NCIS s19e15 Episode Script

Thick As Thieves

Go, go! Go! Stop, stop! Hey! Come back here, you sons of bitches! - Oh, my God.
- Bring that back! Jerks! In here! In here.
You good? Yeah.
We lose him? I don't know.
Man, did you see his face? He was so pissed.
Wait, what do we do now? Okay, St.
Mary's is right up the block.
We can hide out in there.
Ready? Yeah.
Help you boys with somethin'? They keep stealing from my car lot.
Third time this month.
I want these punks locked up.
You hear me? We're in big trouble, aren't we? Don't sweat it.
I don't want to go to juvie, Billy.
I can't.
I-I won't make it there.
Whatever happens, we'll be together.
All right? I got your back.
All right, boys.
Playtime's over.
Gonna need your names.
Arthur Fonzarelli.
But you can call me "the Fonz.
" Hey.
Wait a minute.
Hey, you're Ralphie Doyle's kid.
The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.
You're a bum, just like your old man was.
How 'bout you, troublemaker? What's your name? Al.
What? Speak up.
I can't hear you.
Alden Parker.
Well, are you sure you just can't No, no, I totally get it.
It's fine.
Hey, Jess.
You doing all right? Peachy, Nick.
Just peachy.
- Ooh.
She's using fruit metaphors.
- Mm.
My cousin is getting married in three days, and the guy that I was gonna take to the wedding just bailed on me.
And now I don't have a date.
Why don't you just go solo? Yeah, what's the big deal? If I go to this wedding without a date, there are gonna be a million questions.
"Oh, why are you still single?" "When are you gonna settle down?" - Total nightmare.
- Well, don't worry, I'm sure you'll find someone.
Huh? No.
Okay Nope.
Come on.
It'll be fun.
- No, it won't.
- There'll be some food, some music, dancing? Yeah, see, I'd like to help, but, um, I don't want to do the Chicken Dance.
You wouldn't have to do the Chicken Dance.
It's a wedding.
Everybody has to do the Chicken Dance.
My bestest buddy.
Don't look at me.
It is date night for Delilah and I.
- What about Parker? - The boss? - Yeah.
- Ooh.
That'd be kind of weird.
Very weird.
What are we talking about? Knight needs a date to her cousin's wedding.
And you're thinking me? Question: will there be a wedding DJ? I think so? Then I'm out.
I can deal with dead bodies all day long at work, but wedding DJs? Mm-hmm.
Speaking of dead bodies, looks like we've got one at a park in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia? I heard the Philly office is shorthanded, so we're helping out.
Let's roll.
All right, our victim is Petty Officer Second Class Danna Calley, 25.
A jogger found her body this morning.
Where's Jimmy? Still stuck in traffic.
But from the looks of it, she was shot to death.
Got a couple of GSWs across her chest.
Yeah, the wounds look fresh.
Probably happened last night.
What was she doing here in the middle of the night? Hey, yo.
I found a watch over by the grass.
Must have fallen off after a struggle.
The victim's still wearing hers.
Which means that one could belong to our killer.
Nice catch, Torres.
Guys? You might want to see this.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Are those Organs.
Looks like a liver.
And a kidney.
Her body's not mutilated.
Those can't be Calley's.
Then whose are they? The organs we found at the crime scene are not human.
They are definitely animal.
Specifically, Sus domesticus and Bos primigenius taurus.
Also known as? Pig and cow.
Could've just said that.
Latin makes me sound smarter.
Uh, Kasie found Petty Officer Calley's fingerprints all over this cooler, so it definitely belonged to her.
Now, what was Calley doing with animal organs in a park at night? What about the body? You got anything? Uh, time of death around midnight, give or take.
The cause of death was massive hemorrhaging due to multiple gunshot wounds.
These bullet holes are actually exit wounds.
She's got one more on her back where the bullet didn't pass through.
She was shot in the back.
Yeah, she was likely trying to escape her attacker.
The force of the hits must have spun her around, which is how you all found her.
Hey, Kasie.
What's going on? That watch you found? I pulled some skin cells from the strap, and ran the DNA.
A hit came back.
Meet Sean Doyle, 22, from Philadelphia.
He's got a rap sheet for petty theft, drugs.
Might be adding murder to that list.
And get this, Sean is the nephew of a much bigger Philly gangster - named - Billy Doyle.
You've heard of him? Yeah.
We were in juvie together.
Did he just say Yeah.
Are you sure that's what he said? Juvie? According to Kasie.
Jimmy heard it, too.
How did we not know about this? Was this in his record? No, but we only know his record from as far back as he was with the FBI.
We don't know what he was doing before then.
I wonder what he did to get busted.
I bet he stole something.
Parker looks like the thief type.
Quiet, quick with his hands.
I'm gonna say assault.
You remember when we first met him, the scuffle at the park? The man can throw down.
No, I think you're both wrong.
I think it's underage drinking.
Where are we on the case? Hmm? Okay, let's get this over with.
Hit me.
When were you in juvie? When I was 14, back in Philly.
It was just for a few months.
What did you get busted for? Dumb stuff.
Stealing hubcaps.
We were rebellious kids with too much time on our hands and eventually it caught up to us.
And by "us" you mean you and Billy Doyle.
First friend I made when I moved there from Chicago.
We were in juvie together.
The whole experience was enough to scare me straight.
The day I got out, I swore to myself that I would do whatever it took to never go back.
You saw the light, huh? Yeah, I cleaned up my act.
But Billy Billy took a different path.
Saw his rap sheet.
He made quite a name for himself after juvie.
Became a big thief, made a lot of big scores.
Have the two of you, uh, ever crossed paths again? Sure.
We're still friends.
Really? A cop being friends with a criminal? Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't easy.
We had kind of a, uh, "don't ask, don't tell" policy.
But that's all in the past now.
Billy's been out of the game for years.
Runs a market up in Philly, gives back to the community.
He's he's reformed.
Unfortunately, can't say the same about his nephew Sean.
He's our lead suspect right now.
Okay, so what do we know? Our victim is Petty Officer Danna Calley, 25, single, lived in D.
Worked for the Navy Combat Documentation Unit.
By all accounts, quiet, kept to herself.
If she lives in D.
, what's she doing in a park in Philly? My guess is she was buying drugs from Sean Doyle.
Six months ago, he was busted for dealing in the very same park.
You think this is a drug deal gone bad? Where's Sean now? No one can find him.
And the fact that we found his watch and he's in the wind? Put a BOLO out for Sean Doyle.
And reach out to Calley's supervisor.
See what she was doing in that park.
I'm gonna go see Billy.
Hopefully he can give us something.
Colin, we're running low on coffee.
The freezer's acting up again.
Ice cream's like soup.
Just tell people we're selling smoothies.
We can charge more.
As I live and breathe.
Eliot Ness.
Hey, Billy, how you doing? What is it? You don't call, you don't write? - Eh, I've been busy.
- Busy my ass.
Colin, I want you to meet an old friend of mine from back in the day.
Alden Parker.
- How you doing? - Good.
Or should I say CSI Agent Parker? Uh, NCIS, actually.
What's the difference? Hey, you got time for a bite? We'll swing by the house.
Tess would love to see you.
Unfortunately, this is not a social call.
Can we talk? Um, y-yeah, sure.
Come on, we'll go in the back.
New kid? Colin? Yeah.
He was down on his luck, so I gave him a job, rented him a room upstairs.
Look at you.
Saint Billy.
I'm trying.
So, what's going on? It's about Sean.
Have you heard from him lately? Not for a while.
Why, what's he done now? Not sure yet, but he's a person of interest in a case.
You don't look so surprised.
Look, I love the kid.
He's family.
But he's damaged goods.
I mean, he's got a deadbeat mom, dad doing life over at Fayette.
And I've tried to keep this kid out of trouble, but some kids, they just, they go looking for it, you know? When was the last time you seen him? Few weeks back, I caught him stealing a couple of bucks out of my register.
I just lost it.
Look on his face, I scared him half to death.
I haven't seen him since.
You think Sean would be capable of doing something more than stealing? If you're asking me as a cop if my nephew is capable of murder? No way.
But off the record, Park? I don't know.
Hey, thanks for your time, Billy.
I'll, uh, I'll call you as soon as he turns up.
Yeah, I'll make a couple calls around the neighborhood, too, - and see what I can find out.
- Honestly, I think it's best if you just sit tight and let me handle this.
Hey, this is my nephew we're talking about.
Y-You expect me to sit here and do nothing? I know, but this is a homicide investigation.
You got to step back and let me do my job.
Billy? Please.
I'll find Sean, okay? Petty Officer Calley was a hard worker.
One of the best combat documentarians we've ever had.
How long did she work for you? About three years.
We'd send her out to conduct interviews, research operation reports, deck logs.
Any recent disagreements with anyone? Not that I could see.
Everybody loved her.
Any drug use? Addiction issues, maybe? Danna? She wouldn't even touch caffeine.
I mean, the only addiction she did have was to possums.
I'm sorry, uh, possums? Crazy, I know, but Danna was an amateur mammalogist.
She loved studying possums.
Couldn't get enough of them.
In fact, she used to go out to parks just to film them.
You got something? Petty Officer Calley was not in the park buying drugs.
She was there videotaping possums.
That's why she was there at night.
Possums are nocturnal.
They're also meat eaters, which is why she had the animal organs.
Did we find a camera? No, no.
We're thinking the killer might have taken them.
But all the videos that she took automatically uploaded to the cloud.
I hacked into her account and this is what I found.
Heads up, it's disturbing.
Here, possums.
I said no! Got it? No! Screw you! I'm not afraid of you.
I'm the one calling the shots now, not you! That's Sean Doyle.
Hey! What are you doing? No, no, no! Calley wasn't the target, Sean was.
Calley was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
So what happened to Sean? He could have escaped, could have been abducted.
- Maybe by the shooter.
- We need to find him.
Like, now.
BOLO just came back.
They found him.
Canvass the area, go door to door.
Somebody must've seen something.
Detective Dubrow? Agent Parker, this is Agent Knight.
We spoke on the phone.
He's over here.
Who found the body? Patrol car a couple hours ago.
Looks like somebody did a number on him.
Shot multiple times.
Just like Calley.
Detective Dubrow? - Yeah, go.
- We got a guy here says he's the uncle.
Wants to see the body.
Word travels fast.
Keep him back, calm him.
You know the drill.
Uh, no, he's not taking no for an answer.
- Let me talk to him.
- I want to see him! I want to see him! - Get your hands off me! - Hey! Hey! - I said get your hands off me.
- I got this! I got this.
Is Sean in there? Billy, you shouldn't be here.
They said there's a kid there in his 20s.
Is it him? Is it my nephew? Billy, listen Answer me! I'm sorry.
Why don't you go home? Be with Tess and I'll stop by after, okay? It's my fault.
I should've been there for him.
There is nobody to blame except the guy who pulled the trigger.
Now go home.
I'm on this, okay? 24/7.
Whoever did this to Sean won't get away with it.
No, he won't, 'cause I'm gonna make sure of it.
Billy, whatever you're thinking of doing, don't do it.
You had your chance.
Now it's my turn.
Hey, Billy.
Cause of death was massive blood loss due to multiple gunshot wounds.
Kasie ran ballistics, and the same gun was used to kill Petty Officer Calley.
So we're looking at the same killer.
It would appear so.
The killer wanted Sean, not our petty officer.
She was just collateral damage, so who'd want Sean dead? I can't help you with that, but I might have something to get you started.
Uh, if you look very closely, you can see traces of fluorescent ink, which, when you put this under a U.
light, it reveals - "Dirtbag.
" - I know, not as cool as, like, a treasure map or a hidden riddle, but, uh Guess what, there is a club in South Philly named Dirtbag.
I'll bet you that is the handstamp that gets you entry.
Based on the freshness of the ink, I'd say that Sean was there shortly before his death.
So, let's find out what he was doing there.
Director Vance.
What a pleasant surprise.
Agent Parker, may I have a word? What's going on? I heard about what happened at the crime scene between you and your friend Billy Doyle.
Is he gonna be a problem? Yeah, he won't be a problem.
How can you be sure? Because I know the guy.
He just lost his nephew.
He's upset.
Billy Doyle being upset is exactly what I'm afraid of.
I read his file.
Assault, weapons charges, reckless endangerment.
That's just the first page.
All of that was in his past.
He's not that man anymore.
Let's hope you're right.
Yeah, I completely understand.
Well, thanks, anyway.
Well, Sawyer's out.
You asked Sawyer to the wedding? Wow, you got to be desperate.
My cousin just found out that I lost my plus-one, and now they're threatening to put me at the kids' table.
I am gonna find a date if it kills me.
Why don't you ask Jimmy? - Palmer? - No.
Jimmy Kimmel.
Well, you know, I just figure, you know, he's busy, with Vic-Victoria.
Nope, she's at a sleepover.
He's not busy.
He told me.
Ask him.
Yeah, maybe I'll, uh, do that.
Hello? - That's far enough.
- Whoa.
You with the other guy? He send you back here to hurt me? What other guy? I told him everything I know.
He doesn't have to threaten me.
Was this guy stocky? Tough-looking? About 60? He was just here asking about Sean.
I'm gonna reach into my pocket and I'm gonna show you my badge, okay? We're federal agents.
We're looking into Sean's murder, that's all.
Can't believe he's gone.
Were the two of you close? We had a thing on and off.
I knew he wasn't any good for me, but Sean could be sweet in his own way.
At least, he used to be.
And why is that? He'd changed recently.
He became secretive.
Started hanging around with a rough crowd.
Can you describe them? They only came by the club once.
But I do remember this one, a woman, she had a tattoo on her neck.
Dragon, I think.
Is there anything else you can remember? Sean left his backpack here.
He was afraid it would get stolen at his place.
I didn't tell the other guy about it.
Maybe this can help you catch Sean's killer? Was he stuck in the '80s? Thank you for your time.
If you can think of anything else or that man comes back, call us.
Hey, Sandy.
Uh, can I get a Reuben to go, please? Thanks.
All right.
What's good here? What? Oh, uh, everything.
Uh, try the Reuben, though.
That is my favorite.
Reuben it is.
Just what the doctor ordered.
Hey, you look familiar to me.
Do you work over at the, uh, medical center? Uh, no, I'm not I I'm the medical examiner at NCIS.
Oh, wow.
You enjoy the work? Yeah, yeah, I love it.
Uh Really fascinating cases.
Is, uh, is that one of them? Yeah.
Gunshot victim.
Just finishing up his autopsy report now.
Y-You think I can get a look? No, no, no.
No, I couldn't.
Come on, Doc, just a peek.
It-it's part of an ongoing case.
I-I really couldn't.
How about now? You're Billy Doyle.
There's more money in that envelope than you make in a month.
Maybe two.
And it's all yours.
All you got to do is look the other way.
I'm sure you're aware that bribing a federal employee is a felony.
Who said anything about a bribe? We're just a couple of guys talking.
I should get going.
Hey, Doc.
I don't need to use money to get the things I want.
I have other means at my disposal.
I don't think you want to see that, Doc.
Now, do you? Sandy? Would you please get NCIS on the phone for me? I'll see you around soon, Doc.
It's a girl with a dragon tattoo.
You find her, you bring her to me, understand? - Whoa.
- Where do you get off, going after one of my guys? You're lucky I don't throw your ass in jail.
Relax, we were just talking.
Yeah? The same way you talked to that club owner? I vouched for you, man.
Said you wouldn't make waves, and this vigilante crap ain't helping.
I told you, somebody's gonna answer - for what they did to Sean.
- Yeah, and I said I'd handle it, now let me do my job.
- Oh, you'll handle it? - Yeah, that's right.
What are you gonna do, arrest him, and then in ten years he gets out for good behavior? That's your idea of justice, not mine.
Oh, you're gonna get biblical on me? An eye for an eye, is that it? Yeah, if that's what I got to do.
You see, surviving out here means making the hard choice.
That's why when we were kids, you always needed me to protect you.
Because you never had the stomach to do what needed to be done.
Yeah, well, we're not kids anymore.
And the next time you cross the line and I have to come up here, I won't be coming as a friend.
You know where to find me.
Yeah, Kasie.
I finally finished analyzing the pager Torres and Knight found.
Anything on it? Several phone numbers from burner phones.
I couldn't trace them.
But someone paged Sean sets of random digits which, after much trial and error, I finally figured out was a code.
Code for what? Latitude, longitude and scheduled times.
Someone was paging Sean locations to meet.
Looks like it.
And whoever has been paging him probably doesn't know Sean is dead, because we just got a new page for a meeting later today.
All right.
Send me the location.
Coming right now.
Quarter past.
Whoever this guy is, he's not very punctual.
He'll show up.
How'd it go with Billy? You think he got the message? Who knows? He saved my life, you know.
What, back in juvie? I was 14, scrawny, never been in a fight in my life.
When I showed up there, it was like ringing the dinner bell.
But Billy had my back.
I mean, without him I never would've made it.
I always felt I owed him for that.
Sounds like he was just doing what friends are supposed to do.
Yeah, and now I'm gonna repay him by arresting him.
From the first moment I got my badge, I was afraid this day might come.
And now that it's here? I'm not sure I can do it.
Well, maybe you won't have to.
I mean, you said yourself Billy's changed.
Maybe he'll do the right thing.
Not likely, the way he's been acting.
Don't give up on him so soon.
People might surprise you.
Think that's our guy? There's one way to find out.
Excuse me.
Hey! NCIS! Don't move! You don't have to worry about that.
What are you doing here? Check my coat pocket.
You're DEA? Mark Sisco.
I was supposed to meet someone here.
Sean Doyle.
He was working for us.
Sorry again about that.
I don't usually hit federal agents with my car.
Serves me right for running.
Just before you showed up, I got a text from my office telling me that Sean was dead, so when I saw you Yeah, you thought we were the killers and you might be next.
Sean Doyle was your informant? Yeah, we busted him on a drug buy about six months ago and flipped him.
I thought he could help us get dirt on a suspect we're investigating.
Got a name? Kat Hanna.
Bank robber, drug dealer.
Runs a crew out of Philly.
Nice tattoo.
That is the same woman Sean's ex told us about.
Hanna's the real deal.
Methodical, dangerous.
We think she's behind a big bank score that went down about a month ago.
Problem is, we got no evidence to prove it.
And you thought Sean could get it for you.
He got close with her and her crew, he was feeding us information.
Maybe he got too close, got burned.
Hanna could've found out Sean was an informant, killed him.
He was a good snitch, too.
That's the problem with informants.
They keep dying on you, right? Not if you did a better job of protecting him.
You got a problem with me? Yeah.
Show some respect.
The kid has a family.
All right, gentlemen, that's enough.
If Hanna did kill Sean Doyle, then she's also responsible for the death of a Navy petty officer, so we're gonna need copies of everything that you've worked on so far.
Hey, be my guest.
With Sean dead, I'm back in the weeds anyhow.
Maybe you'll have better luck.
Than you, or Sean? Agent Sisco was right.
Kat Hanna is no joke.
When she pulled that bank heist, her and her crew got away with $3 million and left two bank guards dead.
That's nothing.
You should see her rap sheet.
It's like the greatest hits of organized crime.
What do we got on Hanna's whereabouts? Unfortunately, not much.
Hanna's smart, she moves around a lot, doesn't stay in one place too long.
The DEA doesn't know where she is.
She's a ghost.
So how do we find a ghost? Maybe I go undercover in the Philly scene.
Ask around.
Make my way in with her crew.
That would take too long.
We need somebody who's already tapped in.
Somebody who knows the terrain and can ask questions without raising a red flag.
You mean Billy Doyle? Parker, you can't be serious.
Why not? It takes a thief to catch one, right? Okay, I know he's your friend, but the guy's a loose cannon.
And after you tell him about Hanna, what's to stop him from going all vigilante and just killing her? Me.
I'll ask him not to.
I'll appeal to his better angels.
That is, if he has any angels left.
Oh, I don't know.
People might surprise you.
Hey, Billy.
You here to arrest me? Peace offering.
Come on.
You know it's your favorite.
You know how hard it is to find these? I sell them right out there.
Yeah, but they were buried far, far in the back.
Better days.
Reminds me of sneaking into the Vet to watch the game, how we always would try to steal beer from the beer guy, remember? What the hell was his name? F-Fat Tony? No, no, Fat Tony was the peanut guy.
The beer guy's name was - Moron Mike.
- Moron Mike.
You'd take his beer when his back was turned, remember? He'd scream, "Hey, that kid stole a beer," and he'd put his cart down.
- Yeah.
- And then chase me.
Twelve guys would help themselves.
Best part is, he-he fell for it every time.
- God bless Moron Mike.
- Moron Mike.
Here's to you.
Why are you really here, Park? We got new some new information on Sean.
He was an informant for the DEA.
My nephew was a rat? Well, that's one way to look at it, but another is that maybe Sean was looking to get out of the game and was doing the right thing for once in his life.
Of all people, you can relate to that.
We have a name, someone we think could be connected to Sean's death.
But we can't find 'em.
We're hoping you can.
How do you know I won't put a bullet between the eyes of whoever's name's written on that piece of paper? Right now, we're not certain that this suspect is 100% guilty, so you might be killing an innocent person.
Could you live with that? The Billy I know couldn't.
I know you'll make the right choice.
Well, I hope you like the kids' table, and, uh, chicken fingers.
I will text Jimmy.
Why text him? Just talk to him.
He's downstairs.
I don't see what the big deal is.
Any word from Billy? Nothing yet.
No, but I have faith in him.
Well, just to be safe, we had agents stationed outside his home last night.
Never moved.
The final toxicology report on our victim.
Unfortunately, nothing that can help us I.
the killer.
Thanks, Jimmy.
- Hey.
- Good morning, Agent Knight.
I was just wondering, uh, what are you, what are you doing tonight? Oh, actually, I'm very excited.
Uh, I have the house to myself tonight, so I'm gonna make up some popcorn, I'm gonna dig into that docuseries on the history of documentaries.
And even as I say that, I realize that's not very exciting.
Why do you ask? Oh, nothing, I was just, just thinking, if you didn't have anything to do tonight, that maybe you wanted to go to a wedding with me, as my plus-one.
Y-Your plus-one? So, just you and me? That's not weird, is it? No, no.
No, it-it's great.
I'd love to go, yeah.
Uh, it's a date.
I mean, not like-like a date date, 'cause we're just friends.
- Yeah, friends.
Yeah, totally.
- Yeah.
Um, I will text you the details.
All right.
I will see you tonight.
Did you ask him? I have a plus-one.
Oh, well, see? That wasn't that hard.
I'm listening.
All right, got it.
Thank you.
All right, Billy came through.
We got an address on Kat Hanna.
Want to tell me what the hell I'm doing here? Have you ever seen this man before, Ms.
Hanna? Face is familiar.
Meaning what? Meaning we may have slept together.
His name is Sean Doyle.
He was informing on you to the DEA.
About what? Our sex life? A bank heist you pulled last month.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Maybe this will help you remember.
And what's that? That is a 1909 Sherry Magee baseball card.
The last name is misspelled, which makes it extremely valuable.
And only a few exist.
Including one that was reported stolen from a safety deposit box at the bank you robbed.
Didn't happen.
Then why did we find the card in your apartment? You searched my place? Standard procedure with murder suspects.
Murder? See, I-I thought this was about a robbery.
It is.
Sean found evidence that you and your crew pulled that bank job.
But before he could go to the DEA, you killed him and Petty Officer Calley.
But that card isn't the only thing that we found at your place.
Yeah, we found the murder weapon.
Ballistics show that the victims were killed three nights ago with the same gun.
Your gun.
Wait a minute, this is, this is not my gun and this is not my baseball card.
Okay? Somebody obviously put them in my apartment.
I'm being framed.
You said these people were killed three nights ago, right? I was in Baltimore then.
All night.
You have anyone who can verify that? Well, no.
Wait, wait.
Only because me and my crew were in the middle of robbing a jewelry store.
So now you're a thief? I can prove I was there.
I can give you details that are only gonna be in the police report.
I'm telling you, I'm being set up.
Parker, - we got a problem.
- Yeah.
Our "Kat" burglar might be telling the truth.
Okay, two problems.
I ran my ballistics report through the database, and it turns out, the gun we found in Kat Hanna's apartment was used in a gas station holdup 18 years ago.
Eighteen? Hanna would've been just a kid back then.
I have pulled the file.
It was a one-man job.
Guy fired a warning shot into a wall.
That's where the bullet got pulled.
Police ever I.
the guy? No, but they had a prime suspect.
William Doyle.
The murder weapon isn't Hanna's.
It's Billy's.
Call me as soon as you get this.
Thanks, Officer.
Hanna was telling the truth.
Baltimore PD confirmed the details she gave us on the jewelry robbery.
Alibi checks out.
Add another check to the Billy suspect column.
Kasie just found trace amounts of coffee grounds on the stolen baseball card.
It's a unique blend, ground specifically for one location.
Billy's market.
If Billy had the card, that means he was behind the bank robbery.
Sean must've discovered it and, uh, Billy took him out before he could squeal.
So this whole time, Billy wasn't looking for the killer, Billy was the killer.
He was keeping tabs on our investigation.
Yeah, and when he thought we got too close, he framed Kat Hanna.
After all, it was Billy who gave us her address, right? I apologize.
That was unprofessional.
Can't be easy, man.
Well, let's, uh, call Philly PD and have them pick Billy up.
Uh, I actually called them already, when I learned that the gun was his.
Billy is not at home or at the market.
Maybe he got nervous we were gonna figure it out.
Went into hiding.
Put out a BOLO.
Stake out the market in case he returns.
Hey, Parker, where are you going? How'd you find me? This is where we always came when we were in trouble.
Hide out at St.
Yeah, only I'm not hiding.
I just needed a quiet place to get him to talk.
Billy, what did you do? Don't.
Why are you doing this? He did it, Park.
He confessed to everything.
He killed Sean.
Didn't you, Colin? Few weeks back, when I caught Sean stealing from my register, my market wasn't the only place he robbed.
He went upstairs and broke into Colin's apartment and found the baseball card.
Colin did the bank heist.
Yeah, Sean figured it out.
And instead of turning it over to the DEA, he tried to blackmail Colin.
So Colin shot him and Calley and framed Kat Hanna.
How did you figure this all out? Colin used my gun.
I noticed one of them missing.
He's the only person other than me that knew where they were.
This mutt.
I gave you a job, I gave you a home.
This is how you repay me? Billy, Billy, don't.
Park, just leave.
You were never here.
You know I can't do that.
You want justice? Then let me take him in.
This isn't the way.
Billy, I'm telling you, if you pull that trigger, I can't protect you.
And everything you've worked for, going straight over the past dozen years, will be for nothing.
I got to do this.
No! Please.
All right, then I'll do it for you.
I'll shoot him.
What? Yeah, I'll say, uh, he tried to go for my gun and it was self-defense.
It'll be a clean kill.
You'd do that for me? Yeah.
Park, if you did that, you'd be no better than me.
I couldn't live with that.
Go ahead.
Put your cuffs on him.
Make sure a doctor looks at him.
What now? I take him back, get a proper confession out of him, one I can actually use.
I had to get him to talk somehow.
You could've called me first.
If you ever pull a stunt like that again, I'll shoot you myself.
You saved my ass in there.
We're a team.
I got your back, always.
Right, Fonz? Tell me the truth.
You weren't really gonna shoot him in there, were you? Hell no, but I had to think of something.
You son of a bitch.
Damn, Jimmy.
James Palmer.
Looking sharp there, man.
I'm really excited, you guys.
It's been forever since I've been on a date.
But not that this is really a date.
You know, Jess and I are just going as friends.
But, you know.
Seriously, Jess.
Yeah, you look, you look amazing.
Doesn't she, Jimmy? - Palmer.
- Oh.
Yes, uh Sorry.
Uh Jess, you look beautiful.
You look great, too.
So, you want us to take a picture of you by a fireplace or something, or? Yeah, we can do a corsage thing.
Shut up.
All right.
Don't be out too late.
We'll leave the lights on.
And, uh, stay away from that spiked punch.
- Cute couple there.
- Yeah.
You don't think they're, uh - Definitely not.
- Nah.

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