NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


1 When the heat's coming down I keep it cool underground I get it in I sweat it out On a roll, can't stop me now - Got me falling off the ground - (JET ENGINE ROARING) (CHEERING, CLAMORING) All right, Malia, stay in your lane! Left wing, Julie! Left wing! Come on, girls, hustle up! - Good job, Warriors, good job! - (SIREN WAILING) OFFICER (OVER SPEAKER): Ladies and gentlemen, please clear the field.
I need everyone to move back to the parking lot.
Bring all your stuff with you.
Come on, move down to the parking lot.
Move back down to the parking lot.
Thank you.
All right, Warriors, bring it in, bring it in.
Mom, I don't know anything about soccer.
They don't care.
Just have fun, okay? Go be with your team.
I love you.
Come on, get off the field, off the field.
MILIUS: Secure a perimeter and 24-hour security while we recover all classified components, okay? Excuse me, Captain.
You can't move anything.
This is a crime scene.
Jane Tennant, Special Agent in Charge, NCIS Hawai'i.
Well, Special Agent in Charge Tennant, I'm Captain Joseph Milius.
Deputy Chief of Staff, Pac Fleet.
I know.
Then I suspect you also know the protocol for investigating an accident involving a Navy pilot.
Can we talk for a minute privately? Will it end this conversation sooner? It's worth a shot.
Look, you can't be so sure this was an accident.
Because? Because your pilot, Lieutenant Commander Walters, reached out to my office 12 hours ago.
Wanted to file a report.
- About what? - Don't know.
Until I do, this is a crime scene.
Well, call this site whatever you want, but this is a top secret Navy program, and I've got a job to do.
I know your next move, Captain.
Gonna run this up the chain of command? But what's gonna come back down is that I'm in charge.
So all you're doing is delaying my investigation, which isn't fair to Commander Walters, his family or even you.
You should tell the wolf pack this was your idea.
It'll sell better.
Let's give it a beat, Tennant.
Make it more believable.
OFFICER: Someone want to say how the fists started flying? - This punk wen touch my girl.
- Just her nice necklace.
Okay, that's it you're coming in.
- Hey, those guys started it! - Keep it up and you'll go, too.
Officers, please, your tactics are just really harshing my mellow.
How about you mind your own business, sir? Look, um Had a pretty simple situation here.
These clowns disrespected the barkeep.
My tattooed friend there tried to defend her honor.
And then, uh, what do you do? You separate them? No.
You have a thoughtful conversation about the power of listening? No.
You kick ass, you take names, and then you hope no one's filming.
Your I.
I haven't done anything wrong, so there's absolutely no reason for me to share that with you.
All right, wise guy.
You're going in, too.
It's escalation.
Let's go.
(PHONE BUZZING) - Morning.
- Morning.
- Ooh, pajama day? - I wish.
Youth soccer game at almost dark thirty.
I'm gonna need the rundown on our dead pilot Lieutenant Commander Walters.
Background, fitreps Current assignment, friends and family, recent activity.
And dark Holualoa, splash of soy.
I have AFMES fast-tracking the autopsy.
Was there anything left to autopsy? Experimental F-35C had an emergency fail-safe.
Plane goes out of control, automatic ejection.
Although at that speed, the force of it is probably what killed him.
4-H weekend? No, cleaning campsites at Bellows Field.
Jesse, it's my day, remember? Oh, well, where's the new guy? Not sure, but at some point, that will get old.
All right, guys, what else do we know? Our pilot was at the stick of a top secret experimental aircraft with self-flying capabilities.
He called last night, told the switchboard he had something to report.
Did he say what? No.
I left him a voice mail.
But he never returned.
Could be criminal activity, fraud, security leak, something personal.
And the crash could be completely unrelated.
All right, well, the program's on hold until we figure out what happened, so that's gonna create some heat.
So, Lucy, I need you to go to AFMES to get the autopsy results.
- Jesse, I need you to - Hook up with Ernie.
Dive into Commander Walter's private life.
Please and thank you.
(PHONE BUZZING) (SIGHS) I got to handle something.
I want to read Journey to the West in the original as Wu Cheng'en intended.
I'm trying to get some insight into Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander David Walters.
Graduated U.
Naval Academy with distinction.
Multiple combat tours.
Went Top Gun three years ago.
Transferred to the Pathfinders as a test pilot - and instructor.
- Ernie? I'm looking for more color.
Like why he was coming into NCIS before the kaboom? (LAUGHS) Don't sweat it.
I'll just piggyback on his social media, get a full sense of the man hopes, dreams, weird fetishes if he had any.
I don't think Walters had social media, though.
Some fighter pilots don't.
Everyone else does.
His friends, family, dental hygienist.
He may not post, but they certainly do.
I'm gonna head to the pilot's apartment call me.
How'd you know where I was? Deputy sergeant texted me when he saw your credentials.
You know, I got over 50 résumés for your job.
Interviewed a dozen highly capable candidates, including you.
Getting arrested two weeks in makes me question my judgement.
Cops at the bar weren't being professional.
Local and vocal don't always jibe, and it was my obligation to correct their behavior.
No need to involve the badge.
Look, I won't pretend to know your experiences.
And I respect where you're coming from.
- Thank you.
- Not done.
When anyone on my team gets in trouble, I'm the first call.
Can't help if I don't know.
You can't live with that, this isn't gonna work.
Won't happen again.
I'm gonna need Commander Walters' preliminary results ASAP.
- Almost done.
- WHISTLER: Gonna have to wait.
- What's DIA doing here? - "What are you doing here?" is a more pertinent question.
Investigating a suspicious death.
Of a pilot who worked a top secret defense project? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Silos, clearances, stakeholders.
Spare me.
We've been read in.
No, and yet, Pac-Fleet asked DIA to handle the dissemination of sensitive information, so you will get the report when I clear it.
Thank you.
- I know.
- I shouldn't be so pushy.
- It's not a good look.
- And I should respect the hierarchy.
Hmm, that'd be refreshing.
You still can't see it.
No, it's Inoki.
- WOMAN (ON PHONE): Can you spell that? - I-N-O-K-I.
- K-I? Okay.
- Yeah.
- Give me an hour.
- All right, I'll call back later, bye.
Hey, sorry.
- Got tied up.
- Not to pile on, New Guy.
But I abandoned a conservation weekend to get here.
What's your excuse? Got locked up by HPD.
Hey, it's been two weeks.
New Guy has a name.
Kai Holman.
Born in Waimanalo.
Still holds the record for the most strikeouts in the Interscholastic League.
Former Marine, including three years CID before joining NCIS.
- See, I listen.
- It's not bad.
And, uh, you are Jesse something with a B? (CHUCKLES) Don't see a lot of uniforms in places like these.
No photos, no bottles of booze.
TV's covered in dust.
Walters was a slave to his work.
But he's going to local places all over the island.
Anything suggest he had, like, a drug problem? Nah, squad-mates say in the last few weeks Walters was withdrawn and worn out.
But wasn't saying why.
Let's check the bedroom.
Commander Walters had a massive amount of dextroamphetamine in his system 100 to 120 milligrams.
There were signs of toxic psychosis and probable cardiac arrest.
Where's the autopsy report? I didn't technically get it.
While Whistler read it, I read it upside down.
A trick I picked up during a summer congressional internship.
So we're looking at an overdose, intentional or otherwise.
All we found at his place was a bunch of supplements.
Though he's been hitting every dive bar in the island.
I only talked to Captain Milius for about ten minutes, but he didn't seem like the type of guy that would miss one of his pilots having a drug addiction.
There are pursuits that compel a man to retreat within himself.
In the East, it is often a sacred vow of silence.
In the West, a girl.
No sign of one at Walters'.
Maybe not, but back home in Grand Rapids, they were abuzz.
Walters sent a photo to his sister who tagged it for the rest of the family to see.
- Name's Noelani Ilihau.
- Local.
Yep, and according to his little sister, "she rocked his world".
Noelani's social media went dark a few weeks ago.
I tracked the plates on the SUV in that photo.
1999 Pathfinder with expired registration.
The original owner cared enough to install LoJack.
Of course, the, uh, subscription lapsed.
You able to activate it? (LAUGHING) Yes.
Turn back around again.
According to LoJack, we are literally on top of it.
What are you doing? That Pathfinder's clearly off-road.
Some of these trails are about 150 years old.
So they're not gonna register on that tablet.
But they will on this.
All right.
You're gonna need a hat and sunscreen.
Let's go.
That was a pretty fancy trick you pulled taking a sneak peek at the autopsy.
Yeah, not sure Tennant thought so.
You worked for her a year now.
You know she doesn't hide where she stands.
Jim Carter worked for her longer.
And she fired him.
Jim Carter put himself over the team.
This is different.
You put the team over the mean girl.
Hey, it's fine.
I was here when Tennant took over, so she obviously loves me best, but I'm pretty sure you're her second favorite.
You really think Noelani managed to get her SUV down this way? I know she did.
Someone tried to dump it.
It And her.
thinks Noelani's been here for days.
Neck's broken.
Car was in neutral, she's just laid out across the driver's seat.
Doesn't look like an accident.
Keep working the scene.
Hoping for an update? Accident seems increasingly unlikely.
Giving you wide berth here out of respect for the position you're in, but Walters' mother and sister are flying in to take his remains.
You know that can't happen till this case is closed.
There is no case.
My people reviewed the mission computer.
Walters went into G-LOC, Crashed.
Commander Walters had dextroamphetamine in his system.
It's in the tox screen.
And there are extenuating circumstances.
He was involved with a girl whose body was dumped in the mountains.
You implying he killed her, then killed himself in that plane? I'm not implying anything.
Going where the case takes me.
Your jacket says top of your class at FLETC.
Only agent to receive the Medal of Merit three times.
But you know what people say? You're stubborn and incapable of staying in line.
And if I were you, they'd say I was persistent and dedicated.
Look, people are paying attention to this all the way up the chain.
One wrong move, won't just be you and me taking the fall.
It'll be your team, too.
(FOOD SIZZLING) I'm making your favorite.
Medicine's in the bag, Dad.
- I got to split.
- Go stay.
Eat this time.
That boss of yours, she's treating you like - she the mastah or something.
- No.
No, she's not bad.
Well, then she wouldn't mind you eating some saimin.
Look what I found.
Oh, and I ran into your friend.
The pretty wahine with the long hair.
- Hina? - Yeah.
Come as a big surprise when I tell her you was home.
Hey, we should have a party.
And let everybody see you.
Be 'ohana again.
Can't stay for dinner.
I got work.
Hey, you sound like me in the hanabaddah days.
Except I'm here when you got sick.
She wouldn't want this.
It's a little too late for you to start caring about what Mom wanted.
's initial report makes it pretty clear Noelani was dead before she hit that ravine.
There was material under her fingernails.
We've expedited the DNA analysis.
Nothing in Walters' report points to him being violent.
I don't think he killed her.
Let's focus on Noelani, Figure out who she was.
I need a word.
- Look, I can - Not with you.
I brought Commander Walters' declassified incident report.
- Oh, terrific.
- But I didn't need to.
Because I was informed by Captain Milius that NCIS already saw the report.
I told the captain the report hasn't left my sight.
That I take my work and security protocols seriously.
And he wondered how that was possible, since I failed so completely at both.
I am filing a complaint against your Special Agent.
Look, if you have an issue, it's with me.
I'm the one who passed the information to Captain Milius.
Which you couldn't have done if she hadn't stolen it.
She just saw a few key phrases on a report that you're now delivering to me.
No harm, no foul.
Harm, foul.
I'm an intelligence officer.
My mission is to protect the intel.
And pissing off future admirals will not help my career.
Can I see the report, please? And no need for a complaint.
I'll clear it up with Milius.
With all due respect, he's more pissed at you than he is at me.
The lab analyzed the supplements - from Commander Walters' apartment.
- Yes.
Found high levels of dextroamphetamine.
They were spiked.
This crash just got a lot more complicated.
(BIRDS SINGING) Hey, Alex, get me some lemongrass from outside.
- (KNOCKING) - Or get the door! Hey, Mom, did I remain the right one? - (KNOCKING) - Hang on, Jules.
Alex! What? Oh, the door was open.
Hey, Mr.
Hey, Julie.
Jesse and Lucy found Noelani's phone at the crime scene.
Pulled the SIM card online profile only goes back a few months.
Most of her friends on social media are bots.
Most of her pictures are photoshopped.
- Anything actually real about her? - Well, she really worked as a cocktail waitress at a place called Namaka Ale House.
Paystubs go back a few weeks, then they abruptly stop.
(SNIFFING) Mmm, stew smells amazing.
Alex! I need you to finish dinner and get your sister to bed.
- On time.
- Why do I have to babysit? It's not babysitting.
It's helping, Alex, and that's what families do for each other.
(SLURPING) I'd add lemongrass.
- Jane Tennant, NCIS.
- I'm looking for information on Noelani Ilihau.
Not much to tell you.
She cocktailed for a while, one day didn't show.
That didn't worry you? People come, people go.
That's the bar business.
Mind if I talk to the staff? Look.
You're just doing your job, I get it.
But this is the pau hana crowd.
They want to relax.
Can't do that with cops around.
Please? (POP SONG PLAYING) Another day, then.
I was just about to call you.
Yeah, I'm just, uh, at the office.
Hey, those souvenirs from the places he visited, there were dates on them, some after she died.
Walters was looking for her.
And if he got shut down at the bar she worked at, like I just did, I'm guessing he didn't get far.
Uh, one of the souvenirs is from Ace's Surf Shop.
I know someone there.
I'll check it out tomorrow.
Send me the address.
I'll meet you.
Look, I got to go alone.
You're new, so you haven't had the pleasure of my "we work as a team" speech, but you can guess the bullet points.
Allow me to impress you, okay? And I will let you know what I know as-as soon as I know it.
TENNANT: Okay, I look forward to being impressed.
Hey, Hina, I think you, uh, missed a few spots there, yeah? Look, I know it's been a while (GROANS) Welcome home, brah.
Where's da aloha? I got to hear from your pops that you're back.
- I've been busy.
- No, you've been hiding.
So why you come now? Honestly work.
A pilot had this at his house.
And he died.
And then we just found his girlfriend yesterday murdered.
I don't know about no murders.
Yeah, but, look, maybe you maybe you know her.
Name's Noelani.
That's not her name.
This is Allana.
We used to hang with her cuz from Nanakuli High.
She taught the wahine tourists how to drop in on the two-footers until someone offered her a new job a while back.
What kind of job? Look, I'm here so that other cops won't be.
You can talk to me, okay? We're hoaaloha.
Yeah, the same friend that joined the Marines and left for the mainland.
- Not even a "see ya".
- I had to leave, Hina.
I didn't want to talk about it.
And now, not even a "hey, I'm back".
I understand that you're mad at me.
Look, we all got our troubles, Kai.
Still you never turn your back on the ocean.
What about Allana's troubles? Some buggah offered her a job.
Sort of like a hostess.
Get close to the guys.
Make them feel special.
Paid good.
Sounded sketchy to me.
Who made the offer? I don't know.
Never saw him.
Had a funny kine nickname.
Big Luna.
Nothing in any law enforcement database about a Big Luna either he knows how to stay hidden or your source was playing you.
If my source says there's a Big Luna, there's a Big Luna.
TENNANT: All right, well, let's focus on Noelani or Allana.
What else do we know? Don Sloane.
Dated our girl a few months last year.
She disappeared, he filed a missing persons report.
He's a DOD engineer? - And works top secret aircraft.
- Local girl dates guys with need-to-know information, works them until she becomes a ghost.
So at best we're dealing with a con woman.
At worst - A spy.
- So I'm guessing whoever's running the ring killed Allana when Walters started looking for her.
Made sure that she couldn't be tied back to them and then made sure Walters stayed quiet, too.
Well, me showing up at the Ale House is gonna spook them.
Where's Don Sloane now? He's locked his location apps.
See if he has a fitness tracker.
Guys got busted using them on deployment.
Dudes take every precaution until they want to log their miles.
ERNIE: Huh, he does.
Also got an anonymous IP logged into his account.
We're not the only ones tracking him.
All right, how about 6:00 tomorrow? Can I get Inoki then? Yep, all right, I'll be there.
- Everything okay? - Yeah, yeah.
How'd it go with Sloane? Either he's a professional liar or he's telling the truth.
Which is Uber driver took him to the Namaka Ale House where he met a waitress.
They started to date, he thought it was the real deal, which is why he reported her missing to HPD.
Yeah? Was he compromised? One night he blacks out, thought he had too much to drink.
Ended up at home, nothing out of place.
He didn't connect the dots until we did.
This is espionage.
What would you like today? Hey, uh Kalua pig, uh manapua.
And, uh, loco moco, yeah? Extra gravy! - Shoots! - You want anything? - Is that all for you? - No.
No, no, no, I-I've been here for, like, two weeks, and I haven't paid for a single coffee.
So thought I'd bring some culture to the team.
I'm pleading vegetarian on this one.
All right.
You're order number 15.
Thanks, yeah? - (CHUCKLES) - All right.
You know, the things we do for our kids.
Hey, you're a good mom to give up the finer things in lunch.
My daughter would agree with you.
My son recently pretty much sees me as a prison warden.
Hey, it's hard being a mom.
It's, uh, it's hard being a son, too.
This whole case goes back to the bar.
Someone there is using locals to steal military secrets.
And the only lead we have is a name.
Big Luna.
Ooh, looks like our spy ring didn't compromise Walters.
His credentials aren't being used at anomalous IP addresses or multiple locations.
Yeah, well, they spoofed the hell out of Don Sloane's phone, cracked his passwords, got specs on the jet, code revisions, personnel lists.
Hoping there's something they didn't get.
Just what they needed from Walters, which is info on the unmanned aerial capabilities.
Basically like a user manual.
Who on the personnel list would have access? That's the irony.
The spies know.
But we don't have access to that intel unless DIA gives it to us.
So time to practice our apologies.
(EXHALES) (KNOCKING) Oh, look who's here.
Did you come by to clean up your mess and save your ass? Or maybe take a swing at me? (STAMMERS) No, no, no, I, um came to apologize.
I was out of line and put you in a jam.
And it wasn't right or fair.
And I'm sorry.
That I'm too young to know I love you so Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
We-we can't do this again.
Uh, yeah, that's a horrible mistake.
Well, I wouldn't say horrible.
I'm agreeing with you.
If we just wait a while No tears for us No, that's okay.
I'm not thirsty.
Why are you here? And wear a smile Commander Walters was murdered.
So was the girl he was seeing.
We think there's a spy ring stealing intel on sixth-gen fighters.
We can catch 'em with your help.
You want to know who else is working on the project.
I can get the info through channels, but you can - get it faster.
- What's in it for me? Professionally speaking.
Uh do your job, stop the bad guys, general sense of satisfaction.
(CLEARS THROAT) You know, I I could use a drink.
Yeah, I think you should go.
And the list of names? These are our most likely targets, all DOD contractors and employees.
Whistler came through, but 20 names.
- Any way to narrow it down? - Sloane and Walters were single, no dependents.
From the list, eight are married with families.
Two others started dating each other during the project.
- That leaves ten.
- We need to find someone with access to the same self-flying capabilities as Commander Walters.
ERNIE: Charles Randolph.
Chief designer of the automated flying system.
Been at Pearl on and off for two years.
- Relationship status? - Separated.
Seems to have been kind of mopey until about two weeks ago.
- He met a girl.
- ERNIE: And according to an email he sent from his work computer, her name is Sally.
Cocktail waitress.
- At the Namaka Ale House? - Yep.
And there's an anonymous IP address tracking Randolph's phone, just like Don Sloane's.
They're going after him, too.
They didn't get what they wanted from Walters.
So they need this piece, or the rest of it's useless.
According to his cell phone, Randolph arrived at the Ale House 15 minutes ago.
New Guy, you get in any trouble, just say, "I'm new to the island", we'll come.
WAITRESS: What you drinking? Hey, uh, Hirata Shochu if you have it.
- New batch coming for the holidays.
- All right, uh green bottle, green bottle's fine.
Shochu? It's a local spirit made with sweet potatoes.
Nectar of the gods.
Hey, Myra! TENNANT: Any action in there, Kai? It's all foreplay.
Bartender's serving Randolph off the menu, though.
They could be dosing him, like they did Don Sloane.
I got something else.
Dude at the bar hasn't touched his drink.
- Busy watching Randolph and the girl.
- ERNIE: "Dude?" Got anything more to help? Tattoo, parrot on the shoulder? Signed affidavit he's Big Luna? It's dead tonight, eh, bro? Where's the party? Hmm.
Everywhere's the same these days.
Yeah, yeah.
Man, there used to be a this, this-this joint, Helena's, you know? It's barely a joint, it's just a shack.
They stay on School Street.
Yeah, yeah, that's right! Hey, uh Which side of the road was Helena's on? - Was it? - North, bro.
Yeah, yeah.
Randolph's in play.
Being taken out back.
Dude's not a local.
He's in on it.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Where you going, huh? It's just, where, where's the bathroom in here? (SCOFFS) Hey, I'm - I'm new to the island - Jesse, Lucy! You take the front, I got the back.
(BOTH GRUNTING) Federal agents! (ENGINE STARTS) Randolph's upstairs! (TIRES SCREECH) NCIS! Stop! - Hey! - Let's go! TENNANT: How'd you know he wasn't local? I asked where Helena's was, he said north.
Real local would've said mauka.
Ernie, you got eyes on his vehicle? Yeah, heading leeward at the fork.
- How far behind are we? - Let's just say go faster.
Federal agents, keep your hands where I can see them! Hey! Got her! (GRUNTING) JESSE: Damn! Remind me never to piss you off, Lucy.
ERNIE: Suspect turned off-road a quarter-mile ahead of your position, slowing down.
Guess he thinks he lost you.
Kind of feels like he did.
All right, daytime surveillance shows a structure 100 feet from the coast.
Might be hard to see.
TENNANT: Not so hard.
NCIS! Hands! (GRUNTS) (GUN CLICKING) That's it! You're out of road! Put your hands up and walk slowly towards me.
Hey! Hey, don't, don't, don't! What the hell?! No! No! No! No! Really?! (SHOUTS) (GASPS) (GRUNTING) (SHOUTING) (GRUNTING) Trust me! Never turn your back on the ocean.
Uh You kind of got us into this, you got a way to get us out? Hey, hey! The Coasties aren't lying.
They're always ready.
(LAUGHTER) This everything we recovered from Big Luna's safe house? Hard drives smashed.
Files and photos burnt.
Just the kind of puzzle that gets my circulation going.
LUCY: Did find this.
100 milligrams per pill.
Colored to look like our pilot's vitamin supplements.
Big Luna must have snuck it into our pilot's house - to dose him.
- Mm-hmm.
DNA on his knife also matched what was under Noelani's fingernails.
He killed her, too.
So we-we still don't know who he worked for or how much of the jet program was compromised.
Hey, speak for yourself, New Guy.
Bartender Myra claims to be a victim, but she served spiked drinks, led Randolph up into the room, gave as good as she got - on the stairs with Lucy - Did not.
JESSE: So I contacted a friend at Commerce and Consumer Affairs, figured out who owns the bar, contacted their bank about suspicious money transfers.
- Did you time this for when she walked in? - No.
That's just clean living.
That man forced me to help him.
Threatened my family! - You saved me! - Compelling story, Myra.
Just not accurate.
The bar you work for is owned by a company called the 'O Ahi Group.
Hawaiian LLC.
Financed by a holding company based in Beijing.
- Okay - It's a cover.
For the Chinese Ministry of State Security.
Our theory is you were born in Honolulu but trained by MSS.
I'd really think hard about what to say next.
Because my friend here hates spies.
Let's talk about experimental jets.
(DRUMS BEATING SLOWLY) Ready salute! Something you need, Special Agent? Lieutenant Commander Walters came to NCIS because he suspected a spy ring.
Wouldn't have been able to stop it without him.
Wanted to pay my respects.
I'm known to be somewhat bullheaded.
"Somewhat"? Okay completely.
But if my attitude was off-putting You said I was jeopardizing the careers of my entire team.
You wouldn't even take my call on Whistler's behalf.
I'm passionate about my people.
Tempers rise when you care.
Is this you apologizing? Yes.
Well, it's very uncomfortable.
You did good work.
Stopped the bad guys, protected international security and the honor of our pilot.
Apology accepted.
Hello, hey.
- Hey, what's up? - Hey! - I was just about to talk stink.
- Hey, no.
You better not have.
I was out saving the world.
- Okay? - Sure you were.
- (DOG WHINES) - Hi, pup.
Hey, I can't stay too long, so Oh, whatever, brah.
(LAUGHS) Hey! Who's this now? (LAUGHING) That's Inoki.
Fresh out of quarantine.
Ah, you're a fine looking fella.
Hey, he remind of, uh - Hachiko.
- Yeah.
Your mother loved that dog.
Hey, I bet Inoki wouldn't mind going for a long walk after two weeks in the big house.
(STAMMERS) Um (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Yeah, yeah, he probably could.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Listen, Kai.
About the other day Hey, Pop, we're, um we're gonna have a lot of time to talk about things, okay, so, um, why don't you two get to know each other? Yeah? Oh, Inoki, gonna be mauka or makai? Mauka got more trees, but makai got the mangroves.
Hmm? We go, come on.
Island style From the mountain to the ocean From the windward to the leeward side Hello? Door was open.
You made it! And you brought a feast.
My dad forced me to bring it.
Your father doing okay? I'm not psychic.
You mentioned he was sick in your application.
That's why you wanted the assignment.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
He's fine.
I didn't mean to pry, sorry.
No, no, no, no, you're right, uh That's why I wanted the billet.
I just, um I never expected to - (LAUGHTER) - You're-you're the entertainment tonight.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) I thought this was just gonna be a job.
But I have realized that it's a lot more fun to do it with someone that you would, uh follow off a cliff.
That was dumb.
That was dumb, absolutely dumb.
(BOTH LAUGH) That smells delicious.
Let's take it outside - so everyone can enjoy it.
- All right.
I love my grandma Hey, guys! - Kai's here! - What's up, team? - Hey! - Welcome.
Thank you, I made it.
Thank you.
From the mountain to the ocean From the windward to the leeward side On the island We do it island style From the mountain to the ocean From the windward to the leeward Side.

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