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Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles Meet CIA Operations Officer Michael Saleh.
Michael and I have been working undercover in Sudan on the CIA task force.
How long does he have left? Depends on how much uranium he's ingested.
He's returned to Sudan to continue his work with the CIA.
Then I'm going there, too, Hetty.
We know that you are an American undercover agent.
We know this as sure as the sky is blue above and the earth under our feet.
I'm not So now, you tell me is there anyone else undercover here working with you? Just tell us, and this agony will soon be over.
He's unconscious again.
Kill him.
It's too dark in here.
Put the lights on him.
Oh, yes.
Much better.
Very good.
Looks like a Tarantino movie, huh? Governor Khaled will be very pleased.
Original air date on November 15, 2011 Six days ago, Sam returned to work with the CIA task force looking into the presence of al-Qaeda in Sudan.
Focus of his investigation was Sudanese ex-Governor Tahir Khaled.
It's believed Khaled has been harboring al-Qaeda operatives.
Did the CIA request our involvement? Two days ago, the CIA lost touch with Agent Hanna and two of its own agents in the region.
Both CIA agents have now been confirmed dead.
They were tortured before they were killed.
And there is a third body.
Nell, please read the CIA report verbatim.
At approximately 1730, the remains of a black male, approximately were found in a field outside of Khartoum.
The body was badly burned, preventing immediate identification.
The body is a match for Sam in height and weight.
What was Sam's cover? He was working part-time for the ex-governor as a civilian security consultant.
For the past year, every few weeks, he would fly in and review security procedures, run background checks.
Travel arrangements to Khartoum are confirmed.
They're ready when you are.
It appears that Agent Saleh is right.
There is a leak in the CIA's chain of command.
I understand.
Find that leak.
I'm sitting down.
Bullet hole in Sam's calf? Nasty scar.
I dug that bullet out myself.
There's no sign of it on the body.
Thank God.
It's Michael Saleh.
He knew this might happen.
Sam and Saleh were on the same task force.
In all likelihood, Sam's cover has been blown as well.
Let's hope you're wrong, Mr.
Khaled's got his whole circus.
If Sam's been betrayed like the others, he could have escaped.
No, he would have tried to contact us.
And if he couldn't? He'd either in hiding or he's on the run.
If he's on the run, then we're looking in the wrong place.
Do we know who the tall guy next to Khaled is? Yeah.
His first name is Kadeen.
He's one of Khaled's enforcers.
Oh, who's she, the wife? That's Khaled's sister.
Her name is Jada.
She's been Agent Hanna's primary target to gather information.
He has, uh, shall we say, cultivated a great trust with her over the past year.
She may know what happened to him.
I'm going to stay with her.
I may have just been made.
My name is Elmslie.
May I? Global Criminal Tribunal? From the Hague.
I'm an investigator.
I work on the prosecution of crimes against humanity-- atrocities, genocide, torture.
Why were you running? Khaled's begun hiring American security.
I-I thought that's who you could be.
How do you know I'm not? I'm still breathing.
My guess is CIA, NSA, DoD? I need you to come with me.
Let's go.
I need to confirm the identity of an Alex Elmslie.
We'll authenticate.
The Global Criminal Tribunal is trying to indict ex-Governor Khaled for crimes against humanity.
We've been surveilling him, trying to get witnesses to testify to his atrocities.
He's massacred entire villages.
Innocent Southern Sudanese murdered.
You're here looking for dead undercover agents.
What do you know about that? I know that they're all dead.
You're looking for three bodies.
I'm looking for 1,000.
Alex Elmslie checks out.
Looks like he's one of the good guys.
He's helped convict a dozen criminals in the Global Criminal Tribunal.
Why are you watching Khaled's sister? She has no connection to any of her brother's businesses.
Let's help each other.
I know more about Khaled than any man on Earth.
I got eyes on Sam.
Thank you, Mr.
He's working for you? Khaled's sister is Khaled's property.
To take the fruit without permission Khaled has burned men alive for less.
We can't do this.
Came here to talk.
Really? Be honest with yourself.
You invite a woman to a hotel room to talk? After all these months of secret e-mails, our hands touching as we walk together.
Then let me speak with your brother, ask him for permission to be with you.
I advise him on his security.
He trusts me with his life.
He would never allow a Westerner and a Christian to be anywhere near his sister.
He'd sooner kill me.
Let me just try.
He has already promised me to another man.
Why didn't you tell me? And lose your attention? I'd rather die.
Do you not understand? My parents are dead.
My brother, he can do with me what he wants.
This is our way.
So what do we do? If all we have is just this once to be together, now, here then let us have it.
Let us have it, Sam.
So what did you find? Well, it's not easy.
With three agents dead, the CIA is locked down tight.
However, through a political contact of mine in Washington, I was able to find the name of the operations manager that was running the task force that Sam and Saleh and the other two agents were working on.
His name is Colin Rand.
Now, Rand's cover business is an African import company here in Los Angeles.
It allows him to move freely between the U.
and Africa without suspicion.
Looks like Rand has accumulated a pretty large personal debt.
Okay, I got it.
My buddy in LAPD said that Colin Rand was busted for buying cocaine from a dealer in North Hollywood.
The charges were dropped and he doesn't know why.
Could be part of his cover or it could be the CIA stepped in and had his charges dropped.
No one would suspect a junkie as a CIA agent.
On the other hand, needing cash to buy drugs is a good motive for selling the names of agents in the field.
Yes, it is.
I'll call Rand, set up a meeting.
You talk to him.
Find out anything you can.
And if we think it's him, we just let the CIA do their own inquiry? We'll make those decisions at the appropriate time.
But make no mistake, Agent Blye, we'll protect our agents at all costs.
This isn't a one-way street.
We have resources and information that could help your investigation.
I wish I could help you, I really do.
The bodies of the dead have never been found from the massacres Khaled has disposed of them somehow.
No bodies, no case.
He's a mass murderer.
Look, I am here to determine if my agent is safe.
If I could just have five minutes with your man If I find out that he's safe, and I pull him out, we're not even having this conversation! And if he stays in, it is only because the Sudanese al-Qaeda attempted an attack on the U.
last week.
Thousands of Sudanese have died here: women children.
I think my guy may have just been made.
Tahir, we are just shopping.
No Kadeen, Kadeen, can just drive me back later.
Tahir Fine.
I will be back at the car in ten minutes.
I think he suspects something.
- No.
- Shh.
They have the wrong room.
I'll take care of it.
Do not open this door for anyone.
- Understand? - Mm-hmm.
Welcome to Sudan.
We got company.
I saw Kadeen out front.
We've got to get you out of here.
It's too late.
Friend of yours? - I should be, after that.
- He's good.
Anybody else see? He did.
He got away.
That's not good.
That's not good at all.
You got some people worried.
Ever were thinking about picking up the phone, maybe an e-mail - Hi, Mom I'm okay.
- Yeah, something like that.
Things got a little hot.
I couldn't take any chances.
You know I still love you, right? We have to get out of here.
Help us with the body.
Come on.
I'm Alex Elmslie.
I'm from the Global Criminal Tribunal.
You're here about the massacres, right? Yes.
Would you be willing to help? Elmslie, we'd love to help, but we're not even gonna be here in a couple of hours.
American interests disappear, so do the Americans.
That's an old song.
Three agents are dead.
That's why I'm staying in.
There's a leak.
If Khaled knew about me, I'd be dead already.
Doesn't mean it's not gonna happen.
I'm staying in, G.
Got a plan for Kadeen? Yeah.
You help us.
Quid pro quo.
I want to take your picture and show it to Khaled.
Rand is not gonna be able to see you today.
That's unacceptable.
This is an urgent situation.
Here's what you can do for me.
You can call your boss back and tell him we're not leaving.
Actually, you can tell him we're coming in right now.
That's even better.
Open the door.
Open the door before I blow it open.
It's okay.
Let 'em in.
Two minutes.
Close the door.
Here's what I can tell you.
Hanna was one of four agents on a long-term mission to embed themselves in the company of Governor Tahir Khaled.
We knew Khaled monitored al-Qaeda's operations in Sudan for the northern government.
If we had access to Khaled, we'd have access to the entire terrorist network.
Okay, tell us something we don't know.
My regional director, Neil Vernon, has instructed me not to speak to anyone.
There's really nothing else I can tell you.
You see this thing? I love these things.
These masks you have.
I think they're so interesting.
'Cause we all wear them at some point.
Don't you think? You have no idea who you're dealing with.
And neither do you.
Agent Hanna's not just a coworker, he's a man who would die for us.
And there's nothing we wouldn't do to keep him safe.
Are you threatening me? No, it's really quite simple: All you have to do is tell us what you know about the breach in security.
What breach in security? We're not here to play CIA spy games.
Agent Hanna is a friend of ours.
Friend?! I've lost three veteran agents within a week.
Good men that I have worked with for years.
Your regional director, what did you say his name was? Was it Vernon? Is that right? Vernon? He know about your embarrassing little cocaine bust? Or your financial difficulties, for that matter? And all it takes is one phone call to Langley.
Langley? You don't get it, do you? Vernon is the only agent besides me who had access to the names of the men on my task force.
Ever try investigating your boss? So you're saying it's Vernon.
Vernon's the leak.
Does Vernon have Sam's name? No.
Sam was the only task force agent not from the CIA.
So Vernon doesn't know about Sam? Which explains why his cover's still intact.
Not for long.
Vernon knows that there was one agent outside the family.
He believes that agent could be the leak.
He's ordered me to give him Sam's name before the day's out.
So don't do it.
Three agents are dead.
My career is over.
By tomorrow, there's gonna be somebody else sitting in this chair.
They'll have access to every communication, every file Vernon is gonna get Sam's name one way or another.
Governor Khaled.
What is so urgent? I was walking near the marketplace and saw Kadeen sitting in a car talking to a white man.
When I went to approach him, he tried to shoot me.
I killed him.
The white man escaped.
I don't know who he was.
This white man, I've seen him before.
Many people are not pleased with my affiliation with al-Qaeda.
Could be CIA or American military intelligence.
He must have turned Kadeen.
Forget this.
Have you thought about coming to work for me full-time? I have.
I'm still thinking.
Is it about money? We could talk about that.
It's a big change for me, living full-time here in Africa.
I have other commitments.
Family? No.
Give me a hand.
What are they doing? They're destroying any evidence of my government's involvement with al-Qaeda.
Don't you need to keep track of al-Qaeda's presence here? We do.
But after finding three undercover agents, and this man, it's too dangerous.
Stop the car.
I want to walk here.
Kadeen suspected.
I have to assume that there are others, too.
I only took the job so I could be near you.
It was a mistake.
When I first came out here, I was only supposed to be here two days.
Then I saw you.
You were cooking.
You kept coming into the kitchen for more food.
I had never seen one man eat so much.
I came back halfway around the world every month, just to be near you.
The only thing worse than not being with you would be to see you dead.
You could come to America with me.
He would never allow that.
We wouldn't tell him, we'd just go.
I could arrange a plane.
He would hunt us both down and have us killed.
He's not that kind of man; I know him.
I do not think you do.
For months, you have defended him.
You're believing the propaganda.
Why are you so blind? In the name of patriotism, my brother has killed hundreds, if not thousands, of men.
Where's the evidence? That is why I brought you here.
Perhaps now you will see how dangerous it really is for you.
Look behind you.
Sam sent this photo.
Significance? It's a field ten kilometers from Khaled's farm.
Let's bring it up on satellite.
Let's bring up a view from two years ago.
The hill didn't exist two years ago.
It was a creek bed.
It's not a hill.
It's a mass grave.
American? It's okay.
Just wait here.
Don't worry, They work for me.
They're Southern Sudanese.
They've all lost families in the massacres.
Thank you for what you are doing.
I haven't done anything.
Khaled burned all documents linking the Northern Sudanese government to al-Qaeda.
Mission over.
You're pulling out? You have the mass graves.
I think you can handle it from here.
I may be when we exhume those graves, nothing links Khaled to the bodies.
I understand that, and I'm sorry, but this is not a matter for NCIS.
We need a smoking gun.
And we need to find out who leaked the identity of our agents.
Then I say we take you out and we put someone else in.
It'll take years before another agent's in the position I'm in here.
Which makes no difference if you're dead.
Look, from what I've seen over the past year, his soldiers haven't taken any actions that weren't videotaped.
You think there are tapes of the massacres? I'd bet money on it.
Tell me what you're looking for.
Three of the worst massacres occurred in the villages of Gafak, Shafas, and Karkedeh.
You find video of any one of those and we've got him.
Thank you.
How are you going to handle Jada? I'm going to protect her.
I'm going to take her back to the United States.
I need this.
Rand's boss Neil Vernon has had an outstanding career-- no disciplinary action, nothing that says he would sell field agents' names.
I'm not convinced that Rand is telling the truth.
Okay, so one's a mess, one's perfect-- who do we believe? I just got into Rand's computer.
Okay, see if Rand has anything about Sam.
Check for a communication to an I.
address in Sudan.
Hmm, what about e-mails that have been securely erased? Okay.
All right, in the last month, there are six deleted e-mails that are sent to the same address in Sudan.
These could be to his agents.
Okay, there are some encrypted files attached.
Let me try to open them.
Who were they to? I don't know who the recipient is, but I could get into their computer, take a look through their webcam.
Do it.
All right, is there anything in the room to identify whose computer this is? How about those photos on the wall? That's Khaled.
Then it's gotta be Khaled's office.
Rand had direct communication with him.
And here is what Rand sent him.
Rand sent Khaled the names of the agents.
He's the leak.
Let's go.
I've been watching you standing out here.
I see your tears.
Don't try to hide them.
Tell me what is wrong.
Just the moods of a young woman, brother.
My beautiful sister, I know you better than any person on earth.
You're lying to me.
Is there something I can do? Please please, I do not want to marry Samir.
I am not having that discussion again! I have decided, and it has been negotiated with Samir's family! To not accept it is to dishonor this family! I am sick of this talk.
Come inside.
Our guests are waiting.
We could leave tonight.
He would follow us to the ends of the world.
He would have to kill me to restore honor to our family.
Then we need to find something that either threatens your brother or shames him, something that we could take that would make him afraid to come after us.
The killing of the Southern Sudanese.
He videotaped them.
He wouldn't want the world to see those.
If we had those videotapes, he wouldn't follow us.
Where are they? There are times that I have hated my brother, but I could not betray him like this.
He is the only family that I have.
We wouldn't have to turn the tapes over.
Just us having them would be enough to force him to leave us alone.
Jada, we're waiting! Listen, Jada.
Maybe in a few years, we can ask for his forgiveness and we can all be together again.
I'm sorry.
Sam in his office is a large cabinet.
It's a carved wooden box.
They are in there.
I love you.
I love you, too.
This way.
This way.
Here we go.
Rand's dead.
Gunshot wounds.
Are you sure he's dead? Eric, I'm looking right at the body.
Well, that's really weird.
Why? Because there's another e-mail being composed right this second from Rand to Khaled's compound.
There's an encrypted attachment.
Can you stop this transmission? We're working on it.
Get that attachment open, Mr.
Deeks, Kensi, somebody is e-mailing Sudan from Rand's computer.
Got it.
Here's the attachment.
Crash that network now.
Whatever you have to do, bring it down.
Do not let that e-mail get sent.
It's part of the CIA's network; it's not going to be easy.
Deeks, Kensi, you have to get to Rand's computer now! Okay, I-I can't do it that fast.
I can't crash the network in time.
Agent Blye.
Almost there.
Make a move to send that, you're dead.
No, no.
Don't move.
- Stay where you are.
- Stop moving! Gun! Kensi.
The Southerners are animals.
Without our help, their government will not last.
There is someone here to see you.
Why are you interrupting me? Who is it? I don't know you.
I'm sorry.
What do want? My son Sosa.
G Yeah? I'm coming out.
Good boy.
Search him.
You're a spy.
Find out who he works for, then kill him.
How much do you love him? Three simple questions: your real name, the organization that you work for, and who else is here.
Brave? I've seen many brave ones.
But eventually, they are no different than the cowards.
They all beg to die, and they all tell me the truth.
So you go ahead be brave.
What do you want? Leave us.
Leave us! I want to ask him one question.
He said that he loved me.
Were you using me? Were you using me? No.
Was he trying to escape? Yes.
We believe he's working for American intelligence, maybe CIA.
He said that he would take me to America.
He's not going to America now.
Home of the brave.
We will see.
Pull his shirt up.
Cut me loose.
Come on.
G, I'm coming out.
Go! Get her out of here.
Come on, get in the car! - We got one more! - Wait! Don't go! Sam! Callen, get in the car! Let's go, let's go, let's go! Move! Go, go, go! Move! Get down! Go, go, go! I'm sorry.
What is going on? You're on American soil now.
You'll be taken into custody.
You'll be asked to testify against your brother, both for NCIS and the Global Criminal Tribunal in The Hague.
What are you talking about? In exchange You'll be given asylum for your cooperation.
This will be a new beginning for you.
You could even eventually get U.
But you will be with me as you promised? You'll never see me again.
I will never testify against my brother.
Then you'll be sent back to your country.
But if I go back there now, I will be killed! Was any of it real? All that time, those e-mails, you were holding my hands.
You were holding my hands.
Was any of it real? I'm sorry.
Jada, come with us, please.
I'll stay with her.
I missed you.
Missed you, too.
How was the operation in Miami? Hot.
I love you.
I love you, too.

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