NCIS Los Angeles s03e14 Episode Script


Hit him again.
Finish him.
I said, "Finish him.
" Original air date on February 7, 2012 He's back.
You're a funny guy.
Vintage reserve.
'07 was an exceptional year.
Not quite 2002, but definitely a good one.
I'm gonna take your word for it.
I am not a champagne guy.
You are not.
However Boom! Trappist monks only make - You know someone in Belgium? - Before I got stuck with you, Sam Hanna was an international brand.
Oh You know, before I got stuck with you, I didn't realize that people who refer to themselves in the third person really existed in life.
Yeah, right.
Kind of like guys who have one letter of the alphabet for a first name.
Five years to the day.
Oh, look out.
I think we got a, uh, stage-four bromance on our hands, here.
Will they, or won't they? You hear people talking right now? Only people I hear talking are people who have been partners for more than five years.
Oh, snap! Oh, ouch! I get that.
So how was it, huh? That first case? Complicated.
It was the best takedown ever.
We breached a safe house, what, six hours after meeting each other for the first time? Terror suspect inside surrounded by multiple hostiles.
Reinforced steel doors at every entry.
Yeah, we rigged mini-chargers on the back door's hinges.
Door blew straight in on a sentry.
Knocked him out clean.
So I stepped in, cleared the room.
Actually, I went in first.
No it was me.
I took point, I cleared the room.
I always take point when it's a heavy breach like that.
On every op since then, yes.
Not that one.
Maybe you just went in at the exact same time together.
You're right, Sam.
You're humoring me? Me, humor you? I-I don't have a problem with conflict, as long as it leads to a discovery of truth.
Not a conflict.
It's a discussion over who entered a room first.
That's all.
Five years, never humored you.
Enjoy your champagne.
A new case awaits you upstairs.
And gentlemen, happy anniversary.
I hear today marks the fifth year of a certain partnership.
They're actually not talking to each other.
Someone started humoring someone else.
Things deteriorated.
Ooh Sam hates it when Callen does that.
Hold on.
Kensi and Deeks are psychoanalyzing Callen and Sam? Irony, thy name is this.
The new case.
Let's hear it.
Well, it's slathered in all sorts of sensitive.
A Diplomatic Security Service van was attacked just outside LAX about 20 minutes ago.
So we're looking at a hijacking.
This van was headed for a warehouse facility downtown when it was hit beneath a freeway underpass.
Smack-dab in a traffic cam blind spot.
The State Department uses DSS couriers to transport diplomatic pouches across borders.
FedEx for the embassy set.
Diplomats can put anything they want in a pouch.
Customs officials can't search it.
In this case, the "diplomatic pouch" was a crate.
inches, weighing 150 pounds.
The crate was assigned pouch status at its origin back in India.
It was picked up by two DSS couriers who escorted it all the way here until it came under fire.
was the crate's final destination.
What was in it? We're still in the process of trying to find out.
The State Department takes its pouch policy very seriously.
What do we know about the couriers? Diane Dunross and Roger Clark.
Both personnel records are spotless.
How long have they worked together? Ten years.
The couriers are still at the crime scene.
We're dealing with the State Department, so let's tread carefully.
Is Assistant Director Granger somehow involved in this case? He's, uh, taken an interest.
And? And keep me apprised, Mr.
The hijackers shot up the van pretty good.
Lucky for those couriers, the State Department bulletproofs their vehicles.
Where are they now? Sedan with diplomatic plates picked them up ten minutes ago.
Hey, what do you got? Eric, the couriers left the scene before we could talk to them.
They're in a diplomatic vehicle.
All right.
Checking the area now.
I got a GPS locator assigned to a State Department sedan.
Looks like they're headed for the Federal Building in Westwood.
Got it.
They wouldn't have left here without a reason.
It better be a good one.
So skid marks indicate the vehicle came to a sudden stop, jammed in the van.
Another vehicle came from the opposite direction, corralled them in.
You had no escape.
Lots more shell casings over here.
The couriers are on their way to Westwood.
We're going after them.
Tire tracks are also wider than normal.
Probably a truck.
That's a heavy crate.
They probably knew what they were after.
Hang on.
There's bullet holes on that side, but not on that side.
Door was open as they were taking fire from the front of the van.
- Aren't DSS couriers trained to stay inside the vehicle if they're attacked? Yeah, they are.
Passenger didn't.
Why? Right in here.
Thank you.
Diane Dunross and Roger Clark? Callen and Hanna Our boss called to say NCIS was on its way.
Why'd you leave the crime scene? You're nothing if not direct.
What did I say we'd do when these guys caught up with us? Um, offer them a martini and play nice.
Well, they're not the martini type.
How about you just answer the question? We were following orders.
Whose orders? My orders.
I'm Ed Gornt, Regional Supervising Agent, Diplomatic Security Service.
I understand that NCIS is investigating this case, but I wanted to debrief my people first.
Gotta catch a flight for DC in an hour.
Which one of you broke protocol and left the van during the attack? We're all on the same side here.
I did.
I, um I thought that I could stop it.
I got carried away.
Diane's courage got the better of her judgment.
It's as much my fault as it was hers.
You get a look at the hijackers? Four men, ski masks, pickup truck forced us off the road-- a blue Ford F-150.
A black Jeep boxed us in.
While two guys kept us pinned down with gunfire, the other two blew the van doors, took the crate.
Would have been nice if we had known this earlier.
Sam? What you need? Eric we're looking for two vehicles fleeing the crime scene, a blue Ford F-150 and a, uh, black Jeep.
The F-150's a priority.
It's transporting the DSS crate.
I'm on it.
Sam, just got off the phone with the State Department.
About that crate it was filled with old invoices scheduled to be destroyed.
All right, thanks.
Got some interesting news about your DSS crate.
You found it? Wasn't worth stealing.
According to the State Department, it was loaded with outdated invoices, headed to the shredder, nonclassified, no security value.
I'm guessing the State Department got that wrong, Sam.
I'm guessing the same thing.
Gentlemen, I'm handing this case over to you.
Capitol Hill beckons.
I expect full cooperation.
So why don't you tell us what was really in the crate? Like we said, couriers aren't told the contents of diplomatic shipments.
State Department policy.
All we do is get things from Point A to Point B.
So to answer your question, we have no idea what was in the crate.
NCIS protocol.
All weapons on the premises need to be secured.
Your house, your rules.
Well, you know, a girl's gotta protect herself.
Yeah, I'm loads of fun on a first date.
Not that I have much time for them.
Been a DSS courier since I was 25.
Forget about dating in our business.
I joined DSS after leaving the Army.
Starting a family before I hit the nursing home would be nice.
You can tell us now.
Tell you what? What you were holding back in front of your boss at the Fed Building.
First thing you need to know is we were following orders.
Our job is to get diplomatic packages to their destinations and not ask any questions.
So let's talk chain of title.
The cargo shipment had to start somewhere.
He gave us the assignment.
The crate was waiting for us at the U.
Embassy in Mumbai.
Gornt's orders were to escort it to L.
He has the power to generate the diplomatic paperwork necessary for a pouch delivery.
We don't.
You trust him? Only person I trust is my partner.
So, why should Sam and I trust you? Callen, Sam, we located the hijackers' blue Ford F150 pickup.
It was abandoned half a mile from the crime scene.
Originally reported stolen a week ago.
Look, we just want to get the crate back, okay? Then you're going to have to play by our rules.
Meaning? Meaning, you only tell your boss what we need him to know.
We have nothing to hide.
Bad news, guys.
Gornt's flight to DC just departed.
Can't get to him till it lands five hours from now.
You got nothing to hide? Good.
We just pulled Gornt off a flight.
He's on his way here now.
So you've got about everything you know about him.
Got it? Yeah, thanks, Kens.
Hijackers wiped the pickup truck clean.
No prints.
Fortunately, I have yet to find the bad guys who can wipe traffic cam footage as easily.
And bingo, ten minutes after the hijacking.
You got a logo on that van? The Malibu Springs Winery.
It's a real winery.
Looks legit at first glance.
Let's try some facial rec on our thieves.
This could take some time.
Oh, got a hit.
Let's see Well, criminal records in Mexico.
Muscle for the Peña Cartel.
Huh, looks like the cartel set them up with new identities.
They've been living the American dream as inventory staff at the Malibu Springs Winery for the past month.
Callen, Sam, looks like we've got a Peña Cartel connection.
We got to check in with ops.
Excuse us for a moment.
Fire it up, Eric.
Lights, camera, action.
They're playing us against Gornt.
They're just doing their jobs.
You're right.
The important thing is finding out what happened to that damn crate.
"You think Gornt's dirty?" Well, we've never lost a package, and now this.
"If it's not Gornt, "then "If it's not Gornt, then who is it?" Yeah, they're just doing what we would do.
They sort of remind me of us.
They do remind me of us, actually.
Without the wit, charm, sophistication, or good looks.
"Does NCIS think we're involved?" "You need to be careful.
" Here we go "Malta.
" Loyalty's all that matters.
Eric, Nell, did you get that? Yeah, got it, Callen.
Cross-referencing all mentions of "Malta" and the files of Diane Dunross and Roger Clark right now.
Okay, just located the Malibu Springs Winery van.
It's parked right outside the winery.
Send Kensi and Deeks.
Gornt back yet? April, 2011 was a big month for you, Roger.
You attended a U.
embassy party in Malta.
And you met a woman, Annika Cassar.
You've used every available vacation day since then to go back.
Are you in love? Why the hell does that matter? The Peña Cartel stole your crate.
Cartel involvement means big money; they pay top dollar to smuggle merchandise across the border.
You think we were smuggling for the Peña Cartel? You don't have the access, but your boss Gornt does.
Thing is, he needed someone on the ground to get the crate to the cartel.
Someone with motivation.
Motivation to turn traitor? I've served this country my entire life.
- Why would I throw that away? - Roger, they're baiting us; don't.
Because you're on the road Because you gave your entire life to this country.
Because you want to start a family before you hit the nursing home.
What's in that crate? Something to set up a nice, comfy retirement for you and your little girl from Malta? Don't move.
We didn't do this! Split them up.
You-- this way.
Let's go.
In here.
That's our van.
Let's take a look around.
Okay, the serial number on the box is Am I the only one having flashbacks to Raiders Of The Lost Ark? What do you mean? The end of the movie, the last scene.
They wheel in the Lost Ark to this giant warehouse, and Wait a minute.
Have you not seen the movie? I've seen it.
You're a liar.
Why would I lie? Okay, how does the movie begin? I forget.
Okay, I haven't seen it.
So what? Big deal.
Well, you really were raised by wolves, weren't you? Found it.
Got it? Oh.
I think we just found the cartel guys.
At least two shooters.
Ready? Ready.
One, two, three.
Go high.
Yep, I saw.
They're both down.
What have we got? Well, my Skid Row palate is telling me ephedrine.
The chemical base used to cook crystal methamphetamine? How much are we looking at? Enough to keep a cartel in business and this entire city addicted for a very, very long time.
Callen, Sam, we questioned the owner of the winery.
He claims they weren't in on it.
I believe him.
I mean, it's a legitimate business, big import/export trade.
A crate like that could've come and gone without management ever knowing about it.
Our narco guys say that the ephedrine inside the crate has a street value of $100 million.
If they deliver the crate to its final destination, the game's up.
Cartel is down a hundred million.
But they send it by diplomatic courier, cartel gets a free pass into the country, then they take delivery by setting up a hijacking.
The couriers make sure no one gets killed.
Then they walk away free and clear.
No one's the wiser.
Time to share.
So, your crate was filled with pharmaceutical-grade ephedrine.
We're couriers.
We deliver packages and don't ask any questions.
Not being attached to things is the best part of my job.
It's probably why I ended up this way.
What way is that? Alone.
No one can live like that forever.
Yeah, that's what I tell myself.
I will find someone someday, too.
But what do you tell yourself in the meantime? That I'll discover whatever I'm looking for.
Maybe it's someone.
Maybe it's an answer.
I just tell myself I'll find it, and I get by.
You know, I didn't want to work with a partner at first.
And now he's pretty much all I have.
But at the end of the day, Roger is just He's just that, he's my partner.
He's not family.
You know, the lines, they get blurred.
Sometimes that blur is the only thing that keeps me sane.
Look, Gornt, he's been acting strange ever since our van got hit.
Define "strange.
" We wanted to stay at the crime scene, give you our statements, but he insisted on debriefing us first.
So, we got there a little earlier than expected.
And, um, I saw someone sitting in his office.
He was nervous and-and jittery.
Who was he? I don't know.
All I have to do is scan the building's security cam footage to find out if you're lying.
We're checking now.
I don't know anything about ephedrine or the Peña Cartel.
For the record, I know what you're going through.
Being accused of a crime you didn't commit? Wanting to start a family while serving your country.
But you lived happily ever after? I have a family that'll never truly know me.
I have to live with that.
Annika lives in Bidnija, Malta.
Population 308.
I spent Christmas there.
It was paradise.
No cell phones, no Internet.
I couldn't send an e-mail if my life depended on it.
For once, I felt like I was living a normal life, you know? Just me and her.
I love Annika.
But I would never betray this country or my partner.
Dunross counts on me.
She doesn't have anyone else.
It's like I'm her Anchor? Your partnership is the only stable thing in her life? Exactly.
Look, Clark Gornt wouldn't need both of you to get that crate into the hands of the cartel.
Maybe he just needs one of you.
What if Dunross is the traitor? Diane? No.
No, she didn't do it.
You're covering for her.
What haven't you told me? We're not traitors! Neither of these incidents were our fault.
"Incidents"? The personnel file at DSS says that you and Dunross have a perfect record.
This wasn't the first time you guys got hit.
Was it? Callen, Sam it, uh, looks like Dunross is telling the truth.
Gornt met with a man before the couriers arrived at a Federal Building today.
Facial recognition? Uh, no criminal record, but the standard DMV search got a hit.
Jonathan Souza.
He teaches chemistry at a local community college.
Because Souza can vet the ephedrine's quality.
Makes sense Gornt would hire him if he's delivering product to the cartel.
We still have three hours till Gornt's plane touches down in D.
This wasn't the first time they got hit.
He's covering for her, G.
We need to get Kensi and Deeks to track down Professor Souza.
We get him talking, he could give us Gornt and both the couriers.
Assuming both couriers are guilty.
This wasn't the first time you and your partner lost a package.
Clark just cut a deal.
He's testifying against you.
You're lying.
You're trying to scare me.
I'd be scared.
Unless you've got something on him.
Something better than Malta? The reason I'm not going to jail has nothing to do with my partner or any hijacking.
Somebody already cut you a deal.
G, we got company.
Hetty said we got this case because you'd taken an interest.
I just found out the hard way that I've got no leverage over the courier in there.
You found out that I cut her a deal without having to tell you.
Color me impressed, gentlemen.
They were hijacked before.
You thought it was an inside job the first time around, so you pulled some strings, got their records cleaned, gave them room to screw up again.
Does the name Lauren Hunter mean anything to you? Other than frostbite and paranoia? She tried using our team to achieve her own ends.
That didn't work out so well for her.
You should've been up-front with us from the start.
Three months ago, a shipment was hijacked in Jordan.
Same setup: shooters and a getaway vehicle.
Dunross and Clark were the couriers, but their boss was the only one with power to arrange everything, not them.
You didn't have any evidence on Gornt, so you cut a deal with Dunross so you'd have a spy inside the DSS.
Just because she works for you doesn't mean she's not in on it.
Honestly, I'm not sure who's in on it at this point.
That's why I brought you guys in.
Now, if Gornt's behind this, he'd need at least one of them on his side to pull off the hijacking.
What about the deal you cut with her? Condition of Dunross's deal is she's not in on it.
Prove otherwise, she's fair game.
We think she's got something on Clark and Clark's got something on her.
But it doesn't look like they'll be flipping on each other anytime soon.
Then keep them locked up and separated until we have Gornt and Professor Souza in custody.
You know, I got to hand it to Callen and Sam.
Think our partnership is gonna last five years? I can't see why not.
Unless one or both of us dies in the line of duty, I decide to finally go off and join the circus, or your biological clock goes off and you pop out a litter of gifted mutant assassins.
Really? Well, they're gonna be fighting for the side of justice, naturally.
Jonathan Souza? NCIS.
Open up.
Ready? Three, two, one.
Federal agents! I got a body.
It's Professor Souza.
Got him? Wow.
You just shot Agent Gornt.
Well, obviously Gornt never got on that plane to Washington D.
No, he didn't.
With Gornt dead, our entire case rests on getting a confession from our two couriers.
The problem is Clark and Dunross are still covering for each other.
Yeah, but why? Does this really come down to loyalty between partners? How about fear? I still think Clark has something more on Dunross.
Well, Dunross clearly has something on Clark.
And let's not forget, he's the one with the girlfriend in Malta and dreams of starting a family.
Yeah, but just because he wants those things doesn't mean that he'll work with the Peña Cartel to get them.
But there's also the matter of him attacking me.
True, there is that.
Are you humoring me? We baited Clark.
It worked.
But just because Dunross is a loner with no obvious motivation doesn't mean she's innocent.
Doesn't mean she's guilty, either.
Fact is, Gornt couldn't have pulled off a fake hijacking without one or both of the couriers being in on it.
I agree.
We don't have enough information to make a decision.
It's time for a changeup.
Hanna, you take Dunross.
Callen, take Clark.
Well, either one of those is a burn phone or he was really in the dark about call waiting.
This one's his burn phone.
He made two calls today.
Once Mr.
Whistle does his magic, we'll have a better idea which one of the couriers was in on it.
Or if it was both of them.
Partners for ten years.
You know each other that long, work together every single day, put your lives in each other's hands Yet still manage to hide the biggest secret in your life.
There's plenty of stuff about my personal life I'd never tell you, but turning traitor? What-what are you talking about? You mean like important stuff? Important stuff to me, not to you.
Are we talking about, like, embarrassing, intimate things? Because if we are, listen, Kensi, you can tell me anything.
You know I'm not gonna judge you, no matter how depraved or twisted or, hey, kinky those things may be.
Can we focus? Oh, I'm focused.
Believe me.
On this.
That is certainly not his laundry detergent travel kit.
Looks like he was using Professor Souza to authenticate the ephedrine.
So Gornt realized that NCIS was onto him, he didn't want to take any chances.
Once Souza's job is done, so is he.
The stakes just got higher.
Gornt is dead.
There's enough evidence to send both you and your partner to prison.
Misuse of government authority, conspiracy, smuggling, and now accessories to murder.
I was trying to protect my partner.
From what? Roger had a drinking problem.
But, technically, DSS can't discriminate against him if he reports it and gets treatment.
Clark didn't want to risk his security clearance and career on technicalities.
Agents get sidelined, despite the rules.
We both know that.
So you kept quiet.
I helped Roger get sober.
He's been dry for nine years.
You risked your own career to protect him.
Did you do it out of loyalty, or were you paying him back for something he did for you? You don't understand.
Roger is a good agent She swore she'd never tell anyone.
They always do, don't they? She just put your cards on the table.
One of our first assignments was delivering a pouch in Baghdad.
Diane didn't spot a tail in the Green Zone.
It was a rookie mistake.
But a life-or-death one.
We got ambushed.
Traded fire with some insurgents, held them off, and then we made the delivery.
And you didn't report it.
Diane wouldn't be here if I did.
I saw something in her when we came under fire.
Focus, bravery, grit.
You can't teach it.
It's a rare thing.
It's exactly the kind of thing you want in a partner.
So, no I didn't report it.
Would you? You know the math.
There's enough connecting both of you to the ephedrine and to Gornt to get a conviction.
You give me something on her, or I can't help you.
There's nothing more to say.
Turning on your partner's a hard thing.
But not as hard as life in prison.
Clark's the senior partner here.
Maybe he dragged you into the smuggling ring, you felt like you couldn't say no.
I make my own decisions.
Really? If he did drag you in, I could have your NCIS deal altered.
And what if Roger and I are both innocent? Hmm? Then congratulations, Agent Hanna.
You have just ruined two people's lives for nothing.
Now, I am done talking.
To everyone.
Oh! We got a winner in the cartel lottery.
Ooh, let me guess-- Gornt? One of the numbers on his burn phone is for the switchboard of Esta Cuera Imports in Mexico.
Names of two company officers match aliases of known cartel associates.
That sounds like a front company.
What do they claim to import? Uh, gourmet food and beverages.
Splash of crystal meth in your hors d'oeuvres will really spice up your cocktail party.
Ooh! Super lotto.
Esta Cuera Imports has a cargo plane arriving at a private airstrip in L.
this afternoon.
Why stage a hijacking here? Well, if the crate arrived at its official destination, the recipient would have opened it up, and the cartel wouldn't get their product.
So they would have had to take possession of it before that happened.
Now it's just a matter of them getting it across the border.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
The plane's picking up a shipment from the Malibu Springs Winery.
Bill of lading lists the package's dimensions as an exact match to the crate of ephedrine.
They're calling it a crate of Pinot Noir.
All right, so that's Has your team worked out a plan? Mr.
Beale? We replaced the ephedrine with maltose and mannitol.
The cartel won't know this stuff is fake until they run a lab test on it.
Their cargo plane will take delivery of the Pinot Noir from the Malibu Springs Winery as scheduled.
Hanna and Mr.
Callen will be posing as drivers contracted by the winery.
Flight manifest only lists the pilot and copilot as passengers.
That's not much security for a $100 million shipment.
Cartel may not want to attract attention with a big entourage.
We've tagged this crate with GPS and installed hidden micro-cams.
Tracking it will not be a problem.
Once the cargo plane makes its way back to Mexico, our friends at the DEA and the Federales will make the arrest as soon as the crate reaches its destination.
Hopefully, it'll be as straightforward as that.
Callen, Mr.
Hanna, please be exceptionally careful.
Pinots can be deceptively tricky.
If Dunross and Clark end up in prison, we're not gonna be able to keep them safe.
At that point, it won't matter if one or both of them was caught up with Gornt in this.
Potential loose ends, the cartel will want them silenced.
Yet they're still keeping quiet.
That's loyalty for you.
To a fault.
You know we'd do the same thing.
Yes, we would.
We're here.
Kensi, Deeks, time to hang back.
Copy that.
It's just the pilot and the copilot.
Simple handoff.
Who's this? Eric, we've got company.
Black four-door Jeep.
Driver and two passengers.
No plates.
Hey, amigo.
You're late.
Did I say simple? Kensi, Deeks, be on standby.
Standby for what? We'll think of something.
We always do, right? Think we can improvise our way out of this one? Get out of the van! We've got this, G.
All right, well, if I don't get a chance to say it later, five years has been a great run.
Why can't you just humor me? I count six guys.
One with an automatic weapon.
What is it? I just remembered something.
Our first case, where we breached the safe house.
You were definitely the first one in.
What happened to my men? They didn't make it.
Feds got them.
They killed them, but they couldn't find the crate.
Thankfully, we were able to recover it.
And who the hell are you? We're couriers with the Diplomatic Security Service.
I'm Dunross.
This is my partner, Roger Clark.
Gornt was supposed to be here.
He got called into DC.
Why didn't he tell me that? Ask him yourself-- he should be on the ground in two hours.
I took great lengths to avoid meeting Gornt's couriers in person.
There's no problem.
You trust Gornt.
Gornt trusts us.
And why should I trust Gornt? Huh? He never mentioned your partner getting involved.
No way your guys get their hands on that crate this morning unless we're both in on it, right? I wasn't talking to you, Dunross.
Gornt never planned on bringing your partner in on this job, Clark.
Yeah, well, plans are fine until the bullets start flying.
It's complicated.
I'll pay my partner out of my cut.
I like our plan the way it was before.
Kill him.
We're ready to move in.
Okay, this is bad, and it's about to get a whole lot worse.
I'll do whatever you want.
You can understand I'd prefer not to give you a loaded gun.
Use your hands, please.
Kill him and prove to me I can trust you.
Don't do this.
I'm sorry, partner.
You kidding me? Hit him again.
Again! Finish him.
Callen, we're moving in now! I said, "Finish him.
" Are you okay? Could have pulled your punches a little bit there, partner.
I did pull my punches.
And you're certain about Clark's e-mails to the Peña Cartel? Yeah.
All right.
Thanks, Nell.
You cut a deal with Dunross.
How'd you know Clark was guilty? You're not the only ones who are good at what you do.
Given the circumstances, I hope you won't mind if I break the news to our friend Clark personally.
Actually, we do mind.
All right, should I cut the feed? Not just yet.
You spent Christmas with Annika Cassar in a small Maltese village called Bidnija.
Population 308.
So? I already told you guys that.
During the week, e-mails were sent from your secure account to the Peña Cartel.
I didn't have Internet access.
- Nobody in that village does.
- That's true.
Fortunately, we were able to verify that fact.
That was not the case for Dunross.
You hacked into your partner's e-mail account and set him up to take the fall if anything went wrong.
You weren't working for Gornt.
Gornt was working for you.
You used Clark's DSS account to access a federal criminal database, and that is where your relationship with the Peña Cartel began.
How could you do this? Our partnership ended the moment you fell for that woman in Malta.
All you talked about was retiring.
And you were going to leave me behind.
You were my best friend, Diane.
That never would have changed.
You wanted a new start.
And this was going to be mine.
But you were never supposed to get hurt.
Roger, I'm so sorry.
Please stand up.
Put your hands behind your back.
Now you may cut the feed.
Think maybe we ought to, uh, pop this open? Pop this open now? It's an '07.
I was thinking I'd let it age for a few more years.
Save it for a special occasion.
Oh, this isn't a special occasion? Let's try your beer instead.
You said you don't like beer.
I never tried Belgian beer.
I'll sip it with an open mind.
I I mean, I'm saving that for a special occasion.
Five years-- we got to toast with something.
Callen, Mr.
Don't even think about it, gentlemen.
Keep your grubby hands off my scotch.

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