NCIS Los Angeles s04e16 Episode Script


It's not a rental, it's for sale.
I think I have them.
Yeah, looks like I have three left.
Sure, what's your name? Okay.
Yeah, I will be here the rest of the day.
Hey! Stop.
Get out of the way, get out of the way.
Oh, my gosh, you totally didn't have to do that.
Nonsense, are you kidding? It was my pleasure.
It's gonna be great.
Hey, how are you, Sam? Is there a celebration I should know about? Deeks just bought us two tickets to board the high-speed rail to financial freedom, thank you very much.
I'm afraid to ask.
Kensi and I will be attending the Timmy Robertson Train to Financial Freedom seminar this Friday.
Fiscal independence will soon be ours.
It's gonna be it's gonna awesome.
It's going to be insane.
Insanely boring.
Please help me get out of this.
You don't want to go? I would rather go back in the field with Granger.
Then why are you going? Because I needed a partner for a last-minute sniper class, and Deeks did me a solid.
I don't get it.
He's so excited about this seminar.
Then why don't you just tell him? Because I would rather go to the seminar than listen to him go on about how I bailed on him.
Who's ready for it? Who is ready to be the master of their financial destiny? I want to see a show of hands.
Ha, all right.
In fact, I am so excited that I am going to go to the ladies' room.
That's excited.
She's real excited.
Kill me.
Wait, you don't want to go? I would rather take another bullet than go to one of these things.
Then why are you going? Because I got it from a very reliable source she got her heart set on this.
And she took care of Monty last week so I owe her.
I want to pay her back before I, you know, owe her for ever.
This is going to be awesome.
Where's Callen? Oh, he had a overnight stakeout at Pendleton.
He's on his way.
All right.
Oh, man.
Sam Hanna.
Sam, it's Yusef.
Hey, Yusef, how are? I need your help When? Today Yusef, keep your phone on.
Okay But I'm gonna do my best to try to find him.
Everything all right? No.
He lines up, he appears focused.
He sets, plants and he's off.
He's done it, folks, breaking his previous record.
There's a record? There's always a record.
And the crowd goes wi Thank you, thank you.
Guys, sorry to interrupt the fun.
There's been an accident.
Hollywood, west of Cahuenga.
I need any and all surveillance.
Want me to, uh, whistle up the others? No, no.
This is personal.
I am terrified to even repeat what Hetty said she'd do to me if I ever helped you off the record again.
Eric, given I know the repercussions, in order for me to ask, it must be an emergency.
You only live once, right? Yeah, I think I already cashed that chip in.
It must be important to you.
You have no idea.
Who's important? We got something going down? Uh, yeah, we just got a call on the hotline.
It's a high-value asset, so we're Nell.
It's okay.
It's a personal matter.
My personal matter.
Well, I'm pretty sure Hetty has a policy against conducting personal business on federal time.
Ask me how I know.
Can I have a word with you? During a mission in Afghanistan, I got separated from my squad.
I was wounded, hunted by the Taliban.
Then this village elder named Yusef Khan granted me what's called Lokhay.
The vow to safeguard an individual against his enemies and protect him at all costs.
He put his, his family's life and the safety of his village on the line.
For me.
If it wasn't for Yusef intervening, I wouldn't even be here today.
Something happened? His nephew was in an accident and he's missing.
I have to help him.
I understand.
But that's a job for local law enforcement.
No disrespect, sir, I'm doing this.
You do what you have to do.
Just not on the government's dime.
You win.
I have 219 hours of leave accrued.
Consider them taken.
Hey, is there anything we can do? Not on fed time.
Ten years ago I pulled some strings to get a friend and his nephew Amir into the U.
Amir had an accident and he's missing.
W-- are there any leads? No, Granger's giving me all kind of static about it being personal, so I'm gonna take some time off and work on it.
Not without my approval, you're not.
And I'm with the assistant director.
First your Challenger, now this.
The ops center is not your personal LoJack system.
Your repetitive disregard of policy is unsettling.
I'm sorry, Hetty, but I have a debt to repay.
You guys need to see this.
It's footage of the accident.
That's Amir.
Okay, who randomly hits a guy and then takes the body? A driver that wants to avoid charges.
Eric, this isn't a matter we're currently pursuing.
What if facial rec' gets a hit on a confirmed terrorist? The passenger in the car behind them.
That is Haakim "The Ambassador" Habib.
Ambassador of what-- ill will? Habib's followers recruit local Muslims in the U.
and introduce them to the Taliban way.
Do you remember that Chechen cell that we shut down? I do.
Okay, Habib was rumored to be behind it.
We've been after him for years.
As far as we know, Habib's never been in the United States.
So, why now? Probably something big.
Let's hope he's not shopping for a Cold War nuclear weapon.
Guess it's our case now.
Unless you have something more important.
Keep me posted.
Find the Ambassador and you'll find your friend's nephew.
When that's done, come find me.
I should've taken some leave time.
Okay, so why is Habib in the U.
? Given his desire to see American infidels fall, he's probably here to recruit a new cell personally.
Well, where does that leave Amir? I'll start with his uncle.
Yusef works at a Laundromat on Pico.
Eric, see if you can track Habib's car.
You two hit the crime scene and see what you can find.
We'll get him back.
Let's do it.
Want to get matching tapestries? Can I help you? Not unless you got a hot investment strategy.
I'm just kidding.
You seen this guy? Yeah, he's been coming in here for two weeks, test-driving the latest laptop.
And this morning he tried to rip me off.
Tried? Well, I chased him down.
The laptop anyway.
Some lunatic hit him with a car, threw him in the back, and took off.
It was crazy.
Did you get a license plate? No, sorry.
You got the laptop? Sure do.
I'm going to write it off on my insurance.
Actually, we're gonna need to confiscate that.
And your surveillance footage, too.
Do I have a choice? Rhymes with "no.
" Actually, it's just no.
Taking my break.
As-salaam alaikum.
Wa alaikum as-salaam.
Thank you for coming so quickly.
Of course.
We're gonna do everything we can to find Amir.
Does he have any history of trouble? Any sudden changes in his behavior? Amir is a fine young man.
He goes to school, studies.
He's not one for trouble.
He has such a huge heart.
You know this man? Get down! Eric, any news on the shooter? FBI database says he's Ali Durrani.
He's a member of the small-time radical group the National Jihadist Front.
It's a sect of the Haggani Network, allies with the Taliban.
That explains Habib's involvement.
I've identified three known associates with the group, including Ali's brother Salim Durrani.
I'm downloading it to your smartphone now.
Look, scour the Durrani brothers' e-prints and get Kaleidoscope on that van.
I'll have Kensi and Deeks check out Yusef and Amir's apartment.
Got it.
This is the work of the Taliban, isn't it? What makes you say that? Because I saved your life.
After you left our village, the Taliban came.
When they discovered you'd escaped, they killed my family.
I was able to get Amir to safety by fleeing to a refugee camp.
That's when we reached out to you.
Why have you never told me this? It was my decision to grant you Lokhay, and the burden of repercussions are mine alone.
You shouldn't have to carry that weight.
It was the right thing to do.
How do you think they found you? Immigrants are making their way into States everyday now.
It's not uncommon to see someone from a neighboring village at the local mosque.
I show up late one morning, and this is what happens? Why grab Amir if you know where Yusef lives? Why go to all that trouble? Doesn't make a lot of sense.
If they wanted Yusef, they could've grabbed him instead of Amir.
Hide him someplace off the grid.
Bad idea.
You'll get resistance from Hetty and Granger, and it won't be as easy to keep an eye on him.
I don't care.
I get you want to protect him.
But you're thinking with your heart, not your head.
You're right.
I am.
And if I move him, I can look out for him the same way he did for me.
You feel obligated.
G, he lost his entire family because of me.
This is the least I can do.
He lost his entire family over principle.
The best thing you can do is put him in the system.
That way we can keep an eye on him.
Someplace like the boatshed? Exactly.
We can post a guard, and that way we can keep working the case.
They won't give up.
They never do.
So why is Amir stealing a laptop when this one's still new? Maybe the one at the store had intel on it that he didn't want traced back to him.
Since when did you become so financially responsible? Oh, it's always been there.
You're just starting to see the diamond underneath the rugged exterior.
Why do I even bother? When are you gonna accept the fact that we don't know everything about each other? That's part of the fun of getting to know your partner.
If you say so.
Tell me something about you that I don't know.
Come on.
Spill it.
Well, before I joined NCIS, I actually considered becoming a bounty hunter.
I already knew that.
Give me something else.
What do you mean you already knew that? I mean that you I don't know.
You must've already told me on a stakeout or something.
Just give me something else.
No, no, no.
I never told anybody that.
Nobody knew that.
Unless You read my memoir?! What? Okay.
You're overreacting.
I wouldn't really call it a memoir; it's more of a diary.
Why did you do that? 'Cause it was sitting on your desk-- I-I thought it was evidence.
What? It didn't have a label.
I just started flipping through to see what case it was, and I couldn't stop.
It was like a really sad, handwritten novel.
How much did you read? Just a couple of pages.
Listen, you have surprisingly beautiful prose.
Well, hello, Clarice.
What? What's a good kid like Amir doing with a handgun? Protection? Maybe he read somebody's diary.
I'm gonna call it in.
You want to help me up real quick? To That's fine.
I can get up from here.
I'm good.
Just me and my broken phalange.
All right.
Have him get back to me.
Yusef's all set.
He should be comfortable.
Yeah, I spent three months up there one time without Hetty even knowing.
She knew.
It's a good thing you didn't push it to four months.
Kensi called.
Deeks found a gun under Amir's bed.
Why would he get a weapon? Protect himself? He might've known they were coming.
Wasn't protecting anyone under a bed.
Could've been uncomfortable carrying it around.
Maybe he wasn't concerned with his own safety.
Maybe he was protecting Yusef.
Whoa, Nell? Yes.
I don't know if this is good or bad, but check this out.
That's Ali Durrani dropping off Amir.
Three days before the abduction.
They knew each other.
Looks like Amir isn't the innocent kid Yusef thinks he is.
Come in.
Yusef, there's no easy way to say this.
We think Amir may be getting pulled into a radical group.
We have footage of Amir with one of the men who abducted him.
Their actions are friendly.
They knew each other, Yusef.
I've seen this before with another friend.
He's young, impressionable.
Somebody got to him.
Not Amir.
We found a gun under his bed, Yusef.
That usually means you're either expecting trouble or you're already in it.
Amir is a fine young man.
He goes to school, he works hard.
He even has a girl.
Why haven't you mentioned that before? I'm ashamed to say, I don't care for her.
No offense, but she's too American.
Tries to get Amir to relinquish his heritage.
Amir listens to her more than me.
I'll need her address.
If Amir is in trouble, she's the reason.
Really? You can't still be upset with me.
Listen, you left it on your desk.
I just took that as a sign that you wanted me to read it.
What? I'm a detective.
I get paid to snoop.
You know what? Financial plan yourself.
That's why you wanted to go to the seminar? Because of what you read in my journal.
And I quote, "One of my major regrets "is I have not done any financial planning for me and my future family.
" How do you know that that's not fiction? Maybe I'm writing a book? You? A book? No.
You're not wri I don't mean that you can't write Okay, hold on! When are you going to accept we don't know everything about each other? Touché.
How can I make it right? I want to know something about you that nobody else knows.
That's a tall order.
I'm a pretty open book.
That is a terrible choice of words.
I'm thinking.
Just give me a second.
Better be true.
Damn, there goes that one.
Okay, you know what? Forget about it.
No, no, no, no.
Hold on a second.
Hold Just stop, stop, stop, stop.
All right, all right.
Fair enough, fair enough.
But this stays in the vault.
Just spill it.
During college, and one time twice half a dozen times in law school, I had to creatively finance my room and board situation via the arts.
Which arts? The provocative expressionistic format.
Exotic in nature.
Oh my God.
You, you were a stripper? I was an exotic dancer, and it was very liberating.
And slightly humiliating.
Best day ever.
Yep, get it out of your system.
Laugh it up.
Did you have a stage name? Really? Er, um Sorry, I'm just gonna Okay.
just gonna count these out.
That's a little condescending.
You know what, Apollo? Show me what you got.
I feel dirty.
Aah! Boom! That's what I'm talking about.
Drop it like it's hot.
Don't worry, we're gonna do our best to find him.
Is there anything else you can remember? A few days ago Amir began acting strange.
He even showed up with bruises, like he'd been in a fight.
Did he have any issues with anyone? Not that I know of.
The only time I've ever seen him in an argument was with his uncle.
Sad to say, it was over me.
Why over you? 'Cause I'm a bad influence.
"Too American.
" Yusef holds him back.
Wants him to be something he's not.
And what's that? Him.
An elder statesman of a lost culture.
Thank you.
Let us know if anything else comes to mind.
Is he going to be okay? We hope so.
Thank you.
Kaleidoscope got a hit on the shooter's van at this location.
It's a mosque.
Makes sense.
And there it is.
Looks different without automatic gunfire pouring from it.
Let's sit on it.
See if we catch a fly.
Handsome bunch.
How you doing with all this? What do you mean? Well, it is possible that you're too close to this case.
Not close enough.
I should have kept a closer eye on them, since I'm the one who brought them here.
You can't keep an eye on everyone.
I can watch my friends.
That's what I'm talking about.
You just can't help getting involved in people's lives.
You did it with Moe, and now you're doing it with Yusef.
Why is it that every time I try to do the right thing, people get hurt, kidnapped die? You got a big heart, Sam.
Like a big giant teddy bear.
Do you want a hug? Heads up.
Isn't that the shooter's brother? Yeah.
Salim Durrani.
You thinking what I'm thinking? Yup.
He may be able to lead us to Amir.
So, Amir gets recruited, but then he falls out of favor with the same guys.
Why? Maybe they asked him to do something and he refused.
That'd explain the gun under his bed.
Here we go.
What do you have, Eric? Amir was sending e-mails from the store computer.
To Habib? I am not sure.
But they contained dates, times and locations.
One of the locations was the Laundromat where the drive-by took place.
So he set up his own uncle.
And then stole the laptop to cover his tracks.
What do you got, Nell? NSA cell phone intercepts.
Chatter is on the rise.
It's all coded.
The term "ambassador" is used multiple times, as well as the phrase "death to all infidels.
" These guys need some new material.
If Habib's involved, it's gonna be something on a large scale.
Salim's taking a midday hookah break.
Looks like I'm on.
Why you? You don't speak hookah.
We both know that.
Excuse me? Could you set me up? My shrink says I need to get out and explore new cultures.
Something has Salim riled up.
He may have made me.
Sounds like your hookah's a little rusty.
Headed to the restroom.
G, we got a runner.
Meet me around back.
Two guys, silver sedan.
Hang a right.
Buckle up.
Take notes.
There they go.
Where the hell are they? I'm warning you, G, don't scratch my car.
They got behind us.
Need a shot, G.
Coming up.
Three, two, one.
Put your hands where I can see them! Turn around.
Turn around! Face down on the ground.
Get down.
Get down.
Put your hands behind your back.
Driver's dead.
You good? Yeah.
You're gonna pay for my car window.
It's my baby.
Looks like they're getting ready to go to war.
You get anything? Useless.
We got to find Amir.
Or stop him.
We don't know which.
Either way he's in the middle of something bad.
Fancy driving.
You'll be glad to know the Challenger's being repaired.
That was fast.
Thank you, Hetty.
Oh, don't.
This is coming out of your paycheck.
Callen, a word, please.
We split it 50-50? How about all to nothing? Uh got some mad driving skills here.
What? Something I said? Wasn't me.
Wha You let Callen drive the Challenger? It was an emergency.
Anything on Nicole Benet? Typical college kid.
Seems to genuinely be in love with Amir.
Really? You let Callen drive your car? Let's get Nicole and Yusef in the same room.
Maybe they know something collectively and they don't realize it.
Clearly they're not feeling each other.
Well, well, they have to get over it if they want to help Amir.
I'll meet you at the boatshed once you bring Nicole in.
If Habib is successful, I'm afraid this could become a breeding ground for homegrown terrorist cells.
We'll take care of Habib.
Now, why don't you tell me what you're really concerned about? Sam? More importantly, his judgment.
I worry that it could be clouded by his sense of obligation.
Me, too.
You will keep an eye on him? Don't I always? Yeah, thanks for nothing.
They won't refund me for the seminar.
What am I supposed to do with these tickets? I know what you can do with the tickets.
Okay, that's just mean.
One, two, three.
Federal agents! I got no shot.
All right, sweetheart, stay calm.
Come here You're okay, you're okay, you're okay.
It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be fine.
Eric, I need an ambulance at our current location.
GSW, female.
Not Kensi.
You got it? Got it.
Just breathe.
Breathe in.
Breathe with me.
Her pulse is weak but steady.
You got to see this.
That looks like Afghanistan.
That's the address of the Laundromat where they tried to kill Yusef.
The hit wasn't meant for Yusef.
They were going after Sam.
Wilson? Agent Wilson? Yusef, where's the guard? I'm sorry, Sam.
Amir called.
I told him where I was.
You okay? I will be soon.
I'm sorry.
Drop your weapon! I wouldn't do that.
So, now we will finish what should have been finished years ago-- kill the one that got away.
Sam's cell is either switched off or dead, and I got a GPS location on the Challenger.
It's parked right outside the boatshed.
I want eyes inside the boatshed now, Mr.
I'm on it.
This is not good.
All the cameras have been disconnected from the source.
Not all of 'em.
Get a crash team there now.
Nell, inform Callen and the others.
The boatshed has been breached.
We can't afford to let Habib escape.
To hell with Habib.
Save Sam.
How could you do this? If Sam dies, our family has died in vain.
I'm tired of carrying your burden, Uncle.
Our family died because of your decision to save this outsider.
Because of you.
I'm tired of running.
You can't trust them, Amir.
You have me.
Let 'em go.
I don't think you're in any position to be negotiating, my friend.
Besides, they deserve to suffer the same fate for helping you in the first place.
But you said that Silence! What kind of man turns on his own family? Hmm? You are a coward.
You betrayed your uncle and you betrayed Allah.
And your death will serve as a lesson for many.
As will your public execution.
Crash team is ten minutes out.
Sam doesn't have ten minutes.
Draw their attention to the east wall.
What are you gonna do? I'm coming in through the basement.
We have a basement? Lokhay Warkawal.
It's the way of your people.
It's older than the Holy Koran.
Yusef did nothing wrong.
He gave shelter and comfort to our enemy.
And now the message that we send is that there is nowhere on this earth that we will not go to punish those who do not obey Taliban law.
Are you serious?! It's never gonna happen again.
It should never have happened in the first place.
Who is that? What do you want me to say here? How many more times can I apologize? What? I'm saying It's a man and woman arguing.
And if they get too close, get rid of them.
Sorry is not enough.
In position.
Callen, I only have eyes on three of the four targets.
The fourth was last seen in the hall by Interrogation.
Kensi, Deeks, on my three two, one.
Get down.
Let's go.
Got you, buddy.
Come here We're safe, Amir.
Others will still come.
Amir, we can put you in witness protection.
And what about Nicole? What will you do for her? Nicole was shot when Habib's men tried to grab her.
To make sure you followed through.
She's in the hospital, but she's gonna be okay.
This is your fault.
Your fault! Amir.
Don't do this.
I'm sorry, Amir.
I'm so sorry, nephew.
I couldn't let him take your life, or everyone would have died in vain.
He's finally free.
"The taking of one innocent life is like taking the life of all Mankind.
" "And the saving of one life is like the saving of all Mankind.
" Know this, Sam.
I made the decisions I believed in my heart to be right.
Allah will forgive me.
Amir was the last of my family.
Not the last.
Thank you.
Some of the greatest men are shaped by the difficult decisions they had to make.
I know this is a tough time for you, Sam, and I've made a decision to still punish you for consistently disobeying my orders regarding federal resources.
Really, Hetty? Now? And here's your punishment.
One of the finest Scotch whiskeys ever made.
How much does this stuff cost? You'll find out next paycheck.

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