NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e10 Episode Script


1 (INSECTS CHIRPING) Guys, we need to be in the car in five.
Uhp, two minutes.
Julie, your homework is in the den, and Alex I'm not sure where your baseball bag got to.
I already put it by the door.
(CLEARS THROAT) So, um Tommy.
I'm thinking maybe something's going on with him.
How come? He missed school, and a bunch of baseball practices.
Even after Coach told him that he was about to lose his starting spot.
Has he been sick? I don't think so.
I asked him if everything was okay, and he told me to mind my own business.
Have you spoken to him since then? I texted.
I didn't hear back.
I'm j I'm just Worried.
Well, his parents got divorced last year, and his mom moved to Arizona for that new job.
It's a lot for a guy to deal with.
I know.
He ever talk about how things are at home? No.
I was closer to his mom Romi, but I should have called to check in to see how he and his dad were doing.
So I'll do that.
Okay? That'd be great.
It's Jane Tennant.
I was talking to Alex and realized it's been a while since we've seen you and Tommy.
Love to have you guys over.
I tried to leave a message at your work, but I must have the wrong number.
So please give me a call when you get this.
All right, let's set something up.
JESSE: All right, keep me posted.
- Hey, boss.
- Hey.
I'm gonna do a 360 around this container, - but Kai will fill you in, all right? - Okay.
So, what do we know? Someone saw blood dripping out of the container this morning, they opened the door, found our victim Port Inspector Russell Goodrick with three shots to the chest.
Very sad, but so far, all CGIS's business.
They were here first, called us when they realized those crates in the back are full of spare parts for Navy M2 machine guns.
I assume they normally load these containers with more than two crates? Normally.
Hey, Boom-Boom.
CGIS scanned the container's labels.
It's supposed to be filled with tractor parts bound for Myanmar.
No one knows why it was moved to this holding area.
- How long has it been sitting here? - Two days.
Any idea what we're looking for? Not unless Gates just figured it out.
Blood spatter has a void pattern.
Something was here when he was murdered.
Now, based on the void, it had sharp edges.
Was 12 inches longer and ten inches wider than the spare parts crate.
Boom-Boom, let's assume that they might also have been crates, potentially weapon-related, what conclusions can we draw? They'd be big enough for heavy guns.
Maybe even RPGs.
Navy would never ship commercially.
Which means we might be looking at an illegal arms shipment.
JESSE: Hey, guys.
I noticed a weird shape in the shadow of the top of the container.
Long shot, but I thought it might be an errant bullet casing, so I climbed up there and took a picture.
What is it? ERNIE: It's a tracker.
Any idea who it belongs to? No.
I just know it's not RFID, which is passive.
It's GPS-based, though not routing through the usual satellite constellation, as far as I can tell.
Meaning? It's fancy.
I'm limited in what I can figure out, since we want to leave it in place so as to not alert whoever put it there that we are on to them.
Our victim doesn't seem like a sophisticated tracker kind of guy.
Port inspector for ten years, solid performance reviews.
Divorced last year.
Fellow inspectors said he complained a lot about being "divorce poor".
He have the kind of access that would have allowed him to move the container to the holding area? No, but CGIS is pulling a list of employees with those credentials, as well as info on who accessed the biometric scanners at the port last night.
They're gonna share it when it's in hand.
Lot of reasons folks steal military weapons, but Goodrick's dead.
So, if he was involved, he got double-crossed.
Maybe by whoever put the tracker on the container.
Ernie, you need to get a bead on who that was.
I will put on my aluminum hat.
Lucy, stay with Goodrick.
We need to know whether he's a victim or a perpetrator.
And in either case, who moved the container to the holding area and what was inside when they did? Check, check and check.
You know I don't have an aluminum hat.
I know.
I was going to track it using triangulation software that I developed.
Because that's what I do.
I develop, uh, sophisticated technologies in service of your crime-fighting.
You know that I think you're super smart and amazing, right? Hi, Tommy.
Hi, Ms.
Your dad home? No, he-he's at work.
(TV PLAYING INDISTINCTLY) He-He's been really busy.
He told me to clean up, I just haven't really gotten to it yet.
You're not at school.
Are you sick? Um, a little under the weather.
Can I get you anything? Some soup, aspirin? No, thank you.
I-I have everything I need.
Hey, did your dad change his number, by chance? I reached out a couple times and he hasn't called me back.
No, same number.
Try the hospital.
What did you want to talk to him about? Just checking in.
Making sure you guys are okay.
Tell your dad I want to have you guys over for dinner sometime.
Well, I'm gonna go lay on the couch.
Let me take the trash out for you, so you don't have to go out.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Uh - Thanks, Ms.
- Of course.
Get some rest, okay? Feel better.
I assume this isn't a social call.
Uh, no.
So it's really hard to track that signal.
Not only is it encrypted and bouncing off satellites I don't have access to, it's also in such a narrow band of oscillation that I love your passion for this.
I don't know who's tracking it, but I do know where they are.
- TENNANT: NCIS! - (OTHERS SHOUTING) Hands where we can see them.
DIA got wind of a large illicit arms shipment on the Haven Grace, a ship out of the Marshall Islands.
So the Navy did a positive control boarding with a Coast Guard law enforcement detachment.
How big is a "large shipment"? Ten containers' worth.
LUCY: That's a lot of weapons.
Where did they come from? We're not exactly sure, but there are many legitimate arms sales from U.
companies to foreign governments, and they're all supervised and regulated by the DoD.
And sometimes, you know, these weapons fall into the wrong hands.
The arms trade is a $100 billion business.
That much money motivates people.
Were all the containers bound for Myanmar, like the tractor parts? No.
Seven different destinations.
So your JIA task force put trackers on all the containers, let them continue on their way, thinking it might help you catch whoever's behind it all? Yes.
What have the trackers told you? Four containers are still in route.
Five reached their destination ports, where they sit ignored.
TENNANT: Makes me think the person who is behind it all knows that you intercepted the shipment.
It seems likely at this point.
JESSE: And the tenth container, the one sitting out at the Port of Hawai'i? Moved by an unknown person to that location, ended up a crime scene.
What do you know about the guy who was killed? We learned about him when CGIS discovered him dead.
And so you sat tight, hoping our murder investigation would lead to your arms dealer.
It's hard for me to give a compliment, but you're all very good at your jobs.
So, of the five people who used the biometric scanners to access that part of the dock yesterday, CGIS has spoken to three.
All of them have alibis for last night.
Any of the five have the credentials to change manifest logs? Yes.
Clark Lohan, who hasn't been reached yet, and George Burley, who was.
But HDOT did an audit trail.
They feel confident neither of them were responsible.
I mean, Ernie could have changed everything without anyone knowing and left a little poem for them to find years later.
Ernie's special.
According to Whistler, the street value of those stolen machines guns and RPGs is almost $2 million.
I don't know, might have been worth it to buy an Ernie-type.
Nothing about our dead guy's bio makes him seem like someone who'd have the know-how or the means to do that.
Then maybe Russell Goodrick was just doing his job last night.
I mean, did he have any reason to be on that part of the dock? If he did, he took it to the grave with him.
You know what else he took to the grave with him? The location of his brand-new pickup truck.
Did he pay cash? - Yeah.
- Oh, great.
Well, that puts a dent in my "just doing his job" argument.
JESSE: But he's still dead, which means the killer's out there, like Scrooge McDuck, rolling around in a vault full of dangerous weapons.
No, no, that is not what Scrooge McDuck did.
Who the hell is this McDuck? Not important.
Let's find the truck, see if it helps us figure out who Goodrick's coconspirators were.
You know, sometimes I think I should have spent my childhood surfing less and watching TV more.
Really? Nope.
- (KNOCKS ON DOOR) - Excuse me, Dr.
Frost? - Margot? - She's not there, I'm afraid.
Otherwise, she probably would have stopped me.
I'm sorry, I'm in the middle of something.
Then I'll try not to take a lot of your time.
I'm looking for Dr.
Andrew Wilson.
Front desk, the people in the office he's supposed to work at they all pointed me to you.
Wilson no longer works here.
I've realized that.
But do you know where I can find him? No.
Could you tell me anything about why he left? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) Look, Ms.
Special Agent Tennant.
(SIGHS) I really don't know where he is.
But you know more than you're saying.
We let him go two months ago.
It just wasn't working out.
Well, there's no law against firing people for cause.
I'm guessing "just wasn't working out" doesn't quite cover what happened.
Look let me make this easy for you.
We both know that if he left a sponge inside of a patient or something, that's actionable malpractice.
Probably be public record.
If he violated employment law, you'd say, "It's a personnel matter", because that's confidential.
But your unwillingness to tell me anything makes me think it's something the hospital doesn't want people to know about.
We were unable to find some fentanyl.
We couldn't prove Dr.
Wilson was responsible, but we had our suspicions.
He failed a drug test.
That's a personnel matter.
I'm afraid I'm unable to say.
Back from being a superspy? Not a superspy.
Not even a spy.
Just a smart, sexy woman sitting in a warehouse, trying to save the world from evil men stealing big weapons.
That is a lot to put on a business card.
(LAUGHS) Hey, I, um I made dinner reservations.
Look, I know, I know, I know you're nervous about people at work finding out about us, but I will be shocked if anyone we've ever met is at this restaurant.
That's because it's fancy, right? - Not 'cause it's gross? - Yes.
Um Willing to give it a try.
- Because after, I thought - (PHONE CHIMES) Oh.
More later.
Looks like my BOLO came through.
LUCY: Nice truck.
What's it doing out here? Long way to the port.
Nothing here.
JESSE: What's under the blanket? Well, the good news is, it's not a body.
TENNANT: Andy? Jane.
How funny to run into you down here.
It's not an accident, I'm afraid.
Excuse me? Tommy used your tablet at home to locate your phone.
Just in case you were wondering, he wasn't happy about it.
I made it clear he had no choice.
I don't understand why you needed to find me.
This isn't easy for me, Andy.
Our kids have been friends a long time.
But you know the drill.
You used to be a mandatory reporter, too.
Hey, Tommy's fine.
He's not.
And neither are you.
Look, Jane, I don't need to be lectured I went to the hospital, Andy.
So you know they're not gonna give me my job back.
I'm not here because you're unemployed.
I'm here because you have a drug problem that is affecting your son, and I have a legal responsibility to do something about it.
I told you, Tommy is fine.
You can say that as much as you want, but it doesn't make it true.
You have until tomorrow to call Romi and tell her what's going on.
Otherwise I will go to the authorities.
(SCOFFS) Tommy's welcome to stay with us while you figure things out.
(TRILLING) Where do I put them when he's done? On ice in a cooler in the evidence room until we don't need them anymore.
Then to AFMES, where they get a nice drawer.
I had a case in Lejeune where parts turned up a few at a time.
Coroner kept putting them in separate drawers until he ran out of space.
Then he realized it was more fun to put them together.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Like a jigsaw puzzle.
Worst one ever.
I had a murder in D.
where the killer cut the body apart, but with a dull-bladed saw.
I mean, it flicked bits all over his garage.
We never found the body, but we got a conviction because of chunks that were found in between two cabinets.
- Yeah, but cleanup always gets them.
- Yeah.
Idiots think they just need to splash a little bleach around.
You got to scrub the cracks with a toothbrush.
And degreaser.
They never remember to use the degreaser.
I remember this case during the heat wave of Okay, that's enough.
Oh, suddenly you're squeamish? No, no, I am not squeamish.
I just don't need more visual images to go with the ones I've already got filed.
Yeah, fair enough.
We all got to be able to sleep at night.
Fingers belong to Clark Lohan, a terminal planner for the Honolulu Harbor.
He was on Kai's list of folks who accessed the dock last night.
All of him? It was just a list.
I guess we better find out.
Fingers crossed.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Something went down in there.
Should we do a wellness check? Clark Lohan? Clark Lohan, NCIS! (MUFFLED GRUNTING) Clark Lohan? NCIS.
(GRUNTING CONTINUES) (MUFFLED GRUNTING) Lucy? You got him? Almost positive.
JESSE: Paramedics are on their way.
Who did this to you? Russell Goodrick, from DOT.
But it-it wasn't his idea.
There was another guy.
He was in charge.
You know who he was? No.
Did Russell mention his name? I don't remember.
What did he look like? He was tall muscly and had a shaved head.
They said they were gonna come back and kill me.
Thank God you found me first.
Put some pressure on it, okay? Okay.
What time did, uh, Russell and the other guy show up? That was a-after dinner.
They wanted me to take them down to the dock.
And I said no.
They cut off my fingers.
How did you know I was here? I was s-screaming, but I didn't think anybody could hear me.
LUCY: Uh, we didn't.
We found your fingers.
Can a doctor put them back on? Uh, I don't know.
They weren't on ice.
But you should, you should talk to the folks at the hospital.
LUCY: You changed the manifest on a container at the port, didn't you? The tall one said he was gonna kill me unless I helped him.
He said it was the only thing that I had to do.
And I didn't think they were coming back.
Why didn't you call the police? I was scared.
I should have called the police.
(GRUNTING) I don't feel good.
I'll see if the ambulance is here.
Hey, no, no, no, w-why don't you just stay in the chair for now? Russell was my friend.
I can't believe he would be involved with people who would do something like this.
You never know what people are capable of.
I guess not.
I know I'm gonna have to call social services if he doesn't do the right thing, but Alex won't be happy.
I think we're in a world where happy is almost impossible.
I-I think about this a lot.
I mean, about how being a mandatory reporter is gonna affect my relationship with my kids.
I mean, how much will my daughters want to share with me when they know I can put folks in jail? I think they'll be smart enough to know that you can't put their boyfriends in jail just for being their boyfriends.
I can't? (CHUCKLES) (PHONE VIBRATES) Ernie just confirmed for DO that Lohan changed the manifest.
Used something called steganography to keep it from being noticed by the other techs.
Another thing I got to worry about.
Well, the good thing about this, unlike the future boyfriends of your daughters, you won't know it's there.
What do you have, Kai? KAI: HPD gave us the list of local folks they thought might be involved in the container shipment.
Now, based on the nature of the weapons that were offloaded and Clark's somewhat vague description, one name floated to the top.
Jason Roberts.
Tall, muscular, shaved head.
Dishonorably discharged almost immediately after he finished basic training for assaulting a bunkmate.
And he was arrested five years ago for trying to sell an M2 to an undercover FBI agent.
Why is he not in jail? He got to plead to a lesser charge when he flipped on a coconspirator.
So in addition to being tall, he seems like a stand-up guy.
- Do we know how to find him? - Yeah.
Let's grab Boom-Boom and go get our weapons.
Call me when you have Roberts in hand.
Why am I the only one in the entire building that doesn't get to call him that? Just need more bonding time.
Bonding time? Tommy called me.
His mom's coming from Phoenix to get him.
I'm sorry.
What did you do? I can't talk about it, Alex.
If Tommy knows and wants to share, he can, but hey.
It's not my story to tell.
I asked you to help him.
I know, and I hope I did.
Not the right way! I didn't have a choice, sweetheart.
(DOOR SLAMS) (EXHALES) KAI: There's only one way in.
It's hard for us to arrive discreetly.
JESSE: And no place for our arms dealer to run.
Hopefully he's smart enough to know that.
Just FYI, if you find the weapons, please don't open all the crates and start moving the inventory.
- That's what you're focused on? - You brought me here because I know what to do with the contraband, right? JESSE: Yes.
Well, you're my ride back, so don't slow me down.
You know, I do respect how you don't care if people like you.
Who doesn't like me? Nobody.
No - Let's go.
- Yeah.
Hey, you see that? JESSE: What? Move, move, move! How many of those does he have? Based on the inventory, he'd have 12.
Well, how about we stop him before he shoots all of them at us? KAI: Hey, I hate to talk this to death, but I vote for an indirect approach.
Modified Fabian? That's what I was thinking.
Meaning? Let's sneak around behind him.
Won't he see us coming? - Kai.
- Yeah? Propane tank.
Good idea, Boom-Boom.
NCIS! Put it down! Thank you.
(GRUNTS) That would've hurt.
I called you Boom-Boom back there.
I'm sorry about that.
It's all good.
JESSE (OVER PHONE): Roberts is dead.
Boom-Boom, Kai and I aren't, despite the dude launching some rockets at us.
- Ouch.
- Yeah.
We, uh, we did a modified Fabian, worked out all right.
And the weapons? Looks like everything's here.
Any idea who Roberts is working for? We're grabbing all the papers from his office.
Ernie's on his finances and digital records.
So, if there's something to be found, we'll find it.
I'm glad you guys are okay.
What am I to you? You're right.
I don't, uh I don't recognize anyone.
You have to know somebody to get in.
Oh, who do you know? Chef Dax.
(LAUGHS) He did the same thing back in Dallas.
He takes over restaurants on the nights that they're closed, and he matches the food to the place.
So, tonight we're having I'm guessing Pan-Asian seafood, but that's-that's only based on the big fish on the walls and the soy sauce on the tables.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) Hey, um thank you for caring about how I feel about all this.
I very much care.
But I think, uh, maybe next time (EXHALES) we could go to a regular restaurant.
Where someone could see us? (GASPS) Wow.
I'm super excited about that.
(LAUGHS) Um Okay.
In the interest of full disclosure, I feel like I should tell you, I'm almost certain everyone in my office knows what's going on.
But they're on my side, so they'll pretend they don't.
Well, then, I'm, uh (CLEARS THROAT) I'm awfully glad that I'm I'm feeling more comfortable with things.
(CLEARS THROAT) Congrats on getting all those weapons back.
In retrospect, seems inevitable.
Why, because there's no market for black-market RPGs on a fairly small island with a giant military presence? Yeah, there's that, uh it's just, mm, it's also the stupidity of the plan.
I mean, why did Roberts kill Goodrick but leave Lohan alive? Did he think that he would bleed to death? Only if he skipped an entire semester of high school biology.
- (BOTH LAUGH) - Yeah.
Actually, you know, now that you say that when we found Lohan, there was a shower curtain underneath the chair where he was being held.
To keep the floor clean.
Yeah, but only necessary if you plan to kill him and move the body to hide the location of the murder.
And if that was your plan, you wouldn't forget to circle back and finish the job.
Goodrick and Roberts are dead pawns.
Clark Lohan's in charge.
And he cut off his own fingers so we wouldn't suspect him.
And it worked.
(SIGHS) Excuse me.
Cutting off my own fingers is a level of commitment I am not capable of.
He might have had one of the other guys do it.
- Sure, but no.
- (DOOR BEEPS) How would I work my magic? No F, no R, no five? Jesse and Kai are headed to look for Lohan at the hospital.
Though I'm guessing he's already gone.
So, tell me what his next move might be.
Well, there's no evidence Lohan is an international arms dealer, but he worked really hard to throw suspicion off of himself and onto Goodrick and Roberts.
We've realized that he moved the container but let Roberts steal the contents.
Maybe the container itself was what's important.
Like, maybe, it was built out of some sort of radioactive material.
Obviously, that isn't it.
Radiation detectors installed after Fukushima are still here, Coast Guard uses them all over the docks.
A meaningful amount of radiation would trigger something.
Okay, so it's not the container? No, no, it definitely is.
Ernie-Ernie used a CAD/CAM program to analyze the crime scene photos.
Turns out the inside of the container is six inches shorter than the outside.
ERNIE: Too small a discrepancy for the human brain to hold.
We know what might be hidden back there? No idea.
Get Whistler, figure it out.
Lucy, head to the port.
I'll have CGIS meet you there.
Clark Lohan orchestrated the deaths of two people to get whatever's hidden there.
Must be worth it.
LUCY: It's already gone.
A DVD? A list compiled by DoD of all the weapons and weapons systems that have been misplaced or stolen in the last six months.
Couldn't find a mimeo machine to make a copy with? I thought it would be faster than taking the time to make a secure link to send the file to you.
It's fine.
I'm prepared for all kinds of data.
You bring me a Betamax tape, I'm ready.
Okay, thanks.
Last confirmed sighting of Lohan is two hours ago, when a nurse checked his vitals.
20 minutes to the dock, 45 to weld open the wall.
He's 55 minutes ahead of us.
We've alerted TSA and HSI to watch the airports, but there are no flights departing HNL until the morning, so that's probably not his exit strategy.
JESSE: I mean, this guy's smart.
He knows as soon as the hospital sees he's missing, we're gonna find out.
Yeah, but he waited to leave the hospital until we cleared the crime scene.
He's thinking all of this through, so he has to have a plan to get himself off the island or just get it off the islands.
Do we have any idea what it is? Eliminating things that are too big loses 80 objects.
How do you guys lose so many things? The DoD doesn't lose them.
It happens to have many, many things, some of which other people steal or lose.
Anyway, there are still 50 to choose from.
It's not regular ordnance.
And based on its size, the power source is either small or external.
A guy cut off his own fingers.
You don't do that for a run-of-the-mill weapon.
You can steal anything and net a million dollars.
- No, you can't.
- Yes, you can.
But this is special.
It's one of a kind.
Best guess is that it's a prototype of a top secret laser-guidance system that disappeared from a lab a couple months ago.
The developer insisted that it was accidentally destroyed, and there's no chatter about it being for sale to prove that they were wrong.
How much is it worth on the black market? Well, ten years of R&D, fully functional, but not production-ready - 15 million.
- Ten million.
I have no idea.
But a lot.
High-value target limits the buyers, probably also limits the sellers.
I had Interpol send me their database of suspected arms dealers and known associates, hoping to get a point of contact between one of them and Clark Lohan.
I didn't, but considering how hot Lohan is right now, his best play might be to lay low and have the buyer come to him.
Good thought.
These guys would be on the HSI watch list, right? Yep.
Viktor Ivanov.
ERNIE: He landed in Kona on the first flight this morning.
Find him.
TENNANT: Jesse, Lucy, Viktor Ivanov is in the bar.
No sign of Clark Lohan, so the two of you keep laying low.
We don't want him to see you and recognize you from the house.
I regret being so nice to him.
Don't let him change who you are, Agent Tara.
ERNIE: Besides, what's your option? Poke his wounds, make him cry? Heads up.
Lohan's about to walk in.
Okay, nobody move until we're sure the backpack has the device in it, and give them both a chance to get clear of the civilians before we arrest them.
I can't see what it is.
TENNANT: It's a security token.
That's the money transfer.
Transfer's done.
Lucy, Jesse, get ready.
Ivanov's heading out the back, Lohan is heading out the front.
Jesse, help Kai.
Lucy and Agent Reyes, stay with Lohan.
Try not to let him destroy that token.
Viktor Ivanov.
Put the bag down.
Raise your hands where I can see them.
(GRUNTING) TENNANT: Jesse, Kai's in trouble.
I'm good.
You go! Clark, NCIS.
Let's put all eight fingers on top of the car.
Nice and easy.
Gonna make a great story in prison.
(GUNSHOTS) Fabian! What-what the hell does that mean? (GROANS) Who knew ancient Roman strategy was so handy? I did my research.
Great job, everyone.
(EXHALES) But you think Tommy's gonna be okay? I think so.
I hope so.
Then you did the right thing.
I know, but this isn't the way I wanted it to go.
I'm worried it might make Alex more reluctant to come to me with his own problems.
Look, I know there's a lot going on at your house, and the baby's only a month away Hey, I'm always there for my son, okay? I'm not here to pick a fight, Daniel.
I'm here because I'm nervous.
(EXHALES) He's hurt and he's really, really mad at me.
I just need to know that you're gonna keep an eye out, through the sleep deprivation and the feedings and the diapers.
You didn't come to pick a fight, you just came to make me regret my life decisions.
I just want Alex to know that he has someone to turn to.
Look, Janie, Alex talks to me about all sorts of things girls, getting invited to parties he's not sure he should go to but he brought this to you.
Lucky me.
Which means, he thought you were the right person to handle it.
He might not have known what you were gonna do exactly, but he's a smart kid, he knew enough.
How long you think he's gonna be mad at me? (INHALES SHARPLY) Remember in sixth grade, when he wanted a phone and we wouldn't let him have one? - Yes.
- Longer than that.
(CHUCKLES) But he'll come around.
He loves you.
Even though he doesn't say it often enough.
You get the fancy sign when Palakiko got recruited to the S.
? Kid's a wall on the offensive line.
- He's gonna play on Sundays.
- Mm-hmm.
And you're gonna park close to the gym.
Everyone wins.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Have a nice evening, Jane.
You, too, Daniel.
(ENGINE STARTS) (VEHICLE DEPARTING) - How long you been here? - Not long.
I just came by to put the guidance system in the vault until someone comes to get it from the mainland.
How much food do you bring for lunch? Oh, it's not food.
I'm, uh, I'm taking it to AFMES, mostly so they're not here anymore.
Do you want to walk with me? We can circle by your office and pick up your stuff.
Then maybe we go celebrate? Do you want to go to that restaurant and actually try the food this time? No.
(CLEARS THROAT) (LAUGHS SOFTLY) Did Tommy already leave? Yeah.
I'm really sorry, Alex.
About everything that happened.
If Tommy plays baseball at his new school, his team is called the Sand Lizards.
Are Sand Lizards fierce? I don't know.
Me, either.
Good night, Mom.
Good night, Alex.
I love you.

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