NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e22 Episode Script


1 Previously on NCIS: Hawai'i We're trying to prevent a proxy war between us and the Russians.
Prisoner exchange Anton Breskov for Commander Thomas Kelley happening in 48 hours in Manila.
What's it gonna take to make this a regular thing? You don't choose who you love or how they behave.
Sometimes people get in a tricky situation where one bad decision leads to a whole slew of them.
David and Anna Freeloff, professional disruptors.
We believe they're financed by the Russians.
Freeloffs were hit by some sort of IED right in front of us.
They're dead.
Why don't all the men with guns back off? It feels like we're all playing to someone else's hand.
I cannot believe that worked.
Let's get to the plane before someone changes their mind.
What's happening? Commander! He's having a seizure.
Commander? Come on, Commander! Anyone who's not helping needs to go back to their seats.
Come on.
- Now.
- All right, you heard her.
Come on, guys.
Let's give the doctor her space.
Keep calm but keep moving.
- Let's go.
- Come on, breathe, breathe, breathe.
Nothing is moved from its place.
Understood? I don't understand.
He was fine on the ground.
Why are you slowing down? He's not coming back.
Keep up with the compressions.
- I just told you he's dead.
- We know that.
They don't.
What are you doing? You said it yourself.
Commander Kelley was fine before we got on the plane.
You think he was murdered? This is Captain Milius.
What? Anton Breskov just died of a seizure on the Russian plane.
This is exactly what Corporal Cartwright was trying to warn us about.
We need to secure everything and everyone.
This plane just became a crime scene.
Commander Kelley and Anton Breskov are dead.
Add them to the list with Corporal Cartwright and the Freeloffs.
Why sabotage a prisoner exchange? This was supposed to bring both nations closer to peace.
Someone clearly doesn't want that.
We think this is Russia? It's hard to see an upside to war.
We don't know if it's the Kremlin, but whoever set this up could be connected to Russia.
The Freeloffs gave us an online contact Silver Moon.
Ernie have any luck tracking the contact down? No, not yet.
What about the bomb that killed the Freeloffs? Boom-Boom and his team's analyzing the fragments.
Follow up, learn what you can.
I've got a plane full of all kinds of potential evidence.
Just get home safe.
- Wild child ♪ - Boom-Boom! Hey, we kind of need some answers.
Can I, um ? Baby girl, you know I'm ♪ I don't provide answers, Holman.
I'm a conduit for information.
Gleaned through the prism of thoughtful contemplation.
Uh, so what have you gleaned here? Uh, let's see what you glean.
Sniff it.
Act actually sniff it? Something, um fruity.
Oh, that's good.
Oh, yeah, you got the knack.
- So, what does it mean? - Essence of fruit.
It's a quirky trait of triacetone triperoxide, or TATP.
An explosive chemical compound.
Some guys tried to make IEDs out of it in Kandahar City, but they just Yeah, highly unstable, highly deadly, and now it's here on the island.
We trace how, we could figure out who planted it.
You ought to stick around.
I'll teach you how to make an honest living with that nose of yours.
Actually, I got a plane to catch.
- Hey! - Yeah.
Today ♪ Sorry.
Anything you want to say, Captain? Just one thing.
Special Agent in Charge Tennant has full operational command.
What she says goes.
Thank you.
We're going to need you all to take your seats.
Why? What are you going to do? We're going to question each and every one of you.
Major Vail? You stay, too.
See? This is why we can't have nice things.
Ah, it's too soon.
I felt it.
It was Everyone here besides the doctor and the flight crew have TS-SCI clearance.
They've been vetted.
Maggie Shaw was vetted.
Didn't matter then.
Pike and I have a dozen agents ready for questioning.
Commander Chase is waiting at Autopsy.
All right, let's get to work.
Commander Chase, I'm wondering if you Do I need one of those? The mask? Uh, no, no.
You're probably okay.
Probably? That better? Kind of.
That's for an overabundance of caution.
I figured gas didn't kill Commander Kelley.
Everyone else on the plane would have died, too.
Okay, well, what did kill him? Asphyxiation is the official cause.
The result of VX nerve agent.
It's an odorless and tasteless liquid.
Lethal when it comes in contact with human skin, though technically it's also lethal through inhalation.
Well, can you tell if he was dosed before or after he got on the plane? Kelley received a clean bill of health from a Dr.
Dunne, the physician at the prisoner exchange.
- So he was poisoned on the plane.
- That's not what I said.
The VX could have been administered on the tarmac or on the plane.
Or both.
Well, how can it be both? This nerve agent could be deployed in a binary form.
I know you don't know what I mean.
The building blocks of VX.
- O-ethyl methylphosphonite.
- Commonly known as Agent QL.
- Dimethyl polysulfide.
- Agent NM.
Alone, they're merely irritants, nonlethal, but combined They're deadly.
Every passenger's been questioned.
They all check out.
Nobody suspicious, no one with motive.
Only six of us had direct contact with Kelley on this flight.
Three DSS agents, the doctor and you two.
Well, the doctor had the most interaction with Kelley.
Real opportunity.
Major Lydia Vail.
She's been an Air Force doctor for seven years.
Before that, she was on the mainland in private practice.
No criminal past, no debt, highly respected.
I don't think she's responsible.
If she was, she'd have atropine in her kit in case she got infected, too.
The antidote for VX.
There was no sign of atropine on the plane, but forensics did find some traces of Agent NM on Kelley's oxygen tank.
Doctor gave him that, so Major Vail must be responsible.
Right thinking, wrong doctor.
Commander Kelley came with his own oxygen tank.
- It was given to him.
- By the doctor on the tarmac.
Adrian Dunne.
Had opportunity to give Kelley dose one on the tarmac in Manila and send him away with dose two in the oxygen tank.
Canadian-born expat.
Runs a series of clinics in Manila.
Turns out, he once worked in Moscow.
- We need to talk to him.
- Yeah, well, he's still in Manila.
Not for long.
Uh, sweet potatoes? Give me two of those and one of these.
Hey, what are you doing? Back off! Back off! Help! Help oh! Ops, this is Charlie 1.
We pass jackpot.
We're RTB.
Sorry about the nose.
That never should've happened.
Good news, though.
Medical care here is amazing.
What's going on? Where am I? Those are fair questions.
Anybody would want to know.
Get your bearings, figure out your next move.
That's not how this works.
We want you off your axis.
To accept you have nowhere to go.
To surrender to us.
Us? Why did you murder Anton Breskov and Commander Thomas Kelley? I know you.
You're you were at the exchange.
Tell him.
I was there to help.
- I'm a doctor! - Yes.
You are a doctor, and you were at the exchange, but, no.
You weren't there to help.
Two out of three ain't bad.
You killed Anton Breskov and Commander Thomas Kelley.
We want to know why.
That's absolutely ridiculous.
It's history.
Gavrilo Princip.
- What? - Gavrilo Princip.
Bosnian Serb born to a peasant family.
Studied at the Merchants' School in Sarajevo.
- Never graduated.
- I I don't know any Gavrilo.
He's the man who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand.
Started World War I.
Simple act of violence changed the course of human history.
That won't happen on our watch.
That's where you come in, Adrian.
What are you gonna do to me? We were thinking we can appeal to your sense of humanity.
- My what? - You administered the VX, created an international incident in Manila with potential to get much worse.
But you have the power to stop the much worse from happening.
Choice is yours, Adrian.
Someone got ahold of my kit.
Must have put the VX in there.
I have no idea.
Two out of three again.
We're gonna need the "who.
" Do you know what happened to Gavrilo Princip? He was imprisoned for life, put in solitary confinement until disease ate away at his bones.
But it wasn't disease that killed him.
It was the guilt.
- So? - Alexi Babin.
Uses the handle Silver Moon on the dark web.
Same man who hired the Freeloffs to kill Corporal Cartwright.
He contacted Dunne in the same way, but this time they met in person in Manila.
Any idea where he is now? Dunne says no.
But he's got the entire voyage back to the States to be charged and think on his actions.
Got to thank you for the assist on this, Charlie.
Only so many perfect sunsets in Phuket a man can watch.
Besides, I never pass up an opportunity to be on the most lethal class of fighting vessel on Earth.
Ship is at flight quarters.
Green deck.
Pleasure working with you.
You, too, Tennant.
You mostly know your history.
- Mostly? - You were right about Gavrilo Princip dying in prison from disease, but he never felt an ounce of guilt for what he did.
I like my version better.
Alexi Babin.
Former Spetsnaz, Russian special forces.
Took his very particular skill set and made a killing in the black market.
Supplying war materials to all sorts of nasty people.
At first in the former Eastern Bloc, but he's been doing business in Southeast Asia these days.
He still connected to the Russian government? He's contracted for his old bosses from time to time, so maybe.
He had a Marine murdered.
The Freeloffs, the two prisoners.
I mean, is he trying to increase tension between Russia and the U.
? Guy doesn't seem all that interested in geopolitics, - just making a buck.
- We don't know that yet.
But three of his murders were on island, so it's possible he's here.
Dig into all travel into Hawai'i.
Especially from Manila.
Last place we know he was.
I'm headed home.
Listen, I know your team's been working hard.
But news will break about the prisoner exchange.
Kremlin's already posturing, refusing any public peace talks.
Gonna need to try to smooth things out.
How do you do that if we can't talk to Russia? Pulling the Group together.
Your back-channel club.
When you call it that, it sounds kind of silly.
Where you gonna meet? Hawai'i.
Unusual to gather on U.
or Russian soil, but these are unusual times.
Maybe what everyone needs is a time-out.
A little breathing room.
We've all been caught off guard.
Now is the time to act.
Or it's the perfect time not to act.
Just safer for everyone.
You're worried about me.
I'm worried about the situation.
And me.
And you.
In how you pertain to the situation.
- 'Cause you like me.
- A little less right now.
Oh, here comes Big Fed.
What do you got on Alexi Babin? Nothing.
No known associates, no movements, not a hint he's ever stepped foot in the States, let alone Hawai'i.
Big Fed's really bringing her A game today.
I am working as hard as you are.
And s-stop calling me Big Fed.
You know, low blood sugar.
Stemilt Cosmic Crisp? Hmm.
While you struck out tracking Babin in the real world, I'm having better luck in the virtual world.
What have you found? Financials.
Always financials.
Got bank accounts feeding shell companies feeding other bank accounts feeding other shell companies So, you're nowhere, too? I just keep unraveling the onion.
Maybe we don't need the source.
Hey, what Pretty please? Okay, hold on.
So, what's the play? Got a friend at FinCEN who might help with some of these shell companies.
But it'll it'll take a beat.
So, you and Lucy seem better.
Yeah? You think? - Did she say any - No.
So y-you're just - It's my observation.
- Right.
Lucy and I are friends now.
- Hmm.
- Or trying to be.
But for the other stuff, you know, she's moved on.
- Has she? - Yeah.
Some girl named Skylar, works in tech, lives in Diamond Head.
Bit of a hipster if you ask me.
- Not that I'm invested.
- Mm.
I-I can't say whether Lucy's moved on, but I do know Skylar is gone.
Wait, what? Didn't work out.
Why are you telling me this? I'm just making conversation.
You're telling me for a reason, like maybe I still have a chance.
I hold these truths to be self-evident: there's no such thing as chance, and I don't get involved in other people's dramas.
Well, you are actively being involved in mine right now.
Okay, you want my take? You pushed Lucy away, hurt her, made her feel like an afterthought.
All right, no judgment.
I'm the master at all that, but, look, if you want her to know how you really feel, you need a grand gesture.
Compose a symphony, write an epic poem, serenade her.
Just go big or go home.
Oh, that's my friend at FinCEN with a list of all foreign goods shipped in from European companies.
Including Babin's shell companies.
Looks like he sent a-a cargo plane to Oahu within the last two weeks.
Maybe Babin was part of that cargo? We really think a Russian black marketeer smuggled himself to Hawai'i and is staying on a boat? According to Ernie, the same shell company that sent the cargo plane to the island purchased a boat that's docked here.
It's a smart plan.
No hotel records, and he can move all over the island undetected.
Boat slip's right there.
Yeah, someone's on it.
All right, Kai, see if you can get eyes on Babin.
Lucy, lock down our six.
Jesse, I got visual confirmation.
Federal agent! Hands up! Down on the ground.
Oh, that burns.
- Y'all okay? - No.
She pepper-sprayed me.
Wait, you hear that? Babin's fleeing! Alina Nikitin.
Tied to ops in Asia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria All the -ias, really.
Former Spetsnaz, just like Babin, but now you work for the FSB.
You're basically Black Widow.
Well, thank you.
Pretty self-assured for someone who just got caught operating on U.
Americans are so dramatic.
You were trying to take Alexi Babin and clean up Russia's mess.
And so wrong.
Babin orchestrated the murder of half a dozen people and he set our nations on a path toward war.
And yet he is not a Russian asset.
Then what did you want with him? To bring him in so he can answer for his crimes.
Sabotaging the prisoner exchange? And selling weapons in Southeast Asia.
Supposedly on behalf of the Russian government.
It's a false flag operation.
Babin was busy long before this.
So, who's he working for if not you? If you ask my superiors, you.
You don't believe that.
Of course not.
His plan is much too nuanced for Americans.
So you're saying Babin has been fueling aggressions between Russia and the U.
? Look, the only way that we can stop Alexi Babin and whoever he's working for is if we work together.
You need to tell us what else you know about Babin.
Alina, you got to trust us.
I've been unfair.
Russians and Americans do share some traits.
Military might, love of fighting, mutual distaste for being second, but trust is not one of them.
What time zone does your body think it's in? Ah, gave up trying to know days ago.
Our Russian guest share anything? Not much.
She's probably scared of retribution from the Kremlin.
But we did get some truth, with a lowercase "T.
" She denied involvement with Babin and claimed he was running a false flag operation, so we're vetting all of it.
But so far it tracks, though.
With great conflict comes great relief.
Aid is flowing into Southeast Asia.
Most of it basic needs.
Food, water, building supplies.
Most of it through legitimate sources, too.
- Governments, NGOs.
- And the rest of it? Not so much basic needs.
War materials.
Guns, munitions, drones.
We sure Russia wasn't behind this? Well, it all reads like it's from Russia, but it's too obvious.
Manifests from St.
Petersburg, Moscow.
Flown in commercially.
Yeah, FSB would be way more careful.
Something of this scale goes beyond Babin's assets.
Someone else must be pulling the strings.
Keep digging.
Find Babin.
If he didn't already bug out.
He was still here after both prisoners were dead.
He's not done.
Colin McIntyre, Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant.
A pleasure, Special Agent.
Oh, the pleasure's mine.
I read your position papers on the future of security in Southeast Asia.
Then you're one of the few that did.
My old diplomatic work mostly got lost in the shuffle.
I'm hoping my second act might bear more fruit.
The Group is Colin's brainchild.
An opportunity for honest discourse between Russia and the U.
Out of the spotlight.
Less posturing, more solution-building.
At a time when it's most needed.
The Russian delegation just landed.
So this is happening? Taking place off-base.
You're safest here.
Being surrounded by the U.
Pac Fleet and PACAF is not neutral ground.
I'm not sure if Captain Milius told you, but the person responsible for sabotaging the prisoner exchange is at large on the island.
We need to ease tensions.
Even if it means absorbing some risk.
Risk is a reality in our business.
I've had death threats.
A few attempts.
A price worth paying.
Time to go.
I appreciate your persistence.
So, where is this meeting? Location is need-to-know And I need to know.
so I wrote it down.
You might want to burn that after reading, though.
You should have proper security.
- We do.
- Established at the perimeter.
Inside the meeting room.
Babin isn't going away.
You stop the bad guy, I'll stop a war.
Then, I don't know.
Drinks? What happened? Tracking Babin's proven frustrating.
I've, uh, never seen someone break a keyboard before.
I have spares.
It's fine.
It's not fine.
It was a customized TitaniumSeries mechanical keyboard with tactile switches.
O-Okay, um Well, hey, hey.
Boom-Boom might have a lead on the explosives.
Yeah, but I'm gonna need some help.
TATP, the compound used to take out the Freeloffs, isn't readily available on the island.
You're saying somebody shipped in a highly explosive material? Acetone and peroxide separately.
And it was flown in.
The TATP was manufactured here.
The chemicals arrived via cargo plane, so if we know where they ended up, we might be able to find Babin.
Ernie, you think you can construct a path of where it went once it landed? Eileen, you shall not have perished in vain.
Whatever's coming next will be bigger than what's come before.
Yeah? How do you figure? Well, FSB doesn't send such a smart, cunning and clearly talented agent like Alina into this kind of danger otherwise.
Alina, huh? That's her name.
- It's her first name.
- You called her Black Widow.
That was an interrogation tactic.
And how do you even know about that? I watched the tape, then researched her.
She's one of the most impressive operatives I've ever seen.
She's okay, I guess, for someone who got caught and all.
Found it.
Some shady paperwork with several layers of third-party logistics companies, but a truck hauled the chemicals to a warehouse here, in Olomana.
Could be Babin's hideout.
Attaboy, Ernie.
What? Jealous much? Okay, you know what? You can just clean up your own mess.
Federal agents! Federal agents! Check.
- Move.
- Clear.
Move to the hallway.
- Move.
- Clear.
Oh, it's fruity.
Guys, the TATP is definitely here.
Sure is.
All right.
Jesse, wait, wait! Oh, that's not good.
Hey, Jesse, Kai.
Lucy, don't Don't come in here.
If he moves, this whole place could blow.
I need you both to leave right now.
Babin's not here.
Maybe he didn't finish.
Maybe it's not active? Not willing to let anyone else find out the hard way.
Lucy, clear the building, tell Tennant what's happening, and, uh, get Boom-Boom.
Everybody exit the building now.
That means you, too, pal.
Unless you know how to defuse a bomb.
I got to stick around to find out how you can be this unlucky.
New guy's still got jokes.
What do you mean Kai's still in there? Get him out.
He won't leave.
I didn't want to, either.
- And Babin? - Gone.
But this is definitely his place.
We found a-a smashed laptop, the explosive material.
He probably rigged it to cover his tracks.
Or he knew it'd slow us down.
There may be evidence inside.
No one but Boom-Boom goes back in until the bomb is cleared.
Jesse, Holman.
- What's new? - Oh, you know.
Same old, same old.
I think it's a pressure-plate trigger.
Armed when pressed, detonates when released.
Wires look like they go to a plastic housing right here, connected to At least a hundred kilos of explosive material.
Which will catalyze explosive reactions in other HME in the building.
You say that calm, but it sounds bad.
Oh, that's just bomb-side manner.
Hey, Boom-Boom, you really want to be doing that? Oh This bomb goes off, I'm pink mist with or without it.
Sounds even worse when you put it that way.
I can defuse it so long as you don't move.
You need to leave, Holman.
No, I'm not going.
Now's not the time to be a pain in the ass, Kai.
Hey, you used to think I was a pain in the ass for always going solo.
Yeah, well, now you're being a pain in the ass for sticking around.
I'd call that growth.
You know, all that love is nice "Love" is a strong word.
But if you're sticking around, at least be useful? Now, the wire's hooked up to the car battery.
That trigger activated a current.
Second it breaks Pink mist.
Let's stop saying that.
- Okay.
- All right, I need to reroute the power source.
- My bag.
Small black box.
- Okay.
There we go.
There we go, okay.
So, how are you going to defuse ? Whoa.
You cut that wire without telling us, Boom-Boom.
We're still here, aren't we? That's a good point.
Well, all right, Jesse.
Step off the plate.
Lucy? How's Jesse? Peachy.
Hey, Boom-Boom is the man.
Except we got a different problem.
Looks like several containers of TATP are missing.
How bad would it be if it exploded? Think Oklahoma City.
Uh, finish up.
Get ready to move out.
Jesse, Kai, Boom-Boom Yeah, boss? We're glad you're okay.
Okay, so what's the target? Maybe we search events.
What's going on on the island? Games, conventions.
None of these potential targets track with any of the events that have transpired.
No, everything that's happened so far has been meant to create a target.
The back-channel meeting.
Take out the people who work toward peace, you put the U.
and Russia in another Cold War.
Maybe even worse.
Keep digging.
I'm gonna warn them.
We still don't know who's behind this or why.
Of course it's money.
Ever since Russia amped up tensions, Babin's pocketbooks have gotten a significant spike.
You able to track any other accomplices? Well, Babin's money is being funneled through a logistics company run by someone else.
But it's an alias tied to all sorts of other shell companies.
It's gonna take me weeks to navigate this rabbit hole of subterfuge.
Unless someone has a cheat code.
Black Widow.
Alina Nikitin.
She's been on the trail for months.
She's our shortcut.
But she's not talking.
Well, not yet.
Let's get to work, shall we? Okay.
Thank you all for coming.
You've reached Captain Joseph Milius.
Leave your name and number - and I'll get back to you as soon as - Damn it.
Joe? JESSE: Hey, boss.
We got your text.
On the way to the meeting site.
No one on the security team is answering their phones.
We need to hurry.
It's quiet.
- Where's security? - Find them.
And find Babin.
I'm going in.
Babin's here.
And so are the explosives.
Tell me who Alexi Babin works for.
You're very serious.
And very tall.
This isn't a joke or a game.
I don't have time for either.
I have plenty of time.
And I don't know who Babin is working for.
But you have suspicions.
I get it.
You're afraid of what might happen to you.
This is personal for you.
You're foolish to let me know.
I want you to know.
I am not here to coerce or compel.
I'm gonna be honest with you.
Right now, the person I care most about is heading into danger.
Solid chance she won't survive.
I won't let that happen.
That is what I have in the balance.
But you have something, too.
A lot more people will die if you don't help.
Including people you care about.
You're threatening me? I'm being honest.
I've researched you.
Every member of your family serves.
It's honorable.
But I know firsthand what it's like to lose someone I love to war.
So do you.
It's not worth it.
Not if it can be stopped.
We can stop this one, Alina.
Let's leave the saber-rattling to the elected officials.
We have the opportunity to make a difference.
Captain Milius! Everyone stay calm.
There's a threat.
We need to go.
They're coming for everyone.
It's a bomb.
We need to evacuate.
- Come on, come on.
- Let's go.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Federal agents! Don't move! Yeah, keep moving, keep moving.
Keep moving.
Yeah, come on.
Tennant! No! Joe.
My hero.
No serious injuries in the Group.
Mostly bumps and bruises.
Though you need to get checked out, too.
We're not done here.
We still don't know who hired Babin.
Y'all need to stay away from bombs for a while.
We'll take that under advisement.
You have something.
Uh, more like nothing.
The remote Babin had? It's a dummy.
I think what's left of the building behind you might disagree.
No, the bomb was activated by a limited-range remote frequency detonator.
Just not the one Babin had.
- It was one of them.
- Yeah.
Is that a text from Ernie? Whistler broke the FSB agent.
Ernie was able to use the intel she offered up to find out who hired Babin.
Okay, who is it? - How's your hand? - Yeah, it's not too bad.
Colin McIntyre.
Special Agent Tennant.
I must thank you.
Who knows what would've happened if you and your team hadn't showed up in time? Well, you for one.
You knew exactly what would happen.
And when.
Excuse me? Stand up and don't make any sudden movements.
What, you think that I did this? We know that you did.
I'm the target here.
If it wasn't for me, there wouldn't be a Group.
Joseph, tell her.
What did you find out? The Group's been a cover.
Giving Colin here full access to intelligence and analysis for his real business.
Smuggling arms and supplies into Southeast Asia.
Using Babin as a front.
I almost died just now.
Except you waited until you were already out of the building before you detonated the bomb.
He's got nothing.
Wallet, hotel key.
Because you've got the wrong man.
His watch.
It's his watch.
- Hey.
- Relax.
Radio-controlled timepiece.
Modified to send out RF signals.
McIntyre, you're under arrest.
There's no way you're finished with all your debriefs.
Oh, no.
I won't be done until long after I'm back in D.
But the bosses are pleased.
Relations with the Russians remain as they were.
Well, that's something, I guess.
Only possible 'cause of you and your team.
And an FSB agent, apparently.
One who just bought herself a way home with only a firm warning.
Can't say the same for McIntyre.
I'm sorry you got pulled into this.
Literally what I do for a living.
Well, now that it's over and the world is saved Back in Manila, I asked what it would take to make this, you and me, a regular thing.
I remember.
And you didn't answer.
I like you, Joe.
A lot.
But I have my work, my kids.
My whole life is here.
And yours is Is back in D.
- So - Yeah.
Yeah, it's a nice thought, though.
Very nice.
You know, I'm still here now.
For a few days.
We could live in nice thoughts.
I mean, if you want.
I do.
But I have plans tonight.
Yes, of course.
- I didn't mean to - And you should join.
Honestly, who brings ossobuco to a potluck? That is my specialty.
It just needs, like, two more hours - in the oven - Uh, don't worry about it.
- I got you.
- Oh, Boom-Boom.
No fires in the house.
Hey, no spill the sauce, boy.
I got it, I got it.
What's up? Hey! Hey, I want to introduce you to my dad.
Yeah, I hope he's been good.
If not, you come tell me.
I'll straighten him out.
Nah, he's all right.
Little stubborn, though.
And, uh, this is Hina, our caterer.
No, this is my oldest friend.
Did you tell them about when I false-cracked you on the beach? No, but I have questions.
You made it.
Make yourselves at home.
How are you? Hi, Inoki.
- How are you? - Aloha.
It's you.
Sorry to disappoint.
I'm fine, Ernie.
I see you, Luce.
Checking the door every time someone arrives.
You want someone specific.
- I don't know what I want.
- You know exactly what you want.
Stop getting in your own way.
When the rain ♪ Is blowing in your face ♪ And the whole world is on your case ♪ I could offer you a warm embrace ♪ To make you feel my love ♪ What is this? Oh, God, I wasn't being literal.
When the evening shadows ♪ And the stars appear ♪ And there's no one there to dry your tears ♪ I would hold you for a million years ♪ To make you feel my love ♪ I know you haven't ♪ Made your mind up yet ♪ - Sorry.
- But I will never ♪ Do you wrong ♪ I've known it from the moment that we met ♪ No doubt in my mind where you belong.
♪ - What are you doing? - Singing.
For you.
Because talking hasn't worked.
But I love you.
And I don't know how I don't know how else to prove it.
And I can't go another day without you.
Lucy I will do it right this time, and I swear I will not Shut up already.
Yes! Yes! Oh Think they want me to keep singing? I think that's Yeah, maybe.
There's the man of the hour!
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