NCIS Los Angeles s03e08 Episode Script


Whoo! Yeah! The waltz was revolutionary in the late 18th century because it was the first time couples faced each other when they danced.
It was a scandalous display of public intimacy.
Public intimacy-- I like it.
Count! One, two, three.
One, two, three.
He's stepping on me.
- That's not true.
- You just keep putting your feet underneath mine when I lift them.
You know where I'm gonna put my foot? Why are we doing this? Because you need to face each other and try to work together.
We do work together.
Yes, not always harmoniously.
Couldn't we do something like synchronized swimming instead? Deeks.
What? It's just like this, except for you would be in a bikini.
Ouch! Sorry.
I was thinking about bikinis.
I'm listening! Ready? One, two, three.
Posture, grace, floating as one.
It's kind of hard to float when you're in heels.
Think of your partner.
Well, it's kind of hard when all she keeps talking about is high heels and bikinis.
Maybe Kensi should lead.
Isn't that what she's doing? Really? I would love to teach the two of you the traditional Viennese waltz, with each other as partners.
She's kidding.
No, she's not.
Agent Hanna, take your partner by the waist, back straight.
Do I need to repeat myself? Hetty, you Hetty.
Sorry, guys, but approval's just come in, Hetty.
NCIS has been granted permission to enter Mexico.
Well, you'll be briefed en route.
Grab your go bags.
Wheels up in 20 minutes.
And make sure to return the heels, Ms.
You guys owe me big-time.
Anything you need.
Anytime you need it.
Señor Hector Ramirez.
Seaman Brandon Davis.
He was reported for unauthorized absence from the USS Enterprise six weeks ago when the carrier was stationed off the coast of Sudan.
He's a long way from North Africa.
What makes this guy so special? The company he keeps.
You know him? Paul Green.
He's a British arms dealer.
Sells to Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah.
Motorcycle tracks come from the South.
Looks like they lead north to the U.
We're looking for a wooden box roughly foot-and-a-half long, a foot wide, about six inches high.
Box is long gone.
Drag marks.
Something heavy.
Case of handguns isn't worth dragging across the desert.
Got a shell casing.
Choke marks.
Green's got them, too.
Okay, so one bike goes down.
Green and Davis fight over who's gonna be left behind.
More like who's gonna keep the box.
Davis wins, then somebody shoots him from over there.
It's got to be over 400 meters away.
Shooter's no knucklehead.
He knows what he's doing.
These ATV tracks-- they lead north, too.
To the U.
Okay, so what's this all about? Whatever's inside that box.
Border's four miles away.
Whatever's inside that box is already inside the country.
You two follow the shooter's ATV tracks.
Okay, you know how I don't do well over 100 degrees.
I get xerosis.
Deeks, that sounds like an STD.
No, no, not an STD.
It's dry and scaly skin.
Like a lizard.
Lizards love the desert.
You don't have any sunscreen, do you? Preferably something with, like, a moisturizer, hypo-allergenic.
I can't believe he's gone.
We were high school sweethearts.
How long were you married to Brandon? Three years.
Had you heard from him since he went UA? No.
I told the MPs this a hundred times already.
I'm not believing it.
Because he went UA, I don't even get his pay now.
Karen, Brandon's body was found with an arms dealer affiliated with several terrorist organizations.
We think they were trying to smuggle something into the country.
It's a matter of national security.
You don't need to protect him anymore.
Unless you're involved.
I wasn't involved.
But you do know something.
Somebody was paying Brandon to take a box from Sudan across the ocean on a cargo ship into Guatemala and up here.
He said it was like private security work.
If you're sneaking across the border, it's not security work.
We had no money.
And I'm pregnant again.
So, he said we'd never have to work another day in our lives.
For bringing one box into the country? He said he wanted me to be ready to leave town and not tell anybody where I was going.
Knowing Brandon, I think he was going to steal the box when he crossed the border.
Do you know what was in it? Everything we'd ever want.
All our dreams.
You want to share? The box was filled with gold.
My cop instincts are definitely kicking in.
Yeah, what are they telling you? Something isn't right.
Wait a second.
Why'd they stop following us? Is it 'cause of the wolves? Yeah? Are there wolves out here? Awesome.
Ever heard of the Chupacabra? Yes.
Body of a bear, the spine of a stegosaurus, claws like an eagle, lives in the desert, eats tourists? You are Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.
No, no, they call this the Devil's Path.
This area is so dangerous, the Mexican police don't even come here.
Okay, this area, Deeks, is the United States of America.
What? We're in America? Yes! That's why they stopped following us.
The border's right back there.
Oh, well, that's fantastic news.
Oh, no! It's a wild boar.
Shh! Think it's a feral pig.
No, no, no, don't look at it directly.
Show submission.
Just walk away very quietly.
Whoa, what the hell? Whoa.
It's following you.
What does he want? I think she's in love with you.
Well, of course she is.
You want to know why? Because she has fantastic taste.
Here, pretty girl.
Huh? What's your name? You come to the desert often? I bet you do.
You keep it toned? You look good.
Hey, Deeks.
Think I found something.
All right, you stay here.
Don't go changing.
I got cop work.
What do you got? ATV tracks stop here, but the truck tracks start there.
There could have been a ramp right here.
Looks like he put the ATV in the back of a pickup truck and headed north to the highway.
Hang on, baby.
¿Señor Deeks, cómo está? Eric, I'm sending some pics to my skydrive.
See if you can I.
the tracks.
All right, pork chop, can you describe the bad guys in the truck? Can you describe them? Uh-huh.
And what about the other one? Ah, Kensi, I-I think, I think she saw one of them.
All right, got a match.
BF Goodrich 245/75R17.
Comes standard on six different trucks.
But only one with dual rear wheels.
Ford F-350.
Eric, also take a look at the tapes from the cameras on Interstate 8.
It's the first highway north of here.
And go back about 24 hours.
Will do.
You going to put lipstick on that pig? Don't you listen to her.
She's just jealous.
Don't make promises you can't keep.
I'll see you soon.
You're beautiful.
I'll miss you.
See, I know how to let a girl down easy.
With respect and honesty.
Yeah, you change your cell phone number.
That's why I don't give them my home address.
That's why she likes you.
Why is that? Same species.
You get the ballistics report on the round taken from the dead seaman? Coming in now.
The ammo was a custom load.
Shooter's a pro.
Somebody knew the box was coming across the border, sent the shooter to kill the two couriers.
And take the gold.
Nell, how much gold are we talking about? Well, from the cell phone video, the box was roughly nine by 16 inches, six inches tall.
That would make it about 300 pounds, for a value of Looks like someone has a secret admirer.
Uh, we're somewhere in the ballpark of eight-and-a-half million dollars.
Arms dealer? Bringing it in to buy more weapons? Or it could be a payment from a sale.
Why take a chance with all that money, taking it across open desert? So, working off the estimated time of death of seaman Davis, there's only one Ford F-350 with dual wheels heading west on Interstate 8.
I traced the license plate to an auto repair shop in east L.
, and according to L.
A Nice flowers.
Uh, according to LAPD, um, the shop is owned and operated by members of the La Masa Mexican drug cartel.
Address is on your phones.
Thanks, Eric.
Happy Birthday.
Not my birthday.
I actually knew that.
Uh, so the flowers are for? No occasion.
So somebody sent you flowers just because.
So somebody did send them.
No, they just grew there.
Why are you so surprised that somebody would send me flowers? I'm actually not surprised.
At all.
Shooter's truck.
License matches.
What do you guys want? Federal agents.
We got a couple questions about that truck.
We can't answer any questions.
You got a carry permit for that? Yes, I do.
You just answered a question.
You answer questions very well.
You shouldn't underestimate yourself.
So why don't you give us the key to that truck, or we can all wait around here for a warrant.
If that happens, who knows what else we'll find here? I'm pretty sure you know the drill.
One phone call-- hour and a half, tops.
It's all done electronically now.
You'll have a dozen agents crawling all over this place.
Well, you do what you got to do.
But I'm asking you to leave Now.
They got drugs or cash on this property, and they're not going to want to lose it to a search.
Guess they're not going to let us drive out of here.
You got them? Yeah, I got them.
You okay? Yeah.
You? - Excuse me.
- Little help here.
What's your name? Jaime.
I don't got a gun.
You okay? I'm great.
I just can't breathe.
You don't realize how heavy a car is until you're under it, huh? Yeah, I guess not.
Clear? Yeah.
Come on.
You good? Yeah.
You guys know I wasn't shooting at you, right? For that, we thank you.
Can we ask you a question? I'm not supposed to talk to cops.
Well, don't think of us as cops.
Think of us as the guys who just saved your life.
Means you owe us, Jaime.
Who owns that red truck? My boss.
Where's he? Been in Mexico for the last week.
Did you maybe lend that truck to someone, say, day before yesterday? Come on, guys.
Do you have any idea how horrible it would have been to be crushed under this truck? Your insides would have squirted out like a broken toothpaste tube.
Who'd you lend the truck to? My boss was hired by somebody-- I don't know who-- to steal some box.
So he sent his guy.
Name? Hey, you got to understand, nobody trusts me with important information.
And that's their mistake.
They're clearly not a good judge of character.
Your boss sent his guy who? He does the, you know, the hits for him? Yeah.
So one might call him a hit man? Yeah.
He went down to the border to kill these two guys and take the box in exchange for half of the contents.
Thank you, Jaime.
Now we have to cuff you.
With handcuffs? Uh, most likely.
I still owe you guys? Jaime, we saved your life.
That's a big debt to pay.
Where did your boss hide the gold? Gold? What gold? From the box.
There's no gold in the box.
You remember what was in it? Of course I do.
I'm not stupid.
We don't think you're stupid.
Jaime, we're your biggest fans.
Now, what was in the box? Brown heroin.
We're a drug cartel, homes.
Damn, you guys don't know nothing! I guess we don't.
So he does hits for the cartel.
Picks up the car for the job and then he drops it back with you at the garage.
I only saw the guy maybe four times.
What's he look like? He looks full-on Indian.
But I heard he was part Mexican.
If he wasn't part Mexican, he don't work for us.
Are we even yet? Close.
Is there anything else you can tell me about him? Anything at all? Slick, dresses nice, makes very good money killing people.
There's always work when you got skills.
Jaime, I don't want you to hurt yourself, but I want you to try really hard to think about what he looked like.
He wore red cowboy boots.
And he had these badass wristbands with a monkey on it, held bullets.
Eric, there's a shop called red monkey; they do leather work for bikers and rock stars.
You should check it out.
Very low-level encryption.
Give me a minute to break it.
And logo's coming to your phone.
That's it.
Badass, right? Badass as Matthew Broderick.
Who's Matthew Broderick? A badass.
I'm in.
Looking at the Internet sales orders for red monkey.
Looks like the wrist bandoleros were custom orders.
They only made three.
One went to Florida, the other to Europe And wouldn't you know it, one has an address in downtown L.
Coming to your phones.
You know what, Jaime, I think we're even.
My debt for you saving my life is paid? Yep.
Oh, that's great.
'Cause I don't think I know anything else.
About anything.
Thank you.
It's been real.
Hey, you guys are cool.
So are you.
Hey, guys! Little help here! So you in a thing now? Like, uh, with another person.
Like, a relationsh Don't say the r word.
I don't have to be in a In a R word.
To get flowers.
No, of course not.
You could-- I mean, you could get flowers for a lot of other reasons.
A lot of other reasons.
Like if I was Like if you die.
There you go.
Or if you have major surgery.
There's another one.
Have you had major surgery? I have not.
And you are clearly not dead.
Well So that, uh, leaves the "R" word.
I have to go talk to Hetty.
- Penthouse.
- Somebody's getting paid.
Look at this place.
Federal agents! I got a body.
Bedroom's clear.
- Clear.
- Clear.
He's dead.
Slightly warm.
Red cowboy boots, wristbands.
No obvious cause of death.
Anybody else noticing a reoccurring motif in all these paintings? Rifle's a 7.
62 caliber.
High-powered scope.
Probably the weapon that killed Brandon Davis.
He's got some kind of powder around his nose.
We got powder here, too.
Looks like he might've taken a taste and died happy.
Eric! Comms are down-- too much steel.
What's up, G? Where is the box? Couple hundred pounds-- that's like moving a safe.
That's not exactly a one-man job.
Uh Somebody used a dolly.
Indents lead straight out the door.
Let's check the building security cameras.
That's our box.
It's the same floor as the shooter.
I recognize that.
What? Can you zoom in on his face? On this guy.
Sudanese tribal scars.
So someone from Sudan pays Davis and Green to bring a box into the U.
They think it's gold.
Then somebody pays a Mexican drug gang to steal it because it's really heroin.
But then the Sudanese steal the box back.
Something's still missing here.
Is this a live feed? Yeah.
He's working the lock.
Could be one of the Sudanese.
Maybe they're coming back.
Maybe they forgot something in the apartment.
Kensi, Deeks.
Comms are still down.
Hey, Sam? Kensi, you've got company.
Kensi Hang up.
Please, don't make a sound.
Are you digging the art in this place as much as I am? I mean, it's bold, and it's cool.
I mean, why isn't there more cool art, you know? Oh, there's another one.
I want to show you this one.
This is my favorite 'cause it's the perfect combination of girls and guns.
Let me make this perfectly clear: If you harm her, this is going to be your last day on earth.
Who are you? Federal agents.
Drop your weapon.
Agent Sam Hanna.
Turn around, slowly.
So this is Michael Saleh? Nice to finally meet you.
And you, too, agent G.
You know what this is? This is warm and cuddly, but we're forgetting he nearly just killed my partner.
Meet CIA operations officer Michael Saleh.
Wish I could say it was a pleasure.
Sorry about that.
Wait, and you guys know each other how? Michael and I have been working undercover in Sudan on the CIA task force for over a year.
Over a year? Oh, so that's what those long-weekend dive trips were.
When you went to Cancun with my SEAL buddies.
It actually makes me feel a lot better, knowing why I wasn't invited.
That's not why you weren't invited.
Uh, uh, don't speak 'cause right now I'm feeling really good about our friendship.
So this is Deeks? - What? - Yeah, yeah, this is Wait, what did he tell you about me? Nothing.
No, come on.
Well, he once mentioned something about falling in the canal in Venice.
The canathe canal.
That was You remember that.
That was a good time.
Good time.
I've been tracking this box since it left the Sudan, into Guatemala and into Mexico.
They kill him? My guess is, he snorted the heroin.
He snorted it? There was no heroin in that box.
So, what was in it, then? He died from radiation poisoning.
The box wasn't filled with gold or heroin.
The box was filled with uranium.
Sudan contains the third-largest supply of uranium in the world.
The uranium ore was shipped from Sudan to Iran, and returned to the Sudan in a highly refined state.
Looks like powder-- that's why the shooter snorted it.
So Al-Qaeda hired others to transport the uranium-filled box because constant exposure to the uranium will kill you.
Everybody that gets close to it dies? No, they were carrying it close to their bodies for weeks; short-term exposures won't hurt you.
Everybody was told there was something else in the box.
Their greed motivating them down the garden path.
You recognize any of these guys from the elevator surveillance tape? They stole the box from the shooter's apartment.
They don't look like any known Al-Qaeda operatives from the Sudan.
They could've come to the U.
years ago.
They may have green cards and citizenship by now.
So, what are we looking at here, a dirty bomb? From the residue on the table I don't think so.
The powder was too fine, the dispersal pattern would be small.
Then what's it for? Oh, look at that.
Oh, yeah.
A little-little gift.
Did you have a surgical procedure in the last hour? Uh, no.
And I am not dead, in case you were wondering.
See, 'cause that's funny that we both got flowers on the same day.
It's odd, isn't it? It's a real coincidence.
It's weird.
It's very weird.
You might say.
Okay, I sent the flowers to myself.
I really like flowers, and no one has sent them to me in a long time, so I sent them to myself.
That's great.
Why is that great? No, it's not great.
It's, um It's sad it's sad that you sent them to yourself.
Like you did? I I didn't send anything to my I don't Okay.
Okay I gave the flower to myself.
I'm shocked.
I mean, I know why I sent the flowers to myself, so what's your excuse? When I saw that someone else had given you flowers, I I-I felt Um Competitive? Competitive.
I felt competitive.
Competitive with you.
That's a good word for it.
So, I took the flower from Hetty's desk.
You took a flower from Hetty's desk.
She cuts them herself.
It's a big bunch.
Hetty will never miss it.
I'm doomed, aren't I? You sacrificed yourself to compete with me.
Facial-recognition got a hit on one of the guys from the elevator.
He's got a Sudanese passport.
Samir Abbas.
Samir Abbas.
I have a home address and work address.
Currently working at Anderson & Kirk's Technical Services.
So, what's going on? I'm pretty sure my cover in the Sudan was compromised.
How? There may be a leak inside the agency.
Any idea who? I don't know.
You're not CIA I believe your cover is still safe.
But I can't go back to the Sudan.
Of course not.
It means when you return, you're going to be on your own there.
I think it may be time for me to get out of the field anyway.
I'm sure your wife would appreciate it.
Oh, more than you know.
Oh, believe me, I know.
Eric found one of them.
Kensi, Deeks, take the back.
Federal agents.
We're looking for this man-- Samir Abbas.
He works here.
I got him.
Federal agents! Freeze! Both hands where I can see them.
Both hands! Clear.
Ah, that was noisy.
It's the uranium.
There should be a lot more than this.
Where's the rest? What is this place? What do you do here? We service large air-conditioning systems.
They're building an RDD.
A what? A radiation dispersal device.
The uranium has been processed to a fine powder.
They're gonna put it in an air-conditioning system somewhere.
Thousands of people could ingest it before anyone even knew it was there.
It could render buildings uninhabitable for a millennia.
The CIA calls it real estate acquisition.
It's 9/11 without knocking down buildings.
There's still two guys out there with the uranium.
The attacks are going down right now.
But where? that are big enough to handle large structures.
Bringing up the company's ID photos.
Running facial-rec now.
Got one.
Oh, actually, I got two.
All right, Saif Molla and Hafiz Hussein.
Chapman Point Heating and Air.
- Address? - On your cell now.
I'm going to try to get into the company's cameras, see if I can find Hafiz Hussein and Saif Molla.
Okay, I'll check their work schedules.
Sam, according to the work schedule, Saif Molla and Hafiz Hussein are at work right now.
I cannot find Molla or Hussein on any of the company's cameras.
I don't think they're there.
They're not there 'cause Molla and Hussein have a work order.
Molla and Hussein are not in the building.
They're out on a job site.
Where? Looks like they're taking some old units to be recycled.
That's clearly not the target.
It's going to be somewhere big, somewhere public.
Okay, got the last one.
Jonathan Debaki, Lamont Heating and Air-Conditioning.
Got it.
That's him.
That's Debaki.
Federal agents! Don't do it! Freeze! Hands against the truck.
He's got the uranium.
Where were you going? Huh? Where's the target? I don't know what you're talking about.
Callen, Sam, they're targeting the convention center.
Get me LAPD-- they need to evacuate the building.
LA Gamer Expo going on right now.
There's 30,000 people in there.
Remain calm and please exit the building.
Remain calm and please exit the building.
Remain calm and please exit the building.
Eric, check the schematics and get me to the AC system.
You need to get to the other side of the main lobby.
Remain calm and please exit the building.
Remain calm and please exit the building.
Keep going straight ahead.
Remain calm and please exit the building.
Go down the stairs directly in front of you.
Halfway down the hallway, there's a door on your left.
That leads to the maintenance area.
Federal agents! Freeze! I got him! Drop it.
I said drop it.
Praise Allah! Sam, stay back! Stay back.
We're going to get you to a hospital.
Eric, I need an ambulance and a radiological decon team, fast.
Sam, it's in the air; you shouldn't stay here.
There's no point, my friend.
There's no point.
Please, Sam.
Stay here.
Stay here.
Federal agent! Step out where I can see you! Don't do it! G.
Where's Saleh? I should've stayed with him.
I'm sorry.
Any idea where he went? I picked him up on a camera exiting the building, but then he disappeared.
How long does he have left? Maybe a few months.
Depends on how much uranium he's ingested.
Saleh is a trained CIA operative.
If he doesn't want us to find him Michael has a wife and a seven-month-old baby.
He might've gone to be with them.
I just spoke with a friend at the agency.
The CIA made sure Saleh was decontaminated, as best they could.
So where is he now? He didn't want his wife and child to watch him die, so he's returned to Sudan to continue his work with the CIA.
He thought he was compromised.
It's not safe for him there.
It doesn't matter anymore.
He's using what little life he has left to defend the United States.
Then I'm going there, too, Hetty.
Of course you are, Sam.
There's a gulfstream five fueling and preparing to take you to the naval air station in Sigonella, Italy.
From there, transport will be arranged to take you to Sudan.
You know I should be with him.
For now, it's a CIA task force.
I don't have to tell you to be ready.
No, you don't.
Of course not.

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