NCIS Los Angeles s06e19 Episode Script

Blaze of Glory

KB-9E delivers the most advanced technology for engaging both mobile and stationary enemy targets.
New capabilities include enhanced supersonic speed and extended antiradar frequency coverage.
- All missile test systems active.
- Sea range is clear.
Telemetry and guidance at 100 percent.
- Good to go.
- It's showtime, admiral.
Launching in five, four, three, two, one.
Now, that is one beautiful sight.
I have a solid green board.
High-def WIA for BDA.
Target acquired.
GPS tracking flight path.
Missile now approaching.
Mach 2.
I have a course-deviation anomaly.
Engage backup system.
- It's just a hiccup.
- Ninety degrees off course.
Manually intervene and redirect.
That's unusual.
Sensors detecting a new destination.
- Unknown vessel.
- What the hell? - Unable to override speed.
- Break target lock.
- Missile's not in sync with our systems.
- Abort.
Send destruct code now.
- Not accepting my signal.
- Missile feed blocked.
- It's a civilian cabin cruiser.
- Good God.
Do something.
Top of the morning to you.
You know what I got for you? I got you a wee gift.
A gift of good luck.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- A little late for St.
Patrick's Day.
But it's after the holiday so everything's 80 percent off.
- Including the green beer? - Yep.
A little time shift, you get much more bang for your buck.
Which is why I celebrate Halloween on November 2nd.
It's why I celebrate Christmas on December 27.
- Valentine's Day? - Don't ask.
Twice the flowers, twice the chocolate, - quarter the price.
- You get any leprechauns? - Oh, I hope not.
- You got a thing about leprechauns? I saw the movie when I was little and had nightmares for a year.
No, the Leprechaun wasn't so bad.
Chucky was much worse.
I don't understand why they make movies that traumatize kids in the first place.
Actually, according to Bruno Bettelheim, stories that involve the darkness of abandonment, injury, and death allow children to grapple with their own fears in remote and symbolic ways that lead to emotional growth and better prepare them for adulthood.
What, am I the only student of psychology here? No, no, no.
Thank you, Dr.
But you must admit a little evil leprechaun running around, pretty disturbing, no? Aye, gather round.
There's work to be done.
Come here till I tell you.
Deeks, that was an awesome sale.
I rest my case.
Two hours ago, defense contractor ADRD conducted a guided-missile test for the Navy.
The intended destination was this target vessel off the Channel Islands.
Well, it was a perfect launch, and then the engineers found themselves in quite a pickle.
Engineers in a pickle.
That never ends well.
Unfortunately, they lost control of the missile, deviated off course.
- Oh, man.
- Was anybody on board? One of many unanswered questions.
We're concerned that the missile's guidance system has been hacked.
And if it has, we need to find out if other Navy weapon systems have been compromised.
No time to lose, Mr.
Find who did this and shut them down.
- Got it.
- I wonder if it's the crew that hacked CENTCOM in January.
Those were Twitter and YouTube accounts.
These weapon systems are extremely secure.
FBI thought that too until their terrorist training scenarios were hacked last month.
Find out what Mission Control has to say.
- On it.
- Got it.
An off-course missile doesn't score a direct hit like that unless someone wanted to sink that boat.
It's a Coast Guard case.
Let's find out what they drag up from the deep.
We've got Coast Guard and Navy dive teams in the water.
- Any human remains? - Not yet.
Let's hope it stays that way.
Cabin cover snaps were in place.
Good indicator that nobody was on board.
- What kind of boat? - Phillips 32.
Hundreds of them in Southern California.
Any registration number? So far we've got a five and a J.
In no particular order.
I'd like to buy a vowel.
Waterproof case.
That is not what you expect to find on a weekend pleasure craft.
It's 100 times more potent than morphine.
Forty-eight vials.
That's gotta have a street value of 20 grand.
- Drug dealers.
- They do have enemies.
You know any drug dealers that can hack a guided missile? You're the first to arrive.
FBI and Homeland Security are on their way.
You found evidence that your system was hacked? We have malicious code embedded in our software.
You figure out how it got into your system? We have state-of-the-art network security with advanced encryption, multi-layer perimeter defense and intrusion detection.
- This could've been an inside job.
- Yeah.
We're putting every single workstation under the microscope.
You have any disgruntled employees - or workers that were recently fired? - No.
This is a good company.
Excuse me.
Peter, we have something.
Last week, Doug got an e-mail inviting him to a military R & D conference in Oahu.
It looked legit.
But the conference doesn't exist.
The e-mail didn't come from the Navy.
I clicked on the agenda, which seemed to be in PDF format.
But actually contained an executable file that embedded software on his hard drive.
Software that could steal - his username and password? - Yes.
Giving them access to all the weapon systems.
That is the likely possibility.
I wonder who else clicked on that e-mail.
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines? Houston, we got a problem.
- G's in the wrong place.
- Yeah? Where do you want me? - Not you.
The letter.
- Aha.
- Should be before the numbers.
- Got a T.
- We're missing two numbers.
- Should be good enough for the twins.
Eric, Nell, do your thing.
Oh, I'm working it.
Searching the DMV right now.
What do you got there? - A little snack, in case we're hungry.
- Mm.
Just the green ones? - Yeah, left over from St.
Patty's Day.
- Interesting.
Food in Ops.
Hetty know about this? - Got it.
Hey, Callen? - What do you got, Nell? So the exploding boat is registered to one Stanley Maslow, DDS.
DDS? He's a dentist.
- We got an address.
- Eric, are you eating in Ops? - No? - Ha, ha.
He lives in Simi Valley.
You guys can be there in 30 minutes.
- I hate the drive to Simi Valley.
- I hate dentists.
Hey, you're lucky.
I usually play tennis on my morning off.
- Please, have a seat.
- No, that's fine.
Thank you.
- So, how can a dentist help the Navy? - Well, it's about your boat.
There was a missile test this morning and I'm sorry to say that something went wrong and your boat was hit.
- Damaged? - Destroyed.
How is that possible? And what the hell is the Navy doing testing a missile in Marina del Rey? - Marina del Rey? - Yeah, that's where it's docked.
Do you have any idea what that boat is worth? I did upgrades.
Maslow, your boat wasn't at the marina.
- It was off the Ventura coastline.
- That's impossible.
Oh, my God.
My son's been living on that boat.
He's a college student.
Spends school nights down there and comes home on the weekends.
Oh, thank God.
He's okay.
"All-nighter, big project, crashed on friend's sofa.
" Okay.
So how the hell did my boat get from the marina to the Ventura coast? Well, that's something we're gonna have to figure out.
Do you have any enemies, Dr.
Maslow? Not that I know of.
I get along pretty well with everyone.
What about your son? He have any enemies? My son? Look, Wyatt's a bit of a loner.
He has been since his mother died.
I'm very sorry.
He's thrown himself into his work.
Look, he rubs people the wrong way, I get that, but not enough for anyone to wanna kill him.
One other thing, we found some fentanyl in the wreckage.
I'm a volunteer dentist for the Smile Squadron.
Yeah, we cruise down to Ensenada and give free dental work to the poor.
Fentanyl's used for wisdom teeth extractions, stuff like that.
You left narcotics unattended? It was locked up in the hold with 20 other boxes of supplies.
And the boat was docked behind a locked gate in the marina.
At least it was last time I saw it.
Sure hope the Navy's got deep pockets.
Don't like dentists.
His boat is more important than his son.
That fentanyl story, very sketchy.
- Better keep an eye on this guy.
- MTE.
"My thoughts exactly.
" I text with my daughter.
Come on.
There he is.
That's our guy.
- Deeks.
- Yeah.
- Wyatt Maslow? - Detective Deeks, L.
This is Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS.
My dad told me to expect you.
Sorry, I can't shake hands.
Did you make this? It's stunning.
Quite the master with the X-Acto knife, huh? You should see what I can do with a 3D printer.
- When were you last at the marina? - Yesterday morning.
Uh, left the boat about 7 a.
, I guess.
How did it end up in Ventura? We're gonna review the security footage.
You know anyone that would wanna hurt you? No.
I mean, I don't know, maybe.
What does that mean, "maybe"? Well, there's this one guy, Josh.
Uh, Joshua Pettiford.
What's going on with him? My ex-roommate.
Computer science major.
He's the reason I had to move on to my dad's boat.
- You two weren't getting along? - Total slob.
Up every night till 3 a.
Snores like a jackhammer.
I tried but I couldn't.
After months of fighting over everything, I finally moved out of the dorm.
And for that you think he'd blow up your boat? The guy's got mad computer skills and he's totally unstable.
Computer skills.
Okay, like what, like hacking? Day and night.
Where's his dorm room? You might wanna pick up some hazmat suits first.
Want a slurp? - No, thanks.
- Mint is healthy for you.
In Spanish it's called yerba buena, which is the "good herb.
" Hm.
You really think there's some real mint in there? That's all artificial flavoring and coloring.
- Blue and yellow F, D and C.
- Fresh, delicious, curative.
Artificial coloring is made from petroleum, G.
- Petroleum.
- Makes it go down easier.
It also keeps my joints very lubricated.
Your green artery's clogged.
New purchase.
No plates.
Yeah, that's probably not a housekeeper.
Definitely doesn't look like FedEx.
- Notary? Realtor? - Or a drug runner.
Eat up your spinach, Popeye.
We're on the move.
Driver, turn the engine off, throw the keys out the window.
- Not again.
- What the hell? Going for the keys.
Now, open the door from the outside, showing me both hands, sir.
Passenger too.
Good, good.
Now walk backwards slowly as possible, gentlemen.
We're federal agents.
My badge is in my right back pocket.
And we're both armed.
- My apologies, gentlemen.
- Satisfied? We had a rash of burglaries and you've been parked here for over an hour.
We were on a stakeout.
Okay, well, can we offer any assistance? I think you've done enough already.
Joshua Pettiford? - Oh.
- Wow.
Yeah, Wyatt was not exaggerating.
This is bringing back some happy memories.
Oh, my gosh, you lived like this in college? For a second there, I thought I was back in your bedroom.
Got a laptop on the desk.
Okay, let's see here.
What do you think of that? Revolutionary War flag.
Well, he's either a well-rounded student of American history, or he's a card-carrying member of the Tea Party.
- Wh? - What the hell? It's a brand-new flash drive.
- Oh! - Ah, shoo.
Whoa! Really? Bet he didn't buy that at the App Store.
Security cameras in the marina didn't record after midnight.
When they came back on at 6 a.
, the boat was gone.
Bad guys are covering their tracks.
What about the software from the defense contractor? The hack has the trademark of an online group that call themselves Disavow.
They're anonymous hackers, but we have a chat-room tip to a possible local member who just so happens to be Josh Pettiford.
Exploding thumb-drive dude just bought himself a trip to the boatshed.
- Have to find him first.
- No.
To nail this guy, we need to infiltrate his group, which is always easier said than done.
Well, I wouldn't mind a little undercover Forget it, Beale.
You're too old.
Okay, so then, I guess it's my Listen, with all due respect, these are students, we need some fresh blood.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to meet Blaze Talcott from Stanford University.
She's an expert in network security.
- Hi.
- So just to clarify, you brought a student here? Blaze interned with NCIS Monterey, and she has a job waiting at Quantico's Cyber Division when she graduates.
- You're a senior in college? - Crazy, right? Just what this mission needs.
I'm sorry, but isn't this software controlled material? Her clearance exceeds yours, Miss Jones.
- All right, then.
- Well, let's all get to work.
I'm tech operator Eric Beale.
- I've heard all about you.
- Oh, yeah? Oh, cool fingernails.
Something to look at when you're writing code all day.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Intelligence analyst Nell Jones.
And you must be Kensi and Deeks? - Yes, we are.
Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
How you doing? - So, Blaze, that's some nickname.
- Uh, it's not a nickname.
I was conceived at a Bon Jovi concert.
- Oh.
That explains it.
- Been there.
Great, so let's begin by brainstorming some techniques to get Blaze inserted.
- Uh, sure.
- Great.
So the hackers will take over your computer and search through every byte.
We'll prep a laptop with Hacker code, illegally downloaded songs, pirated software and porn.
- Did you just say porn? - She definitely said porn.
- Gotta be legit.
- To be honest, I kind of like this girl.
They'll insist I turn my camera on.
All right, kids, let's put on a show.
Thank you, Kaleidoscope.
We got the Mini from Simi Valley, Eric.
No problem.
You know what? I'm I'm gonna stay out here in case she comes out.
I'll just wait.
They're not real clowns.
They're just little puppet clowns.
- Wonderful.
- Ha, ha.
Don't worry.
It has to be dark for them to come to life.
You hope.
Could you just not do that? Could you just not? All right, good job, everybody.
That's it for today.
See you guys next week.
Class at 2:00.
Thanks, Alex.
Excuse me, miss? Special Agents Hanna, Callen, NCIS.
- And you are? - Malee.
Malee Vipada.
- That's an interesting puppet.
- From Thailand.
Like me.
I understand you know a Stanley Maslow? - Dentist from Simi Valley.
- I don't really know him.
But you did go to his house today.
Well, his son, Wyatt, is my boyfriend.
He left blueprints at my apartment, I was just dropping them off.
Anything unusual going on in Wyatt's life these days? No.
I mean, he's a pretty solid guy.
What about his old roommate, Josh? Oh, my God.
Complete and total freak.
- Josh was the TA in my CS class.
- Computer science? Yeah.
I'm a theater major, but they make us take Coding for Poets.
Josh helped me with my homework a few times.
What makes him a freak? A, he never bathed, and B, he took my phone when I wasn't looking.
Took selfies for me to discover.
He texted himself and acted like I started it.
Well, maybe that's his way of flirting with you.
Uh, no, thank you.
But I mean, through Josh, I met Wyatt, so it's all good.
Hey, sorry, Malee, can you help us pack up? Yeah.
Gotta get back.
Maybe Josh is the jealous type.
So get back at the competition the only way he knows how.
With a top-secret Navy missile? Beale, love what you've done with the place.
All right, show him the code for the JPL hack.
It's amazing.
After five minutes of hack chat, Josh took the bait.
They've already moved to a private site.
He loves my zero-day and man-in-the-middle attack.
- Way to go, Eric.
- Couldn't have done it without you.
Am I detecting a scent of chemistry here? Mm.
Are you kidding me? She's like a little sister.
I'm training a junior agent.
This is the educational process.
- Right.
- So you don't think she's hot? She's not my type.
- Guys, he wants my camera on.
- All right.
Quiet on the set, please.
- Really? - Always wanted to say that.
- Hello there.
- Wow.
You sure write some killer code.
Tip of the iceberg.
Who can I put on the TSA no-fly list for you? Seriously? All right, let me ask you a question.
Blaze away.
If an attacker does a scan looking for open TCP ports, can all of the packets use a spoofed IP address? Ooh, ah, that's a tricky one.
You know what, why don't you tell him that? No.
Any SYN/ACK responses to the TCP SYN segments go to the spoofed address.
Open TCP ports are not detected.
We should meet.
Look out for a text.
- Yes.
- We did it.
That's all very educational.
Oh, yes.
I'm learning a few things too.
We could have played online.
Well, it's better in person.
All right, now, given a random array of numbers, implement a merge-sort function to arrange in ascending order.
You want me to write code while playing chess? And telling me why you don't have much of an online presence after high school.
I value my privacy.
Don't you? All right, code away, Blaze.
I'll handle the chess.
Looks like he's trying a Danish Gambit.
Respond with E5 and BC4.
Looks like the signal to shut up.
My turn.
Who started Disavow? A guy named Isaac, but no one really knows his true identity.
He's a bit of a legend.
What happens if I join you? I mean, it's like climbing Mount Everest.
I mean, we just do it because it's there, you know? Not for evil or for money.
Here's your code.
Sorry to bother you guys, we're in from out of town.
Do you know if there's a? Is there a bike shop close to here? Yeah, we got a flat and our, uh, rental shop is a few miles away, so You can try the place after the playground.
- Oh, sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Why do you even wear a helmet? That head of yours could crack cement.
I don't think this is the time.
We got a flat because he insisted on going through the grass when I said there'd be thorns.
There's glass in the parking lot because since when do palm trees have thorns? The palm stem is scandent because of the rugged, hooked prickles that could shed.
- I minored in botany.
- You also majored in bother-me.
You're funny.
Maybe you should audition at The Comedy Store while I go shop at Rodeo? We gotta capture all the sights, you know what I mean? Only two days left on the honeymoon.
Things are going well, I think, so far.
- Sorry, can you hand me my pop? - Soda.
- Really? Really? - Where's your head? Who did I marry? - Really? - What did I marry? Huh? Oh, my gosh.
This is nice.
With two versions, Python and C++? Wasn't sure which one you wanted.
Hey, my laptop.
- Stop.
- Come on, Kens.
Whoa, heh, Deeks.
You're not gonna catch him.
- Why did you give us a flat tire? - It was our justification for stopping.
You should've listened to me.
We could've said bad brakes.
No, we had to sell it visually, all right? And he totally bought it.
- Are we still in character? - Great.
Go, go! - What else was in that backpack? - Everything to keep her safe.
Then we have a problem.
So nothing threatening from Josh to Wyatt? Nothing.
Wyatt asks Josh to clean up the room.
- Josh replies in one word.
- Well, if you're smart, never put anything in a text that can come back and bite you.
However, between Malee and Wyatt, a plethora of lovey-dovey emojis.
"Miss you, miss you, wanna kiss you"? Oh.
Young love.
Just got a message from the Coast Guard Marina del Rey.
It looks like the Point Dume cameras got the boat on night-vision.
They're currently working on enhancement.
We'll check it out.
Kensi and Deeks have Josh covered? Yes, the GPS tracker is in place and we were able to clone the thumbprint using the soda bottle.
- Good.
- And Josh admitted to Blaze that it was his crew that stole her backpack.
They went through it with a fine-toothed comb and she's in the club.
- Keep us posted.
- This way.
- Here you go.
- Really? You could've just asked me.
More fun this way.
So Jeremy actually bought the place last August.
- How can you afford a house? - A little help from Roller Raccoon.
My gaming app for the smartphone.
Should have called it Cash Cow.
- Hey-o.
- Hey-o.
I went to school with a thousand guys like these two.
- Smart? Successful? - Try "dorky.
" So I mean, living room's a cool place to just sort of chill, kick back, write some code, or you power up on nutrition, or caffeine, got energy drinks.
Whoa, critically low on chips.
Food run.
- Nice ride.
- Yeah? Borrow it any time you want.
Well, uh, why don't you make yourself at home? You wanna play a little "Battlefield Hardline"? Agh, I shouldn't.
I don't wanna see you cry when I kick your ass.
Yeah, prepare to die.
Okay, the scooter's clear.
Cueing the car.
- You hear that? - Yeah.
Are you okay? Don't move.
Don't move, sweetheart.
- Help.
Hi, help me.
- Ow! - Should I call 911? - I got it.
- Just help me get the bike off him.
- Yeah, yeah, okay.
I think I have internal injuries, I can't feel my spleen.
- Eric, are you there? - Loud and clear.
Found the defense contractor hack in Josh's computer.
I just sent it.
- Got it.
- Great work.
The cloned thumbprint opened all the files.
Even the locked ones.
- Who you talking to? - No one.
- Are you a cop? - No.
Are you wearing a wire? Let me see.
Come on, let me see.
Let me see it.
Stop it, you're hurting me.
- Kensi, Deeks - Move in.
I swear, I'll kill you if you're a cop.
- Freeze.
- Federal agents.
Was that necessary? You guys weren't really in a bike accident, were you? It turns out my spleen is gonna be fine.
I've never seen this before.
I didn't write it, I didn't send it.
I don't know how it got on my computer.
- We know how much you hate Wyatt.
- He was a neat freak.
We didn't get along, okay? I don't hate him.
But when he started going out with Malee, you got jealous.
Oh, my God.
Look, Malee is a pain-in-the-ass code kitten, all right? She used to beg me for homework help.
He can have her.
- You left selfies on her phone.
- Yeah, she asked me to take them.
So what you're telling us is you didn't want a relationship with her? Why would I waste my time and money with a girlfriend - when the Internet is full of free porn? - That's a valid point.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What are you doing on my laptop? - Seriously? Josh and Isaac, the leader of Disavow, have been fighting in the back room of their Dark website.
- How did you get in the back room? - You gave me the password, fool.
Josh wants to use their hacking skills for a political agenda.
To expose government and corporate corruption.
Okay, I'm actually making a difference here.
Wow, look at you, Dudley Do-Right.
But Isaac wants to keep it pure.
So hacking for hacking's sake.
Josh was winning folks over and they were turning against Isaac.
Guys, something new here.
The code on Josh's computer was planted by Isaac.
You can see it in the coding patterns.
Well, that's interesting.
So it seems that Isaac planted the software on your computer to frame you.
Oh, really? Wow, thanks.
Okay, so we done here? Will you guys leave? And by the way, you're never gonna find Isaac.
You're never gonna find him.
Oh, ye of little faith.
We've unraveled Isaac's encrypted, relayed messages twice around the world.
Turns out Isaac is a young man we've all heard of.
A young man by the name of Wyatt Maslow.
Hello, Isaac.
By the way, I'm in awe of your talent.
Not too many people can hack a guided missile.
I was never going to do it.
I've never, ever caused any harm with a hack.
It goes against my philosophy.
It's just a hobby.
What happened? Josh drive you crazy as a roommate? Yeah, was Josh gonna take over Disavow? - No.
- Then why? Malee begged me to do it.
- I had to defend her honor.
- You had to defend her honor? They were doing homework and Josh gave her a drink.
She got sleepy.
Next thing she knows, he's on top of her, kissing her, pulling her pants down.
And he would've raped her if she didn't fight back.
Did she file a police report? She knew they'd just screw up the investigation and Josh would walk.
She said that her plan was the only sure way to send him to jail.
And you went along with this? Is Malee your first girlfriend? You must really be in love.
I would do anything for her.
Oh, what a sociopath.
Look, I never touched her, okay? Why would Malee make up a story like that? Look, I don't know, all right? I mean, he's just as crazy as him.
Sounds like we need to spend some quality time with Malee.
Callen and Sam need to hear this.
Go ahead, Eric.
Blaze had some doubts about Malee's heritage and appearance.
Her nose and cheekbones.
So we dug a little deeper.
Turns out her Thai passport is a fake.
Malee's real name is Taman Budiano and she's from Jakarta.
Her parents were killed by the police there in 200ç.
Members of Jemaah Islamiyah.
Group that bombed the stock exchange, embassies, hotels.
She tried to steal the military hack off Josh's computer.
- Yeah, but it wasn't there.
- Which is why she ditched you and jumped in bed with Wyatt.
- Blaze did pretty good.
- No, Blaze did great.
Where is she? Isn't she with you? No.
We sent her back to Ops hours ago.
Malee would never do that.
Did you hack any other Navy systems? - Did you? - I guess.
- Which ones? - Lasers, rail guns.
- Was she ever alone with your laptop? - Maybe, but there's nothing on it.
There's a portable hard drive in a safe in my dad's house.
Did you tell her about it? Where are we, Eric? Kaleidoscope and facial rec firing on all cylinders.
- Kensi and Deeks en route to Malee's.
- What about Blaze? Coms are dead, not responding to texts.
Where's the safe, Wyatt? It's in the bedroom down the hall, on the left.
Check the kitchen.
Dad? Dad? Sorry, Wyatt.
Why would? Oh, my God.
He didn't do anything.
With that software, terrorists could destroy just about anything.
Including the entire Pacific Fleet.
I need an update on Malee's apartment, Mr.
The place is empty.
Almost like she moved out.
Her car's missing too.
Looks like they left in a hurry.
That security camera's been smashed.
See if you can find anything, Eric.
Got the mirror of a motor scooter.
Like the one at the Venice house.
- We hear anything from Blaze? - Nothing yet.
I got bad news that's about to get worse.
I got an earwig that's crushed.
And that's definitely one of ours.
They ditched the scooter.
Why would Blaze go after Malee on her own? The girl's resourceful, but that would be way out of line.
I've seen Blaze in action.
She could kick Malee's butt.
One-on-one, yes, but in this case she was outnumbered.
Put your hands up! Let's just hope that they've taken her as a hostage.
Okay, I've got them on a traffic camera, 1st and Beaudry.
That's two blocks from the theater where Malee studies.
We got eyes on the Mini.
Looks like somebody's home.
Malee's got two guys with her.
And one possible hostage.
They didn't have time to complete the data transfer.
How many of these creepy things you think they got in here? There's gotta be hundreds, maybe thousands.
It's a good place to hide a hard drive.
Agh! - Where's Malee? - I'll cover the exit.
- Federal agents.
Drop your weapons.
- We walk or the girl dies.
Don't hurt her.
Now! Cuff him.
Malee's on the run.
She's headed into Vista Hermosa Park.
We'll try to get eyes on her.
Searching traffic cams and satellites.
Is this a park or a jungle? We've gotta split up.
Hey, watch it.
West trail's clear, Sam.
No sign of her.
Got her.
- Crossing the lower field.
- On it.
Federal agents.
Hey, what? Drop your weapon.
I don't have a shot, Sam.
Drop your weapon.
- Please, please.
- Let him go.
You gonna patch that back up? They got a show tonight.
Another op'nin', another show In Philly, Boston or Baltimo'e A chance for stage folks To say hello Another op'nin' of another show Another job that you hope that lasts Why did Hetty wanna meet us here? I don't know.
Reward for a job well done? Maybe she just wanted to torture Sam.
Come with me, everybody Four weeks You rehearse and rehearse Hey, Beale.
Everyone, gather round.
So I wanted you all to experience a bit of L.
You know, when I first saw Mr.
Baker perform, I think I was about 5 years old.
It was at a little girl's birthday party given at the home of Judy Garland.
You were playmates with Liza Minnelli? It was quite the soirée.
Tonight, we'll toast with something wholesome for a change.
- Yes.
- Thank you very much.
- Now we're talking.
- Nice.
- And one for you.
And one for you, sir.
- Thank you.
- And one for Hetty.
- No ice cream for you? No.
I'm just going to go meet Blaze and some of her friends from SWE.
- The Society of Women Engineers? - Nell, it's just coffee.
I'm gonna talk to them about careers in CS.
- It's like a mentoring thing.
- Really? That's your story? Yeah.
- Have fun.
- See you.
Burning the midnight oil, are we? Just retrofitted the drone with infrared.
So how was Blaze? She's ready to move on.
To Quantico, I mean.
Fully trained.
So you met her friends? They were busy texting.
I mainly talked to her dad.
He's an electrical engineer.
Blaze thought that he and I have a lot in common, like we could be friends.
Seriously, that guy's gotta be, like, 45 years old.
Hey, I'm sorry.
It's all right.
- Can I fly that? - Heh.
Go for it.
But be careful.
I'm serious.
You're gonna need this.
Yes, ma'am.
- Why so many buttons? - Guess you haven't done it in a while.
Five-point-five channel requires a new skill set.
So it takes a little time and understanding.
All right, so you still have your standard throttle, yaw and elevator function, but aileron and collective pitch.
Ready? - Ahh.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- Whoa! So cool.
- All right, easy, Maverick.
Let's just Let's just hover.
And All right, easy.
Okay, I'm letting go.
You've got this.
- All right, all right.
- Tilt left.
More throttle.
Losing altitude.
Tilt up, not toward the ground.
- Unh! Agh.
- Ow.
Damn it.
Guess we got hacked again.

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