NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


1 The United States Navy has a storied history with the Hawaiian people.
Not without complications.
Today marks a new chapter in our shared history.
A chapter of understanding and cooperation as we return these sacred lands to the Hawaiian people who have lived here for generations.
(APPLAUSE) Mahalo and aloha.
Hawaiian royalty once lived upon these sacred lands.
It is pono, or right, that it becomes Hawaiian once more.
We honor this land with a traditional blessing.
(SINGING IN HAWAIIAN) May all life grow in these lands, the abundant lands of our natives.
Please forgive all of our wrongdoings and grant us all long life.
- Right.
Trouble follows you everywhere, Captain Milius.
All I did was give a speech.
Admiral Wentworth got called away last minute.
I stepped in.
Helping rebuild community relations.
Well, those relations will have to wait a beat until I find out what happened to the victim.
Who's gonna tell them? (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) That's definitely your purview.
They're expecting us to do the right thing, and we want to do the right thing.
- So - Make it fast.
No surprises.
I'm gonna miss this.
TENNANT: What do we have? Victim is a Jane Doe.
Estimating early-to-mid-20s.
Partial fracture in the skull.
She was bludgeoned.
Forensics estimates time of death around 11:00 last night.
No ID.
No phone.
No idea if she's military.
But since the land still technically belongs to the Navy, we take the lead on this.
LOCAL: Hey, get your hands off me.
- This is our land.
- TENNANT: It's okay.
They're fine.
We just want it back.
That's still the plan, okay? Okay, we have a situation.
Oh, my God.
You know her? Not by name, but she's one of the haole protestors.
Protesting what? This land's being given back.
Not here.
That land over there.
Billionaire stole it.
Tell us more about the haoles.
Our victim is Kathy Laster.
24 years old.
From Minnesota.
Local ID'd the protest group she came with, WorldWorks.
Found photos of her on their socials.
TENNANT: Tell me about WorldWorks.
Eco-activist group dedicated to "returning nature to nature".
Mostly peaceful.
- Mostly? - Yeah, WorldWorks is suspected of setting fire to some office buildings that encroached on natural habitat.
Can't argue with their spirit.
- Spirit of arson? - Protecting the land.
We've always had to fight to keep our land from Kalama Valley to Mokauea since 1893.
Hawaiians protecting their lands and disaffected college dropouts throwing Molotov cocktails are two very different things.
Why was Kathy Laster in Hawai'i? Flight records show Kathy arrived with her boyfriend, WorldWorks founder Mike Williams, and these other members last week.
They were here to protest the property next to the crime scene.
Yeah, 95 acres bought by Damian Davenport, the founder of Nine Clouds, third largest server company in the world.
Bought the land a couple years ago and has been pissing off locals with his construction ever since.
LUCY: WorldWorks staged multiple protests this week demanding Davenport return the land, which is a sacred site.
JESSE: In return, he bulldozed the heiau and replaced it with a rose garden.
Damian is just another rich guy putting up walls.
It's the same story, different jackass.
Did your family's land get taken? KAI: No, but we all feel the pain of Hawai'i getting carved up.
It's about Aloha 'Aina, a-a deep love and respect for the land.
Where are the WorldWorks protesters now? - They've been in campsites all over the area.
- (PHONE VIBRATING) Keep moving around.
In other words, we don't know.
Keep on it.
Kai, come with me to the M.
May she come to eternal rest from samsara and reach nirvana.
May she come to eternal rest from samsara and reach nirvana.
We interrupting? Just the Buddhist prayer for the dead.
I can carry on later.
Ah, Tennant.
Haven't seen you in my neck of the woods for a hot minute.
Laster an important victim? They're all important victims, Commander Chase.
Mm, truth.
You happen to know what killed her? Rock.
More effective than paper, more unwieldy than scissors.
Impact from the rock fractured the cranium, led to internal bleeding.
Died within 15 minutes, but they were a harrowing 15 minutes.
Why harrowing? Epidermal shedding on the hands and knees suggest she dragged herself to her final resting place.
She was on the run.
Gaia giveth and taketh away.
She used the natural environment to escape her killer, but died anyway.
Gaia giveth any other evidence? Pollen in the nasal passages.
TENNANT: You able to identify it? Rosa damascena.
Damask rose.
My grandmother grew those back home.
Common on the mainland.
Rare in Hawai'i.
Damian Davenport has a rose garden on his property.
Think he knows anything about Kathy Laster? Time to find out.
They should call it "One Cloud" then.
(CHUCKLES) Why so antsy? I don't like the waiting room treatment.
Ooh, wealthy people always make you wait.
It's a power move.
- My badge is my power move.
- Mm-hmm.
Don't think that's gonna help.
(GASPS) Unless you want to throw it at the wall of lawyers Davenport'll have with him.
You think he'll have his lawyer with him? Lawyers.
And yes.
We're ready for you.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) We'll have this wrapped up long before that.
I'm Special Special Agent Boone and Special Agent Tara.
Call me Damian.
Okay, Damian, we have a few questions.
Can we speak to you alone? Afraid not.
For efficiency's sake, I've brought everyone you might want to speak with.
My legal team and, uh, Jake Tillman, - head of security.
- Your wife.
So, there was trouble on the property adjacent to mine.
Someone died.
Jake told me about it.
It's a shame.
As you can imagine, Damian has a rigorous schedule, but we've budgeted a few minutes to interface.
Well, this is a murder investigation, so we'll take as much time as we need.
Where were you last night at 11:00 p.
? At home, with my wife.
We're lights out at 10:00 every night.
The woman who was killed, Kathy Laster, you know anything about her? - Not a thing.
- LUCY: She's part of an organization called WorldWorks, been protesting outside your compound for a week.
It's a large property.
LUCY: Well, we believe she was killed on that property.
I understand that.
And how do you feel about the fact that a woman was most likely bludgeoned to death on your land? How Damian feels is immaterial.
What Damian knows, however I don't know what happened, but, uh I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Inconvenience? WorldWorks is an extremist group with violent and unpredictable members.
They've had multiple run-ins with law enforcement.
Why don't you speak with them? 'Cause we're speaking with you now.
My team has done a full work-up of the organization.
I'm happy to share our findings.
Davenport, do you recognize - Ms.
Laster? - She does not.
- Mrs.
- That is our time.
Make more.
NCIS has our full cooperation here.
Um, my legal team and Jake are here to help you with anything else you might need.
Uh, if you need to speak with me again, please liaise through my office.
Thank you.
Rich people.
Captain Milius.
Little early for one of your patented pep talks.
- I'm not here about the case.
- Refreshing.
I thought by not asking you might volunteer something.
Eco-activists are in the wind, and a billionaire's stonewalling us.
To be honest, I wanted to talk to you about something else.
Would it be the fact that you're being transferred? Yeah.
How'd you know? You said you'd miss me, so I did some digging.
Opportunity came up at the Pentagon.
That's the one with the five sides.
Couldn't say no.
Well, you must be excited.
I am, and, uh I just wanted to say I've enjoyed working with you.
The feeling's mutual.
Okay, well, go solve a murder.
You free for dinner? To celebrate your transfer, of course.
And the optics? It's no longer an issue.
Yes, of course.
- Um Dinner.
- (KNOCKING ON DOOR) I'll call you.
PacFleet breathing down your neck? (GROANS) The worst, huh? What'd you learn? WorldWorks just popped up on the radar.
HPD got a complaint about the activists at Davenport's compound.
Another protest? It's more like a breach.
They rammed the gate.
Where is everyone? HPD said they saw some people running from the area.
Lost them in the woods.
(DISTANT YELLING) Not all of them.
MAN: What're you doing? Let me go! (GRUNTS) Get your hands off me, man! (GRUNTING) Federal agents! Gun.
Registered and permitted.
(GRUNTS) What's going on here? We responded to a disturbance on the east gate and found trespassers breaking in.
The others fled.
I caught this one on the property, and I was forced to restrain him.
Doesn't explain the "tied to a torture chair" situation.
- Or the head wound.
- He beat me like the gestapo.
He hurt himself trying to run, and I was wearing the gloves to protect myself from infection.
He's a liar and a thug.
You're a trespasser and a vandal.
I want to press charges.
Let me get you checked out, and we'll take your statement.
Can we speak privately? - Yeah.
- We'll clean you up.
I'm in the security business, Special Agent.
It's my job is to assess risk and resolve conflict in order to protect Damian and his family.
Your job was to call law enforcement.
I'm the one who alerted HPD.
Listen, that man in there, Mike Williams, has a history of violence, a vendetta against Damian, and has been known to turn on his colleagues.
Are you suggesting he had something to do with Kathy Laster's death? I know they were intimately involved, and his arrest record includes assault.
- You've seen his arrest record? - That's what I do.
Gather data and draw the most logical conclusions.
Well, the most logical conclusion to me is that your boss doesn't want WorldWorks around.
Where were you last night? 20,000 feet above the Pacific on a company plane.
I was in San Diego on business.
- You can verify that? - Of course.
I'll get the manifest.
I'm here to help.
I used to work for the FBI.
I can be a resource.
Yeah, next time you want to help, don't.
Tillman might be a weasel, but his alibi checks out.
Manifest from the corporate jet has him arriving into Oahu after Kathy's murder.
KAI: And his intel's thorough.
Dossiers on every member of WorldWorks.
- Including Mike Williams? - JESSE: Yeah.
Mike comes as advertised.
Set fire to a police car while protesting a pipeline in North Dakota.
Tried to tar and feather the CEO of an energy company in Arizona.
Mike's willing to resort to violence to get what he wants.
JESSE: Yeah, I mean, he's one of these "true believers", willing to do anything for the cause, legal or otherwise.
He's overly passionate about the cause.
Come on.
Overly passionate? Look, people like Damian Davenport have been taking advantage of Hawai'i for its entire history.
It's not hard to understand Mike's anger.
He's the son of an investment banker from Chicago.
This isn't his fight.
Yeah, well, it wasn't Kathy's either, and she turned up dead.
Let's see if Mike Williams can shine some light on this.
(SCOFFS) How much did he pay you? Damian Davenport? I mean, that's the reason I'm here, and he's free.
You're not under arrest, and I'm not on the take.
(CHUCKLES) You work for the federal government.
You're all on the take.
I mean, men like Damian, they own you, then use their blood money to steal local lands all over the world.
You don't have to explain the concept to me.
Let's talk about Kathy Laster.
I'm not telling you where any of my people are.
We know where Kathy is.
When's the last time you saw her? (SIGHS) Two days ago at the campsite, but Kathy had nothing to do with today's action, all right? - She skipped out on us.
- You got into a fight? Why's that any of your business? You two were dating, right? Maybe business and personal didn't mix well? Kathy and I have a shared passion for the cause.
She's the one who pushed us to fly out here and take a stand, but she lost her nerve.
She wanted to go home, then we argued, she disappeared.
And then what happened? And then? We tried to storm the Bastille.
Now I'm here.
- What happened with Kathy? - I don't know.
But, clearly, you do.
You You said you know where she is.
What does that mean? Is Kathy okay? Is Kathy okay? I don't see murder.
Despite his history, Mike seemed genuinely torn up last night over Kathy's death.
Could be shock.
Could be guilt.
LUCY: He claims he was moving camp with the WorldWorks group the night in question, but we can't find them to confirm it.
Still an island.
Have to come up for air at some point.
WorldWorks is a distraction.
Damian Davenport is the center of this.
JESSE: So what? WorldWorks shows up to his home, he gets upset, and then beats one of them to death? People like Damian don't get their hands dirty.
Not over protests, at least.
We can't eliminate suspects yet.
We need to dig deeper.
The one thing we know for sure is that Kathy brought the group to Hawai'i and then changed her mind.
Why? Because she was paid to.
Not to change her mind you can't change people, they can only change themselves but to fly here.
Kathy had an anonymous donor to fund this trip to Hawai'i.
How anonymous? From a Dubai shell company to a Seychelles tax haven and all the way to a credit union in sunny Boca Raton.
Who sent the money? Take a look.
Morgan Davenport.
Damian's wife.
Morgan's a well-known philanthropist.
Gives millions to charity.
Well, she could house a lot of the homeless with the rent she pays here.
Appearances are everything to the wealthy, even when it's not-for-profit.
We should go in.
And run into a wall of assistants and lawyers? No.
Let's wait for her to come out.
Why would Morgan finance WorldWorks' trip here to protest her own home? She's been trying to get Damian to sign The Giving Pledge, maybe it's a way to put pressure on him.
I might not understand rich people, but I understand motive.
Morgan doesn't have one.
Not yet, at least.
LUCY: Let's see if we can find out.
Davenport, you mind if we talk for a sec? Special Agents.
Alan Shipley.
- I'm, uh - The lawyer.
Davenport's unavailable.
But I'm authorized to answer any concerns and provide a timetable as to her whereabouts the night in question.
Yeah, we need to, uh, speak to Morgan directly.
I'd hate for this to be elevated to the Nine Clouds' board.
Could become a whole thing.
You know our position.
(CAR DOOR CLOSES, ENGINE STARTS) Elevated to the board, huh? Scandal's the only thing that scares them.
Not enough, it seems.
We need to get more out of these people.
You see that, across the street? JESSE: Gray Ford.
Dude with a camera? Yeah, he's been taking pictures of us.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) You want to tell me what you're doing? Exercising my freedom of expression to make that kala.
- Mm.
- Who's paying you? Anyone and everyone.
You a tabloid photographer? I'm a freelance photographer.
Island's best.
Wilbert Kalili.
What do you want with Morgan Davenport? The money shot, baby.
Keep track of the big game.
Always pays off.
Like one hunter on the prowl.
Pays off how? During the slow months, could find her with the wrong people.
Sell the juicy stuff to the magazines.
Or to Morgan herself? That's capitalism.
That's actually blackmail, and it's illegal.
Just talking here, bruddah.
How about you show us what you got? Sure.
I-If you want to pay.
I give you good price, jawline.
(CLEARS THROAT) How much you want? Depends.
How much you got? Well, hopefully the photos of Morgan pan out, and you got a receipt from the photographer.
- Keep me updated.
- I'm late.
I had a 15-minute conference call that went two hours.
You're right on time.
Uh, any movement on the case? Here's an idea, no work talk.
Thank you.
Full disclosure, uh, I have not been out for an evening in - a while.
- (CHUCKLES) Full disclosure, I bet I have you beat.
What's your poison? Cold beer? Tequila it is.
Uh, two tequilas, please.
- Yup.
Right away.
- Thank you.
So, we've been working together for a few months now, and I know nothing about you.
Um I'm from Michigan.
My father owns a hardware store, and my sister is an Episcopal priest.
We'll get back to that.
(CHUCKLES) But first, tell me something about you that I would never guess in a million years.
I was in a ska band in college.
Played bass.
We were popular.
We toured the Midwest, but, um the pressure of fame got too much.
The band broke up, and I joined the Navy.
Are you kidding? Yes.
- (BOTH LAUGH) - Of course you are.
Thank you.
I did play bass, though, in college.
- Really? - For the jazz band.
Oh, well, that makes more sense.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- All right.
- All of it.
- Yes.
- How jazz band was that? (LAUGHS) Spam musubi.
Oh, can't.
Intermittent fasting.
Not eating between 8:00 p.
and 12:00 p.
(GROANS) I'll make an exception.
Eating is so underrated.
So, you get more insight into why Morgan Davenport financed Kathy's trip here? Well, since Kathy's phone is still M.
, I can't get into her messages.
What about Morgan's? Well, A: we don't have a warrant, and B: anything public is curated by her husband and his company.
So, we're nowhere.
Mm, didn't say that because the unofficial chatter online is very spicy.
Dedicated to Damian's extracurricular activity.
Spoiler alert, he likes women.
Particularly if they're not his wife.
And you think Kathy Laster was one? Well, I think where there's a dog, there's fleas.
Inoki excluded of course.
It's a shame if her death comes down to a jealous spouse.
Well, you'd prefer a more noble motive? She died trying to get the land back.
Aloha 'Aina.
Her memory shouldn't boil down to adultery.
- (CHUCKLES) - That was nice.
It was.
Shame you're leaving.
I could get used to fun Captain Milius.
- I could put in papers.
- (CHUCKLES) Get back in the music business? I think I got my bass somewhere in storage.
So I just wanted to say That was nice, too.
I was hoping for better than nice.
- Your kids? - With their dad.
You want some milk with your coffee? (CHUCKLES) I don't even know Hey, there.
I'm-I'm-I'm Captain I'm Joe.
Your mom's - Friend? - Yes.
And you must be Alex.
My-my mom's son.
I-I need my glove.
You like baseball? Yeah.
I-I-I do Joe.
We have almond milk if you want to put that Alex.
Didn't expect you.
This is Joe.
Yeah, we met.
Do you want breakfast? I got practice, but thanks.
Um Good to meet you, Joe.
(SIGHS) Alex, listen.
There's literally nothing that you could say to make this less awkward right now.
Can we talk later? Good plan.
So, uh, that happened.
Got to go to work.
(PHONE KEYS CLICKING) - You all right, boss? - (PHONE WHOOSHES) Yeah.
Kid stuff.
What do we have? This is a month's worth of Morgan Davenport photos from Mr.
Yeah, it cost me a month's salary, too.
Got her at the beach, events, yoga.
What we don't have are photos of her with Damian.
Husband and wife living separate lives? Could be two busy professionals.
Or signs of trouble in paradise.
We may not have Damian, but we definitely have Kathy Laster.
TENNANT: They met.
And they weren't getting along.
Morgan flew her and her protest group here for a confrontation? We only know what we know.
They met.
Bring Morgan in.
She'll try to stonewall us.
Tell her lawyer about the photos.
She'll come.
Anything to avoid a scandal.
Morgan Davenport.
I believe there's been some miscommunication between our offices.
If that's how you'd like to characterize it.
(CLEARS THROAT) How would you describe your relationship with WorldWorks? Morgan has no relationship with that organization.
The fact that she secretly funded their trip to Hawai'i says otherwise.
Where are you getting your information? Financial records.
All legally obtained.
We thought it was because Morgan wanted to put pressure on Damian - to return the land.
- I do want that Morgan, please.
But now we know it's because you have a more personal reason to pressure your husband.
This is you coming out of the Leach and Dunne family law practice.
Divorce lawyers.
You've been following her? Alan, it'll come out eventually.
Yes, Damian and I are separating.
We have fundamental disagreements on some ethical issues in his business.
Ethical issues in other places, too.
You didn't bring Kathy out here to protest.
You brought her out here for a confrontation.
This was taken the day before she died.
Why were you fighting? It's complicated.
- I need a moment with my client.
- Un-complicate it.
Damian and Kathy - had a special relationship.
- You're not listening to me.
- Special how? - This isn't what Damian wants.
We can speak if you want to.
He's right.
Damian won't approve, and it is not my place to say.
My husband is a flawed man, always was.
When we were young, in Duluth, I thought success would help smooth the edges.
But some things never change.
(DOOR OPENS) TENNANT: Morgan Davenport wanted to talk.
Guilty conscience? Or is she trying to point the finger someplace else? Never got far enough to figure it out.
She did mention that Damian and Kathy Laster had a special relationship.
Suggests an affair.
Could explain why Morgan brought her in.
Leverage for the divorce.
Affair means bad PR for Damian.
I mean, a murder would mean bad PR, too.
Morgan couldn't talk freely, but she was trying to tell me something.
She mentioned when she and Damian were young in Duluth.
Damian and Morgan met and married in Minneapolis.
They never lived in Duluth, and there's no connection to Nine Clouds there either.
But Kathy spent a lot of time there.
It's all over her socials.
Says it's her "happy place".
That place would make me happy, too.
Does Kathy come from money? Uh, mother is a freelance bookkeeper, and the house belongs to a trust.
A way to keep ownership discreet.
So, it's hush money.
Damian bought Kathy the house to keep her quiet about the affair.
Wrong tree, but right orchard.
Need to get Damian away from his lawyers.
Any ideas? Hawaiian common law can help.
You're on private property.
Actually, you're on private property.
I'm on the beach, which in Hawai'i is public.
You know, I get exactly one hour a day to myself, and since you won't leave me or my wife alone Let's get this over with.
Come on, take your best shot.
Oh, I'm not here to talk about you or your wife.
I'm here to talk about your daughter.
Kathy Laster.
Let me tell you a story.
Stop me if I get it wrong.
25 years ago, you founded Nine Clouds in Minneapolis.
Everyone who worked for you got rich, except your bookkeeper, Sarah Laster.
She left the company, gave birth to a baby girl six months later.
Kathy Laster was your daughter.
You bought the house to keep her mother quiet, and it worked.
Until your wife found out.
Flew Kathy here.
That's all you got? That's all I need.
What happened to Kathy? I didn't kill that woman.
Your daughter.
Look, I made some mistakes in my life.
Sarah was one of them.
I offered compensation to protect my marriage and Sarah.
The scandals would've hurt her, too.
What about protecting Kathy? - She's not my responsibility.
- You really believe that? You know what? There-There's no proof of anything.
There's proof she was murdered on your property.
She ran for help until she bled to death.
Now, if you didn't do it, don't you want to know who did? It's a tragedy.
I trust you'll find the killer.
I also trust you'll leave these damaging rumors out of the investigation.
LUCY: Tennant had no luck breaking Damian, huh? Admitted to buying the house for Kathy's mom, but wouldn't cop to being the father.
Got a lot on the line.
Billionaire divorces tend to affect stock prices.
Nine Clouds could suffer.
There'd need to be proof that Kathy's his daughter.
No way he'd take a paternity test.
Morgan could've collected a sample secretly, had the test run herself.
- LUCY: And shared it with Kathy.
- Oh.
I was just looking for you.
Any luck locating Kathy's phone? Well, first of all, luck is a human construct designed to give meaning to random acts of chance, and in turn, comfort us in a universe that is inherently chaotic.
And Kathy's phone? Well, that's why I was looking for you.
It was just turned on.
- You know where? - Campground on the west side.
I'll send you the details.
Lucky break, huh? Kathy's phone led us to the WorldWorks campsite.
Protesters responded with force, so, HPD rounded them up and brought them in.
This is Mike Williams and Kathy Laster's.
Found her phone and personal effects in his tent.
Mike explain why he had his girlfriend's phone? Mike wasn't there.
And the WorldWorks members claim not to know where he is.
- Think they're telling the truth? - I got 'em in the conference room.
I'm gonna find out.
And the phone? It's locked.
Ernie's doing his thing.
All right, well, we'll search this stuff.
(SIGHS) So oil money, huh? Did you research me? I'm sorry.
It's a cop habit.
Yeah, my family's done well.
What? You just like to keep it a secret? People look at you differently when they think you're wealthy.
Money complicates things.
I think that's something only rich people say.
My parents used money to control us, tell us what to do, who to be.
I didn't like that.
Well, they must have loved you going into law enforcement.
They did not.
Nine millimeter rounds.
But no gun.
Mike is armed.
And in the wind.
Please tell me you were able to crack Kathy's phone.
Wasn't the top recruit out of Caltech 'cause of my good looks.
Well, that may have been a factor.
All right.
20 emails back and forth from an unknown sender.
All about the trip to Hawai'i.
Probably Morgan.
Yes, but only one message with an attachment.
KAI: A DNA test proving Kathy and Damian are related.
Morgan knew.
She must have planned to use this as leverage over Damian.
She's not the only one.
Mike Williams got into the phone, forwarded the message to himself.
Mike knows Kathy is Damian's daughter.
And he's out there with a gun.
I'm telling you, I'm not just going to let you onto the property.
And I'm telling you, a potentially dangerous man is already on it.
The compound is secure.
WorldWorks has been here multiple times.
You don't think Mike knows your vulnerabilities? No warrant, no access.
We're trying to avoid something terrible happening.
I have a full security staff trained to do just that.
Tillman, there isn't much - What the hell was that? - Probable cause.
We're entering the compound now.
You check the fire, we'll check the house.
Fire's out of control.
Any sign of Mike Williams? He wouldn't have survived this.
TILLMAN: Doesn't matter.
Damian's never here at this hour.
Just property damage.
It's a distraction.
and Mrs.
Davenport, you okay? No, they're not.
Mike, need you to put the weapon down.
After he admits what he did.
There's nothing to admit.
Kathy was your daughter, and you used her as a pawn.
- It's not true.
- Stop lying! ERNIE: Hey, guys, got a series of encrypted messages from Kathy's phone.
Not the best time to chat.
Someone reached out to her the night she died.
Encryption is next level.
Not even sure I can crack it, but - MIKE: You did this! - I have an idea of who'd be capable of this.
In the middle of something important here.
Me, too.
I'm breaking the case, finding the killer.
We might have another one on our hands.
Mike Williams is about to shoot Damian.
Okay, okay.
Your thing wins.
I'll keep working.
KAI: Hey, Mike, this isn't the way, okay? The truth.
Now! You killed Kathy! I had no reason to kill that woman.
Morgan brought her in as leverage for the divorce, or to shame me.
I-I I met with her.
She said I was her father, had DNA to prove it.
I offered to pay her to leave, and-and and she refused.
- And then you beat her to death.
- No.
I called my lawyers.
I told them we had a problem on our hands.
But she was your daughter, not a problem! Hey, think of Kathy here.
I'm doing this for her.
You're doing this for you.
She wouldn't want you to spend your life in jail.
All because of him? (GASPS SOFTLY) - (GUNSHOT) - (GROANS) - (DAMIAN GASPS) - Put the gun down, Tillman, now! TILLMAN: I got him, Damian.
- (MIKE GROANING) - You're safe now.
(GROANING) Gonna apply pressure, okay? We need an ambulance.
Code 3.
Stay with me, Mike.
Stay with me.
- You got it.
- (GROANING) (GARBLED RADIO TRANSMISSION) I'm assuming Damian and Morgan are free to go, correct? They are.
You, however, need to come with me.
I've given my statement.
I was justified in shooting an armed intruder, and helping to catch Kathy Laster's killer.
You're half right.
Mike Williams didn't murder Kathy.
You're not still suggesting that Damian was involved.
My people found messages on Kathy's phone with intelligence-level encryption.
It took a minute to decode them, but we did it.
They're from you inviting Kathy to meet you on the grounds the night she died.
I wasn't even on the island that night.
I was on the company jet.
Or at least said you were.
Check the manifest.
This one? The real manifest? The one you showed us was doctored.
Why would I do any of this? You've been hiding Damian's dirty laundry for years.
And you knew an illegitimate daughter would open the floodgates.
I would never kill anyone.
You probably offered her money at first.
But Kathy couldn't be bought.
So you panicked, took the situation into your own hands.
You've worked for Damian for a decade.
This is your one chance to explain to him why you killed his daughter.
I want to speak to a lawyer.
I'm sure that can be arranged.
The recent tragic events have opened all of our eyes.
And in dedication to Kathy Laster, my daughter, and her work as an activist we are offering our land to the people of Hawai'i.
Dude doesn't believe a word he's saying.
He went through all that, and didn't change one bit.
Public perception of him will.
He's got the divorce, the murdered daughter.
God knows how many other affairs that'll be outed.
The board'll force him to resign.
He's trying to get in front of the train before it runs him down.
Not sure that's how trains work, - but I get your point.
- (JESSE CHUCKLES) Morgan's done, too.
The philanthropy world's not gonna respond well to what she did.
Look, land's going back to where it belongs.
Tillman's gonna get 25-to-life.
Mike Williams is gonna survive.
It's not fair, but it's justice.
It's something.
So, how rich is your family? I could tell you, but it'd only make things weird.
Well, we love you no matter how much dough you have.
This land is returned to you.
(OTHERS ASSENTING) To the future generations and the stories they will tell here.
Kamau! ALL: Kamau! I may tell you to run You know what they say about the young Oh.
What's this? Parting gift.
For me? For Alex.
You know he's got a glove.
This one can be his backup.
I may tell you to run How is he? I don't know.
Haven't had the "look who mom brought home" talk yet.
- You worried? - Almost always.
It's the joys of being a mom.
But this this will be fine.
Maybe our paths will cross again? Joe.
Next time you're in Hawai'i, I'm expecting a call.
And if you're ever in D.
, I'm in the building with five sides.
Send me on my way Send me on my way Send me on my way.
How much did you hear? - All of it.
- Ah.
- (CAR ENGINE STARTS) - Can I see the glove? You want to talk about it now? Mom, it's been three years.
Dad's got a whole new life.
If-if you want to date, you should date.
Thank you.
And that guy he seemed nice.
A little awkward, but nice.
He is.
Gonna see him again? Never say never.
Well, until then, - let's get you back out there.
- No.
Where should we start? Match.
com? - Okay.
- Eharmony? - Badassmom.
com? - None of that is happening.
And that's That's your profile picture.
- That's not funny.
- That's a good one.
- Alex? Alex.
That's not - That's a real good one.

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