NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

The Tourist

1 Well, friends, you've seen me heli-ski in Alaska, canyon-jump over Bourne George, climb Mount Everest, but nothing has quite prepared me for this.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! All-you-can-drink Mai tais.
Let's go! Looking good, Kayla.
Looking good.
Oh Sorry, buddy, But you were delicious.
- Ha, ha, ha, ha.
- Yeah.
Kayla? Kayla! Kayla! How many more minutes till she's here? What, Julie bean? Hey, Alex, give me the marble polish.
We have marble polish? Yes.
Under the sink, in the red bottle.
Didn't you guys, like, sleep in tents in Afghanistan? Iraq, please.
You said she'd be here by 0800.
I know, baby.
That is in 0-4 minutes from Aloha! Now.
Aunt Maggie! Hey.
Hello, my darling.
Hey, Maggie.
Well, it seems I've been missed.
Alex, help her with her bag, please.
Oh, thank you.
You're literally saving my life.
Can you believe I came home from a dreadfully boring seminar to find my kitchen totally flooded? I had to take a boat to get to the fridge.
Stay as long as you'd like.
- Thank you.
- What'd you bring me? - Julie, that's rude.
- No, no.
I like a girl who knows her worth.
Buying you gifts was the highlight of my speaking engagement.
Gen Z whoa, boy avoid them like the clap.
Except for you, darling boy.
You're perfection.
They're ancient wishing pearls from the South China Sea.
Very rare and valuable.
So think of all your wishes.
They may come true.
Say thank you.
- Thank you.
- Oh.
- Coffee? - Yes.
So, how are you? Tell me everything.
How is work? Are you dating? Have you visited the new wife? Is she big as a whale? Slow down, Mags.
No one's coming to take your prisoner.
- We have time.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm just desperate for adult gossip.
I can't even ask my students what their favorite food is.
I might trigger an allergy.
- Sorry, Mags.
I got to go in.
- Oh, no.
Never apologize for work.
Besides, I'd like nothing more than to spend some time - with Julie and Alex.
- A ninja knife? This is awesome.
It's a kunai, Alex.
It's just hella deadly.
I'll teach you how to throw it.
See? We'll be fine.
Uh, no, no, no.
This woman here, last night, was taken? Oh.
- Yeah, yeah, and you saw it? - Yeah, yeah.
Uh Liam Neeson.
"I don't know who you are" - Liam Neeson.
- That's not Th-Thank you.
Thank you.
What do we know? Abductee is Kayla Barlow, 28 years old from Southern California.
On the island with her new husband, Lieutenant Adam Parish.
Submariner stationed out of Point Loma.
On leave for their honeymoon.
Hotel cameras didn't pick up anything, and no other eyewitnesses besides the husband.
There's 100 people here, and no one besides the husband saw a grown woman get abducted? No one here saw it, but possibly thousands saw it on their phones.
Kayla is an influencer.
Extreme travel space.
Adam was recording her dancing and posting it live.
Kayla! Look, I've watched this video a dozen times.
There's nothing more I can tell you.
You get a look at his face? Barely.
What about the license plate? No.
Can you tell us anything about him? He looked like everyone at the luau.
Aloha shirt.
Khaki shorts.
I didn't even try to help.
Did Kayla have any bad interactions with locals? Anyone seem suspicious or off? No.
Look, we were having a great week.
Everyone was so nice.
Th-They made a big deal about it being our honeymoon.
What about back home? Did Kayla have any issues? Maybe a jealous ex? Nothing like that.
Your wife has a pretty big social media following.
What about obsessed fans? Yeah.
She gets weird comments all the time.
Trolls or whatever.
Just nothing that seemed to bother her.
Anything that bothered you? Look, it's just not my world, okay? I spend months at a time in a metal tube.
I-I don't even have Instagram.
What exactly do you do in the metal tube? I'm the weapons officer.
So you know how to operate missiles and torpedoes.
And have top secret clearance.
You think this has something to do with me? You know they have to volunteer.
- For what now? - To serve on a submarine.
Physical and psychological testing.
Takes a very particular mental disposition to handle that type of claustrophobia.
Mm, not to mention aquaphobia, thalassophobia I was a late swimmer.
How late? It's an ongoing process.
Just What do you know about Lieutenant Parish? He's a weapons officer on the USS Hemstead a Los Angeles Class Fast Attack sub.
- That sounds impressive.
- It is.
But I'm not sure what the upside is to kidnapping his wife in the middle of a luau.
Can't force him to share intel with NCIS all over the case.
Kayla, on the other hand, is not your average influencer.
No kidding.
She has, like, actual skills.
Extreme hiking, camping.
Ooh, haggling in the Jakarta Market.
Well, decorating one's house and applying makeup is a skill, Lucy.
Um, the point is, there are 1,000 comments in a dozen different languages.
So it's gonna take a beat to pinpoint likely suspects.
- Meanwhile, we have a getaway car to track.
- Yes.
Abductor was also skilled, managed to speed off avoiding all cameras.
- License plate? - Nope.
And it's a silver pickup.
One of the most common vehicles on the island.
Wait, but check out this windshield.
There's something on the driver-side visor.
You see it? Some kind of parking pass.
And a barcode.
I'm running it now.
It's from an automated ticketing station at Waikiki Marina.
Three miles from the luau.
Good luck with that aquaphobia.
There are 100 boats here.
If our abductor had access to one, he could be miles away by now.
Well, we got to start somewhere.
So, dockmaster says it's been mostly regulars and tourists, except yesterday a mainlander came in, wanting to charter a boat for island-hopping, no questions asked.
Got himself a "sweet little cabin cruiser" and overpaid in cash.
Sounds like our guy.
When did he leave? He didn't.
Slip 21.
You all right? I, uh, don't love boats.
Or the sea.
Or anything water-related, really.
But you live on an island.
And work for the Navy.
Someone's inside.
Federal agents! That's not Kayla.
Just check all these other boats.
See if there's any witnesses.
So, got some cash, passport, maps, souvenir shop hat, and compact nine-mill.
In with the socks.
Hasn't been fired recently.
According to this, his name is John Casings.
Judging by the bruising on his body, he fought hard before he died.
You think Kayla could've done this? Forensics found her fingerprints in the cabin, so she was definitely here.
And CCTV from the marina shows Kayla running through the parking lot headed west.
Being pursued? Not anyone I could see.
So, Kayla gets the better of John Casings.
Kills him in self-defense? Then why hasn't she called the police? What do we know about our dead guy? Fingerprints confirm his name is John Casings.
42 years old, from Dover, Delaware.
Arrived on the island nine hours before the alleged abduction.
Rented the pickup, chartered the boat, and disabled its GPS.
Didn't want anyone tracking where he was taking Kayla.
No, but we found maps on the boat, charting a course to the Big Island.
- Why take her there? - No idea.
He's a traveling insurance adjustor, and it's the "traveling" part that's interesting.
Passport records over the past two years place him in six out of the last seven international locations as Kayla.
Maybe Casings is an obsessed fan.
Do we think Kayla killed this man? Casings was beaten before he was shot.
I don't think Kayla's capable.
She's definitely capable.
I saw a tutorial of her hunting a wild boar in Romania.
Dressed it, cooked it over rocks.
What? It was ethical.
She ate every part of it.
And I mean every part.
Maybe someone else killed Casings and Kayla's hiding from them.
Follow up with forensics and the M.
See if they found evidence of another suspect.
Check in with HPD.
See if they're any closer to finding Kayla.
- Ernie - Yep.
Get intimate with John Casings.
Thank you.
Okay, Jules.
How many cards do you want? I'll take four.
She cheats.
Do not.
- I fold.
- Oh.
That's it, Jules.
No more slacking on your homework.
It's rude to take all your money, anyway.
- So - Hmm? You ever kill anyone with that knife? No one who didn't deserve it.
- Oh! - And on that note Why don't you go help your sister? And now you are going to eat something.
It smells amazing.
It is amazing.
You know, I don't remember the last time someone actually cooked for me.
Boy, you really need to expand your circle from retired former bosses to I don't know, handsome divorcées who appreciate a woman with a handgun.
Well, then that would be less time of me scrolling through an alleged victim's social media.
Ah, yes.
Why do young people feel the need to share every mundane detail of their lives? What ever happened to privacy, mystery? - Says the former CIA operative.
- Okay.
What is it, Janie? These comments.
See how all the words are misspelled? It's like English is a second language.
There's a pattern.
It's in these other posts as well.
Looks to me like - Like classic Playfair cypher.
- Mm-hmm.
She was communicating to someone in code.
Looks like your young lady just got a little more interesting.
Misspellings, capitalizations in the middle of the words.
Even the pattern of the comments.
It's a cypher.
Well, she's also using different fonts and symbols.
It's a whole language.
What could this woman not do? This type of skill doesn't read like an affair cover.
It reads like tradecraft.
I've run a search on several of the accounts she's communicating with.
They all track to same IP address linked to an LLC in Delaware.
That's where John Casings is from.
What if he wasn't abducting her but meeting her? Pull up the live footage from the luau.
Let's look at it through the lens of "they knew each other".
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Kayla? Kayla! Hey, pause it.
Go back like three seconds.
Right there.
You see Kayla look back for Adam? Casings hasn't touched her yet.
Zooming in.
She recognized him in the crowd.
I mean, she's even moving towards him.
But right before she went to him, her instinct is to hide Casings from Adam.
So, who's breaking it to Adam that his new wife is not what she seems? Not it.
I don't even think I'm authorized to do that.
This is the man who took Kayla.
His name's John Casings.
We believe he and your wife knew each other before the luau.
They were in six different foreign locations together over the last two years.
And you found him? Yes.
He was murdered.
And Kayla fled the scene.
And what? You think Kayla did it? - She hasn't reached out to the police.
- She's scared.
She's in hiding.
I mean, c-can you blame her? Adam.
There's something deeper going on.
Possibly criminal.
We believe they've been communicating in code through her social media.
No, th-this-this doesn't mean anything bad.
Kayla loves puzzles and games.
When I was at sea, we'd write these novel-long love letters to each other, and we'd use Morse code to say the stuff that I didn't want my crew to see.
What kind of stuff? Mushy stuff, you know, pet names.
We were apart for months.
What you're looking at here is more than the dashes and dots of Morse Code.
This is ridiculous.
Okay? You are supposed to find her, not accuse her of crimes that she didn't commit.
Look, I can't explain any of this, but look, I can guarantee you, Kayla has nothing to hide.
Actually, she has a lot to hide.
For example, of her hundreds of thousands of followers, all but 20,000 are bots.
Everyone knows influencers buy fake followers.
It helps their brand.
Well, maybe, but are all the bots controlled by one person? I back-traced the origin of the bots, same as the IP address of the coded messages.
John Casings is the source.
Casings ran Kayla's social media business? Well, that's the thing, there is no business.
Her sponsors are fake, too.
- Any luck deciphering the code? - A little.
Best I can figure, there's a lot of talk about meeting points, something about transfer of "the package".
Could be drugs.
Fake followers, international travel, coded messages.
This has all the makings of an intelligence operation.
One where Casings and Kayla were working together.
Well, if you're right, we'll know soon enough.
I have been playing in Kayla's account for two days, which would set off all sorts of alarms.
One of which is about to enter.
Special Agent Tennant.
DIA Whistler.
Your investigation of Kayla Barlow and John Casings ends now.
Look, I take no pleasure Oh, you take all the pleasure.
Well, I take very little pleasure in telling you that NCIS's services are no longer needed on this case.
Why would DIA not want our help? There's no more information I can give you.
NCIS is officially off the case.
DIA will take it from here.
So, Kayla is a DIA asset? CIA? You of all people know that I can't answer that.
And how is DIA or whoever gonna find Kayla and bring her back? - This is no longer - No longer an NCIS investigation.
I heard you the first three times.
You know what I think? I think you're not sharing a plan to get Kayla back because there is no plan to get Kayla back.
Why would you want to leave your own asset out to dry? I am not leaving anyone out to dry.
I'm an officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency, following direct orders to shut down your investigation.
So this is a shutdown.
You had no intention of bringing that agent in.
I think we're done here.
What are we supposed to tell Kayla Barlow's husband? It's not my problem, Lucy.
Yes, it is your problem.
She is an asset, risking her life.
Her husband is just supposed to think she disappeared? I don't work for the department of distraught husbands.
I'm given orders.
Orders that come before relationships and love and feelings.
We still talking about Kayla Barlow? Yeah, of course.
- Did you think I meant - No, I mean, you just started talking about relationships and feelings.
I thought maybe No, this is It's nothing to do with what happened between us.
You look like you could use a drink.
I was taken off the case.
The missing wife? She's more than a missing wife.
We've been shut down.
- She's a CIA asset.
- Ah.
Why leave her out to dry? I brought you this.
Is that ? Lebanese arak.
The good stuff.
Where did you find a bottle of that in Hawai'i? I've been saving it for a special occasion.
- Oh, I can smell it from here.
- Mm.
- Ooh, yeah.
- Ooh.
I feel like it tasted better on the base.
Maybe we were just desperate.
Long desert nights.
So you identify with this young woman.
Just married, living two separate lives.
"Secrecy is the enemy to intimacy".
It's what you told me on my wedding day.
Your job did not end your marriage, Janie.
It didn't help.
Do you remember Ali Bashir? He was with us in Bagram.
He raised the chickens? Oh.
I remember you tried to eat the chickens.
Well, you know, who can blame me? How long can a person live on stewed goat? After you left, we got reliable information that Bashir had been made.
- How? - Who knows? Al-Qaeda had informants just everywhere.
But Bashir refused to leave.
He didn't want to abandon the mission.
A few weeks later, he disappeared.
Was he killed or captured? I don't know.
I wanted to look for him.
But Langley said no, too dangerous.
He was expendable.
We all are.
It's why I'm glad you got out early, joined NCIS.
I've always regretted abandoning him like that.
No one should be left behind, Janie.
I'm here.
For the HR meeting? Tennant sent a text.
Yeah, I don't think we're actually having an HR meeting.
Oh, thank God.
I mean, not that I don't appreciate the seminars.
Lucy, get the windows, will you? We're back on the Kayla Barlow case.
- Between us.
- Were we off it? You were there when Whistler shut us down.
Oh, right.
All right.
Let's get this HR meeting started.
I looked into Kayla and John Casings' shared travel history.
Turns out every time they were in an exotic locale, there was a defection of a high-value foreigner.
Nuclear scientist from Iran, diplomat from China, dissident from North Korea.
And most recently Russia, the wife of an oligarch.
Kayla's a deep cover agent.
John Casings is likely her handler.
Rushing her out of the hotel, getting her on that boat all classic signs of a bugout plan.
How can you be sure? Before NCIS, I worked for the "State Department".
In diplomatic services.
You were in H HR.
Whoever killed Casings is likely still after Kayla.
Did you get anything off the security footage at the marina? Besides a couple of skateboarders in the parking lot, there are only two people who aren't linked to boats in the marina.
It's the Liam Neeson nut.
No, I mean, I-I know them.
They were at the luau.
English wasn't great.
Get working on facial recognition and comb any of our foreign databases for I.
So, if you were a CIA agent whose handler was just killed, what would your next move be? Post a glitchy video on your socials.
No, really, Kayla just posted a glitchy video on her socials.
That's not a glitch.
Listen to the sound.
It's dashes and dots.
Morse code.
Like she uses with Adam.
Kayla's trying to contact him.
Yeah, okay.
Keep an eye out for him.
Adam left the hotel 15 minutes ago.
You hear that, Ernie? Any luck tracing the phone? Adam's turned it off.
But good news on the Morse code.
"Go see the dolphins".
What? The Morse code, it says, "Go see the dolphins".
Dolphins? What's that code for? I think it's code for dolphins.
They're on their honeymoon, seeing all the sights.
Where would they see the dolphins? Sea Life Park.
Eyes open.
Kayla's trained in countersurveillance, So she's gonna be hard to spot.
Can't say the same for Adam.
Got him in a blue hoodie by the dolphin lagoon.
- Should we scoop him up? - Nah, Luce.
We keep an eye on him to reel in Kayla, the big fish.
Hope that metaphor wasn't triggering.
This place is packed like a Fourth of July weekend.
She could easily be watching us right now.
Or this could all be a ploy to draw us out.
Not a trick.
I got her.
By the seals.
Brown wig.
Green backpack.
What's the plan, boss? Remember that smuggler at the Maui airport? You want to pull a "pack and play"? Oh, I want to do it, too.
Okay, Kai, stay with Adam.
A lot of people are worried about you.
Who are you? NCIS.
Navy cops? We're gonna bring you in.
Look, I suggest you walk out of here calmly.
We can sort this whole mess out.
- Adam.
- He's here.
- I have an agent on him.
- Tennant.
- They're making a play for Adam.
- Grab him, Kai.
Yeah! Nice job, everybody.
I'm good.
Every second I am here is a second we could be looking for my husband.
And every second you don't answer my questions is one less detail I have to find your husband.
- I can't talk to you here.
- You can.
We sweep the basement level daily.
Cards on the table.
I'm guessing you're CIA.
I was, too.
I'm also guessing John Casings was your case officer and he came to get you out of a jam.
Am I right so far? We work in exfil defections.
My extreme travel background made me the perfect fit for smuggling people out of hostile territory.
Hostile territory is not how I'd describe Hawai'i.
I wasn't working here.
I was just We had six successful missions.
The last one didn't go well.
What happened on your last mission? I was helping an asset.
Wife of a powerful Russian politician in St.
I got her out, but I was spotted by his security detail.
Thought I'd lost them, but Russians made you? This was supposed to be my last exfil.
I was out.
After we got married, I wanted to be done with all this.
The secrets, the lies.
Secrecy is the enemy to intimacy.
And now Adam is, um Hey.
Stay with me.
Okay? Why did John Casings take you out of that luau? He was trying to protect me.
Got word the Russians tracked me here.
They want to kill you.
If I'm lucky.
My phone has been ringing off the hook.
I was very specific with my instructions.
Leave Kayla alone.
Isn't it a good thing we found her? Whistler.
Thank heavens you're here.
We found Kayla.
I'm aware, and I'm here to get her.
- Please.
- Absolutely.
Let's, uh, go get that asset of yours right away.
Always a pleasure, Whistler.
This could have been a big mess, you know.
Big mess.
Luckily, we found her.
Sadly, we lost our sailor.
Oops, not here.
We picked her up at, uh, Sea Life Park.
You ever been? Me, neither.
Really impressive.
It's not just about research and protecting sea life.
It's really about ocean conservation and sustainability.
Do you have any idea where you're taking me? - Mm-hmm.
- There's sharks and sea lions, rays, giraffes, elepha - I'd like to take you.
- What? To Sea Life Park.
A date.
As friends.
I really don't care at this point.
Hey, do you like Ethiopian food? Oh.
That's weird.
I actually have no idea where they are.
What happened on the boat, Kayla? Russians were already on it.
John fought them off, told me to run, so I did.
- Now can we please find Adam? - We're going to.
But we're running out of time before DIA comes to get you.
Who took Adam? Elite Russian special ops.
Not your typical goons.
Trained all their lives to blend in.
Their skill set is torture and assassination.
Russians want info from you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought this was They want to know where my defector is.
So they're using Adam as bait.
To draw you out.
Then they'll kill him.
Not if we get to him first.
I understand you're upset.
We ignored your request.
But it would really help us to keep Kayla while we look for our missing Navy lieutenant.
Not exactly in a helpful mood.
I get it, but perhaps in good faith No, you do not get it.
There is no good faith.
You played dirty.
Okay, I'm sorry.
You're right.
But we have a new situation now.
Adam's in harm's way, and we need to find him.
Wait, don't go! No more games, no more stalls.
I'm done.
It's not a stall.
Adam's calling.
What? On Kayla's phone.
Adam's calling her right now.
What do I do? Answer it! - Adam? Baby? - Kayla? Are you all right? I'm fine, baby.
Where are you? I escaped, but-but I'm hurt.
I need you to come meet me.
Where are you? The balancing rock at Kaiaka Bay Park.
You have to come alone.
No idea who we can trust.
I'm afraid.
I'll be there.
I'm coming to get you.
Adam? Start analyzing the call.
- See if you can trace it.
- Okay.
So we're all clear, this is a trap.
- Yes.
We're clear.
- There is no way - that I'm letting her - I'm getting my husband.
Don't care if it's a trap.
They can take me.
Kayla, no one's gonna take you.
We're gonna come up with a plan to get Adam safely back, together.
And, at the same time, take down an elite Russian hit squad operating on U.
Real career-making mission.
How is this gonna work? Pohaku Lana'i, otherwise known as "balancing rock", is a perfect spot to lure Kayla.
Out in the open.
Tourists in and out.
Nowhere to hide backup easily.
And no way Adam will actually be there.
We have any idea where they have Adam? So glad you asked.
Listen to this.
Where are you? The balancing rock at Kaiaka Bay Park.
You have to come alone.
No idea who we can trust.
I'm afraid.
I'll be there.
What's that sound like? I-I don't know.
A bad connection? No, connection's fantastic.
All the bars.
So good, in fact, there are 15 other distinct sounds.
I managed to isolate specific background noise from the call.
Got birds, wind, Adam breathing, but then I strip all that away.
Sounds like water.
On an island.
Go figure.
Not just water.
A waterfall.
Tropical island.
There are a lot of waterfalls here, but listen closer.
Sounds like some kind of plane.
A midsized prop plane.
I'm guessing Twin Otter.
Used for skydiving.
Waimea Falls.
Are you sure? No, but when I was a kid, I used to camp there.
It's secluded.
It's near a skydiving jump site.
And only a few miles from Pohaku Lana'i.
It's a good place to hide.
Jesse, you and I will take Kayla to the meet.
Keep an eye on her.
Kai, you and Lucy head to Waimea Falls.
And find Adam before the Russians kill him.
Then we grab Kayla and the rest of the Russians.
Call it a day.
I know what you're thinking.
"What could possibly go wrong?" No.
I mean, yes.
But I think I have an idea how I can help.
Any of these tourists could be more Russian agents.
I got pictures of the four agents we think might be after Kayla.
I'm not seeing any matches yet.
I did the math in my head.
If this goes sideways, we got no real shot of protecting Kayla here.
Better not go sideways, then.
Kai, Lucy, you make it to Waimea? Yeah, but we might have a problem.
These were not here when I was a kid.
How are we gonna find Adam with all these cabins? We're gonna take it one by one.
Got a positive I.
Hey, we got a tango.
Copy that.
Still searching.
Those are the guys? - Two of them, at least.
- Move in? No, we need to give Kai and Lucy more time.
Oh, great.
More potential bystanders.
We got a quick five for photos and bathroom breaks.
Not to rush you, guys, but But you kind of are.
We're on it.
That's the one.
How can you tell? Only cabin without sand toys and coolers in front.
- Or backpacks or surfboards or flippers - Okay, yeah.
Got it.
Let's go.
Tommy? Open up.
I left the snacks.
Don't make me call the manager and get a key.
I just need sandwiches.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
All these cabins look alike.
Oh, wow, is that a kitchenette? - We got Adam.
- Copy.
Bringing Kayla in now.
It's about to get messy.
FBI! Who are they? A little gift from a friend.
Adam's on the way back to HQ.
So, why is this the scariest part? I don't know how Adam's gonna feel after all this, but I can promise you, there is a lot of life to live after the CIA.
So, what do I do now? You walk through the door.
I thought you'd be snuggling the sea lions by now.
They close at 6:00.
Actually, I'm, uh, I'm here to thank you.
What you did today, sending a bus full of FBI I guess you do work in the love department after all.
It was the right thing to do.
Yeah, but we didn't make this whole thing easy on you.
No one does.
I'm used to it.
You're lucky, you know.
Lucky? Your team.
Your boss.
You you have each other's backs, and you still want to get a beer at the end of the day.
I'm sorry you don't have that.
Yeah, well It's not easy always being the the bad cop.
I don't think you're bad.
In fact I think you're amazing.
Uh So, you want to grab a beer? Sweetheart, I'm in here.
So, how was your day? Bad guys in custody.
Kayla and Adam are safely reunited.
To be a fly on the wall at that reunion.
Been there, done that.
So, what's wrong? You don't seem pleased.
You know that story, the one about Bashir? It bothered me.
So I did some digging with my friend who's former NSA, and as it turns out, Ali Bashir is alive and well.
Lives in Central California.
Still raising chickens, actually.
What a relief.
Maybe it wasn't Bashir.
At my age, I get confused.
Maybe, or the story was less of a confession and more a motivation.
To get me to stay on Kayla's case? Okay, and why would I do that? No reason.
Unless Perhaps the order came from someone.
Say, someone at Langley.
Maybe you're not as retired as you claim.
Janie, secrets may be the enemy to intimacy, but they sure are fun.
Gin? Your deal.

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