NCIS Los Angeles s07e01 Episode Script

Active Measures

Aah! Leave me.
I can stall them.
Give you some time.
We're not gonna just leave him here.
Arkady has many friends here.
Agent Sabatino, CIA, Special Activities Division.
Yo, uh, Kirkin? What do you want? This is gonna sound funny, but we actually want to kill you.
The LAPD has decided to open an investigation into you.
I did my best.
This is all I got.
Don't even think about it.
What are you doing here? This guy had no I.
, no keys.
Prints didn't turn up anywhere.
You sure you don't know who he is? Then why was he following you? Maybe he was following you.
He wasn't following me.
He was following you.
I know, because I was following both of you.
And why was that? Stopped by your place for a beer after my workout just in time to see you, uh, leaving, looking like Deeks on a bad day.
I figured you were up to something.
May need backup.
Never crossed your mind you could just call me? If you wanted my help, you would have asked.
And yet here you are.
Just 'cause you didn't want my help doesn't mean you didn't need it.
Turns out I was right.
What the hell's going on? Following up a lead.
And? It's too early to tell.
Okay, cool.
You don't want to tell me.
Hetty's gonna want some answers.
I'll see you at work.
Ah, mm-hmm.
You're welcome for saving your life.
How long we going? It's hot out here.
No, no.
Not "we.
" I'm jogging.
You're on a bike.
It's not a bicycle, baby, it's a chopper.
Oh, my God! You are so ridiculous! Hi, Marty.
Hey, hi.
Who's that? I have no idea.
Oh, really? Then why did she know your name? I don't know.
Maybe she's a cop.
Oh, LAPD Bimbo Squad! You obviously have low blood sugar.
Maybe we should stop and get you some waffles.
No, no, no.
I have six more miles to go.
What, are you kidding me? Six more miles?! I told you not to come.
Morning, Marty.
Hey, hi.
How are you? I think that's the-the barista that works at the coffee shop next to the boatshed? That's probably how she knows my name.
She writes it on my latte.
Did you recognize her? No.
Yeah, I think her name is Cheryl.
That's how she knows me.
Listen, seriously, though? I'm getting light-headed.
Maybe we should stop, go back to that restaurant, Oh, my gosh.
They had a breakfast pasta You have to Listen to this.
Breakfast pasta that had both sausage and bacon.
You have to stop talking about food.
Why, 'cause you're hungry? Maybe.
'Cause I'm hungry, too.
You want to know why? 'Cause it's breakfast time.
And breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
It's scientifically proven.
It was written in the Bible, it said, - "Thou shall eat breakfast.
" - Marty! Hey! Party Marty! Hey, girls! Part-Party Marty.
That's a tough one.
Listen, so, long before I met you, Mm-hmm.
There Doesn't matter.
I love you.
I love you, too.
All right.
Party Marty.
No Oh, God! No! Sweet See, you know what that is? That's hunger-induced road rage! Any luck on the body? Not yet.
What about the vehicle Callen met? No, but we're widening our search.
Well, the guy I shot wasn't a vagrant.
So he wasn't from the area.
He must've drove there.
Then continued following Callen on foot just like I did, so search for any abandoned, impounded or ticketed cars nearby.
You got it.
Where are the others? Uh, Kensi and Deeks are on their way in.
What about Callen? Hasn't shown up yet.
What are you doing here? I could ask you the same question.
I live here.
Do you need something? An explanation would be nice.
I'm still working on that.
Work faster.
You suddenly don't trust me? It's not a question of trust.
It's, um, I-I don't enjoy being in the dark.
But you have no trouble keeping the rest of us there? Tread carefully, Mr.
You know, I need you to report to work immediately.
I'm taking some more vacation time.
I can't approve that.
Then consider it sick leave.
This conversation is not over, Mr.
You wanted to see me? Yeah.
I want to know what's going on with your partner.
I can't tell you.
Why not? 'Cause he's my partner, not my wife.
Okay, best guess.
I guess he doesn't think it's worth bothering us with.
Even though we've got an unidentified dead body? It was self-defense.
I certainly hope so.
We all have things that we work on on our own until we think it's worth getting the others involved.
He'll tell us when he's ready.
Well, I'm ready now.
So figure it out.
Don't worry about Callen.
I’m not.
Do I look worried? No.
You look annoyed.
Like always.
Well, if you keep it up, you're gonna get to see what I look like when I'm angry.
Nice shot.
What are you doing? Oh.
Please don't tell me that was loaded.
Of course not.
It's, uh, gun safety 101.
"Gun safety"? Yeah.
Uh, Hetty said I could start training with a weapon.
What would you recommend for me? A NERF gun.
Okay, you want to learn to use a weapon? I'll train you.
But you do what I say when I say it, all right? All right, copy that.
All right, now the first thing I need you to do is keep tabs on Callen for me.
Callen? Phone, credit card, passports, everything.
Callen Callen? What are you-- a parrot? You want me to spy on your partner? I didn't say anything about spying.
I want you to keep tabs on him.
Without his knowledge.
Does this have, um, Hetty's seal of approval? Yeah.
And I don't suppose it would matter if I felt uncomfortable doing this? Send me anything and everything to my phone.
And put these away before you hurt yourself.
As a you know what? I'll put these away.
Find Callen.
Hey, Sam? What about fighting? What? Will you teach me to fight, too? One thing at a time, grasshopper.
Find Callen.
Yes, Master Hanna.
Don't ever call me that.
It didn't feel right.
Okay? No, I understand protocol, Sergeant.
I'm just saying if anything comes up, you could just pass it along.
Yep, Mm-hmm.
You're incredibly helpful.
Okay, see you later.
Don't miss him.
Let me guess-- our boy doesn't match any missing persons and it hasn't been 24 hours, so blah, blah, blah, blah, blah? Wow, that's actually a direct quote.
So, I just found traffic camera footage from the corner of Grand and Wilshire at the time of the shooting.
Is that it-- the car Sam saw? Yep, and supposedly rented to a Jason Adams.
But I think we know him by a different name.
CIA Officer Vostanik Sabatino.
Why wouldn't Callen tell us he was meeting with Sabatino? More importantly, why would anyone name their kid Vostanik? I never understood that.
Pretty sure it's Armenian.
Yeah, that's no excuse.
Why wouldn't he just take him to the boatshed? Maybe it's not Callen that's caught up in something.
Maybe it's Sabatino.
CIA are a spooky bunch.
That's my girl.
Okay, so how do we find Sabatino? Isn't there an app for that? Come on, it's not like we can just call up the CIA, and be like, "Hey, Sabatino.
" I don't think we're gonna have to.
Now what? You told Eric he could begin weapons training? What were you thinking? Well, I thought it was a hell of a lot safer to have him trained.
Is there any news on Mr.
Callen? You know as much as I do.
What am I thinking? You probably know a lot more than I do.
Oh, not enough.
He was working on a Chinese computer with a portable sat link at his house this morning.
Maybe he's got a new pen pal in Nantong.
I once found him in a bathtub full of ice water trying to escape from a straitjacket, and to this day he won't tell me how he got in the damn thing in the first place.
If Callen is going to all this trouble to keep us out of the loop, I'm sure he has a good reason.
Find anything? Yeah.
The guy Callen was meeting was CIA Officer Sabatino.
Granger is still trying to figure out why.
And Callen? Well, his phone's turned off, and his car is still parked in his driveway.
So he must have swept himself clean.
He is completely off the grid, and we have no real way of finding him.
Shut down his aliases.
No, he keeps open-ended tickets that leapfrog between different countries under different aliases.
Makes it almost impossible to track him.
Do your best.
Will do.
I'm afraid.
There's part of Mr.
Callen that will always be that young boy, lost in the foster system, searching for home.
I thought he'd found it here.
But I think I'm wrong.
We'll find him.
Oh, NCIS! Don't tell me, you want to kill me again? Not yet.
Where's the cute, furry one? Deeks wasn't able to make it, but he sends his regards.
Would you like to take a dip? I'm more of a shower type guy.
Well, that can be arranged, too.
You're not my type.
What is your type? The type that gives me what I need.
What do you need? A fellow ex-pat.
Arkady Kolcheck.
I think you know who he is.
The last time I helped you You helped yourself by getting rid of Sidorov.
And how would I be helping myself this time? I'll give you everything the CIA has on your operations.
If you are willing to do that, it means they don't know anything.
You don't strike me as a traitor.
What do you want? Well, how about your friend Deeks? He's taken.
A pity.
Do you have an appreciation for art? This painting was taken from me.
So call LAPD.
They have an art theft division.
It's complicated.
Meaning it was already stolen when it was in your possession? Like I said, complicated.
But if you would return it, I would feel so very grateful, I would be obligated to help you.
Why don't you have your guys take it back? Would you drive a tank on a golf course? They're built for brute force.
This requires a subtle touch and a set of skills they do not possess.
Who has the painting? The name is, uh, Artem Kunetzov.
They call him the Gargul'ya.
The gargoyle? You'll understand if you see him.
Uh, but you don't want that to happen.
Why is that? Because if you do, you know, chances are, you've been caught and, uh, he'll be the last thing you ever see.
So, um, we have a deal, yes? You'll find Arkady Kolcheck if I steal this painting? That's a good trade.
It's not as if I'm asking you to betray your country.
Not yet, anyway.
Hey, Granger.
You recognize this guy? Yeah.
His name's Santiago Gonzalez.
We've been playing cat and mouse for a while.
We suspect he may have been working for Venezuela's General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence.
Why is he dead? He was following Callen the night you two met.
Sam capped him.
That's six months down the drain.
Any idea why he'd want to whack Callen? Boredom? Fun? Guy's one sick puppy.
Well, at least he was.
But he wasn't following Callen.
He was following me.
Must have made me when we met.
Probably, uh, thought he could grab Callen and use him to get to me.
Guess he thought wrong.
What were you meeting with Callen about? Shouldn't you be asking him? What makes you think I haven't? Not like you to be in the dark.
I live in the dark.
I'm not asking you again, not nicely.
You really don't know.
Arkady Kolcheck.
What about him? Callen wanted to know if the agency knew if he was still alive, and if so, where he was being held.
I couldn't give him anything.
We have no confirmation on his death.
If they killed him, they did it quietly.
If he's still alive, they're keeping his whereabouts under wraps.
What else? He wanted to know if we had any new information on Anatoli Kirkin.
He didn't say why.
Who is Anatoli Kirkin again? Deeks' bathhouse buddy.
He's a Russian mobster.
With very soft skin.
He's former KGB.
Best known for his, uh, participation in the Active Measures program, aka violent political warfare.
After the wall came down, he ended up in prison before he escaped and fled to the U.
He, uh, gave up some state secrets for amnesty.
Now he's free as a bird.
A bird who still has links to the Russian underground.
Including the most powerful prison gangs in Russia.
If Arkady's still alive, maybe Callen thinks Kirkin can find him.
G still has loyalty to Arkady.
Partly because he's Callen's last link to his past.
Ever since we left Russia, he's been trying to find him.
Every day that goes by, I think it's less and less likely he ever will.
So Callen obviously feels like he's running out of time, and he's desperate enough to contact Kirkin, a Russian mobster.
The bigger question here is, what is Kirkin getting in return for helping Callen? If Callen is gonna contact him, I think that he'll probably go to the one place we know he operates from.
What are you looking at me for? No, no, if anyone's getting naked this time, its gonna be you.
You really got naked? It's a bathhouse; it's required.
Eric, search all the surveillance footage around that location.
See if you can spot Callen, especially what he's driving.
I'm going to G's house.
What do you want us to do? I want you to stake out the bathhouse, in case Callen does show up at that location.
I'm not going back in there.
I'm telling you, I'm still having nightmares about big, sweaty men drowning me.
That's too much information, Deeks.
Way too much.
G, you here? We need to talk.
If you're watching or listening, I'm sorry to intrude, but this is what you get when you shut me out.
You know I wouldn't do this to you.
Yeah, right.
And if I did, I was wrong to do so, but you got to talk to me, G.
You're talking to me now.
And don't say I am talking to you, all right? You know what I mean.
Face-to-face, man-to-man, me and you.
The others don't have to know, but you got to let me into this thing.
Thank you.
For what? Eric? Yeah.
Who were you expecting? What do you want? Uh, me, nothing, but Granger wants you back here.
Why? I don't know, he looked pretty serious.
And, uh, I think it's about Callen.
I'm on my way.
I'm serious, man.
Call me.
You sure you don't want to get naked? Really? That was a softball.
Okay, I get it.
I'm gonna get the silent monkey treatment.
Have to admit, it's kind of peaceful.
I just keep racking my brain, going over every single case I've ever worked, trying to figure out what sparked Internal Affairs.
Well Maybe it wasn't one of yours.
What do you mean? Maybe it was somebody else's case.
Something that you were working on peripherally, and therefore you don't remember any of the details.
And plus, you haven't heard from them in a month.
They probably dropped it.
I found somebody going through my recycling bin last week.
Big deal.
I find people going through my recycling bins all the time looking for cans and bottles.
So what? Except for the fact this guy was wearing a suit, driving an unmarked Crown Vic with California Exempt plates.
What? Yeah.
Why didn't you tell me this? What? I'm telling you now.
What else aren't you telling me? Um, that's my point-- I don't know.
Deeks, this is the point where you say, "Kensi, don't worry, I-I don't hide anything from you.
" So what's going on here? All right, here's another one.
When I was a rookie detective, they partnered me up with this guy that was old-school.
I mean, like, old-school methods and methods that weren't exactly in keeping with department policy.
Such as? Such as-- on my very first day, got a suspect to talk by using a pot of scalding-hot coffee.
What did you do? What do you mean, what did I do? I confronted him, and he responded to that by putting his gun in my mouth.
Did you report him? Of course I did, 'cause that's the right thing to do.
And? And at that point, no one wanted to work with me.
Which is why I started doing undercover work.
Is this jackass still on the force? No.
No, he's dead.
How? I don't know.
You know, they, uh found him in this Hollywood motel.
Shot with his own gun.
Rumor was that he used to get really high and beat up hookers, so the investigators just assumed that he was whaling on some poor girl, and she got ahold of his gun and unloaded it.
If there's something that I need to know, then you need to tell me.
I would if I could, I just don't know.
Yeah, what's up, Eric? Hey, so Granger wants you guys to report back here.
Why? What's going on? Uh, he didn't say, but he's in Hetty's office, and he looks pretty serious.
No, I'm pretty sure that's just how his face looks.
He had me call in Sam, too.
All right.
All right, we're on our way.
So you know what Callen's up to, right? He hasn't said anything to me.
That's not the answer to my question.
I don't know anything more than you, Owen.
All right, he went to Sabatino to ask about Arkady.
And when that didn't work out, he went to Anatoli Kirkin.
He's afraid of losing Arkady, who's his only connection to the past.
You know that.
Well, if he'd been up-front about this whole thing, we wouldn't be having this conversation, but as it is, Hanna has been locked out, and you and I both know what that means.
And I understand what he means to you.
I real do.
But this is not the time to be playing favorites.
I do not play favorites.
But you still have 'em.
And by all accounts, yours is gearing up to make an unsanctioned rescue attempt in a foreign country that would not only ruin both of our careers, but the political ramifications would be horrific.
What would you have me do? Bring him in by force if necessary.
It's for his own good, and you know it.
I cannot ask this team to apprehend Agent Callen.
Then I'll ask a favor of the Chief Deputy U.
Marshal in L.
and have his boys grab him.
Callen has to be stopped.
You can't expect us to bring in one of our own.
There's no way Hetty approved of this.
Listen, she doesn't like it any more than you or I do, but Callen hasn't exactly left us any other option.
Not to play the devil's idiot on this, but aren't we overreacting? I mean, at this point, all Callen has done is seek out information.
It's what he's gonna do with the information that concerns us.
You don't know what he's gonna do.
Yeah, maybe he's gonna send Arkady a postcard or a cake with a file in it.
He's ignored all of our requests to report in.
What would you do? I'm having Eric and Nell put a full-court press on Callen.
If you'll agree to bring him in, I can guarantee a first crack at him, which would be the safest way to do this.
If you're saying you won't, the marshal's Fugitive Task Force team will.
And I can't guarantee the outcome.
We'll do it.
We'll bring in Callen.
I have to tell you-- this feels wrong.
I mean, why doesn't Hetty just trust Callen knows what he's doing? She does I think.
So, then why are we doing this? I don't know.
Look, you've known Callen longer than I have.
Do you really think he's capable of doing something this crazy? No.
Unless Unless what? Unless he snapped.
Snapped, Eric? The Manchurian Candidate, The Ipcress File, Telefon-- all spies who one day just lose it.
Also all fictitious mind control movies.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
I think maybe you're stranger than fiction.
There you go.
Got anything? Uh, no, not yet.
Come on, guys, this is Callen we're talking about.
You know more about him and his habits than most of the other guys we've found.
True, but Callen is also extremely well-trained and knows exactly how to avoid the very things we are doing to try to find him.
Okay, well, maybe we're missing something.
Or maybe he snapped.
What? Don't.
Callen is a highly skilled operative, trained to act independently under extreme and dangerous circumstances.
Sometimes individuals in those high-stress positions go all Jason Bourne.
Come on.
He's just kidding.
But maybe he's right.
I'm sorry, what? Yeah? You think so? Unless the real Callen was locked away, replaced by a clone.
Or a robot.
You're mocking me.
He's got a mind like a computer.
Unfortunately, it's a Commodore 64.
I warned you.
Keep looking.
It's the best-selling computer of all time, by the way.
Fine, I'll do it.
What? I will go to the Russian bathhouse and literally expose myself to Kirkin in hopes that he tells me what he told Callen.
And what if he doesn't tell you what he told Callen? Well, then at least I'll come home squeaky clean.
What options do we have here? Well, one option would be to subpoena Kirkin's phone lines, and if he made a subsequent call on Callen's behalf, maybe that'll give us some clues.
All right, I can try to expedite it under a national security threat.
You don't need a subpoena if you already have someone listening in.
I don't follow.
Callen went to Sabatino for information on Arkady.
When he didn't have that, he asked him for everything he had on Anatoli Kirkin.
Which suggests the CIA already has Kirkin under electronic surveillance.
I'll contact Sabatino again.
This is what we have on Kirkin.
He's a crook, yes, but not someone we consider a terrorist threat in the bigger scheme of things.
His ideology is, uh, based on one thing: money and lots of it.
He does, however, have ties to the gangs in Russia, which is what I think Callen was looking for.
Uh, guys.
You find him, Eric? No, but LAPD did.
They're in pursuit now.
Callen's giving 'em a run for their money.
ll 'em to maintain their pursuit, but do not engage.
Talk us in, Eric.
Alert Hetty.
Where is he now, Eric? They've cornered him along the river.
Now, somehow I doubt that.
Hang on.
Where is he? He escaped on foot.
He's somewhere in these three blocks, but we called in for a K-9 unit.
N-N-No, we don't need that.
Kensi, Deeks.
All right, we got this.
Callen! This has gone on long enough.
I'm on sick leave, remember? Please don't turn your back on me again.
I'm sorry, Hetty.
I'm sorry, too.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, Th-this isn't happening.
Nell, what's happening? Hetty just tasered Callen.
What?! That's not good.
That's not good.
Come on.
T-Time to be cool, partner.
Be cool.
Let me go.
Sam Stop making me do this, G.
No one's making you do anything.
Have you looked at yourself? When's the last time you slept? Or took a shower? Come on, man, I'm working the streets.
You look like the streets are working you.
I got this.
Sam I know what I'm doing.
Partner? You're not acting like a partner.
Maybe not, but I'm asking you to.
You owe me big time.
Thank you.
Hey, any sign of him? I think we lost him.
All right.
Let's keep looking.
It's gonna get ugly.
I am so disappointed in you.
And why is that? You let him walk away.
Did I? I didn't see anyone else here try to stop him, including you.
I made an unsuccessful attempt.
Why don't you just slow your roll until you know the facts? Why don't you just step off before we do something here that we could live to regret? That's enough.
Both of you back off-- this isn't helping.
I mean it.
Hanna, go get some air.
And you, go drink some tea or something.
I don't need any air.
I don't need any damn tea.
Where are you two going? Um, me? Uh, I'm-I'm with her.
And we are going back up to Ops.
Get your butts down here.
I need all hands on deck.
Working together.
If this team worked together, Mr.
Callen wouldn't have been allowed to escape and we'd know where he is now.
I didn't say I didn't know where he is.
You know where Callen is? No.
But we will, as soon as Eric pulls up the tracking device I put on his back.
Hell yeah.
Sam Hanna.
That's him.
He's in Bel Air.
You're certain? That's the locator I put on him.
Unless he found it and put in on somebody else.
What are the chances of finding somebody by the L.
River who was going to Bel Air? Okay, that home is listed as being owned by one Artem Kunetzov.
Fantastic, more Russians.
The guys that invented a game where you put a loaded gun to your head.
Let us know if he moves.
We will.
Bravo, Agent Callen.
I knew you were the right man for the job.
The hell is this? Turns out, uh, my comrade-- Mr.
Kunetzov, here-- was willing to do me a deal for the painting.
Couldn't have told me that before I broke in? Not really.
Uh, the deal was for me to get the painting back in exchange for you.
Seems a federal agent is very valuable these days.
Everybody seems to want one.
May I? Federal agents! Drop your weapons! Don't be stupid, Kirkin.
Put 'em down! Put 'em down, Milashka.
Guns down! Put it down! Hands behind your back.
Ooh, darling! Mmm, I didn't recognize you with your clothes on.
If I had a nickel Get in the back.
You good? Yeah.
What, uh what took you so long, huh? There's no way you knew I tracked you.
You are so predictable.
Get out of here.
You two are just adorable.
So? What do you think, Sherlock? Well, it's ultimately for the experts to decide, but the original painting was stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
It's crazy how art has become a favorite currency of drug dealers and terrorists.
No wonder.
If this painting is original, it's worth over $200 million.
So Yeah.
Just be careful.
Looks like I owe you an apology.
No, you don't.
I let him get away.
You were right.
But you made sure that we could track him.
Those weren't my orders.
You have every right to be angry.
I take full responsibility for what I did and any disciplinary action you see fit.
I put you in a difficult position, and I'm not certain that I wouldn't have done the same thing.
So what do we do about Callen? Protect him as best we can even if it's from himself.
And you and me? I think this is where we kiss and make up.
"Kiss and make up"? Aw Oh.
It is a privilege to have a man with your honor on this team, Mr.
It's an honor to have the privilege of working with you, Hetty.
Come here.
Oh, my gosh, that is so sweet, it makes me want to cry.
You say sweet, I say erotic.
What? That what Why would you put that image in my head? What are you talking about? I'm just being honest about my emotions.
You don't have to be honest about your emotions if you're gonna be perverted about it.
That, you can hide from me.
What, you think you're the only person on the planet that doesn't think Fifty Shades of Hetty? Dee Ugh! Aah! I am sorry for not including you.
The time for apologies is long past, Agent Callen.
Fair enough.
For the record, tasering me was a bit of a bitch move.
I'm sorry.
No, you're not.
Not really.
These my termination papers? That is a list of Kirkin's gang contacts in Russia and Eastern Europe.
He'd rather sell out his own gangs than join them in prison.
Well, maybe this story has a happy ending after all.
These stories seldom end and never happily.
Take this.
I hope it's worth all the trouble.
Maybe it will help us find out what happened to Arkady, but if you use that without my prior consent, you will be terminated immediately, with extreme prejudice.
I was just trying to protect you and the agency.
I don't require protection, Mr.
Callen only loyalty.
Maybe we ought to, uh, discuss this over a drink? Not tonight.
Tonight we drink alone.

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