NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

The Game

1 (INTRO TO ELVIS PRESLEY'S "NIGHT LIFE" PLAYING) Oh, the neons are a-gleamin' And the gamblers are a-dreamin' Oh, it's night life Yeah, night life The chips are a-spillin' and it's time Raise.
Oh, it's night life Yeah, night life Oh, the pockets are a-burnin', and the money Reraise.
The dice roll a-turnin' and you hit snake eyes You can't be a quitter When you're caught up in the glitter All in, y'all.
There're long-legged women who could take you Take it.
Ooh! You are having quite the run.
Lucky night, I guess.
Out to spend your money, yes, it's night life I'm gonna sit this next one out and find the ladies'.
Come on, make your play Though you may regret it at the break of day I said you can't be a quitter when you're caught up Come on, CHAD.
Come on.
(GUN COCKS) What? Nothing.
- I like this.
- The coffee? It's fair trade.
Not the coffee.
Though you really can taste the transparency in the roast.
(LAUGHS) I like sitting here with you and not talking.
- Mm.
- Just being comfortable in the silence, watching you read.
Your staring is it's a little creepy.
(LAUGHS): Hey.
I'm happy, too.
(PHONE VIBRATES) It's great to feel like I can just be.
I've never had that.
I've always felt the need to make conversation.
Oh, yeah, totally.
Yeah, like even now, I'm not remotely annoyed you're not paying attention.
I know how important your job is.
I get it.
And I've grown to love like "Distracted Whistler".
Alexa, how long will it take to get to Pearl Harbor? ALEXA: Based on current traffic, it will take - about 35 minutes to get to Pearl Harbor.
- I have to go.
Oh, well, here, I'll get you a to-go mug.
And, uh, I will be sure to return it soon.
Like, uh, maybe tonight soon? Alexa, is the Hau Tree open for dinner tonight? Hau Tree will be open today from 5:00 p.
to 9:00 p.
Let's, uh, talk about it later.
(GIGGLES) - Have a great day.
- You, too.
Dalia? Good morning, handsome.
When I said you can't text me during the week or after 4:00 p.
on weekends, that also applied to in-person visits.
Relax, Malik.
I'm not here for you.
She's here for me.
Believe it or not, Ernie, everything isn't about you.
Jury's still out on that.
How can I help you, Detective Reed? Trey Santos.
The drug dealer? He's more of a kingpin, really.
We spent six months working with HPD on a joint task force busting him, but this isn't about me.
Trial's starting next week.
There isn't gonna be a trial.
Key evidence is gone.
The hard drives are missing? Well, technically, they're still there.
- But wiped clean.
- My God.
Everything linking him to the operation.
Schedules, routes, encrypted financials.
I knew NCIS should have taken those hard drives instead of the 46 kilos of untraceable cocaine we found hidden on Navy property.
This is kind of about me.
is gonna drop charges.
Santos was released yesterday.
- That's not good.
- Gets worse.
I think I know who's responsible.
And I need your help.
Detective Roy Burr.
15 years working narcotics for HPD.
History of questionable behavior.
Several Internal Affairs investigations.
Any of those investigations bring about a suspension? No.
But logs show Burr was in the evidence locker days before we learned the hard drives were wiped.
That's not exactly a smoking gun.
Up until a few years ago, Santos was a small-time dealer who side-hustled as a confidential informant.
That's how he built his empire.
Every time he helped take down other dealers, he quietly took over their territory.
Here's the kicker.
Burr was the cop who turned Santos into a C.
KAI: Well, there's your smoke.
If Burr turned a blind eye to Santos's power grab back then He could easily be on the take now.
Destroy evidence against him.
Why not go to your bosses? She doesn't know who she can trust.
Kai, see what Ernie can find on Roy Burr.
Make sure he doesn't raise any flags with HPD.
(BEEP) (SNIFFING) Smells good in here.
You light a candle or something? You ever hear about midnight madness? Flight Honolulu-to-Vegas, Hawai'i's ninth island.
Why? Roy Burr goes at least once a month.
Stays at the nicest suites downtown.
Likes to live large.
Oh, and he's got the debts to prove it.
KAI: Lot of people have debts and aren't on the take.
- Any links to Santos? - Nothing yet.
No big cash deposits or offshore accounts.
If he's bringing money into Las Vegas, he's leaving it at the tables.
Destroying evidence seems like a big risk to play slots and get a comped buffet.
Well, never underestimate the mind of a gambler.
Something's there.
Just haven't found it.
Or Dalia's wrong.
She would never come on just a hunch.
She's very good at her job.
Is she, now? All right, we'll tail Burr old-school.
See what we can uncover.
(SNIFFING) It's cologne.
Dalia's here and you put on cologne.
No, it's essential oils.
- It relaxes me.
- Okay.
(DOOR OPENS) (SNIFFING) (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) - (SHUTTER CLICKING) - Dry cleaner, car wash, and now a Chinese market.
This might be the most boring stakeout in law enforcement history.
You want to hear about a boring stakeout? Nope, not really.
Back in D.
, dangerous fugitive escapes state prison.
All hands on deck.
I get assigned his Aunt Morrine's house in Anacostia.
Three full days I observe her sit on her couch, eating Lean Cuisines, watching Home Shopping Network.
She didn't even buy anything.
- Fugitive ever show up? - Nah.
They caught him on an Amtrak.
(EXHALES) Sounds like Waiting for Godot.
Nah, his name was Ronnie.
Hey, you want to see, uh, Gracie's recital video? It's 40 minutes, but it moves.
You notice all these people heading into the market? Yeah, a lot of people going in.
And staying.
Excuse me, uh This could be interesting.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER, SLOT MACHINES DINGING) This has to be a health code violation.
ROY: Put me in here.
Put me in this game right here.
- Come on, man, I'm good for it.
- No more credit, Roy.
When you got the dough, then I'll let you play.
ROY: It's coming any minute.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm sure it is, like the last time.
(TIRES SCREECH) (GUNFIRE) (SCREAMING, PANICKED CHATTER) - NCIS! - Get down, get down! Move, move! What happened to "quiet surveillance"? We followed Burr to a Chinese market that was a front for an underground casino.
Like, a casino casino? Like, slots and all.
He got in a heated conversation.
He received a text, rushed out in a hurry.
We caught up in time to see him take two bullets in the chest.
Did you see the driver? Taillights of a black, unmarked SUV.
HPD's checking traffic cams.
The text, you think it was related? Looked to me like he was being lured out.
TENNANT: Well, if he was involved in getting rid of evidence on Santos's drug operation, now would be a good time to clean house.
It was definitely a setup.
He got a message to pick up an "overdue package" - right before he was shot.
- Who sent it? No way of knowing.
It was sent with an encryption app called Vesla.
We need to find out who sent that message.
- It's got to be Santos, right? - Maybe.
Who was Burr arguing with in the casino? Name is Ike Diamond.
Runs the joint.
Former Las Vegas personal injury attorney, - now - Full-time bookie.
Half the guys in my department lay bets with him.
- And he's an attorney? - Was.
The Nevada Bar Association had a thing or two to say about his more colorful hobbies.
Guess it's time to seek counsel.
Careful with the felt, Jimmy.
JESSE: Ike Diamond.
- Congratulations.
There's Bubble Wrap and packing tape under the craps table.
Wrap the legs before you move them.
We're not here about the illegal casino.
We're here about Roy Burr.
He send you to brace me? Uh, to what, now? He thinks Burr sent us here to beat him up.
Well, he does owe me a lot of money.
Burr didn't send us.
He's dead.
Get the hell out of here.
Yeah, shot to death a block away.
No one mentioned that when they came to arrest you and shut you down? This isn't a shutdown.
It's a pause in community relations.
I'll be up and running in a month.
And I'll be released in a couple hours.
And Roy Burr? What, you think I did it? He does owe you a lot of money.
Not that I'm incriminating myself, but in my line of work, you can't collect from a dead man.
You were seen arguing with him right before he was gunned down.
That's hearsay.
I'm the one who saw you.
Look, Roy Burr was a degenerate gambler God rest his soul.
He's into me 20 large, and he had the chutzpah to try to get back into my weekly poker game on credit.
But you're not trying to incriminate yourself.
It's a friendly home game.
It probably includes some of your bosses.
We're not interested in the gambling, Ike.
Roy Burr was a cop, probably dirty and working with Trey Santos.
Talk to us, Ike, or you'll be arrested for more than running a casino.
My involvement in the gambling arts has nothing to do with Trey Santos.
He's a patron.
- Patron? - At the poker game.
Oh, you host drug kingpins at your friendly game? I host anyone with cash.
Crooks, politicians And cops.
Like Roy Burr.
TENNANT: Roy Burr and Trey Santos play in a weekly poker game together? Could've been where Santos paid him off, gave him instructions.
Yeah, like having Burr destroy evidence for him, getting him out from under a 20-year prison sentence.
"Could've been" doesn't solve the case.
We need evidence tying Santos to Burr's murder.
We got the text luring Burr out to the street right before he was shot.
If we can connect it to Santos Good news, bad news.
The text came from an encrypted app, so the only way to confirm who sent it is through the source.
In other words, Santos's phone.
So we arrest him, subpoena his phone who knows what else - is on it? - No, if we move in to arrest him, it's too easy for him to bleach it, clean out any of the messages.
Didn't you say there was good news? We can access his phone without him knowing it.
How do we do that? With CHAD.
Cyber Hand Data Recovery Device.
- That doesn't spell - I like the name CHAD.
It can crack and clone Santos's phone through Bluetooth.
What's the catch? It needs to be within a few feet of Santos's phone for at least 30 minutes to actually work.
Close and prolonged access to a deadly drug dealer.
Sounds easy.
(SNAPS FINGERS) Ike's poker game.
JESSE: It's tonight.
Santos will be there.
- We send someone in.
- I'll do it.
Seriously? 'Cause I'm real good at playing poker.
- How good? - It depends.
We talking hold 'em limit, no limit, stud, Omaha, Omaha hi-lo She can name the games.
This is a high-stakes poker game where you have to play well enough and last long enough to get Ernie's CHAD next to Santos without him catching on.
Look it up.
Retired the account before joining NCIS, but it was a pretty feared avatar in certain circles.
- ERNIE: Quite the side hustle.
- LUCY: Mm-hmm.
Didn't get out much in college.
Lucy's going into the game tonight.
Grab Ike, bring him here.
Ernie, show Lucy how CHAD works.
This is our shot.
Let's take it.
IKE: I'm telling you now I can't wear a wire.
Sensitive nipples.
Be sure to keep that in mind.
Thank you for coming, Mr.
Ernie here will tell you exactly what you need to do for this undercover operation to work.
And you'll do it exactly like we tell you, to avoid felony racketeering charges.
You'll place Trey Santos in seat eight, next to the dealer.
Special Agent Tara will be in seat six.
No way I'm getting Maury Chauvin to change his seat.
Remember that time I talked about racketeering charges? Six it is! All you do is seat her within two feet of Santos and his phone.
Look, it may be my game, but it's Santos's world when he comes.
He brings muscle.
He controls everything.
What's my exposure here vis-à-vis the vicious drug lord? We will be surveilling from across the street.
Special Agent Tara will have a hidden camera with a live feed.
So what do I tell my players? I found her outside debate club at Honolulu High? I mean, work with me here.
I am a rich girl from Texas on vacation with my family - looking for a little fun with Daddy's money.
- Listen, I'm not trying to be sexist But you're gonna be.
Is this really the best person for the job? I mean, at least this guy could read like a finance bro looking to scratch an itch.
Do you even know the basics? Like a flush beats a straight.
But I wouldn't take a gutshot straight draw over a runner-runner flush draw unless the pot odds - were at least four to one.
- KAI: Annie Duke.
She's like Annie Duke, the professional I know who Annie Duke is.
It's gonna take more than that to survive my game.
My players come for action.
Buy-in is $10K, minimum.
And I'm not staking Uncle Sam.
(SIGHS) We got that.
(KNOCKING) Whistler? Hey, it's me.
I know you don't like surprises, but I have exciting news.
Or terrifying news.
Not sure which.
Hello? I tried calling, but it was Pizza? Uh, n Lucy.
I thought you were the pizza.
Are you a friend of Whistler's? Yeah.
I'm Cara.
Cara? Whistler's girlfriend from D.
I just got in.
You said your name was Lucy? - Lucy.
- Uh, yep, still Lucy.
- Huh.
- Yeah.
Oh, and this, this is, uh, Cara, your girlfriend from D.
Thought she was the pizza.
Um Okay, well, I-I'm off.
- It was lovely to meet you, Cara.
- Wait.
Lucy, wait, wait, wait.
Okay, I can explain.
That is that is not what it looks like.
People always say that in the movies, and it is always, in fact, what it looks like.
I didn't know that she was coming.
Well, I didn't know she existed.
- (ELEVATOR DOORS OPENING) - So I think I win the dumbass award.
I mean Okay, just give me a second, and I'll tell you what happened.
Enjoy your pizza.
I'll check the comms after I get this set up.
Everything good in there? LUCY: Fine.
I'm just getting dressed.
She's nervous.
You're nervous.
Yeah, well, it's a big deal.
First undercover assignment.
She's going in alone.
She's never done it before.
No weapon.
Backup's 20 stories and a block away.
LUCY: You know I can hear you.
You're gonna do great! Oh.
"Oh", thanks for setting up all the equipment? Oh, I thought Ernie would be doing it.
Oh, no, he wouldn't be doing it.
He'd just be sitting here in silent judgment about how we're doing it wrong.
ERNIE (OVER COMM): I can hear you, too.
And you are doing it wrong.
How you doing, Lucy? Need any help? Lucy? It's Dalia.
You good? Wow.
You look Like Texas Cinderella! You got CHAD? - Uh, yeah.
Locked and loaded.
- Okay.
KAI: Uh, here's your purse thing.
ERNIE: It's a clutch.
You just face it this way, so the camera can get a good look at the table.
Got it.
ERNIE: Phone in there, too.
- Hit any button.
- We kick through the door.
DALIA: Santos is arriving with three men.
Listen, you want to call this off, just say the word and we're out of here.
Oh, honey, I got this.
Y'all don't have to worry about a thing.
- Mm-mm.
- Hey, Luce? Mm-hmm? Forgot the money.
(GASPS) Oh, oh, that's right.
I, um Cash.
I usually pay with credit card.
How many times have you played poker in person? Uh, including tonight? One.
(SIGHS) Oh, man.
Y'all got room for little ol' me? Phone in the box.
Oh, I was told I could keep mine.
You know, in case I need to order food Phone in the box.
I'm gonna need to pat you down.
Uh, fellas, fellas, haven't you heard? It's 2022.
No pat-downs.
Come on.
Come with me over here.
What's your name gonna be? - Lucy.
- Mm.
You look more like a Marla.
Gentlemen this is Marla.
She's in town from Dallas.
I met her at the Royal Hawaiian happy hour.
- (LUCY CHUCKLES) - The only thing she likes more than mai tais is betting daddy's money.
Whoo! IKE: That's Malcolm.
The handsome guy over there is Maury.
And this is Bad Beat Rick.
He's the best dealer on the island - who's currently available.
- (CHUCKLES) (GASPS) Oh, my G White and blue chips.
Just like my Cowboys.
Y'all better watch out.
What, do I have something in my teeth? You have to give your money.
For the chips.
IKE: What did I tell you guys? Tonight's special is fresh fish.
(OTHERS CHUCKLING) - No offense, honey.
- (CHUCKLES) I'm just excited to see a little action.
I mean, how many sea turtles can one girl swim with, you know? What's a turtle call his cell phone? A shell phone.
Oh, my Ha-ha-ha! See? She even likes your stale jokes, Keen.
I got a million of 'em.
Less talking.
More poker.
My thoughts exactly, Mr.
TENNANT: I'm gonna want I.
s on all those players.
Already on it.
Besides Ike and Santos, we got Malcolm Keen, a circuit judge, nicknamed "The Hangin' Judge" 'cause he likes a good time.
- Explains the dad jokes.
- Next to Keen, we got Maury Chauvin, retired dentist, and Stanley Zhao, Oahu's third most popular car dealer.
A judge and a drug dealer at the same game.
As long as there's no rake, this kind of home game is legal.
Jesse, Kai, what do you know? They closed the curtains on the game, but we counted at least three bodyguards who came with Santos.
Probably armed.
Santos likes a show of strength.
Well, I don't like anything about this.
I mean, they made her get rid of her cell phone.
We have no way of contacting her if this thing goes sideways.
TENNANT: If it goes sideways, Jesse.
Let's have a little faith, brother.
How long until we're up and running - with your cloning device? - The moment she activates it, it should start cloning Santos's phone.
Your move.
The bet was 6K.
LUCY: Oh, my.
Well, um, okay.
My daddy has a saying: "Never leave a racehorse in the pasture".
KEEN: That reminds me of the story about the jockey and his young Irish fiancée IKE: Malcolm.
Keep it PG.
(CHUCKLES) All in.
Your racehorse break a leg? Just got here.
I'm not ready to turn in my spurs just yet.
You'll get me next time.
I'm sure.
"Chip and a chair", that's my motto.
JESSE: She just lost half her stake.
Come on, Luce, play smart.
It's all good, Jesse.
She's got this.
It's not her I'm worried about.
Ernie, how long until the phone is cloned? ERNIE: Working on an estimate.
Ernie's all over it.
Don't worry.
Uh, so, uh, how exactly did you and Ernie meet? I was, uh, at a Mensa retreat with my mom and dad.
Ernie was in charge of the dance competition.
He wins every year.
His partner backed out last minute.
He asked me to fill in.
Taught me how to dance in a week.
But I didn't just learn how to dance.
I learned about life, too.
That's the plot to Dirty Dancing.
It is? Like, beat for beat.
Never seen it.
ERNIE: We got a problem.
What is it? CHAD's not downloading the data from Santos's phone.
You checked the device before it went out, right? There's no problem with CHAD.
The problem is on Santos's side.
His Bluetooth is turned off.
JESSE: Can't you just turn it on remotely? No.
Without Bluetooth, Santos's phone can't send any data.
What's the fix? I could remotely send a Trojan that would activate - the Bluetooth.
But then he would need - That sounds good.
to call me directly, stay on the phone long enough for me to hack in.
Less good.
Plus, there's no way to let Lucy know any of this.
(SIGHS) Maybe there is.
What time is it, you ask? It's pineapple margarita time! I'm not drinking.
Hey, more for me, then.
- All rightio.
- Thank you.
Stanley, you got it? Drink up, Marla.
Thank you.
Ah, thank you.
And thank you.
That was wonderful.
Very nice.
Thank you.
You are so fantastic.
That was great.
That was just beautiful, the way you brought it over.
Thank you.
Your move, Texas.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) (CLEARS THROAT) Gonna raise to $3,000.
Let's make it ten.
So, uh, before I call, I'm gonna need to speak to my business manager, make sure I have enough cash to buy back in if I lose.
My phone's in the box over there, so No one leaves the table once a hand is started.
Can I use your phone? Unless you're afraid I'm gonna call your raise.
Put it on speaker.
Of course.
ERNIE: Hello? Hey, Cal.
It's, uh, Marla.
Sorry for calling so late.
How's Fort Worth treatin' ya? (SOUTHERN ACCENT): Marla, sweetheart! Fort Worth is as dry as a heart of a haystack, but, uh, you know, otherwise I can't complain.
Oh, that's so great.
Listen, I need, um, I need 20K wired to my "mad money" account.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Course, little lady.
Cash'll move faster than a chicken caught in a coyote parade.
You check your account in 30 minutes.
(LAUGHS): Thanks, Cal.
Oh, say hi to Janey.
I will.
Chicken caught in a coyote parade? Well guess I'm all in.
Whoo! Hell yeah! Might not need that 20K after all.
- You got lucky.
- Well, is there any other way - to win? - (CHIPS CLACK) The Trojan worked.
Data from Santos's phone is being downloaded as we speak.
We just need her to stay in the game for 25 minutes longer.
The moment Lucy leaves the room, be ready to breach.
- I'll give you the go sign.
- JESSE: Copy that, boss.
All in, y'all.
Take it.
Lucky night, I guess.
All right, gonna sit this next one out and find the ladies'.
Come on, CHAD.
Come on.
(GUN COCKS) Want to tell me what this means? - Talk.
- If you if you want your money You don't care about the money.
You care about my phone.
You're a cop, trying to take me down.
I don't know what you mean.
Didn't realize it was occupied.
- What the hell is happening? - I'm an NCIS agent.
We're gonna walk out and straight to the exit.
Understand? (CHUCKLES) (QUIETLY): Where are we going? Away.
Hey! Stop them! Something's happening in there.
Where'd Lucy go? Jesse, you got eyes on her? No.
But there's a lot of activity on the balcony.
Santos's men are moving fast.
TENNANT: Go now.
I need backup to that location.
We need to find Lucy.
Wait, what happened to Lucy? Gonna tell me when you started working with the cops and how many others there are, or I'm gonna toss you and the shirt out the window.
Girl just wanted to play poker.
I don't have time to get into this right now.
Lucy's in trouble, though? Her and Judge Keen.
He's not in the main room, either.
Left the table just after Lucy and Santos.
Are you gonna tell me what's going on? Only if you keep your voice down.
Trey Santos is a drug dealer.
He had a cop destroy evidence against him, then killed the cop.
He told me he was in real estate.
You have your phone on you? It's in the box with yours.
Then we got to move.
Jesse, Kai, are you on-site yet? KAI: Heading into the building now.
Okay, will someone just tell me what's going on? We sent Lucy undercover.
We think she's blown.
What can I do? Just give us room, Whistler.
Wait, hey.
So-so what, you're wired, right? Your backup can hear you.
Comms were in my clutch.
We're on our own.
(DOOR CLOSES) - (DOOR CLOSES) - What now? - I protect you.
- What? Come on, get over here.
Anyone have eyes on Lucy? (SIGHS) She's in the wind.
But HPD's arriving - at the building now.
- Okay, she can't just disappear.
Santos's data is ready.
No time for that now.
Uh, you're gonna want to make time.
It's another problem.
Santos isn't the one who lured Roy Burr to his death.
But he was messaging someone else directly after the shooting.
Says "Package delivered" and "See you tonight".
Someone else at the game could be in on this.
- One of Santos's men? - Maybe.
Need to take a closer look at the players.
I'll do it.
Start with Ike Diamond, guy who organized the game.
Any kind of connection to Trey Santos.
I know how to dig up dirt, Ernie.
Get this piece of crap to the car.
Need to get you to the car, too.
Not until I find them.
DALIA: Police! Get down on the ground now! (BODYGUARD YELLS) (GRUNTING) IKE: Look what that crazy SOB - did to me! - Where's Lucy? - No clue.
- And Santos's men? Uh, there's two more.
Get back inside and wait.
Kai, Santos just ran into the stairwell.
He's coming your way.
(YELLS) Kai.
I kind of need you, dude.
KAI: I'm almost to you.
(BODYGUARD YELLS) (GRUNTING) Ah, you're welcome.
- I softened him up a bit.
- Whatever makes you sleep well.
But Santos escaped upstairs, we think.
Find him.
Get Lucy out of there.
Ike Diamond is shady as hell, but no real ties to Santos.
I did find another connection, though.
Prosecutor who oversaw Santos when he was a confidential informant.
Five years working closely with Santos and your dead cop Roy Burr.
But there's no prosecutor at the game.
He's not a prosecutor anymore.
(GRUNTS) - Stay behind me.
- Really? You are an extreme pain in the ass.
You got no move.
My backup's arrived.
Do you hear the sirens? I'll take my chances.
(GUNSHOTS) Where'd you get that? You can put that down now.
You need to tell me everything you know about Santos's operation.
I guess I know you're in on it, too.
Took Roy Burr out.
Shot Santos so he couldn't implicate you.
And what do your people know? All of it.
Every detail.
No, no, no.
You said you weren't wired.
You came for Santos, not me.
My team's gonna come through that door any moment.
They find me dead, they'll know what happened.
Santos killed you.
I killed him.
Think this through, Judge.
You're gonna murder a federal agent.
That story won't hold.
So I just surrender? Go to prison? - (POUNDING ON DOOR) - Cooperate.
KEEN: We're way beyond that.
- JESSE: Lucy! - And you know it.
I'm sorry about this.
- (POUNDING ON DOOR) - Me, too.
Little tip, though.
- JESSE: Lucy! - Never let your target get this close.
Jesse, I'm really okay.
Well, I'm not.
All right.
KAI: Lucy's safe.
Santos and Keen are dead.
Well, that was exciting.
Lucy's a tough one.
He said he needed to talk to you.
Well, I wanted to give you an opportunity to thank me for my help.
We already sent you flowers, Ike.
You didn't get them? Yeah, also, I wanted to go over this itemized list of reimbursements.
Reimbursements? Wha ? Condo's a rental.
No way I'm getting my security deposit back.
And the nose.
I'm seeing a plastic surgeon in the morning.
Reimbursement is you not going to prison.
Could I get that in a notarized letter? - What'd you say? - Just stating that I'm integral to the work you do.
Perhaps an honorary member of NCIS.
You know, just to help with traffic violations, landlord disputes, - misdemeanor racketeering - I'm gonna count to three.
So you'll think about it.
We'll stay in touch.
Are you on Facebook? Okay.
(SOUTHERN ACCENT): Howdy, partners.
Came to check in.
Oh You were worried about us.
I was worried about the equipment.
I-It's very fragile.
Ernie, you know I was thrown down a flight of stairs.
You should get that checked out.
(EXHALES) Hey, I'm gonna take this down to the van.
Jesse, you want to join me? Oh, yeah.
Did you really just come to check on the equipment? I really did.
And you.
Got intense there, huh? It did.
But with your voice in my ear gave me all the strength I needed.
Dalia, it's a Thursday night.
I know, but maybe we could make an exception just this once? After all, I had the time of my life.
And I've never felt this way before.
Nobody puts Baby in the corner.
(MUFFLED GRUNTING) Heard you helped Tennant and Ernie.
I got I got worried when you didn't answer your phone.
Came looking.
Didn't exactly get that vibe when I came to your place earlier.
- About that - At least I know now why you work so hard to keep secrets.
I've been your sidepiece.
That that is not it.
Yeah? How'd I get it wrong? Um, Cara and I were we were together before I moved here.
But it wasn't working, and I thought the feeling was mutual.
And you didn't break up with her? I thought it would just fizzle out.
I didn't I didn't expect that text from her this morning, or that she would just show up in town.
And I really didn't expect Expect what? You! I I didn't I didn't know you'd be so important to me.
I thought if I told you about Cara, you'd end it.
So not telling me was better? I broke it off with Cara.
Officially, I am I am free and clear now.
I had my first undercover assignment today.
Almost died.
- I know.
- But I learned something about myself the last few hours.
And about who I can trust.
There are a lot of chances bets, really that, um that I'm willing to take.
You're no longer one of them.
(STAMMERS SOFTLY) Lucy Please don't say anymore.
(SNIFFLES) You see any of that? All I see is an agent whose first undercover mission was a success.
I don't think I want to talk.
Who said anything about talking? (SNIFFLES)
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