NCIS Los Angeles s04e01 Episode Script


Help me! His name is Marcel Janvier.
He is holding Kelvin Atley.
We need to get Atley back before he compromises our man in Tehran.
Do you play chess, Agent Callen? A little.
My move.
He killed our people! Our people! Who's our mystery man? Naseem Vaziri.
He's Iranian.
What if Atley already told Janvier the name of the asset in Iran? Cherokee gets compromised.
- And that's the price we pay.
- No.
No, this is not happening.
Original air date on September 25, 2012 WOMAN (over P.
): Please have all the transport prisoners (buzzer sounds) The transport van is here.
Tough night? I've had worse.
You owe Granger big-time for getting you out of jail.
Shooting's officially under investigation.
You're Suspended.
I know.
They told me.
Hetty? Gone.
You don't need to be here.
We got company across the street.
Not my problem.
Could be.
It's not really helping my case with you being here.
Where should I be? I don't want to talk about this.
Was it worth it, G? Was it worth it? Get out of my face! Where to? Venice.
What are you doing here, Vaziri? Excuse me? What do you want from him? Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.
The hell you do.
You stay away from him.
You done? Easy! Move! Against the van! Back off.
Hands behind your back.
How long is this video? Uh, 34 seconds.
Blurred faces are a nice touch.
It made the Net? 'Fraid so.
I'm trying to stop the video going viral, but as soon as I pull it, another one pops up.
What about mainstream media? They've agreed not to air the footage in the interest of national security.
Easy! Move! All right, I'm going to have to write a kill program.
Sorry, bad choice of words.
Well, so it didn't take long for the word to get out that Hetty resigned.
Half the LAPD already knows about it.
Is Callen okay? Yeah.
He's fine.
With all due respect, sir, that's agency BS, and we all know it.
Cherokee was the CIA's man, not ours.
I understand but If that's what you need, sir.
I will.
Where's Atley? Boatshed.
We haven't talked to him yet.
The agency wants their traitor back.
They've started a misinformation campaign to convince the Iranis that Atley's information was wrong, that Cherokee isn't a spy.
Tehran contacted Vaziri overnight.
They want independent confirmation.
Vaziri was waiting for Callen when he was released this morning.
Oh, and to top it off, Director Vance wants to know why one of his agents shot an unarmed man to death on national television.
You tell him? Yeah.
The CIA's looking for someone to blame, Sam.
Suddenly this whole thing is our fault.
They want Callen's head on a spear, and if we don't deliver SECNAV's gonna shut us down.
I don't know how much longer I can hold them off.
You're a popular guy, Atley.
A lot of people want to talk to you.
NSA, Pentagon, FBI, State Department, not to mention the CIA.
Those guys really, really, really want to talk to you.
So you tell us what you know, you don't have to talk to them.
I want indemnity from prosecution.
He doesn't get it, does he? No.
Oh, I don't think he does.
How long do you think you can hold your breath underwater, Kelvin? You wouldn't do that.
We wouldn't do that, but the CIA I only gave the Iranians Cherokee's name and that's all.
Didn't give them the file.
What file? It's my insurance policy.
Yeah, I'd say this is a pretty good time to cash in your insurance policy, Kelvin.
I want indemnity.
We tried.
We definitely did try.
Send them in.
I downloaded all the encrypted communications between Cherokee and Langley.
It proves Cherokee was spying for the CIA.
It also lists the names of every informant who's ever worked covertly for the U.
in Iran.
What you might call a smoking gun for Tehran.
International incident for the U.
Where's this file now? Safety-deposit box here in L.
Who else knows about it? Janvier tried to make me give him the key.
Told him he wouldn't get it till I got paid.
I guess that didn't really work out.
Where's the key? Luggage locker, Union Station.
Locker number? B-27.
Thank you.
And the Iranians.
What? They know about the file, too.
You're not thinking of sailing this anywhere, are you? The Atlantic.
With them? No! Alone.
I hope you haven't come to talk me out of anything, Owen.
Last time I saw this boat, she'd just been impounded by the Brits at Gibraltar.
It was a misunderstanding between the harbormaster and myself over a case of Dom Pérignon.
This is a yacht, not a boat, and you haven't answered my question.
When's the last time I talked you out of anything, Henrietta? Any news of Mr.
Callen? He was released this morning.
I haven't seen him.
You shouldn't have come.
I thought you should know, Iran is paranoid that they've been set up by the CIA.
Something Langley's actively encouraging them to believe.
Tehran's asked Vaziri to confirm that Cherokee really is a CIA spy.
So you need to be careful, Henrietta.
Screw Washington, Tehran, the whole spy game.
I'm not going to defend the agency or anybody else, for that matter.
They're all responsible for making this mess.
And if you've got that letter in your jacket, you hang on to it, Owen.
Henrietta Get the hell off my yacht.
Go on! Some days we appreciate our freedom more than others, wouldn't you agree? Forgive me.
My name is Naseem Vaziri.
I know who you are.
Then you know we have a mutual acquaintance.
Or we did.
Until you killed him.
I'm intrigued, Agent Callen.
Why you would do such a thing? Janvier must have found your weakness.
Got nothing to say to you.
Just listen, then.
Janvier and I were engaged in a business transaction.
He was going to give me a file.
I'm not Atley.
Atley had a price.
Janvier had a price.
We all have a price.
I just need to find out what's yours.
Atley's bank of choice.
We got this from the bank's exterior security cameras.
This car is registered to one of Vaziri's companies.
Ah, a little Iranian reception party for anybody that comes to collect Atley's file from the safety-deposit box.
Could've paid one of the bank employees to, uh, tip them off.
We need to secure that file before the Iranians or else.
Or else what? Work up a plan.
Keep me updated.
Or else what? Or else we'll all gonna be looking for another job.
Salaam, Henrietta.
Death can have its advantages.
I remember the last time I saw you in Tehran, the revolutionary students were dragging you off to prison.
To teach me the error of my ways.
I was a good student.
I denounced the Shah and embraced the revolution.
Never too late to change sides.
In our line of work, it's always an option.
And you.
All these rumors.
Such a shame they cast you aside like this.
There are too many bureaucrats, Hosein.
The game has changed.
And it seems as if we're all working for the CIA these days.
Surely not you, Henrietta? Well, I-I never was one to do what was expected of me.
This latest CIA operation The one man who knows the truth about this mess has been thrown out of NCIS on his ass and will probably wind up in prison for killing a man who deserved it.
Agent Callen.
I've said too much.
Perhaps we could speak some more over tea? Perhaps not.
I have a car.
So have I.
Some other time Henrietta.
You can come out now, Mr.
I never did trust that bastard.
They sent someone from your past.
I should have killed him back then when I had the chance.
I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself, Mr.
I was just passing.
Langley's breathing down Granger's neck.
Looking for someone to blame.
Not unexpected.
It gets worse.
Atley's admitted he has a file that contains the names of Cherokee's informants in Tehran.
If we don't retrieve that file, SECNAV's closing down the unit.
How's Mr.
Callen? He says he's fine.
But you and I know otherwise.
One day it catches up with all of us.
If you're lucky, someone else dies and you get to walk away.
Go home, Sam.
Callen and I are on our own.
And if I need to find you? Nearest bar.
Scotch on the rocks.
You got it.
Were you followed? No, but you were.
Vaziri and another guy.
Bald, gray beard, tan jacket.
His name's Hosein Khadem.
He's trying to intimidate me.
Is it working? Just ignore them.
How's retirement? I could die of boredom if someone doesn't shoot me first.
How was your day, Mr.
Callen? I went for a swim.
When I got out, Vaziri was holding my towel.
Tehran's paranoid that they caught the wrong spy.
Vaziri's looking to confirm that Atley's given them the right name.
Evidently, Atley has a file with the names of other dissidents.
Vaziri paid you a call today, too? No, not Vaziri.
How do you know this guy? Khadem was Savak, Iranian Secret Police under the Shah.
When Khomeini came to power, he changed sides.
He went from being my ally to my enemy overnight.
Betrayed dozens of good men, their families.
Many of them my friends.
Khadem's my Janvier.
You'd shoot him in cold blood? That would be murder, Mr.
So, you're just going to wait for him to make the first move? Do I have a choice? No.
But I do.
Might as well add treason to my arrest warrant.
You want my price? It's her.
You keep him away from her, you'll get what you want.
I want Atley's file.
You know I can't deliver that.
Then confirm the name of your spy in Tehran.
You know him as General Sanjar Esfahani.
You just got yourself a CIA spy.
You stay away from her.
Of course.
Everybody, listen up.
NSA intercepted a phone call between Vaziri and Tehran overnight.
Vaziri told Tehran that an NCIS agent confirmed Cherokee's identity.
The CIA is demanding Callen's immediate arrest.
Are we going to comply? Since when do we work for the CIA? No way we're doing this.
Look, we don't have a say in this.
The call came directly from SECNAV You want to help Callen, you want to help us, get Atley's file, make sure it gets into the right hands.
We're gonna have one shot at this.
Let's make it count.
Hey, Sam.
You think this plan's gonna work? It's gotta work.
Nell, talk to legal.
We're going to need an arrest warrant for Agent Callen.
So, what are the charges exactly, treason or murder? Both.
Okay, we've got a visual and comms.
Just arriving at the bank.
Kensi and Deeks are out of the car, Eric.
Looks like our Iranian friends are still here.
SUV on the right.
This could get interesting.
I like interesting.
If it's gonna happen, it'll be when you come out.
Be ready.
You got everything? Yes, Mom.
Status please, Eric.
They've collected the safety-deposit box key from the luggage locker.
Just arrived at the bank.
The Iranians? Front and center.
I counted two in the SUV.
Could be more.
You think we're on their radar? In this suit, are you kidding me? Probably haven't taken their eyes off me since I got out of the car.
Or it could be yeah, it's probably you.
I'm just saying that skirt is working.
They've entered the bank.
I got 'em, Sam.
Good morning.
Welcome to Certified National.
How can we be of service today? I need access a safety-deposit box.
Name? Peters.
And away we go.
First name? Scott.
This is your safety-deposit box or My husband's.
But you have his signed authorization to access the box? I'm his wife.
I'm sorry, but you either need to be designated or have a signed authorization.
Okay, listen, honey, he's my husband, okay? What's his is mine, what's mine, oh, he's welcome to, because I don't have a damn safety-deposit box, do I? - Morning.
- Uh I am, uh, Kelvin Atley.
I need to access my safety-deposit box, please.
Of course, Mr.
Peters, there's no need to raise your voice.
I'm sure if you just ask your husband You want me to talk to my cheating, lying, good-for-nothing, two-faced cheap husband? This is what you want? Start World War III? I'm sorry.
I didn't think so.
You're sorry.
Okay, okay, you know what? If I can't have access to that box, you are going to open it and you're gonna tell me how much money he's got stashed in there.
That's what you're gonna do, honey.
Sign right here.
Of course.
Even if I was authorized to, which I'm not, it's a two key system and I'd need your husband's key.
You want a key? You want a key? I'll give you a damn key.
I just need to check your ID on file.
If we could do this quickly, I'm actually in a little bit of a hurry.
There you go.
There you go.
Oh, freaking ridiculous.
I don't have a key.
I don't have a key.
You know why? Because he's freaking stingy, that's why.
Try not to get too upset here.
So, we're good then? That stupid moron.
Hmm? Sir, good to go? Yeah, um, just come with me this way.
See, I have no key.
I have no key.
Do you know why? Because that floozy has that key.
That blonde floozy with highlights and short hair And we're in.
That's right.
Take all the time you need.
Thank you, sir.
I got a USB.
This must be the file.
We good? Clear, you're good to go.
This is how you treat your customers? This is how you treat your customers? Are you enjoying yourself? Are you enjoying this? Are you? Really? On the way out right now.
All right.
Iranians are on the move.
Someone in the bank must have tipped them off.
Don't rush.
Let 'em come.
Okay, guys, they've got backup.
Move to plan B.
I hate plan B.
Go! Follow them! Sam! Sam, you got to get down here.
Let's go, let's go! Let's go! Leave it, leave it! Yeah, no, I completely understand.
I'm just saying don't-don't try too hard.
Yeah, exactly.
Okay, yeah, thanks, Mikey.
Yup, you, too.
Well, Callen's arrest warrant just went out.
Does anyone know where he is? Good luck trying to find him.
Eric have any luck tracing that car? All the way to Santa Monica, then they lost it.
They're doing a kaleidoscope search.
Okay, all right.
Well, we know we got two, right? And I think I winged one, so why doesn't Nell just check the local ERs? It's out of our hands; we gave it our best shot.
Did we? Ops.
Something's going down in Tehran.
NSA picked up a major spike in telecommunications traffic.
Most of it's internal-- intelligence agencies, key government ministers, the military.
NSA intercepted a burst transmission from Vaziri to Tehran an hour after they received Atley's USB.
they're in meltdown.
Guess they didn't like what was in the file.
And Vaziri just received an encrypted e-mail from Tehran 30 minutes ago.
NSA's still decrypting it.
Okay, we need to see that, Eric.
Well, that would require us looking over their shoulder while they decrypt it, which isn't the normal level of access they allow.
Hell with what they allow; just do it.
Just doing it.
Okay, hacking the NSA.
And we're in.
Does anyone speak Farsi? Hetty does.
Good point.
It was a long time ago.
I'm rusty.
Something about conflicting information Use all necessary measures.
Reconfirming conflicting information that was given to them.
Given to them by Atley? Operative.
Vaziri's going back to Callen to confirm what he told them.
And use all necessary measures.
That's an order, Agent Hanna.
Calling Agent Callen.
No answer.
Phone turned off? Dead.
Vaziri got the message It's too late.
Tell me the identity of the CIA spy in Tehran.
And Cherokee's real name? I told you last night in the bar.
Tell me again.
General Sanjar Esfahani.
General Esfahani denies it.
Well, wouldn't you? Tell me what you know about Atley.
Atley was an NSA analyst.
He turned traitor.
He knew the CIA had a spy in Tehran code-named Cherokee.
He offered the information to Janvier.
Janvier sold the information to you.
You asked for confirmation; I gave you confirmation.
General Sanjar Esfahani is Cherokee.
You're not telling me the truth.
There's no other truth.
Tehran believes otherwise.
They have Atley's file.
There are, shall we say, discrepancies.
You there? Start the camera.
Yesterday you asked me for her life.
Today I'm going to give it to you.
for the truth.
I gave you the truth-- there's no mistake.
I gave you the name; you gave them their spy.
Kill her.
Wait! Wait! Tell him to wait! The truth.
Tell him to wait! Call him off! Call him off! Stand down, Khadem.
Khadem, can you hear me? Khadem, can you hear me?! I said, stand down, Khadem.
Can you hear me?! I hear you, Naseem.
If I don't like your version of the truth, she dies.
It's a lie.
What's a lie? Everything.
There was no spy in Tehran.
This whole operation was put together by the CIA to convince you there was.
Why? To eliminate the one man the CIA fears in Tehran more than anyone.
Sanjar Esfahani.
Why would they fear him? Because he can't be bought.
He's an extremist who is loyal to the clergy and the military.
But they knew that if you thought he was a spy, you'd have him arrested.
You'd have him executed for treason.
But they knew they had to convince you first.
Atley? Gave Esfahani's name to Janvier.
They figured if you had to pay more for the information, you'd be more willing to believe it.
Lies! I saw you shoot Janvier.
An arrest warrant has been issued for you for his murder! There is someone that can prove that everything I'm saying is the truth.
Who? Who?! Janvier.
It's time to go.
Go where? For a ride.
No bulletproof vest this time? Put this on.
Why? When you're in our protection, you wear a vest.
No exceptions.
No vest.
We're not planning to shoot you this time.
Why would you stage Janvier's murder? So you'd believe I had nothing to lose.
A disgraced agent under investigation.
Someone you could get to.
Someone you could buy off to confirm Atley's information.
My leg still hurts.
Where are you taking me? Road trip.
Tehran's going to want someone to pay for this.
Better it not be you.
But you got to give them something.
The $50 million they paid for the information and the man they gave it to.
Go on.
You stay away from Henrietta Lange, call off Khadem.
And? A trade.
Me for Janvier.
What is this? You're no longer our problem.
We're letting you go.
I hear the weather's great in Tehran this time of year.
I hope you haven't moved my things, Owen.
I'm not that crazy.
You know, you don't have to keep changing the dates.
You could just print up a new one each time.
Just a thought.
Shall we have an operational debrief? Sure.
Cherokee's been released.
He got a promotion for his troubles.
He's been put in charge of counterintelligence.
His specific brief is to protect the Tehran government from foreign spies.
And the agency? Well, they're relieved they still have a man in Tehran.
Of course, they want a full report.
They want to know exactly when we worked up this audacious plan, and why we didn't include them in it.
We are out of time, Agent Callen! And we don't have another plan! I'm sorry, Mr.
I'm sorry.
There's got to be something we can do.
Maybe there is.
Do you want to share, Henrietta? To make people believe it, I think I'm going to have to resign.
And you, Mr.
Callen, are going to have to shoot Janvier.
Maybe you could tell them we just worked it out over a cup of tea.
What did you replace Atley's file with? Deeks switched the USBs at the bank, but Eric had changed one file, Operation Cherokee.
A two-page proposal from the CIA outlining how to fool foreign governments into arresting the wrong people for spying.
Then it was just a matter of making sure it fell into Iranian hands.
Leave it! Leave it! We were lucky, Henrietta.
Fortune favors the brave, Owen.
Hey, Callen.
Morning, G.
Hey, Pete, not so tight on the cuffs next time, all right? Put the gun down! Lower your weapon! You owe us a drink.
What's Mr.
Callen's undercover status? He's operational.
Eric minimized his exposure.
And Vaziri? When the dust settles, we'll take him down.
There's no hurry.
But there is one thing.
A body washed up at the Marina this morning.
Hosein Khadem? He'd been shot.
I guess he and Vaziri had a falling out.
Would you like to join me for a cup of tea, Owen? Or would you prefer something a little stronger?
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