NCIS Los Angeles s05e03 Episode Script


In pursuit of a failure to yield.
Vehicle's a red Ferrari heading eastbound toward the 4th Street Bridge.
It's confirmed, but it's getting late.
A valiant effort, sir.
Original air date on October 8, 2013 Good morning, Mr.
Morning, Hetty.
Are you here to return to the field? Or clear out your desk before your colleagues arrive? I don't know.
I, um I got up and I drove in Figured I'd know what to do when I got here.
And? Ask me tomorrow.
I shall.
Just, uh, out of curiosity, how did you know I was coming back? Ask me tomorrow.
I'm six-three, That is big.
It's not big.
You know, it's above average, I'll give you that.
But I'm not, like, some oversized behemoth.
I got good proportions, G.
What is this all about? The other night, my family was watching Project Runway, and all of a sudden, it became funny time in the Hanna household.
Starting talking about how I need a makeover.
Don't start.
When I find something that works, I stick with it.
I hear you.
Our lives are dangerous enough without taking any fashion risks.
I tried to mix it up.
I went over to Robertson to pick up some jeans over the weekend.
You bought clothes on Robertson? No.
You know why? Because they don't carry clothes for "men my size.
" That's what the guy said to me.
And he's still alive? When did grown men start wearing skinny jeans? Hmm? Could you picture me in a pair of skinny jeans? I couldn't fit my arm in a pair of skinny jeans.
You wore huskies as a kid, didn't you? Why do I talk to you, man? 'Cause even a man your size needs a friend.
Come on.
New Smith & Wesson? New gun.
Same manual safety.
It's helpful if a junky tries to snatch it from you.
Someone once told me that.
So, you're here to? Work.
I'm here to work.
You back? I'm gonna take it one day at a time.
This is your automated call to Ops.
Please proceed to the Operations Center immediately for further instructions.
Really? That would be Eric 1.
Let's go, partner.
So, if, uh, Eric 2.
0 is a hologram, what is Eric 3.
0? At that point, he's just Nell.
Well, well! I knew it was too good to be true.
Let's go.
Shall we? Last night.
After he evaded the cops, a security cam caught this.
Ferrari's a mid-engine.
I'm betting that's where the bomb was.
Victim was Tom Norris, CEO of Norris BioTech, local firm.
Norris? When Tony Stark grows up, he wants to be Tom Norris.
This guy throws the sickest Oh, the one where the women wear red, white and blue lingerie? It's beautiful; it's actually quite a patriotic soirée.
I thought that party was VIPs only.
Yeah, no I not-not that I'd been, but if I had been, which I'm not saying that I have, it's only because the security guards are very pro-LAPD.
Which probably means he used his badge to get in.
Of course I wouldn't do that.
That's against, uh, LAPD regulations.
I bet this playboy Norris left a lot of actresses and models in his wake.
This bomb doesn't exactly fit the supermodel M.
But husbands of models, that's a different story.
They say that husbands of models are the worst.
They say-- I don't say that.
People told me I'm gonna stop talking.
Okay, Hetty's still on with the State Department, but the headline is Norris BioTech was working on a highly classified ricin vaccine.
Currently, no vaccine exists for the toxin.
And so far, ricin attacks have been limited in size and scope.
But if a ricin vaccine got into the hands of a well-funded group, they could vaccinate highly skilled operatives.
A terrorist group.
Instead of using radicalized zealots willing to die for a cause, they could use pros.
We need to find out if this vaccine project was compromised.
Why don't you head over to Norris BioTech, see what he was working on? Yeah, you got it.
Let's go see the Ferrari.
I'll meet you at the car.
Did you know Deeks was coming back to work today? No.
Do you think he's ready for the field? I don't know if Mr.
Deeks himself knows the answer to that question.
But your concerns are duly noted, Mr.
Anything else? I guess we'll see.
Car wasn't stock.
Turbo conversion suspension upgrade.
Nothing paid for with tax dollars was gonna chase this thing down.
Got the trigger.
It's mounted to the engine block with a temperature gauge.
Car reaches a certain temp, flips the switch boom.
LAPD said that the chase was six miles long.
That trigger must have been set at a pretty high temperature.
Yeah, smart.
You might let someone drive your custom Ferrari, but Not me.
Car like this? I'm saying if you were to let me You're not driving my Ferrari.
You don't have a Ferrari.
It's your game.
If my friend-- not you-- were to let me drive their Ferrari Your friend's not very smart.
they wouldn't let me redline it through downtown.
The only person that would push the car to extremes and drive the engine temp up that high is the owner.
So the trigger ensured that Norris would be the one killed.
The trigger isn't the most interesting thing about the bomb.
White phosphorus.
Burns long and hot.
Worse than napalm.
Most militaries banned its use.
So what's it doing in a car bomb in Los Angeles? You don't just buy white phosphorus.
It's always accounted for and under lock and key.
But two months ago, the Serbs slated for a large amount of it to be destroyed.
Now, the white phosphorus was in old ammunition shells left over from the Bosnian War, but the entire shipment was stolen during transport.
Professional job? Yup.
A precision team, they took down the transport caravan.
Any leads? I'll know more once I can connect with Interpol.
All right, thanks, Nell.
White phosphorus in a car bomb is one thing.
If an entire shipment of this stuff is out on the streets We got to find this bomber.
You surf around here, right? Sure do.
Staircase, Heavens, County.
This is my trifecta.
All right, so why don't you pick the lunch spot? What? You never let me pick where we eat.
I know, but I'm making a gesture.
Welcome back to work gesture.
Done, all right, Neptune's Net.
Best clam chowder on the west side.
Good idea, ease your way into solid food.
Whoa, wow, did that just happen? Did you just make a torture joke? I'm sorry.
Was that too soon? No, no, that actually may be too late.
What? Oh, come on.
You haven't been here.
It's been building up.
All right, you know what, fire away.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Get it out of your system.
Let's hear it.
Do your new teeth have satellite radio or just terrestrial? Think a surfboard company makes a leash for your gun? Would you have screamed louder had they cut your bangs? Wow.
You done? Nowhere near, but it feels good.
I missed you.
Sorry, what? I mean, I I missed having someone to beat up on, because Callen and Sam, they're just they don't get my humor.
You're still talking.
You know what I mean.
I do.
Ever hear of a group called Omni? It's a transnational criminal organization.
It's like an all-star team; it's got senior members from various Eurasian criminal groups.
All-stars with white phosphorus.
Interpol recovered some of it when they busted a group of Omni members in an undercover sting.
And the rest of the shipment? Still unaccounted for.
So Omni either planted the bomb to kill Norris or they supplied the white phosphorus to the person who did.
The test samples are stored in a secure vault in the lab.
Only the ricin vaccine team can enter.
We're gonna need remote access to your surveillance systems.
And all Mr.
Norris's computers.
Of course.
Paulson, how long did you know Tom Norris? Norris Biotech was the third venture Tom and I worked on.
He-he was a visionary.
That's a strong word.
Do you know anyone who would want to harm Mr.
Norris? You mean blow him up? Yes.
No, no, he wasn't the kind of guy who went through life making enemies.
People loved him.
Except Rawlings.
Who's Rawlings? Todd Rawlings.
He was at Norris's last company.
Rawlings filed a patent lawsuit against Tom a few years back.
It was a baseless claim, and we defended it.
Rawlings went broke trying to keep that suit going.
Well, did it ever go beyond the courts or did he ever threaten Mr.
Norris? He said some awful things, but Tom never took him seriously.
Well, maybe he should have.
Leonard, how long were you working with Mr.
Norris? Uh, from 2011 until roughly six hours ago.
He hired me to create the ricin vaccine.
Leonard believes it's viable.
We're gonna start clinical trials soon.
- It is viable.
- Is that information public? Uh, no.
Just key executives and the doctors on the research team know about the specific progress.
Okay, we're gonna need a list of all those people.
Of course.
Um, agent people, if we're done here, I have work to do.
Something's off about Dr.
Leonard; I don't like him.
Well, genius is often misunderstood.
Yeah? How would you know? Maybe, maybe he's just really socially awkward.
Or maybe, maybe he's hiding something.
Well, no dice on Dr.
After losing the lawsuit to Norris, he gave up on biotech.
The guy's been giving scuba lessons in the Keys for two years.
Did you find anything on Norris's computers? I just started looking into them.
Seems that he was a member of the Angeles Ridge Racing Club.
It's a members-only racetrack.
That would explain the modifications to his car.
Norris kept a garage at the track where he stored the Ferarri.
And a private garage is a good place to rig a bomb where no one's watching.
I'll get started on a warrant.
Hold off on that.
If the bomber's a member of the track, a warrant may tip them off.
Have Kensi and Deeks check out Norris's house.
G and I will hit the track, pose as potential members.
That's not gonna be easy.
Memberships are tough to come by.
Referrals only.
Yeah, unless you pull up in something that, uh, the members want to see on their track.
Something maybe a little more exotic than the Challenger? No offense.
None taken.
Hm! Now all we have to do is convince Hetty.
Unless Unless what? G.
It would take us, what, and back? Gentlemen! Are you going somewhere? Hetty, Omni is a priority for State and the president.
Which is why we have to get on the track and see if the bomber left any evidence.
In my Cobra? With who driving? Me.
Oh, you've clearly thought this through.
We have.
Of course.
I will drive.
I will drive.
Gentlemen, this car was restored to fit me like a glove.
I can fit in the car, Hetty.
Even if you could, the aerodynamics would be ruined.
"Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines.
" From the mouth of Enzo Ferarri himself.
Oh, yes, very.
You still can't drive my car.
Sorry, big fella.
Neither one of you can drive my car.
But you could trailer it to the track.
So we can tow the car to the track? And then not drive it around the track? Precisely.
We'll go to Norris's house.
Have Kensi and Deeks check out the track.
Splendid idea.
I could fit in the car, G.
Yeah, right.
Hello, gorgeous.
May I help you, ma'am? Yeah, that'd be great.
I'm a guest of Tom Norris.
Is there a problem? Reorientating image.
Ma'am, I'm sorry to tell you this, but Mr.
Norris died earlier today.
Wait what?! Everything okay, Bob? She's a guest of Mr.
I got it from here.
Thank you.
I can't believe this.
I-I had dinner with Tom two nights ago, and he told me to come by with my car I'm so very sorry, uh, Miss Wells.
Miss Wells.
Look, I don't usually do this, but why don't you come inside? I can't in good conscience allow you to drive back to Los Angeles in this state.
Thank you.
Okay? This is some good living.
Norris is dead.
Beautiful models, fast cars, massive beach house, when the man was living, he was living.
I don't get this kind of place.
It's not my style.
Good, 'cause it's not your bank account style either.
Well, you know what, even if I had this kind of money, I don't know, all this glass and this stone, just a little Cold? Not homey enough for you? Yeah.
This coming from a guy who lived out of a rucksack and cheap motels for five years.
It was a homey little rucksack.
Sam, got Leonard's personnel file.
Norris must have been looking into him.
Oh, Kensi thought something was off with the doctor.
Maybe Norris did, too.
Got a number here.
field office.
Why was Norris contacting the FBI? I don't know.
Uh, G? Maybe Kensi's hunch You may want to see this.
Should we put our hands up? Want to cuff us? Who are you? Bree.
Oh, that clears everything up.
We're friends of Tommy's.
He in some kind of trouble? Are we in trouble? Thomas Norris was killed this morning.
What?! Tommy's dead? No, he can't be.
Can we still use the pool? Deeks is gonna kill himself for missing this.
Yeah, we might not want to mention this one.
and Mrs.
Woller, please report to Guest Services please report to Guest Services.
Thank you.
I've placed you on the guest list at the day spa.
Thank you so much.
Here's some water.
Do you mind if I take a look at the car you brought? Oh, no, not at all.
That's why I brought it.
Easy, easy.
Careful, easy.
All right, all right, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Shelby Cobra.
That's right.
Family heirloom.
Brady let her on the track.
I got to see this Cobra run.
I don't know if I could do that.
Uh, you do know, Kensi.
You need to drive this car, 'cause I cannot sit in the back of this truck forever.
How about it? Let's give this Cobra a go.
Yeah, Kensilina, how about it? I-I don't think I should.
Not even a lap? You need to stop worrying about Hetty, 'cause if you don't drive this car, they're gonna think something's up.
Is this really your car? Told ya.
Are you kidding me? Of course it's my car.
It's my baby.
If it's your baby, then drive it.
Don't drive the car, Kensi.
She won't, unless she wants her head on a stake.
Kensi, drive the car.
Do not do it.
Hetty will kill you.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are presenting a vintage exhibition sports car at the starting line.
You don't want to miss this one.
Go! Is that my Cobra? Is Ms.
Blye driving my Cobra? Uh, actually, uh Well, she's, um Yes, Kensi had to drive it to maintain her cover and provide Deeks with the opportunity to search the garage.
Yes! Come to Papa.
FBI's got no record of Tom Norris calling their L.
field office.
Well, whatever he wanted to tell them, he never got a chance to.
Ha-ho! Nice driving, Kens.
What can I say? I'm a natural.
And I am a crime fighter.
Evidence from Norris's garage.
Ah, metal cap, bolt, chewed gum.
I'll get it to Forensics.
Ooh, actually.
The gum may be Yeah, no, that's mine.
Facial rec got hits back from the racetrack.
Triple cherries.
Three different guys affiliated with three different Eurasian crime syndicates.
All three groups have known members in Omni.
Check out this guy Rasik.
Interpol's got him as a person of interest in over ten murders related to Omni.
Well, Omni has the white phosphorus and they had access to Norris's Ferrari at the track.
That's weird.
It's more like incriminating.
I set up an alert to notify us if anyone opened the vault at Norris BioTech.
That's Dr.
He's pulling all the ricin vaccine samples.
And now he's leaving.
Call Callen and Sam.
They're close by.
Federal agents.
Like to have a word with you.
He's gonna run.
No way.
I told you.
Ah, ah, ah! No! Please! Aah! How'd you think this was gonna play out? Ah, you have to help me.
You don't understand.
This isn't what it seems.
They took my family! You got to believe me.
Leonard does indeed have a wife and son.
But I can't locate them.
Any communication between the doctor and Omni? I did pull this text exchange from his phone.
The text said I could trade vaccine samples for my family.
And you have no idea who sent it? No.
You spoke with two NCIS Agents earlier.
Why didn't you show them the text message? I was told if I involved the police that they'd they'd be killed.
Well, getting your family back is our top priority.
Well, then, go get them back.
We don't know where they're holding your wife and son.
But we do know they want this vaccine.
They'll be there when they set the meet up with you.
You'll be wired for sound and video.
We won't lose sight of you.
As soon as I don't know if I can do this.
You can.
I not good at, um I can't You have to.
Omni has to be behind this.
You know, I get them strong-arming Leonard for the vaccine samples.
But why kill Norris? Maybe they went to him first.
Norris didn't want to play ball, he has no family to leverage against him, so they kill him.
Yeah, it makes Leonard more likely to cooperate.
Whoever did this knows a lot about Norris BioTech.
Could be dealing with an inside man.
He's an awkward guy.
You think he can handle it? He's got no choice.
You know, the goal here was to look like a Hollywood hipster.
Ensemble you got going, it's like Gap threw up some Hot Topic.
Definitely not hip.
Yeah, well, it takes a special kind of guy to wear jeans that skinny.
Hey, they're tight.
I mean, they're real tight.
They're tight because I need my space.
You know what I mean? Tight in all the right places.
And yet you still found room to hide your gun.
They're like Archie and Edith.
It's more like Archie and Meathead.
Either way, they're getting their groove back as partners.
I've seen guys go through worse.
He's gonna be fine.
Heads up, guys.
It's Rak, one of the Omni members from the track.
Something's up.
He wouldn't come alone.
Deeks, you see a spotter? Negative.
He's moving the doctor on to the curb.
He's moving towards the bus.
On it.
Watch out.
We lost them on the bus! I knew it.
I told you he'd use the bus trick.
No, you didn't.
Well, I may not have actually verbalized it.
Oh, but you were thinking it? Yup.
Just get ahead of the bus, would you, Nostradamus? Dr.
Leonard just handed Rasik the container with the vaccine He has it.
G, he's getting off the bus.
I got him.
Go, go.
Federal agents! He doesn't have the vaccine.
Omni wasn't taking any chances.
Well, it's a good thing we weren't either.
Eric, where are we with the GPS tracker on the vaccine vials? I can't get a signal from the tracker.
Let me try something.
Find me that signal, Eric.
Omni has the resources to make a quick exit.
Guys, I found the handoff.
Before Rasik exited the bus, a woman took the fake vaccine, and probably spotted you guys.
I'm running her through facial rec now.
How you doing? You mean after my first violent confrontation back on the job? You didn't take the shot.
I thought it'd be overkill if I shot him, too.
Get that? "Overkill"? 'Cause he's Uh-huh.
Okay, listen, Kensi.
I'm fine, all right? I didn't take the shot 'cause I didn't have the angle.
Sam and Callen were both in my sight line.
I'm good.
You good? Yeah, I'm good.
God, you guys, I'm fine, all right? You stop walking around me on egg shells.
I understand it's my first day back and you're worried about me, but I'm-I'm good.
You know what? I'm-I'm better than good.
I haven't wet the bed in over a week, and the voices in my head are all but gone away.
Shut up! No, you shut up! I'm fine.
Seems good to me.
Thank you.
Hey, guys, get this.
Facial rec hit a passport from Croatia.
Natalija Tutic, and she's got ties to Omni.
Sending you a pic now.
Do you know what kind of car she's driving? Negative.
But her signal just came up.
She's exiting the 10 East and heading north on the 605.
Angeles Ridge Racing Club.
They have a helipad and a private runway.
Track was Omni's exit plan for the vaccine.
Let's do it.
There was an outside investor.
Tom Norris funded Norris BioTech from the windfall he made on past bio-patents, right? About 14 months ago, he started a new company and diverted all his funds there.
So Norris BioTech needed an outside investor.
Now if I were a betting gal Which you are.
Which I am.
I would wager that the influx in cash came in after Norris BioTech made headway on the ricin vaccine.
And you, my lady, would win that wager.
phase two of the project.
Thank you.
So, who made the investment? Uh Well, okay, the money came in through Moorpark Capital, Right.
which is the venture capital arm for the holding company Truftin Investments, Okay.
which is an asset of Lindencrest Ventures.
And? And the funds came in through this guy.
Henrik Vuksan.
Interpol lists Vuksan as a high-ranking member of Omni.
And Homeland Security had him flying into L.
this morning on a French passport.
That's who they're taking the vaccine to.
Norris wasn't bragging about his company at the track.
No, Omni was in on this from the beginning.
They bet on him.
They bet he'd put together the right group of people to crack the code on the vaccine.
They were just using the track to stay close to him.
Working the long game.
It still doesn't explain why they killed Norris.
May I be of some assistance to you gentlemen? Federal agents.
We have reason to believe a suspect in our investigation is on these premises.
Well, if that's the case, I'd love to cooperate, but our members' privacy is very important Can you guys stop walking? Okay, I can't let you in there without a warrant.
A warrant? That doesn't sound like cooperation or assist Partner.
I don't want to have to call security.
Down, down, down! Good thing I don't need a warrant to save your life.
He's running for the track.
He's headed for the club exit.
Enough of this.
You got this? I got this.
Out of the car! Put your hands on the car.
That's some damn fine driving, partner.
American muscle, baby.
What do you got, Eric? Forensics are back on the evidence Deeks got from Norris's garage.
The bolt is from the Ferrari's suspension, but the metal cap is for a jar of liquid cement and it had white phosphorus trace on it.
Used the liquid cement to mount the trigger.
Any prints? One.
Running it through AFIS now.
So far, no hits, but, Callen, I checked it against Maran Rasik and Henrik Vuksan's prints.
It doesn't belong to them.
That bomber's still out there.
So if you didn't plant the bomb that killed Norris, then which one of your Omni comrades did? Why do you people think that we killed Norris? Files on his computer.
He discovered Omni was investing in Norris BioTech, and he was going to the FBI with the proof.
If Norris is dead, FBI isn't involved.
Even you can follow that logic.
Omni's interests lie in commerce.
Norris was a great CEO.
Commerce is better for us when Norris is CEO.
Omni was just hanging back, driving cool cars on the track, waiting until Norris BioTech had a vaccine.
When Norris was killed, they'd realize the heat's coming down.
They got to get those vaccines out, leave town.
Leonard had access.
He was easy to manipulate.
Hey, guys, get this.
Ten days ago, Norris BioTech ordered the necessary elements to make white phosphorus.
Is the purchase linked to a specific employee? Mm-mm.
The items were lumped into a larger cross-company order.
Is it possible our boy's telling the truth? Someone within Norris BioTech killed Norris using Omni's M.
? Norris could've confided in one of his employees that Omni was an investor in own company.
It wouldn't take much research to find out that Omni just stole a shipment of white phosphorus.
You kill Norris with white phosphorus, the investigation goes straight to Omni.
Norris could've told anyone in the company about Omni.
If it was me Mm.
I'm going to the person I started three companies with.
Rick Paulson.
Norris tells Paulson about Omni's investment in Norris BioTech.
Paulson sees it as his opportunity to get out of Norris's shadow, and take control of the company.
It's good timing.
Right before the ricin vaccine profits started rolling in.
We just got an I.
off the print on the metal cap from Norris's garage.
Paulson? There's some people here to see you.
Maggie, the press conference is in ten minutes.
I'll answer any questions they have then.
Sir, they're Federal agents.
Hey! Stop! Drop your weapon! No, lady, get down! Easy.
It's over.
Stop moving.
You okay? I'm okay! She's okay.
Someone get this giant off of me! He's not a giant.
He's just husky.
Kensi, you good? Oh, yeah.
You? Perfect.
Get up.
Yo, Deeks, that was crazy, man.
How you just saved that woman's life and then fell down a 90-foot cliff? What? Don't worry about it.
It's just a job, man.
It's what I do.
Break hearts and save lives, huh? Just knowing you guys care, that's enough, right? Ooh! Oh, ah what does it mean when you got shooting pains going down your back and you can't feel your legs? Watch it, watch Right there! Boom! I made up two seconds on that turn.
That is some pretty cornering.
Maybe we should show this video to Hetty.
That wouldn't be pretty.
That was masterful driving, Ms.
Thank you.
I mean I'm sorry.
Oh, no, no, no.
Don't apologize.
You drove her the way she was meant to be driven.
- Oh.
- If that's the case, then I can fit in Did you say something, Mr.
Hanna? Oh, nothing.
I'm straight.
Oh, uh, I need to inform you all that because of an executive order, Omni's shares of Norris BioTech are now the property of the U.
And Dr.
Leonard will be the acting president of the company.
That's it.
Good for him.
See? I told you.
He's, uh, socially awkward and annoying because - he's a super genius.
- Great.
What's your excuse? Ow.
Walked into that one.
Deeks, can I talk to you? Yeah, the back is fine, thanks for asking.
I don't want you here.
What? Okay, this is usually where you insert the punch line.
I don't want you here until you're ready to be back.
Did you, did you see me today? I mean, I was like Starsky and Hutch.
I'm talking about your mindset.
" I can't have you coming in here second-guessing yourself, trying to figure out if this job still makes sense for you.
That's not safe for you.
It's not safe for us.
Well, I want to be here and I'm ready to be back.
Let's go, partner.
See you tomorrow.
Nighty night.
So, want to go to dinner? I get it if you don't.
It's okay.
No, no, that's a that's a fantastic idea.
Let's do that.
Let's grab dinner.
Bulgogi Bulgogi.
What are you doing? That's my bulgogi dance You need to stop doing that 'cause it's freaking me out.
And also, I'm not really in the mood for Korean.
Well, that's too bad, buster, because I have been craving some pa-jyun with, uh Bulgogi all day.
I thought earlier you said that today I get to, uh, choose the restaurant.
But that was lunch.
And now it's dinner.
Eh? And for dinner, we're gonna do Bulgogi.
Okay, your logic is super-flawed.
But I'll go as long as you stop doing whatever that is.
What? You mean this? Actually, no, that's working for me.
I dig it, keep it, bounce with it.
Welcome back, Mr.

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