NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e13 Episode Script

Spies, Part 2

1 Previously on NCIS: Hawai'i David Sola, who works with the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service.
I had an asset.
She had been threatened.
Pretty sure it was MSS, Chinese intelligence, but I have no proof.
We got enough images of the driver and the man who grabbed Yen to create a pretty good likeness.
Your friend's a professor at UH, right? Maggie.
You haven't seen any of these men - on campus, have you? - This guy.
The Chinese referred to him by a code name: Bao.
This is the man we believe is running Operation Dark Moon.
- What's his name? - Enlai Ying.
I started looking at the suspected Dark Moon operations we identified.
There is no way he could have run all those ops.
Enlai Ying isn't Bao.
I think this is the real Bao.
And he's still in the wind.
You want to say what these locations are? All places Maggie has traveled the past few years.
Is Maggie Shaw working for the Chinese? Is everything okay? Everything's just fine.
Yeah, the Company's not gonna reimburse you for that, no matter how well you did in your interview today.
Hey, Paul.
I'll take one of those.
Sure thing.
Hi, Jane Tennant.
First in your class at UVA, double major psychology and global studies.
All set for State Department, but you put in for the CIA.
Everybody wanted you, but you chose us.
I want to be where the action is.
Then why did you agree to be an analyst at the Philippines desk? - Because I'm - Fluent in Tagalog.
I know your cultural background.
What I'm asking is, why you want to be stuck in a basement doing background assessments of minor politicians when you could be where the action really is? - You were in my interview today.
- Mm-hmm.
- But you stayed in the back of the room.
- Hmm.
Which says you weren't supposed to be there.
But also no one told you to leave.
And what does that say? They're scared of you.
I wish.
- Thank you, Paul.
- Thank you.
- You're her, aren't you? - Hmm.
The one they call the Oracle.
You're the one hunting Al-Qaeda cells all over the world.
Well, I wouldn't be very good at my job if I admitted to my accomplishments, would I? They say you're the best female operative the Agency has.
Well, that is just wrong.
I am the best operative, period.
- Why me? - You are smart.
You could have done anything, but you chose this.
And not for ambition.
You're a true believer.
- Well, I just think - Not done.
You're also fresh-faced, you're a romantic.
But with a little training and a lot of listening darling, no one will see you coming.
What do you say, Janey Tennant? You want to save the world with me? I've been through every nook and cranny three times.
Not a bug in the house, electronic or otherwise.
Appreciate it.
If we're really doing this, we should do it from the office.
I want to make sure my ducks are in a row first.
Ah, and there are your ducks.
Thanks for coming in on a Saturday.
No sweat.
Brought bagels.
I brought coffee, but it spilled.
All right, let's get to it.
I think there's a high-level mole in U.
intelligence here in Hawai'i.
Who? Maggie Shaw? Your best friend? There are discrepancies in her story about being abducted by MSS here in Hawai'i.
You think the abduction was a setup? You think Maggie was in on it? I do.
To cover up the fact that she was working with Chinese intelligence.
We looked into her travel itineraries over the last few years.
They match some major intelligence leaks.
Any proof? No.
That's why you're here.
We need to look into every aspect of Maggie's life and career.
No offense, boss, but you're talking about an espionage investigation of a U.
You need more than "I think".
He's right, and I know I'm personally involved.
Which is why I'm opening our circle to one more.
The door was open.
Am I late? I brought coffee.
Shoes off.
Hang on.
We're inviting DIA? They don't have any jurisdiction here.
True, uh, but the FBI SAC is a mentor of mine.
He's willing to bless this operation.
As long as we present a compelling case.
So that's what we're gonna do.
Look, I'm asking for help here.
We're gonna open the books on Maggie Shaw.
We work quickly and quietly.
And I hope to God I'm wrong.
Maggie Shaw appears to be as clean as they come.
Lives within her means, collecting a government pension and her salary from the university.
Pays her bills on time, gives to charity.
Every foreign trip she takes is okayed through the CIA, who she continues to consult with.
Which means she has regular security interviews to maintain her top secret clearance.
Not one red flag.
I know.
Feels wrong, doesn't it? Scrutinizing a friend's life with a fine-tooth comb? No, I mean, she's too clean.
Everyone has something buried in a box on the upper shelf of the bedroom closet behind a pair of old hiking boots.
Metaphorically speaking, of course.
Uh Maggie is the best operative I ever met.
If she's a double agent, we're not proving it with public records.
She knows how to keep herself clean.
Need access to her internal life.
You're the only one who can do that.
We can also look into her foreign trips.
That's where she would have contact with MSS.
Give it a shot.
Ernie, stay on her digital life.
- Secret emails, messaging apps.
- Yep.
Lucy, review what we know so far.
Something on your mind? My gut says you might be right here.
But - But Maggie's important to you.
- Well, she's like family.
- Which means you can't be objective.
- I don't have a choice here.
Sure you do.
The FBI's got buy-in, hand it to them.
I would like to, but I need to make sure we're 100% on the right track.
Well, if she's as good as you say, how are we ever gonna be 100%? Greetings and salutations.
Didn't you have a flight to catch back to New Zealand? I did.
But I missed it.
You have something on Bao, don't you? This is the one photo we have of our missing Chinese operative code-named Bao.
Yeah, I was pursuing him when the traffic cam took that.
He was in Hawai'i trying to get access to a satellite program.
Operation went sideways.
- And he fled.
- Maybe.
I shared this photo with my contacts down at MI6, CSIS, ASIS, CIA.
Ran it through their databases and came back with this.
It's Bao.
These were taken by various agencies over the years.
Previously unidentified.
But definitely involved in several high-profile MSS operations.
Bao gets around.
That mean you were able to get a hard I.
on him now? Uh, no, he's still a mystery, but Australian intelligence did I.
a man in Hong Kong who's somehow connected to Bao.
Some sort of go-between for MSS.
Bao reached out to him three hours ago and told him that his flight back home is being delayed by two days.
All right, Bao is still in Hawai'i? That doesn't make any sense.
We took down his entire network, he barely escaped.
Why would he stick around? I don't know, maybe some unfinished business? But we have a shot here at taking a major piece off the chessboard.
Y-You guys are looking at each other funny again.
What-what don't I know? What if we took two pieces off the board? How? With a little bit of trust.
- So? - It's good.
We got him, Maggie.
A direct line to Al-Baqri.
So you're telling me that your shawarma guy is a direct line to our Al-Qaeda mastermind? They're from the same village.
And so he's just gonna give us his address? The address, phone number, shoe size.
What's in it for him? The money.
No, that's incentive.
What I'm asking is, what's his angle? Because he's risking his life here.
He lost his sister in a bombing last year, nearly died himself, so he's got skin in the game.
That's the key to our work here, Janey.
Coin of the realm.
I know.
No, it's more than currency.
It's survival.
You have to earn it and tend it and cultivate it.
But the dirty secret is, you can't really rely on it.
Except us, right? Except us.
I'll follow you anywhere.
So, go set the meet, and let's bring Shawarma in.
I think we can draw Bao out.
That'd be impressive.
What, you have some sort of idea of where he is? No clue.
Then how are you gonna draw him out? We're gonna read Maggie Shaw in on the operation.
Every detail.
We're what? She's gonna lead us right to Bao.
We're alone, right? Did you pack a bag like I said? Raja, listen.
This is going to be very easy.
You just follow me outside, and there's a car waiting.
Everything's okay.
Okay, you're okay, you're okay.
I got you.
Here, just deep breaths.
Deep breaths.
You're okay now.
Why the mystery, Janey? No mystery, just urgency.
- Need your help.
- The Bao case? If you're willing to come out of retirement for a day.
Is lunch included? Ooh, can I pick the lock? You remember what happened last time? You weren't even on the team yet.
How do you know about that? Everybody knows, Lucy.
Look, I'll pick the lock, okay? Guys, no need.
Well, that's not very spy-like.
Let's do this.
So, you're telling me that Enlai Ying is not Bao.
No, he was a city cop in Shanghai for most of Bao's operations.
- In theory.
- Not theory, it's a fact.
Well, there's no such thing in our work.
Maybe not in intelligence, but in law enforcement, we follow the evidence.
Ying had a very busy career busting drug dealers and prostitution rings.
He didn't even leave Shanghai until retiring.
Well, all of this could be manufactured.
Elaborate cover.
Ying wasn't a super spy.
He was muscle, hired by MSS to kidnap and kill.
Think about it, Maggie.
Bao is a string puller.
He's not gonna get his hands dirty.
This makes sense.
- Okay, let's say you're right.
- We are right.
Well, so what else have you got? Besides the theory that none of the men that you took down is the mastermind? That's why you're here, Maggie.
We need the Oracle.
Excuse me.
Ernie, what do you know? Other than Maggie owns way too many serving dishes for someone who never entertains? I'm assuming that's not why you called.
But honestly? Two fondue pots? What's she trying to prove? Uh, anything indictable? Nothing.
We've been over every inch of this place.
I've installed cameras and listening devices everywhere.
If there's something, we'll learn it.
Plus, we're about to start pulling apart the walls and furniture.
Yeah, hopefully that's a metaphor.
Whatever makes you feel better.
- All right, keep me posted.
- Yep.
Hey, hey, hey.
Check it out.
You got something? Hidden compartment in the crawl space above the bedroom.
Nice work.
Wasn't easy getting up there.
Right now we got to get this place back together ASAP.
Kill the power tools.
I appreciate your faith in me, but if I could pull Bao out of a hat, we would have caught him years ago.
Well, what if we can? What? Pull Bao out of a hat.
Well, that would be very impressive, Janey.
We've got chatter that Bao is still in Hawai'i.
Chatter? It's just glorified gossip.
We also have proof.
This was taken earlier today.
That's the man we believe to be Bao, here in Honolulu.
Way to bury your lede.
- Got to make it interesting.
- Mm.
Do you recognize him? Uh, no.
But that's not a surprise.
He's young.
And I haven't done this for a while.
Why would he still be here? His mission failed.
His team taken down.
Maybe he doesn't have an exit strategy.
Maybe there's a loose end.
Can I get a copy of this picture? I want to show it to some folks at Langley.
Of course.
Good work.
You still owe me lunch.
That's not the steeping of a woman who's worried - her cover's blown.
- If she's working with Bao, she'd contact him by now, tell him NCIS is onto him.
Well, she's not worried because she didn't take the bait.
- She knows Tennant lied to her.
- All we know for sure is that Maggie likes her Darjeeling strong.
You overplayed your hand with the doctored photo.
You're just upset 'cause you didn't think of it yourself.
I'm upset because she didn't tell me.
I didn't tell you because you would have tried to stop me.
Yeah, because it was reckless.
- Pot meet kettle.
- Well, plus we did find the hidden thumb drive in Maggie's house.
That thing is so encrypted, it's gonna take weeks to hack.
There's no trapping Maggie Shaw without being bold.
If we would have told her we think Bao was still in town, it wouldn't have worked.
We had to show her.
Maggie probably knows exactly where Bao's been this whole time, and knows that photo is doctored.
Well, then she knows we're lying to her.
And realizes we suspect her.
Yeah, but we lose the chance at catching Bao, you know, the most wanted Chinese spy in the world? But we'll force Maggie to make a move.
- I don't care about Maggie Shaw.
- I do.
Uh, guys, gonna want to see this.
What? She open a box of biscuits? She got a text from someone.
- Who? - Unknown number.
Confirming her cake is ready? Lucy and Kai are at her house.
Have them follow her, give me the details.
- I'll get Jesse.
- I'm coming, too.
Only if you leave the attitude here.
New day, yeah I'll start all over I'll start all over A new day, a new day She's heading deeper into the courtyard.
Kai, Lucy, cover the entrances.
- Do not let him slip away.
- Copy.
Jesse, Sola, keep on Maggie, eyes open for Bao.
We got her, boss.
Actually, we don't got her.
Excuse me.
She doesn't have the bakery bag anymore.
Must have handed it off.
I got a suspect with the bag.
Blue jeans, green shirt.
Hey! Don't let him get away.
I'll take Maggie.
It's a message.
She's onto us.
Where is he? Where is he? Move! Move! Move! Oh.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Suspect's heading towards the water.
Excuse me.
- Federal agents! - Federal agents! NCIS! Drop the knife! Drop it! We don't have a shot.
- I do.
- Take it! Janey, don't! Man, you okay? - Where'd he go? - We lost him.
I'm sorry.
Maggie Shaw, you are under arrest for espionage and treason.
This is ridiculous.
We should be out there searching for Bao.
Every law enforcement agent on the island is looking for him.
Not the two of us, brah.
Wouldn't have mattered.
Bao's gone.
- Unbelievable.
- But we got a piece of him.
There was blood found at the scene.
He's wounded.
You must have cut him during your fight.
Means he won't get far.
No, no, no.
It means he's hurt.
He can still disappear, and it's all because of your boss.
If it wasn't for Tennant, we would have never gotten as close to Bao as we did.
She got Maggie to draw him out.
And she missed the shot to take him down, okay? She's personally involved.
Yeah, well, she's not the only one.
Hey, I have my reasons.
He's responsible for the death of my asset, all right? Someone that I promised to help.
No, Jesse doesn't mean you.
Maggie could have gotten away, but she stopped Tennant from shooting Bao.
Yeah, she sacrificed herself for him.
Why? So that Bao could get away, obviously.
We'll find him.
- How? - By questioning Maggie, his only contact here in Hawai'i.
And who's gonna do that? I am.
You think that's the best idea? I don't really have a choice.
- Look, one of us - Or the FBI.
- Or me.
- Look, she's not gonna talk to anyone but me, okay? It's already been cleared by the FBI.
There's no debate to be had.
Just like the movies.
When it's your time, they send your best friend to take you out.
No jokes, no small talk, no games.
Oh, Janey, I taught you better than that.
You've got to build a rapport.
Definitely no teacher-student crap.
So, I imagine witty banter is out, too? Why, Maggie? Why did you give up everything you believe in? Are they blackmailing you? You think you're in control here, Janey.
That I'm at your mercy? You don't even know what I've done or why I've done it.
You can make your threats, you can slam the table, but you can't compel me to say a word.
She's right.
We can't force her to talk.
There's no way she'll tell us where Bao is.
Then we need to help.
Find some evidence to get Maggie to spill.
We can't even track the direction Bao ran in after the marketplace.
Or explain why he's still in Hawai'i.
At this point, he's got to be trying to get off the island.
He's not gonna get far.
Airports and major marinas are on the lookout for him.
Still plenty of places for him to get access to a boat.
Sola thinks so, too.
He went out on his own snipe hunt, looking at smaller marinas.
Gives him something to occupy him.
None of this explains why Bao didn't flee days ago.
What are we missing? I can't say what you're missing, but I can say what's on Maggie's mystery thumb drive.
Someone's childhood photos? We also have videos first birthday, learning to crawl.
I don't get it.
It's got to be some kind of encryption, right? Ah, could be coded messages inside the images.
Steganography? - Oh, that makes sense.
- This isn't steganography.
It's just somebody's memories.
So, why was it hidden in Maggie's house? I'm not the one to ask.
We don't know why she has these or why they were hidden, but they clearly mean a lot to Maggie.
Figured if anyone knew why, it'd be you.
Jesse, Maggie isn't who I thought she was.
I don't know what to do.
Sure, you do.
You're gonna tell me I'm too close.
You are too close, but like you said, that's your advantage here.
You know her.
Exactly where I left you this morning.
Did you do your exercises? Back and forth to the kitchen.
172 times.
Changed my dressing and ate my soup.
And I called home.
I see.
Don't worry.
I kept it under three minutes.
Didn't give away any state secrets.
And how was Daniel? Over being a single dad.
And Alex? He made me a Mother's Day card but couldn't send it, so he described it instead.
Well, that's hard.
Every day without him is hard.
But Mother's Day.
I'm fine.
You know, I understand.
More than you know.
I had a child.
Many years ago.
I was on assignment in Shandong.
Long-term deep cover.
I was so young.
I fell in love with someone I shouldn't have, and we had a son.
Oh, Janey, he was magnificent.
But he was not healthy.
He had a rare blood disorder.
We heard about a specialist in Beijing.
A real miracle worker, impossible to see.
But a mother won't be stopped, so I did get an appointment.
And what happened? It was a trap.
MSS set me up.
They took me into custody, took my son and his father.
His father just disappeared.
And my son died before I was returned to the United States.
Oh, Mags, I'm so sorry.
No, it was a long time ago.
I've been able to bury it.
But on Mother's Day, I like to let him back in.
I like to just imagine what it would have been like.
It's just a little gift I give myself.
Round two.
What is she doing? Taking a chance.
It's just you and me, Maggie.
No one else.
I know why you're risking everything for Bao.
It's not about money or ideology.
Or blackmail.
It's about family.
Bao is your son.
You told me your son died in a Beijing hospital while you were being detained.
That's what they told me.
So what am I missing? They held me for months.
There was no contact with the outside world.
I had no idea where my family was.
The State Department finally negotiated my release.
When I was on the plane back home, they told me that my son and his father were dead.
No other details.
You must have tried to find out.
I reached out to every contact I had, but I wasn't allowed back in China.
And no one was talking.
I had two choices I could die with them or I could move on.
I restarted my career in counterterrorism, and I put the past in the past for 22 years.
And then, one day, a man reached out to me.
Chinese, fully grown.
Janey, from the moment that I saw him, I just knew.
How? Come on.
A mother knows.
Of course there was a DNA test and an explanation.
He recovered in the hospital.
He was raised by his father's family.
They lived in shame because of me.
They were constantly watched by the Chinese government.
Denied opportunities.
And then they gave him the chance to make amends.
Turning a high-level American intelligence agent that is something.
At first, he didn't ask for much.
Confirmation of intelligence that MSS already had.
It was nothing vital.
What do you get in return? Time with my son.
I thought I could control it, Janey.
I thought that I could stop before the asks became too much.
Why didn't you come to me? To help you? Oh, Janey, I didn't want to drag you into it.
I was trying to protect you and him.
Protect Bao? One of the most wanted MSS operatives in the world? Well, he wasn't Bao when this started.
You made him.
Why is he still here, Maggie? With every cop in the state looking for him, why doesn't he just leave? Love of his mother? It's more than love.
Bao is a top MSS agent.
He didn't get that way by being sentimental.
He used his relationship to Maggie to get high-level intelligence.
And there's no way that he'd stick around with his cover blown just to eat some cake with Mom.
So why is Bao still here? He needs something.
- Oh, I was wondering where you went.
- I wasn't.
I don't agree with how Tennant handled everything, but I'll admit that going after Maggie did put Bao in play, and now he's on the run.
So I took a tour of the smaller marinas and docks on the island, and Bao could easily access any small boat and leave.
He won't get very far.
Well, not back to China, bro, but another island.
- Fair enough, but it doesn't explain what he needs.
- Tribute.
His entire network has been dismantled.
The golden calf is in custody.
He needs to bring something back to his handlers.
- Like an insurance policy.
- What could it be? I have no idea.
I might.
There was a-a possible security breach of the joint intelligence database - a year ago.
- What do you mean "possible"? Well, it could have been a hiccup in the firewalls.
But for three minutes, every classified document stored there was vulnerable.
- An inside job? - We don't know.
- Was there an investigation? - Of course.
But no leads and about a thousand possible suspects.
Well, it could have been Maggie.
- Yeah, she may have had access.
- Yeah, we searched her entire house, and we found nothing.
Maybe she's not keeping it at her house.
I've been fine-combing Maggie's financial life.
Everything's above board.
Teacher's salary, government pension, balanced checkbook, and this.
- What's the Green Kauai Fund? - Charity.
Set up to clean campsites and wilderness areas on Kauai.
Tens of thousands of dollars a year.
That's-that's a lot of cleanup.
Yes and no, considering she's the only donor to the charity.
A charity that has no employees, no track record.
Only a P.
box and a basic website.
And a trailer set up in a remote section of the island.
It's a safe house.
Good place to stash an insurance policy.
Go there now.
If we're right, Bao will, too.
- Wow.
- Been gone a few months on maternity leave, and you really spruced up the place.
Well, this was always a temporary assignment.
I'm happy to move on.
Are we going back to Pakistan? Actually, I am moving to the other side of the building.
Far East Division, but beggars, choosers, right? I don't know anything about China.
You don't need to.
What's that? Do you remember the NCIS agent who worked the operation in Kabul? With the Marine haircut and that snarky sidekick? You made quite an impression on him.
How can you tell? Because he tried to steal you from me.
He asked me to give you this.
"Rule 72.
Always be open to new ideas".
What does that mean? Oh, I don't know.
He has dozens of them.
But he's good people, and he can get you set up with FLETC.
To be a Navy cop? No, thanks.
Janey, it's a good move for you.
You would train stateside.
You'd have more control over your career.
You'd be with Daniel and those two beautiful babies.
But I already have a job.
And a family.
You say you love them both, and you wish you didn't have to choose.
Well, darling, here is your solution.
Did I upset you somehow? Oh, God, no.
You've been essential.
And I have been selfish.
You have a family.
Go be with them.
I can make my own life decisions.
Yes, of course you can.
And I need to make mine, too.
This part of my life I have to do alone.
I almost lost you once.
I won't do it again.
So, go.
Please go, and solve Navy crimes.
Just get yourself as far away from here as you can.
You convinced me to take this job ten years ago.
Leave CIA.
You said it would save my family.
I was right.
You wanted me out of your hair.
You wanted me gone.
And why would I want that? Because you decided to cooperate with Bao, become a double agent, and worried I'd figure it out.
I wasn't worried that you'd discover me.
I was worried that you'd get caught up in it.
And that when the end came, you would go down, too.
Well, we've reached the end, Maggie.
And I'm glad that you're the one on the other side of this table.
You've been stalling.
Giving Bao a chance to get whatever insurance policy you set up and escape.
- Time is all I got left.
- Fair enough.
You've got nothing but time.
Bao, on the other hand, is about to run out of it.
Okay, patched into the drone feed.
You're pretty pleased with yourself.
I think you're pretty pleased with me, too.
You know, solving your case and all? We got eyes on Bao.
He's about to head inside the trailer.
We got him, Maggie.
It's done.
And judging by the fight he put up at the Ilikai market, he's probably not gonna make it out of here alive.
Waiting on your word, boss.
On my command.
We're ready.
What's the play? Janey, tell them to stand down.
- No way we're letting him go.
- He's not - You can't hurt him.
- You put him here.
You're responsible for what happens next.
- You don't understand.
- Bao is a killer.
He's not Bao.
You guys hear that? Sounds like a vehicle.
We got a bogey coming in.
Single driver.
He's armed.
Ticktock, Maggie.
I'm the one you want.
I am Bao.
Guys, be ready to take down both.
I'm telling you the truth.
Every operation, every data breach he couldn't have done it without me.
But he did do it.
Every operation, every asset that was compromised and killed it's on him.
It's on me! But I can help you.
I can make repairs if you let him go.
You want me to let him go? With whatever he's so anxious to get in that trailer? It's a document dump from the joint intelligence database.
- Get specific.
- It's NOC lists.
It's safe house locations, operational protocols.
Little more than a document dump.
I can give it all to you.
You can use it against MSS.
I will cooperate fully.
He's no longer a threat if I'm with you.
Jeep's about to make contact with Bao.
We need the green light.
He's all I have.
Yeah, boss.
Stand down.
I repeat, stand down.
And this is an affidavit stating you will cooperate freely and of your own will with the government's investigation of your treasonous acts.
Can I have the room, please? I'm being transferred to an undisclosed location.
I'm hoping for someplace warm.
Yeah, I didn't think you'd want to talk, so I asked them if I could write you this.
You broke my heart, Maggie.
I know, Janey.
She's all yours.
You might want to analyze this.
- Don't you want to read it first? - No.
I'm done with Maggie Shaw.
Maggie Shaw is in FBI custody.
They're taking her to the mainland.
Yeah, she's agreed to give up every detail she has about MSS.
All the operations she ran for them.
How's Tennant? Anyone check in? Yeah, I saw her in the lobby.
She's, uh, not in a check-in kind of mood.
She just sent her best friend to prison for life.
Probably gonna need a beat before she can talk about it.
She'll be okay.
- She's strong.
- Yeah.
It's Bao, though.
I'm still not comfortable letting him go with all that classified Intel.
Have faith, man.
The virus I installed on his insurance policy is gonna cause MSS a lot of pain.
Mm-hmm, plus we got our own insurance policy.
- Don't worry about it - Thank you.
- Oh.
She's gotten so big.
- Well, we haven't seen you in a while.
Everyone's been so busy, and you've got a new house and a new job.
And I have got new just news.
You're leaving, aren't you? Yes, but it's not what you think.
I am retiring.
That doesn't sound like you.
Well, it's true.
I've got a job job.
I'm lecturing at UH current events and political science.
Hawai'i? I know, it's a hardship, but I'll just have to endure.
- So that's it, huh? - Yeah.
- No more cloak and dagger? - Oh, well, I'll consult with the Company if I can be of use.
It's just so far away.
- Don't be sad.
- No, I'm happy for you.
Just disappointed for her.
You're the type of woman she should grow up to be.
Well, I'll be around, darling.
I just needed a change, that's all.
You want to talk about it? With a Navy cop? No.
But I do want to hold this magnificent creature.
Hey, say, "Hi, Auntie Maggie".
Hi, you.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm so proud of you, Janey.
Thank you.
Mom! Mom! Mom.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I've been calling.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I must have Tried Maggie, too, 'cause we thought you might be with her, but her, like, phone's disconnected.
Is everything okay? With us, yeah.
How about you? I'm Did something happen to Aunt Maggie? She won't be coming around anymore.
- She okay? - Yeah.
I think so.
I Are you all right? No, baby, I'm really I'm really not.
Mom, it's okay.
It's okay, Mom.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.

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