NCIS Los Angeles s06e24 Episode Script

Chernoff, K.

We use these coins to identify refugees wanting to escape from Russia.
Who gave the refugees the coins? - My father? - Possibly.
You brokered a deal to supply a supertanker to break our economic sanctions with Russia.
I am broker, middle man.
Ivan Karposev is the kind of man you don't double-cross and live to tell the tale.
- Her name's Anna.
- She is my daughter.
Karposev took her with him.
- Where? - To Russia.
Karposev's holding Anna hostage.
We don't wanna spook him.
He's got three bodyguards up here with him.
Anybody got eyes on them? Negative.
It's all quiet back here.
They're firing on Karposev and Anna.
- Move.
- Moving.
- He's down.
- Move.
He's gone.
We'll take the SUV, go after Karposev and Anna.
All right, we got the runner.
The satellite uplink is secure.
This is what we've got so far.
When the team arrived at the cabin to secure Ivan Karposev and Anastasia Kolcheck, they ran into a hit squad that was there to take out Karposev.
And Anna fled with Karposev? It was a no-win situation.
She either runs with the man that kidnapped her, or stays and gets gunned down.
Now, Hetty, I don't have IDs on the shooters, but the three dead in front of the house were Karposev's bodyguards.
Now, maybe the hit squad was a group of Karposev's men that turned on him to take the stolen oil for themselves.
We're not sure.
And where are Callen and Sam? There are westbound on Krasnaya Presnya near the zoo.
They don't have a visual on Karposev or Anna.
And Miss Blye and Mr.
Deeks? They're about 2 kilometers into the forest, still tracking the last hit squad shooter.
The team's encrypted trackers are working, but I'm blind.
The Kremlin's CCTV system is on lockdown.
- I can hack it, but - Henrietta.
This kitchen is bare.
I understand, Mr.
Keep me posted.
- Got it.
- Good luck.
No food.
Just loose teas, Scotch, vodka.
You must own this apartment.
You don't let anything get past you, do you, Arkady? Can I ask you why you keep an apartment in Moscow? I won it in a poker game in 1992.
It has been remodeled since.
It was purposely rebuilt and stocked with weapons for times like this.
Furniture is dated.
You begged to come to Moscow to look for your daughter Anna.
And now? You're here, you want to talk about interior design? It is conversation.
I don't want conversation from you.
I want information about the stolen oil and the people who stole it.
You were lonely in school.
I was the queen of the prom, sweetheart.
What you doing? Same thing I was doing five minutes ago, the last time you asked.
I'm trying to figure out who these guys are that came after Karposev and Anna.
Check it out.
I got a hit from Interpol on facial rec.
Looks like the guys who came after them in Russia were from Northern Ireland.
They're mercenaries.
Karposev's men didn't turn on him.
These guys were hired to take him out.
Yeah, but hired by who? Yeah.
All right, Beale, you're up and running.
Full access to the Kremlin's closed circuit surveillance system.
You got it for 30 hours.
What? Really? Just say thank you.
Thank you, and how the heck were you able to pull this off? - Because I'm me.
- Swag.
And no fingerprints, Beale.
You get caught, I'll have to turn you over to the Russians to avoid an international incident.
- All right? - Ooh.
Somebody wanted Karposev out of the way so they'd have $80 million in oil free and clear.
Yeah, exactly.
It's not the Moscow of old.
You good being back here? Why wouldn't I be? It's where your family's from.
It's your history.
That's a pretty thin book.
Guys, I got a hit on Karposev's Porsche.
It's in an alley off Rybniy.
Thanks, Eric.
Take this turn.
Drop it.
Anastasia Kolcheck.
- Put the weapon down.
- Shut up.
I'm a United States federal agent.
Put the gun down.
You first.
I'm here to help you.
Put it down.
Do you wanna die today? I said put it down.
Your father sent us.
I don't have a father.
Arkady Kolcheck? We're his friends.
I'm more of an acquaintance.
Then take me to him.
You said Arkady would be here.
My beautiful daughter.
Hey, I'm here to help.
These men who saved you, I brought them.
They didn't save me.
We didn't save her.
I was kidnapped by a psychopath, held hostage, brought to Moscow.
If I didn't kill Karposev, he was going to keep me.
Like a pet.
It was not my fault that that happened.
Not your fault? I had nothing to do with this.
They only took me because I'm your daughter.
Anna, please.
Um, I'm Henrietta Lange.
Would you please have a cup of tea with me in the kitchen? I don't think anything's gonna get resolved here for a while.
That did not work out how I thought it would.
No, but it was so fun to watch.
Maybe if you two had saved her.
We found Anna.
Now it's on you to lead us to the oil.
- I know a guy.
- He knows a guy.
That sounds promising.
He worked for me years ago at KGB.
He owes me his career.
- He will help.
- Call him.
Set it up.
Trail went cold.
Well, maybe he's holed up for the day.
He's been moving for three hours.
He's down.
Damn it, you killed him.
Um You're welcome.
We have to find out who he was working for, man.
He was shooting at you, repeatedly.
Maybe Eric and Nell can help.
All right, let's roll.
Again, you're welcome.
You seem like a nice enough person, but what you need, the questions you have, they're not my concern.
All right.
What about the people who kidnapped you? Karposev is dead.
You're looking for the people Karposev worked with.
People that, again, do not concern me.
Well You were born in Moscow, but hold dual citizenship with the U.
Your mother is from Champaign, Illinois, and she met your father He's not my father.
He's just a man that got my mother pregnant.
Where is this going? You were a homicide detective in Chicago.
Maybe I just like tropical weather.
Then you quit the Chicago P.
To work for the private sector.
Security, surveillance, kidnap and ransom.
The irony.
So you've worked predominantly for Russian corporate interests.
That's probably true.
But I believe two things about you.
At the edge of my seat.
I believe that you could help me find the sellers of the stolen oil.
- And? - And I believe you want to help me.
- Where is he? - He'll come.
- Why'd you choose this place to meet? - Old haunt.
I cringe at the thought of anyone viewing me as your protégé.
These men.
They can be trusted? They are with me.
You can trust them.
The latter does not bolster the former.
We're on the same page regarding Arkady.
I don't like him, but he's not wrong.
At one time I worked for him, and as painful as it is to admit, he saved my life.
A sacrifice I would make again in a heartbeat, Pavel.
You were the reason those men were there to kill me in the first place.
Look, if you can help us, it would be greatly appreciated.
It's best you don't know which agency I'm working for, but trust that my informants are reliable, hm? I don't know who's handling the sale of the stolen oil now that Karposev is dead.
But I recently learned of a number of international parties entering Moscow.
Parties whose affiliations have a history of buying oil on the black market.
Do these parties have names? That is all I know.
We will not ever meet again.
Does anyone in Russia like you? These are anomalies.
- You know I'm good-time guy.
- Mm.
Good-time guy.
Send these names to Ops.
I think we are finished here.
Why are we here? - To meet Pavel, of course.
- No.
You chose this location for a reason.
And now you're trying to decide whether or not you're gonna tell me that reason.
You know more than you're telling me about the identity of my father.
I never took you for sentimental type.
You may not have known he was my father at the time, but after Hans Schreiber was killed, you started to piece things together.
My father helped people escape from Russia.
You helped those same people set up new lives in America.
You worked together.
Follow me.
This cafe has had four owners in a little over 100 years.
But let me tell you what is most interesting about this cafe.
Throughout four owners and 100 years, they have managed to keep the same espresso machine.
They have been serving exact same cup of espresso for over 100 years.
And certain people are very loyal to this espresso.
Your father being one of them.
So my father had espresso here before he was incarcerated and sent off to the Gulag.
- What is your point? - Your father was sent to Gulag in 1974.
The man I worked with in Russia, that man continued to help refugees escape until 1988.
If this is another lie My father.
That was taken eight years after he was supposedly sent to Gulag.
- How did he escape? - I do not know.
- But you met him.
- Once, in this cafe.
He lived somewhere outside of town.
He used this cafe as makeshift office.
He took meetings here.
He wasn't known in Moscow.
Cafe like this, he'd be anonymous.
Maybe tradecraft.
Or maybe he just loves the espresso.
Eric's running the list of potential buyers that Pavel gave us.
Didn't expect to see you again.
Anna's decided that she's nothing like Arkady, and that she would like to help.
You know, I'm standing right here in the room.
I heard Karposev speaking about the sale of the oil.
It is going to be done on a secure satellite link.
All of the buyers are using anonymous representatives who will be put in separate rooms of the same large building.
What building? I don't know.
But if we find the buyers, we follow the buyers to the building.
Hetty, I just ID'd the man Kensi and Deeks shot.
His name is Eliot Asadi, and he was recently in Raqqa, Syria.
Don't tell me.
The CIA thinks that he's been training in Raqqa.
Hetty, he's a member of ISIS.
Whether Karposev knew it or not, he was working for ISIS.
There's no way ISIS was gonna cut him in on the profits.
Okay, so they send a hit squad after Karposev, but Anna beats them to it and kills him.
Look, however it played out, Ivan is dead.
ISIS has control of that oil.
And they're about to expand their war chest by $80 million.
Hey, check it out.
I was able to configure the Kremlin's CCTV feed to run through our facial rec software.
Nice work, Beale.
I've located the first group of oil buyers from the list Pavel gave us.
They're on the move in the Red Square area.
Hey, what about the group from Cameroon? Just arrived at Sheremetyevo.
All right, pass the info to Kensi and Deeks and I'll let Hetty know.
Copy that.
Trust her? No, but we know who all the buyers are.
If they all show up at the same spot, her story starts to check out.
Let me guess.
You don't trust me.
Good instincts.
But you need me.
Need is a strong word.
If I play nice, Hetty agreed to help me find a job in the States.
What happened to your whole army-of-one thing? Just a walkabout, an experiment.
Maybe we all do better as part of a tribe.
Tribes operate on trust.
You came here with Arkady.
Ever stop to think that it's me who doesn't trust you? Mr.
Callen, Mr.
You and Arkady should go to the hotel, get Beale hooked into their surveillance system.
What hotel? The buyers from China just arrived at the Red Street Hotel.
G and I can hit the hotel.
I need you to meet up with Kensi and Deeks.
They're gonna divert the Cameroon buyers while the three of you go into the hotel posing as the party from Cameroon.
The three of us? You, Sam and Anna.
So the representative of the buyer is Brice Nimbani.
He, along with his girlfriend and bodyguard, just arrived at Sheremetyevo Airport.
- Really? - This might be a stretch.
We're relying on the intel that we have.
The buyers' representatives are not known by the sellers.
I'm not gonna lie to you and say it's great but it's the best play we have.
And that's happening today? Well, that's very interesting, Eric.
Thank you.
What is funny? Oh, nothing.
Um, I just figured out how we're going to get access to the back.
Deeks and I are in position.
He does this, Arkady.
Pops into my life, blows it up and leaves.
It's not our business.
I'm not a crazy person.
That's good to know.
Hey, we should check out that back room.
It's a closed loop, Eric.
Information flows to me.
Got it.
What? You're using Eric's access to the Kremlin's system to dig up information about your father? - Look, Sam - G.
I'm not judging.
I get it, but if he sets off a red flag, it'll make our stay in Russia a little uncomfortable.
He had to have escaped during transport to the Gulag.
That's why there's no record of his death.
He escaped, he took a new name, he was home free.
He could've lived the rest of his life in peace - on a beach in South of France.
- He didn't leave.
Yeah, he made sure that other people had a chance to escape also.
He was a good man.
Yeah, well, maybe he still is a good man.
There's nothing to say that he's dead.
G there's nothing to say he's still alive, either.
Cameroon buyers are secured.
So Eric designed a Trojan horse virus to give us the physical location of the sellers.
And if they didn't firewall properly, we could also locate the three ships carrying the oil.
- Sounds easy enough.
- Anything but.
The buyers' terminals aren't networked.
Data's sent via sat phone interface.
And for the virus to work, it's gotta be placed at all five buyers' terminals using these, ahem, USB drives.
And each one of those five terminals will be in a separate room of the hotel.
- Exactly.
- Wow.
It gets better.
In order for the virus to give us the physical location of the sellers, it must crash the auction.
- And when that happens - When that happens, the sellers run.
We lose them, we lose the oil.
ISIS will not resurface for the sale.
They may blow up the oil in a port city to make a statement.
Well, let's hope that Hetty can get Eric access to the hotel's surveillance cams.
Yeah, we're gonna need eyes in the sky on this one.
What am I doing here? No.
Singing? I don't sing.
From your diaphragm, Arkady.
Eh? Are we good, Eric? I have a signal.
One moment.
All right, I'm in.
I have full access to the hotel's security cameras.
- Mr.
- Yes.
I was told to tell you that your friends in Cameroon appreciate any hospitality that you could show us.
- We expected you earlier.
- We're here now.
Of course you are.
I've taken the liberty of putting you in Room 201.
Let's see how many thugs each buyer sent.
Good idea, then I'll track them and see which rooms they went into.
Got them.
Keep an eye out for the next set of buyers.
They're in Room 318.
All right.
We've got four minutes until the computer's live for the auction.
Auction begins, I insert the USB drive and download the virus.
Place a bid, and 60 seconds later, the jig is up.
I walk away.
That's about it.
Trust is based on actions, not words.
Nothing I can say to make you think different than you do.
You'll be able to hear and talk with the rest of the team.
Okay, guys, I've got the first set of rooms.
Room 318 and 401.
Good luck.
Callen, looks like the safest way to breach 318 is gonna be through the balcony, and Room 320 is being cleaned, so you can enter through there.
- Copy.
- Okay, Sam, Room 401.
It's a suite, and it's isolated.
Best bet is shock and awe straight through the front door.
- I got it, Nell.
Moving now.
- Okay, talk to me, Eric.
There it is.
Third room is 120.
Kensi, take 120.
It's a courtyard room with an exterior door.
- Copy that.
- Fourth room, here we go, 215.
Deeks, you're up.
Room 215.
It's a corner suite.
You're gonna wanna come at it from the third floor.
There's a window directly over 215's balcony.
On my way.
All right.
The goal for the next two minutes is to stay under the radar.
Gunfire is our last resort.
The team is in position.
All the drives are placed.
- Virus downloading.
- Good.
Hey Time to go.
Thank you.
And thank you.
Fifty seconds until the sellers know we're here.
Just amp up the pressure.
Sorry, just updating the team.
The virus is working, it's narrowing the field.
The sellers are on the same block as the hotel.
Thirty seconds.
Sellers aren't moving.
They're within 100 yards of the hotel.
We need to know the location of the sellers before they know their system's been compromised.
Again, not helping.
Get the team out of the hotel.
Standing by for the location.
- No, don't do that.
- What? The sellers are inside the hotel.
Room 190.
Guys, Room 190.
The sellers' signal's still active.
- They're still in the room.
- Yeah.
Eric, the room's empty.
Talk to me.
Where are they? - Searching now.
- We don't have a view of their door, but no one came down that hallway to the lobby.
Underground garage.
We've got three men just entered a black van.
Go, go.
Hold your fire.
How bad? Took a round in the abdomen, two in the right arm.
Losing lots of blood.
The politsiya are closing in.
I'll carry you.
Let's go.
They are almost here.
Leave me.
- That's not happening.
- Leave me.
If I am here, I can stall them.
I can give you some time.
We need to move.
I'll stay.
No, you cannot.
They will have too many questions for you.
Walk away.
All right.
Anna, come on.
Come on, please.
Let's go.
We're still looking, but, uh, Anna's in the wind.
My guess is she's using her own contacts to try and find Arkady.
Arkady is alive.
But he seems to be keeping his mouth shut.
Our names haven't been flagged.
Sam and I will stay back.
We'll locate him.
We'll get him out.
We've worn out our welcome here, Mr.
We're not gonna just leave him here.
Arkady has many friends here.
Friends that profit more when he's not in custody.
On a better note, Eric has the names of the ships carrying the stolen oil.
The Navy is en route to intercept and secure them.
This place is special to you.
I was married here.
What? The ceremony was here.
To who? It was all part of an undercover assignment.
And it meant nothing to you.
I know you asked Eric to look into information about your father.
If there's any chance my father's alive But I told Mr.
Beale not to look into it because I wanted to do it.
So the man whom Arkady dealt with in Russia until 1988 is named Konstantin Chernoff.
But there are no records of any man by that name before 1974.
The year Nikita Reznikov was sent to the Gulag.
My father escaped dropped the name Reznikov took the name Chernoff and Helped many, many people escape to the West.
He lived in Ruza, about an hour west of here.
Lived? Mr.
Your father died in 2008.
He's buried in the little town cemetery at Ruza.
I was here.
In Moscow, for years, when he was still alive.
I need to, ah - Hetty - Yes, go.
We leave tonight.
Let's go home.

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