NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e07 Episode Script


1 PILOT: descent to rescue 6544.
We have located the PIW.
WOMAN (OVER RADIO): CG, 6544 sector.
Good, Moore? It's really choppy down there.
You handle the hoist.
I'll handle the swimming.
Swimmer's on her way down.
It's okay, sir.
- Just breathe.
Hang on.
- (GROANS) - (CHEERING) - MAN (ON TV): A harrowing rescue as Coast Guard Officer Tracy Moore saves a stranded fisherman who was clinging to life after more than four hours Got a bona fide hero in our midst.
after the fisherman's wife called the Coast Guard to report her husband missing at sea - I'm turning this crap off.
- No, wait! We got to see the interview.
What do you care? They only interviewed Moore.
I'm right behind her.
They got my good angle.
Don't have any good angles, Westbrook.
WESTBROOK: Hey, Tracy, where are you going? (ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER, LAUGHTER) Party over already? There is no party, and I'm leaving.
Oh, not before I buy you a drink.
20th rescue mission? You're famous.
I don't know how you do it in the Navy, but in the Coast Guard, it's called doing our job.
And you did it real good.
(CHUCKLES) We had to go Let's go get a drink.
Love, love, love Love Oh.
Morning, Ernie.
Morning Whistler.
Special Agent Tara.
DIA Officer Whistler.
To what do we owe the pleasure? I, uh, brought the security clearance forms for you to review.
Oh, yes.
The forms.
And I, uh, thought you might want this back.
I felt something was off.
Well, um, next time, it'll find its way to the lost and found.
Next time, huh? Mm-hmm.
Did you honestly come all the way here just to return it? Well, the forms, too.
- I-I do need you to review them.
- Mm.
(CLEARS THROAT) Have a good day, Ernie.
(CLEARS THROAT) You have a good day, Whistler.
So forms? Mm-hmm, yeah.
Lots of forms.
Well, must be some pretty good forms, the way they make you glow.
(PHONE RINGING) Oh, duty calls.
Got to go.
You mean you got to glow.
What gives? Victim is Navy Petty Officer Dave Andrews.
Hiker found him here in the early a.
Why is the Coast Guard here? Andrews is ours.
Crime scene is theirs.
Judging by the angle of the blow, he was hit from behind.
(WAVES CRASHING) Defensive wounds.
He fought back.
And lost.
PIKE: Look with your eyes, not your hands.
Who are you? Special Agent Neil Pike, Coast Guard Investigative Service.
- Well, Neil, we were just - Special Agent Pike.
Special Agent Pike, we're only trying to assist.
There's nothing to assist.
Yes, he got hit on the head, yes, he fought back, and, yes, he lost, hard.
Do you have any other brilliant observations? He didn't die here.
There's no blood around the scene.
And there should be, based on that nasty gash on his head.
He was dumped.
Special Agent Tennant.
I didn't know the NCIS SAC would be here today.
Because your SAC asked for our help.
I was being intense again, wasn't I? - Just a little.
- Sorry.
I'm socially awkward.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) What do we know about Petty Officer Andrews? Navy Rescue Swimmer and air crewman.
Part of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 22 out of K-Bay.
Didn't report for work this morning.
LUCY: K-Bay's on the other end of the island.
What's he doing here? TENNANT: We're not the only ones wondering.
Got a dozen texts and phone calls from someone named Tracy? PIKE: Uh, that would be Tracy Moore.
Andrews' girlfriend, Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer.
The one from the news? Saved the fisherman two weeks ago? Yeah, I saw that.
She's a hero.
Guess we need to talk to her.
She also didn't report in today.
Lucy, Kai, canvass the area.
See if anyone saw him get dumped.
Pike, - we need to find Tracy.
- I can check in with her unit at Barbers Point, see what they know.
I'll have someone meet you there.
When you say "someone" Play nice this time, Neil.
PIKE: Boone, I just want to say I hope there are no hard feelings.
Why? 'Cause on our last joint assignment, you stranded me on a sandbar to run down drug runners by yourself? Nah, I barely remember those six hours.
That was not my experience of it.
Let's stick to the case at hand finding Tracy Moore.
HUNAN: Yeah, of course I knew Andrews.
Hardly a night out where he wasn't glued to Tracy's side.
- How long were they dating? - Few months.
Met at a local pool, training off-hours.
Gave Tracy a hard time for hanging with a Navy fish, but he was good people.
- What about Tracy? - What can I say? She's the best of us.
Strongest, bravest, fastest.
Their relationship good? Thick as thieves since day one.
She didn't report in today.
She's been off her game recently.
- Off how? - Calling in sick.
Avoiding the unit.
Just not herself.
- Did something happen during the rescue? - Yeah.
She became famous.
(DOOR OPENS) What are we watching? Viral footage of Tracy Moore rescuing that fisherman.
Descending 30 feet from the air.
Just taking the ladder to clean out the gutters gives me vertigo.
That'll be sure to put a few points on your dating profile scoreboard.
Long as I'm on that board, baby! Yeah.
- Where's this video from? - Everywhere.
Went viral a couple weeks ago after the rescue.
Shared more than a million times.
JESSE: First woman of color to become a rescue swimmer with the Coast Guard.
It's a big deal.
Coast Guard wanted to promote in a big way.
TENNANT: Full-court press.
Lot of attention.
Yeah, and Tracy was supposed to do a publicity tour last week, hit the morning shows.
What happened? She refused.
Is she just shy, or is it something else? One more element worth considering? Tracy lives a mile from where Andrews was dumped.
I need Kai and Lucy to go to her place.
We need to find this woman.
I'm afraid we're here with some difficult news.
- What's going on? - KAI: Petty Officer Dave Andrews was He was killed last night.
What? No.
That can't be.
We've been trying to call.
Yeah, Coast Guard, too.
I I went camping.
My-my phone died last night.
It's - Hey, hey.
I got you.
- Here.
We'll we'll help you get inside.
I didn't leave any music on.
Once more just to dream In the silvery moonlight My honey, I know - I know - With the dawn That you will be gone But tonight you belong to me Just to little old me.
- I just don't understand.
- Try to focus.
Was Dave Andrews at your house? Yes, he was he was watching the cat.
Oh, God.
We'll-we'll find your cat.
Okay? You have any idea who might have done this? The teddy bears, the music it all just seems set up, like it was personal.
Uh (CLEARS THROAT) You and Dave were in a relationship? And you got into a fight? What? No.
Why would you think that? We just We hear you're having trouble at work.
Not showing up.
You went away alone.
Called and texted a bunch of times before your phone died.
Dave and I were fine.
Dave was here.
Clearly, someone hurt him.
Just, can you try to think of why? No one would hurt Dave.
- Would someone hurt you? - (CAT MEWING) Oh, thank God.
Jinx? She's terrified.
- And definitely hiding something.
- Clearly, - all of this was meant for her.
- Do we bring her in? Not yet.
I can't talk about it, not now.
Yeah, of course.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Uh, let's just You know, I got to go.
(CLEARS THROAT) - Is everything okay? - Yes, yeah.
All good.
Um, you? Oh, case is a puzzler.
But in brighter news, I got something that's gonna blow your mind.
Bowling? Oh, it's not just bowling.
It's rock and bowl.
Which I guess really is just bowling, but with music.
- I may have oversold it.
- Can-can you? Just (CLEARS THROAT) Um Mm-hmm? I am not ready for that.
Really? It's easy to learn.
As long as you don't mind renting the shoes.
No, I'm not I'm not ready for for talking about dating at work.
I'm not talking about dating.
You want us to go bowling and eat nachos or whatever.
- That is a date.
- I'm sorry.
You're-you're the one who came bouncing in with the whole bracelet thing.
Yes, and people saw.
Ernie's not people.
I mean, not technically.
It puts pressure on me.
I I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Where's the Whistler from this morning? And can you bring her back? Look, I ju I just think we-we need to keep things compartmented.
I don't know.
Just for now at least.
Is this about the phone call you just had? My phone call has nothing to do with anything.
Well, I don't want to be compartmented.
And I don't like these kinds of secrets, - so if you - You know, uh, thank you.
Thank you, Special Agent Tara.
We can We can resolve this matter later, okay? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (CLEARS THROAT) (EXHALES) JESSE: Blood and DNA from the scene is on its way to the lab.
Dave Andrews was killed at Tracy's house, so she's involved somehow.
Did you get that yogurt from our kitchen? Yeah.
Why? It's not a free-for-all in there.
I have low blood sugar.
TENNANT: Guys? Tracy.
Well, if she's involved, she's not talking.
She's acting cagey.
'Cause of guilt? Or 'cause she's guarded.
She's a Black female swimmer who wears blue, metaphorically speaking.
She's earned some hesitation.
- Need to respect it.
- Well, I've certainly had my share of run-ins, in uniform and out.
Then you'll know how to talk to her.
JESSE: Can't do it blind.
Gonna need to know more about her first.
I mean, is she a victim or a suspect? Ah.
And that is my cue.
I have been zipping through socials, search engines, public records to show you all things Tracy Moore.
Tracy's from Cleveland, adopted at the age of six.
Decent family.
Enlisted at 18.
Hasn't looked back.
That's it? I mean, I I just heard so many stories about how you're NCIS's secret weapon.
I am.
And yet I can only tell you what exists.
Like every detail of Tracy's routine.
Trains every morning at a local pool.
Swims the ocean in the evening.
Pays her bills on time.
Changes her oil early.
Nothing from her past? From 18 to 25, she's completely blank.
No digital footprint.
What about before 18? Glad someone's curious.
I recovered this from, of all things, a defunct Vine account.
Only record from this period.
KAI: That's Tracy in the middle.
Who are the dudes? Yeah, I'm still working on IDing them.
PIKE: Oh, if you need help, my tech team's at your disposal.
I do not need help, and you're eating my yogurt.
What do you see? American Renaissance Academy.
Tracy trains there in the morning.
May be my way to get her to open up.
Ho! Ho! Members only, brah.
Last I heard I was one.
Kai Holman.
(SPEAKING HAWAIIAN) E ku'u 'ohana.
- How long you been back? - Couple of months.
Tell me why I shouldn't be insulted.
I've been busy.
Hey, congrats on your dad.
- Congrats? - Test results.
Glad he's doing better.
Yeah, yeah.
We're all relieved.
So you here to work out? 'Cause I can tell you ain't been in the water.
- Night diving off a cliff count? - Ah.
- Come on.
That's just stupid, Kai.
- (LAUGHS) I'm actually here for work.
Hey, Petty Officer Moore, you got a sec? She one of yours? Wish I could claim her, but she's all her own.
Mind if I go in? Membership's $50 a month.
- I'm good for it.
- You can go in, then.
(WATER GURGLING) You were impressive down there.
My mom was the real waterman.
Taught me everything.
How about you? There's not a lot of watermen in Cleveland.
Guess not.
Almost drowned when I was a kid.
Pure luck I survived.
Vowed never to be helpless again.
Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer is about as far from helpless as you can get.
Well, it's easy to stay focused - when someone else's life is on the line.
- You know, focus can also be a distraction.
I mean, your boyfriend was murdered, but you're here.
You see, some cops see you here, they think about you avoiding our questions, they think you're acting guilty.
What do you think, Special Agent? I think you're scared.
I think you're hurting.
You're hiding something about David's murder.
Eddie Foreman.
Guy I knew back home.
He did this.
Ex-boyfriend? If you could call it that.
I didn't have much choice in the matter.
Why do you think it's Eddie? When I was 16, Eddie took me to a carnival for Sweetest Day.
Spent his last dollar trying to win me a teddy bear.
Bean bag toss.
He lost.
But he was sure the game was rigged.
Beat the attendee within an inch of his life.
- It was ten years ago.
- Eddie was a bad guy.
Ran with a crew, pulled robberies.
Sometimes he forced me to help.
Help how? Be the lookout or his alibi.
But the last time he did something, and I just couldn't.
What did he do, Tracy? He robbed a store.
Set a fire so that there would be no evidence.
The building went up, and a couple was killed in their apartment.
And Eddie? I refused to be his alibi.
He went to prison.
And you think Eddie blames you.
The last thing he texted me ten years ago.
"You got away with murder".
Recognize any of them? That's him.
That's Eddie.
Meet Eddie Foreman.
Small-time crook with big-time felony dreams.
In and out of juvie until he graduated to maximum security.
Ten years for burning down a corner store, killing a sleeping couple on the second floor.
Light sentence for murder.
He pled down to involuntary manslaughter.
This happened seven years ago.
He should still be in prison.
He was released early on good behavior two weeks ago.
Guess where he ended up.
Eddie checked in five days ago.
Geez, what happened? He lose a bet? No.
Kind of feel like I did, though.
What did I ever do to tee you off, man? Oh, you mean aside from stranding me in the middle of the Pacific? Stop it.
That was a miscommunication.
Yeah, well, you're pushy, you're opinionated, you don't play well with others, but other than that, you're aces.
Well, good.
I'm glad we cleared that up.
You want to go first? - Do you mind? - No.
He might be armed.
All right.
Eddie Foreman, federal agents.
Gentlemen, come on in.
Cup of coffee? I just brewed some.
It's from the, uh it's from the Honolulu Coffee Company.
- This is damn good.
- We need you to stand up, sir.
Put your hands behind your head, now.
Did you know that, uh, Hawai'i is the only U.
state where coffee is grown? (LAUGHS) - I was surprised, too.
- (CLEARS THROAT) Okay, all right.
(CHUCKLES) What brings you to Hawai'i, Eddie? What brings anyone here? Paradise.
Long way from the Ohio State Penitentiary.
I'm free now.
Did you know you can go anywhere you want? See whoever you want? Best thing about America.
You want to know what's un-American? What's that? Prison.
No man should be able to do to you what they do there.
I like to think no crime should go unpunished.
Easy to say on that side of the cuffs.
You followed her here, didn't you? Gonna have to be more specific.
Tracy Moore.
Tracy? I haven't seen Tracy in seven years? 2,555 days if I'm being precise.
(CHUCKLES) Is Tracy here? Where were you two nights ago? Something bad happen two nights ago? Why would you think that? Well, I'm assuming you didn't haul me in here because something good happened.
Where were you? I was on a Hawaiian boat tour.
They call it a "booze cruise".
What time was this tour? 7:00 to 11:00 p.
, but I got there early, and I, uh, bought a round of drinks for a bachelorette party.
You can ask the bartender.
He'll remember me.
I'm a big tipper.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Two nights ago, Dave Andrews, Tracy's colleague, was murdered in her home.
Oh, yeah? TENNANT: You don't sound surprised.
I guess I'm not.
I mean, to be honest, uh, trouble always seems to follow Tracy.
(LAUGHS) How long has she been here? Came as soon as she heard Eddie got picked up.
- You get a confession? - JESSE: No.
But he's definitely guilty.
Might be true, but we got nothing on him.
Alibi checks out, forensics came back.
Foreign DNA found at Tracy's doesn't match Eddie.
Someone else killed Andrews.
Doesn't make sense.
I mean, it can't be a coincidence Eddie's on the island.
What if Eddie had an accomplice? According to court records from Cleveland, Eddie had a knack for enlisting people to do his bidding.
Case after case, he managed to convince younger people to follow his lead.
JESSE: Yeah, I saw it a lot as a street cop a charismatic predator taking advantage of vulnerable kids.
He did with Tracy, too.
I'll have Ernie look into his prison time, see if he made friends inside.
What do we do with Eddie? We let him go.
But we keep a close eye on him.
- You got him, right? - We did.
And he's going to jail? We don't have anything to hold him.
- Oh - Not yet at least.
He's gonna get away with it.
And I have nowhere to go.
You don't have to go, Tracy.
We'll protect you, and we will stop him.
So many times.
I let him get away with it so many times.
There was so much I should have said or done.
If I had, those people would still be alive.
And Dave.
You were a kid.
Eddie was an adult.
He used you.
That's not what it felt like.
He made me feel like I was the only girl in the world, like he was the only guy who cared.
Because that's what a predator does.
You were smart.
You got away.
I ran away to the Coast Guard.
All the way to Hawai'i, and he still found me.
All 'cause I had to be a hero.
You are a hero, Tracy.
You are.
There'll be no more running.
We'll put you up, protective custody.
This will be okay.
(WHISTLING) - Hey, stranger.
- Hey.
What are you up to? Mm, gonna take Tracy back to her place to pick up some stuff.
Are we gonna continue this cat and mouse game? Starts with a "W", ends with a "ler".
Three questions.
- You're seeing her? - Yes.
- How long? - This time? There are other times? And those are your three questions.
Thank you for playing.
Hey, you didn't answer the second one.
It's been a few weeks, on and off.
Mostly off.
And always frustrating.
Why frustrating? She wants everything on the DL.
- (SCOFFS) And that's a problem? - Yes.
We're both adults, not breaking any rules.
And she'll-she'll barely look at me here.
She's embarrassed by me.
Maybe she's embarrassed by herself.
- Well, that's silly.
- Did you ask her? Uh No, but Maybe you should, since you're both adults and all.
You're the last person I should be taking advice from.
- Your dating life's a series of train wrecks.
Duty calls.
I think I got something for you.
- What am I looking at? - Well, I figured out that all these guys ran in Eddie's robbery crew back in Cleveland.
Any of them still around? Louis Grayson.
He was involved in the store fire.
Refused to flip on Eddie, served hard time for it.
At the Ohio State Penitentiary? Yup, same cellblock.
And according to the deputy warden, they stayed close.
Louis went on parole last year.
Where is he now? He didn't check in with his PO last week, so no one knows.
KAI: Look at him go to town.
Not a care in the world.
Do you think he's made us? Yeah, he's definitely made us.
Yeah, the least he could do is send over some leftovers.
I'm starving.
Got some poke here in the back.
Happy to go halfsies.
JESSE: Yeah, we're good.
Thanks, though.
What gives? It's my dad.
Had some medical tests.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Yeah, he's doing well.
That's good news.
Only he never told me about any of these tests.
I I came here to take care of him, and I'm out of the loop.
That's the most you've talked about your personal life since you joined the team.
Yeah, but we don't we don't really get personal.
Nah, bro, you don't get personal.
I've told you about my wife's obsessive party planning, my kid's learning difficulties, my sister's divorce.
I mean, I didn't even know you had a father.
- Now you know.
- (CHUCKLES) JESSE: My dad was a piece of work.
He was an engineer, you know? Uh, but when he got old, he started calling me out of the blue.
He'd be like, the TV remote was broken, or coffee machine, garage door.
He would get you to fix it.
Yeah, and then, one time, I came early, and I walked in on him.
He was messing with the TV.
And I knew in that moment he didn't actually need my help.
He just wanted you to come over.
So I did.
You know, every time he'd call, for two years until he died.
What about your dad? Owns a restaurant.
That's it? I give you this sweet, anecdotal story about my dad, and all you got is, "Owns a restaurant"? PIKE: My dad was a painter.
- Hey, Pike, private convo.
- Guys? You guys have been on comms this whole time.
Hello? How am I supposed to know? Guys, Eddie's on the move.
Just grab a couple days of clean clothes.
Um You can wait by the door.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Check the restrooms.
No sign of Eddie anywhere.
Pike, Eddie fled out the kitchen exit.
(SIGHS) Hey.
Uh, all right.
Pike, where the hell are you? Doing my job.
I got eyes on Eddie.
(CREAKS) - Hit the floor now! - (GASPS) - TENNANT: Federal agent! - Drop it! (BODY THUDS) (PANTING) Name's Louis Grayson.
Ring a bell? Yeah.
From the old days.
He-he used to pull jobs with Eddie.
They served time together.
And it looks like Eddie convinced him to come after you.
You see? You see how he does? How he bends everyone to him? Not anymore.
We're tracking him.
And we know he was behind all this.
You keep telling me that, but - Why don't you get Tracy out of here, huh? - (PHONE BUZZING) I'm gonna wrap this up.
Eddie tooled around for about a half an hour, went back to his room.
Pike's watching the hotel now.
We know where Eddie is.
How do we take him down? Uh, DNA came back from the Andrews murder.
Matches Louis Grayson.
I dumped Louis's phone.
Lots of texts with Eddie.
Plus these.
TENNANT: He was stalking her.
And sending the photos to Eddie.
While we've been sitting on Eddie He's been sitting on Tracy.
But can we prove it? HPD found ten grand cash in Louis's hotel room.
Eddie emptied his bank account of about double that before he flew here.
Put that with the texts, and the history between these guys It's enough to bring Eddie back in.
Let Pike know you're on your way.
Eddie drains his bank account, has his buddy skip parole, comes to an island in the middle of the ocean just to get to Tracy.
You're wondering what his exit plan is.
I'm realizing he doesn't have one.
LUCY: I know we've got eyes on Eddie, but we should go back to the safe house.
TRACY: I know.
I just I-I can't be caged like that.
I felt like I was gonna explode.
I just I just need to breathe.
This is peaceful to you, huh? Only place I feel like myself.
Yeah, raging waters, bottomless depths.
You don't like the water? Let's just say, the water and I don't jibe.
I barely made it through my water training at FLETC.
Well, that's just because you weren't trained right.
I could show you some tricks.
I can say without hesitation that's one offer I won't be taking you up on.
Where the hell is he? KAI: Calling it in.
Damn it, Pike.
(PHONE RINGING) What's up, boss? Eddie's out of pocket.
You need to get Tracy out of there now.
On it.
Tracy, we got to go now.
I'm sending backup units.
Take her to the safe house.
(SIREN WHOOPS) They're already here.
Not possible, Lucy.
Don't! Where's Special Agent Pike? Oh, he's in the car.
For now.
He's still alive.
No one else has to get hurt.
Well, that depends if you listen.
I'm only here for her.
It's not happening.
What? You're gonna take a bullet for this girl? Honestly, she's not worth it.
Put the gun down.
You can tell me why.
Two people died because of her.
You started that fire, Eddie.
You always got somebody else to blame, don't you, Tracy? You couldn't do a simple job.
TRACY: You forced me to help you.
You have free will like everyone else.
You made your choice, and I paid the price for it.
- A third of my life.
- LUCY: Gonna be a lot longer if you try to hurt Tracy.
(LAUGHS) I'm not going back to prison.
How do you figure? We're done talking.
- (YELLING) - Jump in the water! (BOTH YELLING, GRUNTING) Go! Go! (GRUNTING) (GRUNTING LOUDLY) Stay where you are! I'm not going in alive.
(PANTING) Not your choice.
Hands on your head.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
- All right.
Tracy! You can come back now.
You're safe.
(EXHALES) (GROANING) You gonna give me a hard time? Nah.
I'm gonna give you a hand.
(GRUNTS) I'll wait to give you a hard time until you stop bleeding.
(GROANS) Ah, there he is.
Man of the hour.
I just got off the phone with your SAC and thanked him for sharing his best agent with us.
Thanks, Tennant.
I appreciate that.
Listen, dude, I know I give you a hard time, but it means a lot to us, you having Lucy's back.
I would be beaming right now if it didn't hurt so much to smile.
(LAUGHTER) Pike, seriously, thank you, bro.
Hey, I'm taking Jesse out to dinner if you want to join.
Oh, I can't.
Pain pills just kicked in.
But any other night, though, and I mean that.
Any other night.
- Baby steps, Pike.
- PIKE: Yeah.
- Baby steps.
- Come on, Neil.
- I'll drive you home.
- All right.
- (CHUCKLES) - (SIGHS) Where are you taking me? Local joint.
Thank you.
You're gonna tell me I look awful.
- No.
- (LAUGHS) Well, did I forget another tennis bracelet or something? No.
Okay, well, I'm gonna limp back to my desk now.
I'm I'm sorry.
I got hit in the head today, so I'm not sure I heard you right.
I'm sorry, Lucy.
You were right.
I-I had a bad phone call and took it out on you and hurt your feelings.
That is the last thing that I want to do.
You're you're embarrassed by me.
I'm-I'm embarrassed by me.
Look, I am trying to do this your way, be, you know, all expressive and smiley.
It's just, it's-it's hard for me to be Human? I'm trying here, Lucy.
I know you are.
And, uh, if you want to keep this between us, I can be good with that.
You can? You want this to be compartmented, so that's how it'll be.
Our secret.
And, uh, secrets can be fun.
Do you want to tell me more about the fun part? What is this place? Just a little slice of home.
I never expect you.
Wanted to grab a bite, but maybe you can't fit us in.
Shame on me if I cannot make room for my 'ohana.
Holman, it's a real pleasure.
- Pleasure's mine.
You work with Kai? - Yeah, Dad.
This is Jesse.
I'm sure he's told you all about me.
Yeah, that's my son.
Never stops talking about work.
Yeah, he won't shut up about his family, either.
- (LAUGHS) I like this one.
- All right, all right.
You think we can sit? Yeah, come.
Thank you.
(SIGHS) - Grab another chair.
- No, no, Dad.
Dad, you don't have to Oh, come on.
Let the man sit.
I'm sure he's got some interesting stories about little Kai.
Maybe one or two.
(LAUGHS) Kai told me about your medical tests going well.
Yeah, Pop.
Congratulations on that.
I say something I said something wrong, didn't I? No.
Let's celebrate, yeah? Congratulations, Dad.

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