NCIS Los Angeles s06e18 Episode Script

Fighting Shadows

- Not big enough.
We need more.
- We got more.
Any places I should avoid in the next few days? - Los Angeles.
- Right.
Pleasure doing business with you, amigos.
Sale complete.
FBI! Turn off your engine.
FBI! Exit the vehicle with your hands up! Slowly.
- You! Get them up.
- Hands on your head.
- Turn around.
- You're on the six.
- All right.
Cuff him.
- Right here.
Good work, Agent Nasri.
Real shame.
I was starting to enjoy their company.
- Really? - No.
Man, I've been listening to their wiretaps and they were getting really sick of you.
Secure the C-4.
I'll notify the director.
Check the front.
You're with me.
Agent Conway, the director, please.
Yes, sir.
The op was a success.
Yes, sir.
I'll notify the AG's office.
They should have everything they need by end of the day.
Last one.
Let's do this.
Attack the ground.
- I can't.
- Attack the ground.
I don't know why we can't run like normal.
- This is so weird and unnatural.
- Quit being a Sally.
You'll find muscles you never knew you had.
What are you talking about? I've got muscles in all the right places.
I'm a lean, mean, sex machine.
Or that's what my lady bird says.
Ha, ha.
I never said that.
You said it to me three days ago.
You actually whispered it in my ear.
You bit said ear, which kind of hurt, but I also kind of liked it.
Well, I take it back.
You can't.
I still have teeth marks on my ear.
I know.
I take back saying you're a sex machine.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm-hm.
Want me to prove it to you right here and now? Okay.
Don't look now, but your five o'clock, woman with a camera.
- What did I just say? I said don't look.
- What? That was natural.
No plates.
Sure she was taking photos of us? Yeah.
I mean I don't know.
You think I'm being paranoid? I think they need us in Ops.
- Look alive! - Aah! Mojave desert.
One hour ago.
The FBI was in the final stage of a sting operation with some home-grown terrorists.
They had just completed a sale of C-4 and arrested the men when this happened.
How many are dead? Three agents, including Agent Jalil Nasri who had been undercover with the suspects for the last four months.
He'd gained their trust, introduced them to an arms dealer Who also happened to be an FBI agent.
Sale went down so did the terrorists.
Since 9/11, these sting operations have become common practice.
So, what went wrong? Did the two terrorists set a detonator? No.
It's unlikely, because they never touched the C-4.
It was passed from one undercover agent to the next.
The FBI had it in their custody the entire op.
So the FBI wants our help with this investigation? More like our heads.
C-4 was on loan from the DOD.
It's considered a control defense material.
So this is about liability? SECNAV wants assurance that there was no problem with the supply of explosives.
If so Other operations could be at risk.
And it opens up the DOD to a civil lawsuit.
You're thinking of retaking the California Bar, Mr.
Deeks? Three days of hell? I'd rather clean half of Kensi's apartment.
Keep offering.
Well, until that time, I'd like you and Mr.
Callen to ensure that the Navy's C-4 supply hasn't been compromised.
It sounded like you said me and Callen.
- Deeks's and me? - Mr.
Hanna, I'd like you and Ms.
Blye to handle the crime scene.
Uh, is there any Mm.
I guess we're Okay.
Looking for First Lieutenant Winters.
One moment.
Lieutenant? NCIS is here.
- So, uh, Joelle's good? - She's good.
- She's great.
- Great.
Great, great, great.
How's Kensi? Uh, Kensi's, she's, you know, she's good.
Don't know why you're asking me.
I mean, you work with her.
- Ahem.
- You know, she's good, right? - I don't know why I would have any - Ha, ha.
- What? - Ahem.
- You know, don't you? - Of course I know.
Who else knows? Let's see.
Sam, now, Hetty, of course.
Eric took it a while but he finally got there.
The guy's in the motor pool.
Pretty much everyone at this point.
- How about Granger? - Granger I'm not so sure about.
He's mellowed since the poisoning but he could just be biding his time waiting for the right moment to crush you both.
Wow, that is awesome.
Don't pretend like you didn't know the risks.
Just wondering if this partner shuffle has something to do with us.
That is a question only Hetty can answer.
Agent Callen.
Detective Deeks.
- How are you? - All right.
Come on in.
This is the same lot of C-4 we drew from for the FBI.
I personally oversee the transfer of all Class A explosives.
I can tell you protocol was followed to the letter.
- Has it been tested? - Just before you arrived I conducted standard burn and impact tests.
Performed as expected.
And how is that? Blew up when it was supposed to, didn't when it wasn't.
For this C-4 to detonate during the FBI's op it would have needed a primer, - and we didn't supply them with one.
- Which means somebody else did.
Excuse me.
Can I Can I please have a minute? - Something's bothering you.
- Why do you say that? Heh.
The look on your face is the same as when Deeks eats pistachios.
Gets the shells everywhere.
It's disgusting.
All right.
I'll have a talk with him.
What's up? - It's not big enough.
- What do you mean? Ten pounds of C-4, the debris should be half a mile away.
So you're thinking not all of it exploded? - You've got to be kidding me.
- What do you got? A van full of C-4 explodes, you assume it was the C-4.
Case was lined with pumice.
Absorbs the shock.
So there was another bomb in the van? I'm thinking remote detonation.
They waited for the precise moment when only the FBI agents were in the blast zone.
That's where I'd be.
Perfect vantage point for a sting and take down.
Good access to the roads leading south.
We got footprints.
Looks like a size 11.
Work boots.
Most likely male.
And we got tire tracks too.
I'll send these over to Eric.
Kensi? You got pistachio face.
What's up? Taking out three FBI agents in a secret sting operation? That's impressive.
Killer like this doesn't usually leave this many clues.
Unless he's sending a message.
Based on the tire tracks at the crime scene we're probably looking for an older model SUV: - Early 2000s.
- Anything from Kaleidoscope? Heh.
This is what we have to work with.
Twenty square miles of nothing, and that includes cameras.
Now the FBI's resources are strained so they're letting Sam and Kensi track the vehicle on the ground.
Our hope is that the tire tracks lead to a road with a camera.
How about the watch they found? Sold in over 3,000 stores online at least 800 sold every year.
Impossible to trace.
Hands are stopped at 5:37.
- Ticking clock without the ticking.
- Has it been dusted for prints? Happening now.
I'll let you know when the report comes in.
Someone else placed a bomb on this van.
Maybe the van's owners have an idea how this happened.
Damir Malki was hit with shrapnel for the blast.
He's in surgery.
And his brother, Dogan, is in custody at the FBI's Undercover Task Force offices in Mar Vista.
Let's go talk to Dogan.
I'll catch up with you.
I got one stop to make.
- How far back should I go? - All the way back.
Hetty, hey.
Listen, we need to Whoa.
What did? Who's that? Uh, who was who? The woman on the screen.
Who is that? That woman was taking pictures of me and Kensi this morning.
- Oh, damn.
- Hetty, what's going on? All I can tell you, Mr.
Deeks, is that I'm looking into it.
If she's some sort of threat, I think we should No.
She is not a threat.
- Not yet.
- Not yet.
What is imperative is that you and Ms.
Blye stay apart for today.
- Am I understood? - Ahem.
- Hetty, it's, um - Mr.
Deeks, yes or no? Yes.
With an off-the-record no.
- All right.
- Okay.
You let him see the photo on purpose, didn't you? I wanted to know how much he knew.
Now I know.
Back to work, Ms.
- Why didn't you tell us? - We were respecting your privacy.
And you're okay with this? Am I okay with my co-workers dating? No.
Does that mean I want you off the team? Hell, no.
And that goes for Deeks too.
- Don't tell him I said that.
- I will not.
Ha, ha.
It's just, you know, eventually you guys are gonna have to figure out where this thing is going.
You don't wanna continue to put your lives on the line.
- Meaning what? - Meaning that when Michelle and I had Cam, that was a whole other mission.
Kids? Yeah.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
We're not, we're not We're not thinking about kids.
We're not even thinking about dinner.
That's fine, but things don't always go as they're planned.
Things happen.
Kids happen.
That's what happened with Aidan.
He kind of popped up out of the blue.
I thought I was ready for anything, active duty, whatever, but not for that.
I wasn't a perfect dad either.
I made a lot of mistakes those first years.
I think Aidan was a lucky kid.
I was the lucky one.
Still am.
So our terrorist Dogan Malki hasn't said a word to us.
Normally, I wouldn't allow this, but since the attack we've been a little short-handed.
Have at him.
Dogan Malki.
Wow, that is quite the blood stain.
It's from your younger brother, right? FBI says you don't like to talk.
That's fine.
Just listen.
Your brother, Damir, is dying.
Shrapnel ripped apart his kidneys.
He needs a new one immediately.
As you can imagine, being a terrorist doesn't put you very high in the priority list for transplants.
The good news for you, of course, being that they make exceptions for family.
Yes, of course.
I'll give him mine.
Oh, that is actively heart-warming.
There's just one small problem.
The FBI thinks you and your brother killed three of their agents.
They're not letting you go anywhere.
But we didn't kill them.
So how did the bomb get in the van? How would I know? Please.
- My brother needs my help.
- Think Dogan.
Did you loan the van to anyone? Take it anywhere recently? - I don't know.
- A car wash? Valet parking? - I don't remember.
- Your brother is dying.
A mechanic.
I took it to a mechanic.
We had a flat tire about five days ago.
A tow truck came by a minute later.
- Took it to a shop in the Valley.
- What was the name of the shop? Lakeview.
Lakeview Auto Repair.
What about my kidney? Oh, yeah.
Keep your kidney.
Your brother's fine.
So where is everyone? Kensi.
Looks like somebody's been off-roading.
Federal agents.
Drop your weapon.
Drop it.
I sent everyone home for today.
- Hands up.
- I'm unarmed.
I didn't think you'd find me so quickly.
- If you - Don't.
I'm sorry.
I was trying to say if you check the top drawer you'll find what you're looking for.
Sam? Remote detonator.
You're searching for the person who planted a bomb and killed three FBI agents.
You have found him.
I promise you I will not resist arrest.
But I also promise this morning's attack will not be the only one today.
His name is Vakeel Shah.
He emigrated here from Pakistan He's never been in any trouble with the law.
He pays his taxes.
Started a successful auto repair business.
Okay, so, what happened? His brother and sister-in-law died six years ago.
Car crash.
Shah took in their son, Naveed.
We arrested Naveed in a sting operation last year.
He walked into his high school wearing a dummy suicide vest.
That you provided him.
I ran the op and Agent Nazri was undercover.
Let's stay on track here.
Why don't you tell us about this watch? That's Naveed's.
It was broken during his arrest.
He got physical.
Shah must have claimed it upon completion of the trial.
The forensic team pulled Shah's print off it.
Meaning regardless of how we found him, this watch would have led us to Shah.
He wanted to be found.
And he wanted to tell us about the second attack.
Why? Well, I'll be sure to ask him when I question him.
- Not happening.
- Excuse me? Shah clearly has a beef with the FBI for what went down with his nephew, and you're at the center of that.
It's better for an outside party to do the questioning.
If he says anything, you'll be the first to know.
Right He killed my agents.
Don't go easy on him.
So Shah's nephew, Naveed, is up at Victorville.
I'm gonna go talk to him, see if he knows anything about his uncle's attack.
- All right.
I'll go with you.
- Yeah.
I think I'm gonna probably go by myself.
Last I checked, I had interrogated more terrorists than you.
So Yeah.
- Interrogation? - Definitely.
Oh, did I say something? Did we do something wrong? I just know that Hetty's worried.
The woman I saw this morning.
All right.
Who is she? If you can get Hetty to answer that, I actually will clean your apartment.
No, no, no.
Don't do that.
Listen, Hetty's looking into it, so let her be worried.
Um, fine.
I'm gonna check out the auto shop and see what else I can find.
- Hold on a second.
- What? You and I, we're good.
Okay? Nothing's gonna tear us apart.
Say it.
Say we're good.
- We're good.
- Okay.
I've no intention of retracting my confession, Agent Hanna.
What I did, I did.
But I did it so that the truth would be revealed.
Shah, the only truth we're interested in is where and when this next attack is gonna take place.
That will also be revealed, but only at the right time.
For now, I'd rather you understand why.
Why what? Why I had to resort to killing to make my point.
It is not a decision I made lightly.
I'm sure the families of those dead agents will find comfort in that.
I can empathize.
I feel their pain.
I lost my nephew to terrorism.
Your nephew was a terrorist.
That is a big distinction.
But before this, he was a boy.
This is what I'm trying to tell you.
Naveed was not a terrorist until the FBI turned him into one.
He was a good young man.
He worked at my shop helping the mechanics, learning the register.
This watch.
I gave him this watch to motivate him to show up on time, to work quickly, take responsibility.
But then the FBI came.
They were the ones who led him down that path.
Not some online videos of radical imams.
It was you.
Your federal agents.
They stopped him from carrying out an attack.
An attack they provided him.
You take confused young men and instead of offering them help, you give them a plan and then you sell them a bomb.
You create your own enemy, your own terror.
So who, then, is the real terrorist? - Super secret Hetty project? - Not so secret, apparently.
Do you ever think she does this sort of thing on purpose? Keeps something secret and then leak just the right amount of information to just the right people, you know, to see what happens? Yeah.
Shake things loose.
It's like It's like losing a chess piece in order to win the game.
You know I don't like losing chess pieces.
I know.
You cried when I took your pawn.
I just feel so bad for them.
You know? We'll stick to checkers next time.
- You can go now.
- Cool.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Federal agent.
Get out of the car.
It's okay.
I'm a cop.
Identify yourself.
Detective Jacqueline Rivera, L.
, Internal Affairs.
Federal agents aren't in your purview, detective.
You got that right.
Could you maybe lower your gun? I thought Detective Deeks was with you.
Seems I was mistaken.
Deeks is not with me.
What do you want with him? Well, I'm afraid I can't discuss ongoing investigations with you, Agent Blye.
But if you have something you wanna tell me about your partner, here's where you can reach me.
Deeks is an upstanding police officer, the best L.
- You're wasting your time.
- He must be very special to you.
You're not gonna find anything.
Maybe not.
Doesn't mean it isn't there.
You're talking about coercion.
My nephew's arrest was illegal.
And so these attacks, this is your way of avenging him? Avenge? No.
Haven't you heard a word I said? Haven't you understood the action I've taken? You killed three people in cold blood.
It's kind of hard to understand.
In the first few months after Naveed was taken, I will admit I was angry.
I craved revenge.
But then I saw how useless those feelings were.
I learned to control them, to cast them aside for a higher purpose.
Education, Agent Callen.
You're teaching us a lesson.
By using the FBI's own lesson plan.
Did you know that the most terrifying plans for terrorist attacks were not created by terrorists? They were developed here in the United States by the FBI.
- For sting operations.
- It is true.
In fact, the undercover agent assigned to Naveed gave him the idea to blow up his own high school.
And you plan to finish that attack? Oh, no.
That would be too personal.
And as I've made clear, this is not about me.
This is about showing you the error of your ways.
At 5:37 today one of those attacks conceived and developed by your own government will finally come to fruition.
You did all the work.
I just followed your plan.
- What have you found? - Last month there was a coordinated cyber attack on FBI servers.
Tens of thousands of documents were downloaded and leaked online.
Including classified details of sting operations.
So it's conceivable Shah has access to this information.
It's conceivable my Nana does.
She's really good at computers.
You think Shah was involved with the data breach? It's possible, however, I don't believe it's probable.
A group that splintered off from Anonymous eventually took responsibility.
The truth is these sorts of hacks happen on an almost weekly basis now.
But it explains how Shah would know about the undercover sting operation.
These are some of the attacks detailed in the reports.
Buildings, churches.
Power plants, bridges, railways.
It's like finding a super villain's bucket list.
Start tracking Shah's recent activity.
If he's planning something, his movements may show what.
You got it.
Agent Conway will know more about these attacks.
I'm gonna head over to the FBI, work to narrow the targets.
I'll keep pushing Shah.
Let's hope Deeks can get something out of the nephew.
The clock is ticking.
- You're a detective? - Yeah.
You don't look like they do on TV.
What do they look like on TV? Like suits.
You know, professional.
Ha, ha.
Well, I learned a long time ago that wearing a suit doesn't make you professional.
And also wearing a suicide vest doesn't necessarily make you a terrorist.
Is that why you're here? Because of what I did, or tried to do? Actually, I'm here to talk about something your uncle did.
I haven't spoken to my uncle in months, - not since they sent me here.
- I know.
I checked the log.
You actually haven't had any visitors, except for me.
He won't even talk to me on the phone.
He hangs up every time.
He killed three FBI agents this morning.
He planted a bomb inside of a van and then he blew them up.
My uncle? You're sure it was him? Yeah.
He confessed.
He also said that he has another attack planned and that it's gonna be carried out in the next two hours, which is why I'm here.
So if you can tell us anything, if you know anything that can help us, now is the time.
- I do want to help.
- Okay.
My uncle.
I want to help him kill as many federal agents as possible.
I wish that I were standing by his side fighting this evil country.
I understand now why he wouldn't see me.
Because he was fighting a holy war.
I understand now too.
Next time you see my uncle, tell him Allahu Akbar.
Allahu Akbar.
- Hey, Kens.
What's up? - Nell, I'm at Lakeview Auto.
They advertise flatbed towing as one of their services.
Problem is I only see a wheel lift truck.
Let me see.
Lakeview auto does show one flatbed truck registered to them.
And it's not here.
It's being used in the attack.
Putting it through Kaleidoscope, and sending out a citywide APB.
I'm heading back.
All right.
Send anyone we can spare.
We got another.
There's a synagogue on Olympic.
It specifically targets an Arab Yom Kippur service That was five months ago.
Normal service is on Friday and Saturday.
Well, better safe than sorry.
And I've dispatched L.
To evacuate Naveed's high school.
It's not the target.
Just because a terrorist says it's not doesn't mean that it isn't, Agent Hanna.
Look, Shah said that his higher purpose was education.
And that is enough for me to keep the school in play.
Shah doesn't even have to use a bomb.
By throwing hundreds of potential targets at us he's forcing us to evacuate buildings all over L.
Panic, fear, American-made terror.
We got less than an hour.
We may well have to play right into his hands.
- Sam? - Running out of time, G.
You need to break him.
Sam, you heard him.
This isn't personal.
He's not giving us any ammunition.
The watch.
Five thirty-seven would be his take-down time.
It's all we've got.
I'll get back to you.
Naveed, your nephew, you gave him this watch.
What was the reason again? You wanted to teach him about being on time, to teach him about responsibility? But here you are shrugging off your own.
By blaming the FBI, the U.
The thing is we didn't turn your nephew into a terrorist.
You did.
Your brother, his wife, they died believing that their son was going to be cared for, guided, provided with a good life.
Naveed was your responsibility, and you failed.
It all makes sense now.
That's why you've never gone to visit him since he was arrested.
It's why you can't bear to speak with him on the phone.
He reminds you of your failure.
You can't stand to face the monster you've created.
No! Or maybe you can't face yourself.
Maybe you've been lying this entire time, but not just to me.
Higher purpose, my ass.
It's never been anything but personal with him.
He wants revenge, Mr.
Simple, satisfying revenge.
And making a scramble to find the right attack plan.
It was all a ruse.
Meaning the target remains The FBI.
Bad news.
I just found Kensi's missing flatbed truck.
That sounds like good news, Ms.
Yeah, but it just turned off the 10 onto Palms Boulevard.
It's heading for Mar Vista.
- The FBI Task Force Office.
- Sam.
This is not a drill, people.
I need everyone out of the back of the building now.
They're moving vehicles as a barrier but it's not gonna be enough.
I don't care about the building.
I just wanna get my people out.
Ryan, leave it.
- That means you too.
- Okay.
You better be right behind me.
I will.
Come on, everyone.
The car it's carrying, where did it come from? Belongs to Heba Bakzari, resident of Baldwin Hills and, uh, mother of Jonathan and Omar.
The FBI's been monitoring their online activity.
They visited a number of radical websites over the last year.
That must be how Shah found them.
Brothers again, 18 and 17.
They're minutes from the FBI.
You wanna bet they turn that into a bomb? - Tell Sam we're on our way.
- Wait.
Together? But Hetty said This is your plan? To coerce and manipulate kids? I told you I would use the FBI's own methods against them.
- They'll die.
- And my point will be made.
You don't have a point.
You've lied to me and you've lied to yourself.
You just can't admit it.
It's okay.
They're with me.
Eric, how far away is the truck? Turning onto Inglewood.
Four minutes out.
I need you to stay here, make sure the FBI - doesn't take those boys out.
- On it.
- What's the plan? - Keep everyone alive.
This is your chance, Shah.
This is your chance to take responsibility for these boys, for what happens to them.
This is your chance to be better than your enemy.
Look at them.
You're not about revenge, you're also not about teaching us a lesson.
So, what are you about? There.
That's them.
Get alongside them.
You believe your nephew deserves more of a chance.
You believe that all of these young, misguided kids deserve that.
I do too.
Call them.
- Tell them to stop this.
- I can't.
They don't have a phone.
I told them not to take one.
I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
Well, I guess this really is in Allah's hands.
Out the window.
Good choice.
All right.
Watch it.
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
I'm putting the gun down.
Jonathan, right? Omar? - Guys, my name is Sam.
- We got a bomb.
We'll blow it.
Jonathan, you got a problem.
You're not gonna complete your mission.
The agents up ahead, they're going to shoot you and your brother before you make it.
On my command, you take them out.
- You do realize they're teenagers.
- With a car full of explosives.
I'm just saying give Sam time to do his job.
Detective Deeks, if that truck reaches our driveway I'm doing what needs to be done.
The man who put you up to this, this is for his own personal vendetta.
This has nothing to do with your beliefs.
He's taking advantage of you.
You two have a mother, right? What would she think if you do this? You got your whole lives ahead of you.
- On my mark.
- No.
Sam is in the line of fire.
- Get him out.
- Sam is in the line of fire.
No, no.
Give your brother a chance.
Jonathan, give yourself a chance.
You don't have to do this.
- They're stopping.
- Hold your fire.
It's okay, Jonathan.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
They lived, but their lives are over.
Just like your nephew's.
That's on you.
Take him.
You ignored my request.
Well, we're partners and partners work together.
So Detective Jacqueline Rivera, Internal Affairs.
Why didn't you tell me? I didn't want to worry you, Mr.
Deeks, until I knew more.
So do you know more now? It would seem that the L.
, either on their own or with some outside influence, has decided to open an investigation into you.
Why? What for? For now, they seem to be playing their cards very close to the vest.
And make no mistake, they're hunting and they will use everything they have against you.
I will protect you both the best I can.
But if there is anything else that the L.
Can use against you, Mr.
Deeks, now is the time to speak up.
There's nothing.
All right.
Go home, both of you.
Watch the shadows.
This is just beginning.
Oh, bugger.

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