NCIS s15e19 Episode Script

The Numerical Limit

1 JAVIER: Ball up, boys.
(speaking Spanish) (grunting) (panting) Sí.
How's that for (gunshots) Oh, d-damn! Good thing I won.
NCIS 15x19 The Numerical Limit (sighs) You coming? Eh, it depends.
There any more dead bodies about to fall on our heads? McGEE: No, coast is clear.
Because I can't take any more drama for the day.
Drama? What happened? Oh, that stupid hipster barista at Joe's Coffeehouse called me “ma'am”" I mean, do I look like a “ma'am” to you? Hey, you have bigger problems on your hands.
Abby's looking for you.
And I think she knows.
Knows what? That it was you who blew up her mass spec last week? Ooh, I wouldn't have got out of bed this morning, ma'am.
It was Jimmy's idea to hotwire her lab, not mine.
That's not the story he's telling.
There is no way she knows.
Gibbs told me he was gonna tell her that the mass spec was broken by the bad guys in the attack.
Okay - Right, Gibbs? - Nope.
I thought you said you were gonna Lie to Abby? (chuckles) H-Ha No.
But by “no,” I mean “yeah.
” Sounds like you two had a misunderstanding.
TORRES: Look, guys, if she hasn't figured it out, oh, she will.
Maybe she won't.
McGEE: Right, because figuring stuff out isn't her strong suit.
Are you done? 'Cause we got a body.
Actually, we got two.
Grabbing our gear.
Jesse Banks, 32, owns the record store.
Cleaning lady found him this morning.
And according to his military I.
, our second victim is Lance Corporal Oliver Harris.
Where's he stationed? Uh, don't know.
Running a search in the NLAV database.
Oh, wow.
Yummy Chummy Gummy Bunny.
I used to listen to this all the time as a kid.
It's about a little bunny who lived in a tree house, and he used to Solve crimes? No, no, no, he had a-- he had this band.
And look at this, the carrot was a drummer; the turnip was a singer.
And they used to Solve crimes.
Yes, it was a crime-solving bunny, boss.
Sorry I'm late.
What'd I miss? Just McGee's sad childhood.
JIMMY: Well, looks like he's not the only one.
Look at the scarring on this guy.
Some of these are pretty old.
Gang tats.
(phone beeping) Uh, Gibbs, we got a problem.
NLAV search is done, but I can't find any record of Lance Corporal Oliver Harris.
Well, that's impossible.
If he's not in the database, he's not in the military.
How'd he get a military I.
? TORRES: He made it.
And something tells me he made a lot more.
McGEE: Uh, boss, these I.
s give the holder access to any military base in the country.
In the world, McGee.
McGEE: Victim number one, you've already met, Jesse Banks.
In addition to owning a record store, he has also had quite a few profitable side gigs.
Ticket scalping, bank fraud, and his specialty is in Making fake I.
Good guess.
Which is where we're assuming victim number two got this.
BISHOP: We pulled his prints.
His real name is Daniel Lucas, and that fake I.
is the closest he has ever come to being a part of the armed forces.
But he was a member of a gang called La Vida Mala.
BISHOP: They deal drugs, run guns, and they hire themselves out as hit men.
Started out as a small street gang, but they've grown.
Over 10,000 members across 15 different states.
Yeah, I know who they are.
We've met.
What do you think they're up to, boss? I think we need to find out, fast.
Bishop, talk to Abby.
Find out what she's got.
And Agent Bishop was never heard from again.
What? What's that supposed to mean? Well, I'm sure Abby's figured out who killed her mass spec by now.
Okay, guys.
The joke's over.
Ha, ha.
I'm gonna miss her.
BISHOP: Hey, Abbs.
What do you got? I've got a mystery on top of a conundrum that's wrapped up in a-a riddle.
I'm doing post mortem on Major Mass Spec, and nothing's adding up.
Like what? Well, in your after-action report, you said that Major Mass Spec was damaged when the bad guys blew up the power grid last week.
That's what happened.
But there's no other damage to this fuse, so the power surge had to come from someplace else.
I know.
I am hurting, too.
But don't worry, I'm doing full diagnostics, and whatever happened, I will get to the bottom of it.
Well, I'll tell you what is awesome.
I finished processing the I.
printer from the crime scene.
I would guess that Jesse Banks probably made, like, 500 I.
s with it.
Any way to tell for who? No.
With an asterisk.
(laughs softly) May I draw your attention to this? It's the color ribbon.
It's what's used to transfer the I.
picture onto the actual I.
So you were able to scan the ribbon, and pull the last I.
You know me so well.
You got a name? ABBY: Marine Sergeant Rico Ruiz.
Any way to tell if he's ever used his I.
? Yeah, the DoD has a master registry that logs every time an I.
is scanned on a base.
In this case whoa.
It was five minutes ago at the Joint Base Hanover commissary.
(phone beeping) Thanks.
(children laughing in distance) Uh, no sign of Ruiz, but we're gonna take a look around.
BISHOP: Copy that.
We're gonna head over to base security.
All right.
Excuse me.
Looking for this man.
Have you seen him? No.
(sprays counter) Well, he scanned his C.
at your terminal 45 minutes ago.
Sorry, I haven't really been able to focus.
Hey! Water cup, kids.
That's a water cup.
No soda.
(laughs) Every frickin' day.
If it's not a ten-year-old, it's a general.
Can you look again? Yeah.
On second thought, the-the haircut and the cammies do look familiar.
I think I've seen him in here, like, 1,500 times today? Hey! Put the straws back.
Tomás! Sit down.
Sorry about that.
You're looking for that guy, talk to her.
She's been here over an hour, not managing those children.
McGEE: All right, thanks.
Um Excuse me, ma'am? Uh, sorry, miss.
Have you seen this man? Uh I couldn't say.
Ten kids, two eyes.
Can we ask the children, or do we need permission from the parents? Uh, there are no parents.
¿Alguien ha visto a este hombre? Mm-mm.
Are they orphans, or? Unaccompanied minors.
At least, that's the term Du jour.
They fled from countries overwhelmed by gang violence.
Mostly Central America.
Some came alone, some came with their parents, but Some of the parents didn't make it.
It's not an easy trip.
Let's just put it that way.
And with so many orphaned children pouring in, Health and Human Services' housing is at capacity.
So you're using the military bases as an overflow.
At least, while their cases are working through the courts, yeah.
(whispering indistinctly) Oh, you're in luck.
He's seen him.
He said he was taking pictures.
Taking pictures of what? Well, the kids didn't know.
And we never found Ruiz.
But we did pick him up on some base security cameras.
Ruiz took photos for over an hour before he got to the commissary.
VANCE: Looks like he's doing recon.
Recon for what? Well, if he's La Vida Mala, probably not their office party.
Could be some kind of attack.
You need to find this guy.
Well, I was able to pull the cell's IMEI number.
It's registered to our gangbanger down in autopsy.
Can you use that to locate our live one? Well, Ruiz turned off cell location services, but I was able to access the cloud backup.
Which means? We got his photos.
So what's the target, Gibbs? This seems like just a bunch of random photos.
No, it's not random.
Keep going.
Right there.
He's after the kids? No.
Just one of them.
That girl is La Vida Mala's target.
The kids should be back soon.
We can wait here.
This is where they live? KELLY: I know.
But believe it or not, it's an improvement from their lives before.
School's out.
School? Of course.
- What'd you think we do with them? - I-I guess I I didn't really think about it.
So did you want to talk to all the kids, or-or just BISHOP: Just her.
KELLY: Sure.
That's Elena.
That's a first.
Elena isn't a big fan of strangers.
Mi mamá.
KELLY: Elena grew up in the slums of San Salvador.
When the gang violence escalated, she and her mother were forced to flee for their lives.
Only Elena survived the trip.
When the authorities found their boat, she was clinging to her mother's body.
What about her father? Dead.
Long time ago.
She's had a rough life.
(sighs) And it's such a shame.
She's a special girl.
Big heart, smart as a whip.
What's gonna happen to her? Same thing that's gonna happen to most of them.
They'll be deported.
Sent back.
No? KELLY: Is that all? GIBBS: Yeah, for now.
Gonna have to put a couple of guards at that door in the meantime.
Uh, Th-there is no meantime.
She's scheduled to be transferred tomorrow.
What? Where? Uh, to another temporary shelter closer to the courts that'll be handling her case.
North Dakota, I think.
Yeah, well, that's not gonna work.
All right, so Ruiz was taking pictures on the base, but what was this guy doing there? We have to search his home.
We need to find his home.
DMV address is fake.
He must live somewhere.
And they're back, and with company.
Protective custody.
Until we find out why La Vida Mala was following her.
Hi, sweetheart.
What's your name? She doesn't speak English.
Oh, well, then that would be a job for me.
Mis amigos.
If anyone is gonna translate, it should be someone who speaks her native language.
Me llamo Nicholas.
(speaking Spanish) ¿Por qué tu camisa es tan apretada? (chuckles) What'd she say? She wants to know why his shirt's so tight.
Don't we all.
All right, Bishop.
You know, maybe she meant “tight,” like like one of those comic book heroes, like (grunts) You know? We got any leads on our fake sergeant? I checked with Metro's Gang Division.
They have definitely seen him before.
- Who's he with? - Javier Martinez.
He's the leader of the La Vida Mala on the East Coast.
He's also suspected of over 20 murders.
What's he doing walking around? No one's willing to testify against him.
But he definitely knows how to find our guy.
Then we need to find him.
I just spoke to the commandant at Hanover.
We got a problem.
Same day Ruiz was on base, three crates of rocket-propelled grenade launchers went missing.
Yeah, that's a problem.
La Vida Mala is arming themselves.
For what? And it wasn't until 1921 that the United States put a restriction on the amount of immigrants that were allowed to well, immigrate, I guess.
Or is it emigrate? DUCKY: Immigrate.
(whispers): Please tell me you heard that.
He's dead, Dr.
(chuckles) Yeah, I noticed when I removed his spleen and he didn't complain.
(chuckles) How long have you been watching? Long enough to hear your story about the Irish Potato Famine.
How-how does this, uh, work, Dr.
Mallard? Where have you gone? You can just buzz into Autopsy whenever you like? Oh, Kasie set it up for me when she and I were there.
In case I Well, let's just say, there's no place like home.
Well, I could actually use a consult on the current case.
Fire away.
Well, we have two victims, both with multiple blunt force traumas, each with abrasions that perfectly match the other's metacarpophalangeal joints.
In other words, they beat the crap out of each other.
Um, yeah, you could say that.
Yeah, so what's the problem? Well, take a look at this.
His gums have nearly receded into oblivion.
And his teeth are transparent.
Not to mention, they don't seem particularly connected to his mouth anymore.
Well, that is interesting.
You ever seen anything like this before? Translucent teeth? No.
I may have to clear my schedule for today.
Uh, we're almost settled here.
I have never seen a little girl eat quite so many burgers.
Oh, and I just watched Gibbs make a bed.
Yeah, that was weird.
Uh, shoot.
I got to go.
(chuckles) Careful with that.
GIBBS: No, she's good.
She looks like she knows how to handle herself.
Está bien.
What about McGee? Uh He said Hanover called.
Um, they discovered a lot more missing weapons than just those RPGs.
So what about Elena? You want me to take the first shift? No, I got it.
Let me do that.
You're not strong enough.
Yes, I am.
(Gibbs chuckles) You, uh, speak English pretty good.
How did you know? The way your eyes popped out of your head when Bishop said she was gonna go out and get cheeseburgers.
Where'd you learn how to use a chisel? Mi papá.
He was a carpenter.
Mamá told me he made this for me when I was little.
It broke.
It doesn't play music anymore.
How long am I going to stay here? Why? Someplace else you got to be? School.
You like school? I have never been.
Well, somebody did a good job teaching you English.
Mi mamá.
(phone rings) Hey, McGee, what do you got? We got a lead on one of the victims.
He was a bleachorexic.
Jimmy, hang on.
That's why his teeth kept falling out, overbleached 'em.
And I care about this why? Well, it's something we should all be aware of, Gibbs.
I mean, overbleaching can cause Is this going someplace, Palmer? Abby traced the type of bleach Lucas used to a home bleaching kit that's available only by mail.
JIMMY: We contacted the company.
They were able to look up Lucas's order.
You got an address.
If I was a gangbanger looking to store a bunch of stolen weapons, this would be the spot.
REEVES: Tire tracks.
We just missed somebody.
(music playing loudly) Maybe not.
(Spanish music blaring) You cool, bro? Yeah, I'm right as rain, bro! On second thought, shoot him! Shoot him! (chuckles) Right as rain? Yeah, had him right where I wanted him.
Is that before or after your head went through the REEVES: Is that a body? That's three.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You know where I can score some crime scene photos? I heard you hit the mother lode.
These are fantastic.
Do we have a motive? Well, the guy that Torres knocked out isn't talking, but his cell phone is.
And guess who his favorite texting buddy is.
- Who? Javier Martinez.
The leader of La Vida Mala? Yep.
He looks more like my mattress salesman than a gang leader.
You have your own mattress salesman? Yep.
JAVIER: Before we begin, I just want to let you know that I am a big fan of law enforcement.
(chuckles) So how may I help you? Well, Javi, where do you want to start? How 'bout we start with the bodies we found in your stash house.
Stash house? Or, if you wanted to, we could start with the bodies we found at the record store.
Records? Who buys records these days? Or we could start with the high-powered weapons your crew stole from one of our military bases.
I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about.
What was one of your goons doing taking pictures of that kid? What? You recruiting ten-year-olds now? A-Agent Gibbs, I'm a simple man that lives a simple life.
I don't know anything about any dead bodies.
I mean, God rest their souls.
I-I don't know anything about any stolen weapons.
And I certainly don't know anything about any ten-year-old girl.
I never said it was a girl.
You think you know me, huh? Mm-hmm.
You don't.
None of you do.
Living in your ivory towers with your two parents, your two cars, food on the table.
Wake up, man.
The rest of us are either eating or are getting eaten.
You see, I have spent my entire life around men like you, judging me.
You got something on me? Then arrest me.
Yeah, that's right.
You got nothing and you never will.
You're dancing with the devil, my friend.
You have no idea what we're capable of.
And anyone that gets in our way, even a little girl is gonna pay.
What they're capable of? What are they planning? And how is Elena gonna get in the way? Maybe she knows something.
Well, wouldn't she have told us? Maybe she doesn't even know what she knows.
SLOANE: Okay, turn your whole body into it.
(grunts) Oh, man! Yes! Great shot.
Don't forget to follow through.
But I got you here.
(gasps) Come on! Yes! (laughs) Again.
Are you sure you haven't played this before? Don't answer that.
I don't want to know.
You want to know something.
That's why I'm here, no? You are a very smart little girl, aren't you? Ah, ah.
Only one per win, remember? But I already told Agent Gibbs all that I know.
So you never heard anyone from La Vida Mala talking about any attacks? But you do know them? Everyone does where I come from.
That's why your mama tried to get you out of the country, huh? She said they brought the guns and the guns brought the death.
And the cavidades.
Ca cavities? Like (grunts) Cavidades.
- Hey.
Where's Elena? With Vance.
Everybody I think I know what La Vida Mala is doing with the stolen weapons.
Selling them.
To who? Not who.
Elena told me that once a month, a “big truck” would come into her village filled with ice cream and La Vida Mala would give it all away to the kids.
Okay, that still doesn't make any connections for me.
BISHOP: Yeah, I don't think she's done yet.
SLOANE: Well, after the truck would come, Elena said the violence would follow.
She and her friends were too young to make the connection, but I think La Vida Mala was using the ice cream company to smuggle in weapons.
- Exactly.
- She remembered the name? What kid would forget free ice cream? Moochie's Creamery.
McGEE: All right.
Here it is.
Moochie's Creamery.
Based in Delaware and they ship internationally.
And they have a warehouse not far from where the weapons were stolen.
Got it.
Rule Number 39: no coincidences.
You know the rules? Uh, figured it was mandatory? Come on, let's move.
(phone chimes) Oh, uh, boss, we may have a problem.
The motion sensor I installed on your front door just went off.
Somebody could be trying to break in.
My what on my what? Well, the I-I put the your the I thought it'd be a good idea with Elena in custody and everything, to put a Okay, in hindsight, I probably should've asked about it first.
Ice cream company.
Take Reeves.
Peeping Tim.
On my six.
We'll talk in the car.
Hey, for the record you are smarter than that.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Bag this.
Whoever was here already left.
Not whoever.
It was Ruiz.
Your neighbor identified him.
Which neighbor? The one you like.
What the hell was Ruiz doing in your house? They were after the girl.
He's been watching us.
(phone rings) BISHOP: We got the weapons.
It's Bishop.
She found the weapons.
Oh, that's great.
When did you realize he had something? The manager at the ice cream company started acting squirrelly the moment we pulled our badges.
We asked to see what was inside the truck and he said it was empty, but I could smell the rocky road.
Uh, I did more than smell.
I need an intervention.
Stop me.
Wait, so the weapons were hidden inside the rocky road? Well, no, that would be really messy.
You would be a terrible smuggler.
You have to think outside the box.
Or in this case, inside the box.
And just add water.
Your gun smugglers disassembled the stolen weapons and then hid them inside these pallets of dry ice.
So, all they had to do when they reached their destination was turn off the AC.
And voilà.
Hey, is this some kind of detonator? ABBY: No.
That is my lab-door keypad.
I-I found the source of the power surge that killed Major Mass Spec.
Traced it back to that pad.
So it's only a matter of time before I figure out who the murderer is.
So, how many RPGs did you find? There's about 20 more in those containers.
Oh, that's a lot of firepower.
Well, yeah, if they actually fired.
Every single one of these has had their spring coil snipped.
They're disabled, permanently.
By who? Well, that's the best part.
I was able to pull fingerprints off the inside of the launch tubes.
Our RPG snipper is none other than Him again.
Why go to the trouble to steal the weapons just to disable them? Well, Abby confirmed it.
Every single weapon's been disabled.
She sure Ruiz did it? She said she would bet her dog collar on it.
It doesn't make any sense.
What would La Vida Mala want with weapons that don't fire? You asking me? Go find the guy who did it.
Still nothing on the BOLO.
Well, ATF has the ice cream company on lockdown, said nobody's talking.
They're all scared of Javier.
Well, we could give it a try.
Yeah, yeah, do it and then check in with Palmer.
Oh, I hope you guys are going out for burgers.
It's way past dinnertime (yawns) and I have one hungry little girl here.
And a sleepy one.
We doing burgers again? I like burgers.
(laughing): Really? I had not noticed.
Elena? I think I think he was there.
Uh, where, Elena? Back home.
He is the ice cream man.
Shipping company.
Check and see if Ruiz was ever a driver.
Hey, honey.
What do you remember? Something bad.
Take your time.
He had long hair.
He scared me.
I was crying.
And then I ran away and hid.
That is all I remember.
SLOANE: It's okay.
It's okay, honey.
We got the ice cream company shipping records.
And I stopped to get some burgers just in case you guys haven't eaten, which it looks like you have.
This is my second.
And Elena? Oh, man.
She absolutely crushed four.
I mean, that girl could eat.
Burger coma.
I'm sure it must be hard having another little girl back in here, huh? You must have some good memories, though, Gibbs.
Anyway Bishop and I went through Moochie's Creamery's employee files.
There's no record of a Rico Ruiz ever driving for them.
Who knows if that's even his real name.
And they didn't recognize his picture.
So we got nothing.
And no leads.
He could be halfway across the world by now.
He's not.
How can you be so sure? ELENA: Because of me.
Huh? He is after me, yes? Um What makes you say that? Isn't that why I'm here? Because he wants to hurt me.
We don't know what he wants.
I do.
I think he wants to punish me for what I did.
What are you talking about, sweetheart? When our boat sunk, Mamá gave me her lifejacket.
We only had one.
I told her to keep it.
She could just hold me.
But she wouldn't listen.
It's my fault she's dead.
Not your fault.
None of this is your fault.
No, it sure isn't.
Your mama did what mamas do.
She protected you.
Okay? We're gonna protect you, too.
No one's gonna hurt you.
We won't let anyone hurt you.
(quietly): That's right.
Can we have hamburgers for breakfast? Uh Yes.
Works for me.
That you? Nope.
DUCKY: Well, hiding bodies in the structural cavities of buildings has a long and storied history.
In fact, Agent McGee What's going on? I consulted briefly with Dr.
Mallard yesterday on the case, and since then, he's let's just say he has immersed himself in things.
Like a houseguest that won't leave.
Or a fungus that, uh Yeah, I got it.
Yeah, you got it.
I got it.
Ah, Timothy.
(chuckles) We were just talking about you.
What brings you to Autopsy at this late hour? Well, uh, Gibbs wants an update.
Palmer, it's your autopsy.
Uh, y-yes.
Thank you, Doctor.
Um Well, all three victims appear to have been killed recently.
I'd say in the last two days Give or take.
No, I'm gonna stick with two days.
Uh, death was from hypovolemic shock Yeah.
They bled to death.
as the result of shrapnel wounds consistent with an RPG that Exploded in their hands.
Doctor, maybe it's time that we establish some ground rules for how Wait, Jimmy, did you say “RPG”? Well, Abby believes it was stolen.
(clears throat) I mean, she said those weapons were disabled.
Yes, but she suspects that these men were attempting to re-enable them.
U-Um, Dr.
Palmer, if you Call him back later.
We found this embedded in one of the victims.
It must have flown off the weapon when it exploded.
What is it? It appears to be an attempt to replace that missing spring coil.
Wait, so the bad guys steal the weapons, break the weapons and then, fix the weapons? Maybe some very indecisive bad guys? Or we're missing something.
(phone rings) Boss, hey.
I just talked to GIBBS: Stop.
Get over here.
Right now? Yeah.
Okay, you got it.
Be right there.
What's going on? All hands on deck.
All right.
Go get those indecisive bad guys.
(dogs barking in distance) NCIS.
Don't move.
Hot tip: next time you decide to break into a house and crack open a window, make sure the owner likes fresh air.
(handcuffs tighten) I haven't opened that puppy since '04.
Where's Elena? Safe.
She's at a place where you can't hurt her.
Why on earth would I hurt my own daughter? Your daughter? RUIZ: I'm not a terrorist.
I'm certainly not a member of any gang.
I'm a carpenter.
Me, too.
Six years ago, my wife left me.
It's the the last time I saw my daughter.
What were you doing on that base? What I had to.
I originally came to send money back to Elena.
If I couldn't see her, at least I could help get her out of the slum, you know, someplace safe.
Then, every place became unsafe.
La Vida Mala.
I heard Elena's mom tried to get her out, but, um I was on that base to get my daughter, Agent Gibbs.
Before they sent her back.
There are forms you could've filled out.
Not for me.
I set one foot in that immigration office, I get arrested, and they deport us both back to El Salvador.
Back to La Vida Mala.
It's a death sentence.
Yeah, but you were working with them.
Like I said, I did what I had to do.
They're the ones who helped me get on the base.
What did you do for them? I drove a truck.
I picked it up in an alley in D.
, drove it to another alley in Virginia.
A truck full of stolen weapons.
Weapons I made sure would never hurt anybody.
But Javier found out I messed with his toys.
He killed the men who vouched for me, and he put a hit on me and my daughter.
Javier Martinez? (organ music playing) (speaks Spanish) Gracias.
There he is.
Just a simple man, living a simple life.
Do you mind? I'm trying to pay my last respects.
To the man you killed? Wow, that's edgy.
So you boys are here to harass me, huh? (chuckles) Well, get in line.
It's like a bunch of hungry pigs at a trough.
Trying to get a bite.
But you're all gonna go home hungry, huh? (laughs) Excuse me.
Not this time.
McGEE: Oh, look at that.
Someone who's willing to testify against you.
I guess it's time for us pigs to eat.
(handcuffs tighten) McGEE: Well, between two counts of murder and conspiracy to commit, I'd say we've seen the last of this guy.
What about Rico? Well, that's more complicated.
He has no legal status, but he is a witness in a murder trial.
He's also a hero.
Who falsified government documents.
He risked his life to disable those weapons.
Like I said, it's complicated.
It just needed a little oil.
(lullaby music playing) Look at her.
Agent Gibbs said she thought I was dead.
She knows the truth now.
Well, I, for one, am gonna miss the hamburgers.
(both laugh softly) Okay.
Hello, Elena.
(sniffles) I got this when you were born.
That's you, that's me and that's Mamá.
The trinity.
Do you remember this day? It's the last time we saw each other.
It's the same day I gave you that.
(speaks Spanish) (lullaby music playing) Arrorró mi niño Arrorró mi sol Arrorró pedazo De mi corazón.
We had mint chip.
And you told me you had to go away.
I ran, and I hid.
A-And I searched for you for two hours.
(crying) My baby.
Well, that is one hell of a happy ending.
McGEE: Well, some days, I really like my job.
I hear that.
Everything okay, boss? No.
What happens now? ELENA (crying): Papá.