NCIS Los Angeles s01e02 Episode Script

The Only Easy Day

Yo, Don Ho.
How about a refill? - It looks good.
- Hey.
- Give him the money.
GROZEN: I told you my cocaine's pure.
I think we got company.
Go, go.
You're dead.
You have to clear yourself of the line of fire.
Do it again.
Focus, Dom.
Bang! You can't move until you know where the weapon is.
What if I step backwards? Wait until you feel the barrel.
Again, hands up.
Come on, come on.
Hands up.
- What are you doing? - Training.
To go undercover as a scarecrow? Sam is helping me hone my agent skills.
Personally, I do not respond to being whistled at like a sheepdog.
But Eric seems to have trained the others.
So I suggest you learn the appropriate Pavlovian response.
- Which is "go, little doggie.
" - Oh.
SAM: Bang.
- Very funny.
HETTY: Roll them, Eric.
Director Vance received this footage from the L.
This morning.
It's the house-security-cam feed from the scene of a double homicide in Malibu two days ago.
Three masked guys invaded the home of a suspected drug dealer, killed two people and stole a large sum of money.
What is the world coming to when drug dealers aren't even safe in the comfort of their own fortified homes? Heh.
Your professional psychological analysis is an invaluable asset to our team, Nate.
- Thanks, Hetty.
- But your standup needs some work.
Save it for open-mike night.
Mm? - Ouch.
NATE: Shh.
HETTY: Carry on, people.
So, what does this have to do with NCIS? The suspects came in and left from the ocean.
And they were using military hand signals.
Throw it over, Eric.
- What are you chasing, Sam? SAM: They're SEALs.
How can you be so sure of that? SAM: I know that guy.
NATE: Through what? Body language? Hand signals? SAM: Hand signals are like handwriting, dancing.
Everybody's got their style.
That's Kurt Holgate.
CALLEN: Eric, punch him up.
ERIC: All right, let's see what we have here.
Uh, "Kurt Holgate.
" Oh, impressive record.
Holgate and his team returned from overseas.
They've been stateside less than a month.
- Huh.
They're no longer active service.
DOMINIC: I'll look up Holgate's team.
There's nothing in his history that would suggest he's the kind of guy to get involved in robbing a drug dealer.
You're right.
He's not that kind of guy.
- You sure you know this guy, Sam? - Trust me.
That's Holgate.
I should know.
I taught him.
"Another member of Holgate's SEAL team, David Ramirez, was shot and killed three weeks ago while walking out of a grocery store.
Police report says it was collateral damage from what's believed to have been gang-related activity.
" No.
That could be a complete coincidence.
NATE: It could be a naval cluster bomb, Kensi.
We've gotta proceed cautiously.
ERIC: Holgate is assigned to a task force over at the Federal Building.
I think maybe it's time we pay your old friend a visit.
When was the last time you saw this guy? Bosnia.
What, you have history with him? We weren't dating, if that's what you're asking.
SEALs work together as a team.
Holgate had a tendency to act like a Ione wolf, if you know what I'm talking about.
Actually, half the time I don't know what you're talking about and the rest of the time I just disagree.
I really look forward to having Dom as a partner.
You'd miss me.
I complete you.
Hey, Holgate.
Sam Hanna.
How the hell are you? I'm well.
It's been a while.
What are you doing here? Working.
Joint-task-force stuff.
Heard you got out a while back.
How's retirement? It's still a few years off.
I'm with NCIS now.
Why? You lose a bet? Ha-ha-ha.
I'm just kidding.
How is that working out for you? - It's real good.
- Mm.
- Sorry to hear about Ramirez.
- Yeah, thanks.
God's got a cruel sense of humour.
I gotta run.
We should get together over some beers sometime.
- Sounds like a plan.
- All right.
SAM: All right.
He didn't ask you what you were doing here.
No, he didn't.
Here's the video of Sam's SEAL friend, Holgate.
Whoa, freeze.
Back it up.
What do you think, Nate? He's trying hard to appear relaxed and friendly, but doesn't offer to shake your hand.
And the moment you say "NCIS," he deflects with humour.
Nothing in his records - to suggest any change in lifestyle.
- I can get in touch with the coroner, see if there's anything pertaining to the crime scene that confirms SEAL involvement.
What? You know, like ballistics? CALLEN: Really? You're throwing that out there with a straight face? Since you profiled that Dickenson case, you've had a thing for the coroner.
Come I don't know what you're talking about.
I mean she's hot, but she works on dead bodies all day.
It takes a certain kind of person.
Nate seems lively compared to the stiff she's normally working on.
Your herd behaviour is unbecoming, gentlemen.
Guys, guys.
Timothy Jackson.
What about him? ERIC: He's another member of Holgate and Ramirez's SEAL team.
In fact, he was Ramirez's swim buddy.
He's missing.
Since the 18th.
That's the same night as the shooting.
MAN: That's Jackson's trailer there.
CALLEN: Thank you.
MAN: I haven't seen him around lately, though.
SAM: If Jackson is Ramirez's swim buddy, they're closer than brothers.
Your swim buddy gets you through training, helps you survive hell week.
I could use a swim buddy to deal with Hetty.
Jackson has got a sweet trailer.
Let's take a look around, see if he's coming home any time soon.
Too slow, Secret Squirrel.
Not a lot of places to hide anything.
Hail, hail, the gang is all here.
You recognise these guys? SAM: We're in Jackson's trailer.
That's my friend Holgate.
That's Ramirez who died in the grocery store.
CALLEN: So who's the fourth? SAM: I don't know.
CALLEN: You're a SEAL.
Where would you hide stolen drug money? Underwater? No.
Because I wouldn't steal anybody's money, drug dealer or otherwise.
I doubt these guys would either.
You're the one who ID'd Holgate from the surveillance footage.
You don't like these guys being dirty, but you wanna hear my theory? These guys are stuck overseas in some hellhole for months on end, fighting for their lives, watching their buddies get killed.
For what? To save some people who would just as soon slit their throats? And if they do finally make it back, they come back, realise the local drug dealer is wearing a watch that's worth more than their house.
So they use a little bit of what they know to take a little something back for their retirement.
I can see you're really intrigued by this.
SEALs don't do it for the money.
For the chicks? It's probably more like a calling.
Like a seminary.
That's right.
If priests actually blew things up and could kill you with a Bible.
- You trying to get under my skin? - Just bouncing ideas off you.
Keep it up.
I'm gonna bounce you off a rock.
I'll tell Nate you said that.
KENSl: All right, Eric.
Yeah, let me know if you find anything else.
All right, bye.
GPS tracker is activated.
Eric confirmed Holgate is working alongside Homeland Security on a human-trafficking task force.
What if Holgate is not involved? Well, for his sake, I hope he's not.
I wouldn't wanna wind up on Sam's bad side.
I think I already am.
What do you mean? Just seems like nothing I do is ever good enough for him.
Sam demands the best from himself.
It's hard for him to accept anything less from anybody else.
You'll get used to it.
It's just It's hard being the new guy.
Try being the new girl.
They used to make me crawl into air vents, under houses just because I was the "smallest one.
" And when was the last time any of you had to put on a bikini for an assignment? Yeah, that's right.
Try hiding a gun in your thong.
All right.
Ha, ha.
I just never thought of it that way.
Well, it's obviously not like that anymore.
If you can prove that you can protect yourself and protect your team, they'll let up.
If Sam is hard on you in the office, it's really just because he wants to protect you in the field.
Well, of course, either that or he genuinely doesn't like you.
Oh, oh, oh, heads up.
Holgate is on the move.
DOMINIC: No, look, Kensi.
He's not.
KENSl: Looks like we got a meeting, Dom.
Can't see anything.
Gonna risk getting closer to hear what they're saying.
Give me the ears.
: She'll be fine.
Don't jump to any conclusions.
Could be a coincidence.
HOLGATE: You willing to take that chance? RASPEN: What do you wanna do? HOLGATE: Lay low, off the grid.
Keep your head on a swivel.
They could already be watching us.
He's watching you.
KENSl: Watching like he's paranoid or watching like he's checking me out? What's the difference? KENSl: Usually the time focused on my butt.
He's paranoid.
No offence.
KENSl: Where are you? At home? Well, that's funny.
I'm looking right at your car, you lying son of a bitch.
Who is she? Because I would like to carve the bitch's name in your paint job.
And don't call me.
I'll contact you when we're cool.
Uh, Dom? Have Eric run these plates.
I think I just bought the owner some bodywork.
CALLEN: Great.
I've got it.
The fourth man in the photo is named Morris Raspen.
SAM: If he was part of the team, I'm sure Ramirez's widow knows him.
- Mrs.
Ramirez? - Yes.
I'm Sam Hanna, this is my partner, Callen.
We'd like to ask you some questions about your husband and his teammates.
You're a SEAL, aren't you? Yes, ma'am.
I never asked him about his job.
I knew it was dangerous.
He'd always say, "Don't worry, baby.
You ain't getting rid of me that easy.
" I never expected to lose him just running to the grocery store.
So he didn't know the men who shot him? No.
They were drug dealers.
Are you still in touch with the other members of his team? SEALs take care of their own.
The wives are pretty close too.
Those who have wives.
When was the last time you saw Timothy Jackson? RAMIREZ: He usually comes by here Friday, but he never showed up.
He stops by to check on me and my son.
Tim and David went through BUDS together.
I think, sometimes, he was closer to my husband than I was.
Do you have any idea where he is? No.
When was the last time you saw Morris Raspen? RAMIREZ: At the funeral.
He was the newest member of the team.
I don't really know him.
Excuse me.
Yeah? I've been combing through financial, e-mail, phone records, everything on Timothy Jackson.
- Nothing stands out.
- I didn't think it would.
But I can tell you where he was the day of the shootings.
His credit card was used at a place called The Sunset in Malibu.
All right.
So I open this guy up to do an autopsy and there is this miniature cuckoo clock where his heart should be, still ticking.
And as I pull it out, it goes off.
But instead of a bird popping out, it's this little garden gnome.
He jumps out of the clock, flips me off, and then runs out the door.
Oh, um Ahem.
I'm more of an operational psychologist, so I don't really do dream analysis.
Oh, okay.
But if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that the clock obviously represents time.
And the autopsy, death.
And yet there is this magical creature that lives on inside of him that is set free by your actions.
So I helped release his soul? - Uh, yeah.
- Okay.
Then why did he flip me off? Gnomes.
Notoriously cranky.
ROSE: Okay.
So no one has come to claim our friend, the drug dealer.
Ballistics were inconclusive.
No way to tell if SEALs were responsible.
Two 9-millimetre slugs to the chest from about 15 feet.
Turned his heart into hamburger.
Ha, ha.
The shooter double-tapped him just left of centre, knew the anatomy of a kill shot.
That is a professional.
So the same gun was used to kill both drug dealers? There was only one drug dealer.
- There were two victims.
- You mean the cop? We were told that two suspected drug dealers were killed.
The other victim was an L.
Bullet fragmented too much to make a match.
Why wasn't that in the report? Well, the guy was so deep undercover that we didn't get the info until today.
Those guys are cowboys.
Ha, ha.
I know the type.
CALLEN: Why are we just hearing about this now, Nate? Yeah.
SAM: Problem? - Uh, you could say that.
One of the guys killed in the shootout was an undercover cop.
SAM: This just keeps getting better and better.
That's our missing SEAL's motorcycle.
How are you doing? WAITRESS: Sorry, guys.
We don't open for another 20 minutes.
I was just hoping to talk to somebody that was here a couple days ago.
- You're looking at her.
CALLEN: Let me ask you something.
Do you recognise any of these guys? Yeah.
Three of those guys were here.
Pretty cute.
Good tippers.
You didn't hear what they were talking about? No.
It was pretty busy.
I do know they got into an argument at one point.
About what? Like I said, it was really busy.
They took it outside.
So you saw them leave? No.
How long has that motorcycle been there? I don't know.
Couple days, maybe.
Never thought about it.
I figured it belonged to a local or something.
Do you have surveillance cameras inside? CALLEN: Well, the house where the shooting occurred is just a couple miles down the road.
Just a short drive.
Or a short swim.
Why would somebody swim? Because they could.
CALLEN: What do you got, Eric? Call the sheriff's department back.
Tell them to put us on the guest list.
- Thanks.
- Good news or bad news? A body just washed up at Point Dume that matches the description of Timothy Jackson.
SHERIFF: Lifeguard pulled him in, tried to revive him, but looks like he's been dead a couple days.
SAM: It's Jackson.
Looks like a single gunshot wound to the side.
Surf has been pretty big lately.
Stronger currents.
It could have taken him out for miles.
ERIC: This is from the Sunset Restaurant in Malibu on Saturday.
Holgate and Raspen take Jackson out for some fresh air around 2:11.
ERIC: How do you know they're not leaving? SAM: They didn't close out the tab.
SEALs wouldn't leave an unfinished bill if the place was on fire.
ERIC: All right, jumping ahead.
Here we go.
Holgate and Raspen return without Jackson at 6:39.
- So Jackson left? - If he did, without his motorcycle.
It hasn't moved from the parking lot since that day.
Kensi and Dom observed Holgate talking to someone this afternoon who we now know is Raspen.
That's Raspen meeting Holgate.
Holgate told him to lay low.
Jackson, Holgate and Raspen rip off a known drug dealer as payback for Ramirez's death, but Jackson is shot in the process - and drowns during the escape.
- And the money? - Maybe it goes to Ramirez's widow.
- No sign of that.
We're gonna keep looking.
Raspen is the best way in.
He was the newest member of the team.
Well, Raspen seems to have gone underground.
SEALs are your people, Sam.
- You have anything you'd like to add? - No.
Look, being a SEAL is a big part of who Sam is.
If these guys are dirty, they threaten his very identity.
They will protect each other at all cost.
Nate, you don't have to worry about Sam.
This is a joyous occasion.
Now, I'm assuming all our cases are closed.
Otherwise, how could you be here working out in the middle of the day? - I'm just waiting for Callen.
- Mm-hm.
What's wrong, Sam? Why does something have to be wrong? Can't a guy exercise? Pilates is exercise.
Beating the hell out of something is an aggressive expression of male frustration.
SAM: Mm.
This is about your SEAL brethren.
Have they disgraced the uniform? When does duty trump loyalty? Hm? Nobility, honour, betrayal.
All you need is a backstabbing whore and you've got the makings of a Elizabethan tragedy.
- Don't mock me.
- I criticise, I scold, I chastise.
I've even torn someone a new one.
But I never mock.
You, Sam Hanna, are more than this job and much more than a SEAL.
DOMINIC: What if Holgate doesn't lead us to the money? - We go to plan B.
- What's plan B? We don't have one yet.
What are you doing? I, my friend, have to pee.
Whoa, whoa, in here? KENSl: Yeah, well Oops, sorry.
My bladder is gonna burst if I don't.
Can't you just go into a coffee shop or, like, restaurant or someplace? Dom, we are on a stakeout.
Welcome to the glamorous world of surveillance.
- I'll just go for a walk.
A quick walk.
- Sit your butt down.
Oh, man.
Damn it.
Holgate is out now, see? And I can't pee now.
Are you satisfied? You know what? If I pee in my pants, you are so paying for the dry cleaning.
Oh, God.
I'm bringing up his tracker now.
DOMINIC: He's accelerating.
Well, stick with him.
Taking evasive action.
He must know we're following.
NATE: No, wait.
He's driving in a big circle.
He's making a cleaning run, he's making sure he's not being tailed.
- He stopped moving.
KENSl: Stop the car.
Stop the car.
- I can catch him.
- This is what he wants, for us to show ourselves.
Just pull over.
There must be a traffic cam nearby.
He's not in his car.
- Can you get a location from his cell? ERIC [OVER PHONE.]
: Yeah, I'm trying.
Hey, Callen.
It's Kensi.
Holgate ditched his car.
We're gonna try and track him on his cell phone.
Tell Eric to shut off his phone.
If Holgate knows, he's going to warn Raspen.
We're just about to pay him a visit.
Holgate is in the wind.
RASPEN: Yeah, okay.
Where do you want to meet? SAM: Raspen.
Drop the gun.
I'm an NCIS agent.
I'd do as he says.
Recognise your SEAL buddy Jackson? Yeah.
He probably looked a little rosier last time you saw him.
We've got you and Holgate arguing with Jackson, leaving the bar together, and then coming back without him.
I think he hooked up with a girl.
There's no footage of that.
And his motorcycle never left the restaurant.
Maybe he went home with her.
He's lying.
Actually, he's trying very hard not to lie by avoiding definitive sentences.
Uh, "I think he Maybe he" Lies of omission are still lies.
You three didn't rip off a drug dealer? Seriously? That's what you think? How about you and I tell each other something that we don't know? Okay, I'll begin.
One of the drug dealers that you killed was an undercover cop.
- Where are you going? - To expedite this process.
Sam, stop.
Don't go in there.
- Give Callen a chance.
- We're wasting time.
I know you're angry and take their actions personally, but you can't Doc, do me a favour and stay out of my head.
Let's just take a step back and think about this.
SEALs have a word for that.
It's called retreating.
It's something we don't do.
Now if he doesn't get anything from that guy by the time I get back, I'm gonna jog his memory from the inside out.
Is it too much to ask for a little peace and quiet? It's Bach, for Pete's sake.
Can't you hear that? What do I have to do to get through that impenetrable cranium of yours? Sam, I Oh, for the love of Gucci.
What is the matter with you men? Sorry, I was just letting off a little steam.
Like the little engine that could? I know, you lost a target.
Big deal.
It happens.
Get over it.
- So you heard about that.
- Of course I heard about it.
I know what you ate for breakfast, sweetie.
You think Callen and Sam never screwed up.
Once Callen fell through a skylight installing a camera and landed in bed with the target.
And ask Sam about the time he backed over a suspect's beagle puppy.
And don't you think they walked in here holding hands.
Once I had to turn a fire extinguisher on them.
- Really? - No.
These are just charming anecdotes I made up to bolster your self-esteem.
Oh, and listen, pivot on your back foot when you punch.
Otherwise, you're losing all your power.
- Drop the gun.
- You drop the gun.
- I'm an NCIS agent.
- Yeah? Well, I'm L.
And this is my crime scene.
I knew the Navy was behind this.
- Not in any official capacity.
- Official, unofficial.
Either way, the dead guy washed up on the beach was one of yours.
My partner died here in my arms.
- Shot by one of your men.
- They're not my men.
Then why are you here? Surveillance video doesn't tell the whole story.
I wanted to walk through it for myself.
What's your excuse? I was hoping to find something that might lead me to my partner's killers.
Looks like I did.
I want names and addresses.
Full Navy cooperation.
Unless you want the news media all over a story about rogue SEALs going off the reservation and killing a cop.
Yeah, he's right here.
I'll tell him.
That was Kensi.
Still no sign of Holgate.
We've either got to charge this guy or let him go.
- And you didn't even bring doughnuts.
- No, I did not bring back doughnuts.
I went back to the beach house to walk the crime scene.
- What did you find? - This guy.
He's an L.
There were two undercover cops there.
Recognise that guy? Should I? He's an L.
That's right.
There were two undercover cops at that drug deal.
If this guy is an undercover cop, then he shot his partner.
You're telling me that this guy shot another cop? - This guy MAN: Go, go.
- Shot this guy.
I was there.
But if this guy is L.
, then he's a dirty cop because I saw him kill his partner.
So whose idea was it to go to the beach house? Or I'll hand you over to L.
Okay? And see how those boys treat cop killers.
Jackson learned that one of the suspects in Ramirez's death lived there.
The guy was linked to one of the Mexicali cartel.
That why Jackson chose the restaurant? Because it was close to the beach house? Come on, Raspen.
I'm throwing you a lifeline here.
Take it.
Jackson wanted to plan an op to go after the guy.
Holgate tried to talk him out of doing anything stupid.
CALLEN: He obviously didn't do a very good job.
He's answering quickly with no real elaboration.
Visual accessing cues are consistent.
I think he's telling the truth.
Jackson kept talking about how the president declared a war on drugs.
And that's what he was gonna bring them.
Then, boom, he bailed off into the water.
- And you followed him? - We didn't have a choice.
We figured a cold swim would sober him up, but he was so fired up we couldn't catch him.
By the time we did, he was at the house and had secured a weapon.
You're telling me you went unarmed into the home of a drug dealer knowing full well that you were outnumbered and outgunned? It was a little improvised.
Besides, we knew they had weapons.
We could just take theirs.
CALLEN: You gotta love SEALs.
Where's Holgate now? RASPEN: I've told you enough.
He could be in serious danger.
RASPEN: I'm not worried about Holgate.
And I'm not saying anything else until I see a JAG lawyer.
Fair enough.
This is a bad idea.
CALLEN: Trust me, doc.
Sometimes you've gotta let the big dogs work it out.
Let me guess.
You're the bad cop.
Something like that.
Unless you're a lawyer, I'm not talking to you, so save your breath.
I'm not a lawyer, I'm a SEAL.
What's our motto? The only easy day was yesterday.
That's right.
Now, things are about to get really hard for you.
Forget how stupid you were.
You broke the most sacred vow of all.
Never leave a man behind.
Okay, that was good.
SAM: No matter what happens, we never ever leave a man behind.
But that's what you did to Jackson.
- We didn't know he was shot.
- That's no excuse.
- More of a reason to stay with him.
- We tried to help him.
He was struggling with the money.
Holgate took it.
- You stole the money? - Jackson did.
He was gonna give it to Ramirez's widow.
One minute he's swimming next to me, the next, he's gone.
So you just took the cash and left him? We searched the water for him for a couple of hours.
Where is Holgate? I don't know.
- Don't lie to me.
- I don't know.
Slightly different technique.
You left a man behind and you're about to do it again.
Because if we don't get to Holgate before Grozen does, he's gonna wind up dead just like Jackson.
You'll have the blood of two murdered SEALs on your hands.
Holgate's holed up in a motel in the valley.
: So, guys, how are we gonna get Grozen to confess when his own people can't? Because we've got something Grozen wants.
: - under the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.
Wake up, sunshine.
Time to go to work.
- you early risers out there.
GROZEN: Hey, remember me? You shot my partner.
The Navy wants to prosecute as well.
Whoever can give him the toughest sentence should take him to trial.
- Oh, I'm good with that.
- Don't turn your back on this guy.
- He likes to run.
GROZEN: Don't worry.
His running days are over.
Watch your head.
- Where the hell is the money? - What money? I'm gonna shoot you right here, right now.
You think I won't? Are we gonna be able to track him as well? Like a tagged moose.
I'm not gonna ask you a second time.
This guy is going to kill him.
I don't have the money.
- My partner does.
- What's his name? Raspen.
Morris Raspen.
Where do we find him? Probably at the golf course.
: Grozen and Holgate coming up on your right.
CALLEN: Anybody else? One bogey in the trees by the clubhouse.
The elusive Mr.
I thought your buddy was kidding when he said golf course, but, you know, I get it now.
Public place, yet, it's wide open, so you can see anybody approaching.
And you'd have to be a sharpshooter to make a shot from any real cover.
How many SEAL snipers you got hidden around? I'm just working on my short game.
Throw your piece in the pond.
All of them.
Where is the money? - In the bag.
- Back up for me.
Oh, yeah.
I should have brought a caddie.
Why don't you go join your buddy? Come on.
Put your hands up and drop.
- Aah! CALLEN: Holgate is hit.
- G? - I'm good.
- Kensi? KENSl: We're good.
Shooter is down.
Hold this tight.
Ambulances are en route.
What happens now? Only easy day was yesterday.
So, what's the word on Holgate? SAM: He's out of surgery.
The docs figure he'll have a full recovery.
That's still not a lot of fun.
Although, I do appreciate him taking a bullet for me.
I'm really trying to give up getting shot so much.
SAM: Yeah.
It's the least he could have done.
Everybody go home? For the most part.
Dom and Eric went to a club.
Nate is debriefing Kensi about her shooting over a Pink's chilli hot dog.
I don't know where Hetty is.
I'm sure that little ninja is lurking around here somewhere.
I'll bet you were really good at Legos as a kid.
Legos? You know, those little coloured-block things you snap together? I know what Legos are.
So are you still mad at Holgate and those guys for what they did? I get why they did it.
I get what they did.
When you're in combat together, you trust someone with your life.
It's a brotherhood forged in fire.
Well, we've been shot at.
A lot of times.
I didn't mean it like that.
We don't have a brotherhood forged in fire? Okay, okay.
I even brought you a beer to cheer you up.
Don't make me break this rifle out again.
Love you, man.
SAM: Good night.

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