NCIS s16e22 Episode Script

...and Executioner

1 That necklace is beautiful.
My boyfriend gave it to me.
Then your assignment is over.
End the relationship immediately.
(over phone): End the relationship immediately.
MALLORY: Gladly.
Your gift was a recording device.
Why the hell are you following me? This is an off-the-books account.
- Whose is it? - United States Secretary of Defense.
I understand you've been tracking Leon Vance.
I want everything you have.
BISHOP: Six Klowny Kake ice cream bars were partially cut open and laced with strychnine poison.
No DNA, no Crum.
No Crum, no confession.
Crum, you're free to go.
(gavel bangs) I've spent years in courtrooms watching people abuse the system.
A system that's supposed to protect the innocent, not free the guilty.
To balance the scales, sometimes you have to apply pressure.
Our hit man was paid with money from SecDef's secret account? - I'll call Clark.
- Have him meet us.
(knocking on door) Gibbs? Director? Damn.
Hello? Gibbs? Westley, what are you doing? I could be asking you the same question.
You've been following me.
- You taught me well.
- Why? - Who are you working for? - You, I thought.
Till you kicked me out.
I want back in.
Whatever it is you're working on with NCIS, let me help.
I did teach you well.
Who sent you? What's wrong with you? Put the gun down.
I asked you a question.
Stop, and answer the damn question.
GIBBS: Federal agents! In here! - Mallory? - Leon! I'm unarmed.
It's not what you think.
NCIS 16x22 'and Executioner'   TORRES: You got to be kidding me.
(laughs): It still works.
Mm, didn't it used to be in color? (sportscaster speaking indistinctly over TV) (exhales) - Hey.
Morning, McGee.
- Hey.
Hey, how was your, uh, trip back in from California? Early.
Who is this? CIA Officer Clark.
It's a shame, huh? Nick, you didn't say anything in your text about a dead body.
Tim, why else would I text you to come to Gibbs's house as soon as you landed? Well, I can think of a few reasons.
So what happened here? Clark was meeting Gibbs.
Mallory got here first.
She said Clark tried to kill her.
What? Why? TORRES: Mallory shot back.
Put one in the TV and one in Clark's heart.
- Self-defense? - According to Mallory.
Do we believe her? I acted in self-defense.
I'm telling you the truth, Leon.
Well, that's a first.
Why were you following Clark? (sighs) And don't say it's your job.
After Clark pulled me off your surveillance, he had my security clearance downgraded.
It killed my credibility at the Agency.
I thought I had done something wrong, but now I think there's something that he didn't want me to see.
And I think you all know what it is.
I want back in.
This was to save face, professionally? Do I really need to say it, Leon? Gibbs? Bourbon.
The last time we talked, I didn't have a chance to say I'm sorry.
For everything.
I know.
I really did have feelings for you.
- I know.
- I was doing my job, and fell in love.
Which one is wrong? See? It's not that easy to answer.
What am I supposed to say to change all that? You could say you feel the same way.
You can say, in another life, we'd be planning a vacation to Cancun right now.
In another life.
But in this one, the CIA is waiting to interrogate you.
My story won't change.
It's the truth.
(lock clacks) Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for waiting.
I believe we are ready to begin.
Your Honor, is it wise to meet so soon after your bailiff was arrested for murder? NCIS is getting too close to uncovering his connection to this council.
McKinney won't talk.
And all remaining funds have been relocated.
Plus we are taking one additional precaution.
Have you all reviewed the information I sent? Good.
Regarding the murder of Pedro Juan Hernandez, how does this council find the defendant, Gunnery Sergeant Leroy Jethro Gibbs? - Guilty.
- Guilty.
- Guilty.
- Guilty.
- Guilty.
The decision is unanimous.
The verdict is so recorded.
Your Honor, with Bailiff McKinney in custody, we'll need to find someone to carry out the sentence.
I already have.
McGEE: The ice cream killer, Stuart Crum, got off on a legal technicality, and then was murdered.
BISHOP: The man who killed Crum was an assassin paid from a secret account belonging to Secretary of Defense.
We don't actually think SecDef paid for the hit, do we? I mean, it was his account.
We still don't have proof that he was controlling it.
So find some.
Follow the money.
It's easier said than done, boss.
We don't have all the records on SecDef's account.
And our bailiff hit man's not talking.
No wife, no friends, no social media.
He's a breathing dead end.
He has a boss, Bishop.
- Start with him.
- Judge Deakin.
- On it.
- Torres.
I think the best way to find proof on SecDef is to just confront him.
Easier said than done, Tim.
McGEE: Well, I know Vance isn't ready to go all in on this one, but you don't want to lose the element of surprise.
- Too late.
Agent Gibbs.
Maybe you should join us.
(briefcase clicking) CRAWFORD: Somebody has been accessing an old offshore account in my name.
I have no idea who, or why.
Which is why I'm here.
Sunlight is the best disinfectant, boys.
So, you got questions, ask away.
The account.
What is it? Take a look.
Asked you, Mr.
I was an undersecretary back in 2002.
Office of Finance.
I opened that account in connection with several national security operations.
Off the books? Post 9/11, things moved fast.
Bookkeeping was not at the top of our list of priorities.
That account got lost in the shuffle.
- Hundreds of millions? - It's D.
, Leon.
Sir, you have DoD, FBI and a whole host of federal acronyms at your disposal.
Why come to us? Well last time our paths crossed, I didn't like you peeking under my hood.
So, I decided to take a peek under yours.
Did you find what you were looking for? What I found was even worse than dirt.
You really are a good man who runs a tight ship.
You both.
- Last man who said that is dead.
- Yeah, well, I don't know anything about Clark's death.
But I'm offering you everything I have.
The offshore account records you've been looking for.
All of them.
Now it's your turn.
Can you tell me who's been using this account? Not yet.
But you do know what they've been using it for.
Gentlemen, trust is a two-way street.
Yes, sir.
I will let you know as soon as we have more.
Well, I know where I'm having my next birthday party.
- Where was the last one? - ShowBiz Pizza.
I was seven.
Special Agents Bishop and Torres.
Judge Deakin.
Thanks for meeting me here, uh You called just as I was on my way out of the courthouse.
Yeah, this place is incredible.
(chuckling): Isn't it? Labor of love for a long time.
It's yours? Indeed it is.
I did most of the restoration myself.
Working with my hands keeps me sane.
Definitely more fun than a boat in a basement.
- What's that? - Long story.
And it's not why you're here.
Your bailiff, Colt McKinney, he's been arrested for murder.
I heard.
TORRES: You've worked with him for six years.
Any signs of this guy going off the rails? No.
Although, the job has its share of frustrations.
Justice is not always served.
Anybody who might want to take advantage of those frustrations? We don't think McKinney was working alone.
Really? What makes you say that? He got paid for the hit.
Y-You're telling me my bailiff is a hit man? For whom? Well, we were hoping that you could help us find out.
(sighs) It breaks my heart to have the law corrupted.
A bad man gets away with murder, leading to a-a man I thought was good committing it.
Good men don't commit murder.
They shouldn't have to.
The system failed.
That's not exactly what I'd expect to hear from a judge.
I'm not condoning it.
I'll tell you what, you sit on the bench for 40 years, and then we'll talk.
Huh? You two know anything about, uh, vintage pin setters? Lane two is on the fritz, needs a little TLC.
This can't be right.
Check it again.
Because the fifth time's a charm? What do we got? We've been processing the bank records from SecDef.
- Mm-hmm.
And? Well, what we're finding is very strange.
I think there's something else we need to check.
No, we don't.
Just tell him.
Tell him what? Well, since you asked, follow me.
So, Stuart Crum, aka - Ice cream killer.
Guilty, but he got off on a technicality.
The next day, Crum is found dead, and we know that the hit man who killed him was paid out of SecDef's account.
But check this out, we found six other withdrawals from that same account over the past three years.
Each one was sent to a city that, just the week before, had a high-profile murder case get dismissed by a technicality.
In each case, the suspected killer ends up dead.
I mean, holy vigilante justice, Batman, but in this case, it's like a nationwide network of vigilante justice.
Someone is having killers killed.
Who? Don't know.
The money's a dead end.
Assuming SecDef is telling the truth, there's no way to track exactly who's controlling his account.
Find a way, Kase.
Boss, you really buying this? Got anything else, McGee? Yeah, I'm buying it.
(sighs) He must be tired.
Anything else, Gibbs? Nah, just the usual would be great.
Working on that boat again, huh? Four coffees coming up.
(tires screeching)   Anybody got staples? Yeah.
Heads up.
A network of vigilante justice? McGEE: No matter how many times you say it out loud, it still sounds like every comic book ever.
Everybody likes superheroes.
Superman doesn't hire hit men, Nick.
Yeah, but he takes down criminals that the system can't catch.
Yeah, but he also leaps tall buildings in a single bound, so let's stick to reality here.
Murder is murder.
I agree.
We need to find out who is controlling this network.
- I agree.
- So we all agree.
So what's the problem? The problem is where is Gibbs? I mean, there should be three cups of coffee in the trash by now.
Zero cups.
Yeah, and how often do we get this far into a discussion before he appears behind See, that's why I didn't say anything, 'cause as soon as I did Okay.
Yeah, this is weird.
It's not like Gibbs to not show up for work.
We should check on him.
- Oh, good luck with that.
- Yeah, that's all you.
I'm-I'm gonna go help, uh, Kasie find a connection.
Yeah, and I'm gonna pull case files on our six murder dots.
Oh, my God.
What are you two scared of? Gibbs will appreciate the fact that we are concerned about him.
He appreciates when people are up in his business.
(scoffs softly) (dialing) (crow cawing)   (phone ringing) So, what do you think? Well, it doesn't seem like a matter of opinion, Leon.
Jimmy's autopsy report, Kasie's forensics report, the CIA independent investigation, they all say the same thing.
Mallory's story checks out.
For once.
But you didn't need me to tell you that, Leon, so what do you need? Closure.
Oh You actually fell for this woman, huh? Cupid usually shoots arrows, but you're walking around with a harpoon in your chest, huh? It's over.
I know that, Jack.
Do you? The heart wants what the heart wants.
Could I have done something a little different? Oh Leon, honey This is not your fault.
When I first put together that she was CIA, I could've called her out.
You put the security of this agency above your personal feelings.
But I don't think that's a good foundation for happily ever after.
Maybe you need to lower the bar a bit.
If your goal is "happily ever after," I think you got into the wrong business.
Or maybe you should just date a librarian, so you won't have this problem again.
Stay away from undercover CIA agents, that's your advice? I mean, it's practical.
(laughs) But this isn't about finding someone new, is it? Hey, Gibbs, checking in, again.
(siren wails) (indistinct radio chatter) Hey, Elaine! - Agent Bishop.
- What happened here? Gibbs happened.
He didn't tell you? Tell me what? Late last night, Gibbs was heading home.
Next thing I know, we heard shots outside.
Gunshots? Gibbs is okay, didn't even spill his coffees.
So wh-who did the shooting? What did the police find? Not Gibbs.
He took off before the cops got here.
And after fielding questions with these yahoos all night, I understand why.
I told them I didn't see who was shooting.
Matter of fact, I didn't tell them who was shot at.
I assumed Gibbs left for a reason.
You sure that it was Gibbs' truck that was hit? Where did he go? I-I told you everything I know.
I just want to say, any time you guys need a safe, secluded space for gossip, Autopsy's all yours.
Gets really lonely down here.
So what are we supposed to say to Gibbs? Um, nothing.
We're just gonna ignore this? - As opposed to? - I don't know, talk to him.
I mean, you had the guts to fire him.
And I lived to talk about it.
You think I'm gonna push my luck? So no one's gonna confront Gibbs? About what? Gibbs! (stammers) These guys just showed up down here.
I-I told you, I have work to do, people.
(chuckles) Update.
BISHOP: I left you a couple messages this morning.
Is everything okay? Car trouble.
DUCKY: Ah, Agent Torres, there you are.
- Am I, uh, interrupting? TORRES: Uh, no.
I was just about to tell Gibbs that I came to you for some information.
And, clearly, here you are with that information.
DUCKY: Indeed I am.
I pulled the records of your six vigilante murder cases, and I discovered an intriguing connection.
What kind of connection, Duck? These six murders span four states, each in a different city, each in a different jurisdiction with different judges.
However, on closer inspection, each of these four judges have something in common.
They all clerked for one man.
McGEE: Judge Deakin.
A federal judge running a vigilante network? We can't prove anything.
No, not yet.
Keep digging.
Okay, where is he going now? Damn good question.
As NCIS historian, I have become somewhat isolated down in my new office, but since when has Gibbs' whereabouts been so hotly contested? Don't ask, Duck.
Wood shifts.
Hard to keep an even surface.
Preaching to the choir.
Anything beats synthetic lanes.
Even if it means maintaining the wood's original shape.
Original shape's a tree.
(chuckles) Funny.
I thought I locked that door.
You did.
I think you dropped this.
DEAKIN: Looks like a charming fellow.
You know him? I did.
He killed my family.
Now he's dead.
What's this about, Agent Gibbs? You want me dead? Here I am.
(laughs): Want you dead? This have something to do with this photo? He doesn't look like he died of old age.
You want to judge me, Judge? Man up.
Do your own dirty work.
Man up? Like you did? You put your thumb on the scale and created justice where there was none, and made the world right.
No, not even close.
Needed to be done.
But now you want me dead for it.
You condemn me for something I did years ago while you're still doing it.
That's an interesting theory, but you can't prove a word of it.
Maybe that's why you came alone? Or maybe, deep down, you really believe in justice at all costs.
Not about justice.
Justice is your excuse.
Because I'm coming for you and you're scared.
And you're alone.
Because they don't know what you did, do they? Your team.
And you're too ashamed to tell 'em the truth.
Agent Gibbs, I think we're accusing each other of the same thing.
Maybe we're on the same team.
No, we're not.
(engine starts) (elevator bell chimes) Morning, Nick.
Hey, yo.
(blowing) Was that meant for us? Or did he just have a stroke? Excuse me.
(blowing) The last man who made that hand gesture at me is now missing a hand.
What? It means "campfire.
" Then just say campfire.
Hey, what's up? We have a problem.
I followed Gibbs last night.
Uh, that's a you problem.
He's not gonna be happy about that.
He went to the judge without telling us.
Why is he cutting us out? I don't know.
But it has to do with the shooting at the diner.
- I see how this looks.
- Bad.
McGEE: Well, what are we supposed to do? We supposed to step in every time boss makes a move without telling us? This is different.
I mean, the guy's car just got sprayed with bullets, and we have no idea why.
We can't do our jobs if we're always in the dark.
Maybe he's trying to protect us.
From what? If we're in danger, wouldn't-wouldn't you want to know? McGee, you have to handle this.
Yeah, I can't keep firing Gibbs.
Just talk to him.
All right, fine.
But if I crash and burn, you two are coming with.
Actually, boss, before that Nope.
What does he mean, "nope"? We didn't even say anything.
(sighs) (doors buzz) Boss, we should talk.
Look, whatever's going on, we need to know, no matter what it is.
It's personal.
Shooting at the diner, maybe? McGEE: Yeah, we know about that.
We're detectives.
But once you talked to the judge, you made it about the case.
The two have to be connected.
Now, I get it if you don't want to tell us why, boss, but after all we've been through with you, you think there's anything you could say that would surprise us? I killed the man who killed my family.
Deakin knows.
He's using it against me to get me off this case.
And don't ever follow me again! I was just on my way up.
Unless this is a bad time.
What do you got? I got a whole heap of lies.
(door opens) I postponed a sit-down with the Turkish defense minister for this.
- I hope you have news.
- We do, sir.
- Good.
- Not for you.
- What's this? - Phone records.
Do you recognize your number? It seems that you and CIA Officer Mallory Madden have been awfully chatty.
A fact that you both have failed to mention.
About that two-way street.
Yeah, well, Mallory came to me, told me that Clark had been nosing around my old account.
Out of the goodness of her heart, I'm sure.
She'd been demoted and needed some new friends in high places, and I wanted to know what Clark was up to.
So I asked her to find out.
- At all costs? - No.
I never asked her to kill Clark.
And when I found out she had, I came to you.
- Yeah, and you lied.
I withheld, because it looked bad.
Still does.
- Where's Mallory now? - I have no idea.
I gave her the account records, told her to keep digging, and then nothing.
She must have found something more valuable than friends in high places.
- Such as? - You tell me.
I was hoping NCIS had something in the works.
(phone rings) KASIE: Hey, Gibbs.
- Yeah, Kase.
- I'm on my way down.
- What's that? Something in the works.
So I dusted the image for fingerprints, and other than yours, I found none.
- Totally clean.
- The bullets? You did a great job of digging them out of your truck.
They're all totally intact.
Also totally clean.
- Gotta have something here, Kase.
- Oh.
Well, that brings me back to the photo.
You said it was clean.
There's normal forensics scientist clean, and then there's Kasie Hines clean.
So this is the computer program I ran after making a super high-res scan.
If there is anything unusual, this thing will find it.
It could find a flaw in Beyoncé.
- Did it? - Beyoncé? No.
Photo, yes.
While there are no latent prints on the image, I found a partial print in the image itself.
- In the ink.
- Somebody touched it? Right after it was printed, just before the ink dried.
Well, run it.
- I have been.
- Yeah? And? Still running.
So, uh, this photo was on your dashboard while you were being shot at.
You want to tell me who this man is? The print, Kase.
Well, it's a partial print, which greatly increases the number of potential matches.
But the odds of getting an immediate hit on any print are-- Huh.
I got a hit.
You got a name? It belongs to CIA Officer Mallory Madden.
- Isn't that - The director's ex-girlfriend.
Well, the director's ex-girlfriend tried to kill you.
Mallory doesn't usually miss her target.
Yeah, I've seen.
Then why are you still breathing? I got a lot of questions.
Like why is my ex trying to kill you? I'm not the one who broke her heart.
I'm guessing it was about money.
VANCE: She's working for Judge Deakin.
But how did she find him? Same way we did.
SecDef gave her the account records.
The same records he gave us.
And she followed those same breadcrumbs all the way to Deakin? When? - It doesn't matter.
Yeah, it does.
It does to me.
We only need her to get to Deakin.
Down in the basement, Gibbs, was she telling the truth? Did she know what was going on the entire time? Leon, you're asking the wrong person.
Let's find her.
(door closes) Thanks.
Okay, FAA and TSA have Mallory on a watch list.
Border checkpoints are on high alert.
Still waiting on a list of her known aliases.
CIA has me on hold, again.
And no activity on her Internet accounts, and her cell phone is still turned off.
Can you send me those? The aliases are on their way.
About time.
Where are we? Mallory's cell hasn't been used in days.
The Agency hasn't heard from her since she was cleared in Clark's death.
Yeah, no hits on the BOLO, either.
Mallory's a trained CIA operative.
She knows how to disappear.
GIBBS: Well, she's not going anywhere until she finishes her job.
By job, you mean Putting a bullet in my head.
McGEE: Hey, boss, I've got something here.
Mallory just turned on her cell phone and her GPS tracker.
So either our CIA operative is sloppy, or it's a trap.
She's not sloppy.
Where is she? She's at your diner.
Come on, all of you.
Let's go.
That's good.
I like to leave room for cream.
Can I get you anything else? No.
Thank you.
(door bells jingle) Good coffee here.
Keep both hands on the table.
(door bells jingle) I'm not here to fight.
I'm here to turn myself in.
Figured this was as good a place as any.
Get up.
(sighs): I screwed up.
Tell Leon this was just business.
Tell him yourself.
After everything that's happened with Leon, Clark, you, this woman turns herself in? Why? Hoping to find out.
You think it's wise to send a jilted lover into that room? It's not my call.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
I've been read my rights.
You have the right to an attorney, and to have an attorney present for any questioning.
Leon, stop.
What are you doing? Doing my job.
Which is what you were doing before you became a gun for hire.
- I can explain.
- Please do.
Over the past few weeks, I lost everything that mattered to me.
My credibility, my job and then you.
Clark's murder.
It really was self-defense.
Even your own investigation says so.
But you knew about the account and you knew about Judge Deakin.
- Yes.
- You lied to me.
You were working for Deakin.
Only after you said we had no future, which meant I needed a way to start over.
As a hit man? What the hell is wrong with you? It was gonna be enough money to leave the country and put all of this behind me.
Do you know how crazy that sounds? I didn't at the time.
But once I learned the target was Gibbs, I couldn't go through with it.
Do you really think I missed by accident? I made a deal with Judge Deakin to take Gibbs out, so I had to make it look believable.
Otherwise, I'd be the one with a bullet in my head.
Ah, so you're the victim? No.
But I did buy Gibbs some time.
And now I have something else to offer.
Of course you do.
There's always an angle with you.
No more.
We're done.
Judge Deakin.
He hired me personally, and I'm willing to testify.
Oh, that's great.
The word of a lying, disgraced CIA officer against that of a respected federal judge.
You don't have to take my word for it.
Then whose? (door opens) (exhales) I heard you come in this time.
Welcome back, Gibbs.
Change your mind? No.
What, then? Come to kill me, too, just like old Pedro? No more games.
You want me dead? Pick it up, pull the trigger.
Take responsibility.
- You scratched the wood.
- Pick it up! And give you a reason to arrest me? Is it even loaded? I'm not gonna shoot you, Gibbs.
You may regret that.
(door opens) What the hell are you doing? You're under arrest.
(door closes) Brought my team this time.
You're gonna put a man like me in chains, you better have a damn good reason.
Oh, we do.
We got Mallory.
She had a lot to say.
Oh, what is this, Gibbs? You think her word carries any weight? No.
But yours do.
DEAKIN (over phone): What happened? Why isn't Gibbs dead? MALLORY: I need more time.
DEAKIN: Maybe I need to hire a better shot.
That recording was illegally obtained.
Virginia is a one-party consent state for recording.
You, of all people, should know that.
You should also know not to trust a spy.
Recognize this? BISHOP: You should.
Mallory was wearing it when you hired her.
She set me up.
Yeah, tell it to the judge.
Your challenge coin.
I had new ones made up when I was appointed to the job five years ago.
Highest rank gets free drinks at the bar.
There's only one coin higher than this.
I'm supposed to give them out as a sign of respect and admiration.
This is my first.
I don't know what to say.
You tracked the missing funds to Judge Deakin.
Meaning NCIS has officially saved my ass, again.
We just did our job, sir.
Anything you need, Leon, you call me.
- Sir, I - Leon.
Thank you.
SLOANE: Director Vance.
Wow, nice.
That going on display? No, that's going in my pocket for a rainy day.
- Oh.
- What can I do for you, Jack? How you doing, Leon? - I'm good.
- Really? Harpoons can leave a hell of a scar.
Really? Good.
Anything else? I saw that Mallory's plea deal went through.
You didn't block it.
But I didn't endorse it, either.
Fair enough.
I know a few librarians, if you're ever looking to get back in the game.
Thanks, Jack.
(helicopter blades whirring) McGEE: That's great news.
I'll let them know.
Well, that was the Justice Department.
Deakin's plea was enough to get the other four judges arrested.
Judge Badass sang like a bird.
I know he's a murderer, but does anyone else want to go bowl a few games before that place gets shut down? (laughs softly) I don't think his restoration skills are gonna translate to cinder blocks so well.
So? Right.
Anybody want to talk about it? If Deakin had anything concrete against Gibbs, he would've used the actual justice system, not his own.
Do you guys think that Gibbs will want us to bring it up? You know.
(whispers): Pedro Hernandez.
Who's that? (siren wailing) Oh, Father, tell me We get what we deserve Oh, we get what we deserve And way down we go Go, go, go, go Way down we go Go, go, go Oh, you let your feet run wild Time has come as we all, oh, go down Yeah, but for the fall, oh, my Do you dare to look him right in the eyes? Yeah Oh, baby, yeah Yeah   Way down we go Go, go, go, go Oh, way down we go Oh-ho.