NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e21 Episode Script


1 Island days, dancing daughters ♪ I can't get enough ♪ Of these island days ♪ - Oh, yeah ♪ - Wow.
Take me back to Honolulu ♪ Yeah, that surf is high and I'm flying ♪ - You've got to let go of me.
- What? Stop.
- Will you just listen to me? - If you don't let go of me Oh, what are you gonna do about it? Hey! Sir.
Let go of the woman right now.
Why don't you back off, bro? We all just need to take a breath, okay? Cool down.
See, that's what a real man talks like.
- That's how a real man - Oh, that's how Hey! Oh, sign of a good date.
What? No.
The Great British Bake Off kept me up.
You ditched the new girl to watch polite people baking bread? Tree cakes, actually.
You should've seen the chocolate conifer.
Actually, I have seen that one.
That's 'cause I'm married and all we do is watch TV.
What's your excuse? Just felt like staying in.
Victim is Marine Corporal Mason Cartwright.
Doing the tourist thing and got caught up on a business end of a domestic dispute.
HPD thinks wrong place, wrong time.
Looks like a single stab wound.
Yeah, that's all it took.
Cartwright was dead before the paramedics arrived.
What are you thinking? Most sharp-force injuries take a long time to kill.
Our Good Samaritan died within moments of being stabbed.
So, where's our couple now? They fled.
HPD put out a BOLO, but still no trace.
Dude comes to Hawai'i for some R & R and never makes it back home.
Mason Cartwright wasn't here for R & R.
He's billeted as embassy security in Manila.
Why was he so far from his post? According to his CO, he was on island for Special Reaction Team training.
Had PT scheduled at 0500 this morning.
But he was out late last night.
That doesn't seem smart.
Feels off to me.
Random acts of violence? See it all the time.
Yeah, but what if it wasn't so random? You think Cartwright knew the couple? Had a prior beef? According to his record, he didn't have any beef.
According to witnesses, he was just trying to be a nice guy.
Sure, but my Jesse sense is tingling.
Your Jesse sense? Yeah, street sense.
Cop sense.
You'll develop a Lucy sense one day.
Oh, I already got one.
Those shoes don't go with that shirt.
Agree to disagree.
It's the single stab wound that's got me thinking.
Most stab victims die from sepsis - or blood loss.
- Exactly.
This guy was dead before he hit the ground.
Go to autopsy.
Talk to Chase.
Lucy, Kai, check in with Ernie.
See if he can use any CCTV footage to find out what happened to our missing couple.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Did you know I shacked up with a shohet during med school? A sha-what? A shohet.
Kosher butcher.
Had hands smooth like a baby alpaca.
- Okay.
- He could slaughter and take a cow apart from hoof to snout in moments flat.
- Not a wasted move.
- You know, Dr.
Chase, sometimes I'm not sure if you're kidding or not.
The morphology of the wound, especially the Langer's lines and the distensibility of the collagen fibers is far from normal.
Speak to me like I didn't go to med School.
And failed biology.
For inexperienced knifemen, there's normally some rough cutting during insertion and withdrawal.
The Langer's lines are how we determine that.
So, for an experienced knifemen like your Leo? Not a wasted move.
This was a clean thrust that severed the abdominal aorta.
One strike, one kill.
So what you're saying is whoever murdered Corporal Cartwright knew what they were doing.
Suppose I could have led with that, but it's nice to reminisce.
Uh, thank you.
Hey, can I ask you a quick question? Do you think these, uh, shoes go with this shirt? The question is do you? I've got good news and I got bad news.
Good news is CCTV caught the male suspect in the act of stabbing Cartwright.
Bad news is both suspects' faces are obscured.
One day, I'd like to come down here and have you say, "I got good news and I got better news.
" And I want to go to one swing competition where my dance partner actually knows how to do an anchor step into a Lindy Hop swing out.
You know how to swing dance? - You don't? - I don't like it.
Yeah, it's a little 1996, but these feet must fly.
- Not the dancing.
- Oh.
The suspects.
After Cartwright is stabbed, they run in different directions.
Almost as if they knew where the cameras were.
Yep, rewinding.
So if this was a crime of passion, they'd be frantic and sloppy, not Calculated and methodical.
Any way to track where they went? There are over 800 CCTV cameras in Waikiki, not to mention all the Ring, ATM and dashboard cams.
Is that a yes or a no? That's a statement of fact.
I have an algorithm scrubbing the feeds as we banter.
It's designed to capture their unique images and only pull footage of them.
But you just said we don't have their faces.
Faces? Where we're going, we don't need faces.
The computer vision that verifies the authenticity of my vintage Jordans can also isolate the suspects by their clothing with a few modifications by yours truly.
Sometimes even I'm impressed by me.
Zoom in on that piece.
That does not look like a couple in the middle of a huge fight.
No license plate, staged argument, knowledge of CCTV cameras.
They planned this.
Looks like Cartwright's murder was an orchestrated hit.
- Still don't know why.
- I spoke to the organizers of the Special Reaction Team training.
Cartwright didn't attend any of the events.
Came all the way from the Philippines not to train? Why? According to his calendar, to attend a different meeting this afternoon.
The Kekoa Conference Room is at the Kahua Koa Hotel.
That's pretty far from K-Bay.
Any more details? No, that's it.
All right, it's 1:30.
If we leave now, maybe we can find out.
According to hotel management, it's supposed to be some kind of cultural seminar, but they didn't have a list of attendees.
Let's see what there is to see.
Whoa, whoa, stop right there.
Whoa, whoa, what the hell? - We're federal agents.
- Just shut up, now.
I got the subjects.
We're heading to alpha.
Look, if you just check our credentials Is this really happening? Special Agent in Charge Tennant.
Joe? What are you doing here? I could ask you the same thing.
- You want to explain yourself? - I've been on the island for two days.
And I know I said I would call if I came back I was talking about the attempted kidnapping, but Yes.
- Right.
- But yes, a call would have been nice.
Maybe you want to have these guys - let us go now? - Yeah.
Of course.
They're okay.
Guns? I'm assuming this is about - Corporal Cartwright.
- Yes.
And if you're here and he's not, I'm assuming it all went sideways.
Let's take a walk.
So you don't think Cartwright's stabbing was a coincidence? Pretty damn convinced it wasn't.
Especially since you were supposed to meet for a secret meeting.
You look good, by the way.
I You too.
But let's try to stay on task.
What's going on here? It's complicated, Jane.
What do you know about the situation in Southeast Asia? Non-state actors making moves, hotbed of brewing turmoil.
What about the Russians' stake in it? Well, they're allegedly backing it, though your tone suggests it's more than "allegedly.
" I missed this.
Discussing international affairs connected to a murder? Me too.
We're trying to prevent a proxy war between us and the Russians.
- That's the macro.
- What's the micro? Commander Thomas Kelley.
Worked the Russia desk at the Pentagon.
Got picked up in Moscow, is being held on trumped up charges.
- Bold move by the Russians.
- Equal and opposite reaction in their minds, because a while back, we picked up one of theirs: Anton Breskov.
Former Russian diplomat.
Grabbed by the FBI in Virginia with a thumb drive full of intel on our actions in Southeast Asia.
He was a spy.
Is Kelley? - No.
- How can you be sure? Because I am the one who sent him to brief our ambassador.
No cloak and dagger.
All aboveboard, just chitchat.
What's the punch line? Prisoner exchange.
Breskov for Kelley.
Happening in 48 hours in Manila.
No one is supposed to know.
What does any of this have to do with Cartwright's murder? Because Cartwright did know.
Heard you got detained.
He spent ten minutes in an air-conditioned room.
Not exactly Attica.
It was 14 minutes, and the security guys were rude.
But Jesse's sacrifice helped us learn why Cartwright was in Hawai'i.
You said he had intel on a classified prisoner exchange? Claimed there was a threat.
The exchange is off the books.
How would Cartwright even know? He was approached with intel in a karaoke bar in Manila.
Yeah, source knew the code name for the exchange.
Operation Switchback.
And what day it was happening.
Enough to convince Milius to have Cartwright brought here to get debriefed.
Source say what kind of threat? If he did, we'll never know.
Cartwright was killed before he could give any details.
And the karaoke source? Felipe Sultero.
Local government driver.
Could've overheard something in the back of his car.
But he was murdered two days ago.
No suspects.
Look, there's nothing we can do about Manila.
Where are we on Cartwright's killers? - Still in the wind.
- We need to find them.
Or at least identify them.
David and Anna Freeloff.
Married couple from Portland, Oregon.
Professional disruptors.
They go into peaceful protests and turn them into riots.
Tied to several radical groups, but we believe they're financed by the Russians.
Where'd you get all this? The Freeloffs have been on the FBI watch list since a Russian dissident took a leap in front of an oncoming train in Chicago.
They're responsible for that, too? That's the theory.
The Freeloffs arrived on Oahu four days ago and checked into an Airbnb outside K-Bay.
Where are they now? Best guess is they're bugging out.
We're monitoring travel in and out of the island.
I don't get it.
If the Freeloffs work for the Russians, then why would Moscow try to screw up their own prisoner exchange? Find them and we can ask.
I just spent the afternoon in conference with the DOD and State Department.
Your posture suggests it didn't go well.
They're not thrilled to know that just anyone on the streets of Manila is aware of our clandestine prisoner exchange.
So they called it off? I convinced them not to.
Thomas Kelley works at a desk.
He writes reports and attends dinners.
And now he's being held God knows where, as a spy.
Because of me.
And it is on me to get him back.
State made it very clear, I'm officially the sacrificial lamb on this.
That's a dubious honor.
Look, can you delay the exchange for at least a week? Give my team a fighting chance? No.
Delay means we start from scratch.
It's now or never.
There's something you're not telling me.
State Department is nervous.
They would only sign off if I gave them assurances that the exchange would be secure.
And how'd you do that? I told them I'd have an ex-CIA officer who's fluent in Tagalog and Russian who'd cover my six.
You told them that, huh? Big NCIS already approved it.
What do you say, Jane? Ever see Manila in the springtime? And exactly how are we supposed to get there? Was hoping you'd help me out with that, too.
Okay, everyone's numbers are here.
The neighbors, police station, fire station.
The plumber we normally use.
The backup plumber Fish and Wildlife? Yeah, they owe me one.
Hero stuff.
Look, if you're worried about anything Mom, I'm not the one who's worried.
I know.
I You got this.
- But if there's ever a problem - There won't be.
- But if there is - I'll handle it.
And by "handle it," you mean Call Dad immediately.
Look, I know that he's got the new baby, and You got to go.
Hey, make sure Julie eats, all right? And doesn't just move the food around the plate, okay? Because if she's grumpy, it's 'cause she's hungry.
And she Hang on.
Jesse, what's up? We got a hit on the Freeloffs.
TSA flagged security footage of them heading into the airport.
I'm meeting Kai and Lucy there now.
Okay, call me when you take them down.
Got it.
Hero stuff? Yes.
I love you.
Love you.
Eyes open.
This is their terminal.
Got her.
On our three.
Hat and sunglasses.
Any sign of the husband? Doesn't look like it.
All right, let's take it easy.
Anna Freeloff.
Federal agents.
Hey, move, move! Move, move! Where'd they go? Which way? Geez.
Took y'all long enough.
Not all of us were fliers, Luce.
Anna Freeloff's in custody.
Team's questioning her now.
We got 11 hours in the air to get to the bottom of the threat to our prisoner exchange.
Let them worry about that and we'll worry about getting to Manila.
How did you pull this off? When Jane Tennant has a need, the United States Coast Guard provides.
Hey, Neil.
Captain Milius, Special Agent Neil Pike.
- Captain.
- Thank you for this.
Hey, we were running a mission to Manila anyway.
Part of Operation Big Blue.
- Don't ask.
- What's Operation Big Blue? It's maritime fishery enforcement.
Combating I.
Illegal, unregulated, unreported fishing.
It's a global issue with national security implications.
But I shook a few trees, pulled a few strings, and voilà.
The plane is Marcella? Yeah, I named her.
No one else likes it.
I don't care.
She's my girl.
Appreciate the assist, Neil.
You're family, Jane.
Like cousin Sentinels.
Mayb Mm, maybe not first cousins.
Probably second cousins.
Or first cousins once removed.
I had a cousin on my mother's side once, she was She, well, she was more like a sister, - like a stepsister.
- Neil.
We were very close.
Got to get to work.
Oh, right.
Copy that.
Fly safe.
He's one of the Kremlin's top spies.
Good morning, Captain.
And to you, Mr.
This is Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant.
She'll be accompanying us to Manila.
This sojourn just got a little more interesting.
He seems relaxed.
You're worried about this.
So are you.
Or you wouldn't have asked me to come.
Anna Freeloff.
Founder of the Northwest Russian Relief Group, The Pacific Communist Foundation and the Upper Oregon Socialist Society.
Total membership, two people.
You and your husband.
It is a crime to have alternative political beliefs? It is not.
Murder, though, is absolutely a crime.
Especially premeditated murder.
Even more when it's at the command of a foreign actor.
I didn't murder anyone.
Well, technically, it was your husband, but you were there.
Staged the fight so Corporal Cartwright would intercede.
And you drove the getaway car.
That's accessory to murder, before and after the fact.
So you might as well have wielded the knife.
The only thing I'm guilty of is seeing the tyranny of the U.
Is that why you ran at the airport? Tyranny? No.
I ran because you were chasing me.
Look, I'm a political prisoner.
You're a hired killer.
And your little organizations are probably just a front for Russian intelligence.
Now you're gonna tell us why you murdered Cartwright, who hired you and where your husband is.
Or we're gonna throw the full force of the law at you.
I don't recognize your law, I don't accept your authority and I'm not gonna answer any of your questions.
Anna, this isn't a game.
It's war.
You talk like you're someone important.
Some major player.
A political prisoner? You're none of these things.
You're the help.
Completely disposable.
Except with us.
You have a chance here to actually matter.
So we're gonna ask you one more time.
Who hired you to kill Corporal Cartwright? And I'll repeat it again, but slower this time, so that maybe you understand.
I have nothing to say.
Brought you some tea.
Uh, this could be called many things.
Well, it's not the Perlov Tea House, - but it's what we've got.
- Ah.
You know Moscow? A little.
As a tourist.
You do not give the sense of a tourist.
What sense do I give? No sense at all.
Which means you are like me.
A spy? A patriot.
Well, I've been called many things.
You are clever.
Must have served you well for your work abroad.
I'm more interested in your work.
I am not clever, but I'm charming.
People like to talk to me, I like to listen.
This is what you call spying.
Stealing a thumb drive with national security documents is what I call spying.
But I was caught.
Which does not make me a very good spy.
Good enough for your government to want you back.
Mm, for appearances at least.
Is there any reason the Russians might not want this to happen? Any rivals who'd prefer you to stay with us? Too many to mention.
That's not an answer.
You are worried this exchange will be a failure.
Something has happened? There have been some complications in the last few days.
I am Russian.
Complications come with the territory.
But I am convinced this exchange will go smoothly.
You got a minute? State Department is curious if you got anything from him yet.
He's concerned.
Doesn't seem concerned.
That's the first clue.
This exchange is meant to be a step towards peace.
We are so close to success.
Everyone is stressed.
You ever think that maybe they don't want peace? Breskov say that? He knows more than he's saying.
Maybe when we land, we can discuss it over dinner? Yeah, that's a good idea.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Take Breskov out, get him off his game.
And maybe he knows the bigger play here.
Exactly what I was thinking.
Lower, lower, lower.
That was ten.
That was eight.
And if you want to do something right I don't want to do this at all.
What are you doing? Someone's at the door.
Yeah, and you have no idea who.
That's why I'm gonna open it.
Uncle Ernie.
Sorry, the door was locked, which is, like, the first time ever.
That's number one of Mom's 27 conditions for staying here alone.
You brought us food? Every variety of greasy goodness.
No veggies, Julie.
- Mom put you up to this? - What? No.
She totally trusts her teenage son to watch the house alone.
- Yeah, I'm not buying it.
- You guys, I am not here to babysit.
I promise.
You want to watch R-rated movies, eat junk food all night, run the thermostat at full blast? Go for it.
That sounds way better than "conditioning.
" Alex is making me do burpees all night.
You know, back in the day, your Uncle E was quite the athlete.
Starting center, varsity water polo.
I could do 50 burpees without breaking a sweat.
Watch this.
Oh, God! Oh, God.
Oh Oh, God, oh, God.
Okay, Uncle E? Yeah, just-just give me a sec.
I didn't warm up, so I-I'll do the other 48 later.
Sure you don't need any help? Uh Well, since you're asking Maybe drop a few wings down here? Whoa, Ernie.
What happened? Kids, Luce, don't have them.
Uh, to be clear, you're talking about Alex and Julie.
There aren't any little Ernies I don't know about.
Just the tiny Tennants.
Well, I can barely make it to a third date, so children are definitely off the menu.
Oh, I thought you and Skylar had a vibe.
We did We do.
We do.
I just I keep flaking on her.
And for stupid reasons.
To, like, watch TV or clean the bathroom.
I'm just thinking maybe I'm not ready to vibe right now.
Or maybe you just want to vibe with someone else.
Someone taller, maybe? Blonder? - Wears a badge? - Ernie.
What? The heart wants what it wants.
Well, right now, what my heart wants is to change the subject.
Okay, asked and answered.
Anna Freeloff.
Who seems to only vibe with kicking ass.
Yeah, she's hardcore, which my jaw already knows.
That's not the only hardcore thing about her.
She was orphaned at a young age, grew up on some sort of backwoods Washington commune.
Founded the Che Guevara Club in college.
Went to the former Soviet Bloc in the early aughts to meet other would-be revolutionaries.
Not sure we're learning anything new.
Well, I haven't told you about the husband yet.
David Freeloff.
Raised in the Seattle suburbs, family fully intact.
He was an honors student with a major in sociology.
No radical ideas, no survival training Until he met Anna.
His heart wanted her whilst she wants radical revolution.
Dollars to donuts, she planned this whole thing and he's her pawn.
We can't break Anna 'cause she's too committed to the cause.
But David will break like Tommy Feingold's nose during varsity regional finals.
If only he hadn't slipped away from the airport.
Did he, though? CCTV shows David entering but never coming back out.
He didn't get on any flights, either, so He's still there.
I'll admit, when you offered to buy me dinner, I imagined a little more ambience.
- Oh, no.
- And fewer armed guards.
You and me both.
I trust you'll join me for wine.
We're on duty.
So this is a business dinner.
It appears so.
Look, I want to be honest with you.
How refreshing.
The exchange tomorrow is in danger.
Of course it is.
You're not surprised? Very little surprises me.
Several people have been killed.
And there's a good chance the killing is not done.
You think it's my government? Who else? Well, yours, for starters.
No way.
Oh, because United States has always acted in good faith? Because my friend's life is on the line, and I would like to get him back.
Who do you think is responsible? I've been out of the game for a year.
Hard to tell.
What does the Group think? I'm sorry, the Group? Collection of State Department-backed Russian, American and international back-channelers.
The ones who set up this exchange in the first place.
I've never heard of them.
Well, now I know you're not being honest.
You're sitting with one right now.
So it is him who hasn't been honest.
Which is strange, considering how close you two obviously are.
- We're just colleagues.
- Yes Very strange.
The first rule of the Group, never talk about the Group.
But to answer your question, Mr.
Breskov, we don't know who's threatening the exchange, either.
In Russia, we have a saying.
"In the house of the hanged man, they mention not the rope.
" And it's a Spanish saying.
Quite clever.
Yes, perhaps it is.
Either way, let's enjoy our meal.
Shall we order from the seven-course chef's menu, huh? Not seeing David Freeloff anywhere.
Ernie says he never left.
TSA and security are on the lookout, so if he's here, they'll find him.
What if he's in a disguise? Yeah.
Of course, Lucy, they're checking any passengers lingering around here.
Passengers, right? What about employees? Let's be smart about this, David.
No one needs to get hurt.
How's Anna? She's fine.
Why don't we go see her? Breskov is secure, finally.
He gave me a souvenir to take home.
How thoughtful.
Not really.
He took it from the honor bar.
Taxpayer money at work.
That is not how I saw dinner going.
I could tell.
This is you.
It is.
Listen I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the Group.
Clandestine trips to Hawai'i.
Secret organizations.
You are full of surprises these days.
Well, I guess this is good night.
Thank you for being here.
Joe? I mean, the night's not over yet.
Just saying.
What did you have in mind? I don't know.
Surprise me.
What's going on, Lucy? I, uh, nothing.
I'm just, uh It's I'm texting someone.
It's no big deal.
Uh, with the Freeloffs.
You just, you've had them both in custody for a while.
- Uh - Been working them all night.
Neither one will budge.
You try prisoner's dilemma? Prisoner's dilemma, Nash bargaining, the stag hunt.
My wife studied game theory in college.
Bottom line, they won't crack.
You try Say Anything? Not familiar with that technique.
It's not a technique.
It's a movie.
John Cusack, Ione Skye.
You don't know what a Game Boy is, but you know Say Anything? Oh, it's such a good film.
About the power of love.
Anyway, I I think it would it would help us get through to David.
Lucy, you up for it? Me? Uh Sure.
Worth a shot.
You look awful.
You need to eat.
Get some strength.
It's not hunger that's bothering him.
He's worried.
I mean there's some serious charges he's facing.
And his wife.
Life sentences, if they're lucky.
Maximum security prisons.
Not really fair for you, considering Anna manipulated you into killing.
- Nobody manipulated me.
- Doesn't matter.
You'll both be locked up unless one of you flips.
I'm not betraying Anna.
Course not, David.
I mean, you love her.
You gave up your life for her.
And I I respect that kind of devotion.
Just makes it sadder.
That you'll never communicate again.
What are you talking about? You both end up in supermax.
No contact at all.
Anna she's a soldier.
She'll be able to persevere.
But David, look at you.
It's been a long day, and you're a mess.
I take full responsibility for the murder.
Anna's working for me.
I forced her - to help.
- That's really sweet, David.
Hard to believe, but, uh, really sweet.
It's the truth.
There's no reason Anna has to go to supermax.
I support what you're doing here, honestly, I do.
Standing up for your woman it's it's honorable.
Uh, U.
Attorney's gonna need more, though.
- What kind of more? - Details.
Proof you're the alpha.
David, we know you're in a tough spot.
You don't You don't choose who you love.
Or how they behave.
Sometimes people get in a tricky situation where one bad decision leads to a whole slew of them.
You want to help yourself, you want to help Anna, you can.
How? By providing one single piece of information.
Who ordered the hit on Corporal Mason Cartwright? I've spent my entire career in every corner of the world.
Seen the inside of hundreds of hotel rooms.
This one is by far the best.
That's 'cause I'm here.
Sure beats the occasional text 5,000 miles apart.
I could get used to this.
Easy there, Captain.
But yes.
It's nice.
What's it gonna take to make this a regular thing? It's me.
Jesse, what you got? David Freeloff gave up the person who ordered the hit on Cartwright.
I'm with Captain Milius.
I'm putting you on speaker.
- Aloha, Captain.
- Hello.
Ernie, what do you got? Cartwright's murder was ordered by someone whose IP and Mac addresses can be tied to a Russian server farm in the Republic of Abkhazia.
- We have a name? - No, just an online handle.
Serebryanaya Luna.
Russian for "Silver Moon.
" This entity is a bit of a ghost.
I can only find four exchanges on the dark web.
All with the Freeloffs.
Okay, so we don't specifically know that the Russians ordered the hit? No, but this has FSB destabilization campaign written all over it.
Sabotage the prisoner exchange, show the peace process failing, set a precedent for future aggression.
You think they'll make another play? Doesn't matter.
We've come this far.
Commander Kelley needs us.
And since we don't have any actionable intel, - just guesses - Educated guesses.
Could be walking into a trap.
I have Diplomatic Security Services.
There are safeguards in place.
And it is go time.
Hey, keep working on your leads.
We'll bring Commander Kelley back.
I trust you two had a good night after I left.
Let's just focus on getting you home.
In Russia, we learn to live in the moment because the future is always in doubt.
They're here.
That's Kelley.
Let's get the doctor and roll.
You're up, Anton.
Joe? If something happens I expect you to save my ass.
I don't love letting the Freeloffs out of our custody.
Well, they're gonna be in federal detention till they're transferred to the mainland.
At least they get to spend the ride together.
Not sure David's enjoying the reunion.
Anna was as mad as a mule chewing bumblebees.
What? I got to remember that one.
Mad mules chewing Jesse? The Freeloffs were hit by some sort of IED right in front of us.
They're dead, along with two marshals.
They're tying up loose ends.
You got to be careful.
Something else could still be coming.
Who else knows about this? It was not a small explosion.
- First responders.
- Plus whoever set the bomb knew our route.
- Hey, I got to go.
- What's going on? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a second.
- What's going on? - Seems there's been a complication.
No! No! Wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
Kelley stays here.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
Everyone take a breath.
Gentlemen, what seems to be the problem? They've received information about an explosion in Hawai'i.
That was fast.
You know what he's talking about? Yes, but what does it have to do with the prisoner exchange? They were warned something similar was to happen here.
All right, but it hasn't.
Unless we make it happen.
Well, we're not the ones rolling in hot.
Look, I know.
They got spooked.
Then you got spooked, okay? It feels like we're all playing to someone else's hand.
Okay, we came a very long way.
Commander Kelley.
I'm Jane Tennant.
Wondering if you would like to go home.
Yes, ma'am, I would.
Anton, you want to see Moscow again? Indeed.
Then why don't all the men with guns back off? Back off! And everyone gets to go home.
Not exactly a hardy endorsement.
That's all you're gonna get right now.
Let's go, Commander.
Come on.
Anton, good luck.
And you, Jane.
- I cannot believe that worked.
- Me, either.
Now let's get to the plane before someone changes their mind.
Way ahead of you.
Just got official word.
The exchange is complete.
Tennant and Milius are back in the air with Commander Kelley.
That doesn't track.
I mean, why would someone go through all this trouble? Murder a Marine, blow up the Freeloffs.
And let the prisoner exchange happen anyway? No, we're missing something.
Boom-Boom and Forensics are working on tracing the bomb.
Ernie's trying to track the people who hired the Freeloffs.
And I have a weird ringing in my ear, so Yeah.
All right, Luce.
Let's take the win for now.
We got one last thing to handle anyway.
How's that mask feel? Mom? Are you seriously having a party right now? Oh, yeah, Mom.
Half the federal agents in Hawai'i are here.
It's a real rager.
As it should be.
Listen, just kick everybody out by 9:00, okay? It's a school night.
I got it handled.
- I know you do.
- You save the world or whatever? Part of it.
Love you, baby.
Love you, too, Mom.
Everything okay at home? Yeah.
How's Commander Kelley? Good, you know, under the circumstances.
Doctor's just checking his vitals.
Then he'll be good to go.
Commander? What's happening? Commander! He's having a seizure.
Tom? Tom, breathe, buddy.
Come on.

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