NCIS s19e13 Episode Script

The Helpers

1 It's all so beautiful, isn't it? It is.
But this isn't right.
What do you mean? I want to be here, but it isn't time for this yet, is it? It can't be.
You're right.
It isn't.
So open your eyes.
I don't I don't understand.
Open them, Jimmy.
You need to move.
I want to, it's just this year's been so hard.
I miss you so much.
And I miss you, but not that.
You need you to move now, so I know you're alive.
Open your eyes.
For the millionth time, I'm-I'm doing great.
The fight was a-a month ago.
Yeah, no, I'll admit your face looks better, but besides that? Besides that, my face doesn't just look better, it looks perfect.
That's all that matters.
And I believe you know these guys.
- Whoa! - Oh! Victoria.
Hey, hon.
What a nice surprise.
Hey, Uncle Tim.
Crown Vic.
Uncle Nick! That one hurt.
So, wait, what is this? Is this, uh, bring your daughter to work day already? Not exactly.
Well, you are my daughter, and this is where I work, so Okay, now hold on, don't tell me Could you be the famous Victoria Palmer that I've been hearing about? She's been hearing a lot about you, too, Agent Knight.
- Victoria? - Nice to meet you, Agent Knight.
Jess, please.
And I love your shoes.
And I-I love that backpack, too.
- Thanks.
- So cute.
And over here, we have When did Gibbs grow a beard? - Oh.
- No, no, actually No, Victoria, this is, uh, Special Agent Parker.
I told you about Okay.
You got me.
You - She's been pulling our legs.
- Yeah.
A real chip off Dad's block, huh? Oh, you have no idea.
I mean, you know you tell corny jokes.
My jokes are not corny.
Uh, hate to break up the party, but, uh, that was Quantico.
- We've got a dead - You can say it.
I'm fairly well-versed in dead body talk.
It's true, she was raised on it.
Well, yeah, we have a dead body.
Apparently, the victim of some kind of - truck accident.
- That's terrible.
Can I come? No, you are gonna hang here with Aunt Kasie until we get back.
Be careful, everybody.
Her new catchphrase.
What's with all the baby talk? What baby talk? Man, what a way to go.
See, now that's your real voice.
Okay, enough.
I told you I am not a natural when it comes to children.
But what about that Paper Pauline thing that you did for, uh, your niece? Oh, I'm a great long-distance aunt.
When it comes to the one-on-one, I don't know.
I just don't know how to relate or what to say.
You know, kids are like small people.
You just talk to them like people.
Driver says he came out of nowhere.
Ah, he's wedged up in there pretty good.
Any idea how to get him out? Well, we either back the truck up a couple of feet or we take the wheel off completely.
Uh, no need for a jack.
Allow me.
Oh, yeah, Torres, just, uh, back it up a foot or so, and, um, you guys might want to look away.
Like we haven't seen everything? Yeah, nothing we can't handle, Jimmy.
Ready? Yeah, Nick, uh, nice and slow.
Easy, Nick.
Uh, easy, easy.
- Ooh Whoa.
- Oh, God.
Can't unsee that.
Yeah, we should've used the jack.
Got an ID here.
Please, change the subject.
Victim is Philip Hanch, 32, former Army Private First Class.
So, not a Marine.
Well, maybe he was visiting the base.
If he was, he wasn't invited.
Security just found a breach.
Wire cutters.
Found next to a brand-new four-foot hole cut into the outer fence.
And according to this, Hanch was dishonorably discharged in 2014.
Plus, he's got a record here.
Criminal trespassing, drunk and disorderly.
So, we got a dead intruder who was up to what, exactly? Nothing good, I'm guessing.
So, our victim, Philip Hanch, was something of a Hold on, are we still calling him a "victim"? Of the truck, yes.
Until we know why he broke into Quantico.
Well, I was about to call him a slacker.
Since being kicked out of the Army, he hasn't held a regular job or paid any taxes since 2016.
Same year he got divorced, and his ex-wife is his only next of kin.
Though he did manage to make a few car payments the last few years.
So, he had to be making money somehow.
Making it and losing it just as fast.
According to this, Hanch was yet another - dabbler in cryptocurrency.
- Bitcoin? Ethereum? In his dreams.
Hanch played most every new start-up token; each link in the blockchain blew up in his face.
English, please? Basically, he was gambling to get rich quick.
Only ended up with about $50K in credit card debt.
Why couldn't he just say that? Digging now to see if that debt - has any connection to Quantico.
- Good.
And, uh, back to this ex-wife.
Already notified.
She's on her way.
And Jimmy Palmer needs us down in Autopsy.
By all means, lead the way, and if I haven't said it lately, you guys are good.
Crown Vic.
What happened? No more, uh, Kasie time? She got busy, so, yeah, back to Dad.
And what are you up to, Nick? Oh, I was just about to go to this, uh, new, uh, ice cream shop just up the road, but, you know, - with the case and all - Ah.
You got some time.
I don't suppose you're interested.
Ice cream or autopsy? Tough call.
All right.
Rocky road it is.
Thanks, Nick.
I'm guessing there are some things you'd rather she not see.
This is definitely one of them.
Any clues in that mess that might help us? Uh, it's just personal items so far.
SIM card on that phone any good? Well, Kasie'll tell us for sure, but it seems to be just as crushed as everything else.
Everything, that is, except for this little flask that somehow survived.
I hope the guy managed a last sip before he got steamrolled.
We're sorry for your loss, Mrs.
I can't say I'm all that surprised.
That your ex-husband is dead? The way Phil was headed, guess I had a feeling that this day was coming.
What can you tell me about him? I thought I was marrying a nature-loving free spirit, only to realize that he was just a man with no plan.
And no job.
He was just always searching.
Looking for answers outside of himself.
It's what led him to these fringe groups.
Any that you know of specifically? No.
Just the kind that get people like Phil caught up in conspiracy theories.
And all they ever did was just make him make him mad at the world.
Any idea where he was living? I know exactly where.
Four Pines Trailer Park in Reston.
I know because I sent money a few times to help him pay for it.
But I guess I wasn't helping at all.
Just enabling him to go further down that rabbit hole to Crazy Town.
Don't know what you're feeding that girl, but she is growing so fast.
Maybe not in a good way.
Excuse me? That is my play niece.
She didn't tell you why she's here today instead of at school, did she? She called it a mental health day.
Not for my mental health.
She got suspended - for fighting.
- Our Victoria? Yeah.
Her teacher said it was just a scuffle, and she doesn't deny it, but she won't tell me why or how it happened.
All kids go through phases.
I'm sure this is just that.
What's all this? Isn't this your contract renewal? What? Oh, that.
Yeah, Vance wanted this last week.
I just Ah.
I-I've been so busy, I just hadn't - gotten around to it.
- Yeah, but you will, won't you? I have always wanted one of these.
Ah, don't change the subject.
No, no, I'm not.
I'm working.
Any guesses? Scotch? Hm, bourbon? Uh, vodka, maybe? I don't know.
I don't Hm Oh, yeah, give Mass Spec a shot.
That'll tell us what it is.
NCI Aye, aye.
Almost as gross as his body.
Well, this is quite the mess.
Back here.
I'm thinking private evil lair.
Complete with his very own private evil journal.
Looks like our guy's been busy.
Except that's not our guy's handwriting.
"With righteous vengeance, "may the Unkindness "cast our own plague upon the prophets of war.
" Sounds like a manifesto to me.
Targeting Quantico.
"And let this" display our power toward the glory of Nevermore.
" Definitely cult speak.
What's the "Unkindness"? I have no idea, but whoever wrote this garbage signed it appropriately.
Quoth the Raven.
So he's a big Edgar Allan Poe fan, but, uh what's this about a plague? Maybe this? Kind of odd that that container's only half full.
So where's the other half? Relax, Jimmy.
I'm just saying I'll sign it when I'm ready.
And all I'm saying is that HR could be weird about deadlines.
If you don't sign your contract on time Look, maybe I'm looking for a sign on whether or not to re-up for another five years.
Ooh What the heck? Oh that's never a good sound.
- Agent Parker? - The flask, Jimmy.
- Don't open it.
- What? Code 2 alert.
Biohazard detected.
Biohazard containment protocols initiated.
Okay, what is happening? Automatic lockdown.
The flask contains some kind of biotoxin Mass Spec does not like.
I'm guessing this isn't the sign you were looking for.
What is it? Two-two bumps and a, and a slap? No.
Agent Torres.
Oh, hey, Director.
Is that Victoria Palmer? Hi, Director.
Just visiting.
How nice.
It's good to see you again.
Agent Torres, did you, uh, receive the Code 2 alert on Ms.
Hines's lab? Code 2? That's a lockdown.
What lockdown? Was anybody besides Jimmy and Kasie exposed? Why is there a lockdown? Are Kasie and my dad in trouble? No.
No, no, no, Victoria.
See, uh, Mass Spec is-is programmed to do that automatically.
Something bad happened, didn't it? I want to see my dad.
And how do we make that happen? Well, uh, Kasie's lab is sealed up, so her office is safe.
She could talk to him - through the glass doors.
- Good.
Can we? Hell yeah.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, first, we need to get whatever Kasie identified in that flask over to CDC for analysis.
Already done.
Mass Spec does that automatically.
Also, we need anything we can find on this, uh, Raven creep.
And as far as Jimmy and Kasie go, I don't suppose we have a good toxicologist on speed dial.
Actually, we do.
CDC's sending her now.
One of their top experts in biotoxins.
Who's he talking about? Uh, an old friend, and a good one.
The next thing we know, Mass Spec is wailing and every door in here just slammed shut.
Hey, at least we know the system works.
Yeah, maybe a little too well.
I mean, as you can see, sweetheart, we are both fine.
And what fine mess have we gotten ourselves into this time, Jimmy? Hey, Carol! You guys went straight to the top.
Hey, for you and Kasie, only the best.
- Torres, right? - Yes.
I hear good things.
And they're all true.
And you are? Nick! Do you seriously not know Dr.
Carol Wilson? Oh, my gosh! - You never told me you know her.
- You never told me you know her.
Oh, my gosh, Dr.
Wilson Excuse me.
Wilson, um, I so admire your work.
M-My college dissertation was all about your Ebola research.
Carol, please.
That is so sweet and doesn't make me feel old at all.
And you I'm Victoria.
Come on, Jimmy.
Are you serious? You mean to tell me that this beautiful young lady is your baby Victoria? Man, I swear, between her and McGee's twins, time is just flying by.
Um, speaking of time, Carol Nice segue, McGee.
Okay, here's the deal.
Until we have more information, protocols call for the two of you to sit tight in there.
Now, I admit I am not familiar with this compound that you inhaled, but it seems similar to a VX-type gas.
And I already have two calls in to my friend, Yuri Pastov.
Didn't Pastov create some of these biotoxins to begin with? Yes, until he defected to the U.
last year to create some antidotes.
Look, if anybody can help us, Yuri can.
Then they're going to be okay? Don't you worry at all, okay? Your job is to make sure that Dad and Kasie don't drive each other crazy in there until I can get back.
Okay? All right, ice cream check.
What'd you get? Rocky road.
Rocky road.
How many scoops? Unkindness, McGee.
Care to guess? No time for guessing.
What is it? It's what bird people call a group of ravens.
Meaning Hanch wasn't acting alone.
Meaning he's part of a flock that's doing whatever this Raven tells them to.
Look, I lied in there.
Jimmy and Kasie are in very big trouble.
If it's the toxin that I think it is, the ill effects are merely delayed right how, but they are quite deadly.
What about Dr.
Pastov? He's yet to return my call, so who's coming with me to find him? Where are we looking? He's working out of a research lab in Norfolk.
- If we leave now, we can probably - Oh, no need.
We can put you there in five minutes.
Thank you for joining us on short notice, Mr.
This is Special Agent Parker and this Everyone knows the great Carol Wilson, Director.
I understand you were hoping to see Dr.
Pastov? At his earliest convenience.
As early as now would be good.
I'm sure, but may I ask why? Depends.
Why do you ask? What exactly do you do, Mr.
Elroy? We are a civilian lab, but we're contracted by the CDC to develop toxin antidotes with Dr.
Which again begs the question, where is he? I'm afraid he fell off the grid two days ago.
Um No one at his place, no answers on his cell.
And no missing persons report.
For two whole days? We're quite capable of handling this in-house.
I'm sure he's fine.
Quit trying to save your contract.
Who's got him? The Russians? Doubtful.
The toxin was created in Russia, but the terror threat that brought Pastov to the States is apparently domestic in nature.
And knowing there's a terror threat, did you notify anyone? Sounds bad, I admit, but the good news is Pastov was successful.
He has the antidote.
Wherever he is.
That would be the bad news, yes.
Okay, you listen to me right now.
I want every piece of Pastov's research.
Every note, every formula.
Well, that might take some time.
That's time we don't have, jagoff! Parker You give the good doctor anything she needs, or we're gonna have your ass.
Okay, no need for that.
Just stay on the line.
I'll be right back.
Say hello to my rainbow grenade.
Watch this jump.
That's not even a jump.
That's a hop.
That was a jump.
They seem to be close.
It all started out as Nick giving me time to visit Breena's grave and r-run some errands.
Even last month, when he was going through his tough time, that lone wolf in there, he showed up to hang out with Victoria every Saturday.
They have a real connection.
Sounds like he enjoys their "Saturdates" as much as she does.
Yeah, I-I get the feeling that, you know, she opens up more to him than she does to me, especially lately.
Wish I could hear what they're saying.
Ooh, I can grant you that wish.
It wasn't like that at all.
Oh, great.
- Are we spying? - Yes.
I mean, it's not like I walked up to the kid and just punched him.
Okay, so how did it happen? We were playing "Monster in the Gym" during recess and Hey, guys.
Was just checking on you, but I see that you're playing a super cool game, so I'm just gonna go.
Vic was just telling me about this fight that she got into in school.
I didn't call it a fight.
I mean, you did say that you were playing "Monster.
" Yeah.
And this big kid, Josh, grabbed me and wouldn't let go.
You and Dad always let go when we play Monster, but every time I said stop, Josh just grabbed me tighter, until I got scared and punched him.
Sounds to me like he had it coming, then.
I don't know.
Dad says I should never resort to violence.
No, your dad's right.
Punching isn't the answer.
Next time Josh or anyone does this, try thrusting the palm of your hand up into his nose.
It'll blind them for a couple of seconds, which is much better than a punch.
- Mm-hmm.
- Nice.
That's what I'm talking about.
Uh Is that really the lesson we're trying to teach her? Well, it's vital that she knows how to protect herself, and it's never too early to learn about consent.
Plus, you told me to talk to her like a person.
I didn't tell you to Why wouldn't Vic tell me about that? Hey, hey.
I was listening.
You've heard enough, and so have I.
- Kasie.
- Jimmy! We have way more pressing concerns right now, and I'm starting to get a little antsy.
A little antsy? You We need to do something.
Y-You're right, you're right, you're right.
Um What? Not one word in these psychotic Raven ramblings about the number of followers in his little cult.
I was able to pull some partial prints here.
Hopefully give us a few new names to work with.
Yeah, without Kasie, I'll have to call in a favor at the FBI to check AFIS.
Well, maybe not.
Kasie texted.
Said if we can get clear enough shots with a camera, she can run the prints through AFIS herself.
Grab the tincture, add just two drops of the tropine to the tropic acid before introducing the hydrochloric acid.
Are we sure about injecting acid? It won't be acid once we're done with it.
The antidote to standard VX is atropine, which we don't have, but what we do have is three ingredients to make it ourselves.
I-I just I don't know if it's gonna work.
Okay, I don't know either! Do you have another idea? Anything at all? Okay, this cannot be our third strike.
- Okay, there it is! - That-that dreaded third strike that you're always waiting for.
Well, then what the hell would you call it? Okay? I have been shot at, I've had a knife to my throat, and now it's toxic gas for the win.
Just stop it! Just-just j-just stop it.
Carol said we are gonna be fine, so everything's gonna be fine.
And you believe her? Look at us, Jimmy.
D-Do you feel fine? No, I-I I don't feel fine, no, but I-I do know that freaking out about it is only gonna make things worse.
Okay, you know what? Spare me your constant glass-half-full routine, when all I can think about is my imminent death! All right, if you do me a favor and maybe you stop thinking about it so loudly with my daughter in the very next room! She can't hear you, but I can.
And both of you need to chill the hell out.
It's not their fault.
The toxin's probably causing an adrenaline surge.
Didn't see you there.
How long have you been listening? Long enough to say, knock it off.
In fact, I want you to stop anything and everything that's gonna elevate your blood pressures, especially arguing.
- We weren't arguing.
- Yes, we were.
It was a chemically-induced argument.
- It doesn't count.
- Oh, my God.
It's only gonna make the toxins circulate faster.
So if you don't slow down, fatality can occur within hours of the first onset of physical symptoms.
Well, luckily, we haven't had any physical symptoms yet.
So, I mean, nothing to worry about, right? Oh, no.
Oh, my God, Jimmy.
Jimmy's nose is bleeding.
Meaning what? It means we now have just two and a half hours to find Raven, Pastov, and most importantly, the antidote.
So what do we have so far? Wait a minute.
What happens in two and a half hours? What do we have? Partial prints Kasie ran through AFIS narrowed our search down to about 6,500 people.
I've gone through Hanch's social media, pulled IP addresses from the more active posters.
Now, I ran geolocations.
Tech Trolls are cross-referencing those with the AFIS list.
Said they'd get back to us if they get a hit.
And they found something.
All right, we got an address here.
Does not necessarily mean it's the Raven's place, but No buts.
We're going either way.
According to Pastov's notes, X-18 is much different than VX gas.
In fact, the only similarity is they can both be lethal.
Are we sure? Even with a standard VX, we'd have much worse than bloody noses and a short temper.
It is a pretty bad bloody nose.
Well, maybe we didn't get exposed to that high a dose.
You said that fatality can occur, but maybe in this case, it won't.
Well, we certainly hope that that's the case, but we There's got to be something that we can try, right? We managed to synthesize atropine.
Atropine will have no effect.
So why? What? You're-you're telling us that we're supposed to just, like, sit in this box and wait to die in a couple of hours? - Jimmy - Jimmy, what? No.
If I only have a couple hours left to live, I'm sorry.
I'm not about to spend it in this lab.
No offense, Kase.
Jimmy, what are you doing? The toxins must have been scrubbed through the filtration system by now, all right? So I'm gonna decontaminate.
I'll-I'll shower off, I'll change my clothes, and I'll spend the last few hours of my life with my daughter, if you don't mind.
If you open that door, you will be killing your daughter, too.
This is not VX we're dealing with.
The lack of symptoms is by design.
If you two were out in the world, you would have already contaminated countless people before feeling the ill effects yourselves.
This a perfect biological weapon with a 100% mortality rate.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't upfront with you sooner because I wanted you to keep your blood pressures down.
Why? Keep our pressures down for what? To buy more time? What? 15 minutes? I'm not trying to buy more time for the two of you.
I'm trying to buy more time for your team, because our only hope is if they find the antidote.
So please, sit down and don't move.
NCIS! Hazmat suits.
I'd say we're in the right place.
NCIS! Come out of there! We hear you in the bathroom! Come out! You didn't wash your hands.
Come on, Dennis.
You got nowhere to run.
Open the door.
Knight, we got a runner! NCIS! Stop! Lost your gun, huh? Still no way out.
That hardly seems fair.
You sure? Hey! Yo.
Cuff me, bro.
I'm done.
Go ahead, bro.
My kid's whole future.
What's it gonna be like? She said her last words to her mom on a video call.
That can't happen again.
Jimmy Kasie.
My heart.
Heart feels like it's beating out of my chest.
Hey, hey.
Buddy, please listen, okay? Victoria is gonna be fine.
And you are gonna be with her.
- Am I, though? - Oh, yeah.
Oh, you're-you're gonna watch her graduate.
You're gonna walk her down the aisle.
And one day, you're gonna hold her kids on your lap, okay? Now, those are the only thoughts you need to focus your energy on.
Breena and I Breena and I just wanted her to be happy.
You know, optimistic, confident.
She already is.
It's okay.
It just happens way too much.
Grown-ups don't need to hide everything from their kids.
Well, some things are just for grownups, and not meant for kids to know.
But today, everyone is trying to hide everything from me.
You think so? Uncle Tim wouldn't say "dead body" in front of me.
And I know you guys aren't telling me everything about Dad and Kasie.
Look, they're gonna be fine.
You have to trust me, and you have to believe it.
That's what I miss about Mom.
She didn't try to make things seem okay if they weren't.
She always told the truth, even if it was hard.
I know you miss her.
I miss my dad even more.
Or, you know, how Dad used to be.
He's with me all the time, but he's different.
A lot quieter.
He asks me about my feelings, but definitely doesn't talk to me about his.
Vic, he's doing his best.
And trust me, not everyone gets a dad like yours.
I mean, he's he's the best I've ever been around.
I just wish Mom was here to talk to him.
When my angel fish died, she told me it was okay to let go, and still hold on.
My dad is really good at the holding-on part, but not so good at letting go.
I'm so sorry that the two of you have had the year you've had.
It's okay, Uncle Nick.
My dad's just stuck.
He'll get himself unstuck, because he loves me.
My dad will always keep going.
She sounds like someone I know.
Can you say that again, Dennis? For the third time, my name is Buggy.
Buggy Stacks, bro.
Your driver's license says "Dennis Newton.
" That is you, right? They started calling me "Buggy Stacks" after I came into some serious cash, you know? Let's start there.
You were paid by a terrorist - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- to spread a lethal toxin that could kill hundreds of people.
You guys got me all wrong.
This Raven paid me in crypto to store a bunch of super Laxative-X at my place.
Plan was to put it in the water at a Marine base, and have them all exploding in their pants.
After that, he gets paid in cash from Uncle Sam.
And boom more stacks.
- My God, are you dumb.
- You don't believe me? That Raven dude put the whole plan behind that picture on the wall over there.
Check it.
Same kind of flask.
Hmm? I'm telling you, it was all a prank.
It's not, like, anything bad.
Just a middle finger to the government.
- Shut up, Dennis.
- Yo.
This looks like their plan B.
Map shows three public places where the toxin will be dispersed simultaneously.
Says here the Raven and two of his Unkindness are gonna release the toxin themselves.
And he won't be alone.
"The cure shall be under my wing at all times.
" He's got Pastov with him.
And the antidote.
So open your eyes.
I don't I don't understand.
Open them, Jimmy.
You need to move.
I mean, I want to.
This year's just been so hard.
I miss you so much.
You need to move right now so I know you're alive.
Open your eyes.
Jimmy, you passed out.
You both did.
You need to keep breathing.
Jimmy! Kasie! - Kase.
- Come on, Kasie! - Oh, Jim - Kasie! Jimmy.
Jim Hey.
Don't scare me like that again.
Stay awake, Dad! You guys okay? Torres, don't open that door.
You two need to keep your eyes open.
Kasie, you okay? Had a dream.
Yeah, I saw my dad.
That's great.
Is it? Isn't it bad when I see dead people when I close my eyes? No, it can't it can't be okay.
What about you? You see any dead people? No.
No, I didn't see any dead people, and We're we're gonna be fine.
You guys? Look at me.
You two should call your loved ones.
We will be working with MPD on this.
Time is of the essence.
There is no acceptable level of failure.
- Agent Parker? - We'll split into three teams, each covering one defined target.
Team One and I will cover the coffee shop on 30th.
Team Two will canvas the bar here, led by Agent Knight.
And Agent McGee will lead Team Three to the movie theater on I Street.
Now, their plan is to simultaneously release the toxin at all three locations at some point in the next 35 minutes.
We're looking for anyone in a gas mask, hazmat suit, anything that can shield them from a toxin.
We see that, we take 'em down.
With this exception of this man Dr.
Yuri Pastov.
He is our hostage.
He is extremely valuable.
Nobody take any shots anywhere near him.
If you have Raven in your sights, engage, but do not fire.
That doctor is our only chance to save our people.
Watch each other's backs out there.
Let's go get that antidote.
Uh, just, uh, checking in to to say how much you matter to me.
I'm just having, uh, one of those days, I guess.
I do love you.
So much.
Of all of the times for my mom to not answer.
No, it's, uh it's okay.
Oh, I I hate goodbyes anyway.
Hey, sweetheart.
Hi, Daddy.
That must've been pretty scary, seeing your dad and Kasie on the floor like that, huh? Honey, you can ask me anything, and I promise I'll be honest with you.
Are you going to die? Yes.
And so are you.
Everyone dies.
That's right.
Everyone dies.
And since everyone dies, what's important is not how we die.
It's how we live.
Do you? You remember? Remember Mr.
Rogers? Yeah.
I love that movie.
Do you remember how he told us to look for the helpers? There are people out there that live their life like that.
As helpers.
That's right.
Honey, there are helpers in this world that will look out for you for the rest of your life.
So open your eyes.
Look for those helpers.
They're out there.
They're doing what's right.
Some helpers you've known your whole life, and some are new to you.
The trait that they share is that they always make things better if they can.
Being a helper takes a lot of work.
But it's worth it.
Raven! And helping people can be hard.
It's filled with tough decisions.
But it's those hard times that make you realize what's important.
And some day, you are going to be an amazing helper, Victoria Elizabeth Palmer.
Honey, that's what's important.
It's not how we die.
It's how we live.
Go and rest now, Daddy.
You, too, Aunt Kasie.
Hey, Kase? Yeah, buddy? Really sorry I yelled at you earlier.
Me, too, buddy.
I told you, Dad! - I told you.
- Yes, Jimmy! Yes! Yeah, Jimmy! I love you, Dad! Hi.
Oh, I see.
This is where the, uh, cool kids hang out? Nick insisted on bringing me to see your side of the neighborhood.
Oh, cute.
Uh, I just wanted to tell you that I asked Vance to send over my contract so I could sign it.
Kase, that's great.
I thought maybe after the last couple days that you Ah, you know, I realized if that was strike three, I want to be ready for strikes four, five, six.
Girl, you know we got you.
Yeah, exactly.
Where else am I gonna find helpers like you guys? You're stuck with me for a good, long while.
We are so glad to be stuck with you.
Damn right.
Oh, my gosh.
Your wedding ring.
I-I've never seen you take that off, not even in Autopsy.
Yeah, I decided to take Breena's advice.
I can, uh I can hold on to what's important while letting go.
It's time.
Oh, look at this.
We get to see you both at once.
You got me a bear.
I guess you're gonna have to share, Vic.
There you go.
Thank you, Agent Knight.
Well, that's very sweet.
There's only one guest per patient, so, hmm, that would be Vic and I, so if you guys Okay, this is getting ridiculous.
Señor Vance, Tim, only one guest.
What's wrong? Let's take this into the hall.
We didn't get the Raven.
Unless he came back from the dead, I don't see how that's possible.
He's on Jimmy's autopsy table now.
We talked to Pastov.
The guy that was with him was not the Raven.
Are we sure? 'Cause this Raven guy has been playing games from the very beginning.
I wouldn't put this past him.
Yeah, that crossed my mind, but this came in the mail today.
It was addressed to "Special Agent Alden Parker And His Team.
" What's it say? One word.

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