yesterday.
It was three days ago.
So you got a jump on tracking Commander Willis' movements.
And I'm more than willing to share what I have so far.
Well, using Agent Mr.
Fornell as a source makes sense to me.
Gibbs? Sure.
Then have at it.
I'll run the briefing from my office.
Director, it is so good to be working with you again.
It's impressive.
Does this desk make me look important, guys? I really like the vibe in here.
Still no sign of Gibbs? Oh.
Uh, well, actually, he just called.
He said he got held up and to start without him.
Then let's do this.
Our victim, Commander Willis, worked at the Pentagon.
McGEE: Job could've gotten him mixed up in something.
He worked in the Support Services office.
Dealt with phones and equipment maintenance.
Nothing classified.
What about his record? Nothing on it except for his debt to Cash-Line Direct.
At first glance, he looked like a Boy Scout.
But he's not? Oh, that is beautiful.
Not what I was expecting.
What? From a guy who also uses a corkboard? Tobias, is that the Sky-Glove 4800? Oh, McGee, you-you got a little drool there.
Security footage from the Oxtail Grill in D.
last month.
That is Commander Willis.
I ID'd the guy he's fighting with as another Navy commander.
Sean Evans.
It got pretty heated.
Did you talk to Evans? No.
He's stationed on the USS Hoover.
That's in port in Norfolk.
Yeah, but without my FBI creds, I couldn't get access to board.
Should've had Gibbs pull a string.
I tried.
And he said no? He didn't say anything.
He's been avoiding me.
He didn't want me on this case.
Didn't show up to this briefing.
Till I saw him today, he hadn't called in weeks.
He may feel bad for ratting you out.
Why would he feel bad? Look at me.
I'm over it.
I'm thriving.
Plus, he did the right thing.
He made sure that justice was served.
So why would he be dodging me? Maybe you three could do a little investigating.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, hell no.
- We don't investigate Gibbs.
(knock on door) Oh, hold on.
(sighs) Gibbs.
Anything? Gabriel Hicks, a man about town.
I tracked quite a few movements this week, but they didn't add up to much.
We just need to be patient.
Oh, yeah.
Got it.
Real good at that.
Hey, some good news.
I'm making headway with Jessica Shaeffer.
As long as she's his lawyer, she's not giving us a thing.
Well, not knowingly, but people slip up when they get comfortable.
Yeah, well, I know you.
You're friends.
You're not working her hard enough.
Look, sooner or later, we will find the evidence to put Hicks away for good.
Later's not gonna work.
Why? What happened? Fornell.
I can't stand looking at him.
(Gibbs sighs) It's like I'm lying right to his face.
Wait, he still doesn't know he was right? You haven't told him that Hicks is guilty? I don't want him knowing until we arrest Hicks.
Don't try to change my mind on this, Jack.
I'm not.
I got to protect him from himself.
You're right.
I am? Yeah.
Fornell lost everything for what we all thought was justice.
But if he knew the truth, who knows how far he'd go to bring Hicks down? I get why you didn't tell him.
And you still think I should.
(phone ringing) Yeah, Palmer.
I'll be right down.
My neighbor quit his job to become a beekeeper and said that bees can read his emotions.
He only gets stung when he's upset or distracted.
I-Isn't it amazing how connected we all are? There's even a bond between human and honeybee.
Why are we talking bees? I read an online profile for Commander Willis here.
It said that he dabbled in beekeeping.
(chuckles) It is a reach, I know.
It-It-It's important for me to speak with the dead, but I don't have nearly as many historical references to draw from as Dr.
So you reach.
Own it.
Well, yeah.
I'll just do that then.
I'll own the reach.
Thank you, Jethro.
Own it faster.
Uh, moving on.
Uh, the cause of death was, as suspected, the single gunshot wound to the head.
- Bullet? - A .
380, recovered and currently with Abby.
She also has all of those rags that were stuffed in beside the body.
Oh, and the drum itself, which happened to be holding more than just Commander Willis.
It's a base, actually.
When I was unpacking the body, I saw that his feet must've been sitting in it at the bottom of the drum.
How much? Less than a gallon.
Abby identified it as sodium hydroxide, more commonly known as Lye.
Dissolving a body.
Good way to get rid of evidence.
Except such a small amount of lye never would've gotten the whole job done, which, of course, begs the question Commander what was your killer thinking? EVANS: I knew he was missing, but you're telling me somebody killed him? Willis is dead? BISHOP: Yes.
How did you know Commander Willis? We went to the academy together.
He was as close to a brother as I've got.
(over phone): Come on.
(grunting) Yeah, okay.
Turn it off.
What were you fighting about? Money.
His mom was sick.
It was a rare kind of cancer.
He wanted her to have the best care, but he couldn't afford it.
I loaned him $8,000.
It was a lot of money.
I needed it back.
When he said he didn't have it, I got angry and said some things I shouldn't have.
A week ago today, can you account for your whereabouts? Look, I can see where your heads are at.
But I never would have killed Willis.
He was my friend.
Besides, he paid me back three weeks ago.
And then she said, "I love you, too.
" And then Bert the Hippo, he gave the bunny a great big hug and he promised that, that they would wear matching collars from that day forward.
The end.
Good night, Johnny.
Good night, Morgan.
(Reeves clears throat) What's all this? It's my bedtime story for the twins' video anthology.
Clay, I've got you down for chapter 22.
How do you find the time to put all this together? ABBY: That is a good question.
McGee, since the twins were born, you haven't even missed a step at work.
So, what do you got, Abbs? See how he just dove right back into work there? Abbs, you told us to get our butts down here.
Um, well, I'm still analyzing the rags that were found in the drum with Commander Willis' body, but at first glance, it looks like they were used to clean up the location where he was shot.
And what about the bullet? That's why I wanted your butts down here.
So, I ran ballistics.
The weapon used to shoot Commander Willis was a .
REEVES: Was it in the system? ABBY: No.
But two bullets with the same striations were.
McGEE: Two other people were killed with the same gun in the same way.
Execution style.
And both within the last year.
Are the cases related? No.
The only link is that they were both murders-for-hire carried out by some unidentified hit man, which means Someone put out a professional hit on Commander Willis.
Hey, yo.
Look who I found in the lobby.
FORNELL: Leave the FBI, it's Lord of the Flies down there.
Security got out the pitchforks when I tried to come up unescorted.
McGee, what do we know? Well, Commander Willis was shot by an unidentified hit man who committed two other unrelated murders.
BISHOP: Can you confirm that? Gibbs.
Fancy meeting you here.
Where you going? GIBBS: I got to get a thing.
I think I'm catching something.
Sounds important.
BISHOP: Yeah, okay, thank you for your help.
Got something.
I just confirmed that six months ago, Commander Willis served on the jury of a high-profile trial.
The People v.
Albert Hathaway.
The Ponzi King? Bernie Madoff wannabe.
TORRES: That thing was in the news for, like, months.
Hathaway was an investment advisor who cheated his clients out of millions of dollars.
And Commander Willis was on the jury that convicted him? He was foreman.
So, we're thinking Hathaway pulled off the hit from prison? JESSICA: He has got plenty of connections, and, from what I heard, Hathaway's a real piece of work.
Smartest person in the room.
according to him.
(chuckles) And what about the jury? - What about 'em? - I don't know.
Did you hear anything? They were sequestered for months on a trial where everyone knew the guy was guilty from day one.
That's frustrating.
For sure.
What? Jack, what are we doing here? These questions you're asking-- it isn't insider lawyer information.
You could have looked it up online.
I need to talk to you about Gabriel Hicks.
You know I can't discuss him.
He's still my client.
I know that.
You were never a hundred percent sold on Hicks' innocence.
I get that.
Jess, it's more than that.
Listen, Jack.
He was exonerated, and rightfully so.
I just need you to hear me out.
I can't discuss him.
Here you go.
Thank you.
I should go.
I really am behind on work.
No, no.
You're right.
I won't bring him up again.
You're the only friend I have who will watch reality TV with me, so I'd be really bored.
You have my eggs.
Oh, yeah.
I'm not into scrambled, no.
I don't want this.
I didn't do it.
You didn't do what, exactly? Any of it.
Any of what? Mishandling of peoples' finances.
My executive assistant had access to all my passwords; she's the one that you want Mr.
Hathaway, that's not why we're here.
Do you know him? No, I don't believe I do.
BISHOP: His name is Commander James Willis, and he was foreman on the jury that put you in here.
I've compartmentalized large portions of the trial.
Truly, the emotional trauma was debilitating.
I guess my not knowing his exact face would be something akin to PTSD.
Not even close, man.
HATHAWAY: The same man? The foreman? Yep.
You trying to pin this on me? I've been in here for six months.
They took me directly from sentencing to booking.
Do you know any hit men? This is ridiculous.
Maybe you do know one, but, you know, PTSD made you forget.
I don't know anyone like that.
Well, Mr.
Hathaway, when we listen to all the recordings of the phone calls you've made in here, you better hope we don't find you even talking about the weather with someone who connects back to this case.
Hey, Abbs.
Got your text.
What's going on? REEVES: Hi, there, mate.
Have a seat.
McGee, we've been thinking more about how you've been managing to stay on top of everything.
REEVES: This is one of four coffee cups I pulled from your trash today.
But you weren't drinking coffee out of these coffee cups, were you, McGee? I tested the remnants from the cup.
Do you have anything you'd like to say? Sure.
I've been drinking Caf-POW! That's great work.
You know, the first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem.
What? I don't have a problem.
Abby drinks this stuff all day long.
I have been building up my tolerance for years.
I need the extra caffeine to stay awake, okay? There's not enough hours during the day.
I feel guilty when work keeps me away from the twins, and I feel guilty when the twins keep me away from work.
McGee, you're like this giant hamster on a giant guilt wheel.
You need to get off the wheel.
Okay, I'll stop drinking it.
Seriously? Yeah, seriously.
This tough love thing totally works with me.
It's, uh it's very effective.
So, what do you guys say? We stand up, talk about the case? Yeah.
So, the rags that were stuffed in the drum with the body They were used to clean the murder location.
The killer left no DNA, and it is Commander Willis' blood.
But the rags themselves, they're made of a new, high-end microfiber that's sold wholesale to various companies.
- How many? - A lot.
But I was able to identify a cleaning solution called Swiftex.
It's specifically made to dissolve biological matter.
I cross-referenced the rags with the cleaner, and I got a hit on a company in D.
that buys both in bulk.
Crime Scene Tru-Clean.
Yeah, it's like a professional crime scene cleaning company.
That's a good job, Abbs.
Text me the address.
Oh, uh, McGee, Bishop and Torres are already there.
I really just called you down here for the intervention.
WOMAN: The night your sailor went missing, two of my workers didn't show up for work.
The Barrett brothers.
What happened? Next morning, I was doing inventory.
Three liters of lye were missing, along with four bottles of Swiftex and my floor buffer.
I confronted 'em about it.
Michael and Joey Barrett are their names.
They stole the stuff.
Sure did.
I fired 'em on the spot, and if I don't see my floor buffer by tomorrow, they're gonna be in a world of hurt.
Do you happen to have their home addresses? No, they move around so much, I can't keep track.
But if you want to find 'em, I do know that they eat almost every meal at that disgusting place over on Sixth.
The raw food place? No.
The place that serves only pizza and French fries.
Can you imagine eating that crap for every meal? BISHOP: Mmm, my mouth is watering.
Have you ever eaten there? No.
Well, it must be good if people are willing to wait in line like that.
A lot of times, people are idiots.
Which one's which? Uh, this one is Michael, and that's Brother Joey.
TORRES: Are you guys seeing what I'm doing out here? I'm killing it! BISHOP: Mm, get over yourself, Nick.
You're waiting in a line.
No, dude, I'm making all these people believe that a guy with this body fat percentage would actually eat here.
I'm fitting right in.
Oh, this feels good.
This feels really good.
You went to the briefing at Fornell's place? Yeah.
Why? How'd he seem? FORNELL: I'm peachy.
Thanks for asking.
Tobias? Café table by the restaurant.
What are you doing here? (chuckles) Wait, you're surprised that I'm up to speed? I still have some contacts at NCIS who will answer my calls.
So, let's catch us a couple of Barrett brothers.
GIBBS: You can't arrest anybody.
I am well aware.
Hell, you can't even carry a weapon.
As a civilian, I can.
Are you carrying a weapon? I may have a little something going on.
How did you even get on this frequency? I've been working with you people for 15 years.
You think I don't know what frequency you're on? And don't tell me Targets at your six, Torres, heading north.
Torres, move.
JOEY: You always get your order to go.
MICHAEL: What are you talking? Tobias, stay.
I'm not your poodle, Gibbs.
JOEY: I want to order pizza.
Hey, Barretts.
No, I'm not Don't move.
Go, go, go! (grunting) Fornell! I got him! Look out.
(panting) (tires screeching) (panting) (tires screech) Freeze! (clicking) (chuckles) Not bad.
Word traveled quickly about your creative takedown.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
You know, that's all I wanted from Gibbs.
A little appreciation.
Yeah, I heard he took your Taser.
Smashed it on the ground like an animal.
Whatever's going on with him, uh, I'm starting to take it personally.
MICHAEL: It's not an operation.
Basically Director, you have any idea? Couples therapy is not in my job description.
JOEY: Michael was approached about starting a business on the side.
- Damn it, Joey, it's not a business.
- Okay, fine! Doesn't Gibbs have a rule against putting suspects together? He put 'em together because he knew they'd do all the work for him.
Doesn't even have to ask them a question.
It's like I want to be mad at him, but I just can't.
We were hired by a hit man to get rid of a body and clean up the mess.
Is that better? Just so you know, this is the first time we ever worked for a hit man.
No, you-you didn't work for him.
I let you help.
He only talked to me.
He hired me.
We only said yes for the money.
Did he ask you that? You said if we cooperate, he'll go easy on us.
Look, the hit man shot the Navy guy in an abandoned factory behind this hospice.
Enough, okay? We cleaned it up.
I told you to let me do the talking.
We were gonna dissolve the body in the barrel, but we got fired before we could steal enough lye.
Damn it, Joey! Could you let me talk, please? The hit man said we were supposed to dump, not dissolve.
We dumped the body in the Potomac instead.
That's it.
The end.
State police pulled over a stolen vehicle.
Found the body in the back.
Wait, someone stole the van that I stole? You didn't dump the body? You said there was gonna be a second cleanup.
I was gonna dump both bodies at once.
You had one job.
Dump the body.
I was going to.
What's second cleanup? It was supposed to happen right after the first one, but it's been a week.
Call still hasn't come.
What call? Hit man is putting us up in a motel.
It's the Stargazer over on Dixon.
One of us is supposed to stay there all the time to pick up the landline when he calls with the cleanup location.
Which is what you should have done, like I told you to.
Oh, my God, you're not the boss of me, Michael.
They deal with dead bodies and eat nothing but junk, yet they live like my Aunt Judy.
They love to clean.
(toilet flushing) Bathroom's clear.
Took you guys long enough.
You got to be kidding me.
Hey, Director Vance gave me the nod to be here.
It is great.
It's great that I'm here.
It's great that you're here.
It's great that I get to sit here and watch you squirm for reasons nobody knows but you.
The whole damn thing is great.
Uh, I'm gonna go get some pizza and fries.
I mean, we have to sit here and wait for the hit man to call, right? Who knows how long we'll be here? (phone ringing) Look, Gibbs I can't talk right now.
You with Fornell? Yeah.
Then I'll do the talking.
Hicks is still inside of his apartment.
No activity for the past hour.
That's it? (sighs) Hey, I'll call you back.
Jessica I was coming to drop some papers off to my client, and I saw your car.
(sighs) Hey.
Hey, I can explain.
You know what, forget it.
There's nothing you can say.
Hey, Jessica.
Jessica, I tried to tell you at breakfast.
I thought we were friends.
This whole thing has been one long con to get something on Hicks.
Listen to me, I am your friend, and I'm worried about you.
Hicks is a psychopath.
He's dangerous.
- I have to go.
- Hey, he is ambidextrous.
Do you get it? You think he's innocent because he's right-handed, but I saw him at the batting cage.
I saw him crush ball after ball left-handed.
You were following him then, too? Please, just think about what I'm telling you.
Jack, go home.
Before I decide to go public with NCIS's harassment of an innocent civilian.
(coughing, blowing nose) (sighs) (coughs) Watched phone never rings.
(grunts) Want to play charades? You go first.
Okay, I've got one.
Sounds like "brass mole.
" What do you want from me? I want you to act like your normal awful self, not this awful self.
Let it go.
Why are you avoiding me? I'm not avoiding you.
You did the right thing in the courtroom.
I know I did.
I'm over it.
How many times do I have to say that? You're over it, but you keep bringing it up.
Because you're avoiding me.
I'm not avoiding you.
Gibbs, this is me.
This is me.
You do this to other people, not to me.
You were right.
Okay? You were right.
I told the truth about you in the courtroom.
I sunk your career.
We've established that.
Afterwards, I found out I did it for nothing.
You were right.
Hicks is guilty.
He should have been locked up all along.
You sure? Yeah.
How could you not tell me that? Never mind.
We'll duke that out later.
Right now we've got to get Hicks.
Tell me what you have on him so far.
Sloane and I-- we got it handled.
You're shutting me out? I'm trying to protect you.
From what? I've got nothing left to lose, Gibbs.
The job, yeah, I'm over that.
But the way Emily looked at me when she found out about all this Tobias, I'm gonna make this right.
I'm gonna put this guy away.
But you won't trust me to keep my head.
(door unlocking) That's all right.
I wouldn't know how to trust you now either.
Uh, is he coming back? No.
(phone ringing) (man speaking indistinctly over phone) 30 minutes.
We'll handle it.
Got a location.
Cleanup starts in 30 minutes.
The hit already happen? No.
It's about to.
Got it.
Hey, and, Bishop, watch your six.
Location: 4236 Barker Avenue.
All right, how much time do we have? Well, cleanup happens in 30.
So the hit can happen any minute.
Okay, 4236 Barker is a residence.
It's a house belonging to Patrice Jansen.
Well, I'm running a search through our files.
Her name sounds familiar.
You know it? No.
Any reason why she'd be targeted? Her passport was scanned at Dulles 20 minutes ago.
Looks like she's returning from a week overseas.
McGEE: Oh, the reason Jansen's name sounded familiar is 'cause I saw it on the juror list.
She was on the jury for the trial of Albert Hathaway, same as Commander Willis.
You think this Ponzi guy is killing the whole jury that put him away? Get Gibbs.
(line ringing) Hi, you've reached Patrice.
Sorry I missed your call.
(sighs) Jansen's phone's going to voice mail.
Gibbs is not picking up, either.
(water bubbling) (clattering) (meowing) (muffled yelling) You recognize him? No.
(gasps) PATRICE: Someone paid to have me killed? Why? We think it was connected to a jury you served on.
The Hathaway trial? There's another victim, also on the jury.
Commander Willis? Uh, what do you mean "victim"? Are you saying James is dead? Yes.
(gasps) Oh, my God.
(gasps) I'm sorry.
(voice breaking): I can't I can't do this right now.
(sniffles) Is that a bee on your necklace? (gasps) Jury was sequestered for months.
You got close to Commander Willis.
(sighs, sniffles) I-I knew he was married.
I-I I knew it was wrong, but I fell in love with him.
I I loved him.
Uh, Gibbs? (Bishop clears throat) McGee ran the plates on the hit man's vehicle.
Who is it? Name is Dominic Malecki, and up until now, he managed to keep his record clean.
And we still can't connect him to Hathaway.
I don't understand.
Why am I in this room? I thought that you had more information on who killed my husband.
(door closes) I think that you're the one with the information.
I told you everything I know.
Phone calls and a money transfer.
They tied you to a gun for hire, Dominic Malecki.
You put a hit out on your husband.
TORRES: And Patrice Jansen, the woman that he had an affair with.
(shudders) He spent our entire life savings on experimental treatments for his mother.
She was beyond help.
It was everything that we had.
You knew that he was cheating, and that was the last straw.
I deserve his life insurance.
He owed me that.
(line ringing) FORNELL: Gibbs? Uh, I'm in your office.
(door opens) Side door was open.
You mean after you picked the lock? You got to get better security.
Yeah, I'll get right on that.
Everything Sloane and I have on Hicks.
It's still not enough, but it's a start.
So you ruin me, you punish me for ruining me, and now you're asking me to do this with you? Yeah, mm-hmm.
Yeah, I am.
I'm in.
(sighs) Hey, Tobias Don't say it.
I don't like it when you break your own rules.
What about Sloane? Yeah.
She down with me being part of this? Uh-huh, she's on her way in.
Just stopping by to see a friend first.
(sighs) (car door closes) Hey.
Oh, thanks for coming.
Of course.
Should we go somewhere? Uh, I only have a minute.
I'm meeting with a client.
Hicks? No.
I couldn't shake it.
What you told me about him at the batting cage.
I did some digging.
And you found something? I told Hicks to secure new counsel.
Why? What did you find? I can't say.
I'm not his lawyer anymore, but everything I know is still privileged.
Jessica, please Jack, all I can say is, don't stop digging.
Got it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll call you.
(dialing) (line ringing) Gibbs? Jack, I'm here with Fornell.
When you gonna get here? (engine starts) - Oh! (alarm blaring, dog barking) Jack? Jack? Jack?!