NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e09 Episode Script


1 Pour me another one Castaway, gonna let the sunshine in I wanna be a castaway And leave the world behind Wasting away down by the coast Pacifico and chasing lime Easy living down in paradise Pour me another one Make it a strong one We're gonna have some fun tonight Just like the other one Make it a double rum, we're gonna castaway tonight I'm in an island state of mind This isn't real.
I'm telling you, this all happened.
Don't love the sound of explosions in the morning.
What did I say about video games on school days? It's not a video game.
It's the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Mom, did all these people really die? Many did, honey.
But that's why we honor them every year.
And those who survived, too.
Though I'm not sure why your brother is showing you this before breakfast.
Because she asked.
It's for a project.
She has to do a report about a hero who emerged after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
So did I, remember? I'm sure the emphasis is more on "hero", less on "attack".
Mom, she's old enough to know about the bad, too.
Stay put.
Look, I appreciate your enthusiasm, okay? But leave the decisions about your sister up to me.
I'm just trying to help.
So you wouldn't mind helping Julie find a hero for her project? That-that's not what I meant.
- And taking her to school? - But I-I Love you.
No Jesse or Lucy? They're running security checks for the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day ceremony.
All right, so the boss gets the old bones in the dank cave.
Never too senior to get my feet wet.
Hey, Commander Chase.
Who discovered them? Beachcomber searching for buried treasure.
And they were found in a cave? "The world's womb", where life and death intersect.
In this case, more so death.
Everything looks so intact.
Sand, seaweed and sediment.
All provided a barrier for the elements.
This poor soul has been forsaken for quite some time.
Now's our chance to set it free.
Sorry, sorry, just got caught up in the energy.
Tellus heard you.
Well, can you tell us anything about the remains? Age? Identity? Size ten to 11 shoes, length of the femur all point to the remains belonging to a man.
- And a sailor.
- Hmm.
Those look like old Navy khakis.
It's hard to tell how old, though.
Actually, that's the easy part.
We'll carbon-date the textiles and bones as soon as we're back at the lab.
And the hard part? Finding your suspect.
Exit wound.
Shot in the back of the head.
He was murdered.
- Oh! - Oh! Oh, sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
My head's in this Force Protection Plan.
A handful of Pearl Harbor survivors are attending the ceremony this week, not one of them under 95 years old.
Probably the last year most of them will be able to make it.
80th anniversary.
Totally, amazing.
But between the threat assessment and about a thousand meetings that should've just been emails, - my body's about tapped out.
- Oh, come on.
Time to show 'em that it's "go" muscle, not "show" muscle.
How are you this jaunty? Oh, it's not 'cause I ate all of Ernie's chocolate espresso beans.
'Cause I didn't.
Not all of 'em.
Careful, Luce I will blackmail you into to doing the rest of my security interviews.
You know that's not the worst assignment, right? codebreakers worked tirelessly to crack encrypted Japanese messages.
Um, they managed to reveal details for the invasion of Midway Island and helped shift the tide of the war.
Follow me.
Who'd Whistler tee off to pull the short straw on that assignment? Uh, maybe they chose her because she's smart and knows history.
Besides, what do you actually know about the attack on Pearl Harbor, hmm? Over 3,000 casualties, 19 ships lost or damaged, and, not many people know this, but 68 civilians were killed that day.
PHRD Planning Committee? Going over Protective Service Details for the commemoration before we get back to the cold case.
Oh, please don't use that term.
- Protective Service Details? - No.
- Cold case.
- They're like turtlenecks.
You know, once you get in them, they never really work out the way you wanted.
All right, well, love it or hate it, there's no statute of limitations on murder.
Our victim was shot to death and washed up in this cave.
Anyone want to guess how long ago? Dude, just tell us.
73 to 80 years old.
Lucy how did you pull that number? - Am I wrong? - No, you're, like, eerily right.
Carbon dating puts them at that range.
Well, details of the trousers.
Textile analysis says it's cotton.
From what I can tell, this particular uniform was in use from the '30s to 1948.
Except black shoes were more widely worn starting spring of 1941.
I'm impressed.
- But also so curious.
- I went down a military rabbit hole and I found out Coco Chanel designed the Turks' uniforms.
Don't suppose we found - the nameplate on the victim? - Not that lucky.
It's gonna be hard to identify the victim.
Commander Chase was able to extract the DNA, but may not be enough to ID the victim on its own.
Well, this particular uniform with the black shoes were only worn by non-aviation officers and chiefs.
Lucy, check the archives for any missing personnel that match that profile and that date range.
Can't we run the DNA against one of those ancestry databases? Good idea.
Get Ernie on it.
Maybe you should give turtlenecks another shot.
Get out of here.
Hey, Whistler.
Whistler, you seemed focused.
Uh, is this, uh, one of those things where you pretend to talk about work, but you really ask about dinner? No.
Actually, I'm headed over to personnel records.
Which happens to be close to your office.
And I'm not even hungry for dinner.
Oh, well, I guess we can walk together.
Don't suppose you want to come with? There's this old case involving old bones and a murder.
Ooh, DIA doesn't do bones and murders.
Should be your slogan.
Still, my case is definitely more fun than having to play tour guide.
I didn't have to play tour guide.
I volunteered.
Really? Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.
It's an honor to host these visitors.
And get face time with the brass.
Honestly? I mean, you are interested in your career.
Wha I I didn't mean to offend you.
Kind of makes it worse you think I'm defined by ambition.
I think you're defined by a lot of things, some of which I don't even know about yet, because I'm still getting You don't know things about me because you don't ask.
I know you like pinot grigio.
And mason jars for cups.
Excuse us.
Can you move, please? Who are all those people? Your colleagues.
Oh, yeah, right, but what are they all doing there? Big event.
Pearl Harbor Remembrance.
Kind of rings a bell.
We've been sucked into the black hole of DNA databases.
I managed to pull DNA from the victim's skull through the petrous bones behind the ear a technique used to extract DNA from bones found at the thousand-year-old Antikythera shipwreck.
Arr, matey.
You're right.
Antikythera is in Greece.
That reference makes no sense.
You run the DNA against the genealogical database? Once we got legal approval.
Take a look.
Your tree's missing some branches.
In the United States, maybe.
But the DNA's tied to all kinds of families in Japan, so we looked into Japanese immigrants.
And we were able to narrow the search further based on families with naval officers or chiefs in the 1940s.
- Any hits? - Yes.
But this is where it gets weird.
Her victim is him.
Ken Ito.
Ken Ito is a hundred-year-old Pearl Harbor attack survivor who's being honored at this week's ceremony.
All true.
Except for the fact that he was murdered 80 years ago.
The Secretary of the Navy would like to stress how delicate of a situation this is.
He respectfully asks that we make sure the man he's about to honor at the ceremony in two days is not in fact an impostor or a murder suspect.
We can't promise either.
Ken Ito is a local legend.
Served in the Navy over 20 years and three wars.
Then he retired and fought for immigrant and civil rights.
His daughter and grandson both served on the islands in uniform and also in public office.
They're a legacy family.
Only the remains tell us that this guy isn't actually Ken Ito.
Looks like the real Ken Ito was murdered as a Navy ensign in 1941.
How could an identity switch like that happen? Went through his official military records things get hazy after the Pearl Harbor attack.
Like all Japanese Americans in uniform, stood down from service for at least a year.
Some went home.
Many were incarcerated at the internment camps it was chaos.
Chaos makes for good cover.
What about the people Ito served with? His extended family? He didn't go back to the same command after the attack.
He was an only child.
Parents died young.
And he seemed to have lost contact with extended family before the war.
All of this is based on whether the DNA results are correct.
Are we ready to accuse a hero of being an impostor? DNA doesn't lie.
Neither does the bullet hole in the victim's skull.
A bullet hole that tells us nothing besides he was shot in the back of the head.
We don't have other leads to actually solve this murder.
No evidence.
No motive.
No suspects.
You have him.
This should be interesting.
You mean because we're about to interrogate a hundred-year-old war hero about an 80-year-old murder? I told you, man.
Cold cases.
Ito? Special Agents Holman and Boone.
Someone already went over security protocols for the ceremony.
Uh, we actually need to speak with your father about another matter.
He may have information related to the disappearance of a Naval officer.
He hasn't served in the Navy for 60 years.
We just need to talk to him and request a DNA sample.
- Why would he have to do that? - Well this would go smoother if we can just talk to him.
I was in the Navy, too, and served in the state legislature.
Please, don't handle me.
Look, I only know what it's like to serve in one war.
And your father he served in three.
We have our jobs, but he does have our respect.
I'll take you to him.
But I don't know if you'll get what you're looking for.
Dad's been suffering from dementia a few years now.
Ryan, will you give us a minute? Yeah.
Of course, Ms.
Thank you.
Excuse me, sir.
May we ask you a few questions? This isn't working.
Rank and serial number, sailor.
Captain Ken Ito, 9-5-2 1-7-3-8-1.
And when were you commissioned? June 27, We found the remains of a sailor who might have served with you.
Are you kidding? He's not gonna recognize anyone based on I know him.
Dad? I met him in the fields.
Hell doesn't have pineapple.
My parents agree with you.
Was hoping you could help with that.
- Or you could help me load this cart.
- I'm serious.
I'm offering you a job.
How would you like to help Uncle Sam? The Japanese joining the Axis.
The Americans don't want someone like me working for them.
Haven't kicked me out yet.
I'm not you.
You came here for opportunity.
It's standing right in front of you.
But if you've grown fond of the fields, I'll ask the next guy over.
The man was issei.
First-generation Japanese.
Issei were prohibited from immigrating.
They couldn't serve.
But you recruited him? Needed help.
For what? Do you remember the name of the man in the field? Ken Ito.
His name was Ken Ito? No.
I'm Ken Ito.
That's the thing, sir.
It looks like Ken Ito actually died 80 years ago.
My rake.
Where's my rake? - Sir, if you don't mind - Vicky, Ryan, who are these men? Interview's over.
He's convinced he is Ken Ito.
Probably can't remember being anyone but.
- Dementia doesn't help.
- It's strange, though.
He told them a story about pineapple fields.
Ito's memory of the man was triggered by the crime scene photo.
Could be a lead.
Ito was involved with the ROTC program here at UH.
If he was recruiting from there, too, maybe they have records of our impostor.
Do you know anyone who could help us look? I do, actually.
All right, have a great weekend.
I'll know if you don't do the reading.
Janey! Hey, I thought you already learned - everything you needed to from me.
- Oh, Maggie, we both know I barely scratched the surface.
Oh, come on.
How are my little darlings? Julie's busy working on a project - for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.
- Oh, wow.
- And Alex? - Trying to convince her war is hell, despite the fact that she's ten years old.
She's very mature.
And so curious and adaptable.
And she gets it all from you.
And, I think, a little from me.
So I assume you're not here for help with a fourth grade project.
I need access to the ROTC archives.
I figured since you have some ROTC staff - in your graduate seminar - Yeah, but not just anybody gets access.
But you're not just anybody.
So, you're saying that the Ken Ito is some kind of impostor? It's looking very likely.
Well, if you're gonna steal a life, you may as well make it a good one.
Doesn't bother you? Oh, well, yeah, of course.
But, oh, Janey, identity is what we make of it.
We're all impostors.
We all have a story that we tell ourselves until we forget that it's make-believe.
This Ito was just more committed.
Not much of anything now.
- Hmm.
- Spends his days raking a Zen garden.
Ah, the Japanese believe it to be a metaphor for the journey to inner understanding.
Well, I wish he'd share some of that inner understanding with us.
It's possible that the real Ken Ito was recruiting Japanese immigrants for service.
One of them killed him and took on his identity.
Japanese immigrants weren't allowed to serve, and no laborer could afford to enroll in the university.
That's why we want to see the files.
Well, they should be at the end of this row.
Hey! Federal agent! Gonna need you to put your hands on your head and back towards me.
Hey! Maggie! Janey, go after him.
I'm not leaving you.
You're hurt.
No, it's it's just a scratch.
- Take it easy.
I'm gonna call an ambulance.
- Janey, he dropped this.
- Didn't get a look at him, did you? - No.
But I got a few scratches in.
Enough to pull DNA off our attacker? - Does it hurt? - Eh.
It's not the first time I got my bell rung, kiddo.
You should see the other guy.
And you should leave work at work.
Ah, yeah.
Jules, how's the project coming along? Mom, has anybody asked if you're really American? Of course not.
A lot of people were asked that after Pearl Harbor.
That was a long time ago.
But they're still being asked that today, right? Why don't you go do the dishes? I got to talk to your brother.
She asked me about it Executive Order 9066, loyalty tests.
Before you got home, she asked me what a "Jap" was.
Don't use that word.
- Aunt Maggie, back me up.
- Aunt Maggie is gone.
Aunt Switzerland has taken her place.
She's ten years old.
She doesn't need to be exposed to this yet.
She's already exposed.
We can't just ignore who we are.
No matter how young.
Has anybody asked you? You know the answer to that.
Then why can't Julie? It either comes from you, or it comes from the world.
And the world, sweet Janey, is a cruel teacher.
Worked with campus police to try to ID Maggie's attacker.
No witnesses, no usable security footage, no leads.
Other than some skin samples that might get us a suspect.
And the fact that the suspect wanted what we want: information on Ken Ito.
Or whoever he is.
Could be someone close to Ito, trying to protect his secret.
Someone's trying to bury the truth.
Except Tennant might have found it for us.
A photo from the archives.
Time stamp puts it August 1941, which lines up with the harvest.
Corroborates the story about the pineapple fields.
Do we know who these guys are? The ones in uniform.
I built a machine learning algorithm that narrowed searches based on things like military citations, UH affiliation and War Relocation Authority records.
Ito is on the far left.
The two next to him were sent to camps on the mainland.
The third joined the 100th Battalion and the 442nd Regiment but was killed in action.
And the civilian? Alas my machine is still learning.
Another dead end.
Well, we might not know who he was, but I think I can tell you who he is.
That's the current Ken Ito.
Hey, I ask about you, right? Like your family, your life? Even know Jake's favorite Pokémon.
Yeah, 'cause why wouldn't you evolve your Pikachu? I agree with him.
It's just dumb.
No idea what that means.
Someone said I don't ask about them, and I'm wondering why.
It isn't Lloyd from Fraud, is it? Because he's very guarded, for obvious reasons.
No, not Lloyd.
Just someone.
Well, I might be out over my skis, but I think you're talking about intimacy, Luce.
So if somebody wants you to get to know them, get to know them.
- Sir, we're with - NCIS.
I'm Lieutenant Commander Mike Ito.
- Ah, his grandson.
- Do you know how many lines you've crossed? As upsetting as this might be to you, we're within our jurisdiction.
Moral lines.
The sooner we can do our jobs You're harassing a hero.
the sooner we can get out of your lives.
- A man with dementia.
- There's reason to believe that your grandfather isn't who he says he is.
A decorated combat veteran? An icon in the immigrant rights movement? Which accomplishment do you question? A letter signed by four retired admirals, two congresspeople and ten state representatives, all vouching for my grandfather.
Who is that? Jiichan, don't bother.
Let them in.
You recognize this man, don't you? Ensign Ken Ito.
And is that you? No.
Jiichan what are you saying? It's not me.
He doesn't know what he's talking about.
Do you know what happened to Ken Ito? Uh, we were fishing.
It really is beautiful.
But how is your accent still this terrible? Because it's way too early.
It was you and Ito on the boat? The day it all went wrong.
- What are you doing? - I can't stay here! - Don't be an idiot.
- Don't try to stop me! What happened next? Sir? What are you telling us? He-he tried to stop me.
Stop you from doing what? - This needs to end.
- Sir did you kill Ken Ito? Yes.
I I killed Ken Ito.
Not looking happy, boss.
Just came from a very important meeting with SECNAV.
They want to know if we arrest Ken Ito, we can do it discreetly.
So we don't interfere with the Pearl Harbor ceremony.
Can we? Not yet.
We have a confession.
What we have is reasonable suspicion.
He admitted to killing the real Ken Ito.
With no details or context.
"I killed Ken Ito".
Direct quote.
From someone with dementia.
He had motive.
Asian Exclusion Act of 1924.
Japanese weren't allowed to immigrate to the U.
He was in the country illegally.
So you think the real Ken Ito was gonna turn him in? And our guy killed him, took over his life.
No, there's something more.
Someone wants intel on Ito.
Assaulted my friend to try to get it.
But we still don't know who or why.
There are two mistakes a person makes on the road to truth.
Not starting which we've already done.
And not going all the way.
So who can our archive attacker be? Family members trying to bury the truth? Mm, unlikely.
Both Mike and Vicky Ito were at home when the attacks happened.
They could've paid someone to do it.
Getting warm, Lucy.
'Cause money does play into this.
I dug into Ken Ito's personal finances.
All very conservative.
Decent nest egg.
Until A hundred thousand dollar transfer.
In the last 24 hours, and it just evaporated into the ether.
Not for medical care or investments or a sweet campervan.
He could've paid someone to go to the archive.
Or paid them off to keep quiet.
Whatever our suspect got from the archives could be the evidence we need.
Where are we at with the DNA Maggie got from the scratches? That's not my department, unfortunately.
Can you check in with Chase? Look into any suspicious contacts with the Itos.
Lot of eyes on this, guys.
They want this resolved one way or another before the ceremony tomorrow.
What's up? There's no way they're gonna let Ito stand up at that ceremony, is there? He's already off the list.
You all right? If all this is true, it means this man left everything behind, and he served his entire life to get what most people just have.
But maybe murdered someone to do it.
Yeah, but you don't believe that's true.
It reminds me of something Julie said last night.
She wondered if anybody asked me if I was really American.
How'd you answer? I didn't.
It was my first time on the mainland, and I was 18 years old.
I was hanging out off base when someone drove by and they yelled at me, "Go back home to Mexico".
To Mexico.
It's different on the island, you know? So it was, like, the first time I felt that, and I don't know, I sort of wish someone prepared me for it, because I don't remember laughing it off so easily then.
Found our blackmailer.
Ito's caretaker.
Ryan Barnett.
Had a felony DUI that was reduced to a misdemeanor, but his DNA is still in CODIS.
Also wasn't at the house today.
Lying low after the archives.
- Where is he now? - Ernie has a bead on his cell phone GPS.
Go get him.
This is Barnett's vehicle.
- His phone's inside.
- Yeah? So where is he? The main branch of the Honolulu National Bank is across the street.
There he is.
He's not coming back to his car.
He's got a backup vehicle.
Ryan Barnett, NCIS.
We need to talk.
Hey, relax, okay? Don't make this hard.
He's making it hard.
Just give up, dude.
There's no way out.
Hands! You guys didn't want to follow him? Remember me? I've never seen you before.
Then where'd you get those? We pulled DNA from those scratches.
They put you at the UH archives, where you stole Ken Ito's files.
That's burglary.
You hurt my friend.
That's assault.
Then you demanded a hundred thousand dollars from the Itos.
That's blackmail.
Okay, look, I'm not the bad guy here.
Ito isn't who he says he is.
It's not really your business.
You don't understand what he's done.
Considering my entire team is investigating him, I'd say we do.
No, not about his identity.
About his treason.
He's a war criminal.
And I can prove it, but I want immunity.
You're negotiating now? You should be thanking me for outing him.
But you didn't out him.
You extorted him.
Look I used to idolize Ito.
Until I figured out he was an imposter.
He would tell us these stories about the war, about who he really was, and so I started recording.
And then when you guys showed up, I I knew I was right.
And you tried to cash out before we got to the truth? Stuff in those archives proved that he was a Japanese spy.
If I don't help you guys figure this out Then Ito goes free, and you've just blackmailed a war hero.
Try again, Ryan.
Where are the recordings? This is a recording Ryan Barnett took of Ken Ito, or whoever he is, two weeks ago.
But I'm telling you, you won't like this.
Just hit "play".
That's Japanese.
What's he saying? He fought with the Japanese - in Burma.
- He switches to English here.
- Mr.
Ito, in English, please.
- I was a spy.
During the war, I went to the Japanese and fed them intel on American troop positions.
Until the day we were ambushed.
I don't know how I survived that day.
Ito wasn't the hero we all think he was.
He was a spy for the Japanese.
Told you you wouldn't like it.
Come in.
Did you know? Sometimes my father would see something on TV, and tell us the story like it was his own.
But you had to have suspected something.
If not, you don't pay the blackmailer.
I found my father one day crying out for his mother after he almost drowned in Kanamarugawa.
He had always told us he was born and raised in Utah.
So is it the truth, or is it fantasy? You didn't want to risk it.
You can't ask me to let it be.
Even if I wanted to.
We're asking you to keep going.
My father's opened up about his past.
Even before he was sick, he never talked about the war.
Something's jogging his memory.
Find out who my father really is.
We'll face the truth as a family.
Officials say he served on staff in the Atlantic Fleet.
But there's a blank spot between '42 and '44.
I find it hard to believe he managed to work for the Japanese, get captured, and end up in Europe.
We've looked into POW records from World War II, but we couldn't find Ken Ito.
Except for a reference to a classified operation: Gosei.
Can you access those records? I might know someone who could help.
Hey, uh really can't thank you enough.
All evidence to the contrary.
You've been thanking me for the last 20 minutes.
And apologizing.
It's not a personal favor.
Your boss went through proper channels.
I want to be intimate.
Here? No, not like No.
Um I mean, I I haven't taken the time to really get to know you.
So I kind of did.
As in spying on me? As in googling.
What'd you find out? Well, it wasn't about you, exactly.
Ambush in Taji, Iraq, 2009.
There were three casualties, including Captain Noah Whistler.
His younger sister was at Northwestern at the time.
Rush chair for Tri Delt.
I was a Theta.
I bet he was a great guy.
He was.
So, should I google you, too? Like you haven't already.
Okay, um, here are your files.
Uh declassified and sent to the Base Historians Office years ago.
Look at this.
Operation Gosei.
These are OSS records.
What's that? Precursor to the CIA.
"Ambush in Burma".
There we go.
It should say that Ito was taken as a POW.
No, there were no POWs taken that day.
Only an American operative.
Suzuki Kazutoshi? Born in Fukuoka.
Stowed away to the United States at ten years old.
Worked in the pineapple fields.
Until you met a Japanese American ensign Ken Ito.
He was one of William Donovan's first officers in what would eventually become the OSS.
And he recruited you for Operation Gosei.
The U.
sent Japanese Americans to embed in the Imperial Army.
You were a spy.
But not for the Japanese.
The mission in Burma you weren't leading the Japanese in an attack, you led them to an ambush.
Your service is undeniable.
But we need to know did you murder the real Ken Ito? W-We just wanted to go fishing.
Grab the other side of the net, will you? Oh, and pliers.
They're in the tackle box.
Nanda kore? It's for the fish.
Or people who scuff up my shoes.
What's with the uniform? - Technically, I'm off duty.
- Then technically, you're showing off.
Just help me toss the net over.
It really is beautiful.
But how is your accent still this terrible? Because it's way too early.
It's an attack.
Hold on.
We need to help.
I will.
As soon as I get you to safety.
What are you doing? I can't stay here.
- Don't be an idiot.
- Don't try to stop me! This isn't your fight.
Let me prove myself! Ito! Ito? Ito! We were on the windward side in the flight path of the Japanese Zeroes.
Is that when the switch happened? The Coast Guard found me on his boat with his effects.
They thought I was Ken Ito.
And I took the chance.
For the life you wanted.
From that day on, you were him.
No one else figured it out? My handler at the OSS.
Pretending to be Ken Ito made me a better spy, so they made it official.
After Burma, they transferred me back to the Navy.
Why did you say you killed Ken Ito? In a way, I did.
I took his life.
I hope it's a life he'd be proud of.
And now I'm willing to accept the consequences.
There are no consequences, sir.
Not from us.
And seeing how the change in identity was sanctioned by the OSS, this case is closed.
I tried.
How do we look, Mama? Perfect.
Hey, sit down for a minute.
Here comes the speech.
When I was 16, Grandpa was stationed in a place where I didn't look like everybody else.
People would ask me, where was I really from? I said I was American.
But some didn't see it that way.
And others didn't like that I was different.
Eventually neither did I.
So I lied.
I said I didn't really know where my mom's family was from.
And I hid stuff about myself.
Why? Because I didn't think being myself was good enough.
Doesn't it make you mad? That someday something like this might happen to you, too? Yeah.
People shouldn't have to pretend to be somebody they're not.
Please be seated.
By the way, which hero did Julie pick for her project? You.
80 years later, Pearl Harbor has an Asian American Special Agent in Charge.
Told her it was a loose interpretation of the assignment.
Now welcome to the stage, one of the last remaining survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
My name is Suzuki Kazutoshi.
And it has been the honor of a lifetime to serve this country.

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