NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e02 Episode Script


Doesn't even matter what time I wake up.
That boy is in the hallway, asking me questions like I memorize the encyclopedia in my sleep.
4:00 in the morning.
Child in his dinosaur pajamas staring at you.
Strong argument for living alone.
You know, but even when he frustrates me, just gives me those wide eyes, and I'm all the way in love again.
How many routes you run, Melissa? Oh, about 30 or so, I guess.
2,600 and counting for me.
Want to know the most important lesson I learned? Hmm? We don't have to talk the entire time.
Sorry, Karl.
- You okay? - Oh What happened? We're being hit.
Need you to Mayday.
Melissa, Mayday now! Hello, dispatch.
This is car 11.
No problem here.
We're not resisting.
Uh, dispatch.
Car 11.
Captain Milius.
Not every day the deputy chief of staff of Pacific Fleet comes by.
Have I annoyed Pac Fleet in some way? Not that I'm aware of.
Well, it's still early.
Armored truck heist on the North Shore this morning.
Saw it on the wire.
One guard murdered.
Used some kind of explosives.
One of our warships recovered a half million dollars from an unflagged vessel.
Belongs to the Thai government.
The money was on the truck.
HPD's on the crime scene with FBI.
We'll coordinate a briefing later.
Thais would like their money back.
Given your success with the spy ring, the admiral would like you to take the lead.
It's a lot of money.
I'm guessing there's more? Whoever did this used enough explosives to roll an armored truck 30 yards, and only a small group of people knew the money would even be there.
You think it's a military nexus.
We hope not.
Lucy? Heading to the North Shore? Whoa.
Since you're new, Kai, maybe you don't know, but we don't really have a "bring your pet to an active crime scene" day.
Landlord at my place is making a stink, okay? Wants more money 'cause he claims that Inoki's not, like, pet-sized.
Dude's trying to kick me out, so I'm in the process of finding other options.
According to the FBI, the truck was en route from Pearl.
Three-man heist crew comes in.
Takes out the driver.
His weapon's still holstered.
He didn't put up much of a fight.
No sign of explosives in here.
- How'd they get in? - Second guard opened it.
Heist crew took the money and escaped in a stolen van, which HPD found in flames four miles up the road.
Yeah? Where's the second guard? At HPD.
Lucy's talking to her.
And we didn't get any of the footage from the truck's cameras? No, the security cameras were off-line.
What is it, Jesse? I mean, these guys were good.
Like, really good.
In and out.
No muss.
No fuss.
- Well, some fuss.
- Yeah, but that's the thing.
Why would they take out the driver and leave guard number two alive? That's a really good question.
I just need you to run through it one more time, Melissa.
I already talked to those other people.
Company investigators.
I Oh, my phone.
They took it.
The robbers? The police.
I'm sure they'll give it back.
I need to call my son.
He's at my mother's.
Want to let him know I'm okay.
Are you okay? I watched Karl get killed.
Thought they were gonna kill me, too.
So no.
What happened, Melissa, after the explosion? Karl got out of the cab.
Which is against protocol.
Look, I don't know what to tell you.
Karl got out, was shot.
I called Mayday until they put a gun to my head, and then I did what they told me.
And what was that? Open the back.
Get on your knees.
Pray to God.
I remember that part very clearly.
I'd like to call my son.
Gonna make sure that happens.
I just want to go back to one thing.
You say you call for Mayday.
I did call Mayday.
The thing is, Melissa, dispatch didn't receive any calls.
The truck's whole security system was off-line.
So maybe let's go over it again.
Bank robberies are simple.
Suspect walks in with nothing but intent.
Since the tellers are trained to comply, walks out with all the cash at the window.
Armored truck heists are a whole other game.
Suspects tend to be brazen and violent, willing to take risks.
Dude, you know a lot about this.
Jesse's got three years with the D.
Joint Robbery Task Force.
This is a precision crew.
In and out in 90 seconds.
Not one scrap of usable evidence was left behind.
Getaway car was stolen and then torched.
Ballistics report came back with nothing.
Every move was planned.
What, even killing the guard? Look at the grouping of bullets.
Two above the armored vest and one in the head.
This wasn't just some suspect spraying off rounds.
And ATF thinks the explosives are military grade.
I have Marine EOD checking it out.
Any luck finding a local who could do this job? No.
The best are either locked up or dead.
The rest, small-time.
So it's probably mainlanders.
But importing that much explosives is almost impossible.
They must have some help on the island.
And luck from the gods considering the bomb probably took out the security system.
Luck had nothing to do with it.
I went down the rabbit hole of armored truck construction.
Marvel of engineering.
Forged in galvanized and stainless steel with ballistic fiberglass woven into the interior.
And the security system? Cradled in an equally impenetrable steel casing controlling the electronic locks, the cameras, the comms with a static crush resistance - of 5,000 pounds.
- In other words, the kaboom couldn't take it off-line.
Then what would've caused it? Because right before the system went down, the truck made an unscheduled stop.
There's your local.
Inside man.
Or woman.
I'm sorry, who are you? She's my boss, Melissa.
We want to know why your truck's security system was deactivated before you were hit.
Okay, I took a two-week course before starting this job.
I don't know anything about computers.
You're saying you followed procedure every step of the way this morning? I tried.
You tried? Or you did? Because you told me you were by the book.
We were.
Then help me understand why your truck's GPS was idle for two minutes on Farrington Highway.
You made an unscheduled stop.
Karl had to relieve himself.
It was, like, 30 seconds.
It was two minutes.
Officers checked the area.
They didn't find anything.
- What happened there? - Nothing.
Been interviewed by FBI, HPD, me.
You didn't tell anyone about this.
He did it from time to time.
Bad prostate, Karl said.
It's not a big deal.
Kind of a big deal this time, Melissa.
Karl was murdered.
Unscheduled stop.
Security system shut off.
We want to believe you're not responsible.
But I'm responsible.
What? I'm the reason why Karl's dead.
Heist crew just pulled off another job.
Target was Payday Plus near Village Park.
About 2:00 p.
, bomb exploded, taking out a wall between the store - and neighboring restaurant.
- Any injuries? Yeah, two employees were taken to Aloha Memorial.
Three-man team pushed through the wall, forced the manager to open the vault and fled with nearly 400K.
Let me guess.
90 seconds flat.
Looks like the same team pulling off an equally coordinated heist while we were still investigating the first.
Tell me what we know.
Well, the blast took out the CCTV cameras, but we got some cell phone footage from a customer at the restaurant.
Can you play that back? You see how they move? It's a three-second rush.
One man's always covering the others.
Individual movement technique.
That's military.
Learned it in Marine field training.
Training may be a lead.
Jesse, look and see if you can find any similar heists off the island.
Anything with flavor of military tactics - and hardware.
- All right, on it.
I've got Ernie pulling security footage from the area.
Somebody planted that bomb in the restaurant.
One of our heist team - or another local accomplice.
- Yep.
Melissa's been in custody since the first robbery, but she may have details on other suspects.
I'll have Lucy talk to her again.
All right.
Headed to K-Bay.
You up for a ride? Time to talk to Boom-Boom.
Hey! Hey, what's a Boom-Boom? Fire in the hole! When dealing with high explosives, there are really only two games in town.
Your typical plastics, like C-4, which we just detonated.
You want a controlled explosion say, take out the lock on a door before a breach you want plastics.
It's also very stable.
Easy to transport.
Almost no chance of unscheduled bangs.
If you want to take out an entire building, let the world know you're there Fire in the hole! TNT's your wingman.
Hey, no, don't throw that one at me, please.
Our suspects used TNT and lots of it.
50 pounds on the armored truck, another 50 on the Payday wall.
TNT's highly regulated, nearly impossible to get legally.
Yeah, let alone transport.
Stuff's not exactly stable.
So how'd our guys get theirs? Well, based on chemical analysis at the blast sites, you got yourself some original formula World War II-era TNT.
That's good, old-fashioned American kick-ass.
Where would our suspects get their hands on World War II materials? I'd look at Kahoolawe.
That island's littered with antique ordnance.
I know because my unit's been out there to clear 'em.
All right.
Thank you, Boom-Boom.
Only Tennant can call me that.
Listen, you can't just row out there and grab this stuff.
It's temperamental as hell.
Whoever got it knew what they were doing.
Aw, you look how I feel.
Thanks? I just spent the last few hours scouring law enforcement databases trying to find a heist crew that resembles ours.
- No hits? - I mean, I got guys who use explosives, guys who use assault weapons, but nobody who mixed them with these kind of results.
What's bothering you? Got a call from the medical examiner.
Our dead guard had traces of TNT on his hands and clothes.
Well, that plus him being seriously underwater financially probably means that Karl is our inside man.
That's what we call a break, Luce.
Yeah, makes it less likely that Melissa was involved.
Unless they both were.
Karl was executed on the spot.
That's our heist crew tying up loose ends.
But Melissa was spared.
What's that say to you? - Heist crew wants us to suspect her.
- Yeah.
And if she's innocent, she could still help us fill in the blanks with Karl.
Do you know where she is? Not with her son where she should be.
The FBI took her for further questioning.
Well, we're lead on this case, right? So take the lead.
Go get her.
I'm just, uh, looking for Tennant.
Well, she's around.
Uh, look, the, um the other night.
The Joint Terrorism security brief.
You know what other night I'm talking about.
When you threw yourself at me? I'm sorry, it's just like you said.
We can't do this again.
- Sure.
- We just need to forget it ever happened.
- Bygones.
- I'm serious.
Me, too.
So, if you'll excuse me Whistler.
We're in the war room.
Smallest of the main Hawaiian islands and a bombing range for the military until 1990.
Home to millions of pounds of unexploded ordnance.
Government's been cleaning it up for years, but there's still a lot of UXO that dates all the way back to World War II.
Island's over a hundred miles from Oahu, so our crew would need a boat, pilot who knows the area.
Not to mention experience in handling volatile explosives.
Well, I can't speak to that, but I can show you this.
Captured ten days ago by NOAA.
Approached the island and stayed about four hours before leaving.
Looks like a fishing boat.
Is there enough to identify it? Worth a college try.
I'm just running an errand, Jesse.
I will be back, and then we, uh, can go fishing for boats.
I never expect you, son.
Hey, Pops.
Just, uh, just got to grab something.
Thought you'd be at the restaurant.
Oh, you come when you think I'm not here.
Should I take that personally? - Dad, I don't want to fight, okay? - Me, neither.
How about I go fix you something for eat? No, I can't.
I, uh, got to get back to work.
You taking your medication? Of course.
- What you looking for? - Sleeping bag.
- Big blue one.
- From high school.
- Why? - I'm, uh, having a dispute with my landlord.
Might've lost my housing, so just until I figure out what to do Do you want to stay here? Wh-Where? Under the tree? I could clean it out.
No, thank you, Dad.
You no be hardhead.
Why you no let me help you? Well, I-I just need the sleeping bag.
I wen give 'em away.
Your cousin 'Olina needed for camp.
Plus, was causing clutter.
How could you tell? If she was still around, she would tell you to stay.
If she was still around, I wouldn't have left.
Oh, that's good, Jules.
Might want to spread the silver fish out just a little more.
Akule travel in schools.
Oh, I thought they were bluefin tuna.
Which also travel in schools.
Fourth grade ecosystems? "Wonders of the Ocean".
Yeah, nice.
I was up until 4:00 a.
"helping" Gracie with that one.
I will not be up that late.
- And neither will you.
- I got follow-up on the Whistler intel.
You want to come in, - or should I sanitize it? - The latter.
We ID'd the boat.
It's a type mostly used for multiday fishing charters.
Got plenty of range to make the round trip.
You pulling a list of locals on the island? Yeah, new guy I mean, Kai and I are looking into it.
There's only about 20.
So you're thinking some local fisherman got caught up with our heist crew? The dead guard had debt issues.
I mean, the fishing biz isn't what it used to be.
I'm sure a lot of these guys could use the extra cash.
We're also looking for someone with explosives training.
Not sure the boatman's a logical choice, but not impossible.
Thanks for the update.
I'll check in later.
I know you weren't expecting me.
I'm sorry.
I, um brought cake.
Hey, Julie.
It's from Leonard's.
I passed it after I sprung Melissa from the FBI and dropped her at home.
How's she doing? She's a wreck.
You, too, huh? Otherwise, why would you bring me cake? Her company suspended her.
She's probably gonna lose her job.
Everyone suspects her.
I kind of did, too.
It might not be my fault, but I didn't help.
You're gonna interview a lot of witnesses in your career.
They're gonna be scared.
It's up to you to learn how to filter out what's useful and what's emotion.
I remember my training.
Talk them through the facts.
I've taken her through her story a dozen times.
She doesn't know anything.
About the attack.
But what about before? If Karl was involved, maybe she saw something.
Last thing she's gonna want to do is talk to another cop.
You're not another cop, Lucy.
You're the one who brought her home to her son.
But first cake.
Next case we work should be going after these charter owners for their prices, man.
Hey, you have no idea how expensive it is to run a small business here.
Equipment, fuel costs.
You sort your rent situation out? I, um, tried to find a place, but housing on the island's impossible these days.
Yeah, well, everybody wants to live in paradise.
- Yeah.
- Ernie just sent video footage from the restaurant next to the Payday Plus, the site of the second blast.
When did he go in? 20 minutes before the explosion.
What, he looks familiar? Lester Allyn.
Charter boat captain.
Maybe we make a good team after all.
And you ruined it.
Captain Lester's got some money issues.
Boat and business mortgaged to the hilt.
Yeah, same as our guard Karl.
- There.
There he is.
- Hey, Lester Allyn? NCIS.
Can we have a word? Hey, Boom-Boom.
Uh, Gates.
EOD covering a crime scene? Uh, I'm a Marine reservist, kid.
Boom-Boom's day job is with NCIS.
Hey, bro, doesn't like being called that.
Oh, just don't like it when you do.
I don't know you.
So, can we assume it wasn't a coincidence that Lester exploded while trying to evade capture? Uh Found remnants of a pressure plate detonation device.
He stepped on it.
No more Lester.
So our heist team set him up? You're in the conclusion business.
I'm in the explosive business.
And this one was a classic World War II-era 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene.
How can you be sure? Residue pattern.
It suggests the explosives got wet on the boat, which caused the nitroglycerin to leach away.
Similar explosives to the ones used on our other robberies? Identical.
How many of these bombs did they take off Kahoolawe? Judging by the empty casings we found inside the boathouse, there's another 50 pounds of highly unstable TNT out there.
Crew's clearly got plans for another job.
Hey, this handiwork here tell you anything about these suspects? Jesse, haven't seen craftsmanship like this pressure plate since Iraq.
British SAS written all over it.
Ah, Melissa came through.
Took her to the field where Karl relieved himself.
Figured it might help her remember something new.
She said he wandered pretty far from the truck.
Showed me where.
Found this buried in a ravine, well away from where the truck stopped.
- Take it to Ernie.
He'll get something off it.
- Mm-hmm.
Nice job.
Captain Milius.
Special Agent.
Excuse me? Her last name.
First name Lucy.
I knew that.
I didn't know that.
Thank you.
You here about an update? Two robberies.
Two murders.
Three massive explosions.
Chain of command breathing down your neck about their stolen money? Technically, the Thai government's twice-stolen money.
It'd help if I wasn't getting all my intel from the nightly news, so I guess I'm wondering how you think the investigation is going.
About how investigations go.
When exactly does the solving the crime part come in? It's a little like pornography.
We'll know it when we see it.
Not sure the metaphor's gonna fly with the admiral.
He's more of a defined outcomes kind of guy.
Look, we've done this dance before.
"It's not just my job on the line but yours, my whole team's".
We're just worried.
And I would say understandably.
Let me do the worrying.
I'll let you know when it's your turn.
Everything's pointing towards military training with these guys.
Boom-Boom said that the booby trap could be British Special Forces, so I expanded the search internationally and found a series of heists in Europe.
Diamonds in Antwerp.
Casino haul in Monte Carlo.
Currency slotted for destruction in Munich.
In each of these cases, they made off with $5 million-plus in cash or easy to monetize assets.
Local police were left with a trail of dead accomplices.
But our crew's haul was barely seven figures.
Yeah, that's their thing.
This crew does a handful of smaller jobs first.
Gets the cops chasing their own tails.
Gives this crew a chance to slip in - and pull off the big score.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, we have a pattern.
Any suspects? Interpol managed to ID one suspect from the Antwerp job.
William Strafford, British SAS.
Yeah, served in Iraq.
Worked risk management for Newcastle Protections.
- A security specialist.
- Trained in urban combat, explosives, intelligence.
He's got all the skills.
Where is this guy? Off the grid after Antwerp.
What about the rest of his team? No likely suspects in his SAS unit, but Strafford was attached to a classified special operations unit in Iraq.
International coalition including Australian and French forces.
All right.
Well, see if any of these guys had trouble adjusting to civilian life.
I'm gonna have Lucy compile a list of high-value targets here on the islands just in case they're aimed at something bigger.
All right.
You're here late.
You mean early.
Well, it's early today, but if you sleep in the office and shower in the locker room, it's really just an extension of yesterday.
Well, we didn't sleep here.
We napped.
Well, semantics, Kai.
Midnight to 7:00 a.
two nights in a row isn't napping.
Look, I get it.
You, uh, you like your dog.
Look, we just trying to figure out Figure out my living situation.
Well, squatting in the break room isn't living, my friend.
- Hey, you want a place to stay, just ask.
- No.
No, I'm not one to impose.
Want me to ask around for sublets? Thank you, but, uh, I've been taking care of myself a long time.
I got this.
You think being self-sufficient keeps you above the fray.
You don't owe anyone anything, and they don't owe you.
But that just makes you a man alone on an island with his dog.
A metaphorical island.
'Cause, obviously, we're all on a real island.
The point is, uh, you're bumming us out.
"Us"? "Us" as in, like, like, everyone? Like, Tennant, too? If I were you, I'd figure this out sooner than later.
Just-just Okay, wait.
Help me understand why-why me sleeping here all night is a problem, but for you, it's okay.
Is that ? I don't sleep here.
I work.
For instance, while you and Inoki snored away, I reconstructed Karl's phone, which may have given us a lead on our suspects.
Oh, you-you can have the rest if you want.
We contacted banks, insurance companies and auction houses to gather a list of high-value assets on the island.
Eliminated items that would be difficult to unload or too hot once they were stolen.
That still left 11 possible targets.
All right, we need to narrow it down further.
$5 million-plus and anything who's set to move soon or whose protection would be recently affected by the previous heists.
- Will do.
- We also got a hit on Lieutenant Henri Martin.
Former French commando.
Served with Strafford.
Had a hard time reentering civilian life.
In and out of jail.
- He just arrived in Oahu on "vacation".
- Where is he now? Uh, best guess? Chinatown.
How do you know? Karl's burner phone only had a couple calls in the last few days, and I just got a ping from one of the numbers.
Encrypted phone.
It just keeps going on and off-line, but I've been able to find it every time it comes back.
Honolulu National's in Chinatown.
That's on your list.
Received a federal cash deposit this week topping $7 million.
Lucy, call it in.
Jesse and Ernie, you're with me.
Not sure this, uh, fits exactly right.
You know, I don't usually go out in the field, and by "usually", I mean "ever".
Yeah, well, we need you to track these guys in real time.
Don't want a dropped call with 50 pounds of TN - roaming through the city, all right? - Okay.
Any updates? Yep.
About 45 yards - from our position and heading straight for the - There.
Guy in the coat.
Jesse, cover the other entrance.
Wait for backup.
This is a robbery! Everybody, stay where you are! Nobody move! Down! You, down! Don't move! Lady! On the ground.
- Down.
- Okay.
You, too.
Facial recognition.
Just in case.
Stay where you are.
Sir? Everyone's gonna stay calm.
No one's getting hurt.
You want to be in charge? Take the money from the vault.
Put it in the bag.
Okay, we're federal agents, not bank employees.
I'm not authorized to handle the money.
But I can take this bag to the manager.
I'm Eli Kealoha.
- Assistant manager.
- Will you just give him the bag? Everybody else, down on the ground! Down! Eli, listen.
You and me are gonna keep everyone calm, okay? Just follow instructions.
Come on! Come on! Open this door.
All right, money in the bag.
Money in the bag.
We did what you wanted.
What happens next? I leave.
My colleagues are waiting for me outside in a van.
There's no van.
And even if there was, HPD's locking this whole thing down right now.
His name is Hugh Lowry.
He's in the federal database.
Private contractor, explosives disposal.
Has a lien on his house.
Jesse, he's not supposed to have a way out.
He's a diversion.
Get back to the asset list and find the real target.
You want me to leave you in there? There's nothing else you can do except get Lucy and find the heist team.
Hugh Lowry.
Right? H-H-How do you know my name? I know everything, Hugh.
You're working with guys from Europe.
They took you to Kahoolawe on Lester Allyn's boat to get explosives.
- Okay, shut up! - Promised you this would be easy, help you out with your money troubles.
They lied.
There's no van.
And, as you can hear, HPD is already on the scene.
You're a distraction to another job.
You're just trying to get in my head.
They already killed two other accomplices.
What, you're just leaving her there? That's what Tennant wants.
But what I need is the real target.
We're looking for anything that's vulnerable because HPD is evacuating Chinatown as we speak.
- Tears of the Sea.
- Tears of the what? Black pearl necklace.
Handed down through generations of Hawaiian royalty.
Culturally priceless and financially worth - probably more than anything else on our list.
- All right.
We're only gonna get one chance at this.
This is a prize, Jesse.
It's being moved from the Bishop Museum today.
Only item on our list with private security - and HPD escort.
- Which will be diverted because HPD's responding to the bank robbery.
Great work, Lucy.
Tell me where we're going.
- It isn't supposed to go this way.
- Hugh, listen to me.
Hugh, look at me.
I don't want you to die.
Let us help.
Yeah, you want to help me? We do.
Right, Ernie? Yes.
Definitely, yes.
Such an idiot! I-I-I got to get out of this thing.
- I-I don't want to - No.
No, no, no.
That vest.
Like Lester Allyn's boat.
Any false move and Okay, okay, get Boom-Boom on the phone.
Hugh, new plan.
Don't touch the vest.
I'm not gonna touch it, either.
Right here with you.
Give me your hand.
The people you're working for promised you that this vest wouldn't hurt you.
But you can't know that.
- Oh, God.
Oh, God.
- We're gonna fix this, okay? H-How? Um, we, uh, we we need some images to send back to HQ.
Get a quick consult.
Y-You're gonna fix this with pictures? X-rays, actually.
Just, um I brought this in case we came up against a bomb.
What do you got? All of them look the same to me, man.
Bunch of crazy wires.
- I hope it makes sense to you.
- It doesn't, really.
Ernie, you got to get in closer.
How much closer? Can you get me a shot looking lengthwise across the detonator? And don't be coy, Ernie.
If this thing goes off, a few steps here or there - won't make a bit of - Boom-Boom, we can all hear you.
It looks like the bomb is designed to go off as soon as he removes it.
Ernie, we'll need to rewire a loop around the detonator.
Isn't there a red wire, blue wire kind of thing we can do? That's only in the movies, Ernie.
In the real world, bombs are complex electrical devices that provide power to a detonator.
Oh, wait, like the like the power system that runs a drive in a computer.
I got this.
Look at me.
Look at me.
These men who hired you, they convinced you to do this job.
How? They, uh They said no one gave a crap about me in the world.
You got this, Ernie.
Hugh, I'm still with you, okay? You're doing great.
What else did they say? That they understood.
They could help.
Okay, Boom-Boom, you seeing what I'm seeing? Yeah.
Wh-What-What's going on? - What is it? - Right here.
They understood, right? They understood 'cause they know what it feels like to be left behind.
Uh yeah.
Am I doing this, Boom-Boom? You're doing it.
- Doing what? Doing what? - Hugh, look at me.
These men.
Did they ask for anything else? Hugh.
Anything else? Nice and steady, Ernie.
They wanted a plane.
What just happened? Nothing.
Movie bomb.
It was a fake.
Nice work, Ernie.
Those last 50 pounds of TNT are still out there.
Jesse? What do you know? Tears of the Sea left the Bishop Museum while we were at the bank.
I'm five out from their route.
We tried contacting the security team, but no luck.
Heist team took out the SUV.
They moved in fast.
Got the Tears of the Sea.
I'm sure our team's getting off island as we speak.
They had Hugh Lowry charter a plane at Kualoa Airfield.
That's their escape plan.
Tennant's on the way.
Lucy, let's go.
I'm here.
- You got a visual? - They're on the leeward side of the hangar.
A small jet.
Tail sign starts "XP124".
Got it.
Light 'em up.
Our pleasure, boss.
All right, all units.
All units, let's roll.
Let's roll.
This is the police! Get down on the ground with your hands on your head.
So much for the element of surprise! We're not the surprise! Ah! - Henri's down.
- Leave him! Leave him! Federal agent.
Hands where I can see them.
Ernie Hey.
Dude, I-I heard you were clutch in the field today.
- How you feel? - It's like showing up at death's door and realizing you didn't bring a gift.
Uh I was Hey, I been thinking about this morning.
Me, too.
And I've changed since then.
Life's too short to judge other people.
Just need to take care of me and let you take care of you.
Doesn't make you any less right.
I've been stubborn.
So, I was Yes, Kai.
Offer still stands.
You can move in with me.
No, that's That's not what I was gonna say.
It's just that, um, I plan to put Inoki someplace until I just, I figure out this whole apartment thing.
And thank you.
Thank you.
I mean, it's nothing personal.
Why would I take it personal? No reason.
Like I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You're his better half.
Don't let him tell you otherwise.
Ooh, okay, get this.
Not only did Melissa get reinstated at work, she also got a reward from her company for helping find that burner phone.
- Are you getting a cut? - No.
But she invited me to her son's birthday next month.
Superman'll be there.
Well, hopefully you'll think twice before you sell yourself short again.
Come on.
Be done with work now.
I want to celebrate.
- My treat.
- Oh.
Where are we going? Oh, you You wouldn't like it.
It's too much fun and not at all professional.
You know, I got a hard out to tuck the kids into bed.
But, um, text me the details.
What is your problem? Oh, I don't have one.
You made it clear that we're not going to be friends or whatever.
Means you don't get to go to the cool bar.
You know, I actually feel sorry for you.
- You feel sorry for me? - Yeah.
Because I'm amazing and you're totally missing out.
Should hold him over for the rest of the week.
And I'll be back with some more.
Or you could just stay here, too.
No, I don't need to.
Uh, just just Inoki.
And I'm gonna be at the apartment I rented, just until I find another place.
Just-just let me do it this way, okay? Yeah, don't worry.
We'll be fine.
I know.
You've always been good with dogs.
- Dogs are easy.
- Yeah.
You can always tell what they need from you.
I'll stop by tomorrow.
We'll be here.
So pornography? Yes.
Case closed.
Money recovered.
Bad guys in jail.
And you saved Tears of the Sea.
A win for the island, too.
You gonna give me a medal? No.
But brought you some coffee.
It's 8:00.
It's a little late for caffeine.
Which is why I also brought decaf, green tea, sparkling water.
Is this coming from you or Pac Fleet? Is there a right answer? Green tea, please.
Thought maybe we could drink these together.
Enjoy the stars.
That is literally the last thing I expected to come out of your mouth.
Well, I How about you walk me to my car, Captain? Yes.
You can, uh, tell me about the case: clues, theory, information, etcetera.
Uh, well, one of my people defused a bomb in front of me today.
Really? It mean, it was fake, but still pretty cool.
Today I made some game time scheduling decisions about painting ships, so, you know same, same.

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