NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e04 Episode Script


1 E komo mai Let's walk, girls.
E komo mai E komo mai I'm finally home.
Somebody call 911.
Howzit, Hina? Oh, look who finally makes an appearance.
That your way of thanking me for the new job? It's my way of reminding you you got responsibilities here.
No, but, seriously Thank you for the new job.
Though your dad for sure is gonna fire me when he hears I called you.
- You did the right thing.
- Gonna right-thing my way right out of a job.
You're fine.
How is he? Stubborn.
Like you.
Junior Boy.
For katsu, always double-dip the batter! Hey, Dad.
She didn't say it was this bad.
Your face is all buss up.
Hina call you? Somebody had to.
She's a spy.
She's a friend, Dad, and she wouldn't have needed to call me if you did.
- It's nothing.
- It's not nothing.
I slipped.
End of story.
What'd the doctor say? You know the rules.
You like to stay in my kitchen, you got to help work.
Pile of dishes not gonna wash themselves.
You didn't see a doctor? No need for involve any doctors.
Why are you running the kitchen, Dad? You can barely stand up.
Kimo! Da burner's too hot! What, you think this place made out of money? Yeah.
On my way.
Hey, Dad, you need to get checked out.
I'm on time.
If you're on time, you're five minutes late.
I have a big brother, thank you.
Two of 'em, actually.
I've also already been here for 30 minutes confirming our injured Marine's out of surgery and able to talk with us.
The next 22 minutes were spent waiting for you.
Well, there is such a thing as being too on time.
Anyway, I was just talking to the responding officer.
- And? - Wounded Marine is Master Sergeant Kaleo Whitman.
HPD was called when he fell off his horse in Ka'a'awa.
Shot in the left flank.
It was my day off.
Just riding up Kahana.
And, all of a sudden, I-I felt this white-hot pain on my side.
Felt like the shot came afterward.
What happened next? I rode as fast as I could before I got shot again.
Any idea who shot you? I didn't see anybody.
There are hunters up there.
Must've been one of them.
Mistook me for a trophy? There's nothing funny about this.
I know, babe.
I'm I'm sorry.
Uh, let's go over this again.
I don't understand.
He just told you it was an accident.
NCIS investigates all shootings involving Marine or Navy personnel.
Even if it's an accidental one.
Does it need to happen now? My husband just got out of surgery.
It's best to get it when it's fresh in his mind, yeah.
Won't take long.
Babe, you know what I could use? Some of them ice chips the nurse promised me.
I'm sorry.
It's just a lot for her.
Be a lot for anyone.
So you're riding up there, minding your own business and then bang, you've been hit.
You don't call out or look for help? I was in the middle of nowhere.
Figured I could ride for help.
Didn't realize how bad it was till blood started pooling on my saddle.
Any chance this wasn't an accident? What, like someone intentionally shot me? Guys, I work in career planning.
Spend my off-time with my family.
Pretty boring stuff.
This was just bad luck.
Near-fatal gunshot wound on a morning ride is just bad luck? Could be.
But Jesse and Lucy thought there might be more there.
Said the wife seemed like she wanted them gone.
So you did some more digging on Whitman's background.
Master Sergeant Kaleo Whitman spent most of his career with the 1st Marine Division and the Marine Mounted Color Guard until he requested a transfer home four years ago.
Stationed at K-Bay as a career planner.
Lives with his wife and son.
Record clean? Few minor dustups before he enlisted.
Kid stuff.
Marines straightened him out.
I'm assuming there's a "but"? Now, this is where it gets weird.
Kaleo said a hunter tagged him, right? But these are the approved hunting grounds in the area.
And this is the location Kaleo said he was shot.
Two miles seems a little far for a hunter to accidentally stray.
I mean, it's possible.
But ? Spoke to Forensics.
The bullet pulled from Whitman was a .
From a handgun, not a rifle.
Maybe he didn't know.
Kaleo Whitman's been a Marine for close to 20 years.
- He probably knew.
- Which means he probably lied.
What else is he lying about? Kaleo said he was shot a half mile from here, but this is the area the dogs tracked the blood to.
Risky play, lying to NCIS.
Considering he must've known we were gonna check his story out.
This is where Kaleo was hit.
Blood spatter's consistent with a slug to the side.
Okay, what else do you see? Judging by the fact that the suspect used a handgun, not a rifle, as well as the bullet trajectory Dense tree cover this way.
Only clear position the shooter could've had would've been around here.
Which is a clear line of sight.
Kaleo was on horseback in a bright-colored flannel shirt.
Which isn't something you accidentally hit unless you're drunk or blindfolded.
Drunk, blindfolded or on a ATV.
And ATVs are loud.
Which means he saw the suspect, or at least heard him.
Also means not a single part of Kaleo's story is true except that he got shot.
Jesse and Lucy found at least seven shell casings at the crime scene.
This wasn't accidental.
Whoever shot Kaleo intended to kill him.
So I spoke to his C.
and members of his unit.
Kaleo was squared away.
No sign of trouble in his life.
All evidence to the contrary.
Time for him to tell us the truth.
He's gone.
He left in a hurry.
He pulled his IV.
No doctor would have authorized this.
Reach out to HPD and put out a BOLO.
Kaleo Whitman may be on the run.
Master Sergeant Whitman disappeared after a nurse's visit to check his sutures.
Slipped out of the hospital and no one saw him leave.
Dangerous move, considering his internal injuries from being shot.
Gave Mrs.
Whitman a wellness check.
Says she has no idea where her husband is.
You believe her? Considering she was all squirrelly - at the hospital? - Well, something's off.
I asked HPD to sit on her house, just in case.
What about their son? HPD's trying to track him down at his school and bring him home.
No one informed him that his father was shot? Wife said she wanted him to have a normal day.
Yeah, that makes no sense at all.
Stay on the wife.
Find the son.
Whitman was in some type of altercation out in the woods.
Took a bullet for his trouble but won't say a word about it.
Well, did he flee or was he taken? Oh, he fled but had help doing it.
Game tape doesn't lie.
Is that guy wearing cowboy boots? Real deal, too.
I'm guessing Ariats.
Heritage Roughstock.
Had a pair in the '90s.
It was a look.
How 'bout a more traditional ID on the man? Hoku Alia.
Name he gave hospital security at check-in.
Hung out in the lobby for about ten minutes, then left out a back exit with Whitman.
Hey, shove over for a second.
What? That's like bumping Kirk out of the captain's chair.
Yeah, come on.
You're hardly Kirk.
You suggesting that you run the Enterprise? Okay, you can both be Kirk if someone can connect these two men.
Kaleo Whitman was in the Marine Mounted Color Guard, right? Those positions are usually given to guys who grew up in horse country on the mainland.
But Whitman is from Oahu.
- Yeah.
- Raised in a paniolo family.
Hawaiian cowboys.
Alia Ranch, as in Hoku Alia? Looks like these guys are cousins.
Whitman and Hoku were raised on this ranch.
Still run by his parents.
And Whitman's parents? His dad died when he was a kid.
His mom wasn't around.
Kaleo started acting out.
The Alia family took him in.
I'm guessing he still has ties? That's why he moved back to the island? Yeah, he's been bringing his son Micah here weekly.
They compete in rodeos.
Got to give the Hawaiians credit.
Integrating cowboy culture into their own.
Goes all the way back to King Kamehameha III.
I didn't know.
Cowboys have a code, right? So do paniolo.
They use the word "hanohano".
You read an article or something? Nah.
I just like cowboys.
Federal agents.
Looking for Kaleo Whitman and his cousin Hoku Alia.
Just want to talk to 'em.
Sorry, ma'am.
Can't help you.
Five o'clock.
Hoku Alia! Saw that coming.
Leave him alone! I didn't do anything, man.
First rule of not looking guilty don't run from the Feds.
Where's your cousin Kaleo? I don't know what you're talking about.
Second rule don't lie to the Feds.
We have video of you leaving Tripler with Kaleo.
If you don't want this whole ranch crawling with NCIS agents, you'll want to be more forthcoming.
Kaleo called, said he needed some new clothes to leave the hospital in.
So I brought them.
Nothing illegal about that.
So why'd you run? You reminded me of my ex-wife.
Your cousin's been shot.
He's already lied to us about what happened.
Now he's disappeared.
This doesn't look good.
- Where's Kaleo? - I don't know.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Somebody shot your cousin.
And if he's running, then he's worried that someone's gonna finish the job.
Or he's going after them.
Neither version ends well for Kaleo.
By not talking to us, you're jeopardizing his life.
Isn't 'ohana important to you? Hanohano? I brought Kaleo here.
He took his horse, headed mauka.
Your gut-shot cousin took off into the mountains and you didn't ask why? Which stall? What? Which stall was his horse in? What you got, boss? Backpack.
Looks like a kid's.
I don't know what you expect to find.
Kaleo's a good guy.
It's crystal meth.
More than three pounds.
Nothing good about that.
Been doing a chemical analysis of the meth we got from the ranch.
Since you called us down here, kind of figured there'd be more.
Michelangelo didn't paint the Sistine Chapel in one day.
You're comparing this meth to Michelangelo? He's comparing himself to Michelangelo.
Well, to be precise, I sculpt with data.
He sculpted with marble.
That is the only difference.
All right.
Good news, bad news.
The meth has a unique chemical makeup.
If we can track the distribution, I might be able to figure out who's dealing it.
Okay, what's the bad news? I need to take a trip to HPD to access the narcotics database.
That's bad how? Detective Reed.
From the drug task force.
They used to date.
They don't anymore.
It's a thing.
Never mix business with pleasure.
People just end up getting hurt.
Broke your heart, huh? It's okay.
Uh, it's HPD.
No sign of Whitman's son Micah at school today.
- Or anywhere.
- Since the meth at the ranch was found in a kid's backpack, I'm thinking this isn't a coincidence.
Time to check back in with the wife.
- Okay.
- See what she knows.
You got to be kidding me.
Is that from Tennant? It's just family stuff.
Want to talk about it? I've had every issue imaginable with my family.
I'll pass.
Seriously? We're both millennials.
Oversharing's kind of our thing.
My thing is keeping personal and professional separate.
Even so, sometimes an outsider's opinion helps.
It's my father.
He's fallen over a few times.
Is he sick? Yeah.
Came back to help take care of him, but it seems he doesn't want to take care of himself.
How so? Skipped his last four doctor appointments.
Maybe he's worried if he goes to the doctor, he'll get more bad news.
Special Agent Tara again.
This is - my colleague - We already spoke.
I know And I told you I don't know where Kaleo is.
We're actually here to talk about your son, Micah.
Is he home? No.
I'm sorry.
He wasn't at school today either.
Micah's fine.
And now's not a good time.
Hey, ma'am, all due respect, we can't find your husband.
And we believe he's involved in something serious.
Possibly Micah, too.
So if we can have a few minutes.
And you told Special Agent Boone that Micah was at school.
I thought he was.
Aren't you surprised to find out he's not? He's probably with his friends.
That's what they do sometimes.
They skip class.
Well, there's more.
Uh, we found several pounds of meth at the ranch.
In your son's backpack.
Is none of this a surprise to you? I really can't talk right now.
Well, we need to speak to Micah.
So if you can - start calling - I think you should leave.
Sorry, may I please use your bathroom? Make it quick.
Okay, just Okay.
Uh, Mrs.
Is everything okay? I'm just worried for my husband.
I need time to process.
Of course.
I understand completely.
He must have snuck in the back way.
Or was there all morning.
I don't know.
That was pretty quick thinking.
Signal for help.
Saw it on the news.
Any idea who he was? What he wanted? Kaleo.
He wanted to know where he was, but I don't.
So he said we'd wait.
And if I tried anything, he was gonna cut me into pieces.
Okay, clearly your husband is involved in something bad.
We want to help.
But we can't do that if you don't help us, too.
I don't know.
You want to know what I think? You're protecting someone.
Kaleo, too.
That's why he's been acting so irrationally.
It's your son Micah, isn't it? This is his.
Kaleo is a good man.
He's just trying to fix this.
What exactly is Micah mixed up in? I don't know a lot.
Just that Micah was in bad trouble with some gang and Kaleo was trying to fix it.
Because of the drugs in Micah's bag.
That gang shot your husband.
Kaleo took Micah somewhere safe.
And he met up with them to try to sort it out, but they tried to kill him.
Where's Micah now? Kaleo didn't tell me.
Explains why he left the hospital.
He's going to your son.
We're gonna protect your family.
But in order to do that, I need to know where Kaleo and Micah are now.
Somewhere in the mountains.
Somewhere only his family knows.
His family? Like Hoku? So calm.
How can you do that? A man just attacked us.
Wasn't calm in the moment.
I feel like I'm seven cups of coffee in.
Hey, there's no trick.
Just too much practice in life-threatening situations.
After a few tours, you get good at compartmentalizing.
And the man you shot? Don't have a lot of sympathy for drug dealers who try to kill my f colleagues.
You almost said "friend".
I almost took a knife for you.
Actions speak louder than words.
I don't like what I had to do.
And I don't want to make a habit of it.
But, right now, I'm just I'm cruising on adrenaline.
And tonight I will crash.
All right, for what it's worth, the suspect you took down was a real scumbag.
Name's Jon Mendoza.
Just released from Halawa for an assault that left a guy blind.
And that's the cherry on top of a lifetime of felonies.
What about gang affiliations? Uh, his ink connects him to at least four.
He plays the field.
So we're no closer to ID'ing the group slinging the meth? Well, we're a little closer.
I managed to pinpoint the chemical makeup of the drugs.
So now I guess I'm If-if you're on your way to HPD, - I'm coming.
- No, no, no.
You're not invited.
(A) I'm useful.
(And B) don't you want a wingman for when you see Detective Reed again? Fine.
Ernie Malik? Dalia.
You look good.
Still lifting? No.
He's being modest, isn't he? He's definitely working out.
"Modest" isn't a word that comes to mind.
Uh, can we, uh, find a meth gang? You always have the best toys.
Did you get a look at the, uh, chemical makeup of the meth I sent, the one with the irregular isomeric SMILES? Uh, what are isomeric SMILES? Stands for "simplified molecular-input line-entry system".
Oh, that old chestnut.
It's basically the building blocks of a molecule.
Depending on how the meth was cooked, sometimes they have unique compounds we can pinpoint and therefore trace.
You learn this on the job? She has a master's in chemistry from UH.
It's why she's on the task force.
Ernie and I like getting weird with compounds.
I just appreciate the sciences.
- And the smiling thing? - Turns out both the isomeric SMILES and the deprecated CAS have identifiers.
Whoever was cooking for them clearly thinks they're Walter White.
That's a reference to a popular TV show.
Oh, yes, I know what Breaking Bad is.
I'm linking to your database.
Pinpointing everywhere this, uh, particular strain of meth has been seized.
Hopefully we can find a pattern.
That's the problem.
This stuff is everywhere.
It's not a problem, Dalia.
Opportunity gap.
I created a reverse "stone still pond" algorithm to help narrow it down.
So your, uh your fancy skipping stone whatsit identifies all the meth with that chemical makeup and where it might be coming from? - I describe it right? - Sure.
In the same way that someone might describe the Taj Mahal as a pile of marble and jade.
It's gonna take a beat.
That's okay.
I'm into it.
Hoku, we need to know where Kaleo and Micah are hiding.
Why? So you can arrest them? Nobody's been arrested.
Not yet, at least.
Look, we don't think you or any of the other paniolos are involved in this.
Micah, on the other hand, has some explaining to do.
Micah isn't a criminal.
And I want to go now.
Hoku, please.
A man broke into my house, almost killed me.
They're looking for Micah and Kaleo now.
You need to tell them.
What do you need to know? For starters, you can help fill in some of the gaps.
Micah got in with the wrong group of friends at school.
I guess one of them was earning quick kala, easy cash.
Told Micah he could do the same.
Quick cash doing what? Running packages up and down the mountain on horseback.
Micah's a good kid.
He just wanted to contribute to the ranch.
Did Micah know what he was running? On his second trip, Micah opened the package.
The moment he saw the meth, he wanted out.
It's not the paniolo way, no matter how much money is involved.
Except this isn't your "put your two weeks in" kind of gig.
Micah went to his dad for help.
Kaleo hid him, then went to talk to the gang.
Why didn't he go to the police to sort this out? He didn't want Micah to get in trouble.
Figured he'd negotiate with these people, keep the boy out of the system.
I'm so sorry.
So he hid Micah in the mountains? Wanted to get to him before the gang did.
Where in the mountains are they? I can't tell you.
Listen, man, we're running out of time.
I can't tell you.
But I can show you.
Okay, whoa, whoa.
Need help getting on your mount? No, I'm cool.
Don't look cool.
Totally cool.
Go on.
Let's ride.
Add this to the list of things I didn't know about you.
Where'd you learn to ride? Tama Hills.
Tama Hills.
Is that Wyoming? Japan.
My dad was stationed there when I was 12.
And while the other kids in my school were going to game centers, I went to the stables.
I had a, uh, wooden rocking horse named Max in Aberdeen.
So, same thing.
But the real thing really hurts your ass.
Almost there.
You think you're in pain, Whitman did this with 27 sutures in his abdomen.
The things we'll do for our kids.
The things we won't do for our kids.
There's got to be a line, right? Course there's a line.
Whitman is trying to do right by his boy, but desperate parents don't always make good decisions.
Must be hard, working with him every day.
He has his quirks.
I wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything else.
Oh, I-I didn't mean it like He's like a stealth bomber.
You don't even know what hit you.
I got something.
My algorithm pinpointed six key distribution hubs for our strain of meth.
They're in there.
Those are public high schools.
Which makes sense.
Whitman's son was approached by a friend of his at school to run drugs for them.
So the gang uses teenagers to push their products.
Kids get caught, then can't do hard time.
It's pretty clever.
And also awful.
What's that place over there? - Doesn't look like a school.
- Warehouse in Waikele.
That must be where they're manufacturing their meth! Way to steal my moment, Dalia.
He always takes too long on the windup.
Don't remember hearing a lot of complaints.
- Anywho, the warehouse.
- Yes.
Owned by a man named Sam Jennings.
Crazy Sam? He used to run a group called the Kolohe Krew.
Yeah, they upped their profile.
Threw in with a cartel.
Linked to numerous gang murders.
We've been looking for their distro hub for two years.
Thanks to me, you got him.
You want to seal the deal? I'd love to see you kick in a door in those sandals.
Why don't I leave you both to finish up.
I'm gonna go round up the others so we can crash that warehouse and take these guys down.
I was thinking No.
You didn't even let me finish.
You were thinking maybe we grab lunch or drinks.
Just friends, no strings.
Am I close? You know how this ends.
I do.
I pick the location and we go dutch.
We're close.
There's blood here.
And old dressing, too.
- Hey, Kaleo! - Hey, shh! Hands where I can see them! Jesse.
Do it! Micah, put the gun down.
They're with me.
We're law enforcement.
Just here to help.
Are you gonna hurt me? No.
Where's your dad? Over here.
Cuz! Pupils are dilated.
Pulse is thready.
He's going into shock.
Is he gonna die? We're gonna get him help.
I'm calling for a medevac.
Here, put pressure on it.
This is all my fault.
Listen, you did the right thing by going to your father.
No service.
I'm gonna bandage him up, but it's not gonna last long.
I'm okay.
- I can ride.
- You can't ride.
- Not like that.
- Unfortunately, we don't have another choice.
Without phone service, the only way down is the way we came.
I'm thinking about earlier today.
The guy who attacked you? No.
Your dad.
What, now? Yeah, why not? Shouldn't you be worried about all the gangbangers with guns we're about to arrest? This is me compartmentalizing.
Hey, you helped me.
I'm gonna help you.
You don't need to worry about my dad, okay? - I'm handling it.
- Are you? Handling it? All I know is you're there for your teammates.
Literally saved my life, and you barely know me.
But with your dad He's a grown man.
He can take care of himself.
No offense, but is that why you came home? So he can take care of himself? Time to roll.
Good to go.
On your six.
That's Ernie's friend? Like Sarah Connor got together with whatever Ernie is.
A baller.
Ernie's a baller.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
A stealth baller.
- Down on the ground! - On the ground now! Hey, don't, don't! Down, down! - Hands! - Down on the ground! - Put your hands up! - Hey! Are they the only ones here? That's what it looks like.
- Four guys? - Where's the rest of the gang? He's getting worse by the second.
We got to get him down soon or else he's not gonna make it.
That can't be good.
- Not you.
- Why? - I can shoot.
- I can fight, too.
What I need you to do is take your cousin and his son and ride down this mountain as fast as you can.
We got this.
Need you to do this now, Marine.
Think they'll surrender if we ask nice? About to find out.
This guy just confirmed the rest of the gang headed up into the mountains to "handle some business".
I can't get ahold of Tennant or Jesse.
Keep getting their voice mail.
They're out-of-pocket.
Those mountains are remote.
Even if they had service, it'd be hard to get 'em any help in time.
National Guard keeps birds in the air at all times.
So? It's time to call in the cavalry.
You got a plan for us to get out of this? Sorta.
Not the confidence I've grown to rely on from you, boss.
Need you to flank them.
What are you gonna do? Gonna be nice.
Come on.
You're all under arrest.
Oh, yeah? And, uh, who-who's arresting us? I am.
Yeah, no.
No, y-you're gonna lead us to the Marine and his punk kid.
Uh, maybe you go home tonight.
Or what? You gonna kill a federal agent in cold blood? Better you than me going back to my bosses without what's mine.
Then talk to me.
Let's work it out.
Oh, lady, you do not know me.
Your name's Sam Jennings.
You're 48 years old.
Served two sentences at Halawa.
You have an arrest warrant for distribution of meth.
So you might as well turn yourselves in and I'll do what I can for you.
Or what? I got six against one.
Actually, by my estimation, it's just you.
How you figure? Your boys are doing their own kind of math.
Might be all right rushing into the woods to try to kill a wounded Marine and his kid.
But definitely having second thoughts about shooting a fed.
Mandatory life sentences for all of them.
This isn't a ride-or-die crew.
They want to see their families again.
You left one thing out about me.
They call me Crazy Sam.
Well, you got one thing wrong about me.
I'm not alone.
Put your hands up! Now! That could've gone worse.
Oh, look who's back.
- Twice in one day.
- Don't start.
You're so hardheaded sometimes.
What is this about now? Skipping doctor's appointments.
I missed a couple.
You missed them all.
I'm busy, Kai.
And nobody can take me when I do have time.
There's always an excuse.
- Let me finish.
- No.
Let me finish.
I always have an excuse.
For not being here when you need me.
But a friend reminded me the reason I'm home is to make sure you get the care you need.
But I've been too hardheaded and hung up on the past to do it.
I get that from you, by the way.
Hey, you get your good looks from me, too.
You hungry? You like a burger? What I want is for you to see a doctor.
And because you're too busy to go to him, I brought him to you.
- It's been a few weeks.
- Karl.
I'm gonna check your vitals.
You got something to say? Yeah.
Wipe down the tables.
How's he doing? Much better now, thanks to you.
Doctors said he lost a lot of blood.
But they were able to close the wounds.
You married one tough Marine.
What about Micah? Well, since he came clean about the meth and is cooperating with the D.
, they're not gonna charge him.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You saved my whole family.
What you did was very brave.
But it was also very foolish.
If there's a next time, you need to call us.
Dad! - Micah! - You're gonna be okay? - Hold on.
- Yeah.
But maybe don't hug me just yet.
I'm so sorry.
Micah It's gonna be okay.
Your dad's gonna be okay.
As a small token of our gratitude, my 'ohana wants to invite your team to the ranch for a luau.
You can sing about the yellow rose of Texas Sing about the Mason-Dixon Line Sing about the Southern belles of Georgia There is something special on my mind Hey.
Got my dad to see a doctor.
So, uh, thank you friend.
Wait, wait, wait! Does this mean that we can start texting each other - our problems? - Hey, just-just baby steps.
Baby steps, Lucy.
Hi-ho, Silver! Away! Hey, take it easy, new guy.
I was essential in saving the day.
Hey, dude, dude, all respect, man.
You would not catch me dead on a horse.
That ish is hard.
I'm more of a dirt bike kind of guy.
Yeah, well, you should've seen Tennant.
She was, like, born in the saddle.
Hey, hey! Cut the music! Cut the music! Everybody listen up! Special Agent Tennant, on behalf of my 'ohana, we'd like to present you with a gift.
Thank you very much.
Uh, haven't forgotten about you, Special Agent Boone.
Here we go, here we go.
This is for your bravery and for being hanohano.
Yo, yo, yo! We also got you one more thing.
For your 'okole.
As we're guessing you're about to be pretty sore.
Oh, thanks, guys.
All right, turn the music back on!
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