NCIS Los Angeles s03e15 Episode Script


You know you're working too late when you're the last car in the lot.
Tell me about it.
D-Did I leave my keys in the office? No, oh, here we go.
I told Cynthia I'd be home early.
Ha! I'm lucky; Karen's out of town.
Hey, what's going on? Take it.
Take it.
Hello? Hello? - Hello? - David?! It's Paul.
We've been shot.
What are you talking about? Tell him, if he Paul, are you still there? backs out of the deal, I will kill his wife and children.
He says if we back out of the deal, he's gonna kill What are you doing?! Oh, my God! - Paul, what's happening? - That's gasoline! Just repeat what I said.
He said, if we back out of the deal, he's going to kill Tiffany and the kids.
Oh, my God, Paul, listen to me.
Oh, no, no! Do whatever he says.
We will go through with it.
He says we'll go through with it! We can do it tomorrow! Th-Th-The same arrangement! Please don't do this! Oh, God, oh, my God, call an ambulance.
You've reached 911.
Please hold for the next operator.
Oh, God! No! Please! I promise you on my life! Original air date on February 14, 2012 Ahem! Kensi! Yeah? Kensi, can you please blend your super-organic, green, toxic-removing smoothie someplace else? Pure life-giving chlorophyll.
Hey, you guys want one? Real men drink coffee, not fruit smoothies.
Speaking of real men, the recipe for this one is called The Woody.
I'm sorry, what? Did you say that's called The Woody? Yes.
This delicious blend will enhance every aspect of your life and, uh, help you stand tall, day and night.
God! What is in there? Tastes like actual wood.
Well, it's not juicing-- you use the whole fruit-- so what you're tasting are the grape stems.
You put stems in? Th-Th-The book said to use the whole fruit.
You realized I could have choked to death? On The Woody? I always figured Deeks would go out like that.
I'm really feeling the love this morning.
Granger wants Sam and Callen in the boatshed.
Agent Hanna, Agent Callen, Interpol Agent Martin Kallstrom.
Nice meeting you.
Long way from home.
I rarely work back in Stockholm.
Agent Kallstrom's working a case that might have ties with one of yours.
Last week, two pharmaceutical executives were killed here in Los Angeles.
They were illegally selling expired medicines-- antibiotics, AIDS medication that were due to be destroyed.
Executives got cold feet and were backing out of the deal.
The buyer killed the two men, and their boss delivered the shipment of pharmaceuticals four hours later.
What's our connection? The M.
of the killing.
Burnt car, telephone call-- same M.
's used by a French-Moroccan arms-dealing gang led by, uh, Zahid DeGramont.
We took out DeGramont and his gang six months ago.
Eric, pull up the takedown video on DeGramont.
You got it, Sam.
I tracked his M.
to three continents now.
Russia, Brazil and now here.
That's not DeGramont.
He's dead.
Then maybe somebody else in his gang.
All right, Sam, here's that surveillance video.
Almost everyone in the organization was killed during the takedown.
Well, the only person that lived was a low-level driver, Karim or something He was shot in the face but he survived.
Ghilas? Ghilas.
Karim Ghilas.
He pled out.
He's in Oakville doing his time.
Maybe he knows someone who would use the same M.
See, if I can catch the one who killed those two pharmaceutical executives, then I could know for sure if this case is related to the ones I'm working on in Brazil and Russia.
All right, we'll talk to Ghilas.
Can we get what you have in other cases? Of course, I'll send you anything you need.
Thank you.
Face the right.
That's not Ghilas.
Name, number, photo ID.
That's Ghilas.
- Karim Ghilas.
- Incarcerated in the Danville Federal Prison hospital ward six months ago, and then transported here to Oakville five months ago.
That's all the same information, but that's not the guy I shot.
He was French, he was taller, he was skinnier.
Yeah, Eric.
Hey, I just ran the facial recognition.
The prisoner you just met, his real name is Hector Ramirez.
Five months ago, when Ramirez was due to be released from Danville, a wire transfer of $100,000 made to Ramirez's family - in Mexico.
- Hey, it also looks like a prison administrator named Wundari was paid $250,000 to switch Ghilas and Ramirez's record, just as Ghilas was transferred to Oakville Prison.
Need to track down an administrator in Danville named Wundari.
Yeah, you're not gonna find him.
He quit two days after he received the money and boarded a flight to Indonesia.
Don't bother.
$350,000 for a driver? Who finances an escape like that? Maybe he threatened to roll on somebody.
Maybe he had that kind of money.
What else do you remember about him? You the cop who shot me? The bullet is still in my head.
My mouth doesn't work.
Ghilas, everyone in your gang is dead, including your boss DeGramont.
There's nobody left to protect.
What? You've been doing yourself a big favor if you tell us where the weapons are.
DeGramont said I wouldn't be involved in anything like this.
Come on I know you know something.
I took DeGramont to a storage place in Boyle Heights.
That's all I know.
I swear to God.
I swear to God.
It's funny, most guys would have given up the weapons for less prison time.
Maybe he knew he had another way out.
Sam I missed something.
There's DeGramont; Sam shot him first, then his guys go down.
Play it again, Nell.
Okay, freeze it.
Zoom in on DeGramont and Ghilas, the driver.
Keep playing it.
So, it looks like Wundari, the prison administrator, erased all photos of Ghilas.
Well, we must have the NCIS booking photos, though.
Yeah, they're all of a guy with his head covered in bandages.
You think you'd recognize this guy if you saw him again? I don't know.
Maybe if I heard his voice.
Wait a second.
Eric, run DeGramont through facial recognition.
All right, we got his autopsy photo, French passport, French driver's license, ID from a paper company he worked at.
Wait a second.
Go back.
Right there! That's DeGramont's photo but the name on the card is Ghilas.
He's not giving orders, he's taking them.
The guy making the deal isn't DeGramont.
So, the driver, the guy I interrogated in the hospital was DeGramont.
DeGramont posed as the driver.
His backstopping was meticulous.
It went back for years: IDs, passports.
So this guy's the real brains behind the arms-dealing gang.
These guys were big-time.
Explains why he had the cash to buy his way out of prison.
He switched his identity in the gang.
He switched his identity to get out of prison.
That's his M.
He's a chameleon.
And we don't know what the chameleon looks like.
So you blew it.
You had him and you let him go.
DeGramont escaped from prison; that's not on us.
This has got nothing to do with you, Agent Hanna.
You were not in the hospital when he interrogated this guy.
I'll let Agent Kallstrom know DeGramont-- or whatever his name is-- is out of prison.
This is on me.
You're damn right it is.
I will find him.
You'd better, because anything he does from now on, including barbecuing those guys in the car, that is also on you.
I don't know why you were sent here, but if you You really going to defend your agent on this? He doesn't need defending.
But if you're trying to take down my team, you will.
Deeks, I want to see what LAPD Has on the two dead pharmaceutical executives.
Yeah, I'm on it.
Don't wait for me, go.
It's gonna be waiting for you in the evidence garage.
Kensi, have Kallstrom meet us there.
Got it.
Here's the car.
And all the evidence that LAPD has shared with me.
Not much burned.
Not much gasoline.
They were unconscious but alive when the ambulance showed up.
That's a bad way to go.
Ah, it's an intimidation tactic, not a-- what do you call it?-- a hit.
What did the cops think they used to start the fire? Well, the window was open, like it is now.
They must have pushed something through.
Like a match or a little piece of paper.
What would you do? If the igniter didn't hit the gas immediately, stomp it out.
Nothing here.
That could be a match book.
Let's send it to Eric.
You make anything out of this? State High School Jigsaw Puzzle Champ.
You shouldn't tell people that.
What does it matter? Aw, you guys, this brings back memories of tea and cookies with my Gammy.
She used to teach me how to do puzzles.
Oh, you're right.
Doesn't matter.
Courtesy of our friends at Homeland Security, I just sent you the audio of the call from the executives who were killed last night.
Open it up, Eric.
Okay, let's see.
Uh, this goes here, these two flip - Hello? - David?! Um, it's my puzzle.
It's Paul.
Enhance the shooter's voice.
- We've been shot.
- What are you talking about? Tell him, he backs out of the deal, I will kill his wife and children.
The accent is eastern, it's urban, it's most likely Moscow.
When I talked to DeGramont in the hospital, he had a lower-class French accent.
Eric, open Agent Kallstrom's record of the Russian hit that matched the L.
Maybe Kallstrom's Russian guy came to L.
I got the word "Edison.
" Edison.
Great work, Nell.
I'm supposed to be the puzzle master.
There's actually a club called the Edison.
Yes, I know it.
Yeah, I probably know it better.
In fact, I'm gonna go check that out by myself.
Wait, come back here.
Let me guess, there's a crazy ex-girlfriend involved.
With anger/jealousy/ trust/more anger issues.
That and the fact I told her my partner was a bald which you are clearly not.
You lied to her.
Yeah, just to make her happy.
Here is the audio for the Russian case.
Sergei, he shot me.
He's with you still? Tell him if he does not give me my price, I will kill his wife and his mother and his father.
- Please.
- Are you surprised? He's going to kill you.
You tell them to go to hell! They're all speaking English.
Tell him what I am doing.
Shooter's got a French accent.
Sounds like DeGramont.
And here is the Brazilian case.
Yeah? These bastards shot me! - You're kidding me.
- What does he want? Tell him I want Also speaking English.
Now, or I will kill him and his brother.
Russian accent again.
So the Russian guy is here and Brazil, and DeGramont is here and Russia.
We're looking for two guys.
DeGramont's M.
is switching identities.
This is three large criminal organizations on three different continents.
The words are too similar.
Also, listen to the sound of the voice, the-the vowels, the gutturals.
This is all the same person.
One guy can assume all these accents, all these identities? He's the best I've ever seen.
You got some nerve coming in here.
Hello, Erin.
Sneaking out in the middle of dinner so I have to pay the tab.
In all fairness, I gave the waiter $100 and you were trying to pepper-spray me.
And now I'm here on police business, so if you stab me, it's gonna be considered assaulting a police officer.
What's this about? We're looking for this guy.
And you think he was in here? I do.
He's wanted in connection with a double murder, so any information you have would be helpful.
Sorry, I don't recognize him.
You sure about that? Yeah, sure.
What about you guys? Hmm? You know this guy? Nothing.
You didn't even look at it.
Can't see anything in that photo.
Erin, angel, can you please look at the photo? I don't know him.
They said he could possibly have a French or Russian accent.
There was a guy it could be.
Sounded Russian, and then I saw him again, he had dyed his hair blonde and he sounded-- what did you say? French.
Why'd you think it was the same guy? He only liked girls with serious ink.
Um, thank you for looking.
I appreciate it, really.
I hope you get paralyzed in a car accident.
You, uh, you look fantastic.
You're still obviously crazy.
But Hey! I'm gonna leave that and just go.
But I'll call you.
Probably not.
Oh, yes.
An affinity for tattoos is one of the details provided to me by the Brazilian police.
What else? He's got a scar on his cheek, he's facile in several languages I don't think he is.
On all the phone recordings, he required everyone to use English.
He always pretends to be a foreigner and then uses English as a common language.
An accent's a lot easier than being fluent in a language.
And he gives the appearance of having a gang or an organization, but it's really just hired guys doing one-offs.
He also has an amazing ability for physical transformation.
You seem impressed with him.
I've spent my whole life pretending to be somebody I'm not.
Perhaps he's better at it than you.
Until I catch him.
So, if this is all one man in Brazil, Russia, now here, then this chameleon has worked in all kinds of criminal enterprises, huh? Arms trading, black-market pharmaceuticals and counterfeit currencies.
Really? Really.
Why is he staying in L.
? He's acquired the pharmaceuticals and doesn't want to leave before he moves them.
Meds have an expiration date.
The longer they don't move The less valuable they are.
According to the records from the pharmaceutical company, right now he could get over six million dollars for them.
In a month, they'll be worth half that.
Who's he sell to? Expired meds usually go to black markets, mostly Third World countries.
Eric, look into the banks from developing countries that have consulates located here in Los Angeles.
Looking for large transactions, four to six million dollars.
Got it.
Undercover, the Edison Club.
I'll get some tats, see if we get lucky, draw him out.
Going undercover with this man is not a good idea.
Agent Blye is excellent at what she does.
This chameleon is a sociopath.
He will kill instantly if he has to.
And so will I.
Then I hope your tattoos are pretty, because you might get buried with them.
Only ones doing any burying around here is gonna be us.
Let's get this thing started.
Agent Callen.
This chameleon is always one level deeper than you think.
And when you're looking him in the eye, it won't be him.
Your car doesn't look that good when you drive it.
Where the hell is Kallstrom? Bearded guy, left of the door, front of the line.
Yeah, he's hooked.
She's going to catch a lot of fish.
Too many.
If Kallstrom walks into that club, our bad guy smells a cop, he may run.
You stay with Kensi; I'll stay out here.
Stop Kallstrom before he goes inside.
Here you are.
What are you drinking? Ooh.
JD on the rocks.
JD on the rocks.
On my tab.
That's a hard drink.
You think so? Yeah, I do.
Just like I like it.
It's not him.
Shot the guy in the face.
He should have a scar on his right jaw.
Cut him loose.
Aw do I have to? He's a cutie pie.
Uh, who you talking to? Lose him.
I'm talking to the voices in my head.
They say the craziest things at that time of the month.
You know what I'm saying? It's like, wa-wa-wa-wa! I'm like, shut up! So, you into colonics? I got to go.
Yeah, you are good at scaring them off.
That's too bad.
I liked him.
Really? How can you fall for that? There's obviously just one thing on that guy's mind.
How's that any different from somebody like, say, you, Deeks? Well, first off, I would have been successful.
In picking me up? Uh-huh.
We'd be in the car right now, heading home.
You'd be drunk, sitting in my lap, telling me I'm gonna wake up with bite marks on my neck.
Too much information.
Except for the fact that you're not my type.
I am, too, your type.
I'm sorry, what? Can I just get confirmation that we just heard that.
I did not mean it that way, and you know it.
I heard it.
I heard it, too.
Are we, uh, recording this, 'cause I would love to use that as my ringtone.
Hey, Kens? That bartended can't take his eyes off you.
Deeks, talk to him.
Get a photo, run it through facial rec.
Knew I couldn't trust that guy.
Hey, uh, sugar bear? What kind of tequila you got? Kens.
Take a walk.
Let's get you a little more exposure.
You got it.
I got an Axl Rose wannabe following Kensi.
- Scar? - Long hair.
I can't see.
I think I might have scared him off.
Gonna follow him; want to see if this guy's got a scar.
I'll powder my nose until you get back.
Your tattoos are beautiful.
Well, I like your beard.
I'd like to see more of your artwork.
Well, you move fast.
When I know it's what you want.
What you, uh need.
We're going through the back? Yes.
Sam, back alley.
I heard.
Just Thank you.
What? Sorry about that.
I thought you were someone else.
Oh! Mmm Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Maybe we move a little slower.
Huh? Slower.
Slower? Yeah.
Federal agent.
Don't move.
What are you talking about, huh? Is this a joke? There's no scar.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
What do you got? Renaldo Maggio.
Yo, man, listen to me, I didn't do anything.
You assaulted a federal agent.
What are you talking about? You set me up.
She tell you to pull out a knife? That's what her husband said she wanted.
What? The Kevinslist ad.
You wanted a man with a thick beard and an Italian accent, right? Take you outside the club and cut off your panties.
Listen, it's in the e-mails.
I'm not even Italian.
He set us up.
He wanted us to be here.
This guy's just some creep that answered an adult personal.
Yeah, yeah, and her husband's here watching somewhere, all right? He's stalking us.
Take him home.
Get his laptop, check his story.
Take it easy, man.
How did he know we were gonna be here? It's Maggio's phone.
It's a video text.
Why would Kallstrom text this guy? That's not from Kallstrom.
Play it.
No! Noooo! Callen just got an Interpol Agent killed.
I'm taking over the investigation.
I'm aware of what occurred, and I doubt Agent Callen was responsible.
He was running the operation when Kallstrom was killed.
Hetty, you and I go back a long way, but this has gone off the rails.
Just for the record, I have complete confidence in Agent Callen.
I need Interpol in Stockholm informed about the death of Agent Kallstrom.
Already been done.
Eric, bring up the DeGramont video.
Assistant Director Granger has taken control of the investigation.
Anybody have a problem with that? Um, , I'd just like to say that You don't get a say.
Oh, I'd hear Mr.
Beale out.
It's not about the, um, who's-in-charge- of-the-case thing.
But I believe that the chameleons payout for the pharmaceuticals has come in.
I just got a hit for a five- million-dollar cash withdrawal from the Nigerian Consulate's bank account.
Don't raise your hand.
I traced the e-mail used to place the adult personal ad on Kevinslist to a café in Santa Monica.
Address is on your phones.
If you trust your people, it kind of runs itself.
Deeks and Kensi with me, we'll take the Nigerian Consulate.
Callen and Sam take the café.
I don't know anything about the sale of pharmaceuticals.
Could you just look at this photo and see if you can iden I don't want to look at any photos.
I want you to leave.
This is property of the Nigerian government.
- We got a van.
- It's got diplomatic plates.
Don't let it on the property.
Federal agents! Turn it off.
Put your hands up and step out of the vehicle.
You have no right to stop our truck.
So, you're taking ownership of anything we find inside? What do we got, Kens? Clarithromycin; it's an antibiotic.
That means the deal's already gone down.
I need to talk to you.
You can talk to our lawyers.
Look We're not concerned about the medication.
We need to know who you bought them from.
He's brutally killed several men.
Yes? I'm requesting a video conference.
It's a video request from Interpol, Sweden.
An Agent Johan Linderoth.
That's who I contacted; bring him up.
Agent Linderoth.
Beale? We received your information about the death of Agent Martin Kallstrom.
Yes, you have our condolences.
I have some very disturbing news.
The man in the video is not Agent Kallstrom.
Are you sure? Yes, very.
I'm sending you a photo of the real Agent Kallstrom right now.
Where is the real Agent Kallstrom, then? We've been trying to make contact with him, but we have heard nothing.
We'll get back to you.
I couldn't tell you anything from that photo.
He was using the Internet.
Most likely, he had an accent.
There are four large hotels around here.
I get people from all over the world.
Excuse us.
Yeah, Eric? We just received a call from Interpol.
The man who died in that car is not Agent Kallstrom.
All right, get me a video frame footage of Agent Kallstrom from the security cams at the boatshed.
Already sent it and the photo of the real Agent Kallstrom.
What about this man? Him, I know.
Came here two or three times, mostly mornings.
Did he mention where he was staying? No.
Ordered coffee, worked on his computer Tell you the truth, I think he was here this morning.
Thank you.
All right, so he's alive.
He faked the flames in that video somehow.
My guess is, if he came in here two or three times, he's close to here.
What are you doing? Taking a shot.
Hello there, Agent Callen.
Eric, trace the call on Callen's phone.
Got it.
You sound alive and well.
Very much.
But the man you know as Kallstrom will soon disappear.
Gone like smoke.
We got a location.
The Miramar Hotel.
It's right next door to you.
It's quite funny, because you seemed smarter to me.
But you have nothing.
What if I told you I had an opportunity for us to work together? Lying.
Are we trying to trace my call? Oh, I'll save you the trouble.
This phone cannot be traced.
You're missing a good opportunity.
Uh, you're a joke that is no longer funny.
How do you say Good-bye, sucker.
Federal agents.
Looking for this man.
Might be registered under the name Kallstrom.
He's here.
Room 1035.
We need the keycard now.
Clear the hall, please.
Room Service.
Clear! Well Meet the real Agent Kallstrom.
I don't understand.
The phone call was traced here.
Yeah, and he said he couldn't be traced.
Doesn't make sense.
You find any of his Interpol IDs, passports? No.
This guy this guy, the real Agent Kallstrom tracked a chameleon halfway around the world.
Then when Kallstrom got to L.
, the chameleon killed him and assumed his identity.
His accent was too real.
Could he be that good? I don't know.
He doctored Kallstrom's IDs with his own photos.
Walked right into our case.
With a police escort from Granger.
And these are all the Interpol case files on the chameleon.
Now the chameleon knows everything that the police in Russia and Brazil know about him.
He also knows everything we know about him.
Not good.
Got it.
Callen and Sam are going down to check the hotel surveillance video.
Is this the, uh, pharmaceutical sale to the Nigerians? Warehouse security cam.
It's not helping.
Who's the big guy in the middle? This is like all the chameleon's other jobs.
He's just a hired hand.
He's on an earwig.
That's gotta be the chameleon in the van.
Eric, can you zoom in the driver and freeze it? That could be a match.
I mean, it could be the same guy from the arms deal six months ago.
And he's pretending to be the driver again.
He knows where the camera is, keeps his distance.
Eric, pull up the still of the fake Kallstrom.
It could be the same guy, but This guy's very, very good.
Good enough to have fooled you.
You were the one who brought Kallstrom in here.
You blew it.
You had him and you let him go.
According to the keycard access record, last time anybody entered Room 1035 was two hours ago.
Callen? Kensi? When did the sale of the pharmaceuticals go down? Yeah? Uh, timecode on the video around two hours ago.
And you're sure he was there.
No, I'm not sure about anything with this guy but it looks like the same person we busted six months ago.
All right.
Here he is, going in, about two hours ago.
Card doesn't work.
He's got a second card.
He has a card to another room in this hotel.
That's why it didn't work.
Can you get us a room number off the card that didn't work? Yeah.
The phone trace was right.
But why did he think we couldn't trace him? - That's a good question.
- The wrong card is from 1022.
He's here.
Hands in the air! How did you find me? Turn around slowly.
Turn around! Hold him still.
There's no scar.
It's not him! Wait a second, you think I'm him? No, he hired me and He said the phone was untraceable.
He's setting me up.
I'm not him.
Call an ambulance.
I need a rescue at the Miramar Hotel.
All right, sir, what's the nature of your emergency? Sir? Hello? You gonna say something? I recommend the fish at this hotel.
I hear it's killer.
Yeah, well, it didn't go over too well with your friend here.
Not my friend an employee.
Con man, three days out of a Swedish prison.
He couldn't pass up a very lucrative job impersonating an Interpol agent.
Well, I guess, you won't have to pay him now, will you? My mouth still doesn't work right.
I can't breathe, I can't sleep my brain throbs, thanks to the bullet you put in my head.
My heart breaks for you.
Agent G.
Callen, I know where you work.
I know where you live.
I know who you care about.
What do you want? One day, I'm going to kill you.
That's all I live for.
It's all I care about.
I heard something in the background.
Like what? The pool.
What did he say? That he's going to kill me.
Heard that before.
But this guy's pretty good.
Is this supposed to intimidate me? Oh, training? No.
It's why we're good at what we do.
Why'd you ask me over here? I need to know why NCIS sent you here.
Well, the thing is, Hetty, I don't have to answer you.
Oh, I think you do.
You brought Kallstrom in here.
And that one is on me, Agent Callen.
And it may be enough to get you not only out of our office, but maybe out of NCIS completely.
Don't threaten me.
Are you trying to bring down my team? Come on, Hetty, you know me.
Oh, yes, I do.
Are you trying to bring down my team? No.
Absolutely not.
Your unit is one of the best NCIS has.
You know, there would've been a time you would've trusted me.
That was a very long time ago.
Why are you here? I'm here to catch a killer.

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