NCIS Los Angeles s07e03 Episode Script

Driving Miss Diaz

(thudding, glass breaking, man laughing) (distant chatter) (panting, distant siren blaring) (soft gasp) (gasps) - Lo siento.
I'm sorry.
Campus police.
I just thought you might need help getting home.
I'm sorry.
Were you speaking Spanish? Yes, I'm-I'm I'm from Peru.
Everything is okay.
I'm just taking the lady home.
I'll need to see your ID.
Not yours, ma'am.
(gasps softly) His.
One of our uniforms was stolen out of a locker tonight.
I've been here ten years, and I don't recognize you.
Like I told the lady, I just started working here.
Here's my I.
(groaning) (woman screaming, man screams) (screaming) (yells) Well, it's that time again.
The bi-monthly office security assessment.
Boy, oh, boy.
Really? Bi-monthly-- does that mean that it's twice a month, or is it every two months? Come on, G.
This stuff is important.
Or does it swing both ways? I'm not giving you the Cliff Notes version again.
Read it yourself.
Just as I thought--swings both ways.
See, now, that is confusing.
I will read it.
Can't read that.
Come on.
It was two seconds.
- No.
I'm telling you that it's not able to be read.
Copier must be out of toner.
They've been giving us copies like this for days.
The hell with it.
I'm changing the toner myself.
You're gonna what? I'm gonna change the toner myself.
It's ridiculous.
Enough is enough.
You're changing the toner? I'm doing what no one else here is willing to do.
Do you know what you're doing? It's not rocket science.
Okay? It's like changing a roll of toilet tissue.
When it runs out and it's empty, you put a new one on.
You don't ignore it.
Oh, you're not gonna let me forget that, are you? I didn't know where you kept your extra rolls.
You could have looked.
How hard was that? Um what are you doing? I am changing the toner.
(whirring) It's still not working.
Yeah, that's because I just changed it, so, you just put the old toner back in.
That's kind of like taking the new toilet paper off the roll and replacing it with used toilet paper.
I'm just saying I've never done anything like that.
(whistling) Oh, problem with the copier? Did you try, uh, changing the toner? (laughing) ERIC: Okay.
We, uh, got a case.
I'll switch it back.
Thank you.
Lesson still applies.
That toner should have been changed yesterday.
We waiting for Kensi and Deeks? No.
Play it, Beale.
(clears his throat) This was two nights ago on the campus of Gateway University.
Both men perished at the scene.
Gateway? That's in St.
Louis, right? We taking a trip? Only back in time, Agent Hanna.
The shooter was a disgraced Lieutenant in the Peruvian Army who worked directly under General Alfredo Silva.
SAM: Silva? He was the leader of Grupo Patria back in the '90s, right? Yeah, Peruvian death squads.
They killed a lot of people.
Including 32 civilians at a political gathering in 1997 in the town of Posta.
GRANGER: For years, the Global Criminal Tribunal at the Hague has sought charges against Silva for crimes against humanity.
ERIC: Yeah, but nothing ever seems to stick.
Silva is a master at silencing witnesses.
GRANGER: But now the Tribunal thinks they may have found a young girl who survived the Posta massacre.
A daughter of one of the victims.
ERIC: The woman you see here is one of four young women the Tribunal suspects may actually be that survivor.
It's 20 years later.
Why now? Silva is running for President of Peru.
ERIC: And doing nicely in the polls, I might add.
GRANGER Let's just say the case took on a renewed urgency.
ERIC: If the Tribunal can get the girl's testimony along with a DNA match to the massacre victims They'd have a smoking gun.
But since the St.
Louis attack, it's clear the Tribunal has a leak.
That's why Elmslie came to us.
Alex Elmslie? - Yeah.
CALLEN: He's the investigator for the tribunal? I thought they fired Elmslie after what he did to Jada.
I'm sure he'll tell you all about it.
He's in the boatshed preparing to meet the last woman on his list.
ERIC: The St.
Louis girl's DNA was tested, and she did not match.
Neither did the other two.
There's only one woman left, and she's in Los Angeles.
GRANGER: Until we determine there's still a threat, Kensi and Deeks have gone undercover to keep her safe.
They're on their way to get her now.
Who is she? Uh (clears his throat) Just a warning-- these images might not be safe for work.
(computer trilling) CALLEN: Some days I love my job.
KENSI: This girl has to be the only person in L.
who doesn't drive.
DEEKS: That's because Catalina Diaz is a self-entitled model.
She's probably never carried her groceries, or paid for a single drink in her life.
If she is who Elmslie thinks she is, she's had a pretty rough childhood.
Yeah, so did I, so did you, and you can still execute a power slide while firing a weapon.
You know what that is? That's my kind of girl.
What are you doing? Oh, we can make time for this later if you really want to get into my pants.
Oh, wait.
No, can I just? Hey! Oh.
- Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, that's your kind of woman.
- And that one.
- Oh, and there's that one.
That's just research, 'cause I like to go into every case with a strong understanding of my subject's Bra size? (doorbell rings) I was gonna say "background," but 34B.
Not that I was Yeah? Hi, Catalina.
My name is Kensi.
I'm from O.
Ethan sent me.
I am incredibly sorry for the mix-up, but it turns out your Rose Line magazine shoot is actually this morning.
What? It's supposed to be next week.
We haven't even had a fitting yet.
I know, and I'm incredibly sorry about that.
Oh, this is ridiculous.
I'm calling Ethan.
Yeah, you can call him from the car, because we're really, really late already.
But put your hair up.
I can't have my agent's assistant looking better than me.
Who are you? Uh, I'm Marty.
I'm your driver for today.
Uh, Walter ruptured his spleen - Whatever.
Just let me get my stuff.
You can you can wait inside.
Never as glamorous in person.
Kind of makes you wonder how I do it.
Look at this place.
Maybe I should be a model.
(muffled snort) I realize you must have reservations.
Last time we crossed paths, you tried to kill a witness and tossed a grenade at us.
It was a smoke grenade, to be fair.
Also, my family was being held hostage.
How are they? Fine.
Better, thank you.
I find it hard to believe that the Tribunal would take you back after what you did.
They gave me an office.
It's only temporary.
It all depends on how this case pans out.
CALLEN: General Alfredo Silva.
He's been an obsession of mine even before I lost my job.
For years, I heard the stories of la niña Que vivió-- the girl who lived-- but no one could find her.
Then I checked adoption records.
In the 12 months following her disappearance, four girls matching her age and description were sent to American families.
SAM: That's a shot in the dark, Elmslie.
That's what the Tribunal said.
But then St.
- Exactly.
If Silva's taking these extreme measures, it means that I'm on the right track.
I just need this last girl to listen to me.
I've tried to reach her on the phone, but she refuses to talk to me.
Heads up.
Catalina's coming in.
If she is la niña Que vivió, you're digging up some painful memories.
Can't blame her for wanting to forget.
It has to be her.
(phone ringing) Oh, hey, this is Ethan.
I'm gonna hang back.
I'll-I'll be right in.
(door closes) Catalina? Yeah.
I'm ready.
Where's Lillian? Catalina, I'm Alex Elmslie from the Global Criminal Tribunal? I've been trying to meet with you about Peru.
About the killings in Posta.
What? What is this? There's no shoot? CALLEN: Catalina, I know you're scared.
This is just a conversation, nothing more.
You're not in trouble.
It feels like I'm in trouble.
This man-- he has been harassing me.
ELMSLIE: Well, I'm genuinely sorry about the deception, but I needed you to hear me out.
I already heard you out.
I told you, I don't know anything about a massacre.
I wasn't there.
You could be suppressing the memory.
If you'd let me do a DNA test - Oh, God! Oh, damn it, will you just? Elmslie! I know you saw something that day.
People were killed.
You could be in danger, too.
Are you threatening me? No.
You're misunderstanding me.
No, I understand just fine! It is you who is confused! Stay the hell away from me! Catalina? - No.
We're leaving! We're leaving! If I find out you know about this, I'll have your job.
Catalina? You heard all of that? Of course I heard all that.
She doesn't want to talk.
What do we do now? Until we know if Silva has other men out there, you and Deeks need to stand with her.
And Elmslie-- can we trust him this time? Good question.
You want to tell me what the hell happened in here? I'll admit my diplomatic skills are a bit rusty.
You sure that was it? I just need the DNA test to at least confirm my theory.
If we could obtain a court order Your evidence was too slim, Alex.
You had your chance and you blew it.
I know you all think I'm crazy, but a mass murderer is on the verge of controlling an entire country.
If Catalina Diaz can help us stop him all this will be worth it.
Kensi and Deeks will try to get Catalina to consent to a DNA test.
Either way, we still have a leak inside the tribunal.
We? If Silva has more men in the country, the best way to find out is to plug that leak.
You got any suspects? I brought the case to the L.
office a month ago.
Only two people were briefed on it: Lead Prosecutor Charles Yoon and Director of Investigations Hilary Toussard.
I'll have Eric run their finances and check on their family members.
We're gonna need to search their computer as well.
Again, we don't have the evidence to get a warrant, so nothing you find will be admissible in court.
We don't need to bring a case against them, we just need to stop them.
If you get caught, I'm gonna show you what a real crime against humanity is.
ELMSLIE: Yoon and Toussard have called me in for a meeting in an hour.
I can keep them busy long enough for you to do what needs to be done.
(door closes) CATALINA: And Ethan-- if this happens again, I'll find a new agent.
You two check out.
My driver is sick and I swear, my agent goes through, like, five assistants a week.
And you're totally right in feeling annoyed by that.
I-I take full responsibility for this mix-up.
I can't believe that guy tricked us like that.
I'm so sorry.
And the Urbelle shoot later today? Oh.
- That's make-or-break for my career.
So no more creepy Brit who wants my saliva.
No, that is for real, for sure.
I called them, it is all confirmed.
Again, I'm so, so, so Sorry, sorry.
Yes, I know.
I've heard it already five today.
I don't want to hear anymore apologies.
So what does the tribunal want with you? Something about a massacre in Peru? I don't know.
It's not even my country anymore.
I was raised here.
I love America.
I love L.
Except the drive, of course.
My, uh, my parents my adoptive parents-- they died in a crash when I was 15.
I couldn't bring myself to get behind the wheel after that.
I'm sorry.
What about your real parents? Did you ever know them? (clears throat) Driver.
Yes, ma'am? I'm hungry.
Absolutely, ma'am.
What do you have in mind? Anything.
I don't care.
Got a little bit of traffic, but don't worry-- I got just the place.
Sit back and relax.
I got you.
Okay, down the hall? Yeah.
- Yup.
Excuse me.
Here comes Elmslie.
(indistinct conversation) Hi.
Doug from Tech Support.
We got a call about some, uh, spotty Wi-Fi.
Oh, uh, yeah, it started going in and out about an hour ago.
All right, well, we're gonna put a range extender in.
I just need to install it in room 207.
Um I'll let you in.
(chuckles) Guess we should follow you.
(chuckles) Right Ah, cheese and crackers! Sorry.
Just started working this week.
I'm still trying to get the lay of the land.
Let me know if you need any (phone rings) Oh, jeez excuse me.
Coming, coming.
Saved by the Nell.
All right, Eric, you should have access now.
What are you doing? I'm searching.
For what? They're not gonna leave anything incriminating just laying around.
Doesn't hurt to check.
(chuckles) What? - Nothing, it's just that, um someone's gonna have to actually install this range extender.
There's nothing wrong with the Wi-Fi.
Eric's disrupting the signal.
But they don't know that.
And I just figured 'cause of your whole, you know, "do what needs to get done" thing, that maybe you might want a little redemption from the whole toner debacle today.
I'm fine.
You sure? - Oh, yeah.
You want to install it, install it.
No, I'm doing the, uh, I'm doing the computer.
No, uh, actually, Eric's doing the computer.
Well, I'm supervising.
You're super getting on my nerves.
Little bit? - Little bit.
You're super at that.
- Uh-huh.
ELMSLIE (in distance): Get your hands off me! You're making a huge mistake.
Don't touch me.
Let me go.
No, don't touch me, damn it! Hilary, I didn't leak anything.
Please, you know me.
I wouldn't do this.
The meeting was a set up.
They think Elmslie's the leak.
We can't blow our cover.
Let's finish this up quickly and get out of here.
See, here's the thing, though.
I feel like you're just being kind.
I want you to be honest.
Like, seriously.
You think I could do it? Yeah.
- Yeah? You could be a model.
See? - (scoffs) If it was 2008.
What? - (laughs) The homeless look's out of style.
- Try running a comb through your hair, maybe some pomade.
That's a perfect idea.
A comb would be good.
Forget it, no one's touching this hair, because this hair is style-by-pillow.
(Catalina chuckles) People want classy now.
They want the fantasy look.
Well, last Halloween I dressed up like Bilbo Baggins.
Is that fantasy enough? I'm pretty sure she's talking about that kind of fantasy.
That's you.
On Sunset Boulevard, looking hot.
That's a huge deal.
That's a stepping stone.
You want to do TV and film, right? That's why today's shoot is so important.
Urbelle is a huge line.
So I think you have to put yourself out there.
And I'm talking about the real you, Catalina.
No more hiding behind other peoples' clothes.
I know that you want nothing to do with the tribunal, however, wait-- It would show people that you stand for something.
That you care.
You think I don't care? You just met me.
And I think it's time for the world to meet you.
Otherwise you're just another pretty face.
Don't be a face, be a force.
We should get to the shoot.
We have another few minutes.
No, I-I don't want to be late.
We should get to the shoot.
She's scared.
Well, her career's finally taking off.
She feels like she's got a lot to lose.
I get that.
I think it's more than that.
What do you got? According to the data you retrieved from Toussard's computer, it seems the tribunal's been tracking Elmslie's e-mails since his return.
Does anyone trust this guy anymore? Well, they found evidence he sent the list of women's names to a Peruvian e-mail address.
You know, I hate to say it, G, but you've seen Elmslie.
This case is an obsession.
He may have leaked those names to see if Silva took action.
Which would prove his case, I know.
I Elmslie's acted out of desperation before, but I can't imagine he'd go this far.
Is there any evidence that his e-mail was hacked? Honestly, it's not that hard to access someone's e-mail.
I mean, you'd just need to get their office.
Having the keys would help.
Toussard had a new assistant.
I wonder why her predecessor left.
Eric, can you Find Toussard's previous assistant, got it.
Mason Hinty.
Oh-- and he's got a one-way ticket out of LAX later this week.
Destination: Morocco.
Take the money and run.
To a non-extradition country.
Okay, I'm tracking his cell.
He is driving west on Pico.
Okay, turn left into the alley.
Hinty's cell signal stops there.
Eric, we've located Hinty.
Get an ambulance over here.
Nell, track an SUV headed south on Laurel.
NELL: Okay, got it.
I just got off with the FBI.
You've been cleared of all wrongdoing.
NCIS seems to be making a habit of saving my skin.
I also talked to your superiors at the tribunal.
Because their office was compromised, they think it's best if NCIS take lead on this case.
Which leaves me somewhat awkwardly dancing with two partners.
Or none at all.
Depends on you, Alex.
When we looked into the immediate families of the people of the tribunal, we also looked into yours.
We thought it was only prudent after what happened three years ago.
The joke was on me.
I risked my career and my life to save my family only to have them leave me a year later.
How often do you get to see your daughter? Few times a year, if I'm lucky.
The judge (exhales) didn't look favorably on my drinking habits.
Cheers, by the way.
(sets glass down) This is my last chance to get back in, maybe earn my family's trust back.
I may be desperate, Owen, but I am on the right track.
Then let's find out.
You said you need the girl's DNA.
Well, I've got it.
So, the SUV fleeing the scene was ditched under the 10 freeway, but I grabbed this from a nearby surveillance camera.
ERIC: Captain Victor Cruz, another Grupo Patria officer.
I think it's time we bring Catalina into protective custody.
Gentlemen, let me talk with Miss Diaz first, then we'll bring her in.
Hetty, Grupo Patria does not mess around.
I assure you, Mr.
Hanna, she'll be well protected.
You got an ace up your sleeve? Oh, no, Mr.
Callen, I find cards get in the way of my derringer.
Find Victor Cruz.
Elmslie's case hinges on her DNA.
So Cruz wipes every trace of it.
Well, you know what they say-- "Home is where the heart is.
" And also dead skin, hair, saliva, toenails, and other DNA stuff.
- Ew.
No one says that.
Let's start with Catalina's house.
Too much? I was at your home last night.
I know.
But I always clean before our board game nights.
Hmm, do you? (impressed whistle) Are we sure this is a photo shoot and not, like, a horror film? Boo! DEEKS: Sorry.
(clears throat) Sorry, ma'am.
Oh, excuse my silliness.
Miss Diaz, I'm Henrietta Lange.
I'm going to be directing your photo shoot this afternoon.
I thought we had Julian Winston.
HETTY: Julian sends his regrets and recommends me in his place.
I've never heard of you.
KENSI: It's quite all right.
I've heard of Ms.
Henrietta Lange.
In fact, she took over for the Emporio Armani campaign when Mert and Marcus had to pull out.
(laughs softly) Oh, wow, I'm so honored.
- Oh, uh, well, actually, that wasn't true.
Special Agent Blye is doing a superb job of protecting my cover, but I think in this case it-it just we don't need it.
Excuse me.
Special Agent? - Yeah.
Catalina, you are a big girl-- you can make your own choices.
If you choose not to cooperate with the Tribunal, that's fine.
That's your life; I respect that.
I also understand how important this photo shoot is to you today.
But we've just confirmed that there are men out there who wish you harm.
So you have another choice to make.
You could allow my people to remain and be your protection.
Or I could cancel the photo shoot and drag you along against your will.
Uh, um the first one.
Oh, that's such a good choice; best choice.
Just to clarify, I am directing the shoot today.
So let's get you into wardrobe.
Chop-chop, people! We're on a clock! (chuckles) Come.
Come with me.
(clears throat) That just happen? - Mm-hmm.
You want to talk about it? - No.
No need.
All right.
CALLEN: Kensi and Deeks wouldn't have left Catalina's place open like this.
G, the entry door's open as well.
Federal agents! Drop the bucket! CALLEN: Eric, quick, Catalina's house-- does she have a cleaning service? Uh yeah-- River Road Cleaning, (over radio): every Monday.
S-Sonia Gonzalez.
ERIC: All right, running her name through employment records.
I'm sending you a photo as well.
Sonia Gonzalez is an employee of River Road Cleaning.
It'll be a moment on the photo, though.
Lo siento.
(Hanna continues speaking Spanish) What are we gonna do with her? If Victor Cruz shows up, she'll be safer inside with us.
(vacuum cleaner whirring) (Sonia speaking Spanish over radio) Callen, Sam, this woman is not Sonia Gonzalez.
(vacuum cleaner whirring) Eric say that again? (Hanna speaking Spanish) (grunting) (turns off vacuum cleaner) I knew I smelled gasoline.
She was sent here to torch this place.
ERIC: Guys, did you hear me? She is not a real cleaning woman.
Thanks, Eric.
Good to know.
This is so good, Catalina! It's just wonderful.
Now that you've built your masterpiece, I want you to imagine destroying it! Yes! I guess it's true what they say: (over radio): You catch more flies with Hetty.
She's betting the show of respect will make Catalina more inclined to cooperate with the Tribunal.
I call that being a force, not a face.
Oh, really? Shut up.
Where did you even hear that, for God's sakes? I-I don't remember.
You don't remember? Mm.
Oh, I remember.
You read it off your bottle of face wash.
Yeah, that's right, princess.
You gave career advice from soap.
Okay, it was very good advice, and plus, Is it? how do you even know that? Have you been using my face soap, again? Hmm? Well, Monty has very sensitive skin.
Yeah, he does.
Oh, does he? You got a visitor at your nine o'clock.
(shutter clicking) He's definitely checking her out.
DEEKS (over radio): Kenz? Federal agents! DEEKS: On your knees! Now! Hands up where we can see them.
I'm just here to see Catalina.
CATALINA: What are you doing! You know this guy? That's Gabriel! My boyfriend! Ah.
(indistinct talking over phone) Mm-hmm.
Thanks, Eric.
LAPD found the real maid a couple blocks away tied up.
She was unharmed.
Eric's got nothing on this one.
She must have been living here illegally.
She's a loyal soldier.
She didn't say a word.
This Silva guy's getting on my nerves.
I want to put him away.
I agree, Agent Hanna, but that just got more difficult.
Catalina Diaz is not la niña Que vivió.
Her DNA doesn't match any of the victims from the Posta massacre.
How do you know? She never agreed to give a sample.
But I took one.
The water bottle.
When'd you swipe that? A magician never reveals his secrets.
I was wrong.
I'm sorry.
I've wasted everybody's time and put innocent lives in danger.
The general's hit squad still thinks that Catalina's their target.
Have Blye bring that girl in.
All right, you got it.
We're bringing her in.
She in there with Gabriel? Yeah, but you may be interrupting something.
Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you? - Little bit.
Catalina! Let's go! Catalina, open the door.
Just go.
Catalina? (sighs): Damn it.
That's not good.
(camera shutter clicking) You lost her? We did not lose her; she took off.
Well, maybe not.
Maybe the boyfriend was bought off by Silva.
Yeah, how did we not know about the boyfriend? Because Gabriel's not her boyfriend.
At least I hope he's not her boyfriend.
What, you got a crush, Beale? - No.
I mean because he's actually her younger brother.
Yeah, and Kensi's my twin sister.
Yeah, exactly.
Why would someone lie about that? ERIC: And it wasn't too hard to find.
Once I did a background on Gabriel, I discovered that both he and Catalina were adopted from Peru in May 1998 by the same parents.
So he's the adoptive brother-- that's very different, Eric.
Yeah, but still super weird.
ERIC: Agreed.
Especially considering there's a seven-year age difference between them.
I mean, Gabriel was just a baby when they were adopted.
So we have a Padmé-Anakin scenario.
CALLEN: Or Catalina's trying to hide his true identity.
Something's still going on here.
Why don't you talk to Elmslie, see what he makes of this.
We got to find these two before the general's men do.
Yeah, well, like his sister, Gabriel doesn't have a driver's license.
And his last address on file is "adoptive parents," who are deceased.
Hey, I've got something.
So, I've been going through Catalina's credit card statements, and once you scroll past all the clothing and makeup purchases, you'll find this.
It's a food delivery service.
Now, she has two addresses on file with them: her home address and an apartment on Wilshire and Normandie.
We're on it.
Both Gabriel and Catalina were adopted in May of 1998? That's right.
May of 1998.
Is it possible? What? Is what possible? General Silva had a son.
Born in February 1998.
Nine months after the Posta massacre.
That would make him roughly the same age as Gabriel.
It would.
But reports say the boy died in a house fire.
May 1998.
Same month as the adoptions.
- Do you think that the fire was just a cover story and that Gabriel is Silva's son? (exhales) No.
No, it's just another shot in the dark.
Like this entire bloody case.
Um, this article says that the mother also died in the fire.
That's right.
Blanca Pérez.
Yeah, well, don't believe everything you read.
My God.
(quietly): Tell Gabriel to come here.
(quietly): Catalina.
Federal agents.
Put your hands up.
(panting) Well I guess it's just a little lovers getaway, Sam.
We know who you are.
I think it's time we had a little talk.
KENSI: Blanca Pérez.
You're looking pretty good for a dead woman.
It says here that you died in a fire along with your son.
DEEKS: Interesting enough, we had a chance to meet him today, too.
Just before he ran off with his adoptive sister.
Whose house, as you may remember, you actually tried to burn down today.
You think maybe you want to, uh, explain any of that? No? - Hmm.
Okay, then I will.
You see, we thought that you'd gone there to kill Catalina.
But after reading this, we realized that when you start a fire, people don't die-- they disappear, they escape.
You went there to protect Catalina.
Like you've always protected her.
Like you did in Posta.
I feel like we're doing most of the talking here, so if you want to jump in, that'd be helpful.
You survived the massacre.
You and Catalina.
The general let you live, and you gave him a son, Gabriel.
How else could they be brother and sister, right? I mean, how else could you guys be a family? This all goes back to Posta.
(sniffles) I was there.
I saw the killings.
(sniffles) I saw what Silva did to my friends.
But he-he thought I was beautiful, so he spared my life and (sniffles) my daughter's life.
That's why the test didn't find a match.
It only compared the DNA to the victims.
But Blanca's another survivor.
Your shot in the dark just hit a bull's-eye, Alex.
KENSI: So what happened next, after you had Gabriel? After that, he turned his eye on-on my Catalina.
And when he touched her I had to get my children away from Silva.
So you started the fire and put 'em up for adoption.
I got them out of Peru.
They wouldn't have found the bodies in the fire.
Why would Silva put the story out that you and your son had been killed? Silva is a proud man.
The truth would have made him look weak.
I thought he stopped looking for us long ago.
But then today Catalina texts me.
She tells me that Silva has men in L.
looking for her.
She's right.
This is the man that Silva sent.
He was there the day of the massacre.
When he kills, he has a smile on his face.
You were gonna run? You were willing to risk your entire career, your future? For my family, absolutely.
You can't run forever, okay? This has to stop.
The way it stops is for you and your mom to testify before that tribunal.
(sighs) (phone rings) Yeah, Eric.
Uh, LAPD just responded to the residence of Walter Brown, Catalina's driver, the one Deeks replaced.
He was found beaten.
Did your driver ever drop you off at this apartment? Yeah.
All the time.
Callen? Our Grupo Patria guy and three other men just showed up outside the apartment building.
We're about to have some visitors.
ERIC: Sam, Cruz's men are in the apartment building.
They're on their way up.
We got the front door, another exit in the kitchen.
Both lead to the hallway.
We try and escape, we're gonna run into the gunmen.
If we stay here, it's gonna be a bloodbath.
(sighs) We got to split up.
I'll make a run for it.
Hopefully I can draw two of them on me.
CATALINA: They won't follow you.
They're after me.
I'll go with you.
- No.
I can't let you do that.
You've already risked enough for me.
And I would risk even more.
You're my baby brother, Gabriel.
It's my job to protect you.
You better run fast.
You better cover me.
Callen, Sam, they're right outside your door.
On three.
One Go, G! two three.
Down, down, down.
(automatic gunfire continues) Don't do it! Stay back! (shouts) (panting) My mother taught me to shoot.
Why doesn't that surprise me? Follow me.
(panting) (gunshots continue) (clicking) I'm out.
What do we do now? When I say "run," run.
CALLEN: Run! (grunting) (tires screeching) (grunts) (panting) (whistles) Thanks.
No problem.
(exhales) So, is Elmslie getting along with his star witnesses? He got what he came for.
The tribunal's already issued a warrant for Silva's arrest, and the Peruvian government expects to have him in custody by morning.
- It may have taken almost 20 years, but it's good to see justice done.
As a wise bottle of soap once told me, "Don't be a face.
Be a force.
" I think we can all learn a little something from that.
The hell's he talking about? I don't know.
All I know is that face wash is changing my life.
You want to feel this? No.
So silky smooth.
I don't want to touch your face, Deeks.
HETTY: If you leave now, you'll miss the slideshow.
What slideshow? The prints are in from today's photo shoot.
I think that you'll like them very much.
Prints? (Deeks whistles) KENSI: Wow.
Those look pretty good, Hetty.
Yeah, she's hot.
I'm sorry, what? No, I-I mean like from a from a research standpoint.
Oh, my.

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