NCIS Los Angeles s04e17 Episode Script


Previously on Los Angeles Where's Quinn? Mr.
Sidorov wishes to see you.
What's the job? Name's Kirkin.
$1 million cash.
Sidorov says that he wants Kirkin dead.
Who would Kirkin use for a hit in the U.
? One man: Viktor Varlamov.
I'm being set up.
You did not recover the bombs? No, they're gone.
Now there's three nuclear weapons out there.
Sidorov will sell those bombs to anybody.
A nuclear bomb on the open market would go for millions.
You let him leave the country? Sidorov left on a diplomatic flight.
We're talking about nuclear weapons.
We're gonna get this bastard, right? Hell, yeah.
Your move.
How would you describe the way we settle disagreements? I apologize, even when it's not my fault.
Typical male/female dynamic.
Why? What's your greatest fear? Quicksand.
No, headhunters, actually.
Headhunters and being buried up to my neck in an ant hill, which headhunters do.
So, basically, anything in a Tarzan movie? Pretty much.
Do you have reoccurring nightmares? Just the one with Hetty and the burning monkey.
What? What? I thought everybody had that.
I know Eric does.
That's awkward.
What other job would you be doing if you couldn't be in law enforcement? Gigolo.
Seriously? Schoolteacher.
Really? Who lives a double life as a gigolo.
Why are you asking me all these questions? It's just a partner survey.
I didn't get one.
Well Hey, give it back.
Hold on, hold on.
How would you describe the way you smell? What the? This isn't from Hetty, this is from a bridal magazine.
No, no, this isn't for partner-partners.
Okay, just give it back.
I'll Forget about it.
No, no, no Hold on a second.
What? Why are you reading bridal magazines? It was in the Laundromat.
So, you stole it? Just It's from 2007.
Oh, my God Your biological clock.
Shut it.
Don't say another word.
That's so funny, 'cause I always thought that ticking was a bomb, but it turns out it's you wanting to make a baby.
Stop it.
You want to make it with me? We can make some ninja assassins Hi.
Viktor Varlamov was murdered on the beach this morning.
Tick-tock Oh, uh, don't forget to fill out your partner survey.
We pulled this from a Venice chess park.
It's the only camera and the only angle.
You think this is related to Isaak Sidorov? Sidorov thinks a rival Mob boss, Anatoli Kirkin, hired Varlamov to assassinate him.
It's one of the reasons Sidorov fled the country.
Well, maybe he's back.
Sidorov has three stolen nukes.
Maybe getting rid of Kirkin and Varlamov is step one.
The killer made sure not to show his face.
It's as if he knew where the camera was.
Why didn't he choose a bench that wasn't on camera? Proof of the hit.
He staged it so someone could watch from a remote location.
Find out who was watching this feed at the time, send us everything you have on Varlamov.
Why don't you see if the killer left any clues.
Uh, where are you going? Talk to one of Varlamov's poker buddies.
I believe that falls under adding insult to injury.
What do you think this falls under? Maybe he flipped off the wrong guy.
The Cyrillic letters are the English equivalent to S-L-O-N.
What do you think "Slon" means? Well, maybe it's the name of the guy that killed him.
I guess it could be Russian.
Or they could both be parts of the same puzzle you know, Slon and a missing finger.
Fingerstein das ist, das ist ein Fingerslon.
I'm so alone.
Das ist ein Does this mean we're not looking for a German Nail Spa? Kensi? Huh, liebchen? The word "Slon," in Russian, is carved on his forehead and he's missing his little finger.
We're sending you a photo right now.
All right, Kens, thanks.
So, whoever killed Varlamov, he cut off one of his fingers and scratched that into his forehead.
What's it mean? Slon.
It's Russian for elephant.
So who's the elephant? "Bay-bar"? What? The elephant, from the kids' book.
You mean Babar.
You pronounce it Babar.
I don't think so.
I have a little girl.
She watches those Babar movies repeatedly.
It's Babar.
Maybe he changed his name when he came to Hollywood.
It's Babar, trust me.
Yeah, he looks dead.
Whoever killed him used an ice pick.
Brutal but effective.
This government issue? What happened to you eating healthy, huh? You two still together.
That's nice.
You've lasted longer than any of my marriages.
What is secret? We don't go to bed angry.
I let him drive.
You know who killed this guy? Why would I know? Because I'm Russian? We all look the same to you? You think I know everything every Russian is doing in this state? Just the criminals.
That hurts.
Who killed Varlamov? I don't know.
But you have an idea.
Would his name be Slon, by any chance? I don't think so.
So who's the elephant? Babar.
He's Russian.
In this case, "Slon" does not mean elephant.
It's acronym.
It stands for "Suki Lyubat Ostry Nozh.
" "Bitches love a sharp knife.
" It's old Russian prison code.
Is it prison code to chop a guy's finger off? Depends what is on that finger.
Like a ring? More like a tattoo.
Valmorov was a Vor, a thief.
He had thief's tattoo on his middle finger to show he is part of Vory brotherhood.
So, whoever killed him chopped off his finger to show he was no longer in the club? Something like that, yeah.
Who do you know that would do something like this? Someone who works for someone who wants him dead.
Someone who spent time in Russian prison and is fond of ice picks.
Someone like Dmitri Greshnev.
Greshnev left the country with his boss Sidorov.
Maybe, maybe not.
Either way, I'd definitely say he's back now.
If Sidorov and Greshnev are back, they must have a buyer for the stolen nukes.
If they're back, they're coming for my wife.
Michelle, where are you? We have unexpected guests from out of town.
You need to call me right now.
Sam! Last time you couldn't reach her was because of a Christmas play.
Christmas is over.
Sam! Hey! I'd still like to see another one.
What do you suppose was in that letter? "Don't look behind you"? It was probably just a plant to lure him there and distract him.
Well, whoever planted the letter must have called Varlamov to tell him to look for it.
Hey, guys.
Yeah, Nell, we need you Varlamov's phone records.
Will do.
But we just got a call from Callen.
He thinks Sidorov and his man Greshnev may be back in the country.
Well, it makes sense, if they killed Varlamov.
Also means that Kirkin might be next.
If Sidorov is back, he's probably trying to sell those stolen nukes.
Where are Sam and Callen? On their way to Sam's house.
They can't reach his wife Michelle.
All right, tell them we'll go there and meet them.
I'm afraid the two of you are needed elsewhere.
Our old friend, Officer Snyder, from the CIA, is on his way to the boatshed.
Assistant Director Granger wants us to partner up with him.
What? Why? Because if this does involve Sidorov and the missing nukes, then it's bigger than both our agencies.
When you say "partner," you mean just keep him in the loop, right? I think more like a double date.
What? Uh we're babysitting? Think of it as animal control.
I need you to keep Officer Snyder busy until Callen and Sam can get a handle on this.
Do not let him out of your sight.
What are you doing? What the hell are you doing? I was calling you.
I had the vacuum on.
And I could have killed you.
You were wearing headphones.
You're lucky I didn't crack your skull open.
So, I take it, we're all good in here? Yeah.
Miss Former CIA was wearing headphones while she was vacuuming.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? I'm surprised you even know we have a vacuum, because you sure as hell never use it.
Excuse me? You heard me.
Now, what are you two doing, sneaking up in here like the damn Hardy Boys? I'm just gonna run outside and make a quick phone call, all right? No, no, no.
Wait, G.
Come on, G! You want to tell me what's going on? I was very specific with Hetty when I told her I needed to see Hanna.
He's on assignment.
What about his wife? Michelle? Does he have more than one? I don't know.
Does he? I don't think so.
You two really think you can stall and keep me here all day? I don't know.
Can we? How are we doing so far? We're just trying to help you, Agent Snyder.
Officer Snyder, and you two can't help me.
Actually, you could probably help me.
You don't even look like you could help yourself.
Was I just insulted? Sounded pretty insulting to me.
Definitely condescending.
Almost disdainful.
Borderline supercilious.
Well, I am super silly, so I guess you got me there.
Point to Poindexter.
High five.
See you later.
You're interfering with a federal investigation.
But we are federal investigators.
Wait a minute.
Now I'm confused.
Who's on first? Keep it up, but even that garden gnome you call a boss won't be able to save your asses if you screw the pooch on this one.
Garden gnomes screwing of pooches What world do you live in? Hey, want to see me dislocate my wrist? Hey.
I sent Varlamov's phone records to your tablet.
How would you describe the way we settle disagreements? What disagreements? Exactly.
What is your greatest fear? Ooh.
The day the robots turn on us.
Artificial intelligence run amok.
Nothing scarier.
All right.
I already know your Hetty nightmare, so Hmm.
What other job would you be doing if you couldn't be in law enforcement? Is this a test? It is a partner survey.
Are we getting graded on it? I don't know.
Professional Renfair performer.
Oh my lady dost knowest me well.
Um, how would you describe the way I smell? Yeah.
That's weird.
Little bit.
We're gonna skip that one.
What part of my body do you? Okay.
What? This is a partner partner survey which we have no business filling out.
Okay, I'll just keep Hey, Callen.
So, no sign of Greshnev or his boss, Sidorov, entering the country.
And Eric's still weeding through IP addresses logged onto the chess cam.
We did, however, get access to Varlamov's recent phone records.
Anything stand out? One new number popped up two days ago; looks like a burn phone.
I'm still trying to find out where it was purchased.
Let me know when you do.
How's everything with Sam's wife? Just a little domestic misunderstanding.
I'll touch base when we have a plan.
Thanks for having my back in there, partner.
I will take a bullet for you, but wives are a whole other thing.
I'll remember that.
I don't have a wife, so You should stop talking.
So, I'm not speaking from experience.
So you should really stop talking.
But you won't.
Greshnev doesn't know where you live.
He knows you as David Forman, he knows Michelle as Quinn.
He did.
What if Greshnev didn't just get here? What if he never left? We assume he split the country with Sidorov, but maybe he stayed behind to make sure Michelle killed Kirkin.
If he's been here the whole time, he could have made her by now.
It's possible, but But what? If he was here, he had a whole four months to watch Michelle.
She's careful.
She's a pro.
We all make mistakes.
If Greshnev's been here all this time, why did he wait till now to kill Varlamov? He could have whacked him a long time ago, right? We arrested that guy for murder.
Oh, hell, no! Sam, no! Oh! Sam! Sam! Stop! He's one of us! Who the hell are you? Officer Sabatino.
We used to work together.
He's with the Agency.
You're CIA? Just out of curiosity: What if I wanted to join the CIA? Oh, you'd be a good spy.
He's very sneaky.
I prefer stealthy.
Okay, he's very stealthy.
Also, I'm a master of disguise.
Oh, you should see his Margaret Thatcher impersonation.
Huh? Margaret Thatcher on a cold day? Who's gonna see that coming? Not me.
It's Maggie.
And then, bam! Bam! Except for that sounded a little bit like the queen.
What? Hello.
Have you seen my corgis? They've run amok.
You're both quite comical.
But you know what's really amusing? You two think, by stalling me, that you're keeping me here, when, in reality, I'm keeping the two of you here.
What? You see that? He did the double reverse on us.
You're good.
He's good.
See, that's what I'm talking about.
Central Intelligence training.
Teach me that.
Oh, me, too.
And if we both join together, can we get a signing bonus? Or a a set of, uh, commemorative plates? What is he doing here? I found Snyder's name on his collar.
He works for you? Vostanik Sabatino.
Sorry I couldn't identify myself the last time our paths crossed.
You're a spook? He killed someone.
What was his name? Brent Bolton.
I didn't kill him.
I was working his wife Mia as an asset when her husband came at me with a gun.
He tripped, fell on some stairs, the gun went off, and Bolton shot himself.
End of story.
And now she's a widow, and he's dead.
And you want us to work with Mr.
Sympathy? I don't.
Granger does.
Hey, guys? A computer at an LA public library logged onto the chess park cam ten minutes before Varlamov showed up.
Whoever it was logged off right after he was killed.
I'm guessing it's not a coincidence.
Nice work.
We'll check it out.
Where is Sam? He's going back undercover as David Forman, as his wife Michelle goes under as Quinn.
Has Sidorov tried to contact her? Not yet, but if Greshnev's back, Sidorov won't be far behind, which means it's only a matter of time.
And when he does, we need to be there.
And preferably, without Sonny and Cher here? Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
I got you, babe.
You know I was doing this before you were.
And you've been out of it for a while.
And when we decided to have a family, we agreed What, that I'd give up my life? You knew I'd go back to work eventually.
Not for Isaak Sidorov.
Why? Why do you think? Because it's too dangerous? Are you kid? What do you think I go through every day you go out that door? I know.
I know.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I can't help it.
And if it's not Sidorov, it's going to be someone else just like him, or worse.
This is what I do, Sam.
It's what we do for our country, for our daughter, for each other.
I'm glad we're doing it together.
Hell, most couples are lucky if they get a date night once a week.
I like date night.
What's wrong with date night? At least no one's trying to kill us on date night.
Well, no one recovered stolen nukes on date night, either.
Come on.
Let's go get some bad guys.
There is one up side to all of this.
What's that? We're on our own for a few days.
We got work to do.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I was in prison, remember? Mm.
Perhaps you should go back.
When did you get back? Who said I left? Where's Sidorov? Where have you been? We were taking care of something in San Diego.
Why is he talking? He's with me.
Why am I talking? You're in my crib.
I'm guessing he's the reason Kirkin is still alive.
I haven't had the opportunity.
Kirkin's paranoid, he's got more security than ever.
He seldom goes out now.
You have 24 hours to kill Kirkin.
You tell Sidorov he can take his money and find someone else.
He hired you.
You have contract.
Not to honor it would be an insult and a mistake.
Yep? Eric, Greshnev just left the cover house.
Keep him in your sights.
Will do.
Where are you going? To follow him.
What if he makes you? He won't.
But if he does, so what? He'll just think I'm the jealous boyfriend.
He'd be half right.
I copied the hard drive, but I doubt we'll find anything good.
The librarian said she'd burn us a copy of the surveillance tapes from this morning.
Should only take a few minutes.
Oh, great.
Cop or soldier? Excuse me? Your father.
Was he, uh, law enforcement or military? Why? Ah, well, it's just that you, um you carry yourself with a real confidence and authority.
Are you hitting on me? No.
Well, maybe a little.
Don't worry, I'm harmless.
In this business? With our lives? Hell, I can't even keep a plant alive, let alone a relationship.
Plus, I, uh I wouldn't want to step into the middle of something.
Something? Yeah.
Between you and your partner.
Between me and my There is nothing going on between me and, um Deeks? Yeah.
No, no, no, no, no, we are not a good match.
We wouldn't we we're barely good partners.
That's good.
For him.
Both of you, really.
Does CIA have mind-control machines? I wish.
Who shot JFK? Lee Harvey Oswald.
Who else? You don't even know, do you? Are there aliens in Area 51? No.
What? You're smiling.
That's a tell.
That means there's aliens in Area 51.
I knew it.
I'm smiling out of the irony that while I'm sitting here, stuck, listening to your incessant babble Why, thank you.
my partner is up there hitting on your smoking hot partner.
Yeah, well, doesn't really matter, he can hit on her all he wants.
The fact of the matter is that she is a stone cold fox.
Emphasis on "stone cold.
" Ah.
Well, just be happy that she's your partner and not your girlfriend.
If you were my partner, I'd end up falling for you.
Then what would I do? Good partners are hard to find.
I need someone I can trust to have my back.
I wouldn't want to lose that.
On the other hand, you'd also be the person I cared about more than anyone else in the world.
And I'd never want to see you in jeopardy.
So you couldn't possibly be my partner.
It's a dilemma.
Right, um Well, I think I think it's stupid, personally Ooh.
Excuse me.
What? Uh Sam is following Greshnev, and Eric is going to talk us in, so I thought I should You had to come in here to tell me that? You couldn't just text me? Yeah, no, I definitely I could have texted you, it just seemed kind of impersonal.
I though maybe we should ride together, since we know the streets.
All the more reason for you to ride with Snyder.
We will follow you.
Yeah, all right.
Like the tie.
Case in point.
You still on him, Eric? Yup.
He's about a block and a half east of you.
He's actually a very courteous and cautious driver, for a bad guy.
Are you kidding me? Eric, stick with Greshnev.
I'm being pulled over.
I'm on it.
Out of the car! Now! What? Let's go! Hands where I can see them! Hands on your head.
Got a gun.
Got another gun.
Got concealed carry permits for both of those.
You got one for this too? David Forman? Yeah? Your lawyer's here.
It's about time he showed up.
Hello, Sam.
What are you doing here? I should ask you the same question.
The police found Varlamov's murder weapon and his severed finger in your car.
Yeah, Greshnev had me framed to get me out of the way.
Looks like he's done an admirable job.
Damn lucky he didn't kill you.
He wouldn't risk Quinn refusing to kill Kirkin, or being too distraught for the job.
Having me arrested gets me out of the way.
Quinn's used to me being in jail.
Where's Callen? I couldn't ask him to come.
Why not? I didn't want to damage your partnership with any ill feelings.
Why would I have ill feelings? Because I'm not bailing you out.
What? We can't risk tipping off Sidorov.
Hetty I'm sorry, Sam.
You're safer in here.
I need to be with Michelle.
You have my word that we will do everything we can to protect her.
Hetty Open the gate.
come back here.
Come back! You what?! It was in everyone's best interest.
Clearly not Sam's.
What if something happens to Michelle? See that it doesn't.
If this is part of one of your master plans, now would be a really good time to let me in on it.
No, I don't have a plan.
You have no plan.
But I have every confidence that you and your team will come up with one.
Sam is part of that team.
Not today.
Adjust and adapt, Mr.
After all, that is the key to our survival.
Well, we're obviously missing something.
What does Sidorov want? He wants Quinn to kill his rival, Kirkin, so he can come back and sell the nukes that he stole.
That's it.
I mean, the broad strokes, yeah, that's it.
No, that's how we get Sidorov and Greshnev.
Okay, this is gonna be hard to believe, but I'm not exactly following the Kensi logic train.
Apparently, it doesn't make stops in my neighborhood.
We have a plan.
We do? Well, let's hear it.
We kill Kirkin.
That's out of the box.
But we don't really kill him.
We make Sidorov and Greshnev believe Quinn did.
They'll come out of hiding to pay her off, and when they do, we track them back to the stolen nukes.
And what makes you think that Kirkin's gonna cooperate with us? I mean, the guy is a career criminal.
But he's also a businessman, and Sidorov is a rival, which we eliminate by arresting him.
That's good.
It could work.
I'll run it by Callen.
Problem is that Sidorov only gave Quinn 24 hours to make the hit, which means it's got to go down today.
What do we know about getting to Kirkin? He travels with a lot of protection, but he's also got a bad back from a bullet he took a few years ago.
Does a good chunk of the day's business at a spa that's a favorite with Russian Mob types.
I've taken a bullet, why can't I work from a spa? He also likes blondes.
All right.
I will wear a wig, but I will not dye my hair for this man.
Wouldn't help.
You're not his type.
What's his type? No Really? Come on.
So? Snyder's covering the back.
Deeks, you hear me? Wow.
Deeks, say something.
Are you there? Deeks? Uh yeah, I can hear you.
What are you wearing? That's not funny.
It's like a gulag water park in here.
Oh please, how many times have I had to go undercover with a low-cut blouse and a high-cut skirt? Both of which are more than I'm wearing right now.
How you doing? Good to see you.
Oh, really? Hi that's no.
Again, not funny.
I'm serious.
I'm pretty sure a naked Viggo Mortensen's going to jump out any second and start pummeling me.
Any sign of Kirkin? Yeah, he's, uh, surrounded by a ton of tattooed meat.
Excuse me? That was a poor choice of words.
All right, this is happening.
Aah! Oh, that's hot! You better be talking about the water and not the scenery.
How you doing? Like your tattoos.
I mean, I don't I don't mean, like, I like like your tattoos, I just mean that I appreciate their artistic merit, because I, myself, was thinking about getting a tattoo, you know like a like a unicorn, except for, like, a really bad-ass unicorn that's like breathing fire and he's got nunchuks and stuff.
I just thought that would be a good idea.
Okay, I'm just gonna go wow.
So, invitation only? Yeah? I just I have a proposition for your boss.
Not much of a talker, are you? That's probably why Communism failed.
Yo, uh Mr.
Kirkin? How are you? Hey.
Oh, he said it's okay.
I'm gonna go around.
Whoa, back it up there, comrade, the last thing you want is any accidental underwater contact, so just give me, like Maybe more.
All right, all right, all right.
Who are you? Detective Marty Deeks, LAPD, but I'm currently working for NCIS.
You're a little out of your neighborhood, right? Not to mention my comfort zone.
What do you want? Well, this is gonna sound funny, but we actually want to kill you.
Just let me explain Deeks? Deeks, can you hear me? Marco? Deeks? Deeks? I'm not waiting any longer.
Tell center I'm going in.
What the hell happened in there.
Kirkin didn't do it.
Good job.
Thank you.
I was trying to call you.
Are you okay? You know I just feel really dirty.
I think maybe, I just need a hug.
A little snuggle session.
What ya Aw.
You're like a wet dog.
Cause I had to change really quickly.
Don't have time to dry for my own safety.
I'll tell Callen to prep Michelle.
Is anybody else itchy? I loaded it myself.
Any questions? Where's Sam? In a safe place.
Yo, I want my phone call, man.
This is forcible confinement.
You already saw your lawyer.
That wasn't my lawyer, man.
I get to speak to an attorney.
You violate my Sixth Amendment rights, they throw my arrest out quicker than you can beat an innocent suspect.
Put your hands out.
Thanks, man.
All right, let's go.
You got one call.
Make it quick.
Can I, uh, get you anything else, sir? Mm.
Wow! Sorry that I asked.
Did Kirkin just wink at you? Yeah, that's his way of letting me know that he's ready.
Can I get you a drink? Vodka soda, please.
Where's your restroom? All the way down on the right.
Eric, I'm sending you eyewitness footage right now.
Make sure it gets onto the local news outlets and onto the Internet.
Tell Callen Sabatino and Snyder are in position and we're a go.
On it.
LAPD just released a BOLO for David Forman.
Sam assaulted a police officer and escaped lockup.
Good Lord.
I see you haven't lost your touch.
Where's my money? On the plane.
What plane? I have a charter leaving in 30 minutes.
I'm not going anywhere.
You shot and killed a Russian Mob boss in broad daylight.
It might be best for you to get out of town for a while.
Greshnev's clocking you.
Your boyfriend's heading back to prison.
There's no reason to stay.
How'd you know David got arrested? I think you've been made.
Take him.
Take him.
You set this up.
What are you talking about? We need to get out of here now.
You're not going anywhere.
He's dead.
How the hell did you find us? Michelle's phone.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Yes, sir.
No, sir.
I will, uh, pass on your condolences.
Was that Granger? Yeah.
Did Snyder have a family? Uh, divorced.
No kids.
Goes with the territory, I guess.
Any, uh, sign of Sidorov? Nothing yet, but we'll find him.
Losing Greshnev is gonna hurt, and he's still got three stolen nukes he's got to sell.
Let's hope we find him before he finds a buyer.
We have every law enforcement agency in the state looking for him, so Yeah.
All right.
Well, I I better get going.
I'm being called back to Washington to head up a new task force with the sole purpose of hunting down Sidorov and the missing nukes.
Hopefully we can grab a celebratory drink when this is over.
Sounds great.
Promise me you'll never do that.
What's that? Get yourself killed.
Well, the good news for you is I have a natural aversion to death, so I'm not kidding.
But if I am killed in the line of duty, you do me a favor? Yeah.
Cryogenically freeze me and put me in your living room? What on earth would I do with your dead frozen body in my living room? You're right.
I guess the bedroom's much more intimate.
What? I'm gonna be in suspended animation you wouldn't have to feed me.
It's way better than an aquarium.
Good night.
You smell like sunshine! And gunpowder.
Two of my favorite things.
If he's smart, Sidorov will try and get back out of the country.
Greed trumps common sense every time.
If he has a buyer for those nukes, he's not going anywhere.
Well, he may have just made this easier for us.
Really? Again? Am I grounded? Don't you dare take this lightly, Sam Hanna.
You didn't trust me.
You didn't trust me either.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have left me locked up.
It was for your own safety.
I wasn't worried about my safety.
But I was.
I was trying to protect my wife.
And I was trying to protect all of us.
Now I have to try and explain how Sidorov escaped and why our only other lead is dead.
What do you want me to say, Hetty? I'm sorry? I don't want you to say anything, Sam.
I want you to go home.
Spend some time with your family while you can.
This is far from over.

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