NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e20 Episode Script


1 - Crazy ♪ - Do, do, do ♪ I'm crazy for feeling ♪ So lonely ♪ I'm crazy ♪ Crazy for feeling so blue ♪ - It was absolutely insane.
- Oh, no.
No, when I landed, when you first got there, - two feet, it was so crowded.
- Oh, wow.
Uh, Neil? Oh, thank you.
I'm crazy for trying ♪ And crazy ♪ People drinking and dancing in the street.
You are so well-traveled.
Well, that's the problem with working so hard.
You have to watch life go by from inside a hotel room.
Well, I think a lot of fun things can happen in a hotel room.
I'm crazy for trying and crazy ♪ And I'm crazy ♪ For loving ♪ You ♪ NCIS.
What kind of musubi you got tonight, Holman? Hey, Johnson.
Uh, spam as usual, and I just sat down, so I figured.
You know, I've been working the security shift in Kalaeloa five nights a week for Eight years.
I know.
Right after retiring from the Marine Corps.
Yeah, and you know what my wife always says.
Nothing good happens after 1:00 a.
Yeah, and thankfully, we still have a few hours.
Speaking of, I've actually Yeah, I'm not gonna hold you.
I got a flight coming in 20 from SFO.
Some big tech billionaire in the oral hygiene space.
Coming in for the night just to go for a swim, probably.
Imagine having that kind of money, right? I wouldn't trade a cold beer and the love of a good woman for eight of those fancy jets.
Hey, that's what I love about you, Paul.
Listen, I, um - Maybe we can chat in a bit.
- Yeah.
You go ahead, have your dinner.
I'll check in on you later.
All right.
Johnson, I really Yeah.
All right, we're on our way.
Now, you could remove Betty's coil wire, distributor cap or rotor, but that's only on cars that were made before the mid-'90s.
Anything after that What's wrong? I don't see how teaching me to dismantle a car is getting me any closer to driving one.
Gracie, I'm teaching you the building blocks here.
It's important.
But that's not the point, Dad.
You're stalling.
Am not.
Look, another thing to know about cars made before the mid-'90s is that Great.
You know what? This is an excellent learning opportunity.
Let's pop the hood and find out what's wrong.
Hey, Kai, what's up? Yeah.
I got to go in.
Pick this up later? Can't wait.
I don't believe you, but I love you.
- Ooh! - Ah! Oh.
What?! You'd think I did this for a living.
- Wow, wow, wow.
- Mm-hmm.
I-I surrender to you, almighty queen of the glow-in-the-dark mini golf.
Thank you.
You know what the secret is? Superpower night vision? That.
And the Lucy Tara wrist flick.
See? - You just flick it.
- Flick it? I don't think I've been mini-golfing - since high school.
- Uh, yeah, I know it's a little silly for a first date, but No, no, it's the perfect amount of silly for a first date.
Um Oh, shoot, uh I lost you to the PGA, didn't I? Well, I'm sorry, it's work, so I-I just have to I have to go.
But can I get a rain check? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- See ya.
It's a start.
It is.
May I? Please.
It's not so much blending as it is connecting.
I, uh, completely agree.
- Better? - Much.
Learn the rules like a pro so you can break 'em like an artist.
The man knows his Picasso.
Oh, man.
I can't stay.
I'm sorry.
I go where my creativity takes me.
Picasso? Lil Wayne.
I'm sorry to ruin your Friday night.
Criminals can be so inconsiderate.
Victim is Elliott Sacks, 41.
Federal prosecutor from Arlington, Virginia.
He called the Hi-Oc from the Wembley.
A federal prosecutor from Virginia.
What's the NCIS connection? Navy Seaman Neil Blake.
Moonlights as a driver.
This is his car.
- But no Blake.
- No.
Fled the scene, but he wasn't the only one in the car.
Bellhop at their hotel says Sacks got in the Hi-Oc with a woman.
Saw them at the hotel bar together.
So this is a manhunt.
That's why I called everyone.
Any sign of the woman? Forensics found some hairs.
We'll see what they turn up, but this is Blake's eighth pickup of the night.
Right, so it could be anyone's hair.
Looks like he was shot point-blank.
Yeah, twice in the head.
Found some nine-millimeter casings in the front.
There's only 8.
1 billion rounds of those sold every year.
Was there any sign of a robbery gone wrong? Sacks still had his wallet and plenty of cash still in it.
Maybe Blake was having some sort of mental break.
It's possible.
Or maybe Blake knew the woman or Sacks and had some sort of beef.
Also possible.
If Blake is a suspect, why dump his car? - I mean, he can't get far on foot.
- He's not on foot.
HPD got a report of a stolen car a couple blocks away.
Driver was male.
Witnesses say there was a passenger.
Let me guess.
She a suspect or a hostage? I don't know, but I don't like it.
We need to find Blake and this woman before anyone else gets hurt.
Hey, what can you tell us about Blake? Good Shabbas to you, too.
Neil Blake is a machinist's mate.
Enlisted four years ago.
He's also been driving the night shifts for Hi-Oc five nights a week for the last four months.
How can a person work two full-time jobs? Money is a solid motivator.
Blake's Navy take-home pay is around 3K a month.
He probably makes double that working for Hi-Oc.
Well, maybe, but according to the app, he's had mixed reviews.
Like violent murderer mixed? Like he's not much of a talker and enjoys country music mixed.
Uh, is that a bad review or a good one? No, I mean, working five-night shifts for Hi-Oc and 40 hours a week for the Navy is a it's a solid recipe for mental burnout.
Yeah, but not necessarily a recipe for murder.
No, unless you combine burnout and a history of anger issues.
He was written up twice for insubordination.
Then, two years ago, he started a physical altercation with someone from his unit; knocked out a guy's tooth.
Was he reprimanded? All nonjudicial punishment.
He was counseled and required to see a behavioral psychologist, which he did.
No problems since.
All right, Blake had seven pickups before this one.
Why shoot a federal prosecutor? What do we know about Elliott Sacks? Ivy League undergrad, Ivy League law school.
Clerked for a federal judge, then rose in the ranks at the D.
's office until he took a job as an assistant U.
He also likes skiing and ultra-marathons.
Ooh, for those who don't think 26.
2 miles is enough.
Okay, well, any possible connections to Blake? None.
Worlds apart in every way.
Guys, what was Sacks doing on the island? Not sure.
Still waiting to hear from FBI field office to get info on any official business.
You tried Whistler? Home and cell.
No answer.
What? It's 6:00 a.
on a Saturday.
How should I know where she is? 6:00 a.
on a Saturday.
I know exactly where she is.
Yes, I will go find her.
Please and thank you.
You're here at the beach.
I am here at the beach, yeah.
It's weird.
Um, I, uh, was just looking at you.
For you.
Was looking for you.
I mean, I-I need you.
For business.
Uh, invest There's an investi We have a case.
I am just gonna try again.
Um I I am here on official business.
There was a murder, and we need your help.
Yeah, of course.
I'll grab my clothes.
You do that.
HPD's still looking for Blake and the woman in full force.
- No hits on the stolen car? - Nothing so far.
But, I mean, it's been hours.
They-they could be deep in the woods, in a ditch somewhere.
The car could have broken down, and human traffickers could have picked them up off the side of the road.
Okay, that third scenario seems a little unlikely.
Sorry, it's just, lately, I've been looking at every car on the island like a potential black hole of misery.
Gracie has her learner's permit and is now determined to get her license.
That's usually how it works.
She's a responsible kid, Jesse.
It's not her that I'm worried about.
It's every wacko with 3,382 pounds of steel at their disposal.
Blake's commanding officer says that other than the occasional complaint about being tired, Blake's been a model sailor for the last two years.
- You speak to anyone in his unit? - All of them.
All with the same headline: "Since his anger management training, he's been on the straight and narrow; a changed man.
" I would have to disagree with that assessment.
Finally found some CCTV footage of the stolen car.
That's the right make and model.
And a woman in the back seat.
He's driving like a bat out of hell, and she does not look happy.
All right, update HPD.
Let's try to get a clear image of the woman.
Identify her.
- Yep.
- Thanks.
Hey, that was Whistler.
So our dead federal prosecutor doesn't seem to be working any active cases that would have him in Hawai'i.
- So just a pleasure trip? - Not sure.
But he did put in several calls to Whistler's colleague at the FBI, Special Agent Keith Jones.
- I guess they knew each other.
- What did Jones say? He didn't want to discuss it over the phone.
Whistler's heading to his house now.
All right, Jesse, you and Lucy meet her there.
Find out why Sacks was on the island.
Whistler, what's your 20? Uh, I just arrived at Agent Jones's.
We're a few behind.
Do you have any indication why Sacks flew in? He was cagey about the whole thing.
But Jones was shocked to hear about the shooting.
I don't know, it's What's going on? Whistler! Gunshots from the house.
Be careful, Whistler.
Okay, I'm just coming up to the front door.
Do you see anything? Okay, um, Jones is dead.
Shot in the head.
Blake is here but no sign of the woman.
Where are you now? I'm covering outside.
- Blake see you? - I don't think so.
I'm not sure.
Just stay put, Whistler.
Whatever you do, do not I have to find his hostage.
- Just wait.
Whistler, do not - I'm going in.
go inside.
Federal agent.
Hands where I can see them.
Stay where you are.
I need you to get down on the ground NCIS! Put your hands on your head! Down on the ground now! You okay? - She went out the back door.
- Who? - The killer.
- Okay.
This is NCIS Special Agent Tara.
I need backup and an ambulance at 231 Keola Street.
Got a female suspect armed and dangerous, and an agent down.
You have to go after her.
No, no, I'm not going anywhere, and neither are you.
Okay, I was moving to secure Seaman Blake and, oh, she came out of nowhere.
And you didn't check your blind spots? - I thought I did.
- Well, you didn't.
'Cause she came out of nowhere.
Anything else you can tell us about her? Tattoos, piercing, a regional accent? Oh, no, we didn't exactly make small talk.
You put the compress back on your jaw.
I'm fine, Lucy.
Nothing is fine about this situation.
You went in without backup.
You should've waited for us.
- I mean, you could have been killed.
- All right.
She knows that she got in a bit too deep, but I think she learned a lesson.
And thanks to her, we have Blake in custody, so - Put the compress - On the jaw.
Yeah, got it.
- Who's that? - Uh, my boss.
Uh, ASAC Curtis, this is Agent Tara and Agent Boone, NCIS.
- How are you? - Oh, I-I'm fine.
Just some bruises.
Uh And some minor head trauma.
I briefed Agent Boone and Agent Tara on everything I know about the suspect, and I intend to No, go to Tripler.
Yes, sir.
Look, I don't know what the hell happened in there, but I lost one agent today, and that's enough.
We're really sorry about Agent Jones.
Is it true that you went into that house without backup? - What were you thinking? - I Thank heavens she did.
Yeah, because there-there wasn't a moment to spare.
And because of Whistler, we now have a suspect in custody back at NCIS and invaluable info on the other.
Yeah, and what we need now is to find a connection between our two victims.
Well, Agent Jones and, uh, Elliott Sacks were friendly.
They worked together in D.
a few years back.
Do you know what Sacks was doing on Oahu? I don't know.
But I intend to find out.
I'll look through, uh, Agent Jones' notes and his calendar back at the field office.
- Do you mind if I join? - I insist.
I'm glad you're okay.
All right, I'm gonna wrap up here, head back to Pearl.
Feel better, Whistler.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I arrived at the hotel.
Sacks and the woman got in.
Uh, he was telling her a story.
Yeah, what kind of story? Something about travel.
And then what happened? One minute, they were kissing, and then she just shoots him.
Out of the damn blue.
I-I tried to jump out, but she put the gun on me and said to keep driving.
But you abandoned the car.
There was blood all over the window.
She forced me to steal another one.
Did she tell you why she was doing this? No.
But she had a plan.
Gave me an address and said she wanted me to drive there.
Said if I didn't follow her instructions or tried to get help, she would kill me.
Neil, what happened in that house? We-we snuck in through the back door.
She sent me first.
The guy was eating breakfast.
And he just looked at me surprised, then then she shot him.
God, the look on his face.
You're doing great, okay? I need you to dig deep, Neil.
Can you think of anything else she said to you? Um Uh, she called me "Rain.
" Rain? Like, uh, like from the sky? No, like, like, "Keep driving, Rain.
" I think, uh, I think she had an accent.
Yeah, I-I don't know from where, but it wasn't American.
That's a good detail, Neil.
Is there anything else? Like, anything that could explain why this woman killed two people? Two people? Uh, there were three.
- We made another stop before the house.
- Where? The Honolulu Palm Hotel.
Room 303.
Just spoke to Kai.
HPD confirmed a third body at the Honolulu Palm.
A New York lawyer shot in his bed.
Two lawyers and an FBI agent.
They gotta connect.
- What do you got on the lady-killer? - Uh, not much.
Working on a sketch to give to law enforcement, and then I'm gonna send out to international databases, too.
Where'd you get this? I drew it based on CCTV footage and Blake's description.
Like with your hands? No, Jesse, with my feet.
What's wrong? It's hard to get an accurate jawline based on hearsay.
No, I'm actually really impressed.
I'm more of a stick-figure guy myself.
You don't say.
It's gonna take a beat till I can narrow down where this woman might be from.
I mean, there's 195 Interpol offices around the world.
All right.
Hey, what about Rain? No impact on the process.
No, man, Kai said that our suspect called Blake "Rain.
" Said, "Keep driving, Rain.
" Rain? What does that mean? Might be, like, a nickname.
Like, I got a buddy Dave we call Pinky.
Why? 'Cause he's always there but doesn't do much.
What? You thinking nickname? No.
Sort of.
It's not "Rain.
" It's rehén.
For "hostage.
" That may just narrow the field.
Thank you.
I never met Agent Jones, but I I know it's a great loss.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, he, uh he was a good one.
He brought us, uh, malasadas every Friday.
Kept me off a diet for four years.
Well, we'll get his killer.
Jane Tennant's never let me down.
Good news.
Whistler is gonna be fine.
That's great.
She was a big gift for us after turning down that promotion at DIA.
- Uh, promotion? - Yeah.
They wanted her in a management role in D.
Whistler wanted to stay in Hawai'i.
- Lucky for us, I guess.
- Yeah.
His notepad.
You think this is in code? This is today's.
"Deposition 10:00 a.
" Was Jones supposed to be at a deposition today? - On a Saturday? - Yeah.
I'll make some phone calls, see what I can find out.
Uh, by the way, Agent Curtis, you were lucky to get Whistler.
Adam Greensboro, defense attorney from Rye, New York, specializing in corporate liability law.
Shot in the head twice, just like the other two.
He arrived yesterday and was scheduled to leave tomorrow.
Flew in all the way from New York for a weekend visit.
Didn't even pack a bathing suit.
A federal prosecutor, an FBI agent, and now a defense attorney? No way this is a coincidence.
The federal prosecutor and Agent Jones were friendly, but there's no evidence they were working a case together.
And there's nothing connecting Adam Greensboro to either of them.
Definitely smells like a professional hit.
And she may not be done.
Come on, guys, we have got to find the connection between these three victims.
What were the lawyers doing on the island? Uh, we-we may have an answer.
And you're right, she's not done.
There are no official cases linking Federal Prosecutor Sacks to Defense Attorney Greensboro.
At least not on public record.
Waiting for a "but.
" But when we went through Agent Jones's notes, we found something about a deposition taking place today at 10:00 a.
Yet no deposition exists on the official calendar of either the prosecutor or the defense attorney.
Figure the deposition was secret.
What kind of case requires this much secrecy? An extremely high-profile one.
We found another piece in Jones's notes.
The initials C.
This is where things get interesting.
Our defense attorney Greensboro specializes in corporate liability, and was recently retained by Carter Dunlap: C.
As in Dunlap Armor? One of the biggest arms manufacturers in the country.
Two brothers, Carter and Jeremy.
But things are not going well.
They're facing international civil suits for their role in smuggling arms to South American cartels.
There have been whispers of criminal charges.
The attorney general wants to hold them - personally responsible.
- If that's true, it would be huge.
Arms manufacturers have never been successfully prosecuted.
And governments never had an inside witness before.
Rumor is Carter's gonna turn on his brother, come clean about selling guns to the cartels.
Well, if Carter Dunlap testifies, his company goes down.
And all these cartels could go down with them.
Pretty strong argument for hiring an assassin.
Murder everyone involved in the deposition.
Where's Carter now? No idea, but it's a safe bet He's on Oahu, with a target on his back.
Carter Dunlap's not listed on any commercial flights into Honolulu in the last two weeks.
Still checking private.
You check flights to Maui, Kauai and the Big Island? Yeah.
And cruise ships and yachts and fishing boats.
And he's not registered at any hotels, either.
Maybe he's using an alias.
Maybe he's just not here at all.
He's definitely on the island.
Dude, how long have you been there? I don't know, a few hours.
Got a little lonely downstairs.
How do you know Dunlap's on Oahu? Manifest from Kalaeloa Airfield.
He was on a NetJet from Wilmington to Honolulu arriving last night.
- Any idea where he is now? - Not yet.
I know someone who could help.
Paul Johnson.
He works night security at Kalaeloa, so if Carter Dunlap arrived there, Johnson definitely spoke to him.
All right, Kai and Jesse, go talk to him.
Maybe he'll help us track Dunlap.
Well, look what the cat dragged in.
Come on in, fellas.
Can I fix you some coffee? No, we're okay.
- I'm sorry if we woke you.
- Nah, nah.
I'm just getting ready to fix some breakfast.
At 2:00 p.
? That's early in the morning for me.
You know, I've been telling Holman here for months that he needs to stop by and look at my stamps.
Did he tell you that I have a U.
Air Mail six-cent red? Uh, no, he never mentioned that.
Johnson, we're actually here on business.
We have some questions for you that may help with an investigation.
Uh, this isn't a personal visit? Master Sergeant Paul Johnson, retired, at your service.
At ease, Top.
We're looking for some info on a passenger that arrived at your airport last night.
Carter Dunlap.
He was on a NetJet arriving from Wilmington.
At 2318 hours.
Came in with a bodyguard.
Left in a hurry.
You have any idea where he was headed? I tried to chat him up, but he's not the friendly type.
I can find out where he went.
- You can? - No problem.
He got into a car service with my buddy Alan.
He's the one who shore-fishes in Kaena.
Think you can give him a call? Well, my little black book is in the kitchen.
I can call him right now.
You and Paul are tight.
No, honestly, I barely know the guy.
I met him getting coffee once before night shift.
I left my wallet in the car, and then he just spotted me.
Now he calls me every night shift like clockwork.
Guess it's kismet You helping out some lonely guy and now he's helping us solve a case.
No, he's not lonely.
He's got a wife he doesn't stop talking about.
So, mostly, I just try and get him off the phone.
All right.
Alan said he dropped your dude off at 4562 Waiholo Street in Kahala.
Little after midnight.
Does that help? It does.
Hey, thank you, Paul.
Of course.
- Anytime.
- Yeah.
Kahala address is a luxury Airbnb.
Carter booked it under an alias.
Sounds like a lovely location for a secret deposition.
Hopefully not a lovely location for a murder.
- You got a moment? - Not really.
You're gonna want to hear this.
Hot off the presses.
We got a hit on a suspect all the way from sunny Brazil.
Andrea Medina? Born in Argentina.
Former soldier in the Brazilian drug trade, with ties to various cartels.
She's been linked to at least 20 murders for hire in South America.
Sounds like she's expanded her business to the U.
Someone in the cartels or the Dunlap organization probably hired her to stop this deposition.
That's why we got to go.
Good luck.
I'll be here.
Federal agents.
Open up.
We're gonna need Boom-Boom to open this.
Who is it? Federal agents, Mr.
Open the door.
We're looking for Carter Dunlap.
Ask for I.
, Martin.
Can I see some I.
? Mr.
Dunlap, we're NCIS agents.
We need to talk to you right away.
Ask them what this is about.
There's been a series of murders in the last 15 hours.
Every one of them is connected to you.
I knew it.
It's okay, Martin.
They're here to help.
I-I knew something was wrong when Greensboro didn't show.
We know this all must be very upsetting.
All this planning to get here Mr.
Dunlap, we know about the troubles your company is facing.
The civil lawsuit, the possible criminal investigation.
We believe someone or some outfit has a strong interest in stopping your deposition.
I know exactly who's behind it.
My brother Jeremy.
Okay, you think your brother hired a hit woman to stop your deposition? I know he has offshore bank accounts to take care of problems like me.
That is why I am trying to stop him.
He's taken the good name of my family's company.
He's gotten in bed with-with drug dealers, thieves.
I think you should come with us.
Why? Do you think the killer knows where I am? Yes, we do.
You'll be safer at Pearl Harbor under protective custody.
Whatever you say.
I-I will go.
Martin, we need to pack a bag.
My clothes.
All the gluten-free items from the cupboard.
Yes, sir.
I'll go with you.
No, it's okay.
Martin knows where my things are.
Does he really think I was gonna help him pack? No sign of Andrea out here.
So unless we go Shots fired from inside the house! Get down! Get down! Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.
Three shots from the upper level.
Suspect's still in the house.
- Kai, Lucy.
- Clearing the house.
We got to get Carter out of here.
Let's go, Carter.
Let's go.
Out there in the open? Better than in here with the shooter.
I got her! Heading towards the beach side of the property! You okay? Yeah.
But she's not.
Chamomile tea.
Splash of milk? It's got some milk in it, yeah.
This looks like an interrogation room.
Because it is.
Safest place you could be.
Let's take this time to chat.
I hope we can keep it brief, considering my brother hired someone to kill me today.
Must be hard.
Your own brother hiring a hit woman to murder a federal prosecutor, an FBI agent and your defense attorney.
It's a known fact that he's been doing business with drug cartels.
This was his attempt to silence me.
And he hired one of the best.
My father always said, "If you're gonna do something, do it right.
" Why do you think she shot your bodyguard and not you? I don't know.
Clearly, she was aiming for me.
And missed? I got lucky.
I don't think she missed, Mr.
I think murdering your bodyguard was her exact order.
And all the orders came from you.
That's absurd.
Everyone who was killed in the last 24 hours was an important player in the case against your family's company.
And I was next.
Except your bodyguard.
He wasn't important.
He was a sacrifice.
To make it look like you were the target.
That's ludicrous.
I am the whistleblower here.
- My brother - We just spoke to your brother.
He's got a much different and yet similar story.
Says he's the one about to turn state's evidence against the company.
And those offshore bank accounts that you told us belong to your brother Well, we did some digging and they're yours.
Four $100,000 payments made to a Brazilian bank account linked to Andrea Medina.
So you might want to start this story from the beginning.
I want to speak to my lawyer.
That's gonna be hard.
Since you had him murdered.
I'm gonna grab a tea.
You should be horizontal.
Oh, the-the doctor said movement is good for a cracked rib.
Really? No.
Uh, not even close.
So, I heard you-you took down Andrea Medina.
She won't be hurting anyone anymore.
Look, I'm, uh I'm sorry about being so hard on you earlier.
"Feelings are like waves.
"You can't stop 'em from coming, but you can choose which one to surf.
" Wow.
I did not have Lucy surf quotes on my bingo card today.
I've, um I've been seeing this I, uh Never mind.
Well I Well, I guess I should go.
Is it true? Uh What? That you turned down a big job in D.
so you could stay-stay here in Hawai'i? Yes.
Why didn't you tell me? Well I-I was I was going to, and then, you know, all that all that business with Cara happened No.
No, don't.
I-I will not let you hurt me anymore.
I won't let you do this to me.
- Because I wanted to be closer to you? - No.
No, because you ruined everything.
Because we had something so special.
Then you broke my heart into a million pieces.
Because I loved you, Kate.
I Don't.
Don't say anything else, please.
Didn't expect to find you in here, Gracie Grace.
Someone had to work on Betty.
Try her out.
- You fixed her.
- Yeah.
Turns out she just needed a jump.
Luckily, we had the Subaru.
How'd you know how to do that? YouTube, Dad.
How 'bout we take the old girl for a spin? Really? You think I'm ready? Yeah.
I think you're more than ready.
How 'bout we take the Subaru instead? Sure.
You're back.
Sorry about last night.
- I-I had a work emergency.
- Oh.
Well, you're welcome to finish.
Take all the time you need.
Hey, listen, Marci.
I have something to admit to you.
This is bad.
It's really bad.
I'm actually a-a much better artist than this.
I know.
You-you do? Mm.
"Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.
" Pablo Picasso.
So can I just cut to the chase and can I buy you a cup of coffee? Or do I have to sign up for another ten-lesson package? Let's see what you can actually do first.
Mom, I'm home! Hi, honey! Hey.
How you doing? Yeah, I was, um I was just just thinking about you.
Yeah? All right, what's on the menu?
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