NCIS s15e24 Episode Script

Date With Destiny

1 (indistinct police radio chatter) You'd be Director Vance? Sergeant Todd? Yes, sir.
Thank you for calling me.
Uh, what happened, exactly? Suspect went nuts on some guy in there.
Screaming and punching.
Maître d' tried to intervene, and took an elbow on the chin for his trouble.
Suspect then threw a bottle, shattered out the window, then the guy took off.
Do we know who this guy was? Suspect wouldn't tell us.
Just kept insisting we call you.
It was him, Leon.
It was him.
NCIS 15x24 Date With Destiny I have no idea.
Look, I don't know, I haven't seen her today.
Look, Delilah, just let it happen, okay? If there's fireworks, then we'll get good seats at the wedding.
Okay? All right, love you.
Really? You're gonna make us ask? All I can say: never be a matchmaker.
Who did you match-make? Not me.
She's setting up Sloane with a friend that's in from Chicago.
Wait, Sloane? As in, like, Jack Sloane? What? Since when does she need setting up? Oh.
(blows raspberry) Spoken like a typical guy who has no idea what it's like for a single woman in Tinderland.
It's not that she needed setting up, it's that Delilah thought they might hit it off.
Who's the lucky guy? McGEE: Name is Ray Martin.
Dee introduced them online a couple months ago, and they're gonna meet for the first time tonight.
That's exciting.
Apparently, not to McGee.
Well, I'm just worried that if things don't work out between them, it might get, like, weird between Sloane and I.
Well, yeah, I mean, that's always a risk.
So is a bomb on a Navy destroyer.
A bomb, boss? Or a bomb threat.
Until we know which, it doesn't make a difference.
Ship's headed back to Norfolk.
Go meet it.
McGEE: Uh You're not going? I'll catch up! And I do know what it's like out there, Bishop.
It's no easier for a handsome guy, believe me.
Yeah, I believe that you believe that, but I believe you'd be wrong.
McGEE: Commander.
What time did you leave port last night? 19:30.
A couple hours out, the bomb threat was discovered.
Why didn't Gibbs come? You think he's okay? Oh, you think he confides in me? I'm flattered.
- McGee might know.
- Not me.
DALY: The Security Alert Team's first priority was making sure the munitions area was clear.
Bomb going off there could sink the ship.
How many people are still aboard? 15 of my crew, plus base security searching for the bomb.
Well, that's to the point.
(elevator bell dings) Uh, uh, hold the door, please.
(laughs softly) Morning, Leon.
Hi, Jack.
Late start? I could ask you the same thing.
Ah, but I'm the boss, and I asked first.
I, uh, I had to run back to my place to get a change of clothes.
I forgot I have a thing tonight.
A thing? Oh, a thing.
Finally enjoying life in D.
, are we? Well, we don't miss the San Diego beach as much as we thought we would.
Let's just say I'm glad I took the job.
Well, that makes me doubly glad.
(elevator bell dings) And it saves me a visit.
- A visit? - Yeah.
For your HR-mandated six month review.
I was planning to check on you later today, but this little chat we just had tells me everything I need to know.
(chuckles) Easiest review I've ever had.
Happy birthday, Shannon.
(exhales) Uh, guys? Check this out.
It looks like it was used to write the message.
Well, hopefully, Kasie can find something.
Hopefully, we can get off this boat before it goes boom.
Not a boat, it's a ship.
It's a destroyer.
Really, McGee? Really? DALY: Base security finished their sweep of everything below the Three Deck.
And where are we? Above that.
McGEE: Well, the Ulysses is gonna have to remain in port, and the crew is confined to the base while we investigate.
JIMMY: Hey, Kasie, how's it going? I don't have a body down in autopsy, I thought I'd come up and lend a hand, and, uh (laughs) You can't hear a thing I'm saying, can you? (clears throat) (both shouting) Jimmy.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry.
You scared me.
This is you scared? - Noted.
- Oh.
(chuckles) Guess my headphones are too loud.
Oh, why don't you connect them to the room's sound system? Oh, you know, I was thinking about it, but I like my music loud.
Well, I could hook it up for you.
I just need your cell.
Oh, yeah, oh, sure, why not? Sorry again about your arm.
Oh, it's-it's fine, it's fine-- that is quite a move.
Oh, my self-defense teacher calls it the “Yank and Twist”.
After that comes the “Groin Kick.
” Okay.
Let's hope that Gibbs never scares you.
(laughs) Okay.
Okay, I think I got it.
Wooly bully Hey.
How great is that? Yeah, I listen to it sometimes.
You think people will like it? I think that they will love it.
Turn it down.
Once they get used to it.
Ooh, evidence from the ship.
Sign on the dotted line.
(music stops) How's it going in Norfolk? Still searching.
Not anymore.
- They found something? - Nothing.
No bomb, they cleared the ship.
So the whole thing was just a hoax? No, there's no “just” about it.
That ship was part of a task force on a 48-hour mission.
Someone sabotaged it, and SECNAV wants answers, now.
“Now,” it is.
Knock, knock.
Heard you have something for us? If by “something,” you mean profiles on possible suspects, then yeah, I got a whole lot of something for you.
Oh, my gosh, is there a Twitter version? - This is a lot.
- In a nutshell: there are always crew members who don't want to leave port, for whatever reason, and sometimes they do crazy things.
Crazy, yeah, but, like, a bomb threat? I mean, why not just ask for emergency leave? I'm sure plenty of them do, but a lot of them are turned down.
By the way, great dress.
(gasps) I know, look.
It's so cute, right? I have this sort of date thing tonight.
Not quite blind, but close.
Uh, we'll see how it goes.
Yeah, McGee might've mentioned No, that worries me; if the date turns out to be a dud, then it might get weird between us.
No, I would not worry, I mean, you have a bailout call, right? A what now? You know, when, like, a friend calls at a prearranged time; if you need the bailout, you just say it's, like, a work emergency.
Would you mind? Not at all.
Uh, would 10:00 work? 10:00 is perfect.
Aw, I feel so much better now.
(laughs softly) It's like I'm back in high school.
Dating sucks.
Tell me about it.
Have fun.
What have we got? BISHOP: Well, Sloane thought we should check out the crew members on the Ulysses who were adamant about staying behind.
TORRES: Five requested emergency leave, three were granted.
These two were denied.
They hoped maybe the bomb threat would keep the Ulysses in port.
That's why we're bringing them in.
(quietly): Ask him.
No, you.
What, Bishop? Um, we were just wondering.
You weren't a-around all day.
What? I get the urgency, but until NCIS clears us, we're not going anywhere.
(knocking on door) And speak of the devil.
I'll get back to you.
Commander, just want to let you know, I'm headed back to the Navy Yard.
We've arranged for Vairo and Pittorino to come in for questioning tomorrow.
Because they were denied emergency leave.
I can't believe either one of them would be that stupid.
Well, we'll find out.
Yeah, not to make excuses, but overseas tours are tough for sailors and their families.
Away from home for long periods.
I'm lucky my family understands.
I totally understand.
I remember counting the days until my dad would come home.
You a Navy brat? My father was an admiral.
Admiral John McGee? Yes, sir.
(chuckles) Small world.
As an ensign, my first deployment was on the Kitty Hawk.
Your father was the XO.
Really? Yeah.
He was tough, but I learned a lot.
Like, I'm pretty sure he would've keel-hauled anybody who'd mess with his mission.
Oh, make that “damn sure.
” (shakes hand) Thank you, Commander.
(chuckles) Ah, I think it's time for another toast.
(laughs) What are we toasting this time? Um New friends.
That was the last toast.
Maybe it's time to notch things up? I could take it up a notch.
(phone ringing) Spoiled by the bell.
You mean “saved by the bell”.
The hell with it.
It's just work.
And you're not gonna answer it? Did you want me to? You know, if it's work, I get it.
Well, uh, to be honest, uh, it wasn't work.
Let me guess: a bailout call.
You know about those? Yes, I just heard about this from my young pal today.
She's gonna call me any minute.
Oh, well, what a relief.
Well, just a minute.
It might be a work emergency, and I might have to pick it up, and our date would be cut short - Well, before that happens, how about we skip this joint? (phone ringing) You get that, and I'll get our coats.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Hello, Ellie.
This is your 10:00 bailout calling.
Yes, it is, but I won't be needing it, thank you very much.
Well, that's great.
Love at first sight? Mm, more like “lust at second cocktail.
” (laughs) He's cute and funny.
Well, cute and funny are both very good things.
When you have a moment, bartender.
Jack? I'll call you back.
Uh, gin and tonic, if you please.
And may I see a bar menu as well? Thank you.
Do I know you? Masahun.
You son of a bitch! Stop.
MAITRE D': Ma'am, please, stop! Son of a bitch! Stop.
What are you doing? Get off me! Get off No, don't let him get away! Don't! Get off of me! Calm down! No! Ma'am, please.
There we go.
(handcuffs clicking) Oh It was him, Leon.
(softly): It was him.
Who's “him,” Jack? Just tell me who.
Wait, Masahun? The monster.
Afghanistan, the Wingos.
(grunts) He was there, and I let him get away.
We have to find him.
But no one ever saw his face.
You always said I know, but it was his voice, Leon.
I will never forget his voice.
That-that soft, sleek English thing.
But Masahun is dead.
You know that.
No, no, no.
Not anymore.
He was killed in a drone strike several years ago.
You saw the same video.
The explosion, the charred body.
Leon, the only reason I was able to sleep the last few years is thinking he was dead.
After tonight, I will never be able to sleep.
We need to stop him.
Okay, we will stop him.
But I have to ask you one thing.
How much have you had to drink tonight? You don't b-believe me, or I want to believe you, Jack, I do.
But I also want to get you released into my custody from the cops.
And-and to do that I had three.
Three drinks.
(sighs) Can we find him now? Yes.
We'll get him first thing tomorrow.
No, no, not tomorrow.
I'm not asking.
Tomorrow we start with clearer heads, and we will get him.
Understood? Sergeant, may I have a word? BISHOP: Two sailors.
One male, one female, both denied emergency leave.
Had to be the guy.
Women don't make bomb threats.
Yet another sexist generalization before my first cup of tea.
There he is, the matchmaker.
How'd it go with Sloane and your friend? And good morning to you, too, Gossip Girl.
(chuckles) And I have no idea.
Well, I do.
I called Sloane around 10:00, and she sounded super happy.
Ah, lucky guy.
What? She's cool as hell.
Wait, did Sloane actually say “super happy”? In so many words, McGee, “having a blast.
” (exhales) Why? Do you know something different? I really didn't want to do this.
TORRES: Well, it's too late, you did it.
Spill it.
Well, Delilah called Ray this morning to check in, and apparently it went badly.
He said Sloane got weird.
Ooh, how weird? McGEE: He didn't give full details, but apparently it was weird enough that he's already boarding a plane back to Chicago.
What? That's crazy.
Or she is.
You just said she was super cool.
Yeah, but cool could be crazy sometimes.
What could have happened? GIBBS: I don't know.
I don't care.
The interviews.
McGEE: They just cleared the gate.
I'm gonna need you.
I'll catch you later, McGee.
There's a restaurant, McGee.
Dasher's Grill.
You know it? Uh, yeah, I've heard of it.
I need you to dig up whatever security video you can find from last night, around 10:00, inside and out.
Easy enough.
Also, their credit card receipts from last night.
Run the names against our terrorist database.
Um, okay.
What exactly am I looking for? You'll know when you see him.
And get the video to Kasie for facial recognition.
And don't either one of you discuss this with anybody else.
Leon Oh, hey, McGee.
You heard from Ray? Who? Oh, Ray.
Uh, no, no, not me.
Delilah, maybe.
I don't know.
Although, you know, Ray's not really the kind of guy to kiss and tell.
Not to say that you guys were kissing or anything.
Um I'm gonna get right on that, Director.
Yep, he knows.
Well, at least he was nice enough to lie.
(sighs) So, what's our first move? Just made it-- McGee's gonna be gathering Intel.
Any word from the cops? They said they were gonna look for this guy.
They did.
Frankly, I think they're less interested in the man who fled the scene last night than the woman who attacked him.
Be patient, Jack.
I can't talk right now, but if you hear anything more, text me.
Okay, bye.
Who was that? Uh, Delilah.
Sloane's date with her friend from Chicago last night went way worse than McGee's letting on.
We all have bad dates.
No, not like this.
Sloane was arrested.
- What?! - That's what Delilah said.
Let's do this.
(Bishop clears throat) Hey, Duck.
What are you doing here? Director Vance asked me to stand in for Agent Sloane.
Why? Where's she? BISHOP: All right, Felix.
Uh, it says here you requested emergency leave for a personal reason.
I did.
You were asked to be a little more specific, but you didn't respond.
Yeah, 'cause it's still personal.
You know what is not personal, Felix? A bomb threat on a ship.
Look, I had nothing to do with that.
Come on, kid.
You didn't want to ship out.
You wanted to stay behind.
Why? My fiancée was gonna fly from Omaha to be with me before we shipped out.
Then she called last week, said she wasn't coming.
I found out that she hooked up with Joey, my supposed best friend.
I was desperate to win her back.
So you put in for emergency leave.
My request getting denied was probably a blessing.
I mean, if I had stayed, I would have gone back to Omaha and beaten the crap out of Joey.
Maybe even killed him.
TORRES: You were okay with getting turned down? Technically, I wasn't turned down.
Well, I'm confused.
You were on the ship.
I put in the request because my mom has ovarian cancer.
I wanted to stay behind to be with her.
Without telling me, she called my department head.
Told him that I wanted to be in the Navy since I was a little girl.
And that my first overseas assignment meant everything to me.
She begged him not to let her cancer interfere with my lifelong dream.
How's your mom now? She promised she'd keep fighting as long as I was away.
And she's never let me down.
Just kids, with real-life issues.
It's not either of them.
GIBBS: What do we got? Oh, uh, Gibbs.
Give us any leads? Oh, actually, um, yes.
Uh, I was able to pull a partial print off the mirror from the second “B” in “bomb.
” That give us an I.
? Uh, well, no.
But, again, it's only a partial.
So I'm running it for touch DNA to see if we get a match there.
What was that? That's a TV.
What about that? That's a, that's nothing.
(chuckles) Well, that sure looks like something.
It's not.
Or, it's nothing that I can tell you about.
Or anyone, except for McGee.
But he already knows.
(computer beeps) I suppose that's a nobody? Oh, please, don't tell Director Vance you saw that.
Well, you need to tell him you saw it.
I'm usually so good Kasie, you need to tell him now.
SLOANE (sobbing): No, please.
No, please.
Sloane, it's okay.
No, no.
It's okay.
(knock on door) You okay? Ah, living the dream.
You got something? I got good news and bad.
You found him.
You tell me.
That's him.
I need to hear his voice again.
I'm not sure we're gonna get that chance.
What are you talking about? The bad news.
His name is Nigel Hakim.
He was born in Saudi Arabia, raised in the U.
, and is working as a guest out of their embassy.
A guest? Who would have him as a guest? Don't they know who he is? They seem to know him well, as a humanitarian who raises millions every year to help Afghan refugees, women and children.
Wh-What, am I losing my mind or something? Jack, I think it's time we call it a I have to meet him.
We have to confront him.
I need to know.
Hakim is under the umbrella of diplomatic immunity.
So we can't touch him? Well, it's a little too late for that.
You already did, and they're none too happy about it.
Leon, I need to hear his voice again just to be sure.
If I can arrange that, we have to tread very lightly.
I can do that.
You know I can.
(elevator bell dings) He's in your office? Along with the British deputy ambassador.
Of course.
He wouldn't dare come alone.
Jack, maybe this isn't a good idea.
No, no, please.
I promise you, Leon, I have had time to cool down.
All appearances to the contrary.
I'm just anxious.
It all happened so fast last night.
I Maybe I was mistaken.
I was drinking, after all.
What if I'm wrong? He'll be expecting an apology.
Then I'll give him one.
(quietly): Okay.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Deputy Ambassador Sybil Rigg this is Special Agent Jacqueline Sloane.
Hakim Nigel, please.
VANCE: I believe you two have met.
Certainly one way of putting it.
Why did you run? Let's all have a seat, shall we? Please.
My reason for running was obvious, Agent Sloane.
To the rest of the world, you Americans have earned a most unfortunate reputation for shooting one another.
(chuckles) Yet you didn't mention the incident to the police.
I have found, Director, that my fundraising efforts to care for refugee children is best carried out with a low profile.
So being mixed up in a bar brawl could literally cost young lives.
(clears throat) According to your file, you you've been working in Afghanistan since 2007.
I was just starting my humanitarian mission at that time, yes.
The exact same time that my friends and I were being tortured there by a man we called Masahun.
And you lived to tell the tale.
My sympathies.
Everyone knew the name, but didn't I also hear he'd been killed in a drone strike? Allegedly.
Hold on, now.
Are you attempting to justify your attack by implying that Mr.
Hakim somehow reminds you of your captor? VANCE: Ambassador, I personally led the rescue mission that found then Lieutenant Sloane with her Army team.
And the damage done by him and his men was devastating, both physically and psychologically.
I was screwed up.
Uh, and after hearing Masahun's voice last night, I was screwed up all over again.
Y-You're saying my voice? Okay, just say one word for me, will you? Really, is this necessary? “Infidels.
” That's what you called us.
Say it.
I am sensitive to your ordeal, Agent Sloane, but to indulge this delusion would be - Just say it! - All right.
Okay, that's enough.
Yes, I think we're quite done here.
No! Wait, wait, wait.
I'm sorry.
I-I apologize.
I'm really sorry if we No, no, no, I'm sorry.
Please, excuse me.
I'm so sorry, okay? I don't know what I was thinking.
I was It's indefensible what I did last night.
I was completely delusional.
I'm really sorry.
Please please forgive me.
(sniffing) Let go of him.
HAKIM: It's all right.
It's all right.
All is forgiven.
I sincerely hope you get the help you need.
Thank you, Nigel.
Are you out of your damn mind?! It's him, Leon.
I know it now.
His cologne, that glint in his eye, like when I heard his voice last night-- it all came back to me.
All right, then you are gonna have to let it go, Jack.
I have never been so sure about anything in my life, Leon.
You are not helping yourself, Jack.
Do you-- Are you not seeing that?! I am ordering you to stay away.
Or what? Or you will be fired! You are not okay.
Take some time.
Pull yourself together.
(groans) Kasie, what is the matter? (groans): I'm in trouble with Gibbs.
- What did you do? - It's what I didn't do.
What didn't you do? (sighs) He asked me what I was working on, and I couldn't tell him.
Why? I was instructed not to.
By whom? I can't tell you.
JIMMY and DUCKY: Vance.
You know, I thought I was good at keeping secrets.
If Vance is the one who told you to keep a secret, then you're cool.
While Gibbs is a big dog around here, Vance is an even bigger dog.
Kasie, you have to understand that, first and foremost, Gibbs is a Marine.
He respects the chain of command.
If he knew his superior had given you an order, he would be upset if you disobeyed it.
KASIE: Really? He always follows orders? Always.
(groans) (computer chirps) Oh.
Oh, I-I got a match.
I ran the DNA I found on the soapy mirror against the crew's DNA.
And who does it match? JIMMY: Oh.
Oh, wow.
Parker, come on, help clean up! Be right there, Dad.
Agent McGee, Torres.
Sorry to bother you at home, Commander, but we need to talk.
You know, the benefit of being stuck in port is I got to be here for my son's graduation.
Find out who made the bomb threat? Think so.
But first we need to ask you a question.
Were there family members aboard the Ulysses before it departed? Well, we had over a hundred guests touring the ship, saying their good-byes.
It's usual when it's a long deployment.
Why? Well, we found a match to the touch DNA in the soap on the mirror.
Well, who is it? Well, it's a 50% match to you, Commander.
To me? Not you, a, uh a male relative.
Parker? I didn't want you to miss my graduation.
I worked my butt off to make the honor roll.
And you were gone so many other times.
Soccer games, birthdays.
I-I just wanted you to be here for me today.
Parker, I've been where you are.
It's just as hard on your father, trust me.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I know.
I'm sorry, too.
Gibbs! Can't you see I'm pulling myself together here? By painting your office? It's either paint it or punch a hole in it.
If Vance is gonna bench me, I got to do something.
What's going on, Jack? (sighs) Let me help.
Why not? We're both adults here.
Help me with this.
(whip cracking, Masahun and Sloane grunting) Nine months our squadron was held.
The mighty Wingos.
Every few days, Masahun would find a new game to play with us.
He wanted Intel, but after a few weeks, he realized we had nothing.
After that, the abuse was just for fun.
This guy's voice is what gave him away? It-it was him.
If only I'd kept my cool and followed him out, I could've taken him down quietly in some dark alley somewhere.
It would've been so much more satisfying.
Not worth it.
Oh, you think? Okay.
Try this one on.
It was towards the end when Masahun found a new game.
The lone female, he figured I'd be the weakest.
So he forced me to choose.
(sobbing): No.
Made you choose what? Who died next.
It's okay, Sloane.
SLOANE: Anshiri.
It's okay.
(whispers) (sobbing): No.
They kept telling me that it was okay.
Just to pick one of them and get it over with.
Please, no.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
So sorry.
But it will never be okay.
They're all dead.
(clears throat) How soon after that did Vance show up? Uh Days later.
Masahun slipped out.
(soldiers shouting) Leon made the others pay.
VANCE: It's okay.
You're okay.
Come on.
I got you.
You're safe now.
Come on.
I've, uh I've owed him ever since.
Explains a lot.
Besides Vance, you're now the only person who knows.
Dies with me.
Along with Masahun.
Once he's dead, I'll feel a whole lot better.
I doubt that.
What are you talking about? My-my wife's birthday was yesterday.
Shannon she and my daughter Kelly they were, uh, killed together.
And the man who did that, I hunted him down, and I shot him in the head.
And I really thought that that would ease the ache in my heart.
Not to this day.
And you're the only one I've told.
You don't tell me about Sloane? You don't think it's important that I see.
Well, that's very disappointing.
Thanks for nothing.
You should've told me, Leon.
I had my reasons.
I bet you did.
The drone strike that killed this Masahun, the man that tortured Sloane, no DNA was ever run on the bodies they recovered.
He could be alive.
And here I am, doubting Sloane's sanity, watching this whole thing make her nuts.
It's making her paint.
She's gonna hurt somebody.
What do we have to do to confirm that this Englishman is her guy? V.
hospital in Reston.
There's a patient I need to visit.
A patient? Yes.
A Marine.
Retired Captain Chester Kelb.
He's actually the person that I was sent to rescue in Afghanistan when we stumbled upon Sloane.
Kelb, he was gravely wounded.
He was a shell of himself.
He had been tortured along with Sloane and the other Wingos.
Last I heard, his PTSD is also compounded with early-onset Alzheimer's.
What's he gonna give us? Maybe nothing, but when Sloane and I met with Hakim earlier, I took the liberty of recording part of the conversation.
So much for you doubting Sloane.
GIBBS: Nothing like a little fresh air to clear the mind, Captain.
Why are the eggs always so runny? You remember me, Chester? Or do you prefer Chet? NCIS Special Agent Leon Vance.
I couldn't eat here every day.
(chuckles) Me, neither.
We met in Afghanistan.
I helped rescue you and Lieutenant Sloane.
You remember her? (phone beeping) HAKIM: My reason for running was obvious, Agent Sloane.
To the rest of the world, you Americans have earned a most unfortunate reputation for shooting one another.
I have found, Director (quietly): Masahun.
What did he say? is best carried out with a low profile.
KELB: No! No.
No! It's Masahun! Masahun! No! No! No! No! (console beeps) (phone ringing) Yeah, Leon? I just left the British Embassy.
I told the deputy ambassador that Hakim is Masahun.
She believe it this time? No, but she did say that Hakim was spooked enough to charter a flight back to London this evening.
Yeah? Which airport? She didn't know.
How's Sloane? Gone.
And so is her weapon.
McGee, ping Sloane's phone.
Bishop, call your friend at the FAA.
A man named Nigel Hakim, British passport.
Chartered a plane to London.
Find out what airport he's leaving from.
On it.
Something on your mind, Torres? Gibbs, I know Sloane is in some kind of trouble.
Just tell me what to do.
Put out a BOLO for Sloane.
Find her before she does something stupid.
Boss, my ping got no response.
Her phone must be turned off.
McGee, you've been working on this for Vance.
What'd you find out about Nigel Hakim? Well, he's raised millions for charity over the last 15 years.
Record's clean.
Maybe it's too clean.
This about the class reunion or something NCIS related? The latter, Heather.
We're trying to track a charter from a nearby airport to somewhere near London.
Don't you talk with your fellow agents? What? I just got off the phone with Special Agent Sloane who asked the same question.
What did you tell her? One second.
A charter company filed a flight plan from Linwood Airfield, Maryland, to London Gatwick.
Gulfstream G4.
Tail number November-3-5-4-Hotel.
Three crew, one passenger.
Expected departure 22:15.
Have Linwood Airfield hold the plane.
Don't mention NCIS and don't give them a reason.
Copy that.
(horn honks) All right.
Always knew there was something about Sloane.
Something like? Secrets.
I like that.
Little mystery, you know? (tires screech) Don't.
Anything I said, did it make a difference? After your wife and daughter were killed, could anyone talk you out of doing what you did? No.
I'm not here to stop you.
I'm just saying you can't take him alone.
(car doors opening, closing) - Hey! - NCIS! Step away from the plane.
Whoa, whoa, what's the problem? Your passenger, get him out here.
We're taking him into custody.
Good luck.
There is no passenger.
Where is he? Whoever he is, he just called and canceled the flight.
Guy booked another charter out of Reagan.
Took off about ten minutes ago.
He double-booked.
It's a decoy.
Which means he's somewhere over the Atlantic right now.
We lost him, Gibbs.
Jack! We'll get him! Where are you taking me? I could not believe my good fortune to have found you, the hero, after all these years.
You killed so many of my brothers.