NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e16 Episode Script


- You're cheating.
- That's a bunch a bull.
Oh, why, because you're above cheating now? No, because I don't have to cheat to beat you.
You're picking up every card I throw.
Bogey's passing.
That's Mance.
Donovan Mance! FBI! You need to Little last-minute to be finishing homework, isn't it? Not due till tomorrow.
Got a game today, so I'm trying to get ahead.
Try not to sound so surprised.
Haven't seen you this motivated in a while.
You coming to the game? That's the plan.
Just promise you won't give the ump a hard time again, okay? Hey, if he does his job right, he'll have nothing to fear from me.
- Have you seen my charger? - Uh, kitchen counter.
He didn't say anything about getting recruited? Why keep it a secret? Amherst is a great school.
It is a great school.
In Massachusetts.
Ah, he's worried you'll freak out - about the distance? - Maybe.
Is he right? Honestly, I don't know.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Whistler.
- Three days ago, two FBI agents were murdered in Pittsburgh.
This is the man responsible.
Donovan Mance.
- Contract killer, right? - Yep.
Willing to kill anyone.
Politicians, judges And law enforcement.
Including an NCIS agent, Gina Bradshaw.
Seven years ago, Bradshaw was building a fraud case against a contractor.
Both she and her informant were murdered.
- Been off-grid ever since.
- Until he showed up at one of his old safe houses in Pittsburgh.
Two agents tried to apprehend him.
They didn't have a chance.
What's his connection to Hawai'i? A cell phone was found at the scene with his prints on it.
There were calls going back months, but only to one number.
A restaurant here in Honolulu called Ho'olua.
Who was Mance contacting there? That's what we need to find out.
I put an affidavit in for a wiretap.
All right, let's start digging into Mance and Ho'olua.
We figure out who he's talking to, we might get a lead to Mance himself.
Find out where he is or where he's going.
You okay there, brah? Trying to imagine lemongrass scented lobster claw meat served with a fricassee of Kahuku sweet corn and Serrano ham.
Going down the Ho'olua rabbit hole? Yeah.
- Looks fancy.
- Sophisticated.
Not necessarily fancy.
Upscale French bistro with some Hawaiian zing and using all local ingredients.
Right now, we're more interested in their phone line - and employees.
- Right.
Unfortunately, the number Mance called is Ho'olua's landline.
Probably has multiple extensions throughout the restaurant.
So he could've been talking to anyone from front-of-house to kitchen staff.
Ho'olua's been opened up ten months.
A success out of the gate.
And all thanks to Head Chef Jenny Alika.
She's local? Born and raised on the Big Island.
But she'd been gone for years.
Studied at Le Cordon Bleu in France and the Culinary Institute in New York.
That's where she met business partner, Chris Polis.
Either of them have ties to Donovan Mance or Pittsburgh? Uh, not that I've found yet.
Okay, what about the rest of the staff? Ah.
A handful have criminal records, the odd felony here and there, but no one stands out.
If we start questioning them, we could scare off whoever Mance was talking to.
So we need a subtle approach.
Someone goes in undercover.
- Gets the lay of the land.
- But this is a fine dining restaurant, who's gonna go in? Me.
- As what, a busboy? - Porter? - Oh, coat check? - Valet.
As a cook.
You have to be pretty talented to work in that kitchen.
I'm pretty talented.
How can you even get a job there that quickly? I know a guy.
Hey, come here, buddy.
It's good to see you, too.
Where's Pop? Huh? Where's Pop? Come on.
Inoki missed you last weekend.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry, I just - I got swamped on a case.
- Yeah, no matter.
Hey, how about you make the poke? Mom always loved yours.
- Poke? What for? - Mom's birthday.
We're making her favorite meals for the 'ohana.
You here to plan the menu, yeah? - You still do that? - Every year.
First one you're back.
It's a big deal.
I won't be doing that.
- Course you will.
It's for your mom.
- No.
No, th-that's for you.
To make you feel better.
How long you gonna stay mad at me? I'm not mad.
I'm just not taking part in this loving-husband fantasy you created.
You know how much I loved her.
Yeah, now.
After she's gone, when it doesn't matter.
You got a cruel streak, son.
You want to cook for Mom, you want to have a party? Yeah, go ahead, be my guest.
But that doesn't make up for you checking out when she got sick.
- I didn't.
- No, let's not.
Hey, what you want from me, Kai? I've been trying to make things right.
I'm giving you space, looking out for Inoki Hey, I can take him somewhere else if it's too much trouble.
Nah, I'll do that.
That's not what I'm saying! - You're so stubborn! - Yeah.
And I'm cruel.
I wonder who I got that from? Mom wouldn't want us to fight.
Tell me what to do to make this right.
What I need right now is a job.
I'm going undercover.
I need a recommendation from Wally's to get the gig.
You still know everyone, right? There isn't a kitchen on this island doesn't have one of my guys.
See, the key is I'm not your son.
Just someone you're trying to help out.
I understand.
- Go! Go! - Come on! Come on! Come on! Go, go, go, go, go, go.
Out! Nice! Nice! All right, Alex! What a play! Everything okay? Uh, you know, Caitlyn wants vitamins and massage oil and the loose leaf peppermint tea from the good tea shop, not the bad one.
And I'm supposed to know which one is which.
I don't remember you running all over town for me - when I was pregnant.
- You never asked.
- Yes, nice! - Yeah! Nice! I get why Amherst wants him.
It's okay.
I saw the letter.
Amherst sent a letter, recruiting Alex? I just assumed he told you.
I guess he kept both of us in the dark.
He's not really considering it? I don't know.
We haven't Because it's-it's not happening.
Daniel? I've seen too many players from my teams go off to school and just, they fall apart.
- Sure, but - Far from home, no support system.
That's not our kid.
You have no idea.
I don't love it, either, okay, but we need to talk to Alex.
Nothing to talk about.
Amherst is off the table.
Damn it.
I got to go.
Hey! Yeah, I'm headed to the store now.
All right, buddy! Hey, hey, I need last night's receipts.
- Hello? - I don't work here Well, then you're not much help to me, are you? - Hey, I need can you just? - I actually I need last night's receipts, can you pull those up Don't mind Chris.
He's opening up two more locations.
Doesn't know which way is up.
Ryan Delucci, sous chef.
- Assuming you're KJ? - Yeah.
You really impressed your old bosses.
Got three local chefs singing your praises.
Hope they didn't oversell me.
They better not have.
Our chef's brilliant, but she's tough.
Lost two guys last week who couldn't hack it.
She'll make the call.
I mean, you see that, don't you? The cubes are all different sizes.
I specified - a Brunoise cut.
- No problem, Chef.
We'll get it right.
Is this the new guy? Not till you say so, Chef.
Let's see a Brunoise.
There you go, Chef.
Well, keep going.
You're already behind.
Guys, there should be one more person on the line for me.
That means you're hired.
- Keep dicing.
- Okay.
You need specialty products.
I can get those, too.
You've bought from me before, haven't you? I never forget a face.
This should cover it.
Yeah? I got it.
Donovan, right? Mance.
Thought you were dead.
You don't have to worry about me.
I won't tell nobody.
I know you won't.
Bad news, boss.
Gurneys and crime scene tape aren't ever good news.
Donovan Mance is here in Hawai'i.
We've got confirmation? HPD got a partial off the door.
It matches the print on file for Mance.
BOLO's out? Yeah, I gave Kai a heads-up in case Mance shows up at the restaurant.
- Who's the victim? - Harvey Colms.
Local gun dealer and all-around lowlife.
According to HPD, he's been in business here for years.
And Mance knew how to reach out to him.
Might mean he's familiar with the island.
It also means he's armed.
And already leaving a body count.
Puree's done, Chef.
Take your five, then hit the line.
Yes, sir.
There he is.
The man behind the woman behind the finest Foie Gras Musubi I've ever tasted.
Hey, is it true that she raises her own ducks? Ernie, I've barely been here a day, and I've been kind of distracted searching for a killer.
But I have seen at least three phone extensions.
One out front, one in the kitchen, one in the office.
The last call from the restaurant to Mance's cell was this past Thursday.
Can you get me a work schedule from that day? Got it.
Sending it to you now.
I'll see if I can find any connections to Mance.
Hey, Kai be careful.
Hey! Break's over.
We're getting behind.
Wiretap's up.
We got a couple workers laying bets with a bookie.
One calling her pot dealer.
But no calls involving Donovan Mance.
Wait, so we still don't know why he's here? He's a hitman.
I'm assuming he's here for work.
He's a hitman who's been in hiding and on the run for years.
I wouldn't assume anything.
Plus we have 20 phone calls into his cell over the last year.
Just feels a little more personal than business.
And Kai hasn't found any leads? He's been there less than a day.
Yes, Lucy.
I know.
I'm just asking if he found any leads in that day? Nothing yet.
How about you? Figure out if Mance ever pulled jobs in Hawai'i? Not that FBI could prove.
But he was suspected of working for The Company back in the early '90s.
- Like the CIA? - No, like the gang.
The Company ran organized crime in Hawai'i for decades.
Got broken up a couple years ago.
We've had reports that some of the younger members of the original syndicate are trying to rebuild.
Maybe they're involved in the restaurant.
Might fit with what I found.
There's a lot of money flowing into Ho'olua.
Two new locations for a restaurant that's been open less than a year.
Okay, what do we know about Chef Alika's business partner? Chris Polis got an MBA at Columbia.
He met Alika in New York.
Any connections to criminal organizations? None through his family.
They're well off, but it's all legit.
Let's have Ernie see if he can find out who's funding the restaurant's expansion, and make sure Kai's aware of the possible connection to The Company.
So this is the new normal? Chasing violent fugitives? You in our office all the time.
It is part of the job.
Is that okay? Yep.
Okay for you? Yep.
Don't forget the kukui nut powder.
We can't serve this, it's already turning.
- 86 the branzino.
- Heard, Chef.
I'll be back.
What do you think you're doing? I just, I had to You don't ever leave the line in my kitchen without permission.
Understood, Chef.
It won't happen again.
Damn right.
You're fired.
Pack up.
This isn't gonna help anything! We're not here to help.
I'm doing everything I can here! And you're still not delivering.
Consider this an incentive.
Hey! Leave him alone.
Walk away.
This isn't your business.
All right, I'm calling the cops.
You don't listen, do you? Hey, I don't want to do this.
You should've walked.
You're screwed, Polis.
So is your friend.
You okay? No.
You just signed my death warrant.
What the hell have you gotten us into, Chris? It's not my fault! One of our employees just got his ass kicked standing up for you! Yeah, and that probably made things worse.
You got to sign the papers! I am not having this discussion.
I'm I'm sorry that you got hurt.
I'm grateful that you helped Chris.
Look, who are those guys? Nothing I can't handle.
Come back tomorrow.
You get one more chance.
If you want it.
Thank you, Chef.
You went through my things? It's not like I was snooping.
You left it out.
If I wanted you to know I would've told you.
Well, that's the question, Alex.
Why were you hiding it? I wasn't hiding it.
I was thinking about it.
'Cause you're considering going? I mean, yeah.
It's Amherst.
All right, I kind of freaked when I got it.
- It's far, but - It's too far.
We're listening, remember? That was your idea, not mine.
It is a long way from home.
I was, I was thinking about how you traveled a lot when we were little.
- It wasn't easy being apart.
- No.
But you did it.
And it didn't mean you loved us any less.
I think I could do it, too.
I think I want to.
What about UH? The coach there expressed interest.
Yeah, it's not like I've made a decision.
Whatever you decide.
We love that you have options.
You've worked really hard this year.
You've earned this.
Why am I not surprised? Dad? Dad, why are you so upset? I haven't decided.
I've got to go to work.
He's got a lot going on, okay? Just give it a beat.
Hey, I know you got a lot with the new baby coming and all No, this has nothing to do with the baby, Jane.
And the fact that you don't even know what's wrong tells me everything.
I got to go.
FBI still hasn't intercepted any calls between Mance and the restaurant.
No more sightings of him, either.
What about identifying the men who threatened Chris Polis? Ernie used the photo Kai took.
Roy Anders and Brett Watts.
Long rap sheets Aggravated battery, - assault with a deadly weapon.
- They're just muscle.
No active affiliations, but they're working for someone.
Cash Kai found at Ho'olua's most likely drug money.
Yeah, high-traffic business and construction on two new projects I mean, it's perfect for laundering.
Someone's financing Ho'olua's expansion.
Any idea who? Public record says it's a group called Envision Investments, but Envision's just a shell company.
All right, we need to figure out who's actually in charge.
Check HPD Narcotics and DEA.
See if Anders and Watts have any connection to known dealers.
Uh, Chris Polis has been negotiating the deal.
He knows the guys who beat him up.
He must know who they work for.
We could keep an eye on Polis.
Might lead us to Mance.
Good idea.
Do it.
I'm gonna check on Kai.
Looks painful.
Worth it.
Got me my job back.
Your job is to stay safe.
No, I'm good.
I'm good, boss, promise.
- And find us leads.
- Yeah.
I beat the crap out of two leads.
Yes, you did.
And we're on them.
You doing okay in the kitchen? Yeah, I'm I'm doing great actually.
I forgot how much I enjoyed it.
Your dad taught you well.
Pissed me off half the time.
But yeah.
Pop and I enjoyed cooking together.
I mean, it's maybe the only time we were in sync.
He must love having you back home.
Well, love is a strong word.
We don't get along that much.
Not anymore.
Family's complicated.
No argument there.
Kai? Try not to get in any more fights, okay? Maybe talk to Chef Alika instead.
See how much she knows about the money laundering.
I mean, I'll try, but I don't think she likes me much.
She doesn't know you like I do.
That's one of the new Ho'oula locations.
Polis reminds me of my older brother.
All flash, no bang.
Hopefully your older brother isn't involved with drug dealers.
Investment bankers.
Close enough.
That's 'cause I'm, like, I'm two steps away.
Okay, so just hold on one second.
We're not the only ones following him.
Hey, Polis? Uh, I got to call you right back.
What's up? Oh, my God! Hey, hey, whoa, whoa.
If we confront those guys, we risk blowing Kai's cover.
Can't let them kill him, either.
Keep out of sight.
- I'm not gonna lie.
This is gonna hurt.
- Huh? One finger for every day you stalled.
- No, no wait, wait, wait! - Mr.
Polis! Sorry I'm late.
I'm Ms.
Hastings with the Department of Planning and Permitting.
For the inspection? Uh yeah.
Ah, let's hope this one goes better than the last one.
Right, I'm so I'm, I got to do this.
I'll see you.
Yeah, I actually don't have time to do this.
You're gonna need to make time.
Thank God your agent was there.
Can you believe I'm from New York and I've never been mugged before? "Mugged"? Oh, yeah, it was terrible.
They wanted my watch, my money.
And what did they want last night when they assaulted you at Ho'olua? Maybe they know that, uh, my family's wealthy.
Or maybe because you're using your restaurant to launder their drug money.
What? - No.
- We know about the boxes of cash they keep in your storage room.
At the least, you're an accessory.
That's a felony, Chris.
Your best bet is to cooperate.
And let us help you.
Yeah, well, there's nothing to help with, so We know you and Jenny Alika are being pressured into signing papers.
Just tell us who's calling the shots.
We can offer you protection.
No, you can't.
Hey, Chef.
You were waiting in your car for me? Uh I-I was hoping to get a word alone.
Chatting me up will not keep your job.
Doing excellent work will.
Hey, I just wanted to say thank you.
For, um, giving me a second chance.
Convince me I made the right decision.
I will, I will.
So, Ho'olua? The north wind.
Why'd you choose that one? Just liked it.
North wind blows in strong, and then moves on.
I'm guessing that's you.
Uh, it has been.
Traveled where the work was.
Home does have a way of pulling you back though, huh? I'm not sure how long all this is gonna last.
It's 'cause of those guys, right? The ones who gave Chris a hard time.
You know, I really can't talk about it.
Hey, stop.
Listen, I-I appreciate you being my knight in shining armor Move, move, move, move! Oh, my God! You're coming with us.
Should've done this last night.
Move! Move! Hey, wait, wait, Dad! No, Dad! Dad, please put down the gun.
He's not one of them? I'm a cook, sir.
I work in her kitchen.
I-I was just trying to help.
You okay, Jenny? - You killed them.
- Yeah, they were gonna hurt you.
It's the reason you called me.
No, I called you for advice, Dad.
I-I wanted you to listen, not this! I know how these things work.
Advice won't cut it.
I'll take care of the rest.
This is NCIS Special Agent Kai Holman.
I need a bus and all available units to 607 Koa Avenue.
Armed suspect, fleeing north.
You're a cop? He did this? And many others.
You didn't know? That my father was a monster? No.
He's not listed on your birth certificate.
Mom said it was because he was some sort of criminal.
How long have you two been in touch? I don't know.
Uh, since I left for culinary school.
- He reached out to you? - No, I did.
I was in France.
I was on my own, I was lonely.
I had a old number of his.
And I called it, and he picked up.
The same number you called from the restaurant? - We found your father's phone.
- You know, we weren't really close.
But you called him last week? After I argued with Chris.
And you told him you had a problem? I just, I told him what was going on.
That these guys were pressuring us.
I didn't ask him to come here.
No one's accusing you.
But you need to tell us what's going on.
Chris brought in an investor a few months ago.
A silent partner with a lot of money, who wanted to expand the restaurant.
What's the partner's name? I don't know.
Chris said he ran some sort of, like, a a private equity group.
I could tell something was off, but Chris took the money, so suddenly these guys are just, they're in our place all the time just doing God knows what.
They're laundering money.
Yeah, I figured that out when Chris told me we had to sign over controlling interest of Ho'olua.
And he didn't mention a name? Or anything? Anything that might help us identify the investor? Because if we don't find him quickly, your father will.
Excuse me.
You find something? Maybe.
I was running known associates of the men Mance shot, trying to figure out who they were working for, and I found this guy.
Alonzo Descanso.
Arrested multiple times for drug trafficking.
Yeah, in 2004, both Descanso and Roy Anders were arrested for moving cocaine.
They served five years together.
When Descanso got out, he got back to business.
This is good, Ernie.
You have an address for Descanso? Mm, that's the problem.
He stays under the radar, moves around a lot.
I can't locate him.
- Any sign of Mance? - No.
Guy kills two men in broad daylight and somehow evades a hundred cops searching for him.
You get anything from the chef? Only one who seems to know anything is her business partner, and he's not talking.
Does he understand he's facing serious prison time? Doesn't scare him as much as Descanso.
I bet I know what'll scare him more.
Oh! I've been here for, like, 12 hours! No food, no water.
You've been here, like, four hours.
And we asked if you were hungry.
You can't hold me like this.
Actually we can.
Uh-uh, I know my rights.
If you don't charge me, you got to release me.
- You don't want that.
- Yeah, you wouldn't be safe out there.
Well, you know what, I'm gonna take my chances.
He thinks he can handle himself.
He could barely handle Descanso's guys.
Mance will eat him alive.
Wh-Who's Mance? He is the one who did this to your buddies.
He's the most wanted hitman in the country.
And he's going around killing everyone involved in your little money laundering operation.
And our guess is that you and Descanso are next on his list.
But I don't even work with Al.
I'm a victim here.
Well, you sure aren't acting like a victim.
Covering for Descanso.
Profiting from his crimes.
Though I'm curious how you got connected to a known drug trafficker.
It wasn't me.
- It was frickin' Ryan.
- Delucci? - Your sous chef? - Ryan knew Descanso from back East, said he was good people.
I should've known it was too good to be true.
Do you know how hard it is to raise money for a restaurant? We don't care, okay? All we care about is keeping you alive, and stopping Mance.
Tell us where to find Al Descanso.
Or none of that will happen.
Like we planned.
- Federal agents! - Hands where we can see them! - Hands up! FBI! - You're wasting your time.
Nothing illegal to find here.
Not looking for evidence.
Just taking out the garbage.
You got these dirtbags involved in Jenny's restaurant? - I never meant - Shut up, Ryan.
Don't open your mouth.
My lawyers will have us out in two hours.
Donovan Mance will know exactly where to meet you.
Donovan Mance is alive? I'll call Tennant, let her know we're taking them to the Bureau field office.
FBI will establish surveillance in case Mance shows up.
I hope they have plenty of agents.
Backup's on the way.
- See you there.
- Yeah.
Well, that's one drug dealer off the streets.
Jesse! - Jesse! It's Mance.
- What the hell? - Don't move, we'll get an ambulance.
- I'm all right, I'm all right.
Down! Get down! Mance's picture is everywhere.
Every agency on alert, but, I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if he's already slipped off the island.
In which case, it might be years before he surfaces again.
Ah, man.
Not liking how many of my agents are getting hurt.
I might have to take a few weeks off surfing, but I'm fine.
Sure, act all tough now.
But he was whining like a baby all the way here.
'Cause she hit every speed bump on the base.
Well, Chris Polis and Ryan Delucci are cooperating with our investigation, so at least we'll be able to dismantle whatever's left of Descanso's operation.
But Mance is still out there.
Got to be something else we can do.
Maybe one thing.
Guess I'm closing for good now.
Hey, I'm really sorry about that, but you are gonna be okay, I mean, you are really, really talented.
Pretty good cook yourself.
For a cop.
I think I'll enjoy a smaller place.
Less pressure.
More time to be creative.
I'll be first in line.
You know, I don't hate him.
He came when you called.
He cares.
Thank you.
You want me to come in? I got this.
Hello? Dad.
You shouldn't be here.
You don't have to be scared.
I'm not.
I never wanted you to know.
I wanted to be here for you.
The way I never got the chance to be.
I'm sorry.
I know.
I'm sorry, too.
Don't! Not in front of your daughter.
You knew I'd come for her.
I thought you might.
What father doesn't want to say goodbye to his little girl? It was worth it.
Hey, Coach.
You started spring training early.
Well, we've got a shot at state.
But it'll take a lot of work.
You didn't come to talk football.
You should be happy for Alex.
Getting recruited is a big deal.
Couldn't be prouder.
I only want what's best for him.
But you don't think Amherst is it? Most of my players that go to college on the East Coast, they don't come home much.
Hawai'i's just too far to travel.
That would suck.
But I don't think that's what upset you.
You were away a lot, Janie.
I didn't have a choice.
I know, and I accepted it.
But those were hard years.
I was overwhelmed, alone.
I hated it.
I know.
But you were always so kind not to say it.
You were thousands of miles away doing God knows what.
Didn't feel right putting that on you.
But hearing Alex talk about being far away thinking about not seeing him I had, um Feelings.
You had feelings.
I'm sorry, okay, that you felt that way, but that's not Alex.
He is about to do amazing things.
It's our job not to get in the way.
I know! It's gonna be hard when he goes.
It's gonna be really hard.
But we'll get through it together.
Hey, Pop.
Thought you weren't coming.
Yeah, I thought so, too.
You were right about one thing.
Just one? Mom wouldn't want us to fight.
Not just Mom.
Hey, I, um I wish I could just forget.
I wish I could put this anger behind me.
I really do.
But I just It's important to remember.
That's what this is.
Hey, you, um, you remember the the last birthday? Mom was so sick.
She couldn't have a party and so I cooked her all her favorites.
And she just wasn't up to eating.
So there was, like, all this food.
I don't remember.
Yeah, you were at the restaurant.
I was lost, Kai.
I couldn't watch her suffer.
I couldn't help her.
But you could've helped me though.
Hey, um stew's about to burn.
Yeah, you can't have that.
How about I wrap up some more lau lau, yeah? You're not gonna cheat and use string, huh? No, mine stay together better than yours.
Ey, who the one who teach you that, huh? This is how it's done.
Yeah, here, let me see, let me see.
Right here.
It's been a while.
I know, I can tell.

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