NCIS Los Angeles s02e17 Episode Script


- Morning, ladies.
- Hey.
Look back? There it is.
God, I love L.
- Morning.
- Hey.
Oh, Frank.
Five miles today, buddy.
That's a lie, I did three.
But I could have done five.
This coffee just like I like it? Cold and stale? Got a question for you, Frank.
What's the deal with these Funyuns? Why are they more expensive than Cheetos? They putting, uh, real fun in there? Turn over! Stay down! Behind you.
Iceland, here I come.
Why on earth would you wanna go to Iceland? Because I'll have worked everywhere there's been a James Bond film.
You'll have worked everywhere there has been a James Bond film? Everywhere except Iceland.
No? Uh, Kingston, Crab Key, England and Jamaica.
License to Kill.
Uh, Key West, Bimini Islands, Isthmus City, The Bahamas.
Now all I gotta do is convince Hetty to send us to Iceland.
To send you to Iceland.
- What about Moonraker? - What about it? Didn't they go into outer space in Moonraker? Iceland and outer space.
Good luck with that one.
Oh, it never fails.
Oh, it never fails.
No matter how haggard you look at the gym, some guy is gonna hit on you.
What is that? - Is that a humble brag? - A what? You feign complaining while patting yourself on the back.
No, I don't.
No, what you're really saying is, even at your worst, people hit on you.
- No, that's not what I'm - It's like me saying, "I can't believe the referee tripped over my feet at the Lakers game.
" Whoa, that is not what I was saying.
Morning, Hetty.
Deeks has been shot.
How is he? He's in surgery at Pacific Beach Medical.
When? This morning at Sandune Convenience Store on Culver Boulevard.
Let's take my car.
I said Mr.
Deeks is in surgery.
I think your particular skills would be better served at the crime scene.
Hetty, uh Deeks is my second partner to get shot.
So I would really like to be there.
Look, last time I wasn't there for my partner.
He was dead the next time I saw him.
So please, okay? I think your partner would want you there when he wakes up.
- Keep us posted.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Agent Hanna, NCIS.
- Detective Versey.
- Callen.
- What do you have so far? Well, it looks like he walked in on a robbery.
A dozen robberies like this every week for the last month.
- Not like this one.
- This time it was one of ours.
Well, it looks cut and dry.
But under the circumstances, I'd be happy to let you guys run with it.
Let me know what you find or if there is anything we can do to help.
Comes with the territory, right? You're the owner? I can't believe it.
Marty was such a nice guy.
- Still is.
- What happened? Two guys come in.
One goes to the back.
The other pulls a gun, made me empty the register.
Did you get a good look at him? I was focused on the gun in my face.
What can you tell us? They wouldn't leave after I gave them the money.
The one guy, he kept glancing out the window.
Checking to see if it was safe to leave.
That's when Marty came in.
Coffee, newspaper, always with a joke, every day.
Gonna need to see your surveillance tapes.
It's a new digital system.
I haven't quite figured out how to use it.
Eric, you got any cameras in the area we can look at? On it.
Any word on Deeks? Kensi still hasn't checked in from the hospital.
No news is good news, right? No word on Deeks.
Why leave a witness? Why not shoot them both? Robbery is one thing but it takes a cold-hearted person to kill someone in cold blood.
Maybe Versey is right.
A couple of wannabes got in over their head, got scared and bailed.
You all right? Deeks is a pain in the ass, but he doesn't deserve this.
No one does.
- How's he doing? - Two shots.
Worst was high in the chest.
Luckily, it missed his lung.
Second fractured a rib, deflected away from the heart.
It was a small-caliber weapon.
He's gonna be okay.
You can talk to him when the anesthetic wears off.
Uh, the nurse mentioned there's no next of kin listed.
Is there someone you can call? I don't know.
The cameras were too far away for an ID, but they do tell us that the men spent seven minutes in the store before Deeks entered.
I'm pulling up the traffic-cam footage for the nearest intersection for the same time.
Same gray Mustang.
That's them.
- No clear angle for an ID.
- Why so long in the store? Seven minutes? That's an eternity for a heist.
Get in, take the cash, get out.
Beale, would you pull up Traffic cam at the west end of the street.
What are we looking at here? Footage from an hour before the shooting, please.
That's Deeks' place.
Just pulled that address off the top of your head? I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't keep track of my agents.
And by the way, you're over-watering your lawn.
I prefer a lush lawn.
Eric, stop.
Back up the video.
Zoom in and enhance the bottom left.
Gray Mustang.
Those guys in the Mustang were waiting for him.
Deeks didn't stumble on any robbery.
He was ambushed.
- Callen.
- How is he doing? He's out of surgery, doctor says he's gonna be okay.
Anything at your end? Same gray Mustang that was at the crime scene was found this morning outside of Deeks' apartment.
Then it wasn't just a robbery.
No, Deeks was targeted.
Visitation hours are over.
You're on protection detail now.
Sam and I are headed your way.
Uh, Callen, who is Deeks' next of kin? That's a good question.
Eric's using Kaleidoscope to look for that Mustang.
If we're lucky, we'll get a hit.
He's out of surgery.
He's gonna be okay.
One never gets used to the idea of losing an agent, on duty or off.
Go make him safe.
Oh, Hetty, the hospital wanted to know who to put down as Deeks' next of kin.
Good question.
Am I dead? Because I feel like I should be dead.
Hey there.
You're not getting rid of me that easily.
Do I know you? Deeks - Not my nurse? - I'm serious, Deeks.
My name is Deeks? Really? I'm just kidding.
I remember you, Fern.
Yeah? You're a funny guy? I'm gonna punch you in your bullet hole.
That sounds vaguely dirty.
I think I'm gonna have to tell Hetty.
- Hi.
- Uh, I'm sorry.
- Security.
Can I see your ID, please? - Oh.
- You're awake.
- Yeah.
- How do you feel? - Oh, better and better.
Pain-relief button, call button.
Okay, Mr.
Deeks? You can call me Marty.
If you need anything, I'm right outside.
Thank you, Nurse, uh Debbie.
Nurse Debbie.
What? - What? - What? What is it with guys and nurses? What are you talking about? They're helpful and they're caring.
You know, they do the sponge-bath thing.
Oh, come I should shoot you myself.
Well, get in line.
You guys catch my shooter yet? Working on it.
And? What makes you think there's an "and"? You heightened security, you're checking badges.
You're obviously expecting unwanted visitors.
The guys who shot you this morning, ahem, did you recognize them? Well, it's hard to remember.
I didn't walk in on a robbery.
Is that what you're telling me? - You were targeted.
- Ugh.
There's footage of the car - on your block this morning.
- Why would somebody target me? Hey, I'm sure we all have a very long list.
Is there anyone you want me to contact? Friends, family? Girlfriend? Not dying, am I? - Not yet.
- Okay.
Next of kin? Good question.
He's lucky he's not dead, because I'm gonna kill him.
Oh, cut him some slack.
What was he thinking? Leaving at the same time every day, running the same route.
Buying coffee from the same store every day.
Deeks is a cop.
He wasn't trained as an agent.
It's easy to fall into a routine.
It's bad tradecraft.
As soon as he recovers, he's gonna hear about it.
It's his neighborhood, he felt safe.
Look where that got him, two shots to the chest.
The last thing we need is another Dom situation.
When I run, I switch up the times.
I vary distance and directions.
I belong to multiple gyms under multiple names.
It's complicated, but necessary.
- Is that a humble brag? - What? Well, you kind of went on there about how much you work out.
I was proving a point.
I don't know.
Sounded like a humble brag to me.
Whatever, man.
Remember, Deeks has been traumatized.
- You go easy on him.
- Okay.
After I give him a crash course in tradecraft and before I rip him a new one.
You're starting to sound like Hetty.
- Eric.
- Kaleidoscope got a hit - on our Mustang.
- Where? Just outside Pacific Beach Medical.
Callen, he's right there.
Sam, gray Mustang, two suspects.
They're coming to finish the job.
Federal agents! A 24-hour security detail has been assigned.
Who would target Deeks? Must've been some mission for them to come back in broad daylight.
You think it's L.
Related? Us or you guys.
I mean, a guy like Deeks, it could be anybody.
I'm sure he's made plenty of friends on both sides.
Think you can put together a list of possible suspects? Consider it done.
- What do you got, Eric? - Positive ID on the driver.
Carlos Guzman, he's a South L.
Gang member who's been linked to three non-gang-related murders.
He usually works with a buddy by the name of Santo Perez.
I sent the file to your smartphone.
It's our passenger from the Mustang.
- Guns for hire? - Sounds like it.
Question is, who hired them? You know, Versey sure handed this case over pretty easily.
He's not exactly shaken up.
Didn't even put a protective detail on one of his own.
- Yeah? - Eric.
Run Detective Jeff Versey through our system.
Got it.
I get shot again, you guys better be in tears.
We weren't the last time.
You weren't? I mean, Eric may have teared up a little.
Where is the love? It won't happen again.
And you're gonna need this.
They're moving you to a room with a view.
Thank you.
You recognize either of these guys? Gang members.
This one's deceased.
Other than the one that used me for target practice, no.
Any idea who would want you dead? We're not doing our job if a few people don't want us dead, right? Ha.
Humble brag.
- We'll let him slide.
- Considering he's been shot.
Humble what? One of Kensi's bad habits.
You mean like when she complains about something really positive? Exactly.
Like when she says her size-two jeans are too baggy on her? - That's not what I meant.
That's - Ha, ha.
Okay, did you see the shooter or not? A small guy, small gun.
About 5'7", wiry, pretty fast.
Fits Santo's description.
You know, for gang members, that's not a lot of firepower.
It looked like a.
That's gonna get you laughed at in the streets, right? That driver must have gunned up.
Found a.
45 caliber with Rhinos on the driver.
Somebody really doesn't like you, Deeks.
Yeah, why didn't he get it right the first time? This place is crawling with L.
You should be safe.
Yeah, who's gonna protect me from her? Ha.
Oh, I think he's feeling better.
After you recover, you and I are gonna talk.
Hey, if you see Nurse Debbie out there, will you, uh? Will you ask her when I get my sponge bath? Definitely feeling better.
Miss Jones? A moment.
For me? Uh, release papers for inmate Gordon John Brandel from Folsom State Prison? Parole contacts and addresses.
I need you to track him down.
Will do.
Oh, Miss Jones? Discreetly.
- Yes.
- Oh, what's all the hubbub? I tracked down our driver's partner in crime, pun intended, Santo Perez.
- That was fast.
- One way of putting it.
Another way would be "expedient," "swift," or my personal favorite, "greased lightning.
" Hmm.
- Too much? - Tad bit.
So how did you find him? I plugged Santo's mug shot into the facial-rec database and cross-referenced it with all the major social media networking sites.
Now, the majority of smartphones and digital cameras nowadays use some version of instant upload software.
So if he pops up on a Buddybook page or a Twitpic, we'll know.
- Case in point.
- Hmm.
Midtown Lanes bowling alley.
Friends of birthday girl Katrina Hobbs.
Girls just wanna have fun, okay.
Wait for it.
I accessed their surveillance system.
He's still there.
And I know where he's going next.
The boatshed.
Calling the guys.
Assault and battery, armed robbery, attempted murder.
That's quite a résumé, Santo.
What can I say? I'm an overachiever.
Who hired you and your buddy to shoot the guy in the store? I don't know what you're talking about.
Third strike, Santo.
The guy you shot was a cop.
The guy who hired you didn't tell you that, huh? Give me his name.
I may be able to help you.
Maybe reduce your sentence.
You think you know what's going down, but you don't know nothing.
Enjoy your vacation in Chino.
- We're missing something.
- And he knows it.
- No, he's taunting us.
- More like he's scared of something.
You can be a little intimidating.
Someone bigger than me.
This is what I'm thinking.
This phone is registered to Santo.
This one is burned.
Check the call log.
I already did, nothing older than a week.
So it was just activated.
No calls going out, 13 calls coming in, all from blocked numbers.
Or maybe from one number.
Exactly, if you wanna talk to the guy doing your dirty work, you give him a clean phone.
Let's call Eric.
Hey, guys.
Okay, either you've got impeccable timing or you're developing ESP.
I found something.
Internal Affairs investigated an L.
Officer for corruption three years ago.
How is this connected to Deeks? Deeks was the informant.
He initiated the investigation.
Who were they investigating? Detective Jeff Versey.
"Versey was eventually cleared by Internal Affairs but has been passed up for promotion three times.
" Looks like Versey picked a fistfight with Deeks.
Blamed him for ruining his career.
Looks like Versey forgot a few minor details.
I was just on my way to see you guys.
Well, it seems you left out a few details at our last meeting.
You forgot to mention you had a history with Deeks.
Because that's exactly what it is, history.
What happened? You blame Deeks for your career stalling out? Decided to get a little revenge? Look, Deeks' accusation was a wake-up call.
Made me take the steps to get sober.
So yeah, I may not get promoted, but I also know that I'm lucky to still have a job.
Last year, Deeks comes by, banging on my door at 3 a.
I'm on vacation.
I almost ripped his head off when I saw him.
You're not exactly helping your case here.
When I calmed down, I realized what he was doing.
He was checking in on my sobriety.
Deeks is the closest thing I have to a sponsor.
I hate to admit it, but I need him.
Doesn't mean I like him, but he's a good cop.
Better off looking at those guys before you look at me.
- Lot of names.
- Like I said, good cop.
I was gonna eat that.
It's been sitting there for hours.
I like to let my Jell-O breathe.
Big baby.
I got shot, all right? It's not like it is in the movies.
There's no slow motion.
There's no awesome music being played.
It's just pain.
Have you ever been shot? You have been shot.
Where? I've never been shot.
I don't believe you.
Was it an embarrassing body part? It was, wasn't it? There's a lot about ourselves we haven't told each other.
So let's just respect the pace, okay? Okay.
Can you give me a hint? Was it above or below the waist? Sam faxed over a list of suspects, and there's a lot of names here.
There's gotta be about a hundred, so let's just I really pissed off that many people? I was thinking the list was pretty short.
Well, maybe you should add your name to it.
- Yeah, you have a pencil? - The butt.
I bet you were shot in the butt.
How about we start at the beginning? Seems like as good a place as any.
"Victor Rush.
" Victor Rush? Victor Rush? Petty theft.
Repeat offender.
"Ronald Greene.
" Second-degree murder, um, surrendered.
"Sylvia Gray.
" Restraining order.
Me against her because it was a It was a bad breakup.
We're gonna need more Jell-O.
Uh, you wanted to see me? Any progress, Miss Jones? Well, I checked the DMV, IRS and Social Security.
And checking in with the state police as we speak.
I take that as a no.
Yes, that's a no.
Something I can do for you, Mr.
Callen? Is there something you wanna tell me? No.
We're on the same page here, right? Well, what would make you think otherwise? Just seems like you're a few pages ahead.
I'm a fast reader.
You will tell me if something comes up, right? Of course, Mr.
Keep looking, Miss Jones.
We got something.
I used the burn phone's serial number to track down its supplier.
It's a retailer in North Hollywood to be exact.
- Cash payment.
- There's no surprise there.
Now, if you wanna be safe, you wouldn't use your own phone to place calls.
- You'd buy two burn phones.
- One for him, one for Santo.
Which is precisely what he did.
The retailer sold two burn phones and kept a record of the allocated SIM cards for both of them.
We've got the number of the second burn phone.
It's still active.
We can call him, set up a meet.
It's gotta be somebody he can't ignore.
With something he really needs.
All right, Eric, I need some backstopping.
- Name, phone number, address.
- Occupation? Attorney.
Uh, sixty more to go.
I would say that's progress in a Bizarro type of way.
Bizarro? It's Superman's evil opposite.
It's nothing.
I know who he is.
How do you know who he is? My dad's comic-book collection.
I got my own, DC and Marvel.
- You still got yours? - Of course.
Me too.
All right.
"Eduardo Cruz"? Yo, what's up? Nothing, I just got lazy.
I didn't change my routine, made myself an easy target.
I change my routine every single day.
Never drive the same way to work.
Always security-conscious.
Impossible target, I get it.
No, Deeks, what I'm saying is that it's hard.
You shouldn't beat yourself up.
Can't help it.
It's one of the things I'm good at.
Some cop, huh? Your name is Kurt Donnerson, small-time attorney with a questionable background.
Kurt Donnerson.
What if he doesn't take the bait? He'll take the bait as long as he answers his phone.
Trace is set to activate.
Yes? This is Kurt Donnerson, I've got something you'll want.
How did you get this number? Friendly cop.
What do you want? Marty Deeks died 30 minutes ago.
And how do you know this? I'm his attorney.
Well, I was his attorney.
You don't have anything I need.
Well, I have a lot of details.
I'm sure you know Marty liked to talk.
I think maybe you and I ought to meet, uh, come up with a mutually beneficial deal so that Marty takes his secrets to the grave.
Or I could call my friend at the L.
Downtown, 4th and Anderson, warehouse, 3:00.
Yeah, I don't think so.
How about the food court at Santa Monica Place? Got a variety of dining options, plenty of shopping and lots of people around.
Warehouse, take it or leave it.
I'll be there.
You might wanna ditch your burn phone.
Next call is likely gonna be from the L.
I'll narrow the location to downtown.
Close, but no prize.
Play it back.
- Yes? - This is Kurt Donnerson.
- I've got something you'll want.
- Eastern European, maybe.
Friendly cop.
What do you want? Marty Deeks died 30 minutes ago.
- And how do you know this? - I'm his attorney.
Meet's in two hours.
He'll bring friends.
But he's gonna wanna know what Donnerson knows before he kills him.
I'm sure you know Marty liked to talk.
How did you get this number? Friendly cop.
It doesn't sound familiar.
And how do you know this? - You got something? - Ugh.
I can't put my finger on it.
- You recognize the voice? - Not the voice, the accent.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's Eastern European, maybe Russian.
That's awesome, because I've narrowed it down to three, none of which are Eastern European.
Well, we'll know soon enough.
Callen's on his way to meet this guy.
Okay, Ivan Lee and Michael Thompson.
My personal testimony put them both away.
Life sentences, non-related cases and they're both gonna hate me until the day that I die.
Possible they could have hired someone.
- Possible.
- But you highly doubt it.
There's only two names here.
You said there were three.
Third guy I shot when I was 11 years old.
His name? Gordon John Brandel.
Callen, do you read? Loud and clear.
- Sam? - I copy.
Deeks gave me the names of three people who may have targeted him.
What did he say about Brandel? That he shot him when he was 11.
- Anything else? - That's it.
- Keep looking for him, Nell.
- Mm-hm.
Well, maybe after this, Sam, we can get Hetty to put us on the next space shuttle launch.
Knock it off your Bond list.
Keep talking to me and the tac team will be a little slow in saving you.
That's assuming that I would need to be saved.
You always need saving.
That's really not true.
Although, Hetty tells me I do need to learn to include others.
Why didn't he finish me off? Panic? Fired wildly? - No, he aimed.
- And missed.
Okay, so why is he carrying a.
22? It's a girl's gun.
- I'm a girl.
- Well, you're not a real girl.
You're like You're like Wonder Woman, and you know Wonder Woman wouldn't carry a.
Compliment accepted.
Also, if you're gonna kill with a.
22, you gotta shoot directly in the head.
Otherwise, it's only gonna wound you.
Unless that's what they wanted.
It's after 3.
Where is he? Wait a minute.
If I'm an easy target, that makes you guys impossible targets, right? I mean, I'm new to this, but you guys You guys live your life with a regimen that includes awareness at all times.
- You said so yourself.
- I'm not I'm sorry, I'm not following.
I'm a cop, right? And like it or not, I'm the weakest link.
So, what if I'm not the target? - What if I'm the bait? - To lure the rest of us out.
- Go, Kensi.
- Eric, Callen is walking into a trap.
Deeks was not the target.
This was a setup to hit the rest of the team.
Callen, Sam, Kensi says abort mission.
It's a trap.
- You are safe, they are not.
- Wait a minute, I'm still thinking here.
Doesn't add up.
If we're the targets, this is the perfect place for an ambush.
Unless we're not the target.
If I'm not the target, why did Santo and his buddy come back to the hospital? Kensi! Kensi.
- Sam? - Kensi.
- Sam? - Kensi.
Hello? Ugh, great.
Lost her.
Eric, call L.
Security and let them know what's going on.
And keep trying Kensi.
Do not let her leave the hospital.
She's the target.
Come on, come on, come on.
Oh, finally.
Sam, I'm coming to you guys.
Do not leave the hospital.
We're on our way to you.
Kensi, you're the target.
- Okay.
- Get your hands up in the air! I need everybody back! Joshua.
- I got him.
- Oh, God.
- Get a gurney! - Give me the weapon.
All right.
Our Chechen terrorist known only as Vakar.
Must have thought you could lead him to his wife and son.
Joshua Mastin and his mother, Emma.
Former Chechen Shahidka, or in English, Black Widow.
When I was relocating them after the first attempt to kill her, she told me he'd try again.
She was right.
But he had to find you first.
Deeks needs to brush up his security protocol.
Hanna? With pleasure.
Should be worth watching.
So will you tell them? I wish I could.
Three days after I relocated them with new identities, they vanished.
I've finished the research on Gordon John Brandel.
- Thank you, Miss Jones.
- Mm-hm.
Thank you, Miss Jones.
How long have you been there? Long enough.
You should have woke me up.
You need your rest.
You ate my Jell-O.
What can I do for you? Well, given the circumstances, I thought it would be appropriate to update my files on your next of kin.
Gordon John Brandel.
Your father.
I figured you always knew.
You figured correctly.
I was 11 when I shot him.
- He was wielding a shotgun.
- Yeah.
It was self-defense.
He was incarcerated in, um, Folsom State Prison.
Paroled in 1996 after serving five years of a seven-year sentence.
You found him? Yes, I found him.
He died in 1998.
Auto accident.
Hospital admin asked me for my next of kin.
Who should I, uh? Who should I put down? "Lange, Henrietta.
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