NCIS Los Angeles s01e01 Episode Script


NEWSCASTER: Looking to the 101 eastbound.
Traffic is moving slow.
Starts to slow down around White Oak.
POLICE PILOT:northbound on 101.
Dark blue Tahoe, 6A 18 is Code 3.
Requesting backup.
DISPATCHER: DMV tag is 5ZEN 197.
Two suspects in vehicle fleeing traffic stop.
POLICEMAN: 6A27 shows responding Code 3 with secondary with 6A 18.
DISPATCHER: All units, vehicle now heading west on Mulholland.
OFFICER 1: Pull up right behind him.
Out of the car! Out of the car! Driver, show me your hands! Out of the car! Your hands.
Get them up.
OFFICER 2: Show me your hands! OFFICER 3: Passenger side, out the car.
OFFICER 4: Put them up! Get them up! OFFICER 3: Passenger side, get down.
OFFICER 1: Weapon! OFFICER 2: Take him out.
OFFICER 2: Secure the vehicle.
OFFICER 3: Secured.
SAM: G! Stay with me, G.
Don't do this to me.
Come on.
Come on, buddy.
CALLEN: Here you go.
SAM: So, what is it this time, G? - Cold showers, bed bugs, feng shui? - Too noisy.
Last place was too quiet.
Place before that was too hot.
No, no, no.
That place was too cold.
The place before that was too hot.
Sure you're ready to come back? What are you, my mother or something? You could use one.
- Yeah.
- I gotcha.
CALLEN: Thank you.
- So new office, huh? - Yup.
- What's it like? - Noisy.
Three months and the neighbours still don't know we're here.
Hiding in plain sight.
What was it before we got it? Old water plant administration building.
Condemned after the Northridge quake.
- Condemned? - Only on the outside, G.
WOMAN: Coming through.
MAN: Great, just put it on my desk.
Gotta go see you-know-who.
SAM: Come on, Hetty.
I gave you the receipts.
If every agent came back from an undercover assignment with expenses unaccounted for, Mr.
Hanna, I'd be either out of a job or out of pocket.
Now I don't intend to be either.
What are we down to, Sixty-one and a nickel.
SAM: You're a fantastic operations manager, Hetty.
HETTY: All right.
- Yeah.
I got you.
- Twenty, 40, 60.
- Yeah.
- Okay? HETTY: Thank you.
I'll spot you the nickel.
Thank you.
I'm good for it.
Callen, you're not due back for a month.
I missed your sunny smile, Hetty.
Um We need to update your biometrics.
New photos for driver's licences, passports, general backstopping, not to speak of documents, credit cards and so forth, and, um, wardrobe.
Problems with the neighbours? Something like that.
HETTY: Uh-huh.
Well, don't even think about unrolling that disgusting thing in here.
CALLEN: I think she's mellowed.
- I think I'm in love.
CALLEN: Who's that? It's a new guy that started this week.
- That's his name? - Nope.
Heads up, director's coming online.
- Hey, Callen.
- Eric.
Well, it's about time.
- Kensi.
KENSl: Hello.
- My favourite agent.
- I thought you callously abandoned us to join the FBI.
Once was enough.
You still making the weekend drive up to Pendleton? Of course.
Home away from home.
What you get for growing up a Marine brat.
- Yeah, yeah.
- You get a note from your doctor? - You're my doctor, Nate.
- Yeah.
I just get to play around inside your head though.
- Uh-huh.
- How's the rest of you? Aches, pains, insomnia? Yeah, all of that.
Before I was shot.
Nice to meet you, Dom.
DOMINIC: Is Callen his first? SAM: Just Callen.
DOMINIC: I got it.
VANCE: Agent Callen, I didn't think you were due back till next month.
- I guess you didn't get the e-mail.
- I guess you haven't sent it yet.
Your case is still active, Callen.
We will find them.
Yes, sir.
- We will.
- Here's the reason I'm calling.
This is Commander Frank McGuire, works for the Office of Naval Intelligence.
Or did until two hours ago.
He was kidnapped and subsequently killed in a shootout with L.
Routine traffic stop, his kidnappers sped off, L.
Went after them.
McGuire got caught in the crossfire.
What about the kidnappers? Mexican nationals.
That's what's got us worried.
In less than 12 hours, there's going to be a coordinated military operation on both sides of the Mexican border against the drug cartels.
Operation Dakota.
McGuire had detailed knowledge of this plan.
We need to find out if it's been compromised.
File's on its way, Eric.
Keep me in the loop.
Footage, Eric.
Eric, slide it back.
Hold it.
- What do you see? - Uh The second guy's been hit, he's trying to get back in the SUV.
- Okay.
Why? - Cover? Zoom and enhance, Eric.
SAM: Passenger side window just exploded.
Yeah, but that's not a surprise.
Lots of incoming from the L.
Tighter, Eric.
Advance three frames.
SAM: The window is blowing into the car, not out.
- The kidnapper fired the shot.
- McGuire wasn't killed in the crossfire.
He was executed.
Okay, so you're a bad guy.
You're surrounded by L.
You've seen the movies.
Gonna shoot your way out.
Your buddy takes one in the chest, he's dead before he hits the ground.
I think I've seen that movie.
Now the cops are blaming away: Blam, blam! Six cops squeezing Glocks.
That's a lead storm.
It's coming right at you.
Definitely ain't no movie.
What do you do? Al Pacino was in it.
- Might have been De Niro.
- You pee your pants.
You drop your weapon.
You kiss the pavement.
Okay? At least that's what I'd do.
Instead, I go back to the car, execute the hostage, and die doing it.
Now why would you sacrifice yourself to kill your hostage? So he couldn't reveal what you were up to.
McGuire lives at 1041, Apartment 1.
CALLEN: What are we? - If anyone asks.
- City inspectors.
- Nobody talks to city inspectors.
- Okay.
You're a realtor, I'm your client.
- Do I look like a realtor? - Okay, I'm the realtor.
You're looking for the apartment, okay? - Can we go? - Would I live in a place like this? I don't even know if I could afford a place like this.
Well, that's why I'm showing you, to see if, you know, you would wanna live in a place like this.
- Does it have a Jacuzzi? - If it has, I'm gonna drown you in it.
: Hi, this is Frank McGuire.
Sorry I can't take your call right now.
Leave a message and I'll get right back with you.
- Clear.
- Clear.
MACHINE: Message bank deleted.
Looks like someone didn't want us to hear McGuire's messages.
Eric, I need you to check a call.
I'll check McGuire's phone logs, see what we turn up.
Okay, McGuire graduated top 1 percent from the Naval Academy.
Look at this.
Stellar career.
Specialized in satellite-image analysis.
And spent time in the San Nicolas Navy Base.
- Where's that? DOMINIC: 75 miles off the coast of L.
It was discovered by a Spanish explorer, Sebastian Vizcaino.
Now, he actually chartered the entire California coast.
And his ship was called the San Diego which is where the bay gets its name, of course.
I think that was back in, what, 1602? - I read a lot.
- Reading is good.
SAM: I found this on the coffee table.
Like it mattered.
Fleet week.
San Diego.
" - McGuire wasn't married.
- Birthday was two months ago.
How long you leave birthday cards on display? I don't know.
I never got one.
You've never gotten a single birthday card? Nope.
What? It's not a big deal.
Definitely getting you a birthday card this year.
You make sure you put some money in it.
How about I put a personality in it? "Happy birthday to my favourite uncle.
Love, Emma.
" - Mystery solved.
- Mystery solved.
No signs of struggle.
Deadbolts on all the windows and doors.
They must have snatched him off the street.
Laptop's encrypted.
It's a job for Eric.
For a career Navy guy, Commander McGuire wasn't very squared away.
Unless he had something else on his mind.
No Jacuzzi.
- Deal breaker? - Afraid so.
There goes my commission.
The gardener included in the lease? [IN SPANISH.]
Sí, it is.
Very safe.
This Navy guy, I looked at his apartment and, well, he was kidnapped, murdered.
- Did you know him? - Oh, every day, he waves.
I saw him this morning.
He's dead? And already his apartment's available.
You might've been the last person to see him alive.
No, he was with his friends.
What if they're ones that kidnapped him? No, no, no.
They were his friends.
They've been here before.
I see their car, the blue Tahoe.
- Blue Tahoe? When? - Yeah.
Every day this week.
CALLEN: Did you get the plates? - It was clean.
It turns out it wasn't McGuire's first trip in the Tahoe.
He knew them.
They picked him up every morning this week, dropped him off three hours later.
Sound like a kidnapping to you, Sam? Looks like a kidnapping, but it's not.
Why the hood and nylon ties? Don't want him to see where they're taking him, so they tie his hands so he's not tempted to lift the hood and peek.
It's common practise in the Middle East.
I've used the technique a few times myself.
Now, McGuire used to get to the office around 8:30, give or take five or ten minutes.
But as you can see, he was late every day this week.
The gardener said they picked him up at 7:30.
Three hours later, they dropped him back home, - and then he goes to work.
- A lot you can do in three hours.
If you have top secret security clearance.
How much time do we have, Eric? Operation Dakota against the drug cartels kicks off in seven hours and 33 minutes.
What about the call to McGuire's apartment? I'm still working on it.
- Finances? - Nothing out of the ordinary.
- Travel? - Nothing in his name or any of his known credit cards.
- Family, relatives? - Parents are deceased.
He's got one sister, Helen McGuire.
Lives in West Hollywood, divorced, one kid.
- A girl.
Photo at the apartment.
Her favourite uncle.
All right.
Enough with the look, already.
I'll go.
And I will take our trained expert operational psychologist for backup.
I love field work.
- Do I get to carry a gun? - Yeah, no.
I don't think we're expecting trouble from a grieving family.
Can I still carry a gun? Wear one of those ankle holsters? - Maybe that'd make me walk funny.
KENSl: You already walk funny, Nate.
- Where are we with friends or lovers? DOMINIC: There's one standout.
- A guy.
- Friend or lover? Not really the question that jumped out at me.
Informed guess.
He's a 6-foot-3, 200-pound Special Forces paratrooper guy, - so I'm leaning towards a friend.
- Good call, Dom.
Got a hit on that phone number.
Details coming up.
Same number used to call in and erase McGuire's voice mail, also called him 15 times in the last four days.
Somebody's trying to cover their tracks, distance themselves from the investigation.
Who is he? Who made those calls? That's him.
The Special Forces paratrooper guy.
He runs a private security firm.
Bobby J.
Jenlow and Associates.
What do the associates do? Anything Bobby J.
Jenlow tells them to.
No plates.
Small world.
Are you listening to me, Eddie? No.
You listen to me.
It's called standing up, okay? It's called standing up for your brothers.
That's all I'm asking.
Just do it for me.
Just do it.
- You run pretty good.
- Nice handbrake turn.
- You gonna badge me? - Make a difference if we do? I saw you going in.
I didn't know who you were.
- So you cleared the phones remotely.
- Private conversations.
- Every one.
- Close? - Since we were kids.
- It's gotta hurt, knowing one of your buddies was betraying his country.
He was kidnapped.
He was no traitor.
- You guys don't know anything.
- Know he wasn't kidnapped.
We know he's been working with them for the better part of a week.
We know he was shot to shut him up.
- What do you know, Bobby? - Nothing.
You're special ops.
It's funny how we all know just by looking.
Me, I was a SEAL.
You planning a little hunting party, Bobby? We're done.
SAM: Jenlow could compromise the operation against the cartels.
He's putting together a team to go after them.
- How long do we have? - Not long.
I've sent everyone home.
- All my friends.
I wanted to be alone.
- When did you last see your brother? - Thank you.
- The weekend.
Frank took Emma to the farmer's market.
He was always taking her some place: The beach, the movies.
After we divorced, Emma's father, Luis, moved overseas.
So Frank became the man in her life.
You speak to your brother on the phone this week? No.
KENSl: Did he mention he was worried about something? Nothing.
Everything was normal and then [PHONE RINGING.]
- Will you excuse me? - Sure.
You know, you can tell a lot about people from their fridge.
And not just what's on the inside.
Outside tells a story too.
- She's grieving.
- Yes, she is.
Which is normal considering the circumstances.
- Absolutely.
- So what? Tell me.
She's on edge.
Answering way too quickly.
Particularly to direct questions requiring a simple yes or no.
Mostly she's saying no.
Kensi, everything that woman just told us was a lie.
A moment? You want some backup? Your hand.
Blue '07 Impala.
Modified the engine, upgraded the brakes, transmission, suspension.
Fitted with 19-inch wheels.
And latest smart technology: with two four-megapixel cameras, updated microphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mini-USB slot, and of course, GPS.
And it's encrypted.
And so please don't forget your pin this time.
Let's go.
Now wardrobe for your undercover work.
I know you grew up in the well-meaning but cold embrace of the welfare state, Mr.
But just because you were an orphan doesn't mean that you have to dress like Oliver Twist.
Now, we need something modern, individual that speaks to the man within.
That's not for you to admire, it's for you to try on.
Here and here.
And here.
- This or this? - Those.
Fitted boot jean, medium weight, distressed denim.
I think we need something more relaxed, Mr.
Something amuses you? Oh, it's just that in three years you've never called me G.
It's not a name.
It's a letter.
If you were to tell me what the G stands for No one ever told me.
SAM: Tell me that's good news, Eric.
- Uh.
That's good news.
And that is Commander McGuire's laptop.
- Oh, you got in.
- I got in.
Me and about a hundred thousand zombie computers.
I hacked into an illegal botnet system, redirected the computing power into cracking the encryption.
Couple of minutes and we'll get to peek inside - all of McGuire's dirty little secrets.
KENSl: All right, guys.
Nate thinks McGuire's sister is lying to us, that she knew what her brother was doing.
I think there's something else.
It's like the kind of raw emotion that you see in someone when the nightmare's still enfolding.
It's like it was still happening to her.
Same time every morning, they pick him up, cover his face and take him somewhere.
So why would someone betray their country? - Ideology.
- Love.
Oh, my God, it's her.
- McGuire's sister? - No, his niece.
Eric, buddiesbook entry for Emma McGuire, West Hollywood.
Coming in five.
She said she wanted to be alone.
Callen, her daughter wasn't even with her.
All right, here we go.
Emma's been sending messages to her friends every single day.
- And then come this week - No messages.
She hasn't logged on for four days.
So whatever they've been getting McGuire to do, this is how they've been forcing him to do it.
This is why she's still living it.
It's still happening.
They have her daughter.
Coming in three, two, one, bingo.
We just opened four encrypted e-mails sent to McGuire's laptop over the last four days.
Sequential time code is within an hour of the download.
They were downlinked direct from one of our satellites.
McGuire downlinks the satellite images to the main computer and then secretly e-mails them to his own laptop.
Recording everything they were making him steal.
There's the San Diego Bay, Army bases, border crossing, border security.
- Eric, get me Vance.
- Got it.
How did the drug cartels find out McGuire even had satellite access? It was a joint military operation.
The leak probably came from south of the border.
Cartel sets up a satellite uplink, kidnaps his niece Emma, who's still missing, knowing they'll do anything that they ask and not tell anyone.
- He did tell someone.
- Bobby Jenlow.
He was gonna try to rescue her.
Probably gave McGuire a GPS locator.
- Gotta find Jenlow, Eric.
ERIC: I'm already on it.
And director's online.
What do you got, Callen? Operation Dakota's been compromised.
Mexican drug cartel forced McGuire to access one of our satellites.
- Forced? - Kidnapped his niece.
She's still missing.
It's too late to stop Dakota.
You've got to find out which cartel.
We'll hit them first.
You have less than four hours.
And Callen, the girl is a priority.
Jenlow's cell phone is on.
And I've got him.
Hollywood Hills.
SAM: Kensi, McGuire's sister.
- You know.
- We put the pieces together.
- I'm sorry, Helen.
- Come in.
I wanted to tell you but Bobby wouldn't let me.
He's going there to bring her back.
- When? - Now.
Hey, Sam.
It's me.
I'm with Helen McGuire.
- Bobby Jenlow's on his way in.
- Copy that.
First turn off Viewpoint Road.
Got it.
All right, we're ten minutes out.
Stand by, picture's up.
He is gonna get another ticket.
- Have they contacted you? - No.
If they do, I want you to keep talking to them so we can trace the call, okay? They were at the market.
One minute, Emma was standing right next to him, the next, Frank turned around and she was just gone.
- How did they contact him? - Cell phone.
A couple minutes after she disappeared.
They told him what they wanted him to do, he agreed.
- Have they let you speak to her? - No.
Bobby got Frank a GPS transmitter.
Frank put it in the cartel's house.
He gave up his life for my daughter.
CALLEN: The turn's up ahead, Sam.
You feeling lucky? After last time? Not particularly.
Here we go.
SAM: That's not Jenlow.
Look out! [GRUNTING.]
CALLEN: It's okay, Bobby.
Get Emma.
Eric, ambulance.
Sam and I are fine.
She's not here.
Find her.
Please, just find her.
- Any idea on our two amigos? - All cashed up, no ID.
Well, the car had a GPS tracking system.
Previous destinations.
There's only two with repeat journeys.
This one and one in Malibu.
Hey, Eric? Yeah, give me everything you've got on ERIC: Okay, house is owned by PPZ Investments.
It's a trust, which in turn is owned by a guy named Manny Cortez.
Mad Manny Cortez? It doesn't describe him as mad in the SEC filing, but if you say so.
We found our cartel.
Who's Manny Cortez? Just a mass-murdering drug lord with a classic Oedipus complex.
Last bit's an educated guess.
I'd have to talk to him to be certain.
Manny and his father ran one of the largest drug cartels in Mexico.
And now it's just him.
- What happened to his father? - According to legend, Manny cut off his toes with a pair of bolt cutters, then his fingers, and then some other bits.
KENSl: Helen I'm sorry.
Emma wasn't at the house.
- Bobby? - He's on his way to the ER.
Gunshot wound, but I think he's gonna be okay.
- Hello? LUIS: It's Luis.
Any news? It's my ex, Emma's dad.
- Hello, Luis.
There's no news.
- Helen.
- Emma's still - What about Emma? Please, you just need to tell me what's happening.
Luis, l Excuse me.
Could you? - Mr.
Perez? - Who is this? Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS.
Oh, jeez.
I'd like to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to get your little girl back.
Helen didn't tell me until this morning.
I'm booked on the next flight out of London.
You promise me you'll do everything to find her.
You hear me? - Yes, sir.
I hear you.
- Thank you.
Emma adores her father.
He only just gets back in town a couple times a year.
We're planning on having Thanksgiving together.
What do you think it'd take to storm that place? A week's planning and a small army.
Could be too late, G.
Nate, the girl, you think she's still alive? The moment McGuire was killed, she became a liability.
Now, psychologically, the fact that she's a child makes the decision harder.
But, eventually, self-interest usually wins through.
If she's still alive, she's running out of time.
We need a plan.
Okay, we could send in a tactical team.
We need at least an hour to get them.
- We don't have an hour.
- Okay.
Utility company, city engineer, food delivery.
If Manny Cortez is really there, the only way he's gonna invite us in is if he thinks there's money in it.
- What was that? Greek? - Latin.
- Give them what they want.
- Very good, Dominic.
Though your declension needs a little work.
The pronoun is masculine, singular.
Give him what he wants.
So, what does this toe cutter want? Satellite access, 24/7.
CALLEN: Did you make the call, Nate? NATE: Yeah, he's expecting you.
MAN: Yeah, what do you want? - I wanna do business.
What sort of business? Satellite business.
Game time.
Okay, man.
I'm good.
No problem.
- Who are you? - Frank Hanley.
I'm a lawyer.
A lawyer needs a bodyguard? Oh, the big guy.
Big guy's actually my client.
Works in the Defence Department, civilian analyst.
Actually, I just worked with a former business partner of yours.
Naval commander named McGuire.
- Never heard of him.
- Really? Well, maybe you've heard of his niece.
Her name is Emma.
McGuire shared some information with my client.
In less than three hours, Operation Dakota begins.
In less than one hour, my client can have you back online.
Real-time satellite imagery of the Mexican border, 24/7.
MAN: And how can your client do this? - It's a simple phone call.
- Picture's coming up.
- Guys, that's not Manny Cortez.
- Then who is it? - I don't believe you.
- Daddy.
Is that who I think it is? [CELL PHONE RINGS.]
- Kensi.
NATE: Kensi, the father's behind this.
Emma's with him.
Nate, he called here.
He knows.
- Luis knows we're NCIS.
- Operation's compromised.
- He knows.
- Okay, well, we have to do something.
- When can I call Mommy? - Tomorrow, I promise.
Now, Daddy's busy.
Why don't you go have your swim and I'll join soon, okay? - Okay.
- Give me a kiss.
- We all live a lie.
- Some a bigger lie than others.
I spoke to one of your colleagues on the phone.
A distraught father.
She was NCIS.
I assume you are too? How long have you been working for Manny Cortez? Seven, eight years.
A double life.
You were McGuire's brother-in-law.
He never thought I was good enough for his sister.
Yeah, he was right.
You set him up to believe his niece was kidnapped.
She was.
But by her father.
She's not going back.
Yeah, he's right there.
It's McGuire.
He's not really dead.
Hey! - Thanks, Dom.
- You're welcome.
Kensi, give her the phone.
- Hello? CALLEN: It's for you.
- Hello? - Oh, baby.
Oh, baby.
Hi, Mommy.
When can I come home? I wanna come home.
Well, you can come home right now.
EMMA: I miss you.
- I miss you too.
Oh, sweetheart, I love you so much.
I love you too, Mom.
HETTY: Expense accounts.
You're six months behind.
I would have thought that seeing as you had so much time off for recuperation, you would have caught up on your paperwork.
Please tell me you're kidding me, Hetty.
Well, I could, but it would be a lie.
No rush.
Tomorrow will be fine.
Night, Dom, Kensi, Nate.
SAM: Hey.
- Sofa's free at my place.
- Noisy.
Good night, G.
Good night.
And done.

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