NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e15 Episode Script


1 There once was a ship that set to sea The name of the ship was the Billy of Tea The winds blew up and her bow dipped down Oh, blow, my Billyboys, blow Soon may the Wellermancome To bring us sugar and tea and rum One day, when the tonguing is done We'll take our leave and go.
Careful, Gracie, you'll tie yourself in knots.
- You want to do the rest? - No.
That's your job.
It's just a stupid knot.
Stupid knot, stupid boat with stupid songs that you used to love.
Come on.
I took the day off for this course.
What beats this? A few things come to mind.
Well, you promised to try to have a good time.
I promised to come.
One last time.
Gracie, you used to love sailing with your friends.
Yeah, Dad, when I was a kid.
Well, we signed up for six weeks, so Yeah, but Sarah invited me to go camping with her cousins next weekend.
Well, how old are her cousins? They're basically in college.
How old? Seventeen.
You know the rules.
No adults, no camping.
It's at Ahupua'a.
It's super safe.
I'm 15, Dad.
You're treating me like a kid.
Everyone else in my class is going on trips like these.
Port side! Ship in distress! Call it in.
Thank you.
You okay? Wait Nobody move.
Everyone get in a straight line.
Follow all our commands exactly as we Listen You keep quiet.
Don't say anything about my job or that you're my daughter.
- Why? - Just trust me, Gracie.
Don't say anything stupid.
You! What are you doing? Phone.
Uh, I left it on shore.
I'm sorry.
I'm nervous.
We're gonna be okay.
Thank you so much for coming all this way and bringing this.
I appreciate it.
Tell everyone there I said hi, okay? Thanks.
Jesse, what are you doing? Supposed to be phones off for daddy-daughter day.
Hello? Jesse? Look, we'll do whatever you say.
You'll shut up if you know what's good for you.
There's no need for anyone to get hurt.
Just tell us what you want and we'll I want you to shut up and stay seated.
Is this your sailboat? No.
You just seem in charge.
Think the guys with guns are in charge right now.
How'd this happen? I work at the marina.
I got in early.
I was fueling up, and suddenly there's a gun in my face.
He forced me onto the boat.
Told me to keep sailing.
Then they stopped when they found you.
Why us? No idea.
Look, I'm sorry.
I should have warned you.
But they told me if I did anything, they would kill me.
Everything's gonna be okay.
How can you be so calm? We got to keep it together for the kids, right? Where are you taking us? I'm sorry.
I had to drop my dad off.
I didn't understand your m message.
These kids are scared.
His voice faded away again.
What happened to Jesse? We think he and his daughter's sailing class are being held up by pirates.
I'm sorry.
Pirates? In Hawai'i.
That's what it looks like.
And we're listening to his phone? He was able to get a call off without them knowing.
So far, he indicated there are eight civilians and four pirates.
They're headed west.
But the connection's spotty.
You can let the kids go.
There's an island close to here.
I told you to shut up.
Not sure how much more he can give us without tipping his hand.
Ernie, where are we on tracking the boat? The pirates disabled the AIS.
But we have its last known location and the distress call.
I'm trying to triangulate Jesse's phone, but we're missing at least - one base station.
- Meaning? We're trying to sit on a two-legged stool.
He said they were doing a deep sea sail.
Maybe a one-legged stool.
Why would they take over an unarmed training boat? They're after something on board.
Or someone.
Come on, Jesse.
Give us something else.
We need more resources.
Kai, check in with the Coast Guard.
They've already been alerted.
Lucy, call Whistler at FBI.
Let's start reaching out to the families.
With any luck, we'll get to them before the pirates I need to get off this boat.
Shut your mouth right now! Listen, kid.
You need to sit back down and be quiet.
- I can't.
- You don't have a choice.
He's having a panic attack.
Go back to your spot.
- I need to help him.
- You heard me.
Let me take care of him.
Definitely not worth it.
I mean, you have to think of the kids, right? Bandile, cut it out.
- Who are you? - Question is, who are you? 'Cause you don't work the boat, that's for sure.
Search the deck.
Find something that tells us who he is.
Got his phone.
Give it to me.
Are you a cop? A Fed? That doesn't matter.
Where is he? Status.
We lost contact 15 minutes ago.
Phone's either turned off or in the ocean.
Looking for a ping for anyone else's phone on that boat.
Pirates would've turned them off.
I'm all ears on alts.
What else can we track? The boat's last location before the pirates disabled the AIS.
I have the itinerary from the sailing school.
Could assist with the Coast Guard's SAROPS program.
Ernie, use the data points to project the radius of where the sailboat could be.
Work with the Coast Guard on this.
Maybe it'll help update their search plans.
Aye, aye, Captain.
That's a lot of ocean.
Yeah, and the radius is growing every minute.
Need to find that boat quick, then.
Assuming Jesse's still Hey, we only know what we know.
We heard gunshots.
I need your head in the game, Lucy.
Okay? We need a lead on where they are and why they were taken.
Anything that gets us closer to finding them.
Maybe they're taking the boat to international waters.
They ransom the kids, sail off.
Okay, but why these kids? Easy pickings? Or something specific? Crime of opportunity or design.
Divide and conquer.
Kai, I spoke to the CGIS SAC.
I'm sending you on-site as the NCIS liaison.
I'd like to go, too.
But you hate the ocean.
All right.
Ernie and I will look into the families.
I already started compiling records.
Or you could just ask them.
Find Jesse.
Ladies and gentlemen.
We have every possible asset out there looking for your children.
Only a matter of time before we find them.
How can you know that? Do you have any idea at all where they are? Okay, if you could remain calm, I will address all of your questions.
You're worried about your children.
We understand.
You want information, and we want to give it to you.
Okay, right now you're in here and they are out there.
Best way to help them is by helping us.
We're gonna have agents interview each of you.
If we can find a lead as to why the boat may have been taken, we might be able to find them.
We appreciate your cooperation.
That was impressive.
They're scared.
I get it.
You get any intel on recent domestic piracy or terrorism? Plenty.
But this doesn't match the MO of any hijacking FBI has seen.
The motive's always clear.
Suspects want ransom or to make a statement.
And all we have is radio silence.
Look, thanks for coming in.
I know we're throwing you in the deep end.
I'm just doing my job.
Did you reach out to Jesse's wife? Heather is in Wyoming, hiking with the other kids.
Went straight to voice mail.
We'll find Jesse.
Special Agent Pike.
- How you holding up? - Oh, you know.
We've had better days.
Oh, we're we're doing this.
You know, we have smaller ones of those.
The ocean's not really her thing.
But you live on an island and you work for the Navy.
Yeah, you know, it's just endless water.
- The black nothingness below.
- Oh.
That's not nothing under us, Lucy.
That's millions of miles of pristine water.
It's a whole other ecosystem.
It's like a foreign planet.
You could get utterly lost down there.
Yeah, I think I'm just gonna stick with the big life vest.
Well, nothing to fear, my friends.
Coast Guard's here.
Did you know that the Coast Guard is the oldest continuous seagoing service in the United States, with boats on the water eight years before the Navy had their first warship? I did not know that.
Well, point being, we got you, and we're gonna find Jesse.
We have multiple Coast Guard vessels, C-130s and helicopters as well as Navy and Air Force assets out looking for that sailboat.
I'm getting real-time information from all the resources and the controllers at Sector Honolulu.
You're like Ernie on water.
If they're somewhere in the blue, we'll find them.
- Thanks, Pike.
- You got it.
All right, let's get some! Just don't think about it.
Adrian's mother, right? Have a seat.
And I prefer to stand.
How you holding up? Terrible.
My son was taken.
Is there any reason you know of why someone would want to take Adrian? No.
What can you tell me about your family? Any problems? Someone who might want to do you harm? It's only me and Adrian.
My husband passed away last year.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
What did he do for work? Shipping, actually.
Steve loved the ocean.
Used to sail on the weekends.
That's why Adrian's taking the course.
I see here that you lived in Los Angeles, Boston, Biloxi.
We moved a lot for Steve's work.
Right, but within the last year you moved twice to Texas, then Hawai'i.
I don't see how any of this is relevant to finding my son.
I'm looking for patterns here, okay, anything outside of the norm, with every family.
Sometimes we're not even aware of what might stand out.
It's them.
All the parents received ransom demands.
$1 million each, to be wired to an offshore account.
Deadline is three hours.
Heather got one, too? I'm assuming.
Still haven't been able to make contact with her.
I can't imagine how she'll react.
I'm looking into the pirates' bank account details now.
Might give us a lead as to who they are.
Well, we know Jesse doesn't have that kind of money.
So, any of the other families wealthy? Looking into that, too.
Something doesn't feel right here.
Yeah, I agree.
Piracy cases are usually asset-based.
Take the ship on the high seas.
Ransom it.
It's a hell of a lot harder to get paid by five different families and flee on a 40-foot schooner.
Okay, guys, we have three hours to figure this out.
Right now it's about the kids.
We need to dig deeper.
Or we stay at this depth.
We just found the sailboat.
We'll intercept shortly.
We are a bigger, more coordinated, more armed, and more righteous force.
Don't expect much of a struggle.
And if they do fight What he means is, Jesse will be okay.
Damn straight! We're coming in with CGIS, and we're gonna kick butt and chew bubble gum! You ready? Let's do this.
Attention, Makani Olu.
This is the United States Coast Guard.
Heave to, muster your crew and your passengers on deck, and prepare to be boarded.
I repeat: this is the Coast Guard.
We board.
Clear aft! - Bridge clear! - Clear forward! We got no one here.
Where'd they go? Have you found him yet? No.
He probably didn't make it out of the ocean.
Won't matter soon.
We're arriving at the beach now.
Come help us wrangle the kids.
See you in ten.
What a waste of time.
Sailboat was completely empty? Other than about a dozen shell casings.
But other than that, you got nothing.
What about you, Ernie? I-I'm doing background checks on the kidnapped kids's families.
And I'm trying to track the bank the pirates want the ransom sent.
- Anything? - It's a foreign bank.
I-I can't get easy access.
Hoping FinCEN can help speed the process, but at the moment So you got nothing, too.
What about Tennant? She's trying to get ahold of Heather.
Jesse and Gracie are still out there somewhere.
Since you're the ones aboard the Coast Guard Cutter, I'd say go find them.
Jane Tennant again.
Not sure if you're getting any of these messages, or what you may have already heard.
Just please call me as soon as you can.
Okay? We're done questioning the parents.
I mean, other than Jesse's wife.
She's out of cell service.
Or it's turned off.
Do you want FBI to send agents to look? She's in the middle of Yellowstone.
Even the FBI wouldn't be able to find her there.
But I have a friend at National Parks.
Pretty high up.
I could reach out.
That'd be great.
You know Jesse was the first person to welcome me when I was assigned to Pearl.
He'd been here a few months, and he made me feel like I was a part of the team before I really was one.
He was there when things went bad with Daniel.
And when I was bumped to SAC.
He's always had my back.
I really need to have his.
You know, if someone I cared about were in trouble, I'd want you to be the one looking.
And? We lost him.
We've got a time issue here.
I feel like I'm drowning.
But you're not.
Okay? 'Cause you're talking, which means you're breathing, which is all you have to do.
In through your nose.
Then out through your mouth.
Your dad teach the breath thing? When I was little, I had these night terrors, And I would wake up screaming in bed.
My dad would come in, sit beside me, and teach me how to breathe, like it was learning to tie a knot.
He never seemed worried or scared.
He was calm.
We'd just breathe.
I asked him one night how come he never got scared like me.
Is it 'cause he's a grown-up? Or 'cause he has a badge and a gun? And he said, "Gracie", "I get scared all the time.
"No badge or gun can stop it.
Breathing always does the trick.
" You shouldn't have to take care of me, especially with what happened with your dad.
My dad's fine.
How can you know that? I just do.
They sent two guys after him in the small boat.
They're worried.
You know what, Adrian? They should be.
Okay, let's get moving.
Time to go.
Dad! Hey, you two, go after him.
- Go.
- Move it.
Let's go, everyone.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Not you.
Hey, boss.
Don't mind me if I keep working.
- I'm in a groove here.
- Working on what? Deep-sea scuba dive on the parents.
Getting intimate with them.
Travel Agent.
And she gives these tours of Greece - that actually look pretty amazing.
- Ernie.
I mean, I was never one to join a group, but if I did Ernie.
The parents.
None of them have the kind of coin to pull a million.
Not even close.
- No secret accounts? - I checked everything.
401k, stocks, Coinbase.
Maybe someone's got buried treasure in their backyard, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
Do you think the pirates knew who they were ransoming? They hijacked the boat with precision, and they sent us on a wild sailboat chase.
They know what they're doing.
What is their angle? I know.
That's the thing.
FinCEN helped me get access to the bank account they want the money transferred to.
All right.
It's Swiss.
Untraceable in 1992, but today Swiss banks automatically share client data with the FTA.
The moment they try to retrieve the ransom, we'd be all over them.
Ransom's a distraction.
They're trying to keep us unfocused.
I feel like you're gonna tell me what to focus on.
Who to focus on.
Pull up the file on Rebecca Hely again.
Moves around a lot.
I want to know more about her husband.
You have every Coast Guard vessel in the area, all this high-tech equipment, how can there not be one sign? Ocean's big.
You get a small boat, a head start, you're gonna be hard to track.
But where's a small boat gonna get to? What are you doing? I'm going back to basics.
This is Jesse's last location.
This is where we found the sailboat.
That means that he could be That's wrong.
I-I haven't done this in a beat.
Whatever happens today, you're doing everything you can.
Okay? But to be clear, we'll be super impressed if you figure it out.
Okay, just just give me a minute.
Did you know Jesse was a horticulturist? What, like, gardening? Vegetables.
Arugula, beets, carrots, tomatoes.
I know what vegetables are, Lucy.
Oh, I-I overheard him talking about it with Ernie once.
But he shut up when he saw me.
I just don't think he should be embarrassed about his hobbies.
Hey, you're doing everything you can, too, Luce.
Just give yourself a break.
No breaks.
And I know you're worried, too.
You're just better at compartmentalizing.
But I see you, Kai.
You love Jesse.
- "Love"? - Mm-hmm.
"Love" is a strong word.
It's a deep, abiding, brotherly love.
Yes! I got something.
Well, nothing, actually.
I got nothing.
The pirates know the Coast Guard's looking for them, right? Which means that they're going to be Somewhere in the blue.
You told us.
Yeah, but I was wrong.
Big boat can't hide from us.
Little boat can't get far enough away.
Eventually we find them.
- Unless, of course - They're not in the blue.
You're saying they're on land.
Well, I was going to, until you interrupted me.
Look, there's a chain of islands right here.
All I need is a little help pinpointing the exact location when we arrive.
- We're changing course.
- Yo.
You asked to see me? Have you heard anything about Adrian? Not yet.
I actually wanted to talk to you about your husband.
We don't have time.
Please sit.
Your husband was Steve Hely, but he was born Tomás Ruiz in Venezuela.
The Ruizes are a very prominent family.
Wealthy, too.
A million dollars would be easy for them to get.
I We're not in contact.
I can see that.
But why? I have two kids.
10 and 16.
If I was in your position, my head would be spinning.
I wouldn't know what to do, who to trust.
So I am telling you now, you can trust me.
The only thing I care about is getting Adrian and the rest of them back.
Nothing else matters.
If there is anything you haven't told me that can help, now is the time.
Tomás was from Caracas.
We met there.
- Fell in love, had Adrian.
- And the name change? Tomás's family is more than prominent.
They're an institution.
They wanted to control Tomás.
So we left, changed our name.
Brought Adrian to the States years ago.
You're scared of his family.
Adrian's grandfather Victor is a powerful man.
He doesn't take no for an answer.
Not in business and not with family.
He wanted Tomás to be his heir.
And if not him, then Adrian.
And Victor would be capable of something like this? The kind of man he is he'll do anything to get his way.
Listen to me.
I need you to tell me everything you know about Victor and the people he works with.
You found us.
- Jesse.
- You guys okay? - Where's the rest? - They went up the hill.
She left that for you.
Take 'em to the beach.
Hello? Dad! We're on the hill.
- They're waiting for - Gracie! This will be your first and only warning, Agent Boone.
Stay out of this, or I kill your daughter.
According to Rebecca, she and her late husband went to extreme lengths to hide Adrian from his grandfather.
Judging from what I've learned, that was a good parenting decision.
Victor Ruiz, 67.
A Venezuelan oligarch affiliated with the current regime as well as the past three.
Chief architect of the government's anti-rebellion effort.
We came across him at DIA a few times.
He's not a good guy.
Understatement of the year.
He's Venezuela's Emperor Palpatine.
Trust me, the reference tracks.
Who would he hire to kidnap his grandson? K&A Protective Services, a South African firm specializing in aggressive risk management.
Their operatives tend to be former SASF and willing to pretty much do anything for the right price.
Ruiz has them on a year-round retainer.
So, we cross-reference their personnel files with anyone who's recently gotten a visa to the States.
Kaya Bredencamp.
Wanted in three countries for kidnapping.
Seems to be her thing.
Arrived in Honolulu ten days ago on a chartered plane.
We're approaching the area where the sailboat's AIS was disabled.
We got six possible islands within a few miles of here.
- How do we narrow it down? - We go one by one until we find him.
Or we skip that part and follow the smoke.
Holy crap! He's signaling us! Sorry, that was supposed to be my inside voice.
I'm calling Tennant now! We know where Jesse is.
- Where? - An island.
There's a fire.
Jesse sent us a literal smoke signal.
Well, you don't know it was him for sure.
Are you trying to bring us down here, Whistler? No.
I just mean there's any number of explanations for a fire.
Well, he set it on purpose.
How do you know? 'Cause I see the hostages.
We got five of them.
Eight is the magic number here.
Who's missing? Jesse, Gracie.
The third must be Adrian.
They're trying to take him off the island.
There's no way a boat gets off this island.
They're not taking a boat.
They chartered a helicopter.
We'll be at the island in four.
We can stop 'em.
Then get to it, Pike.
Hey, Heather.
Let me tell you what I know.
Come on, Jesse.
Keep going.
Let's go, move.
- Help! Please! - Deal with him! One more step and I end her.
We warned you to stay away.
I'm here, baby.
I'm getting you out of this.
How exactly are you doing that? You're not even armed.
Just let her go, and we'll take it easy on you.
We're on an island.
You have no backup.
No weapon.
You're all alone.
- Get on the ground now.
- In 30 seconds, you're gonna be surrounded by NCIS and the Coast Guard.
This is your last chance.
No! Run, Gracie, now! Federal agents! Put it down! Dad! Thank God you're okay.
You saved me.
You saved me right back.
How did you know they'd be here? A dad knows everything.
You okay? Peachy.
What about Adrian? The woman in charge has him.
She's heading to the helo.
- Okay.
I got her.
- No! She's mine.
Just make sure Gracie and the other kids get out of here.
What are you doing? I spent all day looking for you, bud.
I'm not letting you out of my sight.
Or mine.
Come on, get in! Stop! This is your last chance! You just don't give up, do you? I don't know what's good for me.
Hopefully you know better.
Listen, you think you could shoot your way out of this.
Maybe you'd take me, but my friends here would take you.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Look at that.
Two best friends taking care of business.
Uh Excuse me.
Three best friends.
He said they were back? They are.
Just takes a minute to get through the front gate.
You helped.
I should've done it sooner.
Been honest.
You were scared.
I still am.
Victor will try again.
He won't have a chance.
FBI is gonna help you change identities.
Find a safe place.
Te extrañé.
Hey, Gracie.
You doing all right? Better now.
Heard you went Robinson Crusoe.
More like Rambo.
Or MacGyver.
I just can't believe Luce crossed an entire ocean for me.
Oh, that's nothing.
Kai told me he loved you.
I did not say those exact words.
Look, I'm happy you're back.
It's less paperwork.
Jesse, Gracie.
I have Heather on the screen from the Yellowstone Ranger Station.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You coming out? Yeah.
I just need to wrap - some stuff up with Tennant.
- Okay.
So? Thank you.
For helping save Jesse.
I - didn't do much.
- You were there.
You helped.
I appreciate it.
Lucy, look Good night.
I think she downloaded iMessage on my computer.
Possibly against NCIS protocol.
Well, I won't tell Ernie if you won't.
How's Heather? She's a mess.
Pretty much decided she'll never go hiking again, and definitely decided Gracie and I are done with the sailing.
She was worried.
So was I.
'Cause you wouldn't know how to run this place without me? Something like that.
Gracie said I treat her like a kid this morning.
And I was thinking, "'Cause you are a kid.
" But, uh, I mean, what she did today How she handled herself You must be proud.
I am.
Kind of sad, too, though.
Um, she's not a kid anymore.
Not like she was.
They just keep growing.
- I better take her home.
- All right.
Glad you're okay.
You okay, kiddo? I'm breathing.
That's always a good start.
You ready to go home? Yeah.
All right.
- Dad? - Yeah, baby.
I was thinking, I'm gonna skip camping next weekend.
That's good, especially since I never gave you permission to go.
Sure you did.
Pretty sure I didn't.
You said I could.
I said you couldn't.
Then we got attacked by pirates.

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