NCIS Los Angeles s02e18 Episode Script

Harm's Way

Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles: - Who did this to you? - His name is Abdul Habaza.
Moe? Is this about taking down a terrorist, or about protecting Moe because you feel responsible for him? When the time comes, I will contact you.
I will arrange for a passport so you can leave the country, join our cause.
That's Abdul's Overwatch signature.
He just got off a plane in Sana'a.
There will be a time and a place for what you want.
And I promise you, you'll have it.
Shoot him.
You're late.
Too many margaritas at happy hour last night? I don't drink margaritas.
- Deeks is back today? - So he said.
You get carried away at yoga class? I don't do yoga.
A big crowd at the farmer's market? I know you do the farmer's market.
The farmer's market is on Sunday.
What did you do, sleep through your alarm? Hetty parked in your space again.
We talked about this.
You gotta be nice to her.
Hetty did not park in my spot.
I was checking on Deeks, okay? - Checking? - Just watching his back.
You were trying to catch him.
The guy gets shot because he doesn't alter his routine.
I wanted to make sure he got the memo on personal security.
- Being this is his first day back and all.
- And? Got tired of waiting for him to leave.
I guess he slept through his alarm clock.
Better call him then.
That's my bag.
What the? That would be for me.
- Marty Deeks.
- Hey, it's Kensi.
- Hey.
- How'd your phone get in Sam's bag? I must have slipped it in there while he was waiting in line for coffee.
Medium triple, low fat, hold the foam.
You didn't follow me to the coffee shop.
I would have spotted you.
I staked out the coffee shop.
I go to three different coffee shops.
A different one each day.
You've staked out that same coffee shop every morning this week, didn't you? He did get his phone into your bag.
- I would have seen him.
- But you didn't.
You hear the shrill, you know the drill.
- Welcome back, partner.
- Thanks.
- Who did you pay and how much? - School kid, 20 bucks.
Deeks, you've been missed.
Hanna, your alias, Hakeem Fayed, has been contacted via e-mail.
It was sent to the address given to you by Abdul Habaza before he fled to Yemen.
- Eric? - Sender is untraceable.
No prior activity on either e-mail account.
Message consists of an address in West Hollywood, a date and a time.
Date is today.
Time, this afternoon.
Setting up a meeting.
What's the latest on Abdul Habaza? We've been able to monitor his movements since he left the U.
He flew to Yemen via Egypt.
He's been back for nearly a month and has yet to leave the capital of Sana'a.
It was our hope that Abdul Habaza would lead us to his brother, Saadat, the leader of the Warriors for Islam.
But as far as we've ascertained, that hasn't yet happened.
The Egyptian revolution has made that entire region unstable.
Saadat is on a dozen different terrorist lists.
He went underground about 18 months ago, and believed to be hiding somewhere in the south of the country.
Now, cell phone intercepts suggest that Abdul and Saadat may be planning a meeting for sometime in the next two weeks.
They also prove Saadat is still alive.
Why do we keep losing the signal? The chemical marker Sam sprayed on Abdul is breaking down.
Narrow streets in a built up area don't help, and it no longer works when he's indoors.
So how long until we lose him completely? Several days.
Week at the most.
I need to take that meeting, Hetty.
One step at a time, Mr.
Don't lose sight of the bigger picture.
Our prize is Saadat, and not just his brother.
So how do you wanna reply to Abdul's e-mail? Comms check, Eric? - Loud and clear, Sam.
- What do we have, Eric? All right, address is a short-term rental serviced apartment, cash transaction.
- Guest's name is - Smith? Close.
No relation.
- Could be a meet, could be a trap.
- Could be anything.
Door's unlocked.
I'm going in.
Anybody here? - G, got a body.
- Coming in.
Wait, somebody might be watching the apartment.
It's clear.
What do you got, Sam? Dead end.
Maybe not.
I got a fake passport and a one-way ticket to Yemen.
Business or coach? Coach.
Dead guy was Freddie John Fanning.
He served time in the '90s for forgery.
The go-to guy if you need a new identity and the paper to back it up.
Preliminary forensics puts time of death a couple of hours before Sam arrived for his meeting.
Single gunshot, back of the head.
- Executed.
- After he delivered your fake passport.
How did Fanning get your photo? It was taken when I was being processed at Oakville Prison.
Somebody might have supplied it, or he hacked into the prison database himself.
The question is, has your real identity been compromised? A question we ask ourselves every time we pretend to be somebody else.
But this man Fanning was a dealer in identities.
And the last identity he was dealing in was yours.
Not mine, Hakeem Fayed.
Abdul wants me in Yemen.
In a few days time we'll lose him.
We lose him, we'll never get to Saadat.
News out of Saudi Arabia.
Warriors for Islam is demanding the release of a dozen al Qaeda members imprisoned in Riyadh In exchange for a Saudi hostage that they took seven days ago.
Saudis don't negotiate with terrorists.
That hostage is as good as dead.
The hostage is 7 years old.
He's the son of a Saudi prince, who's a close confidant with the king.
It's started, Hetty.
Warriors for Islam is trying to put itself on the map.
And we received an e-mail.
Or, at least, Hakeem Fayed did.
It's the name of a hotel in the capital Sana'a.
The Blue Oasis.
They're holding a room for Hakeem.
E-mail them back.
Thank them for their hospitality.
Tell them that Hakeem is on his way.
Callen will go as backup.
I'll shift assets in the region to Yemen for additional support.
Miss Blye and Mr.
Deeks can focus on finding out if Mr.
Hanna's identity has been compromised.
Hanna, any evidence, no matter how slight, that suggests that your cover's been blown and I want you out of there on the next possible flight.
Understood? Understood.
- Director Vance, please.
- Yes? - Leon, it's Hetty.
- Yes, Henrietta.
Are we still on speaking terms with that fellow from the CIA who runs operations in Yemen? Yes, we are.
Then you should send him a bottle of bourbon.
- I think we're going to need him.
- Consider it done.
Confirmed your alias, Mr.
Callen? Ray Haymes.
A textile buyer for a department store chain.
Maybe you can bring me back a nice futah.
And Sam.
All set.
Is he? You'd prefer to send someone else.
You wouldn't? Sam will do what needs to be done.
And nothing more, Mr.
And if necessary, much less.
I need to know that he can walk away, if that's what's required.
This is not about avenging Moe's death.
I know that.
Well, please make sure that he does.
Bright colors, Mr.
The futah.
Reservations? Hakeem Fayed.
Of course.
Just one second, sir.
Single room for one night.
- Is that correct, Mr.
Fayed? - Guess so.
If you don't mind, please, be so kind as to fill all the details out here, please.
- Hey, my room key, please, 409.
- Of course, Mr.
Here you go.
It will be room 615.
By the way, this was left for you, sir.
Thank you.
This was left for me.
Anyone in the foyer? The busboy's on someone's payroll.
He didn't miss a beat.
Guess Abdul knows I've checked in.
There's a number to call, probably a burn cell phone.
I'll give it to Eric.
GPS tracking device.
Turn it on when you're moving.
Three clicks if you need me.
I'll only ever be two minutes away.
- How long is the room booked for? - One night.
He's gonna move you.
- Take it easy, Sam.
- You too.
So how does it feel to be Hetty's asset in Yemen? Dangerous.
Hetty had me back in Yemen within a week of Abdul arriving.
Got some contacts here.
People inside the government who know a little more than they're letting on about the Warriors of Islam.
They've been feeding me the intel.
- Where did you get the hardware? - Don't ask.
- Got an uplink yet? - It's coming online right now.
Send that to Eric.
It's the contact number Abdul left for Sam.
Tell me about the boy they're holding hostage? They chose him well.
He's the only son of one of the most powerful princes in Saudi government.
And he was kidnapped over a week ago, but they only went public with the abduction yesterday.
It's possible that the father kept the news quiet to try to negotiate privately with the terrorists.
But the government won't give in to their demands.
Contacts on the ground think Saadat's behind it? Nothing happens without Saadat's approval, but it's more likely Abdul planned this.
And you're sure they haven't linked forces yet? Sure as I can be.
Abdul hasn't left the city since he arrived.
And my sources are confident that if Saadat had met with him, they'd have heard about it.
You okay? Abdul thinks I'm dead.
Chances of me running into him are negligible, but we can't risk it.
I only move around at night, stay out of sight during the day.
Which means you're on the lunch run.
Assalamu alaikum, Hakeem.
Walaikum assalam, Abdul.
Welcome, my friend.
Is everything well? Everything's great.
I'm excited to be here.
As I am, Hakeem.
So when can we meet? We could meet now, Hakeem.
Good to see you.
You had no problems leaving America? Well, the guy I collected my paperwork from was dead.
Yes, well, he demanded more money.
Threatened to withhold your papers.
He left us no choice.
Welcome to the cause, brother.
So, what's the plans for me? Well, to begin with, there is no need to unpack.
We're leaving right now.
Going where? Another hotel? You must be patient, Hakeem.
In time, Allah reveals everything.
Get your things.
I have a car waiting.
We have a long way to drive.
Ready? Let's go.
Sam's on the move.
- Abdul must have contacted him.
- He would've warned you if he could.
- Someone must be with him.
- Car? Light brown SUV in the alley behind the hotel.
Tell Eric.
Talk to me, Eric.
Sam's GPS is coming online now.
Your sat phone GPS puts you three and a half miles behind him.
They're headed south on Taizz Road.
- You're gonna have to close the gap.
- I'm working on that.
Callen, Abdul is with him.
I know.
Had a little problem with one of Abdul's guys.
Has Sam been compromised, Mr.
Callen? No, I don't think so.
He's a hotel employee.
He didn't have time to warn Abdul.
I'm bringing the body with me.
- Eric, don't lose him.
- Trying not to.
They're heading south out of the city.
Saadat's rumored hiding out in the south of the country.
Maybe Abdul's finally going to meet his brother.
And he's bringing Sam with him.
It's not all bad then.
We headed south? Why are you so interested in what direction we're travelling, Hakeem? I'm trying to ascertain the direction of Mecca.
It's time for noon prayer, brother.
A short pilgrimage to Mecca across the border into Saudi Arabia, Hakeem? One day soon, maybe.
You must be pleased to be back in Yemen, see your family.
You told me in prison you had a brother.
He is with me wherever I travel.
You're very proud of him.
My brother is a leader of men, Hakeem.
When you meet him you'll understand why our cause cannot fail.
We are putting into play a plan that will show the West the true power of the Warriors for Islam.
That great day will come very soon.
Re-establish contact, Eric.
- I'm gonna stay two minutes ahead.
- Copy that.
Callen's back in the game.
Stop the car.
Hakeem, grab the boy.
Shoot him.
If you want me to do this, then, you should trust me and give me a loaded weapon.
- You test me, Abdul? - I test everybody, Hakeem.
You passed.
He failed.
Let this be a lesson to all of you, of the importance of this boy.
He is now in your charge, Hakeem.
Guard him with your life.
- Where is the boy? - He's with Rafiq.
I came to get him some food.
What makes this boy so valuable? He is the son of a Saudi prince.
There are a lot of Saudi princes.
They count them by the thousands.
That's true.
But this one is a favorite.
As is his father.
Holding him for ransom? No, Hakeem, not for ransom.
A prisoner exchange? No.
Why then? You'll see, Hakeem.
Very soon.
Go back to the boy.
Take him his food.
Do not leave his side.
You said the world would soon learn how powerful the Warriors for Islam really are.
You think we measure the power of our cause by the life of a small boy? Then tell me why.
Soon, my brother.
You're Amir.
Listen, Amir.
I won't hurt you and I won't let anybody else hurt you, you understand? Mm.
Soup and bread.
If you don't eat it, I will.
It's good.
Hmm? Exactly.
If anything happens, I want you to stay by my side, you understand? Good.
- Keeping warm? - Barely.
They've posted guards.
I'm counting five guys, could be more.
Callen, can you confirm Mr.
Hanna? - Confirmed, Abdul's with him.
- Saadat? Not yet, but it seems they're waiting for something.
Or someone.
The minute you can confirm Saadat's presence, I want the two of you out of harm's way.
The boy is here, Hetty.
Your primary mission, Mr.
Callen, is to confirm that Saadat has joined his brother.
Not leaving without the boy.
Freddie John Fanning Hmm.
We're missing something.
- A suspect.
- A murder weapon.
And witnesses, don't forget witnesses, we're missing them.
Witnesses can be very valuable, you know.
Maybe even tell us if Sam's been compromised.
And evidence.
And a clue.
A clue would be good too.
What we know.
- Fanning is hired to forge a passport.
- Check.
Fanning completes that and delivers it to Mr.
Jones at his rental apartment.
There's a dispute over money, or maybe Jones wants to tie up loose ends.
Either way, Fanning is shot.
Fanning checks out checkless.
- We're missing something.
- Check.
No, no, no.
We are missing something.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Jones works for Abdul.
- Go on.
What if Abdul met with Jones before he left for Yemen to give him Sam's details? Jones' apartment had only been rented out for a week.
- So if Abdul did meet with Jones - It wasn't at the apartment.
- It could have been at Jones' house.
- Check.
Abdul flew out to Yemen the day after he broke out of prison.
- He flew on fake passport.
- Jones must have given it to him.
Where did Abdul stay that night? We were tracking him on Overwatch.
Stayed at the West Hollywood Motor Inn on Wilton.
- A clue? - Maybe even witnesses.
- It's always quiet midweek.
- How quiet? - No new bookings that night.
- None? - Not a one.
- Nell said he definitely stayed all night.
Maybe shared with somebody that was already staying here.
Do you mind if I take a look? All right, three guests.
Married couple from Idaho.
She was young enough to be his daughter.
Well, scratch Idaho.
Single woman from Texas.
- Regular, same time every month.
- For how long? Long as I've owned the place.
Going on 27 years.
And scratching Texas.
What about this? It was occupied all week, but there's no name against it.
That's not a guest.
That's the night manager, Felix.
Cops wanna have a word with you.
- Witness or suspect? - Suspect.
Make that prime suspect.
Go! Ready? Three, two, one, go.
Scratch Felix.
For a guy that lived here for 18 months, he sure doesn't have much to show for it.
He's got no big-screen flat plasma TV.
Computer's configured for Arabic.
No beer.
No funky week-old clothes in the corner.
No pizza boxes.
This is very un-American.
"Felix Attino.
" Colombian.
That explains why he's un-American, but not why he speaks Arabic.
This would.
Yemeni passport.
Look at the name.
We just found Abdul's brother.
No wonder Saadat hasn't been seen in Yemen.
Been here all along.
How hard is it to run a terrorist group from the other side of the world? It's virtually impossible.
I think Saadat was a misdirect.
With this new intel, I went back and analyzed what we knew, or what we thought we knew.
I think the true leader of the group is Abdul.
And the news doesn't get any better.
Warriors for Islam have released a deadline for the Saudis to meet their demands.
- How long? - One hour.
But the Saudis have already rejected a hostage exchange for the boy.
Why would Abdul think they would change their mind? I don't think he does.
Guys, you better take a look at this.
I broke the password to Saadat's laptop, accessed his e-mails.
Found this.
Miss Jones, how's your Arabic? Well, it looks like the e-mails are between Saadat and Abdul.
Saadat was tipped off by a State Department e-mail to the U.
Embassy in Yemen of Nate's presence in Sana'a.
Saadat confirms that the attached photos were taken a week after Abdul's escape.
And after Abdul saw Nate stabbed by Sam.
Nate's been compromised.
Which means Sam's been compromised.
Why give Sam a fake passport and an airline ticket to Yemen if you know he's an undercover federal agent? It's a trap.
A captured U.
Federal agent is a powerful propaganda tool.
And much more leverage than a 7-year-old boy.
Eric, I need to talk to Callen.
Miss Blye, alert Nate.
Tell him to get the hell out of that hotel.
And, Nell, get Director Vance on the phone.
Tell him we need that authority and we need it now.
- Yeah? - Callen's on speaker.
Callen? Abort the mission.
Sam's been compromised.
Confirm, Mr.
Aborting mission.
I'll go with you.
Which federal agency do you work for? NCIS.
I know of them.
Then you know it's best you surrender now while you still have a chance.
You know, I like you, Hakeem.
- Sam.
- Sam.
I'm not going to kill you.
But a display to your country and their foreign allies of our resolve should be enough to bring them to the negotiating table.
Abdul! Need that authority, Hetty.
Need it now.
Director? - Authority granted, Mr.
- Green light, Sam.
Sam, green light.
Target painted.
Let's go home.
I'm staying.
There's work to do in Dubai.
Or Oman.
Hetty wasn't sure which.
We'll see you around, Nate.
What? Why did you hesitate? Targeting Abdul? Wanted to be sure why I was squeezing the trigger.
Moe? Revenge or justice? Justice.
I hope.
- This isn't the way home.
- Nope.
Promised Hetty I'd get her a futah.
Bright colors.
Better get her two.

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