NCIS s17e11 Episode Script

In The Wind

1 Previously on "NCIS" I heard Interpol arrested the last of Sahar's splinter group.
Her organization destroyed.
- Phineas's mom? - What did he do now? Phineas introduced himself to me this morning.
Phineas doesn't know about my custody battle with his father.
- (GRUNTS) - Who is Sahar? Where is she? She goes by Sarah.
She's got a kid.
- What's the kid's name? - (GRUNTS) Phineas.
MCGEE: We think she moved in next door to lie in wait for Ziva to come back.
Phineas was used to get close to you.
If something happens to her, I'll be alone.
PHINEAS: Jethro Gibbs? Are you there? (CRYING): Promise me you won't let her get hurt.
Did I wake you? No.
Did you tell him? (SIGHS) Yeah.
Is he all right? No.
(EXHALES) Let me come over.
Perhaps I could be - of some help with - No.
- No, we're good.
- Are you sure? - I could bring - Ziva, go to Paris.
See your family.
You've waited long enough.
I don't know what to say.
Nothing to say.
It's okay, really.
(PHONE BEEPING) Hey, uh, got another call coming in.
No, wait.
Gibbs, uh, - listen to me.
I-I - I got to go.
Take care of yourself.
No, no, no, wait.
Wait, I just Gibbs.
I wake you? No.
I haven't been able to go back to sleep since you called last night.
Let me come over.
Uh, no.
- I'm good.
- No, you're not.
And Phin's not.
He'll need psychological care, Gibbs.
(SIGHS) All right, fine.
Come on over.
Gonna check on him anyway.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) - Did you get caught in traffic? - I told you I couldn't sleep.
You want me to go up with you? No.
No, I do not.
Make yourself some coffee.
I got this.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Hey, Phin? - Phineas? - He's got to be here somewhere.
Phineas! Hey, Phineas! I don't see his backpack.
He dumped his books.
He took clothes.
SLOANE: And however much was in here.
Let's not panic.
He can't have got far on foot.
- I'll call - I'll call 911.
- I'm calling McGee.
- Local PD can start searching - a lot faster than we could.
- So what, Jack? So call 911.
Call everybody.
We need everybody.
SLOANE: You watch.
He's gonna turn up any second.
He can't get far on foot.
That's the tenth time you've said that.
Well, it bears repeating.
Just like this park.
This is the third time we've driven past it.
We used to play catch here all the time.
Did Phin say anything last night that might have suggested where he would go? Nothing.
Nothing obvious, maybe, but think.
How did he react when you told him about his mom? How do you think he reacted, Jack? I don't know.
You tell me.
Did he cry? - Well, hell yes, he cried.
- Okay, and then what? He Like, denial? Anger? After he cried, what happened then, Gibbs? He got scared, okay? Why do bad things always happen? They don't, Phin.
Yeah, they do.
My aunt not wanting me anymore.
- Your aunt? - I used to live with her and my uncle when I was little.
What about your dad? Did he kill my mom? - No.
- To get to me? No, he did not.
Mom says he's crazy.
Do I have to go live with my dad now? Not gonna happen.
How do you know? How did my mom die? Oh, Gibbs, I'm so sorry.
What happened then? He kicked me out.
He said he needed some space, some time alone, so I gave it to him.
And now he's gone.
(PHONE RINGS) Yeah, go, McGee.
You got both of us.
We're still at the house.
We got a BOLO out to every local agency, complete with photo.
What we need are more details.
Like, what was he wearing? Mm-hmm.
Gibbs, his clothes? Jack, how the hell do I know? Last night, it was pajamas.
They're just trying to get more information, okay? Boss, his backpack.
Do you remember what color it is? Uh blue.
Purple, maybe.
I-I don't know.
I-I don't I'm sorry.
I don't know.
Hey, hey, is-is Torres over there? MCGEE: No.
He, uh, he couldn't bear to stay.
He went out searching on his own.
He's got a thing about lost kids.
Yeah, don't we all.
BISHOP: So, obviously, no sign of him, huh? No, not yet.
We're driving past all the places that Phin went with Gibbs.
The-the playground, the softball field, the ice cream shop.
Uh, school's opening soon, so we're gonna - head over - I-I-Ice cream shop.
I dropped him off at a friend's house nearby.
Friend's name was Harry.
Harry or, uh - Herbie.
- (TIRES SQUEALING) Can we help you? Hey, you're Harry, right? Hurley.
You're Phin's friend? NCIS.
Special Agent Sloane.
Jethro Gibbs.
Phin's friend.
You know where he is? Who? Phineas? Why? What happened? At the moment, he's missing, ma'am.
That's terrible.
Is Sarah okay? Oh, no.
What is it? She didn't hit him, did she? What would make you say that? I don't know.
I-I hate to gossip.
- But? - But something's just off with her.
She's moody, distracted, barely nice enough.
Never comes to PTA.
Always somewhere more important to be.
Hey, Hurley, honey? You sure you don't know where he is? Uh, i-is Phin's mom really dead? - What? What? - Where'd you hear that? I promised I wouldn't tell.
Yeah, but, um, Hurley, we need to find him so we can help him.
You understand that? (EXHALES) Phin woke me up this morning wanting to buy my bike.
- He's on a bike? - I offered to lend it to him, but he was afraid he wouldn't be able to bring it back, so he wanted to give me the $14 he'd saved up.
Wait, is Sarah r-really? - I'm afraid so, ma'am.
- So I gave Phin my bike.
And don't get mad at me, Mom.
I felt sorry for him.
GIBBS: When was this? - Where was he going? - He didn't say.
I'm sorry.
It was real early.
- Still dark out.
- He's on a bike.
Which can take him a long way.
Thank you.
- Talk to me.
- BOLO's been updated to include an orange and yellow mountain bike.
- Try pinging his cell phone again.
- I did.
Been trying every ten minutes.
It's likely that Phin took out the SIM card.
Guess he learned a few things during his visit here.
Okay, Amber Alert's updated, too.
The police have checkpoints all over.
There's no way we won't find him.
Unless he's in hiding or he's being held someplace.
Okay, but let's not jump to worst-case scenarios just yet.
Why not? It doesn't get much worse than this.
He's nine years old.
He's out there on his own.
Even without some crazy-ass father - we know nothing about! - MCGEE: Boss, given what we now know about Sahar, Phin's dad may not be crazy at all.
Find his dad! Now! (EXHALES) - I have never seen him this bad.
- I'm sure few have.
He's pushing us away.
Hurting in such a big way right now.
But he had no choice in killing Sahar.
He knows that, right? Yes, but he also knows that he left a boy he cares a lot about without a mom.
It's not his fault.
She used her own son as cover.
None of which matters to him.
He's beating himself up, and if anything happens to this kid, it's just gonna get worse.
I, uh You're back.
We heard about Uh, are you okay? JIMMY: As you can see, I haven't started yet.
Virginia State Police only just gave us jurisdiction a couple hours ago, so You can skip cause of death.
I know what killed her.
JIMMY: Right.
Copy that.
I'm sure there's plenty more her body can tell us.
(QUIETLY): There's got to be.
We need something to tell us where Phineas went.
Anything? Gibbs, if it's there, we'll find it.
We promise.
- Where to, Gibbs? - Where's Victor? We cut him loose yet? The club owner? Yeah, we had to.
He lawyered up.
He's the only one who knows anything at all about Sahar.
- Let's go pay him a visit.
- I'll go.
You stay here.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What? - Hey, the team needs you.
- I'm better off alone.
- No, no, no, you're not.
Hey, Torres! Gibbs, don't give me this lone wolf stuff.
All right? Nobody's better off alone.
If there's a kid out there, you either take me along, or you fire my ass right now.
Come on.
Damn! Double damn! Ah, what the hell? You again? Joe! (GRUNTING) Oh, all right.
Slow down.
Slow down! Not the nose! (CHOKING) Sahar.
What else do you know? (CHOKING, WHEEZING) Nick.
(GASPS, PANTS) Look, I already told you all I know.
- Where is the kid? - Ah.
It's not my turn to watch him.
Go ask his mother.
She's dead.
You want to join her? What? S-Sahar is dead? That's big news.
I-I didn't know.
And I sure don't know where the kid is.
- What about the dad? - What about him? I don't know him.
(STRAINING): All right, look.
I know that I lied to you guys before, but - Yeah, you've lied quite a few times.
- (PHONE RINGS) - But I'm being honest.
- Yeah, Bishop.
- (VICTOR CHOKING) - Uh hey.
I don't know anything else about Sahar! (CHOKING CONTINUES) Is that Victor? Apple Pie says "hi.
" (SIGHS) What do you know? Pedestrian reported seeing a kid on an orange and yellow mountain bike, corner of Maple Street and Tenth.
We'll alert Maryland State Police and, uh Maple and Tenth.
Let's go.
Uh hello? Saved by the bell, Victor.
(GASPS) (COUGHING) Oh, yeah.
A lot of good you are.
That sounded perfectly legal.
What sounded perfectly legal? Nothing.
Uh, anything new on Sahar? Just background stuff.
Born in Palestine to British parents, educated in London, radicalized post-9/11.
- What about Phin's dad? - Mm-mm.
Still nothing.
No record of any custody battle involving Sahar.
She lied about everything else, so why not that? I'm thinking more and more, Phin might not even be her kid.
Nothing from the P.
camp? All I've confirmed is that Sahar spent 11 years there.
And just one month after she escaped, Eli David's farmhouse was blown up.
But Sahar clearly knew Ziva survived the blast, or none of this would be happening now.
Excuse me.
Uh, where are you going, Jack? We need more.
Someone to fill in the blanks on Sahar's prison time.
You know someone? Uh, Vance might know.
I managed to scare off a few delivery guys, but no orange and yellow bike.
All right.
Let's keep circling.
Man, I still can't believe how this woman got us.
How she fooled us, man.
I should have seen it.
- I should have.
- Oh, come on, man.
Not just you.
She used her own kid as cover.
- That's not even fair.
- There.
" Not even fair.
There! On the bike.
(GRUNTS) (GUTTURAL GASPING) Mind if I join you? This is Hurley's bike.
But not Phin's backpack.
Let me guess.
You're a doctor? Those ain't mine, man.
I found that backpack in a dumpster.
- Come on.
- (GROANS) - (GRUNTS) - A few things I miss about police work.
Dealing with idiots like you is not one of them.
- Where'd you get the bike? - Don't say you found it, either.
That I actually bought.
Just a little while ago, some kid.
What kid? Where's the kid?! Bus station on Willow! He was maybe nine, ten.
Said he needed money for a bus ticket, so I gave him 20 bucks for the bike.
Give this clown to the cops.
Meet you at the bus station.
- And I'll beat you there.
- I'm riding with you.
No, you're not.
I got all the help I need.
I'm not asking.
Do you really want to spend time arguing about this? Hey, don't! Just take her! - So much for Paris.
- I called McGee to say goodbye and, uh, he told me where to find you.
I know how much this boy means to you, Gibbs.
Paris can wait.
Thanks, Nick.
Keep us posted.
So, they found the bike, but no Phineas.
Why? What happened? Well, he didn't say, but they're chasing another lead now, - along with Ziva.
- I told her Gibbs didn't want company.
Yeah, like she'd listen? In that case, maybe we should all be out there searching.
We've already got every possible agency with the exception of the-the Boy Scouts of America out looking for this kid.
- Was Vance not helpful, Jack? - No, no, he was.
His contact in Damascus confirmed that Sahar did give birth in prison, but the baby was sent to an orphanage in Aleppo.
- And no mention of paternity? - Not a word.
And none of which helps us find Phineas.
Maybe not, but this might.
- What do you got, Kase? - A pendant Sahar was wearing.
I thought it was just jewelry.
Looks innocent enough.
- Not so innocent? - Not when I cracked it open.
It's a GPS receiver.
Nothing fancy.
Like the kind that finds my keys when I lose them every day.
I can't imagine Sahar knew about it.
She, of all people, would never want to be tracked.
And-and it wasn't just her.
This design.
This is two pieces of a friendship pendant, right? Exactly.
There's another half to that heart, and someone else is out there wearing it.
Like the father? Or Phineas? Any chance we can reverse engineer it, find out who's doing the tracking? Mm, that's a long shot.
Maybe, but I'm working on it.
WOMAN: Sure, I saw him.
Cute kid.
Wanted a ticket to Philly.
Of course, I couldn't sell it to him.
- Why not? - No unaccompanied minors.
I think he said something about his aunt meeting him here, so I told him to come back when she does.
- Is he still here? - MAN: No! You got it all wrong, Maureen.
Lenny, stay out of this, please.
Yeah, but that's not what the kid said.
You're talking about that kid that sold his bike, right? - Keep talking.
- Yeah, him.
He said he was going to visit his aunt in Philadelphia.
When Maureen said no, he gave money to some hippie girl to buy his ticket for him.
I'm pretty sure they got on the same bus.
Where's the bus to Philly now? Left about 20 minutes ago, and it's a local.
Should be pulling into Silver Spring pretty soon.
- 20 minutes.
- 15 on my bike.
Call Silver Spring, tell 'em to hold the bus.
Got a runaway on board.
Oh, my.
Now I'll stay out of this.
(SIGHS) It's gonna be all right, Gibbs.
The boy and the bus will be waiting when we get there.
You'll see.
Come on.
Talk to me.
I hope you're not blaming yourself for any of this.
Yeah? Who else you got? Me.
I brought this upon you.
And for that, I'm sorry.
That's me.
I'm sorry.
Sorry I didn't see what was right in front of me.
Sorry I brought this kid even into my That you ever let him into your heart? Is that what you're gonna say? We have suffered more broken hearts than most, Gibbs.
Enough to make us afraid to ever open them again.
Yeah, yeah, I just got your text.
It's not like I take calls while I drive.
Whose kid are you looking for? Phineas?! Have you seen this kid before? Have you seen this kid? Hey, have you seen this kid? - Oh, hey, you mean Phin? - You've seen him? Yeah.
I bought him a ticket to see his aunt.
- Cool kid.
Doesn't say much.
- Which way did he go? He went to get a soda.
He'll be back.
- What is it? - Block the back exits.
Phineas! Who is it you're looking for? The kid who just got off that bus.
We didn't see him, Gibbs.
Well, yeah, he was here.
I saw him leaving a minute ago.
- He left? - With his ride.
They drove off in a van.
I assumed it was his father.
KASIE: As you can see, the bus station surveillance system was state of the art when disco was king.
No, I need a clearer picture of his face, or the van's license plate, or both.
- Given the resolution, I can try - Kasie, get it done.
Uh, hey, Gibbs.
Did Kasie show you the pendant? It's a GPS tracker Sahar was wearing.
- Does it look familiar? - No.
Should it? Who-who was tracking her? Still working on that.
There'd likely be another half of this heart out there somewhere.
Maybe on Phineas? Well, if so, it may explain how this creep got to him before you did we.
Before we did.
No, you had it right the first time.
I want to know if that creep is Phineas's father or not.
Hey, let's check with the team, let Kasie get back to work.
SLOANE: Thanks, Kasie.
It'll all work out, Gibbs.
I promise.
So, how are you? You okay? Stop asking me that.
- No? - No! No.
I've got you and Kasie and Ziva and everybody else worrying about me, asking how I am.
Forget me.
Nobody ask me about me until we find that kid.
You got that? Hey, - I get that you're upset - Turn that back on.
but you need to stop snapping at people.
- You-you turn that back on.
- No.
We're all just trying to help you, and you're not letting us.
Hey, look at me.
Take a deep breath.
Okay? In through your nose.
(INHALES DEEPLY) Out through your mouth.
- I'll breath later.
- Right.
After we find the kid.
Got it.
Come on.
(INHALES) (EXHALES) "We'll see.
" - What's that? - Nothin'.
Not nothing.
You said, "We'll see.
" It's the last thing I said to Phineas, Jack.
Do you know what happened? Your mom got too close to bad people.
Someday you'll understand that better than you do now.
So what, then? What's gonna happen to me? Where will I go? You don't have to worry about that now.
But I have to.
- Phineas? - With my aunt? - Phineas - My dad? Where? Can I stay with you? We'll see.
"We'll see"? When my mom says that, it always means no.
All I had to do was say yes, he'd still be here.
Of course you couldn't say that.
- I just killed his mom! - And the last thing that he needed was you to make a promise that you couldn't keep.
- Yeah, maybe.
- No.
I know.
I also know you need to let yourself off the hook.
(SOFTLY): Hey.
Come here.
Come here.
After we find Phineas.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) And we will.
Miracles happen.
Not lately.
Wish she could have given us more.
This woman could only take.
I haven't seen Gibbs this shaken up since well, since you died, frankly.
Or pretended to.
He put on a brave front, but it crushed him.
Crushed us all.
I feel like I'm apologizing a lot today.
That's not why I'm telling you that.
If anything, I'm just happy to have you back among the living, finally get a fresh start.
I cannot help to wonder if the living will have me back.
Or if Tali will even recognize me.
What? Of course she will.
Ziva, Tony would never let her forget you.
I texted Tony after Sahar was killed.
To let him know that they were safe.
And, uh still no response.
I hate that.
If Breena doesn't return my text right away, I immediately picture her trapped under a pile of rubble, her cell phone just barely out of reach Wh-Which is not at all like your situation, - but we - (PHONE RINGING) Oop.
Speak of the devil.
Oh, it's not Breena.
It's Torres.
He wants another update.
Still out there, looking for that van.
- He does seem rather obsessed.
- Yeah.
I am not surprised.
Nick broke up a child trafficking ring.
This is years ago, he was still undercover.
But it really messed with his head.
That would explain it.
Yeah, he doesn't like to talk about it.
What? (CHUCKLES) You are still everyone's favorite confidant.
Oh (LAUGHS) I don't know about that.
I mean, if I am, I'm not a very good one.
- I mean, I just told you.
- And I will say nothing.
Because you, Jimmy, are a great and loyal secret keeper.
And a true friend.
Not the right time.
(BOTH LAUGHING) Look, we are just as frustrated, Gibbs.
I mean, whoever Phin's father is, he must be off the grid completely.
So, all of those custody battles Were likely an excuse to search for Ziva and do other bad things.
This aunt Phin told everybody about, from Philly.
He also mentioned an uncle.
We found no living aunt.
But we can search for an uncle.
There has to be a connection.
Welcome back, Gibbs.
How are you? You doing okay? Hey, Leon, any more word from Damascus? That's why I'm here.
My contact found a worker at the American embassy there who just might have a story to tell.
Jack, Gibbs, MTAC.
Let's go.
Before we speak, I must be assured that Sahar is absolutely dead.
Well, we can't drag her body up here, but we can send you pictures.
She's no one to joke about, sir.
Yeah, we know.
How'd you know her? I once worked at a P.
camp, where I observed her from a safe distance.
Then you know she had a child.
Any idea who the father is? That would be Ahmet, the lead guard.
They had an arrangement until Sahar became pregnant.
She thought bearing his child, little Fahim, would gain her privileges.
But instead, little Fahim was sent to an orphanage, correct? - Yes.
This part you know.
- Yes.
That had to hurt.
So severely that when she escaped years later, she stabbed Ahmet through the heart.
Many times.
- And the baby? - I only know rumors.
Missionaries took many children from the orphanage as the war intensified.
They say Fahim ended up in the American foster care system, and that is where Sahar went to find him.
So, Fahim became Phineas, and this aunt must be a foster parent.
I still have some contacts at the adoption agency.
Maybe they can help us locate the foster family.
Go, go.
So, where'd you pick up these rumors? Perhaps I've said too much.
Why? Who are you afraid of now? (DOOR CLOSES) Ahmet has a brother.
A Libyan gangster named Hassan Sayegh.
He put up a bounty years ago.
$1 million American on the head of Sahar and the return of his nephew.
If he's behind Sahar's death, then perhaps he already has the boy? GIBBS: Hey, McGee.
I got a new name for you.
All right, fire away.
What do you got? First name is Hassan.
Last name is Sayegh.
Hassan Sayegh.
Libyan gangster? - Ziva, hey, you know him? - I know of him.
Many people do, and not for good reason.
BISHOP: Uh, Gibbs, what about him? GIBBS: He may be the one who's after Phineas.
I got it! The bus station video.
I couldn't get the license plate, but I got a clear shot of the guy, and facial recognition gave us a name.
BISHOP: Victor, the club owner? Ziva, let's go.
- Uh, yeah, Gibbs, I'm coming, too.
- No, you're not.
You're staying here.
You get Victor's photo to TSA.
McGee, you tell Torres to meet us at Victor's club.
- On it.
- And why couldn't you go? Because Gibbs knows that I'd kill him.
Try again, Joe.
- Where's Victor?! - GIBBS: Let him up.
What's up with you and my neck, man? What's with Victor? Where is he? I swear, I don't know.
No one knows anything around here.
I know Victor don't pay me enough for this amount of abuse.
It could get a lot worse.
Victor lies.
Okay? He lies a lot.
- He lie about knowing the kid? - Yeah, yeah, he knew the kid.
He was always sucking up to Sahar, giving her little gifts.
Trying to get closer to both of them.
- Gift, like a pendant? - What pendant? GPS.
Did he give her one? Damned if I know.
He was checking some app on his phone a whole lot.
You know, between all the calls.
- What calls? - Again, I don't know.
But he made a bunch of 'em after you left.
When did he leave? A couple hours ago.
Still checking his phone and talking smack.
What kind of smack? About how rich he was gonna get.
Told us to hold down the club while he went out and scored a cool mil.
The Libyan gangster, how much did he say? - A million.
- Libyan gangster? The one who might have Phineas by now.
BISHOP: I can't believe this guy lied to our faces again and again.
And the moment he heard Sahar was dead, he got on the phone with Hassan to make a deal.
Boss, hey, just letting you know we have found no outgoing flights to any Middle Eastern countries tonight.
But we've alerted TSA at every airport just the same.
GIBBS: Okay, McGee.
You hear that? What? Yes.
Sorry, I was just, uh, thinking.
Yeah? Thinking about what? Well, a lot of things, but, uh, mainly how things come full circle.
I killed Ari to save you.
You killed Sahar to save me.
It's hard to believe that it's all coming to an end.
That when we find this boy, I will be free.
That true? You don't seem so free to me.
Well, I've been preoccupied with things I have to I think it's something else.
ALL THESE YEARS, YOU'VE HAD ONE GOAL: to reunite with your family.
- You put that off for me? - Well You know damn well I don't need the help.
All right, you got me, Gibbs.
There is another reason that I'm still trying to figure out.
I have spent years looking over my shoulder.
You know, like a combat vet.
Trying to return to some sense of normal.
As a mother, as a partner.
But can I? Sure, you can.
No, I'm not so sure.
My anxiety did not die with Sahar.
What if I'm too damaged to go back to who I was? DiNozzo knows you're coming, right? Well, that's another issue.
Yes, I called him, and I left him a message.
But, um, as of now, I have yet to hear from (PHONE CHIMES) What is it? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
It's it's Tali.
(CHUCKLING) It's Tali.
It's (CHUCKLES) Look at her.
Oh, she's so she's so big and she's so beautiful.
I guess Tony didn't feel safe enough to send it up until now.
I love you, Ima.
We miss you.
I love you, too.
(CHUCKLING) Ziva, look at me.
You're ready.
Boss, someone just booked two tickets to Montreal, with a connection to Cairo from there.
- Someone? - Passports show a father and son, but the seats were paid for with a company credit card from Victor's club.
Flight leaves Oakton Regional Airport in 30 minutes.
- GIBBS: Alert TSA.
- (PHONE RINGS) We're close to Oakton.
BISHOP: We'll meet you there.
Yes? Uh, oh, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
- Hey, Jack, let's go.
- You coming? Um, I can't.
I got to take this.
Just go.
Go get him.
Thanks for holding.
The reason I called PHINEAS: Where are you taking me? Just going on a great adventure, kid.
Be grateful.
Your uncle might even pull you into the family business.
My uncle lives in Philly.
Not your real uncle Hassan.
He's gonna meet you in Cairo and then take you to a cool place called Libya.
I'm not going to Libya! Hey.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, buddy.
(QUIETLY): Now, what did I say before? You make a scene, you do something stupid, I will kill you right here, little man.
You feel me? Okay.
(CHUCKLES) - You got here fast.
- Where to? Where are they? - Where's international TSA? - Through there.
Will you and your son be visiting Cairo for long Mr.
Halabi? Uh, Halabi, yes.
A couple weeks, maybe.
Have you been to Cairo before? He's a little shy.
All that "stranger danger" I teach him.
Okay then.
Why don't we have you go on through the X-ray.
- Off you go, buddy.
- Sir, hold right here.
- Sorry.
- Take off your bag.
Go ahead.
(BEEPING) Come on back.
Anything in your pockets? Any change? You wearing a belt? Scan, please.
Where the hell did that come from? What do you mean, Dad? You told me to hold it for you.
Where's the flight to Montreal? She's okay.
We're looking for a father and son traveling together.
Phineas! Jethro Gibbs! (CHUCKLING): Hey.
Oh, got you.
We got you.
Ow, you're crushing my ribs.
You okay? You're okay.
- Did he hurt you? - He tried to.
- But I stopped him.
- Wait, what do you mean? How? RULE NINE: always carry a knife.
Just like you told me.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, you really messed up, Victor.
Hey, hey, hey.
Just keep your hands to yourself.
My lawyer's already on his way.
- Is that true? - No.
We haven't called anyone.
- Another lie, huh? - Go to hell.
What's this? That's for your boss.
- So your boss can find me.
- Find you for what? - For this.
- Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey.
No, no, no.
He's not worth it.
VICTOR: Yeah, Apple Pie to the rescue, huh? (CHUCKLES MOCKINGLY) Not to you, anyway.
(GRUNTS, GROANS) I was just so mad, Jethro Gibbs, and scared.
I didn't know what to do or where else to go.
I know.
We all feel like that sometimes.
You had a good reason.
(SIGHS) I shouldn't have asked.
You know, to move in with you.
You and me, Phin, we've been through a lot.
And I don't want to make you any promise I can't keep.
You made it a long way on your own.
I mean, the-the bike and the bus and Philly.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) Still think your, uh your aunt lives in Philly? I was hoping.
I was with Aunt Micki and Uncle George since before I can remember.
Until they didn't want me anymore.
Wait, wait, wait.
Who told you that? Mom did.
Hey, Phin.
Maybe she only told you that so you wouldn't miss them so much.
It didn't work.
I think about them every time Mom got mad or had to go away.
I was hoping, once they heard what happened and if I promised to be good, they might take me back.
Oh, I have a feeling they would.
Aunt Micki? - Phineas.
- (CHUCKLES): There he is.
(CHUCKLES) Oh! Are you okay? Are you all right? You know there hasn't been a moment that we haven't missed you.
But Mom said No.
She was mistaken, sweetheart.
- We've prayed every day for this day.
- (CHUCKLES) You got so big, Phin.
You, too, Uncle George.
(LAUGHS) Come on.
Bring it in.
- (CHUCKLES) - Oh.
(GRUNTS) (QUIETLY): How did you find them? (WHISPERS): Miracles happen.
Daddy says come visit, Uncle Tim, so I can meet my cousins and play.
(CHUCKLES) Cute kid.
Cute? She's adorable.
Delilah's never been to Paris.
I have, if you need any help with the twins.
I am just saying.
Daddy says come visit, Uncle Tim Gibbs says great things about you, Jack Sloane.
And from what you accomplished today Hey, it's days like these that make the bad days worthwhile, right? You can say that again.
Thank you for taking care of his heart.
We take care of each other's.
You take good care of yours.
And thank you for arranging my flight so quickly, Director.
Tell Ducky that I will call him when I am settled.
Will do.
Godspeed, Agent David.
Old habits.
Take care.
You, too.
JIMMY: Let's go.
Your chariot awaits.
A ride to the airport? Now, that is a real friend.
Oh, I'm charging her.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) Bonne chance, légende.
Ah, très genti, mon amie Kasie.
Merci, I think.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) Agent Torres, come over here, please.
If my child ever went missing, God forbid, you'd be the person I'd want searching.
Well, thanks.
My only regret is that we never had that rematch.
I was hoping for that, too.
Since you let me win.
Aha! Hello? Didn't I tell everyone? I let her win.
Had to get him started, huh? (QUIETLY): Tell her how you feel, you wuss.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, tell Tony I'm waiting for my video.
Oh, I'm sure he'll send it to you.
And, Agent Bishop, if I may, you have not filled my shoes you have overgrown them.
Odette will be ready when you are.
- A handshake.
- Mm-hmm.
I will miss you most of all, Scarecrow.
Wizard of Oz.
Tony would be so proud.
See you soon.
I'll see you very soon, Dorothy.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Can't be late.
Let's go.
Oh, good.
- I thought I missed you.
- (CHUCKLES) Well, I know you hate goodbyes.
I trust Phineas is okay? Yeah.
He'll be fine.
I don't know what to say.
Nothing to say.
You're ready.
I am ready.
(WHISPERS): We're always here for you.
Don't make us come looking.