NCIS Los Angeles s07e02 Episode Script


You got the wrong guy, Talia.
I'm your partner.
I know who you are.
I am more concerned with who you aren't.
I'm not who you think I am.
That's funny, you know? I liked who I thought you were.
That's not what I meant.
Tell me who you're not, Mark.
I'm not a traitor.
DEA server records has you logging into our top secret informants list and uploading 200 gigs of data onto an unauthorized thumb drive.
You denying that? No.
Hmm, so you're exactly who I think you are, partner.
Turning traitor is a choice.
Betraying everything you know and love is a choice, Talia.
Taking away your choices is the first thing they do.
Who's taken away your choices? My name is Agent Mark Moore.
I am your partner, and that is all real.
Mark, you tell me who's controlling you.
Tell me what's going on.
I'm sorry.
Steak tartare at Le Voltaire in Paris at sunset.
Tartare as in raw meat? Mm-hmm, practically still breathing.
The saba at Jiro Ono's bar in Tokyo, but only the original joint at the Ginza Metro Station.
What is saba? A skinless mackerel, but usually the 14th piece of Jiro-san's omakase.
Hey, uh, did you get that fixed? Get what fixed? The problem with the plumbing at your new place? Oh, yeah, no, still working on that.
Couple more days, I guess.
What are they doing? I don't know, you know? They're plumbers-- a lot of pipes and butt cracks.
Kens? Yeah? Your turn.
Since when did alcohol qualify as someone's best meal ever? Okay.
White truffle menu, Giorgio Baldi.
Which dish? All of them.
All of them? You did the entire white truffle tasting menu at Giorgio's? Mm-hmm.
Last supper style? Oh, yeah, last supper style.
Sorry, plumber still.
I had, uh, every single dish.
I'm impressed.
It was amazing.
That you had that epic meal all by yourself.
Oh, well, I didn't have it all by myself.
Here we go.
Oh, you are the man, Deeks.
Champagne wishes and caviar dreams.
He spares no expense for his lady.
Since we're talking about Giorgio Baldi's, that's the kind of place that you spring for when you're about to freaking propose.
Don't answer that question.
You didn't ask a question.
Well, this just got weird.
The topic of conversation was best meals ever.
White truffles it is.
High-priced plates of fungi.
That's really interesting, actually, because I think it was you and I over a plate of nachos at the Clippers-Spurs game when you told me that a meal is all about the person you're sharing it with.
Baby, those nachos were just the most amazing nachos I have ever had.
But not like last supper good.
I think we ought to put the lid back on this can of worms.
Nah, they can close it themselves.
Caught a case.
Double homicide.
Bon appétit.
Plumbers? Yeah, no, plumbers.
But they can handle this themselves.
As one can of worms closes An even bigger one springs up in its place.
Security guard watched the whole thing on the camera feed.
When he realized Talia was about to get a full confession, he went big.
Moore was a traitor.
He didn't know the guy who shot him was a traitor, too.
The DEA exposed two moles, and it's not even lunch.
They want an outside agency to investigate.
Well, Talia's worked with us before.
Probably trusts NCIS more than her own people.
- Where is she? - She went on the run after the shooting and then got in touch with us.
At the moment, she's laying low at her safe house in Los Feliz.
Talia had evidence that Agent Moore used his top secret clearance to bootleg the DEA's drug cartel informant list.
Have we secured the duplicate? Uh, no.
The DEA can only confirm that the list was transferred to a thumb drive.
A team was sent to Agent Moore's residence in Hancock Park, but they didn't find anything.
Friends, family? Uh, yeah.
Emily Moore, his wife, she's an interior designer.
Got a team watching her now.
She hasn't moved from the house since getting the news that her husband was killed.
Any connection between Moore and the guard who shot him? Just one.
Citadel Behavioral Research.
I think you're all familiar with the name.
Yes, we are.
I wouldn't be here if we weren't.
Premier psychological assessment firm under direct contract with the federal government.
They spent six months digging through my life before I got the job offer to work here.
Grade school report cards, interviewing neighbors, polygraphs, they did a full-body cavity search of my life.
So charming.
Citadel vetted Moore and the security guard that killed him.
Best assessment team in the world struck out twice with the same agency? Best case scenario, criminal negligence.
Worst case scenario, conspiracy inside the firm.
Why don't you take Talia with you to interview Emily Moore? Okay.
Where's Hetty? She's on a flight back from DC.
Make sure she's fully briefed by the time she lands.
What are you and Sam gonna do? We'll hit Citadel.
Infiltrate the most secure intelligence firm on the planet? I like to start my week off right.
Busted her partner for treason, watched him get shot, and then shot the guy that killed him all in the same morning.
That's a tough day.
Well, she's a tough girl.
Is everything okay? Yeah, why? I'm getting a weird vibe.
So am I.
Maybe an earthquake is coming.
Something going on with the Internal Affairs investigation? Oh, look, we're here.
I know you're not gonna knock on that door without answering my question.
Talia, it's Kensi and Deeks.
Kensi, it's good to see you.
Never thought I'd hear myself say that.
We're here for you.
I know what it's like to lose a partner.
Thank you.
Deeks, you are looking good.
I never thought I'd hear myself say that, either.
Makes two of us.
I still can't believe Mark got flipped.
I mean, I should have figured it out before he fell in over his head.
Any idea who flipped him? No.
He said something that stuck.
"Taking away your choices is the first thing they do.
" Get down! You good? Yeah, I'm good.
Move! Go, go, go! Let's go, let's go! Well, the first thing they do is take away your choices.
Evidently the second thing they do is kill you.
Thanks, Eric.
All right, keep us posted.
Team of shooters just emptied a couple dozen rounds into the safe house and took off in an unmarked van.
LAPD found the van about three miles away, wiped clean.
How'd they find her? Talia's cell phone, which was encrypted with the DEA's latest technology.
Security breach goes a lot deeper than we thought.
Well, whoever turned Moore is trying to cover their tracks.
They think Talia was gonna pull it together.
It's time to see if those tracks run through Citadel.
Eric and Nell hacked their system.
They have us set up as a couple of operatives trying to get jobs at the CIA.
It's enough to get us in the door.
The rest is up to us.
There's a lot of ground to cover in that building and not a lot of time.
Shooters are gonna take another crack at Talia, sooner than later.
All right.
We're gonna split up.
One passes, one fails.
Firms this big have separate teams to process each outcome, conduct the exit interviews.
We'll cover twice as much ground.
Yeah, it's déjà vu all over again.
I remember Citadel's HL-7 test when we were up for top secret clearance years ago.
I pass, you fail.
When did I say that I'm gonna be the one that fails? I've never failed a test in my life.
I'm not starting today.
Well, Sam Hanna's not taking the test.
A fake person is.
You've honestly never failed a test in your life? Never.
That's not even possible.
I mean, everyone fails at some point.
It's called being human.
I'm glad you're so comfortable being human.
I pass, you fail.
I'm thinking of a number between one and ten.
You have one guess.
You guess the right answer, you get to be the one who passes.
That's not fair.
It's a test.
No, it's a pop quiz.
Oh, see, now you're stalling.
How do I know you're not gonna change the number just to mess with me? One guess.
Explain your answer.
Last time we were in Vegas, you put $100 down on the number nine at the roulette table.
We need to get going.
Am I right? I'm happy to be the one who fails the test, okay? Because I got your number right.
We got a lot of work to do.
I got a reputation to uphold.
Sam Hanna doesn't fail.
Hey, am I right? This is it.
This is Emily Moore's place.
You think she's somehow involved? Never met her.
I'm sorry.
You were Mark Moore's partner for 15 years, and you never met his wife? Nope.
He wanted to protect her from his work.
Sounds like your partner was hiding something from you.
Or he just wanted to keep his work stress separate from his home stress.
Ooh, whoever said Talia was stressing him out? I'm just-- I'm talking about the job as a whole.
I think hiding stuff is a bad idea.
Do you have any idea what she's talking about right now? You are an idiot.
That was a rhetorical question.
Why did you spend the last two nights alone in your apartment? Definitely not rhetorical.
I was cleaning up after the plumbers, if you have to know.
Oh, the plumbers don't clean up after themselves? Not to my standard.
Maybe yours.
But I'm not, you know, living in squalor.
Mark didn't introduce me to his wife because we, uh, pulled all-nighters on cases together.
And I look like this.
And he didn't want his wife to get the wrong idea.
Which, I mean, I get, you know? In a hurry, I probably would have gotten the wrong idea, too.
Anyone that you're protecting from your work, Talia? Of course not, Deeks.
I'm still waiting around for you.
Sorry about that.
I know, I'm gonna take the high road on this one.
As opposed to? Bleeding her out.
Yeah, no, that's an option.
You'll be undergoing phase three of the Citadel assessment protocols today.
Yeah? What's phase three? The HL-7 test.
Have a seat, please.
Sounds like a party.
Welcome to phase three of the Citadel assessment protocols.
Please pay attention to these instructions.
You will be presented with a series of images.
Upon seeing each image, state the first phrase that comes into your mind.
Let's do this.
Please speak clearly.
Your responses will be monitored and evaluated by Citadel technicians.
Let's get this over with.
Uh Collateral damage.
Michaels, is everything okay? Uh, yeah.
No, I'm-I'm Yeah, I'm fine.
Resuming phase three now.
Fairy tale.
Second chance.
I'm getting out.
That's enough.
I was on my way to work, thinking nothing could possibly hurt more than these new heels Mark gave me for our anniversary.
Specifically the one crushing my left foot.
Then the phone rang and well put pain in a whole new perspective for me.
Mark was involved with some pretty bad people.
Is there anything that stuck out to you? Odd behavior or, uh, strangers coming by, anything like that? You're his partner? Yes, ma'am.
He told me you weighed 300 pounds.
That's why I loved him.
Even though I knew he'd never lay a hand on another woman, Mark still wanted to make sure I slept soundly.
Mark was a gentleman, Mrs.
Till he got himself caught up in something.
I knew it was bad.
What did he tell you? He said there were men following me but that nothing would happen.
He told me he was gonna take care of it.
Mark was brave.
He's not the type of guy that you could just scare into committing treason.
In fact we believe that they were using you as leverage.
And the question is-- who are they? So, Mr.
Michaels, not a big fan of the HL-7 test? Kind of, sort of over it? Hey, why don't you cut me loose, all right? I'll get out of your hair.
I think the HL-7's a joke, personally.
I mean, I'm not a hard-ass Special Forces soldier like yourself, but it's all New Age psychobabble if you ask me.
Look, I've read your file.
You wanted this CIA gig pretty badly.
You spent the past ten or so years on the agency track, and it was all for nothing.
Hey, I'll find work, all right? But not the work you want.
Not without Citadel-vetted clearance.
It doesn't have to be that way.
What are you saying? I'm saying you passed the test.
You aced your HL-7.
It's what I do.
You scored well above the top one percent in the areas of morality, drive and leadership.
I just wanted to meet you in person.
Well, I'm happy to serve my country.
Mind if I ask you a question, Dr.
Rathburn? By all means.
Coffee? No, thanks.
What happens to the guys who fail? They're processed and escorted from the building within ten minutes.
There's no way I passed that test.
Well, yeah, y-you tanked it, but I have the power to slide you through the system anyway.
Get you Citadel-approved.
And I don't have to tell you how valuable those credentials are.
In exchange for what? Nothing.
Right now, that is.
But one day, Mr.
Michaels, I may come asking for a favor.
Of course, there's a chance I won't.
It all depends on what the powers that be require at any given time.
Sounds kind of dangerous.
We're dangerous men.
What's your name? Jon Bennett.
Would you like to see how dangerous I am, Mr.
Bennett? Not the face, man.
Not the face.
Uh, fire alarm triggered, Didn't think there was a fire.
Yeah, meet Jon Bennett, he's a little sensitive about his face.
Well, what, you figured there wasn't enough time to arrest him? A lot of DEA agents may not have much time left.
You have no idea what you just stepped into.
We have people everywhere.
People you've known for years, the ones you see every day at work.
You think you know them, but you don't.
How well do you really know anyone? We're about to find out.
Citadel poached Jon Bennett from a Wall Street marketing firm three years ago.
Prep school, wealthy family, Harvard degree.
No military or law enforcement experience.
They needed a deal maker, someone slick and smart, a Wall Street type that's willing to overlook ethics in exchange for a paycheck.
Those Wall Street types aren't built to do life terms in prison.
He'll talk.
Thanks, guys.
No problem.
You good? Yeah.
The HL-7 test that Citadel ran on us Your plan worked, Sam.
You passed, I failed.
It's as simple as that.
That wasn't me.
It was just an alias.
Didn't rattle you at all, huh? No.
I didn't feel a thing.
People see what I want them to see.
My boss, Dr.
Rathburn, is probably wondering where I am.
All she has to do is look at the security camera footage during the fire alarm, and she'll know.
She may decide to mitigate the risk and just have you killed.
If I die, you've got nothing.
And if you live? Maybe you'll figure out how Citadel really works, before Rathburn starts making phone calls.
You should see her speed-dial list.
Senators, half the NSA, the White House.
She'll have the lights in this place turned off by 5:00 p.
Well, I guess you'd better start talking, then.
Negotiation starts now.
Supermax prison, life sentence, solitary confinement.
I won't get solitary.
You're not the only one who knows how to make deals.
Rest of your life in a box, supermax, no visitors, no hope.
That's not Not what you're prepared for? Negotiation starts now.
No solitary confinement for life.
You give us Citadel on a platter, maybe we'll talk about that.
There used to be two outcomes when Citadel vetted you for clearance-- pass or fail.
Now there's three-- pass, fail and potential.
Explain "potential.
" Dr.
Rathburn developed an algorithm that identifies a specific type of personality.
High in aggression, low degrees of hesitation.
A natural skepticism towards authority figures.
The kind of candidate that's not afraid to take risks, maybe cut a side deal.
So Citadel gives them credentials for work, builds itself a network of covert spies.
It's like a it's like a shadow government.
A state within a state.
You were hired to handle the candidates with potential.
Candidates like Mark Moore.
Once a candidate accepts a deal, we build an extensive file on their family and friends.
These kind of candidates aren't afraid to get killed.
Got to keep them motivated and loyal.
If they refuse to do Citadel's bidding, their families get hurt.
And if they try and go public, they risk a prison sentence for accepting top secret clearance after they failed the test.
Once you take the deal, there's no way out.
That's what I've been trying to tell you guys.
How many government employees does Citadel control right now? Well, we've got hundreds of people across every agency.
Maybe even NCIS.
I don't really expect you to tell me, but what are you looking for? Mark uploaded some very sensitive documents onto an unauthorized thumb drive.
It's important that we find it before somebody else does.
What do you mean by "sensitive"? Well, it contains the names of hundreds of informants placed in Mexican drug cartels over the last decade.
That list gets in the wrong hands, it's gonna be a bloodbath.
A bloodbath that Mark was willing to risk because he wanted to protect me? I never would have let him do it if I'd known.
Which is why he never told you.
All right, if we don't find that thumb drive today, your agency's gonna have to start pulling people out.
Do you know how many years it took to place those informants? People sacrificed their lives just to get a chance to help them inside.
Yeah, a sacrifice that's not gonna be worth it if their names are exposed.
Look, we don't even know if the cartel has the thumb drive.
Are you kidding me right now? You try saying that to the people whose names are actually on it, Talia.
Those are beautiful heels.
I mean, I have the fashion sense of a street urchin, but even I can tell that those were made by a master.
I mean, those are beautiful heels.
I couldn't believe Mark got them for me.
I'd been dreaming about a pair like this for months.
He knew you pretty well.
Mark joked I treated them better than my Prius.
They're beautiful.
Can I, can I see them for a second? Deeks No, I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing.
I certainly hope so, 'cause this whole foot fetish routine is freaking me out.
I know it sounds creepy, but just for a second.
I know what it's like to lose somebody.
Crazy thing about it is that after they're gone, it's like everything that passed between you seems like the most precious thing in the world, you know? That's very true, Detective.
Now, we know that he loved you.
And we know that he was gonna protect you.
And this thumb drive we're looking for, he would never put it any place you were gonna find it, because finding it means that you're gonna become a target, just like he was.
And so, if you're him, what do you do? He puts it in the one place that you would never look.
It's in there? Left shoe.
The heel.
And that is why your one shoe hurt more than the other.
May I? And there she is.
Gotta hand it to you, Deeks.
That's actually impressive.
You definitely have some sort of weird foot fetish happening, but that's impressive.
It's not a fetish-- it's just a lifestyle.
That was Kensi.
They recovered the DEA informant list.
Eric ran a remote scan.
Turns out that the thumb drives were custom-encrypted to prevent copying.
Sounds like someone's prepping Intel for the black market.
Is Citadel the buyer or the seller? The seller.
The Molina Cartel offered $100 million for the list.
It all goes back to money.
Rathburn needs funding to keep Citadel Assessment Protocols ahead of its competitors.
But her social circle's the type that lives on private jets and yachts.
So she's using federal dollars to fund her lifestyle.
Had to create some new scheme to keep Citadel running.
Makes you wonder what she'd score on her own HL-7 test, right? Citadel has a large enough network to stall any investigation.
The moment we leave this room, make an official report, someone at one agency or another's gonna warn Dr.
Rathburn we're coming.
If what he's saying is true, Citadel has compromised hundreds of federal law enforcement agents.
They're at Rathburn's beck and call.
There's not going to be an official report.
We can't risk the leak.
Taking down Citadel's gonna be on us.
You're crazy.
Think about what happens if you take a swing and miss.
The White House will have your team broken up by dawn and Rathburn's kill squads will hunt you down for as long as it takes.
Citadel will never stop coming.
Neither will we.
Bennett just signed his deal.
He's going to help us take down Citadel in exchange for a reduced sentence.
Citadel knows that that DEA informant list is still out there.
From what Bennett tells us, their CEO is desperate to get the Molina Cartel's cash.
$100 million on the line.
So we're setting up a sting.
Rathburn's been wondering why Bennett vanished at that fire alarm.
He's gonna call her, explain the reason.
He was approached by people who can deliver the missing DEA informant list.
But Rathburn is smart.
Smart enough to suspect that she's being set up.
She's also confident enough to think she can outmaneuver whatever Bennett's gotten himself into and get what she's wanted from the start.
At least we hope so.
- Right.
- Now, G and I were seen on a Citadel security cam today, so if we show up and we're recognized, the whole op could fall apart.
Rathburn would realize someone's onto her and the DEA list won't be good as bait anymore.
With her political connections, there's a very strong possibility we won't get another chance at her.
All right.
So Bennett lures her to the scene with the DEA list.
Deeks and I show up with the thumb drive.
We're just a couple of rogue agents trying to make a quick buck by selling it back to Citadel.
Once we make the sale, you and Sam show up, bust her, - game over.
- Close.
No cigar.
Yeah, I'm not going undercover with you.
I'm going with Talia.
What? Citadel knows she busted her partner trying to steal the DEA list.
She was supposed to die in the interrogation room, but she escaped, so Citadel has no idea how much she does or does not know.
They already sent a hit team to the safe house to try and take her out this morning.
- Yeah.
- Kensi Rathburn's worried she'll find Agent Moore's thumb drive, blow that $100 million payday.
Talia will make the sale to Rathburn.
Deeks will go in as a corrupt cop backing her up.
While I'm stuck in overwatch.
Which is exactly where we need you.
Rathburn's savvy enough to have her own sniper out there in case things go wrong.
Yeah, you're calling it "overwatch," I'm calling it "keeping Marty alive.
" Okay.
You know, Citadel is a national security risk that affects every law enforcement agency in America.
Hundreds of people are being blackmailed.
We need to take down Dr.
Rathburn today.
This is gonna be our only shot.
If you're here to make a speech, I'm not interested.
Just checking on you.
All right.
Make yourself useful.
Kensi, are you a perfectionist? About certain things.
Such as? Guns, knives, and dating.
I like your priorities.
You're the ultimate perfectionist.
According to some.
How do you do it? Getting things perfect, it just weighs me down.
It stresses me out, and worst of all, I know it shows.
You get results.
I make the people I care about unhappy in the process.
Nobody's perfect.
But the pursuit of perfection is all about problems and solutions.
You're not good at something, you practice more.
You're broke? You work harder, spend less, save more.
You have a relationship that drives you crazy? Seek first to understand, then be understood.
Man, you make it sound so much easier than it actually is.
It's not.
It's probably the hardest way someone can live, but anything worth doing is worth doing right.
Yeah, but every time you solve a problem, you know that there's just more coming your way.
You never get to enjoy life.
I haven't solved a problem in years.
How so? Well anytime I feel like a problem's about to appear, I just keep looking at the world and then, uh, I realize that the only time problems appear is when I'm running around, trying to find a solution.
I never thought about it that way.
You can't force it.
Gotta let it flow.
More being, less doing.
"More being, less doing.
" Huh.
Might have to just steal that one from you.
Nah, you don't have to steal it.
I'll let you have it.
More being, less doing.
You good? Yeah, no, I'm good.
Rathburn didn't become CEO of Citadel for nothing.
She's a genius when it comes to analyzing behavior.
Micro-expressions, posture, the words you use You worried I'm gonna blow this op? I guess I'm just looking out.
The things we think aren't such a big deal may be a really big deal to others.
Yeah, no, I get that.
Do you? I mean, I get Citadel's gonna have shooters everywhere and one clumsy lie means someone's gonna get killed.
You're talking about Kensi.
I'm talking about all of us being on our game.
Whatever's going on in our personal lives gets buried so that we can be in the moment.
Yeah, no, that makes sense.
I'll be in the moment.
Let's hope your partner is, too.
We're approaching the rendezvous point.
I have eyes on Deeks, Talia and Bennett.
Clear copy.
Got a good visual.
Got four possible shooters in the crowd.
Caucasian, male, wraparound sunglasses and cover shirts.
Copy that.
I got them.
You good, Bennett? I'm good, bro.
I'm good.
I'm sorry, did you just call me "bro"? Okay.
Gordon Gekko Jr.
over here is most certainly not good.
He is sweating through his suit, Deeks.
I excel under pressure.
Yeah, Sam and Callen kidnapped you and turned you against your boss in the same time it takes me to eat lunch.
You are certainly not good, bro.
Hmm? What what are you doing? Oh, this is our cover story, Deeks.
No, our cover story is that you're a rogue DEA agent and I'm a dirty cop looking to cash in on murder and mayhem.
Why are you holding my hand? Because we're in love.
Are we? Mm-hmm, you're gonna use that money to take me surfing in Bali when your other work affair least suspects it.
Please let go of my hand.
You know, at this point it might seem suspicious.
You know, like we're in a fight or something.
That's because we are in a fight or something.
Who holds hands on a sting operation? We do.
Rathburn has to know something's up.
She's only coming here today to confirm her suspicions.
I'm dead.
Bennett, it's gonna be fine-- just breathe.
Speak for yourself, lover boy.
Deeks? Why is your hand so sweaty? Is everything at home okay with you and the princess? Oh, God, wow, I do not remember you being this cruel.
You missed it.
Do I? Mm-hmm.
And the princess can hear everything you're saying and has the ability to shoot high-velocity rounds in your direction at 3,000 feet per second.
Good looking out, baby.
Yeah, sweetheart.
Both of you, shut up.
All right, kids, look alive.
We got a visual on Dr.
She's approaching the rendezvous point on foot, And it looks like she's alone.
We're scanning park camera footage now, but we're only tracking those four men on the ground.
Rathburn's got to have a sniper out there someplace.
Find him.
My three o'clock.
Game on.
I was wondering where you'd run off to today, Mr.
As I said on the phone, Agent Talia Del Campo approached me with an offer.
I wouldn't waste your time.
I looked up your Citadel file, Talia.
Your HL-7 results told me there was a less than one percent chance you'd betray the DEA, and if you did, it would be for love.
I guess you nailed me, Dr.
You weren't much of a surprise, either, Detective Deeks.
The HL-7 predicted you'd turn on the LAPD eventually.
Authority issues, your talent for manipulation, a fixation for revenge for that one time Are we gonna do this or not? Mr.
Bennett's a creature of habit who would only go dark on me if faced with something far more severe than a standard prison sentence.
You probably threatened him with life in solitary.
So, no we're not.
Sniper! Damn it! Bennett's down, Rathburn's on the move! Take out that sniper now! Eric! Kensi! Scanning camera feeds; can't find him anywhere.
Just stay down.
I don't have him.
Deeks, you got a visual on Rathburn? She's gone.
Rathburn's gone.
We're pinned down, Kensi.
You need to find that sniper! Dr.
Rathburn just got in an unmarked Lincoln Town Car at the northern edge of the park.
And we got her tagged.
Callen, Sam, shooters on the ground about to have you flanked in 30 seconds! Come on! More being, less doing.
Sniper's down.
I repeat-- sniper's down.
Bennett? It's over? Yeah.
I made so many mistakes.
Well maybe today will be a new start for you.
Did you get Dr.
Rathburn? Yes, ma'am? Gary? Yes, ma'am.
Get me the vice president, the attorney general, and SECNAV in that order.
Gary? Hello? You're not the only one with friends in high places, Dr.
Wow! You look very familiar.
Ah, yes! I believe I have a file on you, my dear.
Your HL-7 results were most revealing.
Not the kind of thing you'd want made public.
I've never been very interested in taking tests.
Spoken like someone who fails them.
Well, you may have evaluated a woman who looked like me and sounded like me, but it wasn't me at all.
Then who was it? Oh, whoever I felt like being that day.
Your results were validated by biometrics.
It's impossible to outsmart the HL-7 protocol.
It's interesting, you administering that silly test all these years, never bothering to ask what the "HL" stood for.
It's the inventor's initials, Henry Etta.
Henrietta Lange.
Pleasure to meet you.
I'm afraid our next conversation won't be nearly as cordial.
It was a pleasure as usual.
You know, I think we work better when it's not a pleasure, don't you? Mm-hmm.
More being, less doing.
What? What is that? Nothing.
I think your girlfriend takes this Jedi crap way too seriously, Marty.
It's not Jedi crap.
Although I got to hand it her.
She made one hell of a shot today.
Oh, well, thank you, but you can compliment me to my face.
She's good.
She's the best.
She is.
Still standing right here.
Actually, do you mind telling her, when I take off, it was really good to see her? I can do that.
That's very sweet.
You know, I think that deserves a proper thank you.
It's very gentlemanly of you.
What are you doing? Nothing.
Probably that Aah! Don't fight it.
Okay! All right, that Yeah! That just happened.
Somebody call human resources! Dinner? Yeah, no, we should definitely do that thing where we eat dinner Good.
Because I have reservations at Giorgio's for two.
And it is truffle season? Um, yeah, no, Giorgio's and truffles sounds I got a better idea.
Trust me? Uh Come on.
I never liked tests.
It's 'cause you think of them as tests.
As opposed to? Opportunities.
Opportunities to keep your perfect streak alive, uh-huh.
Can't argue with success, G.
Success? Streak ended today.
First of all, it was a pop quiz.
And second of all, I know you thought of the number nine.
I never confirmed it.
Look me in the eye.
Tell me you didn't think of the number nine.
It was either six or nine.
You said only one number.
You picked nine before I could commit.
Six and nine are very similar.
That's the thing about these tests.
They're very subjective.
Not this kind of test.
Sam, I'm sorry about the streak.
Oh, the streak is alive! Mm-hmm.
- Congratulations, you two, on a job well done.
Thank you.
What is this? That's for you.
Oh! What about me? You don't need one.
I expect you to use that.
Or I will.
Thank you.
So, while truffles are obviously a delicacy, you never asked me what my favorite meal was.
Also, I have a confession to make.
There was no leak and therefore no plumbers.
Then why do you still look nervous? Well, you're about to find out.
Oh Your favorite meal is lasagna-- that's cute.
Well, more specifically my favorite meal is, uh, my mom's lasagna.
Oh, my gosh.
Your mom got here two days ago and she's been staying with you.
And she's the one who's been blowing up your phone.
And I know, I know you're not making me meet her for the first time Is that you, Martin? Mama.
Hi, Martin.
Mom this is, uh, Kensi.
Kensi, this is my mom.
And those are words that I just said out loud.
Hi, it is a pleasure to finally meet you.
You cook? No.
You want to learn? No.
I like her.
Yeah, I like her, too.
Come on, let's get this party started.
I never liked truffles anyway.

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