NCIS s17e12 Episode Script

Flight Plan

287 Mother, position and hold on deck.
287, position and hold.
302 Mother, come around to heading 080.
302 Mother.
302, please ident.
Sir, we may have something brewing.
Who is it? Weeks.
On a post-maintenance check flight.
She's gone wandering.
What is she doing way out there? Don't know, sir.
She's nonresponsive.
302 Mother.
Weeks, are you there? 305 Mother, we have a situation here.
Need you to vector to 230 and check on Weeks.
I don't have the fuel to get out there and back.
Garcia, what's her heading? Bearing 260.
Speed, 700 knots.
Altitude, 18,000 and descending.
Descending? Weeks, Mother.
Switch to guard freq and squawk if you hear me.
Flight deck in starboard.
Rescue and assistance teams to the ready room.
Flight deck, prepare the starboard.
Rescue and assistance teams to the ready room.
Commander, we may have an unconscious pilot up there.
- Heading? - East-southeast.
Altitude 8,000 and dropping.
She'll hit the mainland in 90 seconds.
Weeks? Commander May.
Need you to wake up, Lieutenant.
Sir, if she's hypoxic, we should implement the White Knife protocol.
We're not shooting down my pilot.
- Sir, we need to - Give it a minute.
Weeks, talk to me.
Sir, she will be over a population center in 40 seconds.
- Weeks, talk to me.
- Pull up.
- Pull up.
- I'm sorry.
- Rebecca! - Pull up.
Pull up.
Weeks, you there? Say again.
We've lost radar contact.
Aircraft impacted the ocean.
She bail out? She eject? No, sir.
So the guy honks, and it's not even my fault, but the ambulance he didn't even have his lights on.
- Hmm.
- Yeah? That's it? That's all you're gonna give me? That's a funny story, Tim.
All you give me is "yeah"? You've said two words this morning.
Yeah, sorry, I got I got a lot on my mind.
Hey, listen, I'm here if you want to talk.
I appreciate that, but, uh, I don't really want to get into it, you know.
Besides, Bishop is, like, right there, so What did she do? She didn't do anything.
I'm getting a vasectomy.
Oh, oh.
I'm sorry.
No, don't be sorry.
It's a good thing.
Getting surgery is a good thing? Getting surgery down there I know where they do it, Nick.
- And you still said yes? - Yes.
Yeah, you know, Delilah and I decided one set of twins is enough.
I mean, we-we had a scare last month, so Why can't she do it? I would never ask her to do something like that.
So she said no, huh? Decisively.
But what if they like, snip on the wrong wire? It's not a bomb, Nick.
Besides, there's no knives involved.
I chose the "no scalpel" option.
How are they gonna cut anything without a knife? I'm not sure.
Science? Bishop, grab your go bag.
F-18 went down in the Atlantic.
Helo's waiting.
Uh, where to? The Franklin Roosevelt.
You two stay here, dig up all you can on the pilot.
Lieutenant Rebecca Weeks.
Lieutenant Weeks was the best I had.
Brilliant pilot, highly decorated, on a routine training mission on a perfect day for flying.
- She wasn't able to eject? - No, ma'am.
Any idea why? She had to be suffering from hypoxia.
Lack of oxygen? That's the only explanation that makes sense.
The on board oxygen generating system malfunctions, things can go south fast.
She make a distress call? No, sir, but hypoxia can make a pilot become disoriented, confused or unconscious.
We understand that she said "I'm sorry" before the accident, - so she wasn't unconscious then.
- Correct.
Any other idea why she might have apologized? I know what you're thinking, and I'll stop you right there.
She was not the type of person to commit suicide.
I didn't know suicide had a type.
We'll need the cockpit recording, Commander, and the telemetry.
You got it.
Listen, Lieutenant Weeks was not just my pilot, she was a family friend.
Anything you need, just ask.
Lieutenant Logan is Weeks' bunkmate.
- She'll take you the rest of the way.
- Yes, sir.
Thank you, Commander.
Follow me, please.
We're sorry about what happened.
Thank you, ma'am.
You have not been in your quarters since the accident, Lieutenant? No, sir.
Orders were to wait until you arrived.
- Weeks, talk to me.
- Pull up.
Pull up.
I'm sorry.
- Rebecca.
- Pull up.
Pull - That's it? - That's it.
14 seconds later, the F-18 hit the ocean.
Have they found the wreckage yet? Still looking.
What are you sorry about, Lieutenant? - Maybe the dead guy in her bunk? - Right.
What do we know about the victim? Well, Petty Officer First Class Fisher Patrick.
21 years old, ship quartermaster.
Jimmy choppered him back to NCIS this morning.
Torres is talking to his mother now.
Any connection between him and Lieutenant Weeks? Well, their duties didn't overlap, so they wouldn't have crossed paths, but they lived on the same ship, so it's possible - they knew each other.
- Oh, they knew each other.
They were dating.
His mom said they kept their relationship a secret.
Ah, because officers dating enlisted is prohibited.
So are we talking murder-suicide? Or suicide-suicide.
Let's see what Palmer has to say.
- He's done with the autopsy.
- Okay.
I know, but swollen glands are completely normal.
I tell you what, just pump her full of fluids and if she spikes above 103, just give me a call.
Yeah, love you.
- Hey.
Everything okay? - Yeah, Victoria's running a fever, and Breena's stressing out.
She just wants to make sure she's doing everything right.
- You know? - Yeah, I get it.
Good thing she's got a doctor on call, huh? You guys ever-ever think about giving her a younger sibling? You know, it's funny you mention that.
It's not like we're advertising it or anything, but I think we're gonna try for one more before I close up shop.
Good for you.
That's great.
Let me ask you, uh, closing up shop Is that as easy as, uh, doctors say? You're thinking of doing it.
Well, no, I'm not just thinking about it, I'm actually I'm actually doing it.
Had a conversation with Torres earlier, and it kind of made me fidgety.
Oh, don't listen to Torres.
He probably read that clickbait horror story online about the guy with the weird complication.
What-what guy with the weird complication? I wouldn't look it up.
The point is male sterilization is simple, and it is safe.
I mean, you probably won't even miss a full day of work, Tim.
Oh, that's great.
Thank you, Jimmy.
Um, when they say they say no scalpel, they mean no scalpel, right? Oh, right.
Yeah, yeah.
The doctors use a clamp and a needle It's actually really neat.
- I can show you - No, I'm good, I'm good.
I'm good.
No demonstration needed.
Thank you, though.
Let's, uh, let's-let's talk about this guy for a minute.
Gladly, yes.
Uh, Petty Officer Patrick died of a cardiac arrest caused by a massive amount of oxycodone.
How massive? He had over 300 milligrams in his system.
That's a lot of pills.
Yeah, that is way more than a recreational dose.
So what do you think, suicide or homicide? See, that he is not telling me.
But if I had to venture a guess, I would lean towards homicide.
- Why is that? - His stomach contents.
He had bacon, eggs, avocado, potatoes and cantaloupe.
Well, maybe he just wanted one last meal.
Yeah, maybe, but I've seen my share of poison suicides down here, and they rarely eat beforehand.
Interferes with the poison.
"Take one tablet every four to six hours as needed for the pain.
" Well, we know where he got the oxy from.
His girlfriend.
Those pills beige? Yeah.
How'd you know that? Well, this was in her lockbox.
Is that oxy in powder form? Same color powder on this.
Makeshift pill crusher.
Uh, yeah, come on in.
Excuse me.
You wanted to see me? Yeah, uh, Lieutenant, we just, uh we have a few questions to ask you about your bunkmate.
Uh, I don't want to say anything bad.
What does that mean? - I'm gonna go see the commander.
- Okay.
You two chat.
Listen, Harper, we're just trying to figure out what happened here.
We already know that Weeks and Petty Officer Patrick were dating.
I would help her sneak him in some nights.
He's not allowed on O-1.
Any problems in their relationship? I didn't think so, not until they broke up last week.
Who ended it? He dumped her.
Told her she was too old for him.
Oh, wow.
She was pretty pissed off.
Pissed off enough to kill him? Wait, Fisher was murdered? It's looking like that, yeah.
What? Lieutenant, if you know something, now is the time to say it.
It's just, she told me that he was going to be very sorry for dumping her.
They're en route to the crash site.
Awaiting your orders.
Okay, expand the search grid three miles northeast.
Yes, sir.
Any luck finding the wreckage? Yes.
Parts of a wing.
We've been combing the ocean all day and the biggest piece we found is 18 inches long.
That aircraft was obliterated.
You know, in the back of my mind, I was holding out hope that somehow Weeks survived the crash, but finding pieces that small How's your investigation going topside? Coming along.
The hell was he doing in Weeks' bunk? You didn't know they were a couple? No.
Why was Weeks prescribed oxycodone last month? She took a hard landing.
Harness jammed her shoulder real good.
Did the petty officer OD on oxy? Could he have drugged Weeks before her flight? That could explain the crash.
Or it was the other way around she drugged him.
If you're implying Lieutenant Weeks killed that sailor, you're way off-base.
I won't let you disparage her good name, not in this room, and not on this ship.
I have work to do.
- What's up? - Nick, look at this.
When a pilot ejects, they experience the greatest g-forces ever felt by a human.
Up to 22 times the force of gravity.
It's like hitting a brick wall of air.
Ejecting can break bones, it can injure spines, it can damage lungs.
Yeah, it beats the alternative, though.
Oh, exactly.
Most pilots survive ejection, which is all that matters.
Hey, why are you showing me this? Lieutenant Weeks didn't eject.
No, she absolutely did not eject.
Except I think she did.
- What? Why? - Okay.
In an F-18, when a pilot ejects, an electronic locator starts transmitting, so rescuers can find them.
No, the Navy said that didn't happen.
It didn't because according to the telemetry, she disengaged that transmitter right before she crashed.
You're saying she did that on purpose? Absolutely.
She would've had to cut a wire under her seat.
Why would she do that? I can only think of one reason why she'd want to eject below radar without anyone knowing.
To fake her own death.
That water is ice-cold.
Well, yeah, it's winter.
I don't know, man.
It's a long way for someone to swim in freezing water.
Well, she wouldn't have had to swim.
Ejection kits come included with, uh, one-man inflatable rafts, and SR-2 survival vests.
The Navy thinks of everything.
Hey, man, I just wanted to say, uh, I'm sorry about making such a big deal about your surgery.
I'm sure it's gonna be fine.
Appreciate that.
I just think it's weird, man.
I'm just thinking about somebody messing around down there, you know? Remember that movie, um Edward Scissorhands? Why would you put that image in my head? I'm just saying that's the image in my head.
Well, now it's in my head, okay? What's in your head? Oh, great.
You guys made it.
Ship was in Norfolk, we drove straight here.
Talk to me, McGee.
Well, Navy pinpoints the crash site at about 4.
2 miles southeast of here.
Kasie and I took a look at the tide charts, guesstimate the lieutenant came ashore right around this stretch of the beach.
Assuming she survived the ejection.
She survived.
Something was dragged through here.
Yeah, here's the flight suit.
Oh, still damp.
Here's a survival vest, flares, smoke signals, unused.
She didn't want to attract attention.
Yeah, which is why she buried everything.
Not everything.
Supposed to be a Glock in that vest.
All right, now she's got a gun.
Uh, I've got a map of the area Closest town is four miles away.
Likely on foot.
Where's the nearest structure? Stand by.
Okay, so there's a bait and tackle shop half a mile up the road.
Hey, Nick, you're with me.
McGee, Bishop, check out the area.
You got it, boss.
Well, I don't see any security cameras anywhere.
What? - You okay? - Well, yeah.
Why? I heard you and Torres whispering about surgery.
Oh, geez.
It's-it-it-it's so not a big deal.
It's nothing.
I appreciate your concern, Bishop, - okay? But - No buts, okay? You can't tell Torres and not me.
I've known you longer.
You're right.
I'm getting a procedure done, okay? An elective operation to rectify a situation with, um I'm gonna go look over there for a second.
Oh Oh.
Hey, McGee.
She was here, all right.
You talk to her, Mr.
Douglas? Ah, you call me Bobby Dale.
Uh, yeah, we spoke.
Um, nice young lady.
She little bit strange.
- Strange how? - Poor thing was cold and wet.
Said she went swimming in the ocean, you believe that? This time of year.
She come alone? Yep.
Alone and on foot.
Told you, strange.
I didn't know she was military, otherwise I'd have given her a discount.
What'd she buy? Oh, she bought herself a jacket, of course, and then, um, some snacks, a local map, uh, couple other things.
Tell me, what'd she do to get herself caught up in NCIS? That one.
- What else she buy? - Um, well, she bought herself a flathead screwdriver, copper wire, and electrical tape.
What, "uh-oh"? You happen to drive a motorcycle? Yeah, how the hell did you know that? I caused a lot of trouble with those three things as a kid.
Oh, come on, man.
What'd we miss? Weeks was here.
She hot-wired his motorcycle.
Checkpoints at five-mile intervals on Highway 12.
All bridges from the Outer Banks to the mainland shut down.
- Yes, sir.
- Your fugitive is a murder suspect, armed with a Glock and riding a red Honda SR-400 motorcycle.
Her name is Lieutenant Rebecca Weeks.
- Got it.
- Sir? Secretary Leo.
I'll be with her in a moment.
She's trapped on an island, Colonel.
I expect North Carolina Highway Patrol to make sure she stays there.
We'll find her.
Madam Undersecretary, thank you for waiting.
I thought this pilot was dead.
That's exactly what she wanted us to think, ma'am.
Turns out she ejected before the plane crashed.
Which means she used a $60 million government warplane as her personal getaway vehicle.
It appears so.
Is this connected in any way to the murdered petty officer from the ship? She's our number-one suspect, ma'am.
Well, it's one big damn mess.
And we'll clean it up, ma'am.
Our people are closing in.
I should have her in custody very soon.
- Call me the minute you do.
- Will do.
I like your confidence, Leon.
Fake it till you make it, Jack.
What do you got? The lieutenant's file.
I think I know where she's going next.
Bring it.
She needs an ally, right? Someone she can trust.
But she's from Tennessee, and she's trapped in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Right, but when she applied for officer candidate school, she submitted a letter of character from her godfather, a former Navy pilot himself.
And guess where he lives.
The Outer Banks of North Carolina.
I'll call Gibbs.
I already did.
Well done, Jack.
- Can I help you folks? - Where is she? Well, good afternoon to you, too.
Not really.
Maybe we should start with introductions.
My name is Jack Navy Lieutenant Commander Jack Briggs, retired.
Special Agent Bishop, this is Gibbs, McGee, and that is Torres.
We have reason to believe that your goddaughter, Lieutenant Rebecca Weeks, is on your property.
My, oh, my, you seem to have brought the whole posse.
Well, you can search the house, th there's fresh lemonade in there.
You can help yourself to it if you've a mind.
Commander Briggs.
Is she here or not? She was here.
Now she's gone.
Where? I didn't ask.
And she didn't say.
Well, she's not gonna get far.
Every road off this island is blocked.
Hey, Gibbs? She's still here.
You're not gonna catch her, you know.
She's way too smart.
Check the house.
You know lying to federal agents is a crime? Well, son, I'll tell you, I don't give a hot damn.
She's innocent.
She didn't kill her boyfriend.
And if you want to arrest me then arrest me.
I didn't have much else to do today.
Put him in the car.
Uh, what is that? That is why Rebecca came here today.
Stay with him.
Yes, Madam Secretary, we thought we had her surrounded.
Uh, she Have we found the plane yet? Uh, not yet.
But, uh, she didn't exactly leave a flight plan, so You have a nice day, too.
She didn't really say "Have a nice day," did she? So where's our pilot, Agent McGee? And please don't say you don't know.
Well, what we do know is the maximum range of the aircraft, given a full tank, is about 700 miles.
So we're talking anywhere from east of the Mississippi to where she grew up in Tennessee? Yeah.
We've notified the FAA, put a BOLO out at all the private airfields, so when the plane lands, we will know.
And her godfather isn't talking? Well, Gibbs and Bishop decided to stay back in North Carolina, see what he has to say, but so far he just keeps saying she's innocent.
Oh, innocent people don't steal motorcycles and commandeer planes.
If she didn't kill her boyfriend, why is she running? Yeah.
All right, is that it, Director? No.
Please close the door.
Agent McGee, um, have you Have you been discussing your private medical decisions at work? W Uh once.
I brought it up.
It was actually more like three times.
Um counting now.
This-This is the fifth time.
Please don't bring it up again.
It's just, um Agent McGee? You're gonna be fine.
A little discomfort for a few days, but then you'll be back in the saddle.
Wait, you Mm-hmm.
Oh, my God, that is such a relief to hear.
Wow, did-did you do the, the non-scalpel method or-or with the scalpel? - Both.
- W Y Why'd you do it twice? My boys went down swinging.
Oh, my.
Wow, how'd you find out it didn't work the first time? When Jackie got pregnant with our son.
- Jared was an oops? - Yep.
Best mistake we ever made.
We found the plane.
Where? In Tennessee? Not even close.
Fairfield, North Carolina, and she landed on a small airstrip about an hour ago.
Any sign of the lieutenant? A mechanic saw her land, but by the time he saw our BOLO, she was long gone.
All right, uh, Fairfield We can be there in about an hour.
I'll tell the mechanic you're on your way.
So, she had a plane.
She could have flown anywhere.
Why a tiny town 30 miles away from where she took off? Yeah, it's Gibbs.
Hello? Is this the agent I saw at my godfather's house? Weeks? Yeah.
Thanks for not shooting me.
I probably would've missed.
How'd you get this number? I called your office.
They transferred me.
I didn't kill Fisher.
Uh, okay.
Tell me what happened.
I got a couple things to do first.
In Fairfield? You found the plane.
Well, you knew we would.
What are you doing in Fairfield? Your job.
Yeah? What job is that? Weeks? Hello.
Weeks, you still here? Nah, she ended the call before we could trace it.
No, line's still open.
She never hung up.
She wants us to trace the call.
So I come back from dinner, I find my front door bashed open, and my paperwork all over the place.
She didn't find the cashbox, but she did find these keys and took one.
And she walked out the door.
You want to see the rest, uh, be my guest.
All right.
There she goes.
She gets into that car.
Puts it in reverse, and backs right into my tow truck.
Thanks very much, lady.
Then she puts it in drive, guns the engine, and crashes right through my front gate.
This kind of crap is why I left New Jersey.
Who's car was that? Some guy with too many parking tickets.
I impounded it yesterday.
Okay, I don't get it.
She trades in her plane for a car that she breaks into a junkyard to steal, and then she leads us here? Hey, I-I didn't touch that phone, if you're gonna dust for fingerprints or something.
Oh, no, thank you.
We-we already know who it is.
- You do? - Mm.
Oh, you guys are good.
Hey, tell her to bring back that car.
It's not about the Subaru.
Rewind the video.
Find out what else she did while she was here.
What? Breaking and entering is not enough for you two? Right there.
Play it.
What's she doing? She's taking something from under the hood.
I can't make out what it is.
Whose car is that? I don't know.
She stole the paperwork.
Well, try to remember.
That's a junker.
Brought it in last month.
Some driver wrapped it around a tree.
It's worthless.
Not worthless to her.
Are you guys hearing me? I really don't care about that piece of junk.
What about the Subaru that she drove off in? And the hole in my gate? And what about the dent in my tow truck? Get that car back to NCIS.
Find out what she took and why.
Gladly, all we need's a tow truck.
You got to be kidding me, right? Kasie? Under here.
You find out what the pilot Damn, what happened here? This is what happens to a junkyard car.
It's raided for parts.
But what part did Weeks actually steal? Exactly.
But I have persevered, and watched that surveillance video 47 times, and I think I figured it out.
She took the engine control system.
All right, pretend I don't know what that is.
Thought you were a gearhead.
- Classic cars only.
- Ah.
Well, the ECS is the car's on board computer system.
It allows its various electronics to talk to each other.
All right, but why would a killer break into a junkyard to steal that? I don't know.
But I know why she was interested in this car.
You ran the VIN number? I did.
The last owner was a Navy commander named Marshall May.
That's Weeks' CO.
The one and only.
- Well, he got into a terrible wreck.
- Uh, wasn't him.
He was deployed at the time at the time of the accident.
His wife Jill was driving.
Is she okay? No.
She died.
Oh, this is making my head hurt.
Why is Weeks digging into her CO's wife's death? Well, when she called Gibbs and said she was doing our job, maybe this is the job she was talking about.
Job's already done, though.
We have a police report in here that says the car crash was an accident.
Maybe Weeks doesn't agree.
What is she doing, conducting her own investigation? While she's already on the run for murder? Well, what's to investigate? "Driver lost control of vehicle and sideswiped a tree, killing her instantly.
" It says it was a one-car accident.
That thing that Weeks took from the car.
- The engine control system.
- Yeah, wha-what - does that do, McGee? - Well, the ECS is the brains of the vehicle.
It controls everything electronic, the air conditioning, radio, power steering.
Power steering.
What about the brakes? Sure.
Why? In the police report, it says there was no skid marks.
What are you thinking, the ECS failed? Or someone made it fail.
The ECS is a computer, and computers can be hacked.
So I saw this thing online last week where two high school students hacked their principal's car and drove it onto the football field.
Maybe Weeks thinks the commander's car got hacked.
She took the ECS to prove it.
Uh, uh, this is all speculation.
And let's not forget we're talking about a woman who killed her boyfriend, crashed a plane and then faked her own death.
Let's go get her.
Got a hit on the Subaru she stole from the junkyard.
Where's it at, boss? Norfolk.
Pier 90.
Wha That's where the aircraft carrier's docked.
Why would a killer return to the scene of the crime? Maybe she's not done killing.
McGee, notify the captain.
Warn him about Weeks.
Agent Gibbs.
Any sign of Lieutenant Weeks? No.
Thank you for the warning, but we don't believe she boarded.
This way.
She could have boarded before we called you.
Her ID was tagged.
We would have been notified.
Well, we've discovered she's quite resourceful.
Which is why we locked down the ship.
All sailors are confined to their quarters.
No one on or off.
Do you have that list we requested? Yes.
Everyone who swiped their ID in the past 12 hours.
Commander May.
He knows we want to talk to him? I told him myself.
Commander May, this is the captain.
Are you sure he was in here? I just talked to him.
He was sitting right there, working on his laptop.
Now they're both gone.
Hey, Gibbs, take a look at this.
So Petty Officer Sandra Stevens boarded right before the ship was locked down.
I'm calling him.
- She looks a lot like Weeks.
- Which got me curious enough to look her up.
According to Stevens' ESR, she's on medical leave in San Diego.
Weeks posed as Stevens.
She's on board.
Call went straight to voice mail.
We can find them.
Officers can search every compartment.
We don't have that kind of time.
His laptop can you trace it? The ship's Wi-Fi was shut down.
We need 20 minutes to reboot.
I know another way.
But it'll take an electromagnetic sensor configured to look for a Bluetooth signal.
- Do it.
- Yep.
Come on, Commander.
We're running out of time.
Weeks, please.
Hi, Agent Gibbs.
Don't do it.
You're early.
I don't have his password yet.
I need you to drop your weapon.
Not until I have his password.
Here's the engine control system.
It proves that his wife's car was hacked.
Now all I need is his password to prove that he did it.
How dare you say that? Jill had an accident.
Then give me your damn password.
Get back.
Don't come any closer.
I am putting my weapon down, Lieutenant.
It's okay, McGee.
It is okay.
Got a predicament, Lieutenant.
You shoot me, Agent McGee shoots you, neither one of us are gonna know what's on that laptop.
It's your choice.
She's lost it.
She's a lunatic.
You saw her.
I thought you said she was your best pilot.
And a family friend.
That was before she aimed a gun at my head and accused me of murder.
Agent Gibbs, did you check the commander's laptop? We're looking into it.
He killed his wife.
He took control of her car and he crashed it.
That's crazy.
Losing my wife was the hardest thing I've had to live through.
I did not kill her.
Your laptop did.
We tested it.
You used it to hack into your wife's car.
- No.
- Yes.
You disabled the brakes, you took control of the steering and drove her into a tree.
Why would I ever do that? They were having marital problems.
Big ones.
Jill told me so herself.
We became friends through the commander, and last month at dinner, she confided in me that he had been acting weird toward her.
She said, "If I wind up dead, my husband did it.
" And I thought she was joking.
Until she ended up dead.
Why didn't you contact NCIS? And accuse my CO of murder? He was on the ship when she crashed.
I thought it was just an eerie coincidence.
But then, the other night on social media, I saw a group of high school kids hacked their principal's car.
I asked Fisher.
Could the commander have done something like that? He said he'd call NCIS.
You found out that Petty Officer Patrick was gonna report you to NCIS.
So you had to kill him, too.
I didn't kill anyone.
You knew Weeks was prescribed oxycodone and kept it in her lockbox.
And as CO, you had the combination.
This is insane.
I never even met the petty officer.
The first time I ever saw him was dead in Weeks' bunk.
I found him in my bunk and I freaked out.
I couldn't think, I just I got in the cockpit and I took off.
I was convinced that when I landed back on the ship, I'd be arrested or killed.
So you ditched the airplane.
At that point, I couldn't call NCIS.
Not until I proved my theory.
So I found Jill's car, I took her engine control system, I tested it, and it was hacked.
And the hack traced back to the ship's IP address.
The commander.
I loved my wife.
Sure, we were having problems, but I would never Oh, my God.
Something you want to share? Oh oh, my God.
She used my computer.
And she knows Weeks' lockbox combo.
Who is she? Agent Bishop.
Am I interrupting? Just work.
Come in.
Of course.
You're a weapons systems officer.
You can work from anywhere.
All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection.
- Yeah, I guess.
- Oh, don't be modest.
I mean, you program high tech avionics.
Compared to that, the engine control system on cars must be pretty easy to hack into.
Silence is a good plan.
We'll let your love texts do all the talking.
"I don't want to share you anymore.
" 'When are you ending it with her?" You tried to cover your tracks by using a self-destructing messaging app, but the commander saved a few.
You know, he kept promising he was gonna leave her.
They never do.
But he loves me.
He wants me.
Not after he figured out that you used his laptop to hack into his wife's car and drive it into a tree.
Captain? I did this so that we could be together.
And you were, until your bunkmate Weeks got suspicious, starting talking to her boyfriend about it.
So you poisoned him and you framed her.
Up here.
Boss, someone here to see you.
Lieutenant Weeks.
Agent Gibbs.
I'm heading to my court-martial.
I wanted to say thank you for offering to testify on my behalf.
Hope it helps.
Anything helps explain why I dumped a government warplane into the ocean.
I don't think "I'm sorry" is going to cut it.
All you can do is go in there and tell the truth.
Thank you.
I will.
Hey, Weeks? Thanks for not shooting me.
I probably would have missed.
10:00, McGee.
Don't you have someplace to be? Boss, you know about that? Hell, everybody knows about that.
Well, then, I guess I better go.
If I could, uh, just get my feet to move.
What are you worried about? Well, just I don't know.
What if something goes wrong? No, Tim.
What are you worried about? Come on, boss.
What are you, Sloane now? I just What if life throws me a curveball? You know? I think you know more than anyone what I'm talking about.
I just I don't want to make a decision that I'm gonna regret down the road.
You made a decision today.
Don't worry about tomorrow.
It's easier to get past than you think.
Trust me.
Wait, boss, you're a member of the cut club? Oh, hell no.
I wish you luck, though.