NCIS s15e23 Episode Script


1 (dog barking in distance) Phil loved that boat.
Enough to go down with it? Apparently.
She was a beauty.
Shame the Coast Guard couldn't recover her.
Or him.
Fair winds and following seas, Phil.
Hey, you wouldn't be Gibbs? Phil talked about you all the time.
You helped him build his boat, right? Hell of a guy.
Hell of a loss.
Thanks for coming, Jethro.
It really means a lot.
Wish we could've done more.
(sniffles) Oh, no.
NCIS has been great.
So has the Coast Guard.
(sighs) You and I both know that Phil should not have been sailing in that weather.
And we also know that when he's on leave, nothing's going to stop him.
Stubborn son of a bitch.
You two and your projects.
I got to say, I never understood the appeal.
Bourbon and boats, Marce.
Don't overthink it.
In that case, maybe maybe you could do me a favor.
Name it.
(voice breaking): Phil's tools.
Take anything you like.
Come on, Marcy.
No, really.
He would want you to have them.
I don't I don't even know what's down there.
Please, Jethro? Okay.
I'll take a look.
(sniffling) (hinges creak) (sets bag on ground) (hissing) About damn time.
Whoa! Phil?! (whispers): Gibbs.
What the hell?! Shh, shh! NCIS 15x23 Fallout (elevator bell dings) (sighs) I still can't believe she's really gone.
BISHOP: Uh, hello? McGee? What are you doing here? Bishop, I thought you left.
No, it's not 9:00 yet.
I have the lab from 8:45 to 9:00.
You have it from 9:00 to 9:15.
Well, sorry, I got antsy.
Okay, well (groans) can you wait somewhere else? I mean, what's the point of alone time if we're not, you know, alone? (elevator bell dings) Oh, hey.
I forgot my schedule.
What-what time was my time? Oh, my God.
You said you didn't want to be on the list, that working deep undercover made it easy for you to process the loss of coworkers.
Yeah, because we're all just cogs in a machine.
I was, uh, wrong about this one.
Abby's not a cog.
She's like a unicorn.
She's like a goth unicorn.
McGEE: It's been a week.
Why is it still so hard? Because they were your family.
And Reeves.
Well, I see the alone-time schedule I set up for you has naturally transitioned to a group discussion.
Next maybe you're ready to sit down one-on-one and, uh, Nah, I'm cool.
really get to the root of your emotional I'm really cool.
We're fine.
(elevator bell dings) Okay.
PHIL: I was out sailing Marcy.
The weather was getting bad so I was about to head in when this motorboat comes out of nowhere.
The next thing I know, bam, bam, bam! I realize I'm taking fire, baby.
This crazy bastard's trying to kill me.
I got no choice but to hop into the drink.
The motorboat rams Marcy and leaves me for dead.
She took on water and, uh, capsized in the wave.
Must've happened around 37 degrees north because I was able to make it to Tom's Cove.
Good thing I keep my swimming quals current.
It didn't hurt that the tide was in my favor.
You want to, you want to chime in? No.
Still waiting.
For? The reason you are down here.
I just told you-- somebody wants me dead.
Who? I don't know.
That's why you're here.
No, it's not, Phil.
It's not.
I am here for your memorial.
What? It's only been a few days.
Six! It's been six days, Phil.
The Coast Guard called off their search.
Oh, my God.
Must've lost track of time.
How the hell did that happen? Well, I got a pretty good idea.
Why didn't you just call me? I did.
As soon as I made it back to shore, I called NCIS and left a message with one of your agents.
What agent? I don't know.
Some British guy.
That's him.
(sighs) I didn't mean for this to happen.
Listen, the only reason I kept Marcy in the dark was to protect her.
You know, if somebody is after me, I don't want her to become collateral damage.
Hell, she could've been on the boat with me.
You got to tell her.
(sighs) Phil.
It might sound crazy, but this could actually work in our favor.
Right now, the bad guys think they got away with murder.
We have a tactical advantage here.
A tactical advantage? Yeah.
They don't know we're hunting them.
"We're"? "We're hunting them"? Got to help me, Gibbs.
For a friend.
I knew you helped Captain Brooks build his boat.
I didn't know that you were willing to lie for him.
I'm just trying to be honest with you, Leon.
Well, your honesty puts me in a tough spot, Gibbs.
A naval officer everyone thinks is dead is actually alive and you agreed to go along with it.
Until we find out who tried to kill him, yeah.
And the captain thinks that this is an advantage? So do I.
Tell that to his wife.
We will, eventually.
More time that passes, the harder that's gonna be to explain.
Well, it's a good thing we work fast.
Without the aid of a full-time forensic scientist? That's easier said than done.
The team needs to move forward.
I know.
And I'm interviewing candidates to try to fill the vacancy left by Ms.
Sciuto, which, as you know, is no easy task.
I mean, this could be a lengthy process.
Cases don't wait.
I'm open to finding a temporary solution.
You already made arrangements.
When were you gonna tell me? (door closes) McGEE: Captain Phillip Brooks.
Married, no kids.
Works in the Navy Office of Financial Operations.
So he's a glorified accountant.
McGEE: The Navy salary funds his boat hobby.
He also dabbles in real estate.
Owns some commercial property in the area.
Leases them out.
TORRES: It wouldn't be the first time someone wants to kill their landlord.
You have proof or are you speaking from personal experience? Personal experience.
Criminal record is clean, too.
McGEE: Yeah, so is his military record.
Only disciplinary action (busy signal beeps) was for mentioning the Navy in a series of political tweets last year.
Oh, he's one of those crazies.
McGEE: No, he was calling for higher pay for public educators.
His wife Marcy's a third-grade teacher.
Am I the only one surprised that Gibbs has a friend who tweets? You've got to be kidding me.
I know, right? Like no way the love of boats runs that deep.
But no, that's not what I mean.
Reeves's phone system has been erased.
His desk has been completely cleared out.
I mean, they-they even got rid of his flavored crisps.
Who's "they"? It had to be MI6 'cause other than you, no other Americans actually eat those things.
Wait, so we have no way to verify that the captain actually called Gibbs? No.
It's-it's-it's like Clay was never even here.
(sighs heavily) I'm gonna call MI6.
Check with the Coast Guard first.
I want everything they found on Phil's boat.
Um, well, their agents already processed the little that was left after the wreckage.
But, um, we can take another look.
Really? How? We don't have a forensic scientist.
It's not the first time.
Well, all due respect, boss, I know we've filled in for Abby before, but this time I think it's a little different.
Yes, I agree with you, McGee.
So we aren't working in the lab? Good afternoon, Jethro.
Hey, guys.
Well, this isn't awkward at all.
Thanks for helping out.
KASIE: Yeah.
Hey, Gibbs, uh, I was wondering if we could maybe talk? McGee, Bishop.
Coast Guard.
Torres, come on.
You're with me.
Or I could just jump right in.
(Ducky chuckles quietly) My wife liked the open-concept kitchen.
I liked the hidden bomb shelter.
Didn't think it'd actually be useful, though.
Yeah, especially in this century.
Don't you watch the news? Mutually assured destruction is back in vogue.
How about some Krispy Kreme next time? Not gonna be a next time.
You moving me? Yes, and we don't have much time.
Your wife is out meeting with the grief counselor.
Where am I going? My couch.
Grabbed a few file boxes from upstairs.
Might help with the case.
Did you get my laptop? Most victims have had previous contact with their attacker.
Thank you, Detective.
MARCY (calling): Jethro?! I'm back! Yeah! Be right up! Are you still going through tools down there?! Oh, boy.
(sighs) (grunts) Mrs.
How you doing? Special Agent Nick Torres.
Can I give you a hand with those? I see Gibbs called for reinforcements.
Guess he wanted more tools than he thought.
I guess so.
You know, you don't need to do this.
Oh, it's no problem.
Um, Mrs.
Brooks, if I may.
I can't even imagine what you must be going through.
I think, mainly, because it's so sudden.
You know, with an illness, you have time to process it, or say good-bye.
But, uh, but this, Mm-hmm.
it's like one day, someone you love is here, and the next day, they're gone.
I understand.
Believe me.
KASIE: Okay.
We are a go for gloves.
Goggles, we are a go.
Fingerprint dust, ooh.
Oh, that's a go.
What are you doing? I'm nervous.
The first solo flight, so I don't want to mess up anything.
Hence, the prelaunch checklist.
"Prelaunch"? This isn't NASA.
Oh, well, Abby said I should do things my way, and my way is the way of NASA.
Well-planned, well-executed, with the dare to dream.
(laughs) I went to space camp when I was a kid.
Really? I did, too.
Um, yeah.
Well, Mom couldn't afford real space camp, so we watched the Hale-Bopp comet from my uncle's Monte Carlo in the back of a Sears parking lot.
Wait, wh you said you talked to Abby.
Oh, of course.
Dream job or not, I wouldn't come here without her blessing.
I'm not crazy.
Could've fooled me.
That was my supervisor.
She has the same question I do.
Why am I delivering evidence that the Coast Guard already processed? We're just being thorough.
Thorough, or is there something new that I should be aware of? No.
No, not at all.
Oh, no, no.
AGENT: Right.
That was totally believable.
KASIE: Uh I'm gonna get to work.
Listen, our boss has a hunch.
What kind of hunch? The kind that needs further investigation.
NCIS keeps digging, so do I.
I trust you'll notify me at the Coast Guard if you find something.
You, the same.
Uh, Agent McGee? Yeah? What do you got? (whispers): Something.
TORRES: I don't get it.
It just looks like damage from the wreck.
Yeah, that's what the Coast Guard thought.
But they didn't hear Phil's story.
Kasie tested the gouge in the wood, found traces of cupronickel.
It's a bullet.
Slug, grazed the side of the sailboat mast.
Coast Guard missed it, but our forensic astronaut certainly did not.
Astronaut? You'll see.
It doesn't give us a shooter.
Well, it does confirm Phil's story.
I didn't know that was in question.
BISHOP: Uh, maybe it should be.
Been scrubbing the captain's laptop, and found some pretty questionable photos.
What is "questionable"? Put it up.
Yeah, Gibbs, I don't know if you want to see this.
Bishop, do it.
Ooh, that is questionable.
It's definitely the captain.
And that ain't Marcy.
McGEE: Who is she? She's motive.
(whistling) (door opens, closes) Gibbs! Thank God you're home.
Going stir-crazy here.
Got an update for me? Guess the, uh, pasta puttanesca will have to wait.
Um (sighs) - I know how this looks.
- Bad.
These photos are fake.
I got nothing to hide, and if you don't believe me, ask Marcy.
- She knows about this? - I showed them to her.
If she found them on her own, it would look like I was hiding something.
It still does.
Who do you think I am, Gibbs? She's half my age.
I received these photos from an anonymous e-mail account demanding 250 grand.
- Lot of money, Phil.
- Which is why I went to the police.
They said it was just an Internet scam, and if these photos are really fake, I should go to my wife, tell her the truth and move on.
I did.
And you didn't think that was worth mentioning? It was a year ago.
I didn't think it could be connected to my murder.
And if somebody wants me to transfer money, they need me alive.
No, no, no, these two are completely unrelated.
I'll decide that.
I'm just telling you, I have no idea where these pictures are from.
You have never seen this woman? Well, I didn't say that.
So according to Captain Brooks, he and the woman in this picture didn't have an affair, but are friends? He told Gibbs "close friends.
" Yeah, okay.
That can happen.
(scoffs) Can it? Sure.
I mean, you and Abby were close friends for years, and it's not like the two of you ever hooked up.
(chuckles) Oh.
Uh let's-let's table that.
Um, so I was able to confirm what the captain is saying is true, a-about the pictures, at least.
They're fake.
That was fast.
Oh, well, I was in here working for, like, three hours before you got here.
- That's the job, no? - Yeah.
Yeah, no, I'm just, uh, saying I'm used to Abby sort of winding up to the big reveal.
Oh! I skipped a step.
The most fun step.
Okay, uh, let's rewind the tape.
(imitates tape rewinding) Even the best digital artists leave breadcrumbs that show an image has been altered.
McGEE: That looks pretty good.
Yeah, I thought so, too, until I realized that this picture must've been taken on Tatooine.
The planet in Star Wars? Yeah, the-the one with two suns.
Uh, take a look at the light in this image.
McGEE: Sun's coming from two different places.
KASIE: Mm-hmm.
And there are other subtle but similar faults throughout the image.
Rough edges, uh, mismatched grain patterns, inconsistent metadata.
Although they did a really nice job with our mystery woman's skin tone.
Yeah, her name is Antonia Morello.
Phil said she leases one of the stores in a strip mall that he owns.
Oh, what'd she say about these photos? Oh, nothing yet.
Haven't talked to her.
All right, thanks.
It's good work, Abbs.
I'm sorry, it's force of habit.
I've said the same thing for 15 years.
Don't apologize, be proud.
I can't wait to be somewhere, doing something for that long.
It means you love your job, right? Right.
Can I help you? It's like Clay was never here.
Mm! I know it feels that way.
Ah, screw MI6 and their secret crap.
They can't just, like, erase a person.
That's right, you can't.
(sighs) I won't let them.
Don't dart angry.
(sighs) I'm sorry about your wall.
Don't be.
I've never been a big fan of Cheeto-dusted orange, anyway.
I really thought I was past the anger stage.
And then, this whole desk thing made me realize something else.
What's that? That we don't even have a picture together.
But Reeves was always snapping photos with his phone.
I know.
His phone.
Everything from our trip to Scotland together two years ago to the coffee shop last week.
And I I never asked him to send me any.
So MI6 took his cell, too, huh? Yeah.
Clay was only here as a liaison officer, which means that he wasn't officially a part of NCIS.
" But we know the truth.
He died a hero.
A hero whose picture won't even be on our memorial wall.
Phil said these places been vacant for a long time.
Could use a new coat of paint.
And a new phone number.
That area code was reassigned three years ago.
You know, I don't think this place is paying for the lacquer on Phil's boat.
It's a boat, McGee.
Spar varnish.
Hey, suits! I told you, I saw you nosing around here again, there'd be hell to pay.
Well, here comes hell.
(grunts) What do you have to say about that, huh? Federal agents.
Oh, damn.
Coffee? ANTONIA: There you go, Agent Gibbs.
Sure I can't get you anything, Agent McGee? Uh, no, thanks.
You restore all these? Oh, some are my dad.
Kind of inherited the place when he passed.
Ah, they're beautiful.
Eh, it doesn't make me rich, but there's a reason old machines like this live on.
Somebody's got to fix them.
Not a lot of you left.
Hard to make it a business.
Unless you got a hammer.
Again, I am so sorry.
I thought you two were these greedy investors who've been nosing around, trying to turn this place into hipster hair bars, and free-range condos.
Get a lot of those? Yeah.
Uh, Phil usually deals with it.
He owns the whole strip.
But I was really crushed to hear what happened.
You two close? He liked my dad.
After I took over, we kind of became friends.
Said he'd rather collect rent from me than sell out, so you know, I always had peace of mind.
So, why exactly are you guys here? Oh, God! We know that these are fake.
Yeah, you think? I mean, h-he's like a grandpa.
You've never seen these before? No, no, and now I-I can't unsee those.
Any idea who made them? My guess? Those investors I was telling you about.
Yeah, they were getting really creative trying to get Phil to sell.
They even had this architectural model made on spec.
I mean, maybe they were willing to go even further.
Investors have a name? (sighs) I don't remember.
But they did leave that model behind.
It's in one of these empty shops, just collecting dust.
A covered dog park? You don't even have a dog.
Well, I'd get one.
Look at the human-sized fire hydrants to play on.
TORRES: Yeah, it's cute, but it doesn't really have a pool, so it's not really my style.
Oh, yes it does.
Look right over there.
What? Mm-hmm.
Oh, snap.
All right.
Got a swim-up bar with cabanas.
Give me an update.
Okay, we traced the model back to an investment group in Bethesda, Capital Clients Incorporated.
Meet Sean Parks, Glen Collins and Vendrell Brown.
TORRES: Those guys look successful.
Well, that's the picture they painted for Phil when they pitched him that condo complex two years ago.
Yeah, the truth is they had to borrow money to make the model.
McGEE: All for a proposal that Phil turned down anyway.
They were desperate.
Desperate enough to blackmail Phil? BISHOP: Coming up with that much cash would've forced Phil to sell.
Except he went to the police.
Yeah, our wannabe investors had to up their game.
- You think they were behind the hit? - Let's find out.
Sounds like an undercover job to me.
You always say that.
Well, 'cause it makes sense.
All right? Why-why go to the trouble of lying to Phil's wife just to blow it now? Somebody thinks they got away with murder.
Right, and if NCIS asks questions it may tip them off.
They'll lawyer up.
Yeah, we need to get them someplace where they're comfortable and loose, like drinking a beer.
Or three.
How about the golf course? Yes.
Yeah, like a place like that.
No, no, no.
I mean the actual golf course.
The three of them are members at the same country club.
Can anybody hit a golf ball? Not I.
Oh, hell no.
But (clears throat) I, um, I may know a guy.
GLEN: That's gotta be 300 yards.
This new guy got game.
I didn't even catch all of it.
Isn't that right, Dennis? Yes, sir.
SEAN: It's gonna be a long day.
Well, let's see what else he's got.
JIMMY: Oh, that's looking good.
GLEN: You got to be kidding me.
Another birdie putt.
This guy.
Nice backspin, Tiger.
SEAN: Okay, slow down.
Hey, Jimmy.
What the hell are you doing? Uh, I'm killing it.
I'm having the best round of my life.
(laughs) (chuckles) Well, that's the problem.
We need them to talk about their connection to Phil, but they're too busy whining.
What do you want me to do, suddenly develop a slice? I don't even know what that is.
It's too late anyway, all right? - The round's almost over.
- Hey, guys.
You want to wrap it up? Get over here, put us out of our misery? Damn, Sean, come on, bro.
Is that thing glued to your ear? What do you want from me? No, listen.
He died in a boating accident.
They said so themselves.
There's nothing to worry about.
(sighs) Let's go.
Hmm? Offer to buy them a drink.
What are you talking about? Losers pay.
- Jimmy.
- Right.
Hey, boys.
Mercy rule.
After I sink this putt, drinks are on me.
(indistinct announcement over P.
) Hey, fellas.
Why don't you guys take a break? I'll, uh, I'll wipe it down.
I got you guys.
Agent Torres? Mrs.
What are you doing here? Oh, you know, moonlighting.
CADDY: Hey, Dennis.
You sure you don't need a hand? I'm good.
Dennis is my middle name.
VANCE: How's the team's morale? Well, you know the job.
Some days you're Ali and some days you're Liston looking up at him.
Yeah, but Liston never got back up.
Will they? It's a process.
And Kasie? Part of the process.
Bringing on a temp was really smart.
- Gibbs.
- He knows that having new energy is helping the family move forward, so - Hmm.
(intercom buzzes) Excuse me.
Yeah? Thank you.
Show her in.
We'll catch up later.
Director Vance.
Thank you for taking the time.
Was my husband murdered? Why would you think that? I was told that Phil's death was an accident.
So why are there agents crawling around my basement, one of whom is now posing as a caddy at a club where we've been members for years? It's an ongoing investigation.
I don't need protecting.
If Phil was involved in something, I want to know what.
Please, Director.
I'd like to bury my husband in peace.
Don't I deserve that? Yes.
Yes, you do.
(typewriter clacking) Hiya.
New book? No, form 8-90B.
An evidence log on a Remington? Nice.
It's new.
Well, new to me.
That's great.
The typewriter shop.
Wait, how did you know that I wrote a novel? Seriously? Don't sell yourself short.
You wrote two novels.
I'm a huge fan of Thom E.
And your picture's on the flap.
- You know, no one really read the second one.
- That's a shame.
The characters really blossom.
Structurally, it was much more complex.
I think you're absolutely right.
You should make it a trilogy.
(chuckles): Sell it as a movie.
I don't know.
Maybe if I was still single and had no kids.
See, finding time to write back then was much easier.
Everything was.
Perspective shifts when you have someone to come home to.
The job is dangerous.
What made you decide to become an agent? That's a good question.
I've got another one.
What's up? Who's responsible for this? Who is that? Special Agent Graham.
Coast Guard.
Yeah, her body was found two hours ago.
I'll call Gibbs.
Wow, you made progress.
How'd you manage to smooth out the joints so fast? Tell Palmer the body's on the way.
You keep me updated.
Updated on what? My case? You said "body.
" Like, dead body? (knock at door) Who's that? (knocking continues) You stay put.
(doorbell ringing) Leon.
It's over, Gibbs.
We have to tell her.
Tell me what? You guys are You're scaring me.
I mean, what's with all the cloak and (gasps) Oh.
Hey, babe.
Phil? Surprise.
Oh, my God! Aw.
You son of a bitch.
BISHOP: Neighbor found the body in the apartment parking garage, called the police.
Think her death is somehow related to the captain's case? It was a joint investigation.
Three bullets to the chest.
Makes quite a coincidence.
She said she was gonna keep digging.
This is the second agent we've had down here in as many weeks.
Makes that teaching position all the more appealing, huh, Doctor? (chuckles) Yeah.
Well, these are challenging times for all of us, so if I can be of any assistance? Actually, if you could prep the It's a piece of paper.
Or what's left of it.
" DUCKY: Possibly someone connected with the death of this agent.
Or the attack on Phil.
I'm gonna run this up to Kasie.
Doctor, would you mind prepping the body for cleaning? Gladly.
I'll get changed.
Uh, hey, Ducky? (clears throat) I know this isn't the best time, but can I ask you a favor? Certainly.
It's about Reeves.
Uh Ah.
I know this is gonna sound kind of stupid, but I'm trying to track down a photo of he and I together.
Which one? Any of them.
MI6 has his cell phone, and I called them, but surprise, surprise, they're being Secretive, yes.
They're good at that.
Well, I could reach out to one of my former colleagues if you like.
I would.
Thank you.
Thanks for leaving me holding the bag last night, Gibbs.
Hey, yours to begin with.
Marcy said she wanted an explanation.
Then we got home, she refused to even talk to me.
- Least she let you in the house.
- Mm.
Sort of.
She made me go back down to the fallout shelter.
So, what now? You're no closer to finding out who tried to kill me.
Marcy and I could still be in danger.
There is a security detail set up outside your house.
Go home.
And do what? Fix your marriage.
And how am I supposed to do that? Phil, I'm not the guy to ask.
(phone rings) (phone beeps) Yeah, Kasie? (over phone): I got something.
I'm on my way.
(phone beeps) KASIE: Got to say, Gibbs, undead friends, lying to the Coast Guard and now a bloody note carrying a message from beyond the grave? (imitates explosion, laughs) I mean, I'm just supposed to be a temp.
Can't be half-pregnant.
(laughs) Okay.
Um Prelaunch checklist.
We are already in orbit.
I hope.
Okay, according to cell records, Agent Graham's last phone calls were to a series of local marinas.
Okay, about what? Well, there's nothing to suggest what she was looking for, u-until Jimmy found the paper in her pocket.
" Whoever that is, the bullet destroyed the last name.
How do you know there was one? Oh, well, I tried to fix the hole.
I restored the burnt images, and I used digital mapping to fill in the gaps, but it-it didn't work.
Put it up.
"Sandy Dunes"? Yeah.
See? So unless we're looking for a porn star, I'll have to try again.
(laughs) Or it's not a person.
Oh, what else could it be? If it involves Phil? A boat.
That's why Agent Graham was calling the marinas - Don't ever second-guess yourself.
- Yeah, okay, but No.
No buts, Kase.
I-I was gonna say, okay, but my self is telling me this is why Agent Graham was killed.
This could be the boat that came after Phil.
Find the owner.
Oh, hey.
One more thing.
You got a favorite drink? Uh, rum and Coke.
At work.
Oh, definitely not rum and Coke.
Um, iced tea from Pinky's.
It's this little hole in the wall off Eightmile in Detroit.
They brew in the sun And why do you ask? Nice.
Okay, Caddyshack, why am I here? Golf tips? Not exactly.
(chuckles) You are in debt.
TORRES: That country club membership, is that, uh, is that for show? Well, you got to spend money to make money.
Yeah, except, you're not making any.
Because Phil wouldn't sell you his strip mall.
This deal was gonna make you millions.
You had investors lined up, and waiting.
Phil didn't bite.
So you had these made up.
(laughing): Oh.
Can't imagine the missus was happy.
Your loan contract expires next month.
If Phil doesn't sell, the bank pulls its funding.
Deal goes away, and you lose millions.
Decide to take him out? Phil died in a boating accident.
Thanks to your boat.
Marina records confirm that that boat was out the night of the attack.
That is the first I'm hearing about that.
(laughing): No.
No, it isn't.
(both laugh) Agent Graham, uh, told you.
Who? You found out she called the marina, so you paid her a visit.
I think we're done here.
Unless someone has something to prove this half-assed theory.
Because that's all it is, theory.
Are you sure about that? Gibbs, what do you think? I think we got a case to make sure he does 30 years.
For attempted murder.
So charge me, or we're done here.
Did you catch that? Yep.
Gibbs said "attempted murder.
" Sean didn't skip a beat.
He knows that Phil is still alive.
Yeah, but how? Who told him? Pull phone records.
On who? Phil.
I did this because I was scared, not just for me, for you.
You've already said that, and it still doesn't make any damn sense.
There's one Marcy that ever really mattered to me.
(laughs) I know.
The boat.
(groans) You know that's not true.
Losing you is the only thing that could really kill me.
Say something.
(sighs) Say something else.
Let him in.
(knocking) Oh.
Impeccable timing-- I was finally about to make a dent.
(scoffs) Fat chance.
Come on in, Jethro.
(Phil sighs) Let me guess, you boys want to be left alone.
No, this is about both of you.
You tipped off Sean.
Sean Parks? That investor? (laughs) Gibbs, I would never do any I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to her.
(exhales) These are phone records.
- Ours.
- Last night, after we talked, you called Sean.
You've been calling him a lot, lately.
- Why would I do that? - To warn him.
What? I-I Really, Marcy? You're gonna make me tell him? - Tell me what? - (quietly): Don't.
Tell me what, Gibbs? These photos are real.
(Marcy sighs) PHIL: Marcy.
Oh, my God.
Does this mean you wanted me dead? No.
Sean had nothing to do with that.
Did he? How long has this been going on? Two years.
We met at the club, but it was Look, I know I screwed up.
But this is I am not going to prison.
Somebody's going.
So Mrs.
Phil agreed to testify against Sean? Uh, she can place him at the marina the night of the attack.
And the murder of Agent Graham? (Torres sighs) Another dead cop.
You know what? Let's call it a night.
Start fresh in the morning? I like that idea.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I'm glad I caught you.
I want to give you this.
You talked to MI6 already? No, not yet.
Uh, I suddenly remembered I had that photograph on my cell phone.
Yeah, knowing my fondness for that part of the Highlands, Clayton texted it to me the day it was taken.
I hope it helps.
It does.
A lot.
Thank you.
(seagulls calling) TORRES: Okay.
Starting fresh didn't work.
And I talked to Sloane again this morning.
Yeah, so did I.
Yeah, me, too.
Turns out that, uh (chuckles) I'm human.
And not only Abby was a unicorn, but, um Reeves was a brother.
You guys remember why you first became an agent? (elevator bell dings) Eh, forget I asked.
(elevator bell dings) Oh, I didn't get the meeting memo.
Oh, well, don't worry.
There really wasn't one.
I take it the bad guy got away? What? The pity party.
I just assumed that justice was not served.
No, no.
Sean Parks is going to prison.
For trying to kill Phil.
And the Coast Guard is building a case for Agent Graham's murder.
Parks is screwed.
(laughs) Oh, hell, yes.
(laughing) That's great.
(stammers) No one really told you, I guess.
Like I said, I'm not on the memo list.
- Well, it doesn't really work that way.
- Yeah, uh, you know what? Can you hold that thought for one second? I-I'll be right back.
Where are you going? To call my mom and tell her the good news.
Her little Kay-Kay made a difference.
(laughs) (elevator bell dings) I just remember why I became an agent.
(elevator bell dings) (phone rings) Yeah, it's Gibbs.
We're on our way.
Well, let's go.
Grab your gear.
(elevator bell dings)