NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e14 Episode Script


Previously on NCIS: Hawai'i I think there's a high-level mole in U.
intelligence here in Hawai'i.
- Take it! - Janey, don't! Maggie Shaw? Your best friend? You are under arrest for espionage and treason.
You broke my heart, Maggie.
I know, Janey.
Did something happen to Aunt Maggie? She won't be coming around anymore.
Are you all right? No, baby.
I'm really, I'm really not.
Mom, it's okay.
Let's go.
Kill shot, baby! Nice job.
Let's go! Center mass! What the ? Hey, boss.
Sort of wasn't expecting you today Inquiry doesn't start for another hour.
Plenty of time for a crime scene.
All right.
Looks like evidence of a good time.
Yeah, Marines training out of K-Bay got the morning off.
They were playing volleyball when they experienced head pain, bleeding from the ears and vertigo.
A few of them lost consciousness.
They've all been sent to Tripler for treatment.
Those are Fleet Marine Forces Corpsmen.
Were the people affected Spec Ops? Marine Special Operations Team.
Some are operators, the rest enablers.
Everything from intel to logistics.
Nobody else on the beach was affected.
We need to rule out anything mission related: rapid cabin depressurization, viruses, parasites, et cetera.
I'll check with their commander, but I got to say, I hate to root for parasites.
I ever tell you how much I hate hospitals? I had this infection as a kid, and I spent the whole week eating crappy food and hooked up to machines.
The only good thing are the nurses.
And, you know, not dying.
- Are you listening? - Yeah, Luce.
Uh, I'm sorry that happened to you.
And I'm sorry I'm distracted.
It's just doesn't she work with dead people? I am a student of the human body, soul intact or not.
My last paper was on the effect of environmental factors on the external auditory meatus and tympanic membranes.
That's a lot of words.
I wanted to see if meditative chants can heal.
Any idea what caused their injuries? I have a "bad news, good news, more bad news" situation.
What, uh, order do you want it in? I'm sorry, was it one bad, two good? I'm still hung up on "auditory meatus".
Your order is fine.
Okay, bad news: There are a scary number of natural reasons why ears bleed.
Good news: None of them are what happened here.
Bad news: I believe it might be some sort of ultrasonic wave that disturbed the inner ear canal, creating vertigo-like symptoms.
So, sound waves caused our victims to bleed and collapse? - Yes.
- How? Well, it wasn't naturally occurring, something like a meteorite creating an impact wave right next to them.
I suspect they would have noticed that.
So it was man-made, like sound waves were weaponized.
Everything can be weaponized, Agent Boone.
Even love.
And what'll happen to our victims? They'll recover completely.
But if they'd been exposed any longer, they might have lost their hearing.
Or worse.
Special Agent Tennant.
FBI Special Agent Whistler.
You saved me a call.
I wanted to congratulate you on the new gig.
When do you start? Just got my photo taken for my new credentials.
Pick them up tomorrow.
DIA's gonna miss you.
But if I'm being honest Please.
I'm so glad you'll no longer be coming in hot with red tape.
Yeah, I deserve that.
Still, I hope it doesn't mean we'll be seeing any less of you.
Yeah, I think the Bureau liked that I had a good working relationship with you and your team.
Well, they're lucky to have you.
I should get to my meeting.
I know.
I brought you a coffee.
It'll be a long day.
Glen Smith is in charge of the inquiry.
Don't say anything you shouldn't, Kate.
Well, like I said, haven't gotten my official credentials yet.
He'll try to make you doubt yourself.
Don't let him.
Don't forget who you really are.
Have a good day, Special Agent in Charge Tennant.
You, too, FBI Special Agent Whistler.
Molecules push and pull as a sound wave moves.
Increase the amplitude, and these opposing forces can create bubbles in the inner ear.
This is called cavitation, a disruption in the ear canal that can cause fatigue, nausea, even collapse.
- So, it's bad.
- Well, bad works, but cavitation makes it sound like I know what I'm talking about.
Also, the waves are directional.
Given that nobody else on the beach was affected, whoever did this was targeting our Marines.
Kai, Luce, what info do we have on the unit? What? Acting SAC Boone's time to shine while Tennant's out of pocket.
You did that so effortlessly.
One of you just tell me what the unit's C.
said, please.
They just returned from a two-month mission supporting local forces against Jemaah Islamiyah in Southeast Asia.
I checked the dark web.
None of the Spec Ops team or their enablers were doxed.
- We have any anomalies? - Just heard back.
One of the unit's members hasn't checked in since the attack.
Gunnery Sergeant Bryan Shepherd.
He have any issues with the team? C.
didn't know of any.
Let's circle back to the Marines at Tripler, see if they had any trouble with Shepherd, and, Ernie, - see if you can track him down.
- I already got it.
Bryan's not your guy.
You found that in ten seconds.
How do you know? Because he was found unconscious in a car that swerved off the road.
Checked into the hospital with a bad case of cavitation.
Luce, you up to confronting your disdain for hospitals again? Oof.
Ernie, Kai, find me a suspect, what caused this, - anything.
- Sir, yes, sir.
Uh, hey.
You don't think Tennant's gonna lose her security clearance, do you? No way she crossed any line that would make it necessary.
Well, I-I hope you're right, but what would happen if she did? We don't need to go there right now.
She couldn't keep her job, could she? You're not gonna let this go, are you, Luce? No, no, I-I will.
And could be losing a job isn't as bad as being betrayed by someone you care about.
Hard to bounce back from that.
Special Agent in Charge Tennant, right on time.
I'm Glen Smith, with the CIA's Office of the Inspector General, and these are my colleagues Mr.
Norwood, Ms.
Cartwright, Mr.
Hanson, and Ms.
Do you need anything before we begin? No.
Then why don't you sit down, and let's get started.
I've prepared a statement.
I met Maggie Shaw in March 2007 and remained in contact with her until two weeks ago, when my team discovered she had been compromised and Special Agent Tennant? Yes.
I appreciate the trouble you went to collecting your thoughts, but I would like to approach this a slightly different way.
Bryan's the healthiest person I know.
Now they've induced him into a coma to alleviate the pressure in his skull.
When was the last time you spoke to him? He was supposed to play volleyball this morning.
Um h-he called me to say he had a headache and was coming home.
At first, the-the doctors thought this was an aneurysm.
Since you guys are here, I assume We believe he was the victim of an attack.
This has to do with the fact we're Spec Ops.
- "We're"? - He's a comms specialist.
I'm operational logistics.
We met taking shelter as 60 mike-mikes were raining down on our position.
Heck of a meet-cute.
Who would have done this? Who would have targeted Bryan and our friends? Bryan Shepherd wasn't one of the targets.
He was the target.
No, no, no, no.
This is much too important for shoulder hovering.
With ultrasonic waves, the biological effects depends on proximity and direction.
In other words, the closer and more straight-on the victims, the more they're impacted.
To be inconspicuous, the attack would have to originate from a car in the parking lot.
If Bryan was hit walking to the beach, he would have felt the symptoms first.
He left with a headache before he even got to the court, and-and with the trees, it might've taken a few minutes for the attacker to realize Bryan went back to his car.
Meanwhile, the people playing volleyball are still in the path, collapsing with relatively minor symptoms, but 15 minutes later, Bryan drives his car off the road, ends up in a coma.
The MARSOC team really was just collateral damage.
- Told you.
- Any way to track the attacker? I checked traffic cams and looked for social media video of the accident nothing, but I may be able to track the weapon.
I know someone with a DARPA research lab on the island.
You want to come with? Like a science lab? I think Jesse might need my help upstairs.
I'll ask Lucy.
She'll appreciate the ingenuity.
Come on, Ernie.
I-I will go with you if you want.
When you joined NCIS, how often did you and Ms.
Shaw see each other? I was based in Norfolk, and I guess, whenever she was in D.
Did she initiate contact, or did you? "Contact" feels loaded.
We had lunch.
Sometimes dinner.
Like friends.
What did you talk about? Work and family.
Like friends.
Did she ever come to your home? Yes.
How often? However often friends come over.
Did you ever vacation together? Yes.
We went to the Poconos once, and to New York with my son to see The Lion King.
When did you go to Mexico? Look, I know this falls under the "you ask the questions, not me" category, but can I ask why is this important? A Chinese MSS asset, posing as a diplomat, was in Mexico the same time as you and Ms.
A week later, the U.
suffered a DDoS attack and came very close to compromising key facilities.
I haven't seen the tall one around acting goofy recently.
Uh we're sort of done.
Not sort of really, really done.
- Oh, I'm sorry, Lucy.
- Thanks.
Uh, we-we weren't together that long, so I'm hoping to just move on.
Sh-Should be easy, right? If it was easy, none of it would've mattered, right? Oh, yeah.
These all must've just come back from the TechConnect conference.
And am I supposed to be seeing this? This isn't the Ark of the Covenant.
Besides, all the really classified stuff is locked away.
- Oh, wow.
What does this one do? - No, hey.
Look but don't touch.
I thought you said we were meeting your friend.
I see you shiver with antici pation.
Wow, that was quite an entrance.
Thanks for noticing.
Lucy, meet Dr.
Tony Lee.
So, what brings you up from the dungeon to the palace? To ask questions about weapons that are capable of directional ultrasonic waves that result in cavitation.
Smart cookie, this one.
I do have a project.
It's right up your alley.
- Unfortunately, it's need-to-know.
- Mm.
Written approval.
Oh, thank goodness, 'cause I've been dying to talk about it.
Come on.
People saw the initial Havana syndrome incident of 2016 as a medical anomaly, but I received funding to reverse-engineer a weapon that could cause those injuries.
I've been waiting for the right time to reveal it, so mum's the word, okay? Is this capable of emitting waves up to 50 yards? More.
All right, what happened? This hasn't left the lab.
Well, then we're gonna need a list of everyone involved in its development.
Sorry, Tony, looks like someone stole your thunder.
What are you looking at? A vacation photo.
- Ooh, am I in it? - No.
I went to Mexico when you were little.
- With Aunt Maggie.
- Yeah.
Did you have a good time? Yes.
We had a very good time.
We haven't seen her for a while.
Is she out of town? Yeah.
For a while.
If you talk to her, tell her I love her and that she owes me 53 cents.
- From playing cards.
- Of course.
- Dinner will be ready soon, okay? - Okay.
And did you finish your homework? - Mostly.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, why don't you turn that "mostly" into a "yes".
- Okay.
Lee sent along the list of everyone who has access to the sound wave weapon schematics.
That's a lot of people.
106, to be exact.
From project directors to research assistants.
So, I narrowed it down by certain criteria.
Like who's a vindictive maniac? That's not far off, actually.
Like being let go for disruptive behavior at work.
- Joel Johnson.
- A contractor.
Lost his clearance and his job about a month ago.
- We know why? - No, not yet.
- Waiting on personnel records.
- We know where he's at? Ernie tracked his cell phone.
Apparently, he's been bouncing around Airbnbs, but the most recent place is just south of Kailua.
And get this, the reservations are under a different name each time.
Would an innocent person do that? Not unless they were a celebrity or a sociopath.
Let's go pay him a visit.
He's not in the house.
Jesse? Lucy? Where are you guys? Call for a bus, now! Om Om I'm s I'm sorry.
What-what are you doing? Oh, good.
You do hear me.
Your equilibrium is off, but you'll be centered soon enough.
Your exposure was limited.
You may have a headache for a bit, but I can recommend some mantras that'll help heal the aural canal.
How you feeling? Oh, thank you, Commander Chase.
Feel a lot better if we knew where Joel went.
Found his car in Laie.
He's in the wind.
Where's Jesse? Checking in on the team like a good acting SAC.
But he's not gonna be happy when you tell him that we got our heads scrambled for nothing.
For something, actually.
Is that Meg Carter? Yeah.
Our victim Bryan Shepherd's girlfriend.
What did your children call Ms.
Shaw? Aunt Maggie.
- Did she babysit them for you? - Yes.
- In your house here on the island? - Yes.
- Did she take them on any outings? - Yes.
Do you know if Ms.
Shaw ever asked your children to keep anything secret from you? I don't know.
Did you ever catch Ms.
Shaw - looking through your desk? - No.
- Computer? - No.
Throughout this questioning, Agent Tennant, you have continued to describe Ms.
Shaw as a friend, almost as family, and, in that context, I feel compelled to ask.
Despite never catching her engaged in suspect activity, is it possible that Ms.
Shaw maintained her relationship with you so that she could gain access to sensitive cases and operations in the Pacific region? Agent Tennant.
Is it possible that Ms.
Shaw ? Yes.
It's possible.
Why are you showing me this? 'Cause I need to know how you know him.
His name's Joel Johnson.
We were in a relationship a while ago.
Are you still in contact with him? No.
Why? Because your ex attacked Bryan, the MARSOC team, and my teammates.
Joel? We found that photo where he was staying.
Tell me about your relationship.
Uh, we were engaged.
What happened? He wasn't the one.
He has now attacked a dozen people.
I need a little more than "he wasn't the one".
I-I don't know.
He was smart and-and curious.
But, over time, he got possessive and angry.
And it made me uncomfortable, but I can't imagine he's capable of this.
Have you heard from him? Not for five months.
We both moved on.
I would say he hasn't moved on.
Pretty cool look.
Bit of a headache.
Cubano from E.
Cure for hunger and, uh, intelligence inquiries.
I don't know how much of an appetite I have, but thank you.
Why don't you tell me about the case? A few of us got zapped by the same wave machine that got our Marines, but Commander Chase sang some weird voodoo song, and we're fine.
- You sure you're okay? - Yes.
And I'm not just saying that 'cause you're having a crap day.
Well, please tell me we accomplished more than just putting you in harm's way.
We got a bead on a suspect, a contractor working on a secret DARPA project, but we're wading through corporate bureaucracy trying to get access - to termination records.
- Which contractor? Douglas-Neptune.
Give me your phone.
An old colleague I went to FLETC with, he went over to the dark side, but he should help you cut through the red tape.
You know how valuable you are, right? - It's just a phone number.
- No, it's not just that.
I mean, you make everyone around you better.
So, please, eat the sandwich.
Don't want you being hangry in the middle of something like this.
I don't know how I'm gonna get over what happened.
But you'll move forward.
That's all anyone can do.
And you don't have to do it alone.
Oh, Special Agent Whistler.
It's weird, I know.
Well, congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
So, are you excited about the new job? Uh, the the building's really nice.
Like "borderline abuse of taxpayer dollars" nice.
Publicly accusing your new agency of boondoggle before you even start.
Well, I, uh I have to go follow up on some leads, so Well, you know, if it was only a couple days later, I'd be able to help.
I'm gonna have "creds" and everything.
I hear "creds" is what all the the cool agents say.
What are you doing? I just you know, I feel like things are unresolved.
No, no, we're good.
- It doesn't feel good.
- We are so good.
But, yeah, like I said, I, uh, have a case to follow up on.
So, congrats again, and Yeah.
Hey, Tennant's lead came through for us, so - You okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, I, uh, just, uh, ran into someone.
I don't need to talk about it.
We can catch you up to speed later.
No, no, no, no.
Let's-let's keep going.
All right, um, we got all the addresses Joel Johnson ever gave to his former employer.
HPD's sitting on all of them.
Got access to all his bank accounts.
Tracking expenses, though, it looks like he ditched the plastic, and we also got a copy of his exit interview.
First they take me off the project, and now you're letting me go? I'm the best engineer you've got.
There-There's nothing that I can't build to last.
Except his relationship.
Some of your choices make your coworkers uncomfortable, and unfortunately you've taken no steps to address those behaviors.
I'm gonna sue all of you.
There's a bit more.
It's mostly just a "greatest hits" of male fragility.
Personnel records show a decline in performance reviews and an increasing number of complaints from coworkers in the months leading up to his termination, escalating significantly about the time Meg returned from deployment.
The unit's been back from that assignment for over a month.
Why attack now? He kept the picture for months.
Maybe he thought she was coming back to him, and then at some point he saw her with Shepherd.
That tracks.
Around the same time, his spending, travel, his entire pattern of life changed.
So, he saw her with another man, and that broke him? Well, makes sense to me.
And, what, he started stalking her? Well, the dude built a weapon to kill her boyfriend.
I mean, stalking seems well within the possibilities.
The man clearly doesn't take rejection well.
Rejection will make you do a lot of things.
I'll keep digging.
Are we done for the day? We're done, done.
We'll let you know our findings as soon as they're available.
Smith? Yes? You didn't let me read my statement.
But the crux of it is this Maggie Shaw mentored me, molded me, and took care of me.
But she also taught me a valuable lesson always assume someone is watching.
Did she tell you it would be her? No.
But it was still a lesson I took to heart every day as I did my job and lived my life.
Is there anything else? No.
Is it over? The interviews, at least.
How are you? Needing something to take my mind off of it.
Our victim Bryan Shepherd should be taken out of the coma soon.
- HPD's on him.
- Yeah.
We have a protective detail for his girlfriend Meg Carter as well.
- Okay, what about our suspect? - Dumped his cell phone after our first raid.
Still off the grid.
Not anymore.
- You're back.
- Hi, Ernie.
- Should I keep going? - Yes.
I have been trying to find any way to track Joel since he went dark.
He's had to have used something in order to stay ahead of us without detection.
A tablet or something? A gaming device.
- Oh, like a Game Boy? - What's that? It's something Jesse saw when he went through a wormhole.
No, not a Game Boy.
You jailbreak handheld gaming devices these days.
You have a computer in your hand without all the same attention drawn to it.
It's likely how he's been able to stay ahead of us without detection, but You found it.
Once I knew what the device was, I knew how to find it, and it's in San Diego, Joel's hometown.
I sent a lead over to the Southwest field office.
Okay, but what do we do now? Wait.
No other choice.
I researched everything about you, and I am happy to report this is exactly what I thought your office would look like.
I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Just a thing.
- Do you want to sit down? - Uh, no.
I've conducted hundreds of inquiries and security investigations, and there's one lie that almost everyone tells.
That they weren't vulnerable to a breach.
Well, we all want to think that, don't we? I guess so.
But you told us that Ms.
Shaw was basically family.
Now, if you'd gone on to say she couldn't possibly have taken advantage of you, I wouldn't have believed anything else you said.
Which means? We conducted an exhaustive search before your inquiry, and we found no evidence that Ms.
Shaw took advantage of her relationship with you.
Would've been nice to hear that in the beginning.
Is that how you would have conducted the questioning? No.
Now, we cannot determine whether she chose not to take advantage of you or you didn't let her, but either way, the result is the same.
You are cleared of any wrongdoing, and you can keep your security clearance.
Have a nice day, Special Agent in Charge Tennant.
All right, what do we have? I don't know what you're so happy about.
You just got demoted.
Ah, whatever.
I'm good with it.
Heard from Southwest.
Their agents got a hit on Joel's location.
Mm That's not Joel.
He stashed the device in someone else's bag.
He set an automatic "power on" function, so it wouldn't ping again until it was long gone.
A diversion.
Which means Joel's probably still on the island.
Any idea where? Probably the house Meg and Joel bought while engaged.
It's on the market and unoccupied, and except, according to Honolulu Electric, the power usage has seen a spike.
We just now heard about this? He had bad credit, so she's the only one on the deed and mortgage.
It's okay, Ernie.
Do we have an address? In Wai'alae Iki.
All right, let's go get him.
Ear plugs? They're ear-wigs with tapered chains of beads made from tungsten carbide alternating with beads created from a plastic called Delrin.
So, high-tech ear plugs.
Uh, one more thing.
There's no telling what else Joel has in store.
What are you saying? I'm coming with you.
See you got yourself a vest.
Well, the bank was an unfortunate lesson in preparedness.
Which is a lesson you really took to heart.
What is all that stuff? Kevlar's for bullets.
These are for whatever else Joel has for us.
Like now.
The sensors are picking up ultrasonic waves.
How's everybody's heads? Yeah, high-tech ear plugs for the win.
He knows we're here.
All right, Ernie, you and Jesse take the back.
Kai, Lucy, come with me to the front.
Everyone make sure the entrances are clean.
Front entrance is boobytrapped.
Back door's open.
He might already be gone.
Ultrasonic waves are still registering high.
He's got to be inside.
Unless he's set up the device with a remote of some kind.
- Stay out here.
- Usually, I'd say yes, but I think you're safer if I'm with you, which you should not take as anything other than a sign of professional respect.
Got it.
Get out! You okay, Ernie? I'm alive, but not so much okay.
We're coming for you.
There's no telling where his traps are.
He's gone full-on psycho Home Alone.
If I can find a hub, though, I may be able to disable the sensors.
Oh, hi, Joel.
All right, we need to find a way to help Ernie.
When I was in Lashkargah, we came across a house-borne IED.
Only way into the place was underneath.
If I get some charges, I can get us in.
Ernie, we think we can get to you, but you're gonna need to distract him.
How many more are there? It's just me and the other guy who was here to help me.
Though I'm pretty sure he's calling for backup right now.
You don't look like an agent.
I'm not.
I'm-I'm-I'm someone someone like you.
- Right.
- No, no, really.
Like, I appreciate the sophistication of your centrally controlled, individually actionable explosive devices.
A-And I also know what it's like to be rejected.
I wasn't rejected.
That's what I told myself, too.
Okay, okay, okay.
I-I was married.
And she was perfect.
The kind of perfect where you let all the little annoyances slide.
Was Ernie really married? - All right, I need a hand.
- I'll go.
Size advantage for once.
All right, Jesse and I will cover out here.
The one problem, though? I wasn't perfect for her.
That's not the case with Meg.
Other things got in the way.
We can't ask people to choose between us and the other things they care about.
She only thinks she loves that Marine.
Put this on the floorboard just above this pipe.
This is your pain, and it's not for me to tell you how to process it, but do you know what I learned since I got divorced? You-you can't make someone love you, but Love is an echo.
You put it out in the world, and eventually it comes back to you.
Maybe just not from where you expected.
What if we set off other traps? No, he wouldn't put a trap in the middle of the room.
How sure are you? Sure enough, given that we don't have other alternatives.
Ernie, get close to a wall.
So, y-you think that I should move on? I did.
And-and now I'm with someone better.
What if I don't want to? Is this really how you see yourself? I mean, boobytrapping houses and zapping people with state of the art, very impressive weaponry? - What are you doing? - You're right.
I lost her.
So what's the point? I really think you're missing the message here, Joel.
It's disarmed! - NCIS! - Get your hands Up! Did you punch him in the nose? A little.
I'm sure that didn't get old.
Yeah, Jesse and I, we have a thing.
A thing where you buy him novelty gifts as a joke.
You know, it sounds a little weird when you say it like that.
Lucy was just here.
She bolt when she saw me coming? It's not for me to say.
Yeah, fair enough.
I-I was actually looking for Tennant.
She just left for the day, so - Anything else you need? - Oh, no.
Good night.
You okay? No.
Remind me to never punch anything, ever.
Sure, yeah.
Don't do that.
You need something? Uh, well, there's-there's something in the bullpen I wanted to get away from.
Is it six feet tall in heels? - Do you want me to leave? - No, it's fine.
- Here.
Let me help.
- Thank you.
So Is it true that you were married before? Yes.
And that you divorced and found love again with Detective Reed? First part's right.
What about all that stuff you were saying about love being an echo? I was trying to not die.
Truth is, Lucy, love is pain.
Dopamine and oxytocin trick our brains into thinking that it's not.
I mean, look at you.
You're hiding out here because it hurts too much to be in the same space as Whistler.
That's not - I mean, it - It's fine.
You can hide out here all you want.
I'm gonna go get some ice.
I don't believe you.
And I don't think you believe you either.
Hello? Whistler.
Uh, your-your door was open.
My door's always open.
I heard your inquiry was done.
I thought maybe you could use someone to talk to.
Don't you have someone more interesting to be with? Uh, no, not anymore.
Yeah, me, too.
Well maybe we could both use a drink.
That would be great.
Looks like you were having fun.
That night in particular.
I can only imagine how difficult this is for you.
I just keep thinking about the therapist I saw after my divorce.
He'd like to say that the way a relationship ended didn't discount all that happened before.
Did you believe him? I did then.
Just struggling a little now.
Well, it's still - it's fresh.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
Well, I mean, I'd ask about your ending, but that just seems Weird.
I'll just say it was my fault.
Which is not true for you.
Here's hoping for a better tomorrow.

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