NCIS s15e18 Episode Script

Death From Above

1 (seabirds calling) (phones ringing, low chatter) Wow.
Yeah, tell me about it.
I thought this was gonna be all technical stuff.
I didn't know Ducky wrestled a python or met David Bowie.
Yeah, on the same day.
This book is really detailed.
Yeah, and really entertaining.
And really long.
I mean, 311 pages? I'm never gonna finish this.
Well, that's only the first five chapters.
There is no pictures.
Well, the publisher doesn't add visual elements until after the first proof.
So there will be pictures? Certainly, Nicholas.
There will be an abundance of photos, charts, sketches, and maps.
You've already finished? I couldn't put it down.
You wrestled a python? Oh.
I see Jethro has yet to begin.
I thought perhaps he might take advantage of a relatively quiet day.
Always the calm before the storm.
- Body, Gibbs? - No.
New case? - No.
- So the storm was just a figure of speech? You think? Oh, it's perfect.
You can, uh, start reading.
Yeah, it's, uh, exercise for your brain and biceps.
Yes, I-I plan to make a few trims before handing it in tomorrow.
So I'd appreciate your e-mailing me any comments that you have by the time I get back to New York.
What, tonight? Oh, my assistant Kasie's orders.
Any later, and she's threatened to break both my arms.
(chuckles) TORRES: Eek.
I guess you guys got some work to do.
You didn't actually read it, Nick.
So I got no notes.
(explosion, electrical crackling) (thudding) Uh Boss? (low murmuring) NCIS 15x18 Death From Above McGEE: Well, this is a new one.
JIMMY: Yeah, a body on our own roof.
Can't beat the commute.
Tell that to him.
BISHOP: Carl Higby.
Air-conditioning repairman.
McGEE: Dangerous job.
Today, at least.
Looks like a transformer blew.
Well, that explains the power surge before the body hit the skylight.
It also explains all this charred flesh.
Likely the cause of death.
And you all witnessed it from below, so you know the time of death.
Which means we might get to finish Ducky's book, after all.
No, not until we confirm what happened.
I guess it could have been faulty equipment.
Our insurance and his employer will want to know.
So will his family.
All right, I'll call the company, you take the family.
Hey, yo! You guys need to see this.
You got something? Well, it's not about the case.
Check this out.
(grunts) What is all this? Wh It's an NCIS secret break room, baby.
No way.
Oh, it's so peaceful up here.
And the view, oh.
And you get full bars.
Where else in the world do you get that? Do I smell doughnuts? Oh, that must be from the bakery down the corner.
Mmm! Is this heaven? Oh, really? Okay.
Is that how you guys are gonna play it? What? You didn't know about this place? We didn't.
Right, McGee? I've never been up here before.
Then whose chair is this? Oh, don't look at me.
I Gibbs.
Thanks for taking the time to see me.
You look great.
Three weeks on a romantic cruise in the Mediterranean will do that.
(chuckles) Judith sends her best.
Oh, yeah, I'll bet she does.
And so does Junior.
I saw him in Paris before the cruise.
And, uh, my granddaughter-- she calls me Pop-Pop.
(chuckles) Aw.
- Isn't that great? - That's great.
We still on for that drink? We were.
Something came up.
Well, I guess our drinks will have to wait.
You okay? Well, actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about.
Boss, we got a problem.
Oh, Mr.
How's it going? (chuckles): Funny you ask.
I was just talking to the McGee, what do you got? I tried calling the HVAC company to let them know what happened.
I'll go find Jimmy.
Rain check, Gibbs? You got it.
What'd they say? Well, I didn't get through 'cause it turns out the District HVAC Service doesn't exist.
What? Then who the hell's on our roof? Hey.
Not only is the company fake, so is our dead guy's I.
; Carl Higby is an alias.
(sighs) I'm running the fingerprints through AFIS, but this gets worse.
Like, way worse.
- How? - Jimmy confirmed that the cause of death was from a concussive force from an explosion.
Right, the AC transformer.
The transformer boom was caused by a prior boom.
Boom, boom? Mm, yeah.
So, Jimmy found steel fragments in the body, and good ol' Major Mass Spec found traces of potassium nitrate on the victim's clothing.
Not to mention, this was in his burned up toolbox.
This looks like a detonator.
Because it was.
There was a bomb in his toolbox? With faulty wiring, which caused the first explosion.
And then that caused the transformer to blow.
So our intruder accidentally killed himself With a pipe bomb.
On the roof of NCIS headquarters.
(exhales) (elevator bell dings) Whoa.
(indistinct chatter) Jack, where's the fire? Funny, but not far off.
Phony repairman blew himself up with a pipe bomb.
Where? On the roof.
Temporary evacuation till the bomb squad can get here for a sweep.
The REACT team's involved? Is that for anyone in particular? Not anymore.
Help yourself.
Thank you.
Oh, let me get that for you, Cindi.
Sloane, I'll meet you downstairs.
Yeah, right behind you.
(scanner beeps, door opens) All right, let me know when you have more, Sergeant.
Thank you.
District HVAC Service was on the list of approved contractors.
- Somebody put 'em there.
- Front gate's pulling records now.
But our repairman, he passed their visual inspection.
Dogs, too.
That explosive was very well hidden.
This, uh (sighs) this could have been bad, Gibbs.
It still might be.
Which is why I'm evacuating the building.
REACT team's got a tent in the motor pool.
Until we can I.
the body and its intended target, your team should regroup outside.
What about you? I'll be running point from MTAC.
You stay, I stay.
I'm touched.
The case is in here, Leon.
This is our house.
And I'm trying to protect it and the people inside.
So am I.
You got 30 minutes to finish any work inside the building.
Then I want you and your team out.
Understood? (phone rings) Go, Torres.
TORRES: Top floor.
Yeah, on my way.
You didn't answer me.
Hey, Abby, can you take this down to the evidence garage for me? Hey.
Where's Abby? Per new protocol, “In the event of a precautionary evacuation, “all evidence must be stored in the evidence garage prior to evacuation.
” Can you believe it? Well, actually I mean, I guess I can see how, like, some lawyer could use the confusion of an evacuation to call into question this chain of evidence, but both autopsy and Abby's lab have secure storage.
These new rules clearly are written by some out-of-touch bean counter.
I helped write that protocol when I was at NSA.
You used the word “evacuation” and “evidence” twice in the same sentence.
Is everything okay, Jimmy? Senior told me he's quitting the Sherlock Consortium for Investigation.
What? I-I fought so hard to get him in.
And Senior was on cloud nine.
He and Judith are in love, and the Sherlocks were like his quirky new family.
I mean, what happened? (computer chiming) Hold that thought.
Dead guy's fingerprints just came back.
And he has a criminal record.
(elevator bell dings) (elevator bell dings) Hey! Senior.
What are you doing here? You are a sight for sore eyes.
Where is, uh, Jimmy? He went to ask you for a favor.
Uh, to take the evidence down to the garage? He said he had too much to do before Vance kicks us out of the building.
How did you know? Because I was about to ask him for the same favor.
Jimmy has one Oh.
that looks just like that.
That's the official membership card for the Sherlock Consortium.
I'm turning mine in.
You're quitting already? Is everything okay? Well, it's a long story.
And, see, I was on this cruise You know what, maybe we should just wait.
Um, looks like Jimmy's even more behind than I am.
The body isn't even put away.
We should help him.
Move the body? Yeah, it's already processed.
Here, put this on.
Wouldn't want to ruin a nice cashmere sweater with some fluids.
Fluids? GIBBS: How'd our dead guy get on the roof? A utility ladder outside.
Lock was cut.
No one questions a repairman climbing on the roof.
Avoided the metal detectors downstairs.
Yep, and check this out.
It was open when I found it.
Gibbs, somebody's been in our building.
Somebody's coveralls.
Our dead guy's not alone.
What the hell was inside of that? This isn't over.
I think it's time for us to go downstairs and get our weapons.
(electrical crackling) Carl the repairman is actually Eric Barnhardt of Baltimore, Maryland, and he has got a drug record a mile long.
Explains the track marks I found on his arm.
Yeah, well, drug using and drug selling, but this guy's never come close to terrorism.
(door locks) Part of your redundant protocol? No (electrical crackling, power winding down) (doorknob rattles) It's locked.
Front gate just confirmed there were three names approved for District HVAC Service.
Three? Where are the other two? We're pulling security footage on them now.
All right, put it up.
I'm sorry.
The system doesn't seem to be responding.
(electrical crackling, power winding down) (loud buzzing) (door locking) Agent McGee? McGEE: System appears to be in lockdown.
We can't control it.
Well, then we need to go someplace where we can.
Come on, everybody out.
(rattling) (power winding down) Power outage? We should find Gibbs.
Please, stay where you are.
Who are you? The guy in charge.
Someone must've hacked into our security grid and locked us out.
Which can only happen from inside the building.
One of our three repairmen.
SLOANE: Whatever happened on the roof is still happening.
Hey, is anyone out there? Other parts of the building? Everything from the front doors to the lab is locked down.
The main lighting system and the elevators are off, but, like MTAC, backup power keeps a few things working.
What about the computer network? Off.
No cameras.
No Internet.
And the building-wide cell phone jammers were activated.
They were installed after the Navy Yard bombing.
SLOANE: To prevent using cell phones as detonators.
Smart, right? But now we can't call out and we can't get out.
Until the system is back online.
(siren wailing) WRIGHT: Give me a count on that.
Sounds good.
And you, too? Yes, ma'am.
One, two, right? Yeah, sounds good.
Yeah? Has Agent Sloane checked in? No.
Well, what about Gibbs? He's still inside.
Why? Who are you again? Reeves.
Special Agent Joanna Wright.
Agent Gibbs and his team got clearance from Director Vance to continue the investigation.
Well, I just ran into Torres on the way out, and he never said a word.
Don't bother.
Cell jammers were activated inside the building.
- Since when? - Just now.
Well, did they say why? It's standard procedure during bomb sweeps.
I'm going in to find Gibbs, all right? No, you're not.
Tell me you're joking.
While I do have a charming sense of humor, I never joke when it comes to the safety of our people.
Until my orders change, no one gets back in that building.
Is he a friend of yours? Brother.
Take him and go.
He's not going anywhere.
But one of you are coming with me.
We're not going anywhere with you.
I'm the one you want.
Let the girl go.
She's just an intern.
She doesn't the know the difference between a scalpel and a butter knife.
Excuse me.
Look at the way she dresses.
I'm the medical examiner here.
I've been here for 30 years.
Anything you need, I can get.
And you are? I'm, uh, Dr.
Donald Mallard.
All right, old man.
You got the job.
Let the girl go.
She won't be any trouble.
Oh, you're right about that.
She won't.
That wasn't part of the deal.
Mallard, time is precious.
There's one of our missing repairmen.
My SIG is locked in my desk.
Yours? Yeah.
I got an idea.
I'll be right back.
I can get to my desk, Gibbs.
Trust me.
I'll be back.
Is breaking out really necessary? I mean, the network could just come back on.
Dead guy on the roof, pipe bomb, and now we're trapped.
Do you really just want to sit here and wait? When you put it that way, kind of.
Something is wrong and we have to get out there and help.
It's (sighs) It's just a matter of finding the right wires.
JIMMY: I've been reading more about our dead guy.
While he doesn't have any priors for attacking government buildings that name, Adrian Fincher, it does ring a bell.
It should, because he's a drug kingpin in Baltimore.
Says here our victim used to work for him.
NCIS just took over a case from the DEA in Baltimore.
There's no such thing as a coincidence.
This thing just got a whole lot bigger, which means we really have to get out there and tell someone, so please help me.
(Bishop sighs) Let's see, um, okay.
Yellow and blue make green, green means go.
I just went left to right, but that works, too.
Okay, wish me luck.
Three, two, one.
(crackling) Whoa.
Oh, that is not good.
(electrical crackling) BISHOP: Oh, no.
Major Mass Spec.
Oh, that's even worse.
All right.
I am patched in.
- To the system? - Well, no.
But I had another idea.
I hope it's a good one.
Here's how I see it: the bad guys enter a secure government building to plant a bomb.
But it blows up prematurely.
So with a full-scale investigation going on, why stick around and lock down the system? Big risk.
Unless there's still a plan to execute.
Which means they must have a way to talk to each other.
Now, if we rule out cellular frequencies or Internet, we're left with Two-way radios.
Now, I got a manual scanner right here.
We can't radio out But we can listen in.
Maybe put a timeline on getting the hell out of this place.
Well, that's if they're talking to each other, and if I can find the frequency they're using.
Do it, McGee.
(Sloane sighs) We're gonna get out of here.
I don't like cages.
(radio chirps) Where the hell are you? (bossa nova music plays) Hey.
Hey! Man, turn off the music! All right, all right, all right.
You got me.
I skipped that stupid evacuation drill.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Write me up.
I don't care.
Some of us got a job to do and not all of us get paid overtime.
Besides, I'm trying to get home to the wife early.
You know, the kids are at a sleepover, because, you know, I'm trying to get that bada-bing, bada-boom, you know what I'm saying? Shut up and listen to what I say.
You agents-- they-they give you a badge and you think you're that cool.
And all of a sudden, you're better than everybody.
Hey! I don't have a badge! Huh? And this is not a drill! Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You're not NCIS? Yeah, and you're not that smart.
Put your hands on your head.
Okay, okay.
Now! BURKE: Why are you yelling? Hold right here, Dr.
Found the janitor wandering around.
Idiot wouldn't stop talking.
(Burke laughs) What's so funny? You.
You're the idiot.
He's not a janitor, he's an agent.
This is his desk.
Looking for this? Yeah.
Cuff him.
Come on.
Palms out.
Don't try anything.
I'm taking them both with me.
Avoid any more problems.
(grunts) Burke.
What the hell's wrong with you? No names.
Don't you think you've had enough of that? Back off.
I'm not your brother.
I'm just here to make sure you guys get the job done.
Which means I'm the one who takes them to the garage.
If you and your boss want this job done, you stay the hell out of my way.
Do you understand that? Elevator, now.
Move it.
It's Burke, right? Of course it's Burke.
Well, joke's on you, buddy.
The elevator is off.
Won't be for long.
(radio static crackles) Director, I'm sorry.
I thought this was worth a shot.
BURKE (over radio): Elevators, now.
Who is that? Do you copy? Turn on the elevators.
We're on our way down.
Down where? Who's he talking to? (elevator bell dings, doors open) Thank you.
In the elevator, face the wall, don't turn around.
And you, make sure Agent Janitor was alone.
And check the drawers for guns.
(elevator bell dings) Well, somebody's controlling the system.
Which means they're in the system.
They're logged in right now.
I can see the root directory, but I still can't change it.
We don't have to-- all we need to know is where the last command came from.
It's got to be a terminal in this building.
Do you mind if I try? I'm doing everything I can, sir.
This is my job.
And Agent McGee is only doing his.
Thank you.
The hacker was in the power grid.
All right, there.
There's the line of code that turned on the elevators.
It's terminal 661, is where the command came from.
66 Where is that? Agent McGee? SLOANE: Gun! (grunting) (gunshot) (groaning) Here.
We have a mole problem.
HR is gonna have a field day.
It's been ten minutes since we lost cell service.
Any word from Vance? No.
Which, I'll grant you, has me on the verge of concerned.
Well, then, this should put you over the edge.
I've been reviewing the security records.
Not only did a phony repair company make its way onto the Navy Yard, there were three names on the clearance list.
WRIGHT: Including the dead guy on the roof? Yeah.
So where are the other two? Doesn't mean they're inside.
AGENT (over radio): Visual inspection complete.
Ma'am, building entrance appears to be locked down from the inside.
You sent a team to check those doors? You do think something's up.
Roger that.
Have your team fall back, over.
Fall back? We need to be running in there.
With Sherman tanks.
Bomb squad's ten minutes out.
Meanwhile, my friends are in there, dealing with God knows what.
Even if that was the case, busting in without knowing the play would put them in even more danger.
If there's a problem, the agents inside will tell us.
Hey, I'm sorry, Nick.
Everything got messed up.
I was just trying to protect Abby.
I had no idea that she'd Quiet.
You're quite the chatterbox, aren't you, Dr.
Mallard? You, inside.
Inside, now.
BURKE: To the right.
It's time for you to earn your keep.
I need all evidence box numbers pertaining to an Adrian Fincher.
The drug lord? You guys are either good friends, or you owe him a lot of money.
Or maybe your brother did.
If you're trying to get a rise out of me, I don't get upset that easy.
Oh, no.
Not an Army man like you.
(scoffs) That was a long time ago.
Loyalties change.
Not mine.
So you'll understand when I say suck it.
Maybe we ought to just (grunts) Come on, man! You were talking about loyalty? (Senior coughs) Please, go on.
(coughing) All right, all right, all right.
You win.
(crackling) So I think we need to change our approach.
I think we need to change our names.
Your hot-wiring has destroyed Abby's lab.
We highlighted dangerous flaws in the backup power system.
Look, we have to get out of here, and I don't really hear you coming up with any solution.
W-We'll figure out something.
When God closes a door, he opens a window.
The windows.
No, forget it.
Not even God can open those.
That is three inches of hermetically-sealed bulletproof glass.
Really? Yeah.
Changes were made after the sniper.
What? What sniper? Doesn't matter.
The only thing that opens that window is a pipe bomb.
We are not building a pipe bomb.
But we have the chemicals.
BURKE (over radio): Turn on the garage computer.
FRANCIS: Wait, you're still in the garage? What is going on down there? Let me go.
BURKE: Turn on the damn computer.
Where are you? Hard to find good help these days.
Everybody's learning the hard way.
She's been listening in on their radio frequency the entire time.
“NCIS Technician Leslie Vyas.
” You've been here six years.
Why risk it all? McGEE: Director, we've got a big problem.
There's a timed lockout on her workstation.
I can't get in without a password.
Thank you for following orders.
Unlike your boy on the radio.
Gonna have to find the evidence on your own.
You're here to destroy it.
That pipe bomb on the roof had me, uh (chuckles) had me really confused.
But then I looked up.
Plan A was to just drop it in and walk away.
Until your brother, well (chuckles) blew himself up.
That was embarrassing.
Plan B was to have us help you steal it.
And what's Plan C, Burke? Oh, you're gonna love it.
Here, have a seat.
(grunts) Thanks.
How you holding up? (sighs) It's been a rough week.
Well, it's about to get worse if we don't get out of here.
I know this isn't exactly the best time, but, uh, I've been dying to tell someone.
Okay, that's a very poor choice of words.
Judith dumped me.
What? (straining): Come on, you son of a (copier whirring) Who's there? Judith was a special lady.
I loved her.
Even after I found out that she was going with a much younger man.
The cruise director, Cristos.
They were going below deck.
Yeah, that's-that's rough.
You know, rejection, uh, sucks.
Well, I've been told.
What? You've never been dumped? I know, right? (chuckles) It's a gift.
(liquid sloshing) What about Eleanor? What? Bishop? No, we've never, uh Wait, did you hear something? Did she say something? (clattering) How do you like Plan C, hmm? Well, I don't like it.
Look, Burke, destroying evidence is one thing, but murder is another one.
(flames whooshing) Sweet dreams.
(whirring) (dial tone drones, phone dialing) (out of service signal, dial tone drones) (phone busy signal beeps) (signal continues beeping) Damn it, show yourself! (distorted beeping slows, stops) (copier whirring) (frustrated grunt) Come on! Where are you?! (grunts) NCIS Special Agent Gibbs requesting a 999.
Copy that, Gibbs.
REACT team is mobilizing.
Don't bother.
Turn around.
What is your sitrep, Gibbs? Over.
It's Gibbs, isn't it? We're coming in.
I was done here, but you've gone and complicated my exit.
Gibbs, come in.
Where are you? Now you're gonna fix it.
We can't get NCIS back online without your password.
I know.
I guess we can rule out coercion.
This isn't the attitude of someone who's acting under duress.
It's over, Leslie.
Why don't you help yourself out and talk to us? You can't keep this up.
Resolve isn't her problem.
Is it, Leslie? You have a beef with NCIS or just with life in general? Nice.
Just undergraduate or master's, too? You don't know anything about me.
You didn't even know my name until you read it on my badge.
Did you? I got it.
Disgruntled employee.
Am I right? Poor you.
Clearly, we didn't give you what you were looking for.
Attention? Money? Money! Sitting for six years at the same government computer earning the same government paycheck.
So when somebody knocks on your door and offers you 20 grand to put a name on a list, you jump! Am I close? It was $75,000.
And they found me online.
(quietly): Genius.
What did you say? O-Okay.
All right.
Why are they here? Nobody was gonna get hurt.
What about the pipe bomb? I didn't know about that.
And the gun in your boot? VANCE: Password.
There isn't one.
Please tell me you didn't.
You locked out the entire system without a backdoor? Doesn't a pipe bomb need a, you know, pipe? We just need to break the window.
You're good at this.
It's just basic physics.
Mixed with a little middle school rebellion.
I just hope we're not too late.
AGENT: TAC, Alpha entering first floor.
I told you to get me out of here.
Where are we going? Up.
The same way I came in? No.
That's all there is.
You can check for yourself on channel two.
WRIGHT: Copy that.
East wing clear.
Ground floor sweep in progress.
Alpha Team moving to squad room.
Or you can shoot me and just be done.
(chuckles) You're my insurance policy.
I don't think so.
Start climbing.
Move it.
(flames crackling) What are you doing? I'm looking for something to get us out of these handcuffs-- bolt cutters, wire cutters, a hairpin.
I mean, I'll settle for a paper clip.
Wait a minute.
(grunts) All right, that was not on my wish list.
Unscrew it.
(coughing) The Sherlocks are always prepared.
(coughs) Elementary, my dear Agent Torres.
Everybody on three.
One, two, three.
(grunting) Okay.
We shut off the backup power supply and we turn it back on again.
Wait, just like I do with my phone? It can't be as simple as that.
It's not.
A sudden power boot could overload the internal data servers and fry the whole system.
- Or destroy years of digital files.
- Shh! Nobody told you to speak.
She's right.
This may not work.
Do it, McGee.
(power winding down) (Senior coughing) (coughing) Stay with me, Tony.
(groaning) Oh, please tell me it worked.
(computer whirring, beeping) Okay.
Okay, we got it.
- We got it.
- Yes! - Yes, yes.
I just need a minute to get the building back online.
Start with the doors, please! Oh, Director.
What is it now? We got a fire alarm here.
(alarm wailing) All right.
Tony, let's get you out of here.
(coughing) Abby.
I-I got to get to Abby.
(coughing) (water spraying) (Senior coughing) We're gonna need an EMT.
VANCE: Officer Reeves.
There's a fire in the evidence garage.
I've got a team headed that way, sir.
Any word from Gibbs? He radioed for backup, then went silent.
Nothing since.
Try again.
(echoing): Gibbs, come in.
(echoing): Gibbs.
Gibbs would never leave his weapon.
Director, we'll find him.
Got an extra weapon? Go.
(helicopter blades whirring) Hurry up.
Move it.
(grunting) It's over, Gibbs! (panting) Try again, Gibbs! There's no need.
(gunshots) (exhales) Gibbs.
You okay? That was some nice shooting, Leon! It's our house.
Had to defend it.
Is that my weapon? I tried to stop her.
I hope we're not too late.
Oh, my God.
ABBY: Hey, guys.
(yawns) What did I miss? Abby, we thought you suffocated.
In order for this to work, I had to conserve air.
I guess I just fell asleep.
You wanted to be locked in there? Well, yeah.
I mean, it was better than getting shot.
And the bad guy didn't know that I sleep in a coffin anyway.
(chuckles) You have weird friends.
Thank you.
(explosion) What was that? (glass shatters, debris falling) (coughing) (distant siren wailing) (sighs) Bishop, you did it.
We did it.
(both chuckling) Ugh.
Let's get out of here.
(power whirring, doors unlocking) Everybody okay in here?! He did it.
She did it.
It-it was for the good of the case.
I believe you, Agent Bishop.
Question is, will Ms.
Sciuto? (seabirds calling) (phones ringing) Watch your back, coming through.
Are we sure these desk guys are legit? Full cavity search at the front gate.
(chuckles) What's the damage report on the fire? A lot of the evidence was destroyed, including what we had on our drug kingpin, Adrian Fincher.
So he avoids prison.
For drug trafficking, yeah.
Meanwhile, one of our own goes down for treason.
Leslie? Really? She was always so nice to me.
Well, she's the reason we have the man behind the whole attack.
So Sloane got her to talk? Leslie gave up computer records.
He's gonna do more time for terrorism than he ever would for drugs.
ABBY: and that's when Bishop and Jimmy rush into my lab and found out that the intruders had already destroyed, like, the whole thing.
Isn't that awful? Horrible.
How dare they? The three of you have a date? Actually, we all do.
Senior offered to take us out for drinks tonight.
That includes you, Nick.
Well, I can live with that.
Where's Gibbs? I wanted to invite him as well.
Uh, he said he went out for some coffee.
BISHOP: Uh, that's odd.
He-he told me he was meeting Vance at the Pentagon.