NCIS Los Angeles s04e02 Episode Script


Target has exited the vehicle with another passenger and is approaching the building.
Copy, Tango One.
Sensor confirms.
We got a positive I.
? Running facial rec.
We have positive I.
on target Triple A.
Thunder One Two has positive I.
and lock on target Triple A.
Copy, Thunder One Two.
Engage at your discretion.
Wings hot.
Arm laser targeting.
Laser targeting.
Weapons hot in three two one Rifle.
We've got a target exiting the building.
Building has been destroyed.
Tango One, Tango One.
We have one survivor.
Original air date on October 2, 2012 I thought you might have replaced that headstone with her correct name.
I guess it makes it easier for me to pretend my sister Amy's still out there somewhere.
Oh, it's always so lovely and peaceful here.
And yet a painful reminder.
Of our own mortality? I was thinking more of the number of people I've put in the ground.
Hell, I could fill my own graveyard.
I'm sure most of them deserved it.
You put fresh flowers on Hunter's grave.
From my garden.
It seemed the least I could do.
She would have appreciated it.
I like to think so.
I, however, will not.
When I'm gone, I'm gone.
No ceremony, no memorials, and absolutely no bringing of flowers to my grave.
Don't worry.
There will be none of that.
From what I hear, Granger is going to have you stuffed in a lifelike pose for his office.
Don't be cheeky.
Though I wouldn't put it past him.
Come along, Mr.
No rest for the wicked.
Turn that punch on! And this is me on a camel, on the way to Petra.
Uh-huh, that's awesome.
Power kick! You're not even looking at it.
Get your feet going.
That is camel, and I think he likes you.
What? Power body! No, that's my foo I think that's my foot.
Ooh, wow, that is awkward.
Moving on.
This is the Wadi Mujib, on the way to the Dead Sea.
Get it out of my way.
I'm working out, Deeks.
Uh, while I'm trying to show you my vacation photos, which is more than a little rude.
Dude, I've seen them.
Nice job.
Several times.
You e-mailed me every day.
Well, maybe next time, you should come with me.
I've been to Jordan.
Well, then, we can go someplace else.
How about, say, for instance, the Amazon? Or Norway, the land of my forefathers? How about "no," Good work.
because we work together every day.
Why would I want to vacation with you, too? Because we're partners and I'm awesome.
Which is all the more reason why I value our time apart.
You totally missed me.
Ha! You didn't give me a chance to miss you, Deeks.
Is that why you turned your cell phone off? I turned my cell phone off because I was at a yoga retreat, and I needed to relax.
Uh, wait a minute.
You don't do yoga.
I do yoga, and you mock me for it.
That's because I do it for spiritual centering.
You, on the other hand, do it to pick up chicks.
So what you're saying is you couldn't make a hook-up even with a yoga dude? Okay.
You know what? I was asked to leave after the rescue helicopter landed on the beach.
I was worried about you.
Thank you for that.
Well, maybe you shouldn't have turned your cell phone off.
Ow! Hetty wants you guys up in Ops.
Got a hot one.
Nell, wait a second, hold on, you got to see this.
This is me on a very excited camel, on the way to Petra Nell? Nell? I got a camel and a I'm on a camel.
Hey, Sam! How was your vay-cay? Uh It was, uh it was good.
It was short.
Too short, but good.
Quality family time, you know? You? Um, awesome.
I helped design and build a wind- and solar-powered clinic in Guatemala, and still had time to hit up a couple of ren faires, my lord.
Where's Nell? Uh, she's rallying the troops.
What do you need? A new chair.
That is your new chair.
I want my old one.
I-I thought it was broken.
Yeah, it was broken in the way I like it.
Well I mean, this chair is ergonomically designed to improve posture, reduce fatigue and increase productivity.
So um plus, this baby's got over Well, my butt only has two points of adjustment, and they both want my old chair back, yo.
I-I think it's it's gone.
Here, you know what? Here's what I'm gonna do for you.
I'm gonna put in a request and, uh, try to get you a different chair.
Where's my old chair? Well, you know, we donate all of our old furniture to to one of our charities, so if it's any consolation, it went to a good cause.
It's not.
Find out where they took it.
I'll buy it back.
It might be in a container on a boat, on its way to a girl's school in Gwandara, Nigeria.
It might be? It is.
I'm I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, dude.
I just You know what? I can get you a matching lumbar pillow.
You look like you got some sun.
Yeah, I'm working undercover at a tanning salon.
Yeah, you wish.
Looks like somebody tried to replace Sam's chair again.
Really, Eric? It has over 25 points of adjustment.
Not anymore! This is Adanan Al-Ahmadi.
He's also known as Triple A.
He's a bomb maker for al-Qaeda, the Taliban, anybody else who's willing to pay him.
So he's an equal opportunity exploder.
No? All right.
At least I'm trying.
He narrowly escaped a drone strike.
When our people went in to confirm the casualties, they found the remains of several of his associates, including one who appeared to be a Westerner.
DNA analysis positively identified the Westerner as an American.
Not only was he an American; he was a Marine.
Counterintelligence Specialist Gunnery Sergeant David Adams.
Was he kidnapped? No.
Wasn't even supposed to be in the Middle East.
His enlistment ended So what's he doing back in Afghanistan with known terrorists? That's what we have to find out.
Hetty already made arrangements for a Marine Corps rep to meet us at the boatshed to tell us what they do know.
Of course she has.
According to his file, Adams comes from a highly decorated Marine family.
Both his father and grandfather were awarded the Silver Star.
We really appreciate it.
- What's the family saying? - Well, evidently, they're refusing to accept he was even in Afghanistan, let alone dead.
Pick a number between one and ten.
Five or five or six.
I really don't care.
Why are we doing this? Doesn't matter.
I'm gonna go back with my original number, which is my lucky number, which is four point zero zero two six.
The atomic weight of helium? You're good.
She's good.
Your favorite number is the atomic weight of helium? And you call me a geek? Helium makes you talk funny.
Makes you think funny, too.
You win, Deeks.
Number was four.
What'd I say about my lucky number? You two talk to the family, we're gonna speak to the Marine Corps.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
Why do we got to speak with the grieving family? That's not fair.
Sam's your partner.
I could've said any number, and you would've said I won.
Come on, Einstein.
I hate this game.
We've been tracking Adanan Al-Ahmadi for months.
Our intel was good, but his was better.
How so? He has an uncanny ability to stay one step ahead of us.
To the point we started suspecting he had inside information.
But you were never able to prove it.
Not until we recovered evidence from our last attempt to get him.
These are some of the notes we recovered from the rubble.
These are translations and intelligence evaluations, but basically they show intimate knowledge of our operational procedures.
Fortunately, the majority of the information recovered was somewhat outdated, but it's all classified.
It could only have come from someone within one of our Marine units.
And you think that someone was David Adams? The man was killed in one of Adanan Al-Ahmadi's safe houses with his jihadi poker buddies.
Evidence doesn't get much more damning than that.
You said this information is outdated? Yes.
About 18 months.
That's roughly the same length of time since Adams was in the Corps.
But Adams never showed any indication of this sort of behavior while in the Corps? No, sir.
From all reports, he was a model Marine.
So why turn traitor now? I only wish I could ask him that myself, Agent Hanna.
Perhaps we'll never know.
I hate to think that any American, let alone a fellow Marine, would compromise his country.
But anyone who puts American servicemen in jeopardy is an enemy of mine and the United States.
He was so proud to have followed in his father's and his grandfather's footsteps.
I can imagine.
My dad was a Marine, too.
Do you have any idea why your son would go back to Afghanistan? He wouldn't.
And I don't believe he did.
As much as he loved serving his country, he was glad when his last tour was over.
He liked being a Marine, but he was eager to start the next chapter of his life.
Now, I know this must be difficult for you, Mr.
and Mrs.
Adams, but You've lost a child? Brian No.
Then you have no idea.
If I may, sir, you have our deepest sympathies.
But the DNA evidence confirms that one of the casualties in the drone attack was indeed David.
Where's his body? His remains are being flown back as we speak.
Remains? So you have a body? I don't know the extent of what was recovered from the attack site, sir.
Did your son ever talk about his time in country? No.
Most of what he did was classified.
All I cared about was that he do his best to keep himself safe and come home in one piece.
- And he did.
- Which is precisely why he wouldn't go back, especially on his own.
He has a good job with the county.
His loves his girlfriend to death.
He was even planning to go back to school in the spring.
Does that sound like somebody who was going back to Afghanistan? No, sir, it does not.
But if it wasn't David who was killed, where is your son? Tungsten.
What's that? My favorite element-- it's tungsten.
Number 74 on the periodic table, and formerly known as wolfram.
It's got the highest melting point and tensile strength of any metal.
Um, that's nice.
Oh, come on.
What's your favorite element? Um, do you use this line at the Genius Bar? No.
I just thought you might have a You know what? Never mind.
What? That's my favorite element.
Uh, that's the stuff they mined on Pandora in Avatar.
No, um, that's unobtanium.
This is ununoctium.
It's element 118.
There is no element 118.
Flerov Laboratory in Russia produced one atom in 2002, two in 2005.
It's quite rare.
Must have missed that issue of the Periodic Times.
Ah, that's cool.
Unun Hello.
No, no, no, look.
Eight days ago, David Adams took a Delta flight from L.
to Cincinnati.
Next day, he flies to New York, boards Alitalia from JFK first to Rome, then to Madrid.
From there, he takes Brussels Airlines flight 3728 to Brussels.
Did you even know that Brussels has an airline? Of course.
He then took Czech Airlines flight 637 from Brussels to Prague, continues on Turkish Airlines followed by Saudi Arabian Airlines flight 264 to Riyadh and, finally, Qatar Airways to Abu Dhabi, with a stopover in Doha.
Which means He needs a new travel agent.
Clearly, he was trying to make it difficult, if not impossible, to track his movements.
But you did.
Well done.
Inform the others.
You can run, but you can't hide from Team Wolfram and Ununoctium.
What?! Hey-oh.
That's our, uh, favorite elements from the periodic table.
Come on, Hetty.
You must have a favorite element.
Dos tacos.
Gracias, Carlos.
Y dos aguas.
De nada, G.
Thank you.
Oh, that's so good.
You sure you're not hungry? Not now.
What the hell is that? Fish tacos.
What kind of fish? The kind that swims in the ocean.
How could you eat something without even knowing what it is? That could have been last week's bait, for all you know.
Even looks like chum.
Carlos is the Iron Chef of the food trucks.
Smells good over here.
What's for lunch? Mystery fish.
Oh, Deep Sea Surprise is back? Help yourself.
Seriously? Mm-hmm.
Sharesies? No, thank you.
And don't say "sharesies.
" All right.
How'd you two make out? Parents are in denial.
Their son worked at L.
County Beach and Harbor and has a girlfriend, Mary Clark, who we are on our way to go see now.
This is delicious.
Too bad you don't know what it is.
Sure, I do.
It's a Lake Superior white fish.
I'd say caught in a gill net.
Probably two or three days ago.
What? I'm a surfer-- I know my fish.
Yeah, he's kind of like a trained seal, only without the "trained" part.
- Or the "SEAL" part.
- So, why would David Adams go back to Afghanistan if it wasn't to work for Adanan Al-Ahmadi? Maybe he left someone over there.
Maybe he met a woman.
No, he already had a girlfriend.
I hate guys.
Maybe it wasn't a girl.
Maybe it was treasure.
You watched Goonies again, didn't you? No.
There it is.
What? It's a great movie.
Deeks could be right.
It's a good movie, not a great movie.
No, no, about the treasure-- or something like it.
Adams had access to a lot of intel.
Wouldn't be the first person to go back and try and profit from his time overseas.
So, what are you thinking? Um, drugs? Weapons? Stolen antiquities? You got something for us, Eric? We found proof that David Adams flew to Dubai eight days ago.
There's no evidence of how he got into Afghanistan once he got there, but we're still looking.
He also received a $2,500 deposit into his bank account a week before he left.
It also originated in Dubai.
Blood money? Looks that way.
Okay, thanks, guys.
I guess treason doesn't pay what it used to.
I like hiring guys and gals with military experience.
They're good at taking orders.
Usually got their act together, especially Marines.
Besides, it's nice to give a little something back to the guys who served, you know? What can you tell us about David Adams? He's a good kid.
Hard worker.
Knew his way around the water, so I put him on the dredging project.
Doing what? Anything that needed to be done.
Army Corps of Engineers is taking over a million cubic yards of sand out of the Marina del Rey channel.
Big job.
Unfortunately, I got and a couple dozen other marinas to deal with.
He ever mention anything to you about going back to Afghanistan? Afghanistan? Thought he was going to Oregon.
He told you he was leaving? Yeah, he put his two-week notice in about a month back.
He was real apologetic.
Said he got a job offer up north.
I could have swore he said Oregon.
What kind of job? Logging.
It's tough work, but they were paying a lot more money.
He needed it for school.
You sure we're talking about the same kid? Maybe it's time we talked to somebody he served with.
Oh, look at this.
Check that out.
That's my favorite.
Deeks, I'm driving.
We're in a parking lot.
You're pulling over.
Yeah, to let you out.
Next time, I won't slow down.
Okay, you have to admit, though, I am rocking that turban.
I look like Lawrence of Arabia.
Hmm? Okay, that's a kaffiyeh, not a turban, and you seriously look like you're in drag.
Okay, that is mildly amusing, but you can't say "touché.
" Think I just did.
Yeah, but it was inappropriate.
I'm the one that's supposed to say "touché.
" I can say "touché" if I want.
Yeah, you can say it, but it doesn't make any sense.
All right, if I say something and you say something witty in return, which, by the way, is highly unlikely-- let's just say for the sake of argument that you do, perhaps by accident-- then, and only then, would I say "touché.
" Yeah, see, I think you're just mad that I beat you to it.
That's not how it works, all right? Only the person being bested says "touché.
" Really? All right, you know what? Let me just drop some knowledge on you for a second, all right? It's French.
It comes from fencing.
It means "to touch.
" So, if I were to touch you with my sword, then you would say "touché.
" Then I wouldn't say it because you ain't never touching me with your sword, Zorro.
Wow, that just happened.
Fair enough.
Okay, that was a touché.
But you don't get to say it! Touché, touché, touché.
Yeah, it's like teaching semantics to a dolphin.
Yes? Hi, Miss Clark.
This is Agent Blye and Detective Deeks, NCIS.
We spoke on the phone.
I'll be right there.
Touché, touché You cannot touch my touché.
Okay, that's a human resources violation, which is going in my report to Hetty.
Really? David's parents told me you spoke with them.
They don't think it's true, either.
We wish it wasn't, but, unfortunately, all the evidence points at David being dead.
It's Callen.
Excuse me.
But it could be a mistake.
We don't think so.
But at this point, anything you can tell us is going to help us learn the truth.
So can you think of any reason why David would go back to Afghanistan? No.
He wouldn't do that.
But he did.
I'm sorry.
It just doesn't make any sense.
Okay, thanks.
So, according to his boss, David quit working for the county two weeks ago.
Yes, he got a new job in Alaska.
Doing what? Working for an oil company.
I just talked to him Thursday, and everything was fine.
You spoke to him on the phone five days ago? We Skyped.
He said that he was going into the interior the next morning on some geological surveys, and that he would call or e-mail me whenever his crew got to someplace where they had cell or Internet service, but he didn't know how long that would be.
Do you have the name and number of the company he was working for? Yes.
Why would he switch jobs? It was more money.
They even gave him a signing bonus.
Why wouldn't he tell his parents that he was going away? He was waiting.
Waiting for what? The right time.
I'm pregnant.
And David thought that we would need more money now, especially if he was going to try and go back to school.
You served two tours in Afghanistan with David Adams? Yes, sir.
How would you describe him? Squared away with sharp corners, sir.
Smart, tough, reliable.
A damn fine Marine.
When was the last time you spoke with him? Probably about a month or so ago.
I tried to convince him to come work at Homeland Security with me.
He wasn't interested? He was trying to get into law school.
Any reason you can think of that he'd go back to Afghanistan? Not really.
Unless it was a humanitarian effort.
Why would he lie about that? No reason.
No reason, I guess, but he was very sympathetic to the plight of the Afghani people.
Sympathetic enough to betray his country? No, David wasn't a traitor, but but he did believe that the Afghani people, they needed our help.
And he talked about that a lot.
Maybe he thought he was helping them.
If David did go back to Afghanistan without telling anyone, my first guess would be that he's working for the CIA.
Well, Langley swears that David Adams was not working for the CIA.
So, if he's in Afghanistan with known terrorists and he's not working for us He's working for someone else.
Which is the same thing as working against us.
So, I think we found something.
I've been in contact with every humanitarian and charitable organization operating in Afghanistan, none of which know David Adams.
No surprise there.
The oil company which he was supposedly working for in Alaska never heard of him, either.
But we were able to access his e-mail account with the info his girlfriend provided, and that's where it gets interesting.
We found a bunch of correspondence with a company called Atama Security & Protection.
They're a private security firm that operates around the globe, including the Middle East.
They hired David three weeks ago.
It makes sense-- high pay for a dangerous job.
He doesn't want his parents and his girlfriend to worry, so he lies, says he's going to Alaska where he can't be reached.
But why wouldn't the security company notify someone he was missing? Maybe they didn't know about it.
Or they did know and considered it bad for business.
Did you guys call? Yes.
They said it was against company policy to reveal information about their employees' whereabouts for their own safety.
It's too late for that.
The dude's dead.
Yeah, they said they'd look into it and get back to us.
Yeah, that's not going to happen.
I need you to turn the heat up on Atama Security.
Place is empty.
Where is everybody? Check out these posters.
Is the security by Abercrombie? Guys couldn't protect a frat party.
Federal agents! Anyone here! Hello? You work here? Nice customer service there, huh? Federal agents! Throw down your weapon! Who taught this guy to shoot, Deeks? That's funny till he wings one of us.
How many shots was that? Seven.
How many you think he's got left? Not enough.
Give him something to shoot at.
You give him something to shoot at.
It's your turn to be the decoy.
Pick a number between one and ten.
Get out of here.
G?! I'm good.
"Game over.
" No doubt.
Danny Levian.
You're a long way from home.
I live in Glendale.
With your relatives.
You're on student visa from Yerevan, Armenia.
Your aunt and uncle know you're working with the Taliban? Or is it al-Qaeda? I work for Atama Security.
Which is a terrorist front.
What? I don't know what the hell you're talking about, man.
I just answer the phones.
And shoot at people.
Which, in this case, is attempted murder on two federal agents.
Hold on.
You broke in, all right? I thought you were gonna kill me and rob the place.
What do you expect me to do? Try again.
The door was unlocked.
Where are your coworkers? Most days, it's only me answering the phones.
One time, another guy was there interviewing somebody, but I haven't seen him in a week or so.
You got a name? Mr.
I-I only work there part-time, okay? I swear.
You can check.
I'm a student at Santa Monica College.
Yeah, not a very good one.
You've got a, uh you got a C in American Cinema.
Who gets a C in a film studies class? All you do is watch movies.
It's just an elective.
That's the spirit.
I think he broke my jaw, man.
You're lucky he didn't break your neck.
Day's not over yet.
You know this guy? No.
Who is he? You tell us.
He works for your company.
I told you, I just answer the phones.
Yeah? Well, let me give you a hint-- he was killed in a drone attack with some other high-profile terrorists a few days ago.
Look, Danny, you seem like a smart kid.
No, he doesn't.
You really don't, but we're gonna give you a chance to do something really smart which may actually save your ass.
Right now, our forensics computer team are about to rip through every byte of your personal history, including that of Atama Security.
They find even the slightest link between you and this man, well, I shudder to think of the consequences, and I seldom shudder.
It's true.
I've never seen him shudder.
Don't even think about trying to hide something from us.
You ready? We're gonna tear this place some new inodes.
I did their Web design and process the job applications, okay? I have no idea what happens after that.
What happens after that is a whole lot of stolen information.
Prospective employees give up tons of personal details, like Social Security numbers, banking details, all under the guise of security background checks.
Dozens of applicants have reported identity theft.
Even if Atama Security is a scam, it doesn't explain why David Adams was in Afghanistan.
Yeah, but scam or no scam, somebody's bankrolling it.
You know what they say.
When in doubt Follow the money.
Mmm, nice to get out for a change, huh? You know, sometimes I think Hetty makes us stay in Ops just so she can keep an eye on us.
Like we're gonna get in trouble out in the field.
Nell? Uh, Nell? Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones, NCIS? Hello? Is, uh is anyone else here? NCIS Ops.
Hey, it's Eric for Hetty.
Who is this? Eric.
Eric who? Beale.
What are you doing? Um, hi, hi.
What's up? I was No, no, never mind.
Um, I was just, um I was just, uh Just have her call me back.
Okay, bye-bye.
Wow! Is there a problem here? No.
Why? Is there? I don't know.
Why do I feel like you're acting weirder than normal? No.
Weird? I'm not weird.
You're weird.
No, you're not weird.
I mean, it's like it's like this is weird that you're asking me.
Where were you? I was tapping into their phone lines, remember? Right.
Um, are you sure that you're okay? Yeah, yeah.
I'm awesome.
Hey, um, are you strapped? Excuse me? Packing? Carrying heat? I'm sorry, I Do you have a gun? Yes, I have my service weapon.
Why? Good.
No, I'm just checking.
Just checking.
Wolfram, you're safe with me.
We should get at it.
Uh, at work.
We should.
Yeah, we should probably get busy doing stuff that we were doing.
These four are all employees of Atama Security, and they all have two things in common.
All former military? Correct.
And the other? They're all missing.
None of their families know where they are.
They all follow the same basic pattern as David Adams.
They were all hired by Atama Security, wired money prior to leaving the country, and never heard from after reaching Dubai.
That's a more than two things in common.
Even though Atama Security purports to be a decades-old global company, we can't find any evidence of their existence dating back more than three months.
And I'm still not sure where they're actually based because everything's being routed through a proxy-mix cascade in Curacao.
Ah, of course, Dutch Antilles.
What? The economy's tough.
People need work.
They're willing to give up tons of personal information in hopes of getting a job.
Even if Atama Security is a glorified phishing scam for identity theft, someone wired these five guys money and plane tickets.
Why? How many job applications did Atama Security receive? Hundreds.
Only these guys were hired.
All military, all missing.
Dubai's an easy point of entry.
And they probably signed a bogus confidentiality agreement so no one knows where they're going.
David Adams ended up in Afghanistan with Al-Ahmadi.
Okay, do you two have something you want to share with the rest of the group? Atama Security is stealing more than identities.
They're stealing people, specifically former military personnel.
It's a honey pot.
They offer them a good job.
They even give them a $2,500 signing bonus.
They fly them overseas and hand them off to guys like Al-Ahmadi.
Unfortunately, you're wrong about one thing.
These aren't the only five they've hired.
They're just the only ones who were reported missing.
They've hired at least six others.
There could be more.
Of the six new hires, only two have already left.
Jennifer Lee arrives in Madrid in a few hours before continuing on to Turkey.
Okay, we can have Interpol intercept her at the airport in Madrid.
What about this guy? Unfortunately, John Harris arrives in Dubai tomorrow.
Dubai? And you're going to do this with the blessing of the Emir, of course? We were kind of hoping to get in and out before anybody really noticed.
And I was hoping to be living on a quiet vineyard in Saint Emilion by now.
Well, if this goes wrong, you'll get that chance.
And you might get the chance to see the inside of an Emirate prison.
Won't be the first time.
No, but it might be your last.
What am I supposed to say to Assistant Director Granger if he decides to grace us with a surprise visit? Hetty, we've already lost one American.
Four others are missing-- five if we don't intercept this next one.
All of whom are probably being torted right now for information on our military operations, assuming they're not already dead.
All the more reason not to rush into this.
If it goes bad, we'll blame it on Mossad.
Oh, not funny.
It's a little bit funny.
A little.
What the hell.
Oh, Mr.
Beale, would you make arrangements for our team to get to Dubai ASAP? Uh, we've already secured a flight out of Edwards Air Force Base.
We were kind of hoping you'd say yes.
I got a security cam and the button cams that Sam and Callen are wearing.
It's a live feed, but it's delayed, a little sketchy.
ll, this should suffice, Mr.
John Harris.
Sam Hanna, NCIS.
You're in serious danger.
Follow me.
That's me.
I'm John Harris.
You from Atama Security? He's not buying it.
You're up, tiger.
Oh! Oh, I'm so I'm so sorry, sir.
I'm so sorry.
Let me just get your cell phone back.
Go, Ken.
Okay, that was cool.
Let's hope it stays that way.
Let's go.
Where were you taking John Harris? Ana la atakellem inglieezi.
Mafi mushkilah.
Ana a'taklam alarabia.
Wa ana aydan.
Save that crap for the tourists.
Taking me against my will is a crime.
I've done nothing wrong, and you have no authority in this country.
No, you're absolutely right.
But if you don't cooperate, you're gonna be absolutely dead.
Where's Adanan Al-Ahmadi? I know no such man.
You recognize these men? Friends of yours? I don't think he's taking my threat seriously.
You Americans are very good at making threats.
But you do not know the true meaning of jihad.
Your friends, however, they soon will.
And you'll know the meaning of La'anatullah.
Looks like you just bought yourself a one-way ticket to paradise.
Where he's going isn't paradise.
Atamana an Tahtareq fee al jaheem.
Let's go.
Omar Who are you? John Harris.
Supposed to meet somebody here from Atama security.
Am I in the right place? No.
I'm afraid you are in the wrong place.
Everybody good?! I'm good! Kensi?! On your knees! We're good! What's shaking, boys? So, John Harris, the man we intercepted at the airport, is on a flight home, and the two men we rescued have been taken to Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany for further medical evaluation.
And so far, they both seem to be doing well.
What's going to happen with Adanan Al-Ahmadi? Out of our hands now.
The D.
will hammer out some sort of an agreement with the United Arab Emirates to deal with him.
And our team should be safe and sound on their return flight back.
Well done.
Go home.
Are you sure you don't want us to wait? When she says go home, we go home, Ununoctium.
This-- oh, this is my favorite.
Look at that.
This is me riding through the sand dunes.
You can't tell that's me, but I'm the driver.
Look how much air I'm getting in this photo.
Oh, my gosh, this is a Oh, don't worry, we'll get through all of them before we land.
And this-- that, you know that guy.
Hold up.
Huh? That you on a camel, Deeks? Yeah.
Let me see that.
That's funny.
What else you got? I got this.
Ha! Look like Lawrence of Arabia.
Right?! That's what I said! Be my guest.
Yeah? That's cool.
All right, check this out.
You're gonna love this.
Hetty made arrangements for someone to debrief Mr.
and Mrs.
Adams about their son's death.
It won't make it any easier, but hopefully they'll find some closure knowing that he wasn't a traitor.
If anything, his death saved others, and it helped us catch Al-Ahmadi.
That's awesome! Love it when our boys get along.
Love it when someone else has to look at Deeks's vacation photos.

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