NCIS s19e14 Episode Script

First Steps

1 Are you sure you're not in the mood for something a little more up-tempo? Dr.
Novak, did you know that classical music increases life expectancy? Could I have the muscle retractor, please? You find me a study that proves Taylor Swift does the same, and I'll happily retire Bach.
I warned you.
Never get Dr.
Masuda started on his music.
All I said was, let's change it up.
'Cause Bach's gonna knock me out faster than the cocktail I gave our patient here.
Damn it.
I nicked a vessel.
Give me some irrigation.
Pressure's dropping.
Whole field's obscured.
Give him two units of blood.
I've got it.
Try doing that with Taylor Swift on.
Masuda! He's having a seizure! Get me four milligrams lorazepam.
- Turn him over! - He's not breathing.
No pulse.
Tom, can you hear me? Tom! Tom! Director.
Thank you for waiting, Agent Torres.
Not a problem, sir.
What is this? - It's your new assignment.
- Ooh.
Must be important if you're calling me in solo.
Am I going undercover? Kayla just returned from FLETC.
She's beginning her field training, and I want you to be her FTA.
Oh, so babysitting your daughter? My daughter just graduated Basic Agent Training with flying colors, but still, I would like someone to keep an eye on her.
Of course.
But why me? I've already selected her first assignment.
A reservist Navy surgeon suffered a heart attack mid-operation.
Mm, a heart attack, of course.
Sir, uh, we don't investigate those.
Today you do.
Should be simple enough.
Yeah, simple.
My daughter, she's smart, she's resourceful, and she wants to prove herself here.
Well, sounds like she's gonna make a great agent, sir.
Yeah, but she can also be impulsive.
You and I are both well aware of the dangers that NCIS agents face here daily.
And you don't want her, uh, anywhere near that danger.
No father would, which is why, Agent Torres, I'm trusting you with my daughter.
I bet you haven't heard that before.
I can't believe Barnsway still teaches at FLETC.
The man used to drink a full carton of milk every class.
Still does.
The man put me off dairy for at least six months.
Do you have an active case? If not, I can check in with the tip line.
Oh, look at her, just chomping at the bit to get started.
You got that first-day glow.
- I miss that.
- I don't.
Being a first-year's all about being saddled with extra paperwork, lot of practical jokes.
I'm telling you, being a probie is-is rough.
- Actually, I want all of that.
- Well, don't expect anything too exciting on your first assignment.
Yeah, you'll probably get what we call a "toolbox" case.
- It's basic, simple.
- Boring.
Kleicha, anyone? National cookie of Iraq.
Dig in, Kayla.
So, uh, what're we talking about? Our first times.
Please tell me yours was actually interesting.
Our first times in the field.
- Did I not say that? - Ah.
Okay, I got two words FOR YOU: "Killer zebras.
" You say zebras? I got to hear this.
No time.
We got our case.
Let's go, Kayla.
So, he just collapsed suddenly? He just started convulsing.
We did what we could, but Any signs that he wasn't feeling well beforehand? He was fine, making jokes.
Then you had a complication with the patient? Yes.
A bleeder.
We thought we were going to lose him, but Dr.
Masuda saved his life.
I was in the next OR when I heard the shouts.
By the time I came in, they were already performing CPR.
Masuda seems a little on the young side for a heart attack.
It's rare, but it happens.
Your staff seems pretty shook up.
Masuda is was one of our best surgeons.
We deal with death every day, but it's always a shock when you lose one of your own.
Roth, we're ready for you.
Patient's ready.
I apologize, but I've got an emergency CES surgery to attend.
I have to go now.
My dad asked you to keep an eye on me, didn't he? I saw you coming down from his office earlier.
You got a pretty good eye, probie.
I don't want any special treatment because of my father.
- Well, he's the boss, so - Agent Torres.
Sorry, but you're not getting as much as a paper cut on my watch.
Look, you want to be a good agent? - Do you? - Mm-hmm.
Then pay attention.
We're gonna teach you to be better than good.
Tell me.
What do you see? Highly contaminated crime scene.
Hard to tell what's relevant to the victim's death, so we collect everything.
Kasie's gonna love hearing that.
Eyewitness accounts match up.
They were two hours into the surgery when Masuda went down.
What do you got in here, Kayla? Body was disturbed.
They tried CPR to resuscitate the victim.
Broke his ribs in the process, likely causing the red marks on his chest.
A-plus, Agent Vance.
Every body tells a story, and you just read its final chapter.
As for the rest of the book, we now know that time of death was 9:47, roughly two hours ago, so rigor mortis should be minimal at this point, but look at this.
Masuda's muscles are completely rigid.
That is definitely not consistent with a heart attack.
- So, what killed him? - Well, we got frothing the mouth, cyanotic lips.
I'll have to run blood work to identify the toxin, but I would say Dr.
Masuda was poisoned.
Murder? Great! I mean, it's no boring toolbox case.
Neurosurgeon Tom Masuda, 38, Navy Reserve commander, Medical Corps.
No living family.
Multiple deployments to Iraq.
He was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for saving American lives abroad.
Then, two years ago, Masuda settled down at Shoreside Memorial.
He was the golden boy.
Staff, patients, - everyone loved him.
- Not everyone.
Who wanted him dead? No one is that perfect.
Masuda must have an enemy.
Maybe an ex-girlfriend or an old patient? I'd start the interrogations there.
Oh, patience, young Padawan.
We just began the investigation.
We don't go busting down doors quite yet.
First, we collect evidence.
And then we go busting doors.
Dug up some deleted voice mails from Masuda's phone.
Listen to this.
Doc, you got 24 hours.
Don't make me come after you.
I'm done playing nice, Doc.
This is the last time I warn you.
That's it, when I find you, you're gonna wish you were dead.
Sounds angry all right, zebra-angry.
That's the guy who left the messages? Yup.
Pulled the phone records.
Meet Smitty Hastings.
He goes by "The Barracuda.
" He's a seedy fellow.
Been accused of fraud, stalking, extortion, but nobody ever got a conviction.
- We know where to find him? - He owns a bar downtown.
Now we go busting doors.
Hey, uh, Parker.
The zebra thing, you got to tell me about that.
My first year, we were based in California San Simeon has those wild zebras.
Yeah, so these zebras wind up storming a winery like a couple of bandits, and before we Oh, hang on.
Yeah, yeah.
No, no, go ahead.
- No, no, I got a minute.
- Uh-huh.
Kayla, you're staying in the car.
What? But I Look, we don't know what we're gonna find inside.
I'll be careful.
I know how to question a suspect.
Barnsway doesn't pass anyone who doesn't.
Right, Agent Knight? Well, the real world isn't quite the same as a FLETC classroom.
That's why I'm on a field assignment.
You promised you'd teach me.
How am I gonna learn anything waiting in the car? You're staying in the car.
Taking care of Jimmy's daughter, now watching over the director's Yeah, it's like "bring your daughter to Torres" season.
Never would've pegged you for it.
- What? - Fatherhood.
Suits you.
You're protective, you care.
- Cut it out.
- No, it's a compliment.
A compliment is like, "Hey, Torres, you look so good in that leather jacket.
" Not, "Torres, you look like somebody's father.
" Hmm.
I see you having five daughters.
What? Smitty Hastings? I'd bet on that horse.
Smitty Hastings.
NCIS Special Agents Knight, Torres.
We want to talk to you about Tom Masuda.
- Yeah, what about him? - He's dead.
Excuse me.
Pardon me.
It takes three of you to tell me that? Got quiet out there.
- Hmm.
- Thought something was up.
You might need backup.
Let me spell it out for you.
You threatened to kill Masuda, and now, well, you know, he's dead.
I've got nothing to do with that.
Tell us about the voice mails.
Courtesy calls.
Doc owed me money.
How much does a neurosurgeon make? - I'd say about six figures.
- Yeah.
Well, the good doctor also loved his ponies.
Masuda liked to gamble? Masuda liked to gamble? Liked? That man was addicted.
Look, I am just the idiot who loaned him some cash when he ran dry, and I should be the last person you suspect.
- How's that? - 'Cause if I killed him, I wouldn't get my money back, would I, Einstein? Well, maybe you were making an example of him.
You know, like a barracuda.
Look when did you say he died? This morning.
I've been out of town all week.
- I just got back an hour ago.
- You have an alibi? It was my great-aunt's funeral in Dorset, so yeah, I've got at least 40 witnesses.
Look, you speak to that tart Doc was seeing? I don't know her name, but the doc says she was into "extreme sports.
" I told him to shake that tail.
- Why? - The woman was crazy obsessed.
Wouldn't let him break it off.
I knew she was bad news.
Looks like I was right.
Don't let it go to your head.
What were you thinking, walking into that bar? You disobeyed a direct order.
An order no other probie would've received.
Doesn't matter what the order is, Kayla.
There's a chain of command.
Your job is to follow it.
I understand, but how am I supposed to get any field experience - sitting in a car? - The point is, you endangered not only yourself, but your fellow agents with your recklessness.
Recklessness? Agent Torres can tell you it wasn't I'm reassigning you to the lab.
- What? - Forensics is a very important part to every agent's training.
But we just got a new lead.
Our victim was dating some crazy stalker.
We're close to ID'ing her.
I don't want to leave the case now.
I'm sure the others can manage without you, Kayla.
Hines needs your assistance with the evidence that you collected.
So you're grounding me.
I'm gonna let that go.
You're pulling me out of the field.
- What else would you call it? - I can see that you're passionate about this case This isn't about the case! Why did you even let me go to FLETC? You never wanted me to be an agent.
That's not true.
You tried to talk me out of it, and you didn't tell anyone when I got in.
Because you're my dad, I had to work twice as hard as everyone else to prove I even deserved that spot.
All I want to do is show that I can do this.
You'll get your chance, Kayla.
Will I, Dad? Or is it Director? Report to Ms.
That's an order, Agent Vance.
Did I just step back into the '90s? Yeah, I overheard you guys talking about your first cases, so I broke out this bad boy.
Got a little nostalgic? My very first Dictaphone.
I used him to record all my cases, including my first.
That wasn't Uh I-I don't remember, uh, recording that, so, uh Can we keep this between us? - My lips are sealed.
- Thank you.
You got the tox screen results? Yes, yes, um, Masuda had, uh, massive levels of batrachotoxin in his system.
It's an organic poison that's found in the coating of the skin of the golden dart frog, which is native to Colombia.
- I'll cross that off my travel list.
- Mm-hmm.
How did the poison end up in Masuda's body? He certainly didn't ingest it, and I combed every square inch of his body.
I did not find an injection site, so, unfortunately, - that is still a mystery.
- Not anymore.
My new partner in crime-solving and I have been going through the hundreds of pieces of evidence.
As usual, the smallest had the most to offer.
Must've fallen off Masuda when the staff tried to save him.
The killer applied a transdermal patch called "DMSO" or dimethyl sulfoxide.
Doctors use it to ferry drugs into a patient's bloodstream.
- Like a nicotine patch? - But much smaller.
And DMSO can permeate through surgical gloves and be completely absorbed into the skin.
Doesn't leave a trace.
Good work, Kayla.
All right, so we're looking for somebody with a medical background.
Masuda might've had an enemy at the hospital after all.
Considering the amount of poison in Masuda's body and the speed at which it was absorbed You could determine when the killer administered the DMSO patch.
Had to be within two hours of his death.
Masuda was in surgery by then, so whoever killed him wasn't just at the hospital They were in the operating room.
Anyone besides these four enter the OR before or during surgery? Not according to hospital records.
So, one of them is the killer.
Two nurses, an anesthesiologist, and a resident.
- Any criminal history? - Anesthesiologist.
Shoplifted when she was a minor, but nothing since then, and the rest are clean.
But they all had opportunity.
They work in close proximity.
Maybe in the heat of surgery, not too big a stretch to stick a patch on Masuda while he's distracted.
I got something.
Surgical resident Sierra Krueger.
She looks like an ad for an energy drink.
Smitty said that Masuda was dating a woman who was into extreme sports.
I mean, could she be our killer? Skydiving, mountain climbing, skiing.
Looks extreme enough to me.
What about motive? Masuda wanted to end things, so maybe she wouldn't let him.
Could be a case of fatal attraction.
Let's bring in the resident.
What did I miss? I'm gonna go grab, uh, some snacks.
- Oh, can I get a bag of pretzels? - M&M's.
How are things in the lab? Great.
I was dropping off some lab reports from Kasie.
She's gonna give me a crash course on ballistics.
Learning so much.
I know how hard it is being a legacy hire.
- You do? - My dad works out of the Far East office.
He wasn't too thrilled when I got my badge.
He didn't want you to be an agent? Oh, still doesn't.
Every Christmas we get together, he tries talking me into teaching.
Dads can't help themselves.
It's in their DNA to protect their kids.
So, just give it time.
Director Vance is gonna see that you can protect yourself.
I can't wait that long.
In the words of our resident dad, "Patience, young Padawan.
" Yes, Dr.
Masuda and I were seeing each other.
You neglected to, uh, tell us that when we first questioned you.
Because everyone I work with would've heard that I slept with the boss.
Besides, we ended it weeks ago.
We? Okay, he did.
And I admit, I was upset.
Upset enough to want to kill him? No.
I loved him.
He just didn't understand that we were better together.
If we were together, that surgery yesterday never would've happened.
- Go on.
- The patient, Ethan Geller, he has stage four terminal spinal cancer.
Best case, six months to live.
With the operation, maybe one month more.
But this surgery came with a huge risk of paralysis, and the patient didn't think it was worth the risk.
And what made Geller change his mind? I don't know.
Something was off.
And when I recommended he have a pre-op psych eval, he freaked out.
He was worried that the surgery would be delayed.
Said it had to happen on Monday.
He was very specific about the day, which is - Weird.
- Yes.
But Dr.
Masuda overruled my psych eval request.
Was Geller placed under anesthesia before Dr.
Masuda came into the OR? No.
Masuda liked to reassure his patients before they went under.
That makes him a suspect.
First time I heard bedside manner getting someone killed.
You're heading out, sir? Yeah, I have a meeting with SECNAV.
Did you need something, Agent Torres? Well, you know, I'm heading down to the lab, the faraway place where you sent Kayla to, uh, exile.
I understand why you pulled Kayla from the field.
The case got a little more complicated than you expected.
No, that's not why.
She disobeyed your order to stay in the car.
Yeah, but you can't fault her for that because, sir, to be frank, I I would've done the same thing.
If I knew the order didn't make sense.
But NCIS agents have to deal with danger.
That's the job.
Point taken.
All right.
You're the field training agent.
Tell me, is Kayla ready for that? If we keep handling her with kid gloves, she's never gonna be ready.
The real question here is, do you want her to be? Well, I thought you'd all like to know that we looked into Masuda's patient, Ethan Geller.
We found he had $100,000 deposited into his bank account.
Let me guess, the day after Masuda was killed.
You think Geller was hired to put the poison patch on the doctor? Well, makes sense why he would suddenly change his mind about the surgery.
He needed to get close to the doctor.
Like, really close.
- Were you able to trace the funds? - No, but Geller is in recovery.
He just woke up.
Let's go.
Come on, probie.
The director wants you back in the field.
Ethan Geller's room is at the end of the hall, 314.
- 314.
- I don't get it.
Why would a dying patient agree to kill his doctor? He wouldn't live long enough to enjoy the money.
Code Blue.
- Code Blue.
- Isn't that - It's Geller.
- Code Blue.
Stop! NCIS! Federal agents! Stairs! Kayla! Over here.
Stay close.
- Kayla.
- Kayla! - Let her go! - Drop it! - You drop it! - Drop it now! - Stay back! - Drop the gun.
Okay, okay, okay.
Look, I'm doing it your way.
It's all good.
I'm dropping the gun.
- Him, too.
- Not a chance.
Forget about him.
I know you feel trapped, but you can still walk out of here.
You just need to let her go.
- Let her go! - No! Go! They're setting up roadblocks over a five-mile radius.
The van didn't have a license plate, but Kasie got a make and model off the tire tracks.
We've got a BOLO out.
No hits yet.
McGee's coordinating with highway patrol.
Agent Torres, tell me you found a lead on our suspect.
We found the kidnapper's badge in the parking lot.
Only prints were, uh, Kayla's.
She must have pulled that off of him when, uh - when he grabbed her.
- Clever girl.
We're running facial rec on the photo now, sir.
What about the hospital? Talked to the medical staff, and nobody recognizes the guy.
Do we know what he was doing there? We assume visiting Masuda's patient, who's now dead.
He must've come back to tie up loose ends.
And took Kayla to escape the hospital.
So what are they doing with her now? This is obviously tied up in Masuda's murder.
We, uh we go over every piece of the investigation.
We find out who wanted him dead, we find out who has Kayla.
Just find her.
Don't bother.
You're not getting out of those.
So, um, let's have a chat.
I ask questions.
You answer.
I don't like your answers, you die.
Deal? Pedro, don't.
Shh! Don't what?! Isaac? You don't want me to hurt her? He doesn't want me to hurt you.
So let me ask again.
Do we have a deal? Good.
Let's start simple.
What is your name? Maddie.
Maddie Adams.
That wasn't so hard, was it? Now, what does NCIS know - about me? - I don't know.
I swear.
I'm new.
I finished my training last week.
They don't tell me anything.
Well, that makes you kind of useless, doesn't it? Pedro, wait.
She must know something.
- She just said she didn't.
- She was at the hospital with the other agents.
She could have heard something.
Pedro, need you out here.
I'm coming.
You keep an eye on her while I'm gone.
Thank you.
I'm not sure I did you any favors.
He's not done with you yet.
I heard you got a hit off facial rec.
Pedro Rodriguez.
He's a lieutenant - for the Emberá Cartel.
- The Emberá were one of the biggest drug syndicates in South America.
Came out of Colombia in the '90s.
Infamous for recruiting minors, killing police, wiping out their competition.
Their weapon of choice was poison from the golden dart frog.
So our doctor was killed by the cartel.
Who's running it now? José Ortiz, goes by the name "El Santo," "The Saint," but he's a leader-in-exile.
He was caught by the FBI during a sting operation.
El Santo was sentenced to life in prison.
That was four years ago, and they've been silent ever since.
So, what brought them out of the shadows? Got to have something to do with Dr.
It does.
That was the deputy director at the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
Masuda was planning on visiting him next week.
So our dead surgeon worked for the cartel? Well, not exactly.
He was going in to give El Santo a second opinion on a surgical procedure he needed.
- For what? - Peripheral nerve damage.
So why kill the doctor who's gonna operate on you? Because Masuda wasn't scheduled to operate.
He was the second opinion.
Who gave the first? You visited José Ortiz, also known as El Santo, last week at the prison, recommended that he have surgery.
Doctor-patient confidentiality prevents me from discussing Your supervisor, Dr.
Masuda, checked El Santo's medical records, and he came to a different conclusion.
He didn't think that El Santo needed surgery.
I wasn't aware of that, but doctors often have differing opinions.
We're not getting anywhere.
Push any harder, and he'll lawyer up.
Masuda disagreed with your medical opinion.
I don't like what you're insinuating.
And two days later, he's dead.
You have to admit that's Director? Dr.
Roth, I don't have time to waste.
Because I've got back-to-back surgeries to get ready for.
El Santo's men have my daughter.
I need you to tell me everything you know about them.
Like I said, I, uh can't talk about a patient without violating They've got my daughter! I don't give a damn about your patient confidentiality! She's my baby.
I am supposed to keep her safe.
Someone contacted me last month.
Said he was El Santo's right-hand man.
This the guy? He blackmailed me.
You see, I I have a small problem.
We saw the check that you wrote to the five-star rehab center.
What are you using? Cocaine.
My dealer I found out he works for El Santo.
Then he shows up on my doorstep.
Threatens to ruin my career, everything I worked for, if I don't do what he wants.
And what did he want? To set up a fake surgery at my hospital.
Before El Santo even made it to the OR, they were gonna get him out.
It's a jailbreak.
Can't bust a convict out of supermax.
But getting him out of a low-security hospital Piece of cake.
Until the deputy director called Masuda in, for a second opinion.
That's what got you scared.
And then you warned El Santo's people that Masuda was gonna deny the surgery.
I didn't know they'd kill him.
How do I find El Santo's men? I-I don't know.
They always contacted me.
I swear.
I don't know.
Can I get some water? Thank you.
You know, you're not like Pedro.
I used to make those when I was a kid.
All rainbow colors.
I'd make my dad wear them.
Thought I'd keep him safe.
That's what my daughter says.
She did a great job.
I could never get mine to look that neat.
What's her name? Sophia.
It's a beautiful name.
How old is she? Eight.
She just had a birthday yesterday.
The prison transport has been cancelled.
El Santo's surgery has been called off.
- Why? - Why? Because this little bitch lied.
NCIS must have known more than what she told us.
And now I'm gonna make her pay.
I swear I don't know what you're talking about.
I've never even heard of this El Santo.
Pedro, she might be telling How about Kayla Vance? Do you know that name? Huh?! Daniel found it in the van before he dumped it.
I told you she lied.
- Why? - He was threatening to kill me.
I swear, that's the only reason.
I'm nobody.
- What are you doing? - She went out of her way to hide her name.
You may be a nobody, but your father's the director of NCIS.
They won't talk to anybody but you.
Still working on a trace.
Let's hear it.
Pedro Rodriguez.
Director Leon Vance.
Looks like we've both done our homework.
- You have one of our agents.
- I have to admit I was upset when you cancelled the prison transport.
My boss is a very frightening man.
I knew he would not be happy.
I don't give a damn about El Santo's feelings.
But you do care about your daughter's.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Yes? Unlike you, I care very much about El Santo's feelings.
But I think he will enjoy the creative solution that I came up with.
A prisoner exchange Your daughter for my boss.
You want me to what? You want me to walk El Santo out of his maximum security cell? If anyone can do it, it's the director of NCIS.
The United States government does not do prisoner exchanges with criminals.
Then you'll have to get creative.
You have exactly three hours from now, or the next time you see your daughter, she'll have a bullet in her head.
Kayla, I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
- Shh, shh, shh.
- Kayla, you're gonna They used a public VPN.
We couldn't trace the link.
What do you want to do? Whatever it takes to get my daughter back.
I'll contact the deputy director of prison.
He will answer to a discreet request from the director of NCIS.
- Parker - We can use back channels to have El Santo released - into our custody.
- Stop.
Stop right there.
We caught him once before.
We can catch him again.
Kayla's one of ours.
Thank you.
But I don't trust that that son of a bitch will hold up his end of the bargain.
We have to find another way.
FBI sent over a list of El Santo's distribution cells and all known associates.
His operation stretches all across the country.
We're concentrating on the cells in D.
We got Knight and Torres working with local LEOs to start a search.
That's-that's gonna take too long.
Maybe not.
Kasie's got something.
As noted, there are no fingerprints on the hospital badge.
However, I was able to lift trace amounts of PGMs, also known as Platinum Group Metals.
They're highly durable metals with catalytic properties.
Meaning? - Very rare and very expensive.
- So, not easy to find.
Especially in this combination of metals.
The only place they'd exist together would be a platinum recycling center.
Pedro must've spent a lot of time near one for it to leave residue on the badge.
How many recycling centers are in that area there? - Just the one.
- What do you think, Director? Looks like a place El Santo's men could be keeping her.
They could be holding Kayla in any of these buildings.
There's no way we can go in there without alerting them.
Don't need to.
I pulled satellite imagery of the area for the past 36 hours.
We already know they used a Ford-model black van.
If we run it through A.
object recognition Gotcha.
There's a chain-link fence surrounding the entire property.
Security cams in every corner.
Single entrance here.
Gate, guards posted out front.
Good news is they are not expecting us.
We're going in blind, so be prepared for the worst.
Director? You sure? Do you remember when your kids first started walking, Agent McGee? Kayla had just turned one.
I came home from work, and there she was.
My little girl.
She took one step toward me and then another, and I caught her on the last one just before she could fall.
And I promised myself then that I would never let her fall.
This is my daughter.
It's my little girl.
So you can think twice if you're gonna ask me to sit this one out.
All right, let's move.
Turn around.
We're closed.
- I got a delivery scheduled.
- You're in the wrong place, pal.
Oh, man.
That damn dispatch.
That's the second time this month they made a mistake.
Last time, they sent me to the wrong address.
I get there, I finish unloading, and then I see it.
Clipboard says one thing, cargo slip says another.
- Hey, get back in the truck! - Hey, keep your shirt on.
I'll check the cargo slip.
I'll get it sorted out.
I said get back in the truck.
Whoa! Yup, definitely the right place.
Daniel, give me an update.
Something is wrong.
Untie her.
We're moving out.
Daniel? Daniel?! What is going on? Isaac? Be careful.
You can't trust him.
He's gonna get you killed.
Shut up.
Let's go.
Time's up! You got that right.
Drop it! It's over.
Drop the gun! Oh.
Keep away! I'll-I'll I'll kill her.
Let her go! Isaac.
I know you feel trapped.
But you can walk out of here.
All you have to do is let me go.
Just shut up! I got to think.
Then think about Sophia.
If you do this, you'll never see your daughter again.
Put it down slow.
Kayla? - Are you okay? - I'm good.
I'm fine.
Turn around.
Oh, my God.
- You okay? - Mm-hmm.
That's a hell of a first case, Kayla.
Oh, easily one of the craziest I've ever heard.
Not every new agent could get themselves out of that situation.
You have a knack for hostage negotiation.
You should consider joining REACT.
Baby steps.
I don't want to give my dad a heart attack.
All right, all right.
Don't let their compliments get to your head, probie.
I'm your training agent.
And you want a passing grade, you want me to be impressed.
- How do I do that? - Case report.
My desk first thing.
Hey, you wanted the, uh, full probie experience, Kayla.
Oh, good luck.
Took me 16 hours to get my first case report right.
Hey, Parker, you never finished that thing about the zebra.
All right, okay, there's no time like the present.
Now, you all heard about the zebras storming the winery.
Turns out that the winery was a front for a PCP distribution center, and that's what the zebras were after.
They were hooked on PCP? Hang on.
We're never gonna hear the end of this story.
All right, yeah, but I'm-I'm in some I'm right in the middle of something.
Yeah, it's important.
Thought I'd find you out here.
You were right.
I never wanted you to follow in my footsteps.
I thought you might change your mind once you went through FLETC.
I'm not gonna change my mind.
I know.
Which is why I decided to assign you to another field office.
You're on your way to becoming an excellent NCIS agent, Kayla.
Can't do that with me looking over your shoulder.
Thank you.
You better go do me proud out there.
You bet I will.

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