NCIS s16e23 Episode Script

Lost Time

1 (traffic passing) (train whistle blows in distance) WOMAN: Ugh.
Damn near 5:30.
Just can't get back to sleep.
MAN: Told you.
You got to lay off the caffeine after supper.
WOMAN (groans): It isn't the caffeine.
It's my mind.
Something just doesn't feel right.
Let me know when sleeping under a bridge starts feeling normal.
(sighs, groans) Here comes the morning traffic.
Might as well get a start on the day.
(yawning): You got it.
Time is money.
Let no one ever accuse us of losing our work ethic.
(chain-link fence rattling) What the hell was that? - Oh, God! - Oh! (gasping) Oh, God.
(tires squealing) NCIS 16x23 Lost Time   TORRES: Ellie, geez, lighten up.
You didn't have to bite my head off.
I wasn't biting your head off.
- Felt like a bite.
-Wasn't a bite.
- Sounds like a fight.
Nobody is fighting or biting.
I had the audacity to tell Miss Cranky-Pants over here about my killer workout in the gym.
- All I said was, "No bragging before my coffee," which doesn't make me cranky, just not quite awake.
You're not sleeping, either? Why? You, too? It's kind of hard to sleep ever since Since the Gibbs thing? What Gibbs thing? You know, the thing he told us, that we all agreed not to talk about again.
(quietly): Oh, please, come on.
It's nothing.
(quietly): Seriously? Killing a man in cold blood is nothing? It's not just any man.
He killed the man who killed his family.
Same thing any of us would do.
Yeah, would want to do.
But in reality See, now I just keep wondering what he expects us to do about it.
What do you mean, do? He didn't tell us so we would do anything.
Gibbs has been doing nothing for years.
Look, all I'm saying is, if he's unfazed, maybe we should be, too.
But that's the thing-- he's not unfazed.
If anything, he is extremely fazed.
He's been so much quieter lately.
Yes, quiet and distracted.
Gibbs is always quiet.
The only ones distracted are you two.
(scoffs) Just forget it, all right? Forget what? I forgot.
Dead Marine in Reston.
Grab your gear.
Let's go.
McGEE: Well, no wallet, no keys, but police I.
'd the victim as Marine Gunnery Sergeant Richard Wilson, which, uh, sounds kind of familiar to me for some reason.
- Palmer.
- Yeah, I'll know more when I get him down, but he does have two gunshot wounds to the chest.
TORRES: He was dead before he hit that spike.
- I hope.
PALMER: Yeah, me, too.
Talk about being hoisted on your own petard, huh? - Ouch.
I found skid marks.
up there.
Likely from whatever vehicle the witnesses heard.
Says here Wilson was just three months shy of retirement.
Married, no kids.
Lives nearby in Sterling.
Want us to, uh, head over to the house, Gibbs? Boss? Boss, we have the victim's address.
You want us to head over? Yeah.
Bishop, Torres, go.
BISHOP: How could you not have seen that? Gibbs is clearly distracted.
Yeah, by the poor guy hanging upside down on that fence.
- Nick.
- Hey, by the way, if the guy's wife is here, I would really appreciate you making the notification.
What? Why me? No, I hate delivering the bad news, and you never do it.
That's because I'm really bad at it.
You have such a gentle touch, to go with that big heart of yours.
- Okay, stop buttering me up.
I'm not doing it.
It's your turn.
Big-hearted Bishop-- that's what I'm gonna call you from now on.
Hold on.
What kind of tornado swept through here? Maybe the same tornado that shot our victim.
- Get out! I'm calling the cops! - Whoa, whoa, whoa! - NCIS! - Drop the bat! Oh, God.
Oh, dear God.
- Mrs.
Wilson? - I just walked in a minute ago.
What the hell happened? - You don't know? - Know what? How would I know? I've been at my mother's in Florida.
I I took a cab from the airport.
What is this? What happened here? Where's my husband? Where's Rick? Someone tell me.
I'm sorry, uh, Mrs.
Wilson, I'm afraid, um Agent Torres has some bad news for you.
The man survived how many war zones? Only to be killed in some stupid robbery.
Makes no sense.
Any idea what they were looking for? Something of value? Not on Rick's military pay.
And my temp jobs? Hundred bucks or so in our cookie jar.
Other than that, I'm sure they left disappointed.
Your husband, he have any enemies? Sure.
But not here.
Rick was a complicated man, but everyone liked him.
Complicated? Oh, not in a bad way.
Just quiet.
(wry chuckle) To a fault, some days.
It's not easy living with the strong, silent type, especially when it comes to his job.
Why is that? I guess he had seen some bad things.
Lost a couple buddies in that big raid that made him a hero.
- I'm sorry, what raid? - It was his unit that caught that big terrorist leader about five years ago.
Zakir somebody.
I don't recall that, but, uh LORI: I couldn't tell you much past what made the news.
Any time I asked, Rick turned into John Wayne-- like it was some big secret.
So many secrets.
Was it something I said? (indistinct chatter) - Mm.
BISHOP: Mm-hmm.
Boss! Hey, boss, I knew his name sounded familiar.
He's one of the Zakir-Five.
BISHOP: Named for Taliban leader Nazar Zakir.
Gunnery Sergeant Wilson led the unit that captured him.
- Yeah.
Just heard.
McGEE: They also rescued hostages and recovered $30 million in stolen cash from Zakir's bunker.
BISHOP: Two Marines were killed in the raid, leaving only Wilson and two others from the original five.
Anything else? Well, we were about to start combing through Wilson's cell phone records.
- Okay.
Nick told me about your victim.
Are we talking about the Zakir-Five? - You remember them, too? - Mm.
They should have been a bigger story, but the 24-hour news cycle, they just chewed it up in less than a day.
You ran out of there kind of quick there, Gibbs.
- You doing all right? - Where you headed? I'm going to get the widow's suitcase out of my car-- we're keeping her here a while.
Man, talk about heroes.
Guys like Wilson deserve better.
Gibbs? Was it something I said? Yeah, he's been getting that a lot today.
Yeah, have you, uh, not noticed something off about Gibbs lately? I can't say that I have.
And before you go and open that gigantic can of worms, I'm late for the dentist, so catch ya later.
PALMER: Agent Gibbs.
Yeah, I thought I heard someone out here.
You all right? Oh.
Turns out I was right.
Two bullets to the chest to go along with the spike wound.
And speaking of which, I completely misused the term "hoisted on his own petard" earlier this morning.
Apparently, it's a common mistake, from thinking that the petard is a spear that one could get hoisted upon.
Whereas, actually, it is an explosive that happens to go off too early.
From that, Shakespeare meant it as someone who gets caught in his own web of lies.
Whose web of lies? - What? - Why are you telling me this? What are you getting at, Palmer? Oh.
What do you want now? Uh, McGee was looking for you, and What does he want? To tell you that our victim received three calls within ten minutes late last night from a retired Marine from his old unit, the - Zephyr the Zipper -Yeah.
- And? - And McGee got no answer from that number (phone ringing) so he and Bishop and Torres are headed over to the guy's place now, if you want to - I will meet you there! Was it something you said? (knocking at door) Staff Sergeant Jordan McCarthy? NCIS! The landlord thinks he had a girlfriend living here until recently.
Appearances to the contrary.
Gibbs, what do you think? You haven't really, uh, said a word.
I hope you know that TORRES: Hey, guys? We got blood.
No sign of Staff Sergeant McCarthy.
If this is his, we may have ourselves a second victim.
Well, and if we do, I'll bet this has something to do with that Zakir guy they captured.
Wilson's unit left a lot of enemies out there.
And if there is a connection, that leaves one of the remaining five still alive out there.
- We better find him.
And fast.
(door closes) Boss? (engine starts) McGEE: What is he doing? BISHOP: Hey.
Gibbs! Still no word? Nothing.
We've even had the park rangers check his cabin.
Well, no sign of him at his house, and he's not answering his cell, either.
Well, I mean, McGee, you've been here the longest.
Has Gibbs ever walked away from a crime scene? No.
Not like this.
Are you sure we shouldn't tell Vance? Not yet.
No, let's give Gibbs some more time here.
Besides, we still have a job to do.
Uh, the remaining three of the Zakir-Five-- our victim, Rick Wilson, possible victim Jordan McCarthy, and we're still looking for Staff Sergeant John Calfa.
VA is, uh, getting us his current address.
(phone ringing) That might be it.
How's Wilson's wife? She's upstairs.
Not happy about it, but understands protocol.
I mean, does she know these two at all? She knows who they are, but they've never met.
Okay, we have got Calfa's address in Arlington.
- It's not far.
McGEE: Great.
Would you two mind going and getting him? I'm-I'm completely exhausted.
Oh, come on, Tim.
You can do better than that.
- Go scoop him up! - All right! Attaboy.
Spoken like a true boss.
Wherever the hell he is.
  Of all the gin joints, Popeye, you drag me to this one? - What took you so long? - Oh, yeah.
It's nice to see you, too.
What the hell do you call that? Necessary.
Where you been? Well, for one thing, my Uber driver could barely find this establishment.
Not to mention, I was mid-session with another patient when you called.
Had to leave her on the verge of a breakthrough.
Want a beer? No, I never day-drink.
Well, not never, but never on a workday.
And from the looks of that beer, neither do you.
So talk to me.
What's the big emergency? Rule Four.
(clears throat) Ah, the famous Gibbs rules.
Lucky you I brought my Gibbs notebook.
"The best way to keep a secret is to keep it to yourself.
" Hey.
Look at me.
You're barely hanging on.
All right, got it.
Okay, then, so secrets.
Who are we talking about? Are you sure you don't want a beer? CALFA: But how could Rick be dead? And-and you think McCarthy now, too? Well, we, uh we won't know until we find him.
When was the last time you spoke to either of them, Mr.
Calfa? Uh, spoke to both just last month.
This annual phone call we all do on the anniversary of the raid.
It's an achievement worth remembering.
It was more to remember the guys we lost.
You know, survivor's guilt, I guess you'd call it.
Yeah, none of us liked talking about it much.
So Rick wasn't the only quiet one.
They were good men.
Can you verify these annual phone calls, Mrs.
Wilson? Well, I didn't realize they were annual calls, but I sure remember the last one.
- What about it? - Let's just say it got loud.
Even from behind closed doors.
Loud, as in an argument? Mm.
About what, I couldn't tell you.
But it's probably why I never met these guys before.
I'm not sure they got along too well.
CALFA: We were proud to take down that bastard.
Excuse me.
Am I in danger? We hope not.
But if your friend McCarthy does turn up dead, I'm afraid we've got to assume a connection to Nazar Zakir.
Isn't he still locked up in Gitmo? He is, but as you probably know, demagogues like him have a knack for attracting unstable devotees.
So, this be might be some kind of revenge for capturing Zakir? Yeah, that, or it could be personal.
CALFA: Personal? How? What do you mean? Well, we understand that you and your buddies may have had some issues.
Who told you that? What matters is whether it's true.
Whether we had issues? (chuckles) Who doesn't? Look, we'd been through a lot together, but I'm not gonna sit here and say we were bosom buddies.
That's kind of odd, because usually combat has a bonding effect.
Not everyone bonds the same.
What did you guys argue about in your last phone call? I don't know.
It-it was personal, but I I don't like where this is going.
We're just we're just talking.
No, you're not.
You're implying something I would never do.
And what's that? I had my fill of killing over there, okay? Me, Rick and Jordan-- did we argue? Sure.
What about? I hardly remember, but it was nothing I would kill my brothers over.
- Now they're your brothers.
- Damn right! And brothers fight.
Okay, let's just take a breath, all right? I can't decide if he's being sincere, or if he's protesting too much.
- And now I feel bad.
TORRES: Don't.
He sounds guilty to me.
I'm not sure that he is.
What do you have, Ms.
Hines? An I.
off the blood found in McCarthy's apartment.
We assumed it belonged to McCarthy.
Turns out it was a match to our original victim.
You're saying it was Rick's? What was he doing at McCarthy's place? Will you excuse us, Mrs.
Wilson? In the future, Ms.
Hines, let's not disclose sensitive information like that in front of the victim's next of kin, shall we? I am so sorry, Director.
Well, now we know that McCarthy's our suspect, and not this guy.
Let's offer Mr.
Calfa protection.
Let's put a BOLO on that McCarthy fellow.
Heroes being murdered back home.
Living on a shoestring.
Homeless vets sleeping under highways.
It's not fair.
You can spend the next hour, Popeye, listing life's many injustices, but what does that have to do with keeping secrets? Mm.
Scotty, can I get a cold one, please? Gibbs.
I did something a long time ago that was outside the law.
Be still, my beating heart.
You wanted to know.
Yeah, and my expectations let me down once again.
But according to the rest of Rule Four here, "The second best way to keep a secret is to tell one other person, and the third" "There is no third best.
" - Yeah.
You know your rules.
- I wrote my rules.
So, who else have you told this big secret to besides me? Besides you, I followed the rule at first.
I told only one person.
- Thank you.
- And then? And then, last week, I had to tell my team.
My three best agents.
- Why did you tell them? - Because they needed to know.
- And now I don't - Now? Now, I don't know.
Well, of course you do.
Now that they know, has the world come to an end? It sure doesn't feel the same to me.
How does it feel? I trained my people to take responsibility for their actions.
And here I am, not taking it, throwing it right back in their face.
It's about integrity.
Yeah, it's about integrity, it's about character, it's about all of it.
- All important things to you.
- Yes.
The only things I have left.
Oh, baloney.
So where does that leave you? What are you gonna do now? Are you gonna turn yourself into the authorities? Will that square things with the integrity gods? It's what's fair.
- What? I was just kidding.
- I'm not.
Hold on.
Is that why you called me here? To talk you out of turning yourself in? Yeah, or you can drop me off at the police station.
- It's a block from here.
- Police station? Why not NCIS? No, the police station.
I can't even believe we're having this conversation.
You are actually considering turning yourself in? I'm way past considering.
For some outside-the-law thing you did a million years ago? It's more like 30.
Oh, my God, you really want to do this.
I have to.
BISHOP: John Calfa declined our offer of protection, Director, but he knows not to go anywhere.
- And the BOLO on McCarthy? - No hits just yet.
Only a matter of time.
No prior criminal record, but McCarthy hasn't exactly thrived since retirement.
In and out of work, a few sobriety programs.
Yup, that would fit his profile.
Director? I recently spoke with General Coyne.
He was the commander of that Zakir mission.
He had nothing but praise for his men, but he did point out that McCarthy was a bit of loose cannon-- prone to bad judgment, impulsive choices.
Impulsive enough to kill, Director? Well, you do know how to make an entrance, Dr.
- What you got, Ducky? - Yes, well, I dug through the archives for anything I could find on the Zakir raid, and I discovered after his capture, the Taliban leader insisted that he had $33 million stashed away, and not the mere 30 that was turned in by these men.
They denied the allegation, of course, and the Pentagon saw it as a weak attempt for Zakir to discredit his captors, so, no investigation was ever launched.
So a discrepancy of $3 million.
- Alleged discrepancy.
DUCKY: But if one needed a motive to eliminate one's accomplices, I imagine even an alleged $3 million might suffice.
Now, where the devil is Jethro? Honesty Is such a lonely word Everyone is so untrue Kind of romantic in a boozy way.
Honesty I'm ready.
Let's go.
No, you're not ready, and we're not going.
Yeah, you can drive my truck.
Come on.
You didn't call me to drive you.
You called me to talk, so talk.
- About what? - Ah, you're so infuriating.
About the thing that you did a million years ago.
Why now? Why, all of a sudden, after all this time, you grow a conscience? The guilt's finally catching up with you? Wait.
I-I never felt guilty.
I still don't.
What I did-- needed doing.
So you feel justified.
Why turn yourself in? For 30 years, no one knew.
Like it never happened.
- But now that your secret's out - Now that it's out, how do they look at it? What do they think of me? Since when do you care what people think? I've always cared what they think of me.
Well, what might they think? That you're a bad person? Worse yet, do you feel you're a bad person? I arrested hundreds of bad people doing bad things.
They all had justification for what they did, just like me.
And that makes you just like them? - It makes me no different.
- I see.
Okay, Gibbs.
Lay it on me, this justification, whatever you did that was so outside the law.
Who'd you kill and why? Who said I killed anyone? Would we be sitting here if you pirated someone's cable? I killed a man.
You've killed before.
Before I was an agent.
I killed him.
I shot him long-range in cold blood for killing my wife and killing my daughter.
You got any good scotch? Hey.
How was the dentist? What? Uh, oh, fine.
Just a cleaning.
Ooh, nothing like a good teeth cleaning.
You know that feeling when you rub your tongue on the inside of the bottom of your teeth? Like, mmm, fresh and so clean.
Mm, what do you really want? Uh Gibbs.
- Still no idea where he went? - No.
- I was hoping you might know.
- Me? No.
I have no such superpower.
But I wouldn't worry if I were you.
He can take care of himself.
He's a big boy.
He is a big boy who just walked out of a crime scene a few hours ago.
- Is that what he did? Why? - I don't know.
Uh, but I think it might have to do with some secret that he shared with us last week, so A secret.
Are the initials Pedro Hernandez, by any chance? - You know, too? - It-it only seemed fair.
Gibbs knows quite a few of mine, so McGEE: Hey.
- There you are.
- Hey.
Jack knows Gibbs's secret.
Really? BISHOP: Kind of makes you wonder who else knows.
- Okay.
Stop wondering.
I am fairly certain we are Gibbs' chosen few.
McGEE: Look, I would love to talk about this right now, but we just got a hit on Th BOLO.
MPD has Jordan McCarthy in custody.
Well, to be continued? I have a feeling, yep.
Here's your man.
Jordan McCarthy.
He's not exactly in custody.
Two bullet wounds and no I.
Uniforms found him and matched his prints to your BOLO.
MAN: Hey, Captain.
Excuse me.
Two bullets to the chest.
Same as Wilson.
So if this is over $3 million in stolen Taliban money And Calfa's our only Marine left alive, he's either the next one to die, or Or he's our killer.
CALFA: This is nuts.
You said I was free to go.
And what is it now? Can't I just get on with my life? Get on with your life? Is that what you were doing when we caught you packing your car for a quick getaway? - What do you expect? You've got me spooked.
What if it is Zakir? One of his devotees, like you said? (sighs) Jordan.
So you got me back for my own protection? Unless this is about that $3 million you skimmed off Zakir's cash pile.
They never proved that.
Well, that's certainly not a denial.
- Good as a confession for me.
Not yet.
Check out his body language.
Wait, hang on, now.
That that came out wrong.
I-I'm a little confused.
No, you're not.
You're relieved.
Big secret's finally out.
No more burden to carry around.
See, I think you took that money with a plan to sit on it until you guys retired.
But you got greedy.
You got rid of McCarthy and used his phone to get Wilson to come over.
You got rid of him, too.
- No.
- Yes, you did.
Then you searched Wilson's place to make it look like a robbery, and then you took off with the $3 million.
Whoa, no.
Slow down.
That part's all wrong.
Which part? (exhales) You know what? Never mind.
I'm-I'm done talking.
I want to see my lawyer.
Well, n-now you can celebrate.
(phone vibrating) Well, looks like we've got some good news.
Really? Tell her? I can go home? - Sorry it took so long.
LORI: Does that mean you caught the guy? It wasn't Rick's friend, was it? I'm afraid we can't say more.
- But I can give you a ride home.
LORI: Yes.
And thank you both.
We'll, uh, we'll likely have some follow-up questions over the next few days.
But out of curiosity, did your husband ever mention having a nest egg of any kind? Nest egg? You know, something he may have stashed away for retirement.
I wish.
You have no idea.
But if he did, he certainly didn't tell me.
(pool balls clatter) Mind you, I'm not one to judge what you did, but avenging your family's murder - That's one hell of a justification.
- Doesn't make it right.
Yeah, but I've locked people up for less than that.
I got it.
But let's table this for a second.
I want a little bit more context.
Tell me what's been going on with you lately.
Nothing much.
Humor me.
I almost got shot last week.
- Couple times.
- Oh.
That's nothing much.
I was accused of killing an ex-fiancée who I thought died on 9/11.
Nothing, part two.
Anything else? I had to burn one of my rules.
Really? Which one? Ten.
"Never get personally involved in a case.
" Why? - Why'd you burn it? - Thought it would help Bishop.
- And did it? - I don't know.
Did it help you? Does it look like it helped me, Doc? Oh, Gibbs.
- This is good.
- No.
It doesn't feel good.
(laughs) Which is great.
This might just point us to your core issue.
My what? What if Rule Ten served as a security blanket? - A firewall to your feelings.
- Oh, God, here we go.
Yeah, here we go.
Without Rule Ten, what if you've been taking personally every case since you started? - Subconsciously.
- Every case.
In retrospect.
What is that, like, a thousand cases? Falling like dominoes right onto you.
I mean, talk about a weight to carry around.
And what if under that weight, it's pointing you toward something truly frightening? Prison.
(chuckles): No.
Forget about turning yourself in.
I'm talking about the big "R.
" - No.
- Retirement.
What if it's pointing you towards thinking about No.
(chuckles) Mm-mm.
you know, maybe hanging it up? - No.
- Oh.
Well, answer a little faster.
Don't take so long to think about it.
I don't need to think about it.
I thought about it years ago.
The timing was not right.
Years ago.
Will there ever be a right time? (exhales) I'm worried about what I would do without what I do.
The direction.
NCIS centers me.
Without it Yeah, without it.
Scary stuff.
All right.
You're all good.
Coast is clear.
A lot to clean up.
You got friends to help? Lots.
Many phone calls to make, along with funeral arrangements.
Again, I'm-I'm sorry.
If, um if you ever need anything.
You've done so much already.
More than you know.
Thank you.
(sniffles) Okay.
Good night.
Good night.
- Freeze! NCIS! - Oh, God! Don't shoot! Hands.
Hands! Let me see your hands.
Who are you? Lori.
Lori Wilson.
I-I live here.
What? Wait, NCIS? What do you want? Stay here.
Hang on, let me get my key.
I said I have my key.
You didn't have to What happened in here? Where's Rick? Rick? Show me your I.
Where you been? At my mother's in Florida.
I came back a day early to surprise Richard.
Now where the hell is he? Answer me.
Is Richard okay? Where does Richard keep his money? What money? We don't have any Oh, no.
Not the brooch.
What? What brooch? Have we been robbed? Please don't tell me What brooch? The brooch.
The Victoria brooch.
It's gone.
- They took it.
- Who are they? I don't know, but it's worth a fortune.
Where's Richard? Compared to all the cash Zakir had in his bunker, what we took seemed like nothing.
Couldn't believe it came to $3 million.
Too much to smuggle back home.
So, uh, Rick turned it into merchandise.
Bought that Victoria brooch from some fancy auction house in Dubai.
And how did this imposter get away? Slipped out the back door, hopped a fence, but the neighbor said that she drove off in a car.
BOLO's out? On the car with her description.
Just a description? No photo? Yeah, somehow she was able to avoid all the surveillance cameras.
All we have is a few side angles.
CALFA: We were gonna sell back the brooch, and go our separate ways.
Besides you three and Rick's wife, who else knew about the brooch? Well, I never told a soul, but McCarthy could've told anybody.
Like maybe a special someone? Mm, he had lots of someones, none I'd call special, but, uh, his last was this crazy Russian.
Olga or Helga.
Could this be her? CALFA: Ah, hard to say.
But no matter.
When we talked last month, he was getting ready to dump her.
The Victoria brooch.
I found it on an auction house website.
The king of Spain gave this to Queen Victoria herself, current value: $2.
8 million.
Son of a bitch.
She was wearing it.
The whole day.
She was playing us and I missed it.
No, we all missed it.
Yeah, and you know why? - Gibbs and his big secret.
McGEE: That's not why.
We were distracted, McGee.
Don't blame it on Gibbs.
Why not? He's not here, is he? Hey, Nick, this thing with Gibbs might have knocked us all off our game a bit, but don't tell the entire squad room, okay? Look, I didn't care what he did in the first place.
It's not a big deal.
Uh, it is a big deal to some of us.
It was to me when I first heard.
See, I still want to know what he expects us to do about it.
Really, Tim? With that again? Like what? That's a bigger question we can't answer right now.
Yeah, because we have bigger things to do, like catching this sneaky lady here.
Was she really wearing $3 million on her jacket? That makes me sweat just saying it.
She must have found it right before we got to the house, Nick.
- Yeah.
She pinned it on and played us for suckers.
Suckers who now have a proper I.
Kasie, don't mess with me.
Who's messing? Did you not pour this lady a glass of water in the conference room this morning? Wait, are you-- mm.
- Are you telling me? - I'm telling you that she clearly tried to wipe it clean, but missed a spot and left me with a partial print.
BISHOP: I don't believe it.
That's her.
I'm updating the BOLO.
Inga Petrov, 36, and a former FSB specialist, emigrated from the Ukraine in 2007, and according to Interpol, has been using her skills to pull off various scams and cons ever since.
At least you got taken by a pro.
- Who's also now a killer.
- You're a genius.
- A simple thank you will due.
- How about a hit on the BOLO? - Already? - It happens.
Inga Petrov booked a flight to Costa Rica yesterday.
It leaves tonight from Reagan.
I'll call airport security.
Call from the car.
Let's go.
So let's make a little deal.
You may not be retiring, but you're not turning yourself in, either.
Eh, we'll see.
Gibbs, I will gladly pick this up again in the morning.
- Okay.
- Okay for now.
- Okay? MAN: We're gonna start on this again? WOMAN: You're the one that started this.
MAN: You always say that.
And that's our cue.
What? My team.
Oh, again with the team.
You've trained them well enough.
If they have a problem with what you did, Gibbs, they're gonna let you know about it.
MAN: You don't tell me when to quit.
- I'll tell you when I quit.
WOMAN: Okay.
- Stop already.
- Don't tell me to stop.
- Don't do this, baby, please.
- Don't do what? This.
Don't do this.
I'm sorry.
You don't tell me nothing, got it? (groans) Why did you have to do that? What is wrong with you? You see, this is why you can't go anywhere.
The world needs more Gibbs right where he is.
MAN: Is it broke? WOMAN: This is the final boarding call for Flight 6805 to San José, Costa Rica, now boarding at Gate 3.
Please have your boarding pass ready.
Hey, Inga.
Where's the brooch? Safely packed away, I hope.
I spent a year with that loser, just waiting for him to cash in.
- Mm.
And then he dumped you.
I tried to reason with him.
With Rick, too, but they wouldn't listen.
I kept their secret, and for that, I deserved a piece.
I couldn't just let them cut me out, could I? No more than you can talk me out of this.
Or maybe you could come with me? Maybe.
But then what would my friends say? So where's your head now, Popeye? They never say thank you.
Who's "they"? That woman? Oh, please.
You get plenty of thanks.
And besides, it doesn't matter what she did, it matters what you did.
Everyone else just stood there watching, while you did something.
And everyone's grateful for that, whether they say anything or not.
And while we're on the subject of doing things What's your endgame, anyway? My endgame? Well, if not prison or retirement, then how do you want all this to end for you? When will you ever be able to say "mission accomplished"? I owe too much to my team.
Yeah, but until when? Until you die? I mean, would that be the ideal way for you to end this? You know, a hero's exit.
Jumping on a grenade to save everybody.
(laughing): There are a lot worse ways to go than that.
You know, it reminds me Who was that old actress? Uh, I can't remember her name.
When she was near the end of her life, someone asked her if she wanted to be buried or cremated, and she said: "Just throw me into those bright lights, baby.
" (both laugh) Sound about right? Yeah, I like that.
(knocking on door) - Oh, good.
- Hey.
Burning the midnight oil.
I got your text.
You said to wait.
And it's only 10:30.
I hated running out on you like that.
Middle of a session.
Uh, no worries.
Emergencies happen.
So How is he? He? Right.
He's okay, but I'm here to finish with you.
Felt like you were on the verge of getting past your feelings about your daughter.
You want to talk here, or, please, let's grab a drink? No, please.
No drinks.
Talk here.
So where did we leave off? Well, right before my phone rang, you used the words, "I feel alone.
" (sighs) I don't think that's quite what I meant.
Then what did you mean? Um There's no one I can talk to.
I can't talk to my daughter at all.
Can't open up to my friends.
And the one person that I want to open up to the most I'm not sure they feel the same way I do, so "Feel the same way" as in You sure you don't want to grab that drink? (Bishop exhales) Uh Gibbs? What the hell? Oh, not the hair again.
BISHOP: Where have you been all day? I took some lost time.
- At the barber shop? - Nick.
What did I miss? Oh, not much.
Uh, yeah, no, just another day.
We get the bad guy? Actually, we Never mind.
It's, uh, too late, too long a story.
Yeah, and since we started out this day exhausted, um, you're gonna have to wait till tomorrow for an update.
All right.
Fair enough.
I'll see you then.
Anything else you want to talk about, boss? Uh, you tell me.
Anything we should talk about? Anything at all? No, sir.
Unless there's something that you want to talk about.
I'm good.
VANCE: Gibbs! Where the hell have you been? Leon, what? What's the matter? It's Fornell.
You need to get to Mercy Point Hospital.