NCIS Los Angeles s05e01 Episode Script


What are we gonna sell this year? A nuclear bomb.
He took it off one joint at a time.
Tracking device.
Can't be removed.
The deal will be done.
Very good.
I have a daughter, She lives in Paris.
Bring me one of the Russian women alive.
Sidorov is going to kill your beloved partner.
Is Quinn agent? No.
Michelle! Kensi! Michelle! Hang on.
Go! Go! Hetty, I need an ambulance now.
LA 5x01 Original air date on September 24, 2013 28-year-old female, high-speed motorcycle crash victim.
Helmeted, no L.
, multiple contusions along neck and spine.
Maya Yerzov, former Russian special forces.
We know everything about you.
Not now.
BP 118/76, pulse 94, in full spinal immobilization for mechanism.
You're about to spend the rest of your life in a federal prison unless you give us Sidorov's location.
Back off! Does it meet trauma-center criteria? Any neurologic deficits? Checking.
Maya, we're gonna use this to test your foot, so you tell me if this feels sharp, okay? Okay.
You feel that? No.
Okay, let's try the other side.
What about that? Anything? No.
Am I paralyzed? We just have to get you to the hospital quickly.
Radio in.
We need a neurosurgeon to meet us, and have them hold an O.
No, no.
Tell the driver to pull over.
What are you doing? Tell him to pull over now.
Michael, pull over for a second.
Copy that.
What's up? Just pull over.
If she doesn't get treatment immediately, she will be paralyzed.
There are two federal agents' lives on the line.
You tell me what Sidorov's location is immediately.
Oh, my God.
u want to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair? Is that what you want? Nyet.
Then tell me where he is! It's an auto body shop.
East 14th and Elwood.
Eric, you got that? Checking.
There is an body shop at that location.
Sidorov's Mercedes is parked in back.
The good news is, you're gonna be just fine.
Ow! I felt that.
The bad news is this little piggie's going to prison.
- Mr.
- Yes? We found Sidorov's location.
You're gonna finish this deal.
Or what? You're gonna punch me in the face again? I'm thinking about it.
If you send me out there, it would give me a chance to escape.
You'll be on a leash.
Many a mad dog has broken their leash, Agent Callen.
Good luck with that.
Call Sidorov, and then you call Vaziri, set up a meet.
And the game continues.
Oh, by the way, have you recovered Agent Hanna's body yet? Are you there, Agent Callen? I'm here.
Watching and listening.
It's a complicated relationship we have.
I consume you, and you consume me.
It's not complicated.
It's obsessive.
You might be right.
You know that tracking spray on your neck doesn't wash off.
Oh, yes.
My collar.
Collars are for animals.
Don't flatter yourself.
They're here.
Get close to them quickly.
- Kens.
- Yes? Go.
I got Sam.
Deeks? Deeks, no.
Deeks? Oh, no.
Deeks? Sam? Sam? Hey, it's me.
It's me.
You got to It's me.
You got to get me out of here.
Agent Hanna, look at me.
Come on, Sam.
You know who I am? Yeah.
Kensi, the kit.
You got to cut me loose.
We don't have much time, and I I can't.
What? What? What are you? What's happening? You have to stay here just a while longer, okay? I'm sorry.
Party's over.
They're leaving.
Isaak! You sent Barbies after me? I hate Barbies.
I used to pull their heads off when I was a kid.
How did you find me? A Barbie told me.
Right before I pulled her head off.
Why'd you do it, Isaak? Your boyfriend is a federal agent.
No, he isn't.
Sadly, he is.
Do you know this one? I saw this guy outside of a hotel once where we were staying.
I thought he was a cop.
Who is he? Your boyfriend's handler.
We don't know what agency.
I had to make sure I could trust you.
Who are you? Open your eyes and tell me who you are! You did the hit on Congressman Aquino.
I was assigned to go undercover.
Are you a federal agent? Are you a federal agent?! FBI.
All right, listen.
You let us walk out of here and you guys walk out of here.
Nobody even knows we're here.
You kill a federal agent, you're as good as dead.
Remember, Isaak, he said he loved me, too.
I understand.
Let's get out of here and make some money.
Come on! Let's go! All right, there's one over here and another in there.
Quickly! Come on! Paramedics are here.
We'll get you out of here, Sam.
You were electrocuted? It's okay, Sam.
Yeah, he's got multiple dental trauma.
A possible fractured mandible.
He's gonna need an oral surgeon.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on, hold on.
Sam, sit down.
Deeks! Did you give up Michelle? No.
Was Sidorov playing her just now? I didn't give her up.
I didn't give her up.
All right, Sam.
You need to let the paramedics do their job.
Thank you.
Still hypertensive after 500 cc's.
Let's get him on the sheet.
Line's clear.
Go ahead and spike another liter.
Are we ready? Lift on three.
One, two, three.
Three liters of saline.
Four migs of morphine.
Send a troponin to check for cardiac damage and a CK for rhabdo and kidney failure.
I'm Doctor Garcia.
I need to look inside your mouth.
Detective, I need you to open your mouth.
Can you hear me? You swallowed a lot of blood.
Please open your mouth.
I'm gonna need to sedate him.
Back off.
Give him a minute.
Deeks, you've got to listen to the doctor.
Come on, Agent Blye.
We've got work to do.
This the exchange site? Yeah.
Janvier's on the top level of the garage.
Sidorov and Vaziri are late.
They get spooked? I'm not sure.
There was a lot of talk at the meet I couldn't hear.
How are they? Not good.
It was pretty brutal.
Deeks won't even look at me.
My fault.
It was simply the cost of completing this mission.
Yeah, then the cost is too high.
Two nuclear weapons mean hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.
I know what the math is! I run it through my head every few minutes.
So do I.
Everybody's here.
The minute they mention the location of the bombs, we move in and this ends.
Professionally, they're all armed and dangerous.
Proceed with extreme caution.
Personally, I don't need any of them to spend another day on this earth.
Here we go.
Get ready to move.
I'm going to check the gold.
It's all there.
We count it just the same.
We aren't gonna cheat you.
It's a small price to pay to make Iran a nuclear power.
And for you, my friend, $2 million in Dutch bearer bonds.
They're untraceable, like cash.
Come on, tell us where the bombs are.
It's all here.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Too bad it won't buy you a hand.
I'll see you in hell.
Maybe sooner.
We have a deal.
When this is done, you leave me alone.
I never go back on my word.
Yes? How do they look? Everything is checked.
It's on its way.
The merchandise was checked and is being taken to the ship.
Bombs are already being delivered to a ship? We can't bust them till we know where they are.
We have to stay with them.
I'll take Vaziri.
I'll take Michelle and Sidorov.
Eric, Nell, find that ship fast! Okay, to avoid sanctions, Iran sails ships under flags of Zanzibar, Moldova See if there were any large trucks near the auto body shop that match Any of the local ports.
Callen, Janvier is not moving towards you.
He went into the mall.
What? You still have his Overwatch signature? Yeah.
The mall has skylights.
I'm tracking him.
Uh, he's moving to the north end.
He's gone down the escalator.
He's on the first level.
All right, he's leaving the main area.
It looks like a like a maintenance area.
Uh, I lost his Overwatch signature, but I still have the button cam on his jacket.
Which way, Eric? Go to your left.
You should see a door to maintenance.
It leads to a hallway behind the stores that runs the length of the mall.
Oh, no.
Callen, Janvier just killed somebody.
He stole his I.
and a phone.
He can't get away.
What's he trying to do? We've lost visual contact.
Still no Overwatch? Eric, talk to me.
I All right, I got him.
He's moving back into the mall.
Okay, I'll try to locate him on the security cameras.
Callen, he's dressed as a maintenance worker.
Overalls and a cap.
Just past the food court.
On my way.
Lost visual.
Overwatch says he's just north, heading toward the end of the wing.
He's running.
No, he's not.
He's on a cart.
He's headed for the north exit.
Got him.
Hey! It's not him! Overwatch signature says he's right in front of you.
He cut off his Overwatch spray.
He cut the skin off his own body? And now he's untraceable.
Where's Michelle? She's with Sidorov.
Why didn't you pull her out? We believe the nuclear devices are onboard a ship possibly bound for Iran.
But you don't know which one? No.
She's staying in to see if Sidorov knows anything about the ship.
Where are they? Agent Hanna, you were severely injured.
I'm ordering you to remain in the hospital.
Yeah, Hetty.
Status? Sidorov, Andros and Michelle are in the Camford Hotel.
Agent Hanna will be calling you.
Do not give him your location.
It's for his own good.
Anything on the ship? The Port of Los Angeles is the busiest in the country.
Eight million containers move through there a year.
Not to mention the Port of Long Beach.
Granger with Vaziri? Yes.
You want to bring Vaziri in, question him? No, he has diplomatic immunity.
We wouldn't be able to keep him very long.
And he'll never admit to buying the weapons.
Let alone give us the name of the ship.
What's the last location we have on Janvier? Uh, he left the mall on foot, but we lost him after that.
We have a BOLO out and facial recognition running at the borders and international airports.
We need to stay focused on the bombs.
Janvier is obsessed with you.
It might be wise not to be obsessed with him.
I have to be.
Janvier's a threat.
He lives for revenge.
He'll come after me.
Or any agent I'm connected to.
I owe you for the rest of my life for what you did for me.
I just wanted you to know.
I think I'm, uh I think I'm done being a cop.
That would be a huge mistake.
You're a great cop.
You're gonna make a great agent.
Uh I never thought I'd hear that coming from you.
Yeah, that was my mistake.
I won't make it again.
Tronquoy de Lalande.
I've waited years to open this.
Now Now you're done waiting.
Very much.
I need a minute.
Just one minute.
I'll be back.
Who's this? Hello? I got a call coming from the Camford Hotel.
That's where Michelle and Kensi are.
It's a text.
That's got to be from Michelle.
Eric, get everything you can off that phone.
Just give me a minute.
I don't like being teased, Quinn.
You don't want me breaking down the door.
Just a sec.
You are supposed to be in a hospital.
Do you know what room they're in? Michelle got Sidorov's phone.
Eric's downloading it now.
I asked you do you know what room she's in? No.
You better promise me Hetty will never know that you were here.
Something tells me that's gonna be impossible.
I just got a hit for a plane ticket purchased for an Adeline Janvier.
Janvier's daughter.
The ticket is from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.
Flight landed ten minutes ago.
Las Vegas? I thought Janvier's daughter was in Paris.
She was.
I got everything off Sidorov's phone.
I'm waiting, Quinn.
You bit me.
Did it hurt? Yes.
That's only the beginning.
Where is my phone, Quinn? But then I guess Quinn isn't your real name.
Andros! I found an address of the port.
Big screen.
That's got to be the dock where the bombs are.
Or were.
I want Michelle out now.
It could be one of a half a dozen ships.
I don't give a damn.
We'll find it.
Have Homeland Security lock down the dock, and alert the NEST team.
Hanna? Yes, Hetty.
How did she know you were here? That's a discussion for another day.
Get Michelle out now.
With pleasure.
Federal agent.
We need to know what room he's in, and we need a key fast.
I checked him in.
Room 1504.
Thank you.
Federal agents! They're gone.
Eric, what are you seeing? They've disabled the camera outside the room, and they're not on any of the other hotel cameras.
I'm looking at the lobby, the garage What about traffic cameras surrounding the hotel? Searching.
Sidorov found a way out.
Find it.
This is the woman from Las Vegas flying under the name Adeline Janvier.
And this is actually Adeline Janvier.
It's not the same woman.
Then why is she flying under Janvier's daughter's name.
It's almost like he wants us to find her.
Bait, perhaps? Okay, I found the woman from Las Vegas getting in a cab at LAX a half hour ago.
Find out who she is and where she went.
That's what Janvier would want us to do.
Sam, I just got a hit for a private plane chartered out of LAX, booked under one of Sidorov's companies.
Takes off in 15 minutes.
Alert Homeland Security at LAX.
That plane does not take off! Hold on.
I got another hit for a private jet out of the Ontario airport.
And another one from Burbank.
Another one for John Wayne.
What is he doing? Hedging his bets? All right, well, we stop one, he's not gonna be able to get to the other one.
There's one more for San Diego.
That's two hours away.
Where do you want to go? I I don't know, but, Eric, none of those flights take off.
Just tracked Vaziri to an apartment in Hollywood.
We any closer on the ship with the bombs? We believe we found the dock, and the NEST team has been dispatched to the Port of Los Angeles.
As soon as you find the bombs, I'll take him in.
Okay, the woman from Las Vegas traveling under Janvier's daughter's name is Kayla Bishop.
She's an exotic dancer with convictions for fraud, theft and prostitution.
Janvier likes to hire small-time crooks that want to make some quick cash.
The question is: why? The charter company just texted the pilot to expect the passengers in less than an hour.
Where? LAX? No.
San Diego.
But that doesn't make any sense.
He can't get down there that fast.
Sidorov never left the hotel.
What are you talking about? Eric, check the roof of the Camford Hotel for a helipad.
It's got one.
And there's a bunch of suitcases.
It's the gold.
They got to be there somewhere.
There's a helicopter inbound.
The chopper's two minutes out.
Sam, we got them.
They're on the helipad.
Federal agents! Drop your weapons! Eric, get that chopper out of here.
Lower your weapons! Where you gonna go? It's over.
Looks like you lost your ride.
Lower your guns and get away from the door! Not happening.
Yes, it is.
You know why? Because your love for her is your weakness.
I could say the same for you.
The difference is, I'm willing to kill her, but you are only willing to die for her.
In a New York second.
Do I have to put a bullet in her shoulder? Lower your weapons and get away from the door! Don't do it, Sam.
Shoot him! Last chance! Okay.
You win.
Do what he says.
Move! Don't hurt her.
Don't hurt her.
Cut these.
Deeks, are you okay? I'm good.
You good? Yeah, I'm good.
The NEST team is at the Port of Los Angeles, dock 23.
They're scanning the containers for radiation signatures.
Okay, using the license plate from the taxi, I've tracked the woman posing as Janvier's daughter to an apartment in Hollywood.
That's the apartment Granger tracked Vaziri to.
According to the cab's records, she got there just before Granger.
Make sure Granger knows Janvier may be there.
And tell him to wait for me.
Surely it's a trap, Mr.
I know.
Janvier? I haven't seen him; he could've come in through the back.
Let's finish this.
Ground rules.
If Janvier wants to die by suicide-by-cop I have no interest in that.
I'm just saying let's be clean about it.
As a whistle.
Federal agents! Vaziri's men.
This wasn't a trap for us.
He used the girl to lure Vaziri.
Vaziri cut off Janvier's hand.
Janvier cuts off both of his in return.
He didn't care about getting aw It's all about revenge.
He's alive.
You looking for the guy who just jumped off there? Where'd he go? Down the street.
He got into the black Beemer.
Finish it.
We both want it.
They, uh recover the bombs? Yeah.
NEST team found them hidden in a container headed for Iran via Africa.
They're securing them now.
Well, I love happy endings.
What are you doing? Um I don't know.
I was just, uh I was just cleaning some stuff out, but I don't I don't know.
Listen, I know what you're going through I really hope that you never do.
But if you want to talk about it or not talk at all I'm here for you.
I just I want to walk away from it.
Yeah, so take some time off.
I just need to get away from everything, you know? I just, like I just And everyone? Okay.
Yeah? Hey, I just want you to know that the place I went to in my head to, uh stop the pain was you.
I just kept thinking about your smile and your laugh.
It's the only thing that got me through.
For whatever it's worth.
I'll be home really early.
I love you.
I love you, baby.
Michelle going back to being Mrs.
Sam Hanna? She's helping our daughter with her homework.
How long is that gonna last? I don't know.
Deeks, got you a present.
Wow, that is, um What? Too soon? It might be a little too soon.
So then this isn't cool? No? That's No, that's amazing actually.
All right.
Laughing's good.
Let's get out of here.
Drinks are on me.
Nothing cold.
Or warm.
Or chewy.
Eight feet wide.
Triple life sentence.
I didn't think I would see you again.
I just had to see this with my own eyes.
Two-hour plane flight just to see me step into a cell.
Not much going on at home, I guess.
Did you ever read The Count of Monte Cristo? It's the story of a man who spent 21 years in prison, only to escape and exact his revenge.
Agent G.
Callen! The game is not over.

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