NCIS s16e01 Episode Script

Destiny's Child

1 - Do I know you? - Masahun.
Masahun found a new game.
The lone female, he figured I'd be the weakest, so he forced me to choose.
- Made you chose what? - Who died next.
Anshiri, King or Hale.
I should have saved them.
VANCE: His name is Nigel Hakim, and is working as a guest out of their embassy.
Who would have him as a guest? Don't they know who he is? They seem to know him as a humanitarian.
Deputy Ambassador Sybil Rigg, Mr.
Just say one word for me-- infidels.
To indulge this delusion would be Just say it! VANCE: I just left the British embassy.
I told the deputy ambassador that Hakim is Masahun.
- She believe it this time? - No, but she did say that Hakim was spooked enough to charter a flight back to London this evening.
Your passenger-- get him out here! Guy booked another charter out of Reagan.
You killed so many of my brothers.
(men shouting) (panting) (grunts) Oh, that's cute, old man.
Take your best shot.
(groans) That wasn't even close to my best shot, young man.
(grunts) I've been nothing but good to you.
Why would you want to leave us? Your food is too salty.
You do look a little bloated.
Or maybe it's the weight you've put on since we first crossed paths.
Why don't you refresh my memory? The sadistic pig.
I remember now.
I could never forget you.
The man who killed my brothers.
I can understand Agent Sloane's reaction, seeing me after all these years.
I had the exact same one when I saw you again in your office.
Well, you've got a great poker face.
Unlike Sloane, I chose to wait for my moment, which, as it turns out (door opens) is now.
WOMAN: Hakim? Put that down.
There's been enough violence.
Zaiyema, he killed my brothers, he killed your We are at war, Hakim.
That is what happens.
But it is time to stop the violence, not perpetuate it.
And I believe there are many good Americans who feel the same way.
We can use him.
- Good luck with that.
- I think with the proper incentive you will come to see our side of things.
And if he doesn't? Then you can do whatever you want with him.
NCIS 16x01 Destiny's Child He disappeared a few weeks ago.
His vehicle was never recovered.
I don't I don't know him.
Sure about that, Joey? Oh, sure as sugar, Mr.
Okay, then, what are you doing driving around with his rims? JOEY: Well actually, it's a - Hey.
- Got a minute? - Nope.
Uh, it's just that I have these pipette requisition forms that really need to be signed and since you are acting director till we find the real one (clears throat) Hear this guy might know where Hakim is hiding Vance.
- No, he doesn't.
- How can you tell? JOEY: like, 300 large.
Didn't have the cash.
Never mind.
then he noticed that I liked his new rims, so You got the rims from Markie D.
Do you know where Markie D got the rims? I didn't ask.
I'm just trying to keep my nose clean while I take my real estate exam.
- I'm gonna arrest you now.
Chop shop, 12th and Elm, passcode at the door is "gummies.
" He may not know where Vance is, but hey, at least you got a lead.
Didn't sign my thing.
There you are.
I have been trying to text you.
Did you turn your cell off again? I am done signing things today.
Well, it's my job to make sure that you sign things, but Vance.
Not me.
He can play catch-up when he gets back, okay? That's what I was texting you about.
Agent Torres is calling from Afghanistan.
He's got news.
Four weeks.
Four weeks I've been in this hellhole.
Also how long it's been since I've slept.
- What do you got? - Well, a desert rash, a fungus on my big toe and it's so dusty I can't wax my About Vance.
(exhales) Gibbs, so I've been following the director's trail all over the country and, uh "And, uh" what? I don't think he's here.
One of the embeds picked up chatter that suggests the Kabul landing was a decoy.
Hakim faked us.
(phone rings) Yeah, well, that damn plane is somewhere.
- Hello? From what we gather, Vance might never have even left the States.
I would look for another year, no doubt about it.
BISHOP: Copy that.
- But I don't think I'm gonna find him.
Uh, I think we just did.
GIBBS: Bishop? NEWSWOMAN: Four men robbed a local Virginia bank this morning.
Investigators have now released What am I looking at? of the incident with the hopes that This.
You seeing this? Is, uh, that Director Vance? Yup.
GIBBS: That looks like Leon.
KASIE: Well, that's either the director or aliens created a perfect clone.
I just saw the news.
Hakim's group is taking credit.
Oh, my God, it's really him.
Or a perfect clone.
Right? Yeah, I kind of buy that more.
SLOANE: Well, clearly, Leon was forced into this and he's not one to bend easily.
I can't even imagine what Hakim's done to him.
What's Hakim's endgame? Humiliation? Publicity? His endgame is always chaos and pain.
And I led him right to Vance.
It's not your fault.
(sighs) Forget it, Gibbs.
If I just hadn't overreacted when I first saw Hakim, I I would've done the same thing.
Instead of losing my cool, I should've bided my time and stalked that man like the monster he is and put him down like a rabid dog.
Course we might diverge a little in the end there.
I won't make that mistake again.
I promise you that.
(sighs) Daily observation five: never get on Agent Sloane's bad side.
Wait, so what exactly was Torres upset he couldn't wax? I don't know, McGee.
He didn't get that far.
He'll be back tonight.
You can ask him yourself.
- Yeah, but - Okay, I'm a little uncomfortable this is the part of the story that you're focusing on.
You must be Agents McGee and Bishop.
Myron Holt.
Bank manager.
I assume you're not here to rob us, as well.
No, Mr.
And we are just as confused as you are about our director's role in this.
Yeah, we're hoping you can shed some light on what happened.
It's not that complicated.
Four weeks ago, we received this court order to freeze the assets of Nigel Hakim's charity-- over $5 million in bearer bonds-- and consolidate them in this branch.
So, Hakim is after his money.
He also made off with an additional $2 million in gold bullion from our vault.
Director Vance ordered this right before he disappeared.
Which means he was one of the few people who knew the bonds were here.
Funny that.
So, where was he during the robbery? He stayed out there to watch the customers.
Fired a few warning shots to any would-be heroes.
Hakim trusted him with a gun.
Funny that.
Look, whatever is going on, our director was not a willing participant.
I totally got that by the way he robbed my bank.
Now, if you'll excuse me You think that's why Hakim kidnapped the director? Because he knew where Hakim's money was? I hope not.
Hakim's got his money, so what happens to Vance? Well, they're all waiting for you and I still need you to sign - Vice Admiral, please.
- I've ordered every What if we're just playing into their hands and we don't even know it, Admiral? We have to assume that Director Vance has been compromised.
I disagree completely.
Well, I presume that we've changed any and all cyber security codes that Director Vance had access to? Yes, as well as recall any covert agents whose identities he could compromise.
- That's not Do you have a list of that you could copy my government? - Hey! - Special Agent Gibbs, we were just discussing the Your next move to find Leon Vance? No, actually.
The man just robbed a bank.
That has national security implications.
You can't let your personal involvement cloud your judgment.
- Oh, no.
Don't do it.
Excuse me for a second, sir.
"Personal involvement"? You mean how Nigel Hakim relentlessly tortured me for months? Is that what you mean? I heard about that.
Agent Sloane, it's no one's intention to denigrate your situation.
Oh, come on, don't even go there.
I tried to tell you that you were harboring a known terrorist and you called me crazy.
Yeah, I heard that, too.
- You protected him.
RIGG: And I was wrong.
Since that time, I've done everything within my power to set it right.
I have worked night and day to locate Director Vance and I'm in contact with Interpol to flag any attempt by Hakim to move the stolen gold bullion.
But beyond that, all I can offer is my apologies.
(knock on door) You are the worst texter in the world.
She made me come here.
I ask for news about my dad and get something back about an admiral and gold bullion.
Punctuation, it's your friend.
I thought you had a school thing tonight.
I gave up.
It's not easy rushing a sorority with a balding, middle-aged man following you around.
No offense, Rod.
It's the sad truth.
Not to mention your dad on TV, robbing banks.
You gonna come in? Well? What happened at the meeting? They want your dad back as much as you do.
But if you insist to stay at school, then Agent Beecham is gonna be there, too.
Believe me, I don't want to stay.
I want to go be with my brother and aunt in Maine.
But that's not the way my father raised me.
You don't quit.
Life goes on.
Life is gonna go on, isn't it? We're gonna find your dad.
I'm gonna find your dad.
But you saw the news.
What have they done to him? Nothing that can't be undone.
- He is as tough as they come.
BEECHAM: Agent Gibbs.
There's news.
The television.
Please tell me it's not another bank robbery.
NEWSWOMAN: This video was just uploaded to an extremist website associated with wanted terrorist Nigel Hakim.
For years, brother Hakim has been working in the shadows, fighting the American oppressors in Afghanistan.
- Gibbs - He's alive.
Alive, focus on that.
You've been complacent, fighting an endless war that has cost Afghans everything and Americans nothing.
But that is about to change.
(explosion) What the hell was that? (explosions continue) - Sitrep.
-The explosion was at a strip mall in Cherrywood, and there was just another one outside Salt Lake City.
- How many? Well, in total, 12 dead, 50 injured.
Torres just landed.
He came straight in.
He's in touch with first responders.
The primary targets seem to be Navy recruitment centers.
Southwest Field Office has a team headed to Salt Lake.
Bishop, MTAC.
Coordinate with Salt Lake.
Torres, go meet McGee.
Maybe shower first.
(sniffs) That bad? They're fumigating the lobby as we speak.
Hey, we're out of time, Gibbs.
Which is why I need to speak to Ambassador Rigg and see if she was able to trace the bullion.
Not a good idea.
Yeah, so you told me.
Hey, Gibbs You think Hakim got to him? Got to him? You know, like Homeland.
Homeland? Yeah, I mean, I'm saying look at him.
He looks like a zombie.
- He didn't even blink once.
KASIE: Actually, he did.
Five times, to be precise, in a six-minute video.
And if that wasn't weird enough, you are gonna love-- Whoa, oh, what's that smell? It's called dedication.
What am I gonna love? What just arrived at my lab.
This is one of the warning shots that Director Vance fired during the robbery.
He actually fired three total.
All three bull's-eyes.
Now, that's no coincidence.
So I'm thinking either the director hates eyeballs (laughs) or - It's a message.
Right, because who hates eyeballs? And I am thinking the message is, "Look into my eyes.
" I think he was giving us a heads-up on the blinks.
Take a look at which words they happen over.
The reality is - No blink.
- that you are not hated for your freedom but for your immoral policies - No blink.
No blink.
No Blink.
which have created an avalanche of Blink on the word "avalanche.
" Then he does it again here twice.
- And you've poisoned God's apple.
- Blink.
Until you remove your troops from our country, there will be no mercy for your lifeless soul.
Over "apple" and "lifeless.
" Get to the point.
Well, McGee says that Abby usually kind of, like, winds up to it I'm wound.
Okay, uh, but here is the full list.
Avalanche, apple, lifeless, karma, yearning.
- What does it mean? - Oh, well I thought you would know.
NEWSMAN: Retail activity has sputtered to a halt as authorities urge citizens to avoid crowded areas.
HAKIM: As predicted, panicking like little children.
Over what? You blew up two malls.
Do you know how many malls blow up every week where I come from? And no one in your country even flinches.
Your freedom costs you nothing.
Please, you're not a freedom fighter, you're a psychopath.
Enough! We are not animals, Hakim.
Oh, really? He's done everything except howl at the moon.
He is angry.
And for good reason.
But perhaps your leaders will now understand the price for waging endless war in my country, and withdraw its troops.
The United States of America will never submit to blackmail.
Oh, I think it will.
Especially after you give us NCIS's security codes to the Bethesda Naval Nuclear Test Station.
There's something about irradiated playgrounds that takes the fight right out of people.
You want to cause a meltdown? You can forget it.
I went into that bank, I read your statement.
But you'll never get those codes out of me.
Need I remind you what is at stake? And after I'm done with her, I'll find your son, wherever he's hiding.
(chuckles) Well, good luck with that.
You'll never get close to my kids now.
You missed the window, Chuck.
That picture was taken yesterday.
Well, yesterday was before my close-up.
What did you do? What did you do?! Kill the girl.
KAYLA: Really? You've never heard of Taylor Swift? BEECHAM: Yeah, well, have you ever heard of Cat Stevens? He actually goes by Yusuf Islam now.
Okay, bad example.
I'm just saying "The Sociology of Taylor Swift" is not a real class.
I mean, what do you even study? The interplay of gender and race using a pop-cultural icon to make a feminist critique on modern media.
Okay, yeah, that's probably important.
KAYLA: Oh, really? (gunshot) (screams) (gunshots continue) Run! (gun clicking) - Gibbs.
- Oh, I got you.
(Kayla crying) I got you, Kayla.
How did you know? Your dad.
(siren wailing) I'm guessing they got my message.
- I want those codes.
- Mm.
Maybe another time.
You want to play games? Your children may be safe, but how many others aren't? Their blood will be on your hands.
Those nuclear codes would do you no good.
The Pentagon would have changed them by now.
So give them to me.
Hakim, Zaiyema would like a word.
(chuckling) You would do well to remember what Zaiyema told you.
The moment you are useless to us, you're mine.
So don't give us those codes.
I would actually prefer it.
Stay here, Jaah.
If he opens his mouth, make him bleed more.
You need to drink something, Director.
I'm good, Jaah.
My name isn't Jaah.
It's Rickman.
Nazy Rickman, CIA.
Now, drink, before he comes back.
We have to figure out how to get you out of here.
The priority should be stopping Hakim.
Which you're gonna have to do from the outside.
If I blow my cover It would jeopardize every other agent you've come into contact with, understood.
Okay, so what's the plan? I've been trying to get a message to my handlers to let them know where you are.
Can you get me a-a cell? Won't do any good.
He's got cell jammers all over the compound.
Hakim isn't taking any chances with you.
When he said you killed his brothers, he wasn't being poetic.
Those were his actual brothers.
And Zaiyema is their mother? Lovely family.
This this is personal for them.
Well, for the record, it's personal for us, too.
Agent Sloane.
Did we have an appointment? I'm so sorry to bother you at home, I just, uh-- Wow, what a gorgeous place.
Uh, would you mind if I took a load off? I am exhausted, as I'm sure you are.
(sighs) But with everything that's been going on, I just wanted an update ASAP about your contact from Interpol.
Oh, right.
But of course.
Well, unfortunately, there's not much to report.
I put out a Purple Notice on the gold bullion Hakim stole, and now, we well, we just have to wait.
Not one of my better traits when it comes to that guy.
I have noticed.
I would like to extend my condolences on your agent.
And I would also like to personally apologize again to you.
I am so sorry I didn't believe you when you told me about Hakim.
Oh, don't-- it's okay.
Honestly, I accept your apology.
I have certainly made a lot of mistakes myself.
Starting with losing my cool the night I saw him again.
Yes, well, certainly, no one blames you now.
I blame me.
I mean, I know better.
Never tip your hand.
Revenge 101.
Revenge? I prefer justice.
Sometimes they're the same thing.
In any case, if I had just waited for the right time to make my move, it would've saved a lot of people a lot of pain.
Yes, well, hindsight is always 20/20.
But the good news is, I've learned my lesson and I won't make that mistake again.
So, is there anything else I can help you with? Actually, there is.
The FBI never mentioned what Hakim stole from that bank vault in their draft report.
So how the hell did you know it was gold bullion? Now, normally, I'd be thinking you had a really bad day, but considering you were trying to kill Director Vance's daughter, perhaps it's better that Gibbs didn't capture you alive.
Depends on what you got.
What do you got? Well, we already know the cause of death: you.
- Ducky? - I came down to give a hand in the autopsy of our fallen comrade.
Who is this guy? We don't know.
I have been tearing through this body, inside and out, quite literally, trying to find something that will lead us closer to Director Vance.
His last meal could pinpoint a particular restaurant, uh, dirt under the fingernails, a certain area.
- Unfortunately -You have nothing.
I can't even get ahold of Agent Sloane to see if she recognizes him from Afghanistan.
Where is she? We got an ID on the shooter.
Kasie matched the prints.
And the agents are escorting Vance's son back from Maine.
How long? Uh, he'll be in protective custody within the hour.
- How is Kayla doing? McGEE: Angry, scared and worried there's more like him.
His name is Rafi Paiz, by the way.
- American.
- As apple pie.
Grew up in Iowa, went to college in Charlottesville, manages a custodial department at a Virginia Tech firm, Glowbeam Technologies.
I'm not getting an Afghan freedom fighter vibe from this guy.
McGEE: No.
Which makes you wonder how many other extremists Hakim has hiding in their regular lives just waiting to be activated.
OLIVIA: At least one more.
(TV plays indistinctly) Tea, darling? What are you doing? Preparing to torture you.
NEWSCASTER: A ZNN breaking news update.
Authorities have confirmed Not a moment too soon, it seems.
You are violating every diplomatic immunity law on the books.
Then I'd better get my money's worth.
I don't know anything.
You knew that Hakim stole the gold bullion.
And the only way you could've known that is if you were working with him.
Have you lost your mind? Probably.
This looks good.
So Now, where are they holding Director Vance? I-I must have overheard about the gold from someone at your agency.
One more time.
Where's Director Vance? The State Department.
The-the State Department, they sent me an e-mail.
Wrong answer! Stop.
Please, stop.
What's Hakim's next target? I don't know.
You're making a terrible mistake.
You're not thinking clearly.
Please, stop.
Are you trying to find your monster or become one? - Where is it? - Where's what? - The e-mail from State.
- On my laptop.
Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
Please untie me.
Of course.
Oh, God, I don't I don't know what to say.
The way you defended Hakim when I first met you, and then you mentioned the gold bullion theft, and It's all right.
You made a mistake.
- It's all right.
- No.
Oh, my God.
After what you've been through, it it happens.
(sighs, sniffles) But as it turns out, your instincts were spot-on.
MAN: Salaam.
- Get me Hakim.
We've got a problem.
EMMA: Our Rafi, working with terrorists? You got the wrong guy.
We watched Beaches in the office last week.
Rafi couldn't stop crying.
What can I do to help? You can tell us what Rafi did for you guys, and, uh, what it is that you do.
I'm still a little fuzzy on it.
I explained it all in the car.
No, you moved your mouth, and all I heard was (mumbling) EMMA: It's simple.
Glowbeam encrypts Internet traffic.
McGee, come on.
Was that so hard? And we're one of the biggest.
Dozens of Fortune 500 companies are our clients, as well as several state governments.
So what was Rafi's job? You're looking at it.
He was a janitor.
He kept our encryption engine clean.
What, you use lava lamps as an encryption engine? No AES or key block ciphers? They're our secret recipe.
Good encryption requires random numbers, right? But computers aren't so good at being random.
If you can help them, you get better encryption.
So you taped the random movements of these lava lamps and you turned that signal into random numbers and then you, well, you do something with it.
Encrypt the Internet, yes.
Torres, I'm impressed.
Oh, don't be.
Lava lamps and I go back.
I was six years old.
My parents had one in their bedroom.
I touched it, okay? What kid wouldn't? But I burned myself so bad that I missed the Little League regionals.
(clears throat) I, um, I think that we should interview every employee that came in contact with Rafi.
Of course.
I've been afraid to ask, but do you think we're some sort of target? Well, there's no evidence to suggest that.
But let's not take anything for granted.
(grunting) All right.
Come on.
(indistinct voices outside door) (panting) Are you gonna hit me in the face again? I said I was sorry.
We don't have a lot of time.
Hakim was called away on something urgent, but I was able to get one of his burner phones.
Uh, t-there's no there's no signal.
Jammer's still on.
Wait here.
I'm gonna try and reset it.
You'll only have a small window to make a call.
I got a better idea.
Give me a gun and point me toward the exit.
We'll never make it.
That being said if you don't get a signal in the next 60 seconds, that means I was caught.
You have another 30 before they come for you.
Got it.
- Are you sure you want to do this? - No.
Me, neither.
Did you say lava lamps? That's what I heard.
Uh, w-we know, but, uh, apparently, it's a thing.
HALSEY: You think Hakim - You can Google it.
is planning some kind of cyberattack on the facility? Special Agents McGee and Torres are looking into it.
(quietly): Well, mostly McGee.
HALSEY: Well, we can't let them hit us again.
People are already panicking.
I just got a report of a stampede an hour ago at the Mall of America.
A car backfired.
Yeah, well, that's gonna happen if things keep blowing up.
And Hakim knows it.
How much longer do you need the satellite recon, Agent Gibbs? We will let you know.
What satellite recon? (phone ringing) This is Gibbs.
Who is this? I'll give you three guesses.
(quietly): Vance.
Leon Vance.
You are now on speaker.
VANCE: You need to get ahold of Vice Admiral Halsey.
I'm here, Leon.
Y-You okay? VANCE: Yeah, I'm okay for now.
Please alert CIA I made contact with one of their assets.
Uh, Nazy Rickman.
- He's the one that smuggled me this cell.
- Leon, where are you? Rickman says we're on some kind of an estate neat an abandoned toy factory in Largo.
- Bishop.
- Uh, on it.
Hakim has been trying to get my access codes to the Bethesda nuclear station.
I presume that you've changed them.
We've changed every code you had.
But in the interest of caution, I propose we institute Operation Lockdown.
I concur.
You hang in there.
We're gonna find you.
(static) Leon! Are you there? Yes? Can you (man's voice calls out) Oh You get through? Yeah, but I ran out of quarters.
I had to turn the jammers back on before anyone noticed.
Don't worry.
I was able to warn them about the Bethesda reactor.
They're instituting a cybersecurity protocol that will completely block it from all outside access.
We heard.
And it was much appreciated.
(gun clicking) Oh.
This one actually has a firing pin.
HAKIM: You see, Mr.
Vance, I didn't actually need those codes to hack your nuclear facility.
I needed you to do exactly what you just did.
I just need two seconds of your time to sign this form right here.
Bishop, sitrep.
Bethesda Nuclear's on lockdown, and Torres is still interviewing people at Glowbeam.
And McGee is letting the CIA know that Vance made contact with their agent.
We get a location yet? No, and we have a problem.
Agent Rickman told Vance he was being held near an abandoned toy factory in Largo.
KASIE: Except there are no abandoned toy factories in Largo.
Or any abandoned factories at all.
The entire area's been gentrified, which really makes you question the - Yeah, yeah, I got it.
- What's with the fan? - Oh, the A/C isn't working in my lab.
Yeah, now that you mention it, it is kind of warm in here.
The compressor unit is on the fritz and ever since that fake HVAC guy infiltrated NCIS, Director Vance has required his approval for all maintenance requests.
Hey, what fake HVAC guy? I got to talk to CIA now.
I just got off the phone with them.
We got a problem.
They told me that Agent Rickman was killed eight months ago by Hakim's men.
So who was the director talking to? We're being played.
Bishop, McGee, let's go.
EMERSON: I understand your concern, Agent Gibbs, but, uh, as you can see, our entire board is green.
We'd like to keep it that way.
Has there been a new threat since Director Vance's warning? (phone buzzes) This is Agent McGee.
Uh, well, we're worried the warning itself was some kind of trick.
Even if it was, it's moot.
We're completely locked down from outside interference now.
What about inside interference? Not an issue.
Not with my people.
Boss, that was Admiral Halsey's office.
They said the Cuckoo's Nest has landed.
McGee, Bishop, on my six.
Open it.
You get the funny feeling there's something he's not telling us? Again, in MTAC, the vice admiral asked about some satellite recon.
That's odd.
Nobody in the building has the authority to override my keycard.
What about outside the building? No, I told you, we're totally locked down from outside interference.
COMPUTER VOICE: Alert, alert.
Emergency procedures (alarm blaring) You sure about that? HAKIM: Can you appreciate the irony? Not only am I going to irradiate half of Maryland and Virginia, but you're the man who made it possible.
So I'm guessing he's not CIA Agent Rickman.
Good guess.
He's the man I hired to create a Trojan horse to cause your nuclear research facility to go critical.
That was the easy part.
But how to get it into the plant? That was the rub.
That is where you came in.
I found a loophole, but it required that the reactor be placed on lockdown.
You hid the Trojan horse inside the lockdown codes.
But the only group with the power to activate them was the United States federal government.
Thank you for the assist.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Son of a - Oh, yes.
- Son of a You feel that rage? It's almost liberating, isn't it? You and I have a very different view of liberty.
Well, you're both going to have a front row seat at my version of it.
- What did you do to her? HAKIM: Nothing yet.
But it really is a treat to have you both here.
We're going to have so much fun.
EMERSON: The cooling system has been disabled.
And you need that, right? (scoffs) Yeah.
If we don't get it working soon, we're gonna have a meltdown.
And I'm cut off from our systems analyst.
I don't do code.
Well, McGee does.
Come on.
Come on, sit down.
All right, accessing command and control.
Well, it looks like there's a Trojan horse in the system.
It's not even trying to hide itself.
- Get rid of it.
- Done.
Oh, that was easy.
(alarm blaring) Or not.
A second one popped up.
Give me a moment.
Got it.
(alarm blaring) McGee.
Boss, these keep coming.
I-I don't know where from exactly, but it's got to be outside the facility.
It can't be.
No, that's impossible.
Operation Lockdown, it doesn't just cut off access to our system, it actively blocks it.
How? The Pentagon, they send us IP isolation codes a thousand times a second.
Could the codes have been hacked? No way.
They come through a third party vendor, encrypted with the highest level of security.
- Wait, encrypted? - Yeah.
Like like lava lamps? Of course I touched it.
I mean, what kid wouldn't? I burned myself so bad then.
(phone ringing) Excuse me.
Yup, Special Agent Nick Torres, bored out of his damn mind.
- You still at Glowbeam? - Yeah, I just finished my last interview.
Where are you guys? BISHOP: In a nuclear power plant infected with a Trojan horse that's about to go critical.
- Oh, we're having different days.
- Boss, they just keep popping up.
- I can't stop them.
TORRES: Wait, are you serious? Bishop, you got to get out of there.
Where are you guys? I'll be right there.
Shut it down, Torres.
Shut what down? BISHOP: Glowbeam.
W-W-We think it's the source of the virus.
Oh, Hakim's guy, Mister Beaches.
He must've hidden the Trojan horse inside the encryption itself.
You have to shut it down, now! We lose containment in 20 seconds.
Wait, shut down what? This-this place doesn't exactly have an off button, Gibbs.
Figure it out.
15 seconds.
Five seconds.
This is for the regionals.
(workers exclaiming) Bishop, are you guys still there? COMPUTER VOICE: All clear.
All clear.
- - Reactor shutdown terminated.
Good job, Nick.
(exhales) All right, now we're even.
REPORTER: Officials have confirmed a cyberattack has been averted at the Bethesda Naval Nuclear station.
Well, that's a bummer for you.
We can report the reactor has not been compromised.
(screaming) No.
It's a bummer for you.
We need to go now, Hakim.
I'm not going anywhere.
Listen to your mother.
You're going to watch me have fun with your director.
I'm going to cut his fingers off.
- And when I'm done - (laughing): Sorry.
I just thought of something really funny.
Go ahead.
You were saying? And when I'm done, - I'm going to cut his eyes out.
- Sorry.
Totally inappropriate.
What is so funny? Are you sure you want to know? I sure as hell do.
What's so funny is, when I realized that Ambassador Rigg was dirty, I told Gibbs that I was going to confront her.
I hope he tried to talk you out of it.
He did.
- But he didn't stop you, did he? - No.
But what he did do was have me tracked by a Navy recon satellite.
I told him to call it Operation Cuckoo's Nest, since the plan was to have Rigg believe that I had lost my mind.
You actually believed that she got the drop on me, when really she just brought me right back here to you.
We need to go, Hakim, right now.
(men shouting, gunfire) - Hakim! - (shouting orders) SOLDIER: Go, go! SOLDIER: Come on! Get down! GIBBS: Drop it! Your call.
(helicopter whirring) (men shouting, gunfire outside) Get your hands off me! - Hakim! - How you guys doing? I'll live.
Hey, hey.
You all right? Congratulations.
You will finally get your revenge.
And now I will be the one tortured in one of your black ops sites.
And you call me the monster.
Yeah, I got my revenge, but you aren't going to a black ops site, and you aren't going to be tortured.
You are going to get three meals a day, time to pray, and the full weight of the United States government to protect you during your trial.
And you know why? You are the monster.
We're the good guys.
Lava lamps? That's not real.
Apparently, you can Google it.
WOMAN: Director! Hi.
Hey, everybody.
Thank you.
- Good to see you.
- Welcome back, Director.
Oh, man.
It's good to be back.
Happy to return the favor.
Thanks for holding down the fort.
Dad! Kayla.
It's okay.
It's okay.
(chuckles) It's okay.
You okay? It's okay.
I heard everything.
I'm so proud of you.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, I'm so proud of you.
I'm so proud of you.