NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

Spies, Part 1

1 The antenna deployment test was supposed to be last week.
You said "no".
We switched everything to Wednesday at a huge cost.
We're weeks behind schedule.
Then maybe we'll reschedule the launch.
You know DoD is breathing down our necks.
You were supposed to be a buffer.
Now it feels like you want us to fail.
Joseph, what's wrong? Are you all right? Joseph? Joseph?! Oh, my God.
Oh, Joseph.
Joseph? Call 911! Now! Joseph? Joseph? And I'm like, "We have been standing in this line for 20 minutes.
How can you not know what you want to order?!" You told her that, huh? Mm-hmm.
It was my civic duty.
Keeping little old ladies in check at the coffee shop.
Well, she was old enough to know better.
Everything okay there, Luce? Mm-hmm, yeah, totally.
Uh, you just seem a little on edge recently.
Something happen? The way you ask is like you already know.
Maybe it's not my place, but there's a certain DIA officer who I haven't seen around your desk recently.
You're right.
It's not your place.
That came out harsher than I meant.
Whatever it was, isn't anymore, and it's for the best.
Well, either way, I'm sorry, Luce.
Well, let's go see about our dead Navy officer.
Any indication Lieutenant Commander Cheng was ill recently? I mean, it was obvious something was off, but he-he didn't seem sick.
How was he off? He just wasn't himself.
Joseph was always dependable.
Last couple of weeks, though, he barely spoke to anyone.
You know, he wasn't finishing tasks on time.
- And that was unusual? - Totally.
He said nothing was wrong, so I just assumed he didn't want to talk about it.
We'll need to talk to the rest of your team.
If you just, uh, give me a minute.
HFD's taking this seriously.
'Cause we don't know exactly what we're dealing with yet.
Victim's Lieutenant Commander Joseph Cheng, an engineer.
Sudden onset of seizures and signs of possible exposure to a toxic substance.
Anyone else in the lab affected? Not so far.
Whatever's going on, it seems to be specific to Cheng.
Body's already at AFMES.
They're building a satellite? It's a joint project between the Office of Naval Research and the university.
It's, uh, some sort of sophisticated technology to map rising sea levels.
That's why I bought in the hills, dude.
If this project's about climate change, why is it classified? Evidently, the tech has military applications.
Joseph Cheng may have been targeted? That's what we need to find out.
I'm thinking that would work better as a pendant.
This is for balancing the Ajna.
The third eye.
- Wisdom, right? - And intuition.
Both important in our line of work.
My second first husband taught me that.
How many first husbands have you had, Commander? Three.
So far.
I consider every relationship a new beginning.
Your text said it was important.
I'm afraid you're not going to like it.
Joseph Cheng was most definitely poisoned.
Blood tests confirmed he'd ingested a massive amount of thallium.
- Thallium? - Mm.
The KGB used that to assassinate defectors.
It was a favorite of Saddam Hussein's secret police, too.
- I thought it was outlawed.
- Pure thallium hasn't been available in the U.
for decades.
Occasionally, we see it as a by-product from manufacturing.
The semiconductor industry mostly.
Oh, and it's still used in rat poison in Russia and China.
Completely odorless and tasteless.
Poor Joseph probably never realized he'd been poisoned.
How long would it have taken to kill him? Based on the level of toxic hepatitis in the liver, I'd estimate ingestion at eight to ten hours prior to death.
- Any chance this was an accident? - Environmental exposure to thallium wouldn't have killed him this quickly.
This was no accident.
- Morning, boss.
- Morning.
Chase said our victim was poisoned eight to ten hours before he died.
Well, we just heard from HPD that Hazmat found no trace of thallium at the lab or Cheng's apartment.
We need to find out where he was poisoned.
I'll pull credit cards, cell records, make a timeline.
What do we know about Joseph Cheng? He was an American immigrant success story.
Cheng and his family moved here from China when he was ten.
He became a citizen at 16, ended up graduating from the Naval Academy.
He got his masters in computer engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School.
His specialty was satellite communications systems.
That's why he was on the UH project.
We have any reason to believe that somebody would want to stop this project? Nothing we've found so far.
It's funded by the Department of Defense, but the focus is on climate change.
DoD involvement, the use of thallium this feels like espionage.
Keep digging.
- What's going on, Ernie? - I got a fish on the line, - but I need help to reel 'em in.
- How big a fish? Not sure.
Maybe a grouper or snapper.
Maybe bigger, though, like a blue marlin or - You get the point.
- Is that Joseph Cheng's phone? Yeah, I was searching his emails when a message popped up.
- Who's it from? - No idea.
So I started communicating, but it was all in Chinese.
And I'm not as conversational as I thought I was.
- They think you're Joseph Cheng? - Yeah.
And they're communicating through an app with sophisticated encryption.
Messages self-destruct as soon as they're read.
"Can you meet?" Whoever it is is here in Hawai'i.
And they obviously don't know Cheng is dead.
So it's not the killer.
But they might have information on who is.
Agree to meet.
Whoever Joseph Cheng was communicating with, they're going to a lot of trouble to keep it secret.
4:00 p.
I'll be in touch".
Nice job.
But they're expecting to meet Joseph Cheng.
So, how many are we up against? Is this like a terrorist organization? - Do I need a weapon? - All right, slow your roll, Alan.
You're still in field training.
This is just a decoy operation, all right? Just pretend to be Joseph Cheng and make contact.
- We handle the rest.
- Right.
Got it.
Just Cheng, decoy, make contact.
This is crazy.
I can't wait to tell the guys.
You're not telling anyone, dude.
This is a secret decoy operation.
A secret.
That makes sense, yeah.
Ah, uh Uh Are we sure this is a good idea? He'll be fine.
Remember how amped you were your first field op? I was totally chill.
You tackled the guy we were tailing.
Yeah, because he ran.
- Lucy, he was jogging.
- Hey.
It's almost 4:00.
Let's get inside.
Someone is supposed to text you where to meet.
Your Chinese is solid, right? All right.
Let's do this.
Take it easy.
You look nervous.
Not really a zoo fan, to be honest.
Still no communication.
Think they bailed? Or they're just being careful.
Hey, I got something.
Hey, keep your head down, Alan.
And stop touching your ear when we talk.
What's the text say? Wants me to meet by the cheetahs.
The path to your right through the trees.
- I'll swing around.
- Copy.
You're doing great, Alan.
Be cool.
Oh, I'm cool like an igloo.
Except an igloo's kind of cold.
I-I'm more jazz musician cool.
- Oh.
- Are you alone, friend? Oh, geez.
Don't shoot me, please.
Who the hell are you? Think the better question is, who the hell are you? David Sola, who works for the New Zealand Office of Business Development.
Which, of course, is a cover.
- You're a spy.
- Case officer, actually.
With the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service.
I already spoke to your supervisor.
Lydia? Yeah, she's a good woman.
- She was surprised to find out you were here.
- Makes sense.
I may have neglected to tell her.
Have a seat, Mr.
Ah, no, thanks.
Don't plan on staying long.
Oh, with an attitude like that, you might be staying here a lot longer than you'd like.
All right.
Let's not argue, okay? We're all allies here, right? Friends.
Hmm? Friends don't sneak into each other's countries.
Friends also don't threaten federal agents.
I'm not sure my cell phone could have done much damage, bro.
Our trainee was traumatized.
Well, then, let me apologize to him.
Okay? I promise you, I mean you no harm.
We don't know anything about you.
Really? I know a lot about you guys.
I did a little digging on my way over.
Jane Tennant.
First female SAC at NCIS Pearl Harbor.
Congratulations, by the way.
Former DC Homicide.
Couple of write-ups for insubordination.
I bet those stories are pretty juicy, eh, brah? And the prodigal son returns.
Former jarhead.
That's the term, right? Jarhead? Someone's gonna need to explain that one to me.
You know a lot for a guy who claims to mean us no harm.
Case you were working on - has to do with Joseph Cheng? - Mm-hmm.
I had an asset.
A Chinese satellite engineer named May Wu.
She lived in China but regularly traveled to New Zealand, and she supplied me with information.
It was her phone that I used to contact your guy.
You said had a source.
May was killed in Shanghai last week.
Supposedly a hit-and-run, but she was targeted.
That her? How'd you pull that up so fast? Recognized her surname from our background.
May Wu and Joseph Cheng are cousins.
Why do you think she was murdered? She'd been threatened.
Ordered to download software that would create an undetectable back door into one of our satellites.
Who threatened her? Pretty sure it was MSS, Chinese intelligence, but I have no proof.
I promised May I'd get her out.
I have extensive contacts in China, but I just wasn't fast enough.
Can I talk to you? In private? Bring Sola up to speed.
I'd expect the same in return.
I was working on a timeline of Cheng's movements before he died.
Pulled all the footage from UH's security cameras.
This is from the day before he was killed.
Maggie? They talk for about 20 minutes.
Your friend's a professor at UH, right? Yeah.
That's a pretty intense conversation from the look of it.
What do you think Cheng wanted? Janie.
What a delightful surprise.
Luckily, I just opened a really special rioja that is just begging to be shared.
I'm afraid this isn't a social visit.
Well, that sounds ominous.
Luckily, ominous is best served with a good red.
You know Joseph Cheng? Something has happened.
You don't sound surprised.
Just tell me, Janie.
Cheng died this morning.
Poor Joseph.
What were you two discussing? He'd received some anonymous emails.
They included photos of his mother's family in China and threats to kill them if he didn't cooperate.
- Cooperate how? - I don't know.
Something about his work.
Joseph didn't say.
He didn't know whether the threat was even credible.
- Why come to you? - We met at a faculty function, we became friendly.
He knew that I was in intelligence.
He thought I could help him.
He should've come directly to NCIS.
He was gonna file a report with you and with his CO today.
He just wanted to make sure that he had his documentation in hand.
I really didn't think that he was in imminent danger.
Did you talk to anyone at the agency? Chuck DeVries in Operations.
You said poison? Is this MSS? - I don't know yet.
- I should've had them pull him in.
I should have talked to you.
Maggie, this is not your fault.
Lucy? Oh, okay, you're still mad.
- I get it.
- What gave you that idea? Well, you're practically running away from me.
Well, if you really got it, then you wouldn't be trying to catch me.
I'm not trying to.
Lucy, please just wait.
I should've told you about Cara.
I don't want to hear what you should've done.
You were not honest, and that doesn't work for me.
So that's it? You just throw away whatever this was that easily? It is not easy.
And you threw it away.
Coffee's getting cold.
- Can I be any clearer? - I told you, I'm not following you.
Tennant called me.
Maggie Shaw has friends in high places.
- You talked to CIA? - She told them about the threats made against Joseph Cheng.
The assistant director sent agents to talk to him, but they were too late.
The Chinese must have known Cheng reached out.
They poisoned him the day after he asked Maggie for help.
- And you're sure this is MSS? - It's looking that way.
There's strong connections between this case and the murder of an intelligence asset in China.
New Zealand SIS? An Agent David Sola brought it to us.
I know Sola.
By reputation anyway.
Supposedly effective, but doesn't play well with others.
I can attest to that.
He came to Hawai'i with no authorization to track Joseph Cheng down.
You send him back? Actually, I got State to sign off on letting him help us.
You think he knows more than he's offering.
He's convinced that both of these killings are MSS.
Took his asset's murder personally.
May drum up a new lead.
I got Kai keeping an eye on him.
Well, if Sola's right, we have Chinese operatives here on American soil.
How do we find them? Well, we start by talking to the MSS agent we already have in custody.
- Myra Tan? - Chinese spy arrested for conspiring to kill a Navy pilot.
Been in prison a few months, maybe willing to deal.
Not like the FBI and intelligence haven't tried.
She hasn't talked yet.
She's probably too scared, and for good reason, considering it happened to Cheng and his cousin.
Need to make it worth her while.
I can contact FBI, get you face time with her.
Hopefully, you will have better luck than they have.
Hey, boss.
What's our friend up to? Looks like he's taking a driving tour of the entire island.
Well, I may actually have a use for him.
Or at least for his supposed Chinese contacts.
Wouldn't count on much.
Bring him in for me, okay? Actually pulling over now.
At my dad's restaurant.
What the ? I am a stranger in a strange land, Hina.
- Any advice? - Loco moco all the way, David.
Go big or go home, right? A woman who doesn't hesitate.
Bull runs deep with you, huh? And an excellent judge of character.
And kind of a pain in the ass.
Special Agent Holman.
I like your dad's place.
Lot of local charm.
I guess it's two loco mocos.
I got it from here.
You're trouble, I see.
But I do love that accent.
Oh, you worked up an appetite following me so poorly today? This is my personal life.
And you like to keep it separate from work.
So you know what I think? I don't really care what you think.
We're a lot alike.
Doing our own thing.
Not wanting to be tied down or answer to anyone.
Difference is, one of us should be on a plane right now.
What's the deal with Hina, anyway? Felt a little bit of heat there, didn't I? No.
She's just being nice to you.
I was talking about you two.
I thought you were here to catch whoever killed your source.
Yeah, but since I'm not allowed to talk to anybody or do anything, I figured I'd wait for NCIS to make the first move.
Isn't that why you're here? Tennant wants your help.
But only if you can be a team player.
This is our most secure network.
Part of the DISN.
A dedicated communication system with the highest level encryption and security.
Someone's overcompensating.
You'll be talking with one of our most valuable detainees.
Not so valuable.
You've had her for months and gotten nothing.
David Sola, living up to your reputation.
All good, I hope.
Well, one can always hope.
Why is he here again? He's the carrot to our stick.
Tan, thanks for agreeing to meet.
Wasn't given a choice.
I told them I'm not talking.
It's okay.
I'll do the talking.
We need information on the murder of a former Chinese citizen Joseph Cheng.
And details of MSS assets in Hawai'i.
In return, you'll get this.
Your sister's beautiful.
You must worry about her.
About what your MSS colleagues might do if you cooperate with us.
- So you're threatening her now? - Not a threat.
An opportunity.
What if we can get her out of China? You can't.
She's being watched.
I can't but he can.
Who are you? I'm your best chance at a future.
I have contacts in Nanjing where your sister lives.
We know how to move people.
Your sister and her husband will be thousands of miles away before MSS even knows they're gone.
If you make it worth our while.
Operation Dark Moon.
Need more than a name.
Top secret MSS unit.
They force Chinese nationals living abroad to do their dirty work.
Or their families back in China pay the price.
And that's all you get until I have confirmation my sister's safe.
Consider it done.
No way he could pull this off.
Getting her family out of China will take weeks at best.
Tell me you've got something faster.
I got something faster.
Myra said MSS forced Chinese citizens living abroad to work for them, which gave me an idea.
These are all the places Joseph Cheng visited during the time he was poisoned.
I pulled employee records looking for Chinese nationals.
You think one of them was coerced by the MSS? Yes.
Harry Yen.
Grad student from Shanghai.
Works at a boba tea shop Cheng went to almost every day.
Harry Yen have family in China? - Lots.
- Definitely worth checking out.
Send me his info.
I already did.
According to his schedule, Yen should just be finishing class.
Yeah, looks like class got out early.
Excuse me.
Yen? Federal agents! Stop! Lucy! Let's go.
Let's go.
The intersection's jammed.
They're stopping.
We've got 'em.
They're coming back.
Hold on.
What the hell? I told you to hold on! Look out! Look out! How many suspects were involved in Harry Yen's abduction? At least three two in the SUV, another one who moved the dump truck to block us all in the wind.
HPD found the SUV a couple miles from the university.
Wiped clean.
Grabbing Yen like that means he's almost certainly the one that slipped Cheng the poison.
Probably coerced by MSS.
- Bold move, taking him in broad daylight.
- Or reckless.
Joseph Cheng contacting Maggie definitely spooked them.
And they're tying up loose ends, which is bad news for Harry Yen.
Any luck I.
'ing our suspects? Sorta, kinda, almost.
Searched traffic cams and security footage in the area.
Found pieces.
- Not great.
- Not by themselves.
But I used a program to patch the various pieces together.
Sort of a digital collage.
And Voilà.
Three-man team.
We got enough images of the driver and the man who grabbed Yen to create a pretty good likeness.
Maybe if we wanted a Picasso painting.
A little faith, please.
Good enough for facial recognition? Already running them.
Send it to Whistler and David Sola, too.
They might have more luck with international databases.
I'll show 'em to Maggie, see if they ring any bells.
You think that's likely? Been out of the game a while.
This team knew their way around the university, had Yen's schedule, probably staked out the campus.
And it gives you a reason to go check on her.
Two birds, one stone.
You don't need to hold my hand, Janie.
I've been doing this a lot longer than you have.
I just came by to ask for your help.
I trained you to lie better than that, didn't I? And to check in with you.
You didn't go to work today.
Yeah, I I just couldn't.
I don't know why this is hitting me so hard.
It's not like I never lost an agent.
Hell, I almost lost you once.
But you saved my life.
Don't you forget it.
But Joseph Cheng isn't your agent.
Or responsibility.
He became my responsibility the minute that he reached out to me.
And I let him down.
I'm just off my game.
If it helps, we think we might know who poisoned him.
MSS, I assume.
Did you make an arrest? Not yet.
What is their angle here? We believe Joseph Cheng was targeted by an operation called Dark Moon.
You ever heard of it? No.
MSS uses families of Chinese nationals as leverage.
Because people will do anything for their family.
That's clever.
You haven't seen any of these men on campus, have you? Oh, you really did want my help? - Always.
- Oh.
Uh No.
This guy.
You recognize him? Taipei, five years ago.
A journalist went missing, and Chinese intelligence was suspected.
They brought me in to consult.
You think he was involved? I can't be sure.
I only saw a really grainy photograph, but I think this was the guy.
- Got a name? - As far as I know, they never uncovered his true identity, but the Chinese referred to him by a code name: "Bao".
- Bao? - Yeah.
See? You did help.
Not much, I'm afraid.
No one knows if Bao really exists.
And if he's part of this Dark Moon, finding him is not gonna be easy.
Maggie's not wrong.
Bao is the ghost story spies tell each other at night.
Any major Chinese intelligence operation in the last ten years is attributed to him.
Security breach at NATO, South Korean cyberattack, assassination of a Taiwanese dissident in Madrid.
He is very real.
Last year, a Chinese national in England was suspected of stealing nuclear research.
He died of a heart attack before he could even be arrested.
MI-6 thinks it was murder.
Same M.
as Joseph Cheng and your source in China.
If these are all Bao's work, he's been operating mostly undetected and with top-tier intel.
- No other clues to his identity? - No.
Nothing me and my colleagues at the GCSB could find.
Maybe you're not quite as good as you think you are, then.
I like the confidence.
Impress me.
We don't know Bao's identity, but I did notice something interesting.
Joseph Cheng was an American citizen, but almost all the other individuals we suspect the MSS targeted had to apply for visas to work abroad.
Several applications were handled by one law firm.
"Yingkai Partners".
Based in Beijing, but with satellite offices around the world.
Bao and his agents working with him needed visas, too.
So maybe that same firm handled those? Yup.
The same law firm handled 20 other temporary H-2B work visas in the States, many in Honolulu.
Great work.
Forward me the info.
Jesse and Lucy struck out at the other businesses.
- No secret agents.
- We got two more after this.
Looks like it's closed, though.
Truck's parked for the night.
Doesn't mean it's empty.
Excuse me, sir? We're closed now.
Didn't mean to startle you.
Special Agent Tennant, NCIS.
This is Special Agent Holman.
We're closed.
You mentioned that.
We just want to ask about one of your employees.
A temporary worker from China.
Nobody's here.
But you do have foreign employees.
- I can't talk to you.
- Right.
We understand.
Anyone inside? Gonna need you to step aside, sir.
Just step aside.
Just step aside.
Hey, Tennant? Looks like we found our grad student.
It's Harry Yen.
Federal agents! Well, he wasn't lying.
They're gone.
But this is definitely the place.
Hey, Tennant, you need to see this.
Maggie! Boss.
She's not here.
Whoever took her, she put up a fight.
Okay, we need to talk to the neighbors.
- Lucy's on it.
- Put out a BOLO.
Already done.
What about Maggie's phone? - Ernie can trace it.
- Here.
What? Oh, man.
I should've assigned her a protective detail.
You couldn't have known they'd come after Maggie.
Grabbing an American intelligence officer that's high-risk.
Not Bao's usual M.
He must have wanted to know how much Cheng told her.
Makes her valuable.
He'll keep her alive.
Next-door neighbor saw a sedan speed away 20 minutes ago.
- They get plates? - No.
It's late model, probably black or dark blue.
- It's not much.
- Doesn't matter.
Add it to the BOLO.
We're gonna find her.
Like we found Harry Yen? I heard rumors that IARPA has new, long-range facial recognition software.
I need access.
You know I can't confirm that even exists.
- Whistler! - I'll see if I can get you read in.
Any luck with the vehicle? HPD thinks they found the sedan, but it was burned out and empty.
- How's Tennant? - About how you'd expect.
The vehicle? Kai's still with MCRT going over it, but it looks like a dead end.
- We got nothing else? - We've got agents looking for everyone the Chinese law firm helped get visas.
I'm running facial recognition on every city camera I can access looking for Bao and his people.
- And Sola? Where's he? - We just spoke.
He's trying to get Myra's sister out of China fast.
- How long? - He's got the resources in place, agents willing to move, but the State Department has to How long? - Weeks, not days.
- That's not good enough.
She is our only shot at locating Bao.
I need to see Myra again.
I don't think she'll Can you make that happen? Ernie? I'll need your help.
- You think this will work? - No idea.
Here we go.
You have my sister? No.
Then we have nothing to talk about.
Afraid it's not that simple.
- What happened? - I'm sorry.
Believe me, it gives me no pleasure to Just tell me.
Your sister and her husband are dead.
I No.
I had a team in place.
We were preparing for extraction within a few days, but last night, there was an accident.
David, you can't show her.
You don't want to see these.
- The crash was violent.
- Show me.
Myra, you don't have to.
Let her see the consequences of her choices.
The brake line was cut.
No doubt the work of MSS agents.
Can't bring her back, Myra.
But I can bring down the people who killed her.
This is the man we believe is running Operation Dark Moon.
You know him? He was a policeman in Shanghai.
MSS recruited him a few years ago.
You're sure? What's his name? Ying.
Enlai Ying.
Running all known aliases for Enlai Ying through our flight and travel databases.
It actually worked.
I wasn't sure she'd fall for the doctored photos.
Grief makes the mind foggy.
Myra would've seen through them eventually.
Hey, you play a pretty impressive bad cop.
I wasn't playing.
I will admit to being surprised by seeing this merciless spy-versus-spy side of you, Tennant.
Maggie taught me sometimes you have to do bad to get something good.
Got something.
Hang on.
Ernie's got something.
All right, go.
Ying used an alias to fly into town two weeks ago.
The same credit card was used to book an Airbnb in Waimanalo.
All right, send me the address and have the team meet me there.
Mind if I tag along? Gonna need all the help I can get.
I count at least four suspects.
- Any sign of Maggie? - No, but I can't see all the rooms.
- We wait for SWAT? - No time.
Jesse, Lucy, you're with me.
Kai, you cover the rear.
I'll go with him.
You have no authority here.
No, but I'm good in a crisis.
Get him a vest.
And a weapon? - Team player, right? - I got your back, brah.
Federal agents! Drop your weapon! Get down! Don't move.
Help! In here! Janie! Enlai Ying, drop the weapon.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm here.
I guess we're even now.
I think I'm finally getting too old for this.
- I don't know.
You looked like you were giving Bao hell.
- Hmm.
He knew about you and the kids.
Threatened you to try to get me to talk.
He wanted to know how much Cheng told you about his operation.
More than that.
He was pressuring me about other intel operations.
- He knew you were CIA.
- Yeah.
I didn't expect him to come after you.
Bao usually keeps a lower profile.
I think he was getting desperate.
I overheard him on the phone.
The mission had gone sideways.
They'd ordered him back home.
Who knows the price he'd pay for failure.
Just a hell of a day.
But nothing that a hot bath and a nice glass of 21-year-old Scotch won't fix.
You can do that at my place.
I'm not letting you out of my sight.
Just finished up at Ying's place.
Found the thallium that was used to poison Cheng.
MSS agents we arrested are in FBI custody being questioned.
I doubt they'll talk, but it does look like we got justice for Joseph Cheng and his cousin.
And shut down a Chinese spy ring.
- Hey.
- Anybody seen Sola? Kind of want him to thank me again for saving him.
Not since after the raid.
Maybe he left you a thoughtful letter in your desk.
Sola is on his way back to New Zealand.
But I do want to thank you for your help on this.
Nah, boss.
It's it's what we do.
And no team does it better.
Everything okay? Yeah.
All good.
See you tomorrow.
- Grab a drink? - Can't tonight.
Kids are all out, we got two whole hours - and the TV to ourselves.
- Ooh.
Real rager, huh? For us.
You're welcome to join, Luce.
- No.
I'd only slow you down.
- Hey.
I'm good, Jesse.
I'm gonna go out, let loose a little and put the past behind me.
Sounds like my kind of night.
I'm up for a drink or three.
Ooh! Yeah.
Yes, you drive me crazy Tease me day and night So come on, lickkle lady Clearly, you don't know the saying about house guests and fish.
I was in the car on the way to the airport, and I had him turn around.
- To Kai's father's restaurant? - I know.
At first, it was just to get under Kai's skin.
- And now? - Well, still to get under his skin, but, you know, the food is incredible.
What gives? Something about this whole thing just didn't sit right with me, so I started digging.
Into what? Enlai Ying.
When Myra gave us his name, she seemed surprised that he'd be running an operation like this.
Myra knew he was an MSS agent, but she never actually identified him as Bao.
This Ying guy was a city cop up until two years ago.
Bao's been working much longer than that.
So, I started looking at the suspected Dark Moon operations we identified.
And Ying was in Shanghai when most of them occurred.
So there is no way he could have run all those ops.
Enlai Ying isn't Bao.
- We got the wrong man.
- But there is one Chinese agent on traffic cam footage that wasn't at the takedown.
I think this is the real Bao.
And he's still in the wind.
I'll look into it.
Thanks for staying.
Like I ever leave.
- I did what you asked.
- And? These are all the Dark Moon operations we believe were led by Bao.
I cross-referenced them with the locations you texted me.
So you want to say what these locations are? All places Maggie has traveled the past few years.
Conferences, vacations, lectures.
I mean could be a coincidence.
Maggie'd say there's no such thing.
She told me Enlai Ying was running an operation in Taipei five years ago.
But that's impossible.
Could've been mistaken.
Maggie's too good to make that kind of mistake.
So what are we saying? Is Maggie Shaw working for the Chinese? - You're not even listening.
- I was.
Yeah, that's what I would've done anyway.
I mean, you got to show those girls who's boss.
I'd get in trouble.
I know.
You would get in so much trouble, but they would never tease you again.
- Really? - Yeah, I'm just saying.
- Right? Were you listening? - Yes.
Why don't you participate? - Hey, everybody.
- Hi, Mom! - Hey! - Hi.
- Hey, Mom.
Just in time.
Dinner's almost ready.
Janie? Is everything okay? Everything's just fine.
Well, uh, let's have dinner.
Will you put the salad on the table? You, put your phone down and help.

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